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{What is Sex Dating?~How the Concept of Sex Dating has Changed~Sex Dating Before and After the Internet}

{The concept of sex dating is not new at all; it has existed since at least the Baby Boomer generation if not before. It is exactly what its name indicates – people meet each other to have sex more than anything else. These people may not be looking at a relationship. They usually want just a one night stand or a short fling to fill their time.~You might thing that sex dating is something that has only recently come into prominence, but the fact is that this has been happening in the world since at least a century! It’s quite true – even our previous generations, who incidentally abhor the concept nowadays, have had their sex dating flings. Sex dating means meeting for sex, no strings attached. People who meet for this purpose have just this one intention in mind – they are not looking for a commitment of any sort.~If you think that sex dating has become popular only lately, you are very much mistaken. This concept has been existing since a long time now ! – at least since the 50s. People have been meeting each other for nothing more than sex even in those times, though we might not think it to be so. So what is sex dating? Basically, it means meeting someone just for sex. People who sex date want only some fun; they are not looking for relationships.}

{It may seem too unorthodox, but since both parties involved in sex dating are looking for the same thing – a short, breezy sexual affair – there is nothing lost. The moral police may be against the sex dating concept, but since there is no harm done and both persons involved are consenting, there’s actually no problem there.~If you think this concept is too brazen, it is actually not so. Since both people who are involved in this are agreeable to what they are doing, they do not find anything wrong. Even though people think this is a morally wrong concept, they actually do not have right to interfere in what two adult consenting people are doing, which does not harm anyone else in any way.~Some people do think that sex dating is too bold a concept and must be done away with. But, if you think about it, there’s no problem here at all. These are two people who have decided to have sex and nothing more, and since they are not interfering in anyone else’s ! lives, they are not doing anything wrong. This is consensual sex among adults and there should be nothing wrong in it.}

{Sex Dating before the Internet~Sex Dating in the Pre-Internet Period~How Sex Dating worked Before the Internet}

{Are You lonely want some one to get hot with ~Sitting there with some pent up sexual frustration try ~Itchy for a Fuck don’t wait } Find Sex {and share your fantasties.~and meet other hot and horny people.~and get your itch scratched so to speak.}

{You could divide sex dating into two different eras – before the Internet happened and after. Before the Internet, it was very difficult to approach someone with such a proposition. People who were looking for such a liaison were usually the men, and they would scour places such as malls and supermarkets in search of suitable women.~Sex dating has changed drastically after the introduction of the Internet. Before people went online, they would find their dating partners in physical places such as supermarkets and malls. Even then, it was very difficult for them to get a suitable partner; even broaching such a topic was quite awkward and embarrassing.~There is a sea of difference in the way sex dating has evolved in the period before and after the Internet. Before the Internet took hold, people actually scanned public places such as malls to find potential people for sex dating. Of course, it was difficult to start speaking on such a topic, and could lead to aw! kward situations too.}

{For many people, joining a club was done for this purpose too. The very idea was to meet new people who they could hook up with.~To find a suitable solution, these people would join places like clubs. Here they could meet a lot of people and probably find someone who would be willing to sex date them.~Some people would join clubs and other membership areas in the hope that they could meet someone for this purpose. Many people did find their sex dating partners this way.}

{However, because of the proximity of these people, they would usually end up having emotional relationships, which is what they did not want in the first place. That is the reason why sex dating in the pre-Internet times was tacky at best.~But there was an excess baggage. Since people needed to know each other before they could broach the topic of sex dating, they usually landed themselves in emotional wrangles with each other, which was not what they were looking at.~However, there was always the fear that these people would end up being emotionally tied with each other, because they would inadvertently come to know each other before they broached the sex dating topic. When that happened, it would become a difficult situation for both of them, because they did not want a commitment in the first place.}

{Sex Dating in the Internet Era~Sex Dating Today~How Sex Dating happens Today}

{Today, sex dating has become much simpler. The Internet is full of dating sites where people who are looking for nothing more than sex dating have their needs met. People become members of these sites and post their profiles, complete with their pictures, and other people who are interested in them approach them.~In the modern Internet period, it has become very much simple to find someone to sex date. There are several dating websites where you can find a suitable person for this purpose. You have to become a member of such a website. You can then check the profiles of other people (and post yours too) and hook up with someone who interests you.~Now, with the Internet it has become much easier to find someone for sex dating. You could very easily find someone through the thousands of dating websites that are hounding the Internet. People make their profiles in these places and even upload their pictures. So you have a preliminary idea of whether or not you want! to hook up with a particular person.}

{With the Internet, the scope of sex dating has become global. If someone is traveling to another town or even another country, they could easily find someone for sex in that place. This was unthinkable even about ten years ago. Today, this aspect of sex dating has become so popular that there are people who travel just for this purpose.~Also, it has become possible to find someone to sex date even if you are traveling to an outside city or country. You can find someone on these sites before you travel and then meet them when you reach there. In fact, some people are traveling so that they can meet their global sex dating partners.~You could also find someone outside your geographical region. This could become very useful if you are looking for a sex dating partner when you are traveling. Some people find someone through the Internet if they are traveling to a particular city. Then there are also people who travel to another city just because they have found a go! od sex dating partner there.}

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{The flagship of all online casinos, Golden palace Casino is probably the world’s best known and respected online casino. Since 1997, serving over 5 million customers, Golden palace Casino is by far the hottest casino on the Internet.~Golden palace Casino is the mother and most well known of all online casinos. Ever since its opening in 1997 it has served over 5 million people. Golden palace Casino is the best Internet casino on the web to date.~The mother ship of online casinos is Golden palace Casino it is defiantly the most known and respected online casino. It has served over 5 million customers since 1997 and is by far the hottest thing on the net at the moment.}

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{Golden palace Casino uses the latest version of the great PlayTech software, and their software and Random Number Generator (RNG) are audited and verified for accuracy by BMM, the most credible casino auditing company in the world. And the odds here are better than Vegas across the board. Their games and their graphics are first-rate too. The games are easy and fun to play, and they feel like the real deal. You’ll love playing here.~All the software used on Golden palace Casino including the Random Number Generator are audited and verified for accuracy by BMM which is the most trustworthy casino auditing company in the world. Golden palace Casino also uses the latest version of playtech software so you know it’s the best. Another pro about Golden palace Casino is that the odds are better then Vegas. They also have top of the range graphics and the games are easy and fun to play. It’s the closest thing to the real deal you can get.~Golden palace Casino uses the latest and best v! ersion of PlayTech software. Another great thing about them is that all there software and Random Number Generator (RNG) are check out and verified for accuracy by BMM, the most well known and trusted casino auditing company in the world. The games are easy and fun to play plus the graphics are second to none. You cant get anything closer to the real deal then this.}

{You’ll get a huge 300% bonus within 15 minutes of your first deposit and a constant stream of comps, rewards, bonuses and cash-back to maximize your bankroll every week.~Not only that but with the first 15 minutes of your first deposit you will get a massive 300% bonus plus you will be constantly notified of comps, rewards, bonus and cash-back to make the most of your slot playing.~After your first deposit you will also receive a MASSIVE 300% bonus and a regular stream of computer, bonuses, rewards and cash-back to take full advantage of your bankroll every day.}

{As for their customer support, it’s simply the world’s best, with 24/7 live support via email, live chat or toll-free phone call from anywhere in the world.~Its also got the worlds best customer support which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Help includes email support, live chat or a toll free phone number.~There customer support is the best you can get. With support ranging from email, live chat and a free to call number (from anywhere in the world at that) all these support options are running 24/7. how can it get any better then that?}

{Golden Palace offers almost every depositing and banking option, and deposits go through very quickly.~Golden palace also offers pretty much every depositing and banking option available, which means you can start playing straight away.~If you want to start playing straight away then here’s some good news, Golden palace Casino offer almost every banking option available to make your cash flow bigger instantly.}

{Players can make deposits using FirePay, credit cards, Neteller, Citadel and many other ways. Golden palace Casino is legally licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the strictest online casino licensing authority in the world.~Some of the banking options are FirePay, credit cards, Neteller, Citadel. It is also fully licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which are the most strictest online licensing authority in the world.~These options include FirePay, credit cards, Neteller, Citadel and many other ways. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (who are the strictest online casino licensing authority in the world) fully licensed Golden palace Casino so theres nothing shifty going on.}

{Golden palace Casino is the top shelf of online casinos in every respect.~Golden palace Casino is simply the best online casino of all time.~Golden palace Casino is the cheapest way to play at Vegas.}

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{Erection Therapies~Interesting Erection Therapies~Important Erection Therapies}

{Erection therapy must be one of the first steps you can take to improve your sexual life. Although penis exercises programs and penis enlargement programs are almost a synonym for spam emails these days, there are companies which have developed great products that can help any man become more satisfied with his sex life and feel more confident when it comes to intimate relationships.~Erection Therapy is the first step to improving your sex life. Don’t be fooled by all the spam emails out there claiming that there penis enlargement programs are the best on the market, there are real companies out there who have developed fantastic products that can help you be more satisfied with your sex life.~The first step you should take to improve your sex life is to get Erection Therapy. These days penis exercises programs and penis enlargement programs are pretty much just spam that floods your inbox but there are some real companies out there that have spent time resear! ching and creating programs that do work.}

{Penis enlargement exercises are everywhere. With the advent of the Internet, the method has gained a great deal of popularity and it’s a relatively inexpensive option for men looking to increase penis size or simply to gain more control over their erections and sexual performance.~You can find penis enlargement exercises everywhere. They have become much more popular with the invention of the internet plus the fact it is very cheap to find ways to increase the size of there penis or get more control over there erections and sexual performance.~With the advent of the internet you can now find penis enlargement exercises everywhere. The internet has made these exercises a lot more popular plus the fact that they are going for a steal so men can find plenty of ways to increase there sexual performance.}

{There is no shortage of online manuals and programs available, whether free or by subscription. The quality of these programs, the clarity and comprehensiveness of information and the level of client support provided do vary considerably however.~There are 1000’s of manuals and programs available on the Internet, some a free and some you will have to pay for. There is a high chance that the ones you can get for free will not be as good or effective as the ones you pay for.~Whatever kind of erection exercise your looking for you can find on the Internet. The quality of these manuals will variety depending on many things such as wether you paid for it or not.}

{Just like with any other business, some merchants are honest and will offer good value for your money and some have only one thing in mind: make money as fast as possible, no matter what.~The internet is just like a business, you will find a site that will give you honest answers and it will be value for money and others will just tell you what you wanna hear to make money faster.~Buying something on the Internet is just like buying it from a shop down the street. You will either get value for money or you will get ripped off. Be careful and research the site before buying something off it.}

{If you need help with impotence, small erections, erection control etc or if you simply believe that penis exercises can enhance your sexual experiences and make you feel more confident, and then you should start by researching offers available on the internet.~The first place to start looking for help with impotence, small erections, erection control etc is the Internet. It’s very simple and free to research it.~If you are looking for help with impotence, small erections, erection control etc then be sure to check the internet first. It will save you money on doctor’s fees and is a great place to find what you’re looking for.}

{There is a lot of work to be done, there are a lot of web sites to check and a lot of important decisions to make, so take it easy. When it comes to your health and well being, you don’t want to rush into a program that will prove useless in the long run.~Take it easy when it comes to searching the Internet for help, there are plenty of websites to check and some very important decisions to make. You don’t want to rush into a program that could be useless in the end. This is your health and well being we are talking about.~Just remember that this is your health and well being we are talking about so don’t rush into any programs with out researching others. The last thing you want is to waste money on a program that could prove to be useless in the end.}

{One of the main principles of erection therapy exercises is to improve circulation of the penis and to increase the volume of blood held within the erectile tissue. It is the erectile tissue that engorges with blood when sexually aroused resulting in an erection.~The main purpose of erection therapy is to get more blood to the penis and to get it to move around more smoothly which in turn will help you maintain your erection longer. It is the erectile tissue that engorges with blood when sexually aroused resulting in an erection.~It is the erectile tissue that engorges with blood when sexually aroused resulting in an erection. Which means that the purpose of these exercises is to get circulation to the penis and help get more blood flowing down there.}

{The theory goes that if the erectile tissue can be encouraged to hold a greater volume of blood than it could otherwise naturally accommodate, then this will in turn result in a larger penis size both when erect and flaccid.~If you can get more blood to hold in the erectile tissue then you normally could then this may in fact result in a bigger penis size.~The aim of most programs is to get more blood flowing to the erectile tissue and get it to hold more then it usually would so in turn it would make your penis grow more.}

{The other very important thing when it comes to control your erections is the Pubococcygeal muscle (or PC muscle). This muscle can be trained and it is the one most important thing that helps us maintain an erection.~The Pubococcygeal muscle is the one of the most important things when it comes to controlling your erection. You have to train this muscle to get it into full swing.~Another very important thing to know when it comes to maintaining erections is that you can train the Pubococcygeal muscle to help have a more satisfying sex life.}

{Also, the thickness of the penis is determined by two muscles: the Ischio Cavernous (IC) and Bulbo Cavernous (BC). These two sheets of voluntary muscle wrap around the shaft of the penis like the belts on a radial tire. When pumped and contracted they give added rigidity and thickness to the shaft. As with any of the voluntary muscles, these can be exercised and both their strength and size improved.~There are also two muscles determine the thickness of the penis: the Ischio Cavernous (IC) and Bulbo Cavernous (BC). These wrap around the shaft of the penis like the belts on a radial tire. When contracted and pumped they give more thickness and rigidity to your penis.~As well as that there are two muscles that determine the thickness of the penis: the Ischio Cavernous (IC) and Bulbo Cavernous (BC). When pumped and contracted they give more firmness and width to the shaft. These muscles wrap around the penis like the belts on a radial tire. Both these muscles can b! e exercised to make the most out of your penis.}

{Good routines are aimed both at training the muscles and enlarging the blood volume held within the erectile tissue. It’s really worth the time and effort to find a good program that can help you achieve your goals and have a more fulfilling sex life.~If you can find a program that is aimed at training the muscles and enlarging the blood volume held within the erectile tissue then you’ve got yourself a winner. It is worth taking the time to look through dozens of programs to get the right one. That is if you want a more fulfilling sex life.~Good programs are aimed at two things, training the muscles and enlarging the blood volume held within the erectile tissue. If you can find a routine that has both these in it then chances are it’s the real deal. You will be one step closer to a more rich and fulfilling sex life.}

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{Adam and the Policeman~Kris with the Policeman~Dan, the Officer and the Night}

{Adam was walking up the street. It was late. 2 am. He needed to get home quickly. The drinks and the marijuana had gotten to him. It was a good party, but like with all good parties, it would stay with him long after the party was over.~Kris did not like staying out late. But he couldn’t avoid this party. It was fun too. The beer flowed freely and there was some coke too. He loved it. Maybe he would do it often. Even though it was now 2 in the morning that he was heading home.~Dan hadn’t been to parties that wound up in the morning before this. He had let himself go completely. The booze was endless and there was also some crack in the corner. Great little shindig! Only it was 2 now and he felt he needed to be home fast.}

{He hadn’t taken his car. It was not necessary. The party was just around the block. He had to just walk for 10 minutes to reach home. So he walked – briskly at that.~His house wasn’t quite far. Just a quarter hour’s worth of walk. He thought the walk would do him good. He walked at a fast but easy pace.~He just had to walk some 10 minutes to reach home. It was in the same neighborhood. Walking in the night for the first time – he was excited.}

{What he didn’t know was that it would take him much more than 10 minutes to reach home.~But he didn’t know that late night parties would not be his only first time experience of that day.~What he didn’t know, though, was that a late night party and a late night walk weren’t the only things he would experience for the first time that day.}

{Constable Simon was patrolling the neighborhood that night. A few elderly women in the area had complained of people prowling into their yards at night. “Darn those women! Just some cats prowling maybe. And now here I am, patrolling a dead neighborhood,” he was muttering to himself. And then he heard the footsteps.~There had been a break-in in a house of the neighborhood last week. The people had called the police to patrol the area for a few nights. Constable Ryan hadn’t taken it very nicely when his supers ordered him to patrol this particular neighborhood when nothing ever happened even in the daytime. He was bored. But then he heard someone coming. This could get interesting!~Officer Jackson was patrolling that particular neighborhood that night. This was a desolate part of town, but some women had felt some shady things happening the previous nights. And so it had fallen upon Officer Jackson to patrol this place. He didn’t like this sleepy hollow. T! hat was why he immediately became excited when he heard the footsteps.}

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{“Who’s there?” he said in a loud whisper. Adam, not able to walk in a straight line, showed up the corner. He saw the officer and, for some reason, froze. “What are you doing here?” the officer asked. “J…just getting back home,” said Adam.~Kris walked along, not knowing the officer was surveying him in the dark. He came quite close to the officer before he could see him. “So where are you ambling along this time in the morning?” Constable Ryan asked. Kris was shaken. “Going home, that’s all,” he said.~Dan didn’t realize he was walking into Officer Jackson till he almost stepped on his toes. It was quite dark. “What are you, Little Red Riding Hood?” the officer asked him angrily. “Oops… sorry officer, just going home. Had a late night party, that’s all,” said Dan.}

{The officer came closer. “Wild party, eh?” he said. “Well, let’s see. There have been people breaking in here last night. Could be some like you.” Adam’s breath became shorter. “N…no, no, not me. I am always at home.” “Except for such wild nights, eh?” said Constable Simon, poking his baton in Adam’s chest. “Let’s teach you a lesson, shall we? How about a night in the slammer?”~Constable Ryan came closer and sniffed. “Beer… and maybe some coke… was a real fun party, right?” he asked. Kris was scared. He didn’t expect this. “Just some guys fooling around, nothing more,” he said. “Oh,” the officer went round-eyed, “So I think you like it better with the guys.” Kris didn’t know what the officer was getting at. “How about I lock you up for the night?” asked Constable Simon.”~“Oh I know something about parties,” said Officer Jackson. “So what did you have? Are you drunk? Yes you are. And I am sure ston! ed too. Your eyes tell me that.” Dan was beginning to get a bit nervous. “Yes, we did have some drink,” he said. Officer Jackson said, “And what else? Marijuana? Coke? Hash? Let me guess… (he sniffed at Dan) ah, crack. So is that party still going on?”}

{The booze, the marijuana, all melted away into nothingness right there. Adam kept looking at the officer with scared eyes. Then he realized he should not be staring him in the face. He lowered his gaze. Slowly, his gaze landed at the officer’s crotch. Something was wrong there.~That, if nothing else, scared Kris. Words failed to come out. Would he be in prison at 20 because he attended the first late night party of his life? He was still thinking when he suddenly realized what the officer was doing. His hand was on his crotch.~Dan was scared now. He didn’t want to be the guy who called the cops. His social life would be dead then. And then he saw something weird. The officer was putting his hand on his police belt buckle and toying with his zipper.}

{“What are you looking at?” the officer said. “Perhaps I have to teach you better.” Saying this, he opened his fly and let his thing out. Adam was too shocked to say anything. “An officer’s gotta have some fun too. Strip.” He waved his baton over Adam. The poor lad was scared shitless. He had no choice but to obey. The very fact that he was naked on the street so close to his home made him tingle. “Kneel,” the officer said. Adam complied. He had to. Then the man of law thrust his erection right into Adam’s pussy mouth. Adam didn’t know what to do. He felt his own cock throb. He thought he would as well go along.~“Or maybe I don’t put you in prison,” said the officer. “But let’s teach you a lesson.” Kris stood rooted there as he saw the officer opening his fly and letting his huge erection out. “You understand how I am going to teach you, don’t you?” he said. “This is yours to suck. Trust me, it tastes great after beer. No! w, strip!” Constable Ryan yelled out that last word. Kris was jolted and then he removed his clothes. Was there a way out for him? He stripped and knelt. The officer held naked Kris’ hair and thrust his penis into his mouth as far as it could go.~“Yeah, I know it’s not good for you, but I need to punish you for I am the law, aren’t I?” he said. “So, let’s see what punishment. All right, undress.” He said that so abruptly that Dan almost yelled, “What?” “Undress,” the officer repeated. “It means, remove your clothes. Unless you want to be put into the slammer till you speak about your fagging friends.” Dan thought this would be over quickly. No one would know. He slowly removed his clothes. The officer kept staring at him as more and more of his skin began showing. And then he suddenly grabbed Dan’s neck, undid his own fly and put his cock right into Dan’s mouth. “Now try this too,” he said.}

{The officer moaned. “Pussy boys are nice. They are better than broads,” he said. “Let’s do some different now.” He got Adam to stand up. “Turn over,” he told Adam. “Bend over.” “Touch your toes.” Adam did everything. “Now let’s see.” Adam knew what was happening. But he was somewhat liking this. He felt something caress his butt cheeks and then come right in the middle. Was that the baton or was that something else that was as hard and as long as that? No, it wasn’t the baton. It felt slimy.~“Twinks are cool… mm…” Constable Ryan was saying. He face-fucked him till Kris became red in the face. Then he let go. “Let me teach ya lesson number 2 now,” he said. “Rise”. Kris did that, slowly. “Now double up and show me that ass.” Very reluctantly, Kris bent. He was thoroughly humiliated, and that too, this was happening just minutes from his home. But he had no time to think. He felt something very warm sliding into his! ass. He wanted to yell, but couldn’t.~Dan never knew he would do this. But more was coming. After about 10 minutes of the sucking session, the officer forced him up and got him to bend over. Dan was alarmed. He never thought this would happen to him. But it was. He felt the huge slimy dong force its way into his crack, and he almost shrieked with the pain.}

{Constable Simon fucked Adam for a whole half hour. Adam’s legs ached, his ass ached. But he couldn’t do anything. He felt the spurt of man juice filling his ass at long last. It was another whole three minutes after that that the officer pulled out.~It was a dreadful 30 minutes for him, but somehow he did not mind them that much. Vaguely, he also liked it. Was he gay? He shuddered. At the same time, he felt the officer’s semen filling his crack.~For a whole half hour this hunky officer kept ramming him. Dan could not control the pain. He winced and was sure something would have ruptured in there. And then he felt the officer letting himself go.}

{“Good boy,” said Constable Simon. “When are you walking in at this time again? I will be patrolling here every night.”~“That was delicious,” Constable Ryan said a minute later when he was zipping up. “I hope you have more late night parties. I’m gonna patrol a few more nights here.” He winked.~“So when do you have your next early morning party? Officer Jackson asked. “I am going to be here for a while.”}

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{Alexis and Her Strip Search~Shoplifting Megan gets Strip-Searched~Guards teach Allison Never to Shoplift Again}

{Alexis was in a hurry. She needed to quickly buy some groceries for the house and then leave for a training program for her new waitress job. She was quickly putting in a few things mindlessly and then moved over to the billing area. While she was waiting for her turn to come, she saw a small kiosk that was selling some Polo mints. She quickly grabbed a stick and put it into her blouse. No, she didn’t intend to pay for such a small thing. She had tried such things before and had been successful.~Megan decided she would get a few things from the store before she left for her airhostess training course in the capital city. She hurriedly took a few things that she would need on the trip and, when she thought no one was looking, put a little stick of M&Ms inside her shirt and tucked it well under her bra. She was hopeful her little shoplifting episode was not watched by anyone; after all, this wasn’t her first time.~Allison had got a call to report for a trainin! g session in the next city. She booked an evening flight and that morning she went to the mall to get a few things she thought she would need on the flight. She quickly threw a few things that she thought she needed in her basket. Then, she thought she need not pay for all of those. She took a smart-looking pen from the shelves and tucked it into her blouse.}

{Her turn for the payment came. She emptied her shopping cart and the cashier billed the things. After the last item, the cashier asked, “Is that all?” “Yes,” Alexis said, clutching her blouse. She immediately paid the amount, took her bags and left the counter.~She went for the billing. She emptied her basket on the cashier’s desk while he made the bill. He asked if there was anything else. Megan deftly replied, “No.” She paid, collected her things and moved toward the exit.~She almost ran to the billing counter and put her things on the desk. “Is that all?” the cashier asked. Without batting an eyelid, Allison said, “Yes.” She received the bill, paid it and continued her run toward the main gate.}

{But before she could get out of the store, a security guard blocked her way. “Miss,” he beckoned. “Could you please step this way?” Alexis was startled. “I am in a hurry,” she said. “This won’t take a minute,” the guard said. “Please come with me.”~A security guard who had been watching her came up. “Excuse me lady,” he called. Megan rushed faster, pretending she did not hear. “Miss, here,” the guard caught up with her. “Let me have a word with you.”~But she could not do it as quickly as she wanted. A security guard stopped her in her tracks. “Hang on, lady. Could you step in here for a minute?” he pointed to an inside room that was marked ‘Security Cameras’.}

{He took her into the video room, where a black security guard was manning the CCTVs. “Oh, hello lady,” the black guard said, “You won’t like this, but we did get a little grab on you on our tube here.” He showed her the clip which clearly showed her shoving the Polo into her blouse. “Now if you could let us search you,” the first guard said.~Despite Megan’s protests that she was in a hurry, the guard persisted and led her to the security room. Megan was shocked to see all the CCTVs inside. A large man chomping on a cigar was keenly looking at the dozen-odd screens. Seeing her enter, he said, “Oh, you are here, our little whippersnapper. We did catch something on these screens here.” “What are you saying?” Megan said, a little less defiant now. “We’ll find soon enough. Could we have that shirt off?” the cigar-chomping guard said.~“I really have to go,” Allison said. “Oh, this is important, I am sure,” the guard said and almos! t shoved her into the room. Inside, there were tens of computer screens which showed various images of what was happening inside the mall. A bearded guy was checking them out very carefully. He looked up at Allison as she entered. “Yeah, she’s the one, all right,” he muttered. “What?” Allison asked. “We’ll know. Would you please remove your shirt or do you want me to?” the first guard asked her.}

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{Alexis had no words. But she fumbled, “I was in a hurry. It was a mistake.” “We shall still have to search you madam,” the black guard said. “The CCTVs are not constantly on all people. We don’t know what other things you might have ‘shoved’ in by mistake.” This was embarrassing. But Alexis had no option. She thought it would be better to get it done with quickly. Slowly, she began undoing her blouse.~“Heck, no!” Megan shrieked. “I am going to report this nonsense.” She turned in a huff, but the first guard stopped her. “You can try to report us ma’am, but this is what we are paid for,” he said. “Now, let’s search you.” Megan found herself cornered. She knew she had no fighting chance with these guys. And she was in the wrong. She slowly put her hand inside her shirt and removed the offending object.~“What the heck is this?” Allison asked. The guards laughed. “These screens really do work, miss,” the monitoring guy s! aid. “We know you have a Parker on you that hasn’t been paid for. Now will you remove that or should we?” Allison has nothing to yell about now. She had committed a mistake. She reached into her blouse, extracted the Parker and kept it on the table.}

{The guards leered at her. She removed the Polo and handed it over. “Here it is,” she said. “That won’t do,” the black guard said. “You will have to go the whole way. We need to see it all.” “Yes we do,” the other guard said. Alexis removed the second button, and then the third. Then, in a quick stroke, she removed her bra.~Both guards were leering at her now. “Oh, no, we need to see everything,” the big guy said. “We need to be thorough. We don’t know what else you might have put in,” he said. Megan wanted to run away, but there was no go. She had to catch the flight. She thought the sooner she gave in, the better. After all, there was nothing else. She quickly removed her shirt and then, a bit slowly, her bra.~She felt the guards’ eyes poring at every part of her body. “And what else have you hidden in other places?” the bearded fellow asked. “Nothing,” Allison said. “How can we be sure?” the other guy said. “We will ! need to strip search you.” Allison was terrified, but she knew she didn’t have a chance. She could be thrown into the slammer. Better get this done with soon.}

{“Whoo,” the guards said. “Ain’t these lovely?” the black guard told the other one. He reached out and touched them. Alexis wickedly enjoyed that. The other guard sensed that and he began tonguing her nipples.~“Wowee,” the big guard hollered, “Those are quite some knocks there, lady.” Saying that, he actually moved forward and began touching them. The guard was more brazen. He took her nipples in his mouth. Despite everything, Megan began to get aroused.~She took her shirt off and undid her bra. She knew she hadn’t a choice. And there was this wicked feeling of excitement that was coming over her. The guards hooted at her boobs. “Hot, lady,” the bearded guy said, “You are indeed hot.” He placed his hand over her breast. Allison flinched, but did not retaliate otherwise. Encouraged, the other guard took one of her nipples in his mouth.}

{“We must punish her,” the first guard said. “Remove your skirt madam,” he told Alexis. Alexis obeyed. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it down, and then her panties. The guards were out of their pants by now too. “The bitch is going to enjoy this punishment,” they said.~“Oh no,” the big guard said, “You are not to be left so easily. You need a lesson. Down with those jeans, lady.” Megan was not so resistant anymore. This was a fantasy she had played out in her mind so often. Now it was for real. She slowly unzipped her jeans and then removed even her panties. “She likes this,” the smaller guard said and they both laughed.~“Pants down now ma’am,” the bearded guy said, almost out of breath. Allison was gasping too. This was really arousing her now. The guys undid their pants and she lost her mind. She quickly removed her pants and then her panties. “This is what she wants,” the first guard said, laughing lecherously.}

{They made her bend over the table and put the Polo stick right into her pussy. She moaned in delight. Then they took turns on her, each of them shooting a huge amount of cum right into her. “That will teach her,” they said when finished.~Megan was fucked by both the guards right on the security table. They even put the M&M stick she had stolen inside her. And then they came, one after the other. “She will never shoplift again,” they said. But only Megan knew what she felt right then!~That morning, Allison was fucked in the guards’ security cabin. They even teased her by putting the Parker pen inside her cunt and letting her keep it. Then they fucked her in turns and drenched her with their semen. “I guess she won’t shoplift ever,” the bearded security guard said. “Oh, I really don’t think so,” the other guy said, as he let Allison go, purring like a contented pussycat.}

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{Chatting has become an important aspect of social interactions today, whether online or offline. This is done through instant messengers that are connected with various social networking websites. There are several local and international chat messengers that always see a crowd of people interacting with each other.~Conversation is one of the most important parts of social interactions today, including online and offline chat. Online chat is conducted through chat lines and instant messenger services. There are thousands of chat lines on the Internet including national and international.~Having a conversation either online or offline is a huge part of society these days. Online chatting is done on either a website chat line or through an instant messenger such as Windows live or yahoo messenger. You can find thousands of different people on chat sites to communicate with.}

{Out of all the chat rooms possible, the chat rooms for adult are a specific niche. These are the chat rooms that are designed only for sex related talk. They usually have several sub-rooms depending on what kind of chat people are looking for, such as ‘men for women’, ‘women for men’, ‘men for men’, ‘women for women’, ‘teenage chat’, ‘BDSM chat’, ‘swingers’, ‘threesomes’ and so on. People usually select the kind of group they are interested in and chat away. They can also chat across several rooms at the same time.~Out of all the chat rooms available, the rooms for adults are specifically there for sex related conversations. You will find a lot of them will have sub rooms for people looking for something in particular like ‘heterosexual’ ‘gay’ ‘teenage chat’ ‘swingers’ etc. Then you just have to pick what you’re interested in and chat away.~While your surfing around on the net looking at different chat sites you ! will most probably come across some with ‘adult’ as the name. These chat rooms are open for people who want to have sexual related chats. Many of them will have other rooms along with the adult one such as ‘BDSM’ ‘ swingers’ ‘gay’ ‘Straight’ threesomes’ etc. once you get inside the room you will be able to join in the conversation with everyone else and most will let you private message other people.}

{Chat Rooms for Adult – The Good Side~The Good Side of Adult Chat Rooms~Adult Chat Rooms – The Good Side}

{The pros of these chat rooms for adult are that you are able to meet likeminded people and even hook up with them in real life. If you have a particular kind of sexual fetish, you could find someone else thinking the same way through these chat rooms.~The good side of the adult chat rooms is you can meet people with the same interests as yourself and possibly arrange to meet up. It is the best way to find other people with the same sexual fetish as you have.~The best part about these adult chat rooms is you can have conversations with open-minded people and possibly hook up with them. There is no better way to find people that enjoy the same things you do.}

{This is much better than ‘experimenting’ with real people. At least when you find someone from a particular chat room, you know where their preferences lie.~This is a good way to find out what the person you are talking to is interested in instead of waiting and waiting before you are comfortable with something to reveal what you are into.~These chat rooms are much better then ‘experimenting’ with someone as you know from the get go what the person you are talking to gets into.}

{Chat Rooms for Adult – The Bad Side~The Bad Side of Adult Chat Rooms~Adult Chat Rooms – The Bad Side}

{They can be addictive. It is possible that you like to live more of a ‘virtual’ life than a ‘real’ life. People are known to spend too much time on these sites and lose focus from their real activities in life.~These chat sites can be very addictive. Try not to live more of a ‘virtual’ life then a ‘real’ life. There are many people who focus more on their Internet life then they do on their real life. Try not to be one of these people.~If you use these sites all the time you will find that they can be very addictive. You could find yourself living more of a ‘virtual’ life then a real one. Make sure you take a break from them every now and then.}

{Also, with facilities such as voice and video chats, there is no limit to what extent these chats can become addictive. The chat rooms for adult are full of people who are having private cyber sex with each other using these facilities.~Plus with the addition of video and voice chat there is no limit on what you can get up to in these rooms. That’s why they are there, for adults to interact and have cyber sex with each other. Why else would it be addictive?~These days they also have added video and voice chat into the chat rooms, which makes it even more addictive. The whole place is full of people having cyber sex with each other.}

{Chat Rooms for Adult – The Ugly Side~The Ugly Side of Adult Chat Rooms~Adult Chat Rooms – The Ugly Side}

{Internet identity theft is a very real problem and a lot of it can happen through the chat rooms. People may pose to be someone else and fool others. There are also people who are here just to get private information from others so that they can exploit them for their own selfish gains.~One of the main problems with the Internet is identity theft. There are a lot of people out there who claim to be someone but are actually someone else. Don’t fall to these people as all they want to do is get personal information and use it against you.~One of the problems with the Internet is identity theft and it can happen on any chat room you go to. There are plenty of people who just want to gain personal information off you and use it against you so make sure your careful about who u give your information too.}

{Though we call them chat rooms for adult, due to their easy access for everyone, a lot of minors also may pose as adults and participate in these chats. Cyber stalkers know this, and they might find an outlet to their pedophilic sex perversions by stalking these minors, once they have understood their real identity through private conversations.~Even though they are chat rooms for adults, there are still minors in there acting as adults and participating is cyber sex activities. Many people know this and try and use it to find an outlet for their pedophilic sex perversions. The way they do this is by finding out their true identities through private conversations.~They may be adult chat rooms but they are still easy access for minors posing adults. Cyber stalkers know this and will use it as a way to make there sick perversions come true. Cyber stalkers will strike up a conversation with someone and find out if there true identities through the conversation they! have with each other}

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{In the first year of my college, I had a girlfriend Stacy. She was known as a slut and every boy had a different name for her. She was the kind who could taste a man’s cum and say who it belonged to. I was definitely quite happy with her because I was just a red-faced teen at that time!~Being a red-faced teen in my first year of collage I was lucky to have a girlfriend like Stacey. Stacey was the collage slut and every guy had a different name for her. She’s the type could pick any dick out of a line up and tell you who’s it was.~Being a freshman at collage I was pumped to have a girlfriend like Stace even if she was a slut. All the blokes around school have had a go or two, chances are she could even taste a blokes cum and tell you who’s it was.}

{One day, Stacy asked me if we could try something new. I wanted to know what she had in her mind. It was then that she told me that she had bisexual tendencies. She had a girlfriend too, a girl named Linda. She asked me if she could bring Linda over the next time we did it.~Stacey was always hinting that she wanted to try something new but I never would of guesses it would be this. She told me that she had bi-sexual thoughts and wanted to have sex with a girl. I asked who she wanted to have sex with and she told me her and her friend Linda had already discussed it and wanted to try it out. She asked if Linda could come over next time we had sex.~One afternoon stace and me were fooling around and she told me that she wanted to bring a girl into the bedroom. This of course blew my mind and I almost blew something else at the same time. She told me that she had been having sexual thoughts about her friend Linda and wanted to get her in on our love making sessions.}!

{Of course, I had no problem. Two pussies are always better than one, I thought ;)~I told her straight away that I would have no problem with it at all, and who would?~With out thinking I told her that it would be great idea to have her join in.}

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{This Linda was a bomb! If Stacy was a bitch in heat all the time, Linda was the great mother bitch. When she came over to the little cottage I had borrowed from a friend for our ménage a trios, I couldn’t stop staring at those velvety legs that jutted out from the short slutty shorts she wore. When I looked in her eyes, I could see nothing but lust. And when she said "hello" I knew this voice belonged to a woman who’d been out at night once too often.~Linda was one hot babe. Just by looking at her I knew she was one horny slut, possibly even more of one then Stacey is. She had perfect legs that I just couldn’t stop staring at. We were all in my mates apartment that I borrowed off him for the evening. She came over to me, bent over so her tits were practically hanging out of her top and very sexually said “hello”~Stacey and I were both sitting in the motel room I rented for the evening fooling around a little bit, I was trying to get her in the mood so tha! t when Linda arrived the party could start straight away. Just as we were getting into it there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it and standing in front of me was the hottest chick I’ve ever seen in my life. Stace dragged me away from the door and welcomed her in. she then looked at me with lust in her eyes and said “hello”}

{"Are you into men?" I asked her. Wrong first question, probably, but I was bamboozled just looking at her. "Yes," she hissed, "And I can do your raging rod a service you won’t forget in a hurry," she said and grabbed the erection I didn’t know I had in my shorts.~Stupidly the first words to come out of my mouth were “are you into men” which she replied “of course I am! and I could make you cum with out even doing anything” as she grabbed onto my shaft which by now was sticking out of my shorts.~“Are you into men?” I asked, although I really should of thought about what to say but with a babe like that standing in front of me why the hell would I want to think. After saying that she stood up and began to walk over to Stace then turned around and said “you bet I’m into men, ill give you the best blow job you’ve ever had” giving stace a little wink.}

{This may all seem to be too quick, but that was the time when we were still in college. No one knew what making out for sex actually meant back then. And the three of us knew what we had come there for.~You may think that this is going a bit fast but what can I say, it was collage. No point in stuffing around, we all knew why were there.~You may think that this is going a bit quick but with two horny chicks in the room who would want to waste time?}

{Stacy said, "Come dear, let’s begin now," and she dropped her top. Linda went at her like a woman possessed. In seconds, these dykes were slurping at each other’s huge boobs like I had never imagined anyone could. I was getting real, real horny.~Stacey dropped her top, looked and Linda and said; “Come on darling, time to begin” Linda immediately jumped Stacey and started sucking away at her tits. I had never seen anything like this before and it was making me really, really, horny.~Linda went up to stace and wrapped her arms around here and said “lets go baby” stace then dropped her top and Linda dove in to her big round breasts. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and it was driving me crazy}

{"Let’s not forget the poor bloke," said Linda and came over to me. The girls got my shorts off and went down on me. I cannot express in words how it felt when they sucked at my cock both at once. It was a great feeling watching two big titted females fight over my manhood. I was pushing their heads further and further on my cock.~Linda then went up and whispered something into Stacey’s ear, which made her giggle. They both looked at me and started walking over before ripping down my shorts and going to work on my now rock hard cock. Words cant describe what it’s like seeing to hot chicks go to work on your cock at once~Linda then stopped licking and sucking on Stacey’s tits and walked over to me and said “we cant forget about you” Stacey then followed and they both grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and in no time they were both sucking my cock like never before. Every time one would go down I would push there heads a little further. It was like no! thing I have ever experienced before.}

{Then they got their panties off and drove me mad. These were two juicy pussies all waiting for me. I had to choose which one. I chose Linda’s. She began fingering Stacy. I fucked Linda right in the pussy. My madness was extreme. I was like a horse driven horny.~When they were done going to town on my cock they both removed their panties and lay down on the bed. Two soaking pussies waiting for me to decide which one I would fuck first. I chose to fuck Linda first. As I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy she started fingering Stacey. I couldn’t believe how hard and fast I was fucking her.~After they sucked my cock for a while they both looked up at me and told me to fuck them without even saying anything. They both ripped off what was left of their clothes and jumped on the bed waiting for me to fuck them. I decided to fuck Linda first. I rammed my cock into her waiting pussy and fucked her as hard as I could. While I was fucking Linda, Stacey sat on her face! so she could get some enjoyment out of it aswell.}

{Stacy was begging for a fuck too. After a minute of splattering Linda with my cum, I obliged her also! That was certainly the best afternoon of my college life!~Stacey then started begging me to fuck her, I shot my cum all over Linda and then went to work on Stacey. It was with out a doubt the best time I had at collage.~After blowing all over Linda it was Stacey turn. It was the best collage experience I had.}

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{The Day I had Sex with a Nurse~Sex with a Nurse – A Wonderful Experience~Nothing’s Better than Sex with a Nurse}

{After the bike accident I had last year, my family had forbidden me from going anywhere out of the house. Not that I could, anyway! My right leg was in a cast and I had another cast on my right arm too. Yes, that was a bad fall. As the bike skidded, I fell with the right side of my body hitting the ground first.~I can never forget the time when I had sex with a nurse. It was immediately after my motorcycle accident that I was in a cast. It was my complete right side that had gone on a break – I had fallen on my right leg and arm, which were now in their individual casts.~There are times in life which you don’t know are happy or sad. Such a time came in my life last year when I had an accident that put my right limbs into a cast for a month.}

{It was very bleak, I agree. But I had something to lighten up my day even then. My dear, dear family had arranged a nurse for me. This lovely little white attired thing was named Rhonda. She waited on my every call and I really enjoyed her. If there was some reason why I did not want to get out of that bed, it was her. But what I never dreamt was that I would have my first sex with a nurse because of her!~But the best thing that my family did even then was to hire this wonderful nurse whose name was Heather. I really liked her spotlessly clean white dress which did all justice to her big assets inside. She was a very helpful nurse; she helped me with everything. Well, really everything, as you shall see soon. Yes, she was the one who I had my sex with a nurse with.~Unfortunate though that might seem, it wasn’t really that bad for me because that was also the time when I could play out one of my deepest fantasies – I could have sex with a nurse which I always! wanted to do. My family employed this nurse, Sue, to help me with my tasks. Well, she was really a big help – she helped me do a lot of things!}

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{It was an afternoon where everyone in the house had gone away with some or the other work. It had come down to just me and Rhonda and that hot little room. This was where my sex with a nurse was going to begin.~One day it was just her and I at home and I knew I had to take the opportunity. I was deprived of sex for a month now and this nurse looked like a wonderful candidate to break the abstinence.~But I won’t forget the first time I had sex with a nurse, sex with Sue to be more precise. She and I were alone at home one evening when the rest of the folks had gone out somewhere. I just wanted I needed to taste Sue’s voluptuous boobs in that pristine white uniform of hers – after all, I had been away from sex for a month and I was horny like a rampaging bull.}

{“Do you want something?” she asked as I shook a little in the bed. Her voice drove me crazy as it always did. “No”, I said. “Well, if you want anything,” she said, “Just let me know.”~She realized I was looking for something. She asked me what. But how could I tell her what I really wanted? I just mumbled something. Then she said something that really encouraged me. She said that if I wanted something, she was duty-bound to give it to me! Heh heh!~She understood I was up to something. “Are you looking for something?”, she asked. As if I could answer her! But then, why not? Wasn’t she my nurse? I thought I would give her a hint. After all she had said, “If you want anything – anything – just tell me.”}

{“Well…” I wanted to say something but stopped. “What’s it? Tell me, I am your nurse,” she goaded me on. “It’s just that I am feeling a little lonely here.” I said. “I can understand,” she said. “No, you don’t,” I said. “I meant sex-wise. I hope I can be frank with you.”~I needed no further invitations after that. I casually asked her if she would think me to be a maniac if I told her I really needed some physical loving!~“I haven’t been with anyone for a month now,” I said fast so that I wouldn’t panic. “That should be bad, isn’t it?” I asked her.}

{She did not get angry as I thought she would. On the contrary, I saw a mischievous smile coming on her lips. “Well, I am your nurse,” she said, “And I am supposed to take care of all your needs.”~I thought she would flinch, I thought she would slap me, I thought she would run away. But she did nothing of that. She just said, “I thought you would never ask!”~For a moment I thought I had angered her and she would storm out of the door, never to return. But she didn’t do anything of the sort. “You fool,” she said, “I was just waiting for something like that!”}

{Even as I tried to believe what I just heard, I saw her unbuttoning her white nurse’s blouse. Her breasts were just as round and firm as I had imagined them to be. She came close to me and placed my hand over her nipples. I had the time of my life squeezing those juicy boobs.~She stood right there in the middle of the room and started removing the buttons off her nurse’s white blouse. My heart was jumping higher and higher toward my mouth as she removed each of those buttons. When they were done, the breasts that poured out of them were every bit as succulent as I had imagined they would be! I hungered for them like a dog. She moved over to me.~While I was still picking the scattered pieces of my brain because of what she had just said, Sue began removing her white blouse. I was almost dead with ecstasy when she removed the whole darned thing and spilled out those boobs. Great! She jiggled them a bit and then gave them into my mouth for me to play with.}

{It was her turn now. She lowered my shorts and released my erection and began working on it. Her beautiful lips and tongue on my hard cock even as my leg was in a cast – I cannot forget it! I just let go all over her.~I was totally hard even before it all began. She now took the opportunity to grab my hardness in her soft hands. She then moved those pouty lips of hers right on my cock and sucked it manically even as I in my cast could do nothing much. The very feeling was so arousing that I let go within about two minutes of getting inside her mouth.~Then she reached out in my shorts and freed my poor penis that had been deprived for a month. It instantly stood to erection. Her touch was like velvet. And then she almost killed me dead by putting her mouth on my erection. I was bound in a cast, could do nothing, and here was this nurse sucking me bone dry! I just came, I just came!}

{We had sex several times after that. Once she even rode me when I was in a cast. But then I healed and I lost her. Those days when I had sex with a nurse are definitely the most romantic days of my life.~That was just the beginning of my adventures of sex with a nurse. A lot happened after that – there was even a straddling cowgirl adventure that I can never forget!~Well, my escapades of sex with a nurse had just begun there. We did a lot of things in that month – she always took things in her hand, literally, and gave me what I wanted as I lay there, invalid.}

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{Erotic Couples – What do they actually do?~Understanding the Activities of Erotic Couples~How are Erotic Couples Different from Others?}

{You must have heard the term ‘erotic couples’ a lot of times, but do you know what that actually means? Do you know what these couples actually do and what kind of lifestyle they lead? Well, if you don’t, keep reading to get some idea.~We often read about erotic couples and that term definitely intrigues and interests most of us. But the fact is that not a lot of people know what being erotic is all about. After all, what do erotic couples do? What is the difference in their lifestyles and someone else’s that does not fit into this category? Here’s a brief description of some of the acts that erotic couples involve themselves in.~A lot of people are fascinated when they hear about erotic couples, but the truth is that not many people know what erotic couples actually do. They confuse eroticism with raw sex and that’s where most of the misunderstanding lies. But what do erotic couples do exactly? Here are some points that will tell you what these people are all about.}

{Erotic Couples are Lovers of Sexuality~Erotic Couples and Worshippers of Human Sexuality~Disciples of Human Sexual Form}

{Read that again. Erotic couples are not necessarily lovers of ‘sex’, but they are definitely lovers of ‘sexuality’. They have great regard for the virtue of being male or female. They are fascinated by the anatomy of the male and female bodies and this is where their passion lies. An erotic man, for example, will look at a nude woman as a work of art and he may or may not have a lustful eye for it. They regard sexuality as a kind of art form.~There is a difference between sex and sexuality. Sex is carnal; it is a basic instinct. But sexuality is artistic and esthetic; something that should be slowly appreciated. Erotic couples are appreciators of sexuality. They consider male and female human bodies as works of art. They do not immediately look at the sex part of it; they appreciate the bodies for the beauty that they represent. Lust holds a secondary place for them.~Erotic couples are most fascinated by the human form. They are very deeply conscious about masculine and feminine bodies. They are awed with the bodies almost to the point that it becomes a religion with them. These are the people who will truly appreciate nude art, but it is not necessary that they will regard pornography in the same way. They like to think more about love and less about lust.}

{For Erotic Couples, Sex means Worshipping Each Other’s Bodies~Erotic Couples love Each Other’s Bodies~Disciples of their Partner’s Bodies}

{When erotic couples become intimate, the hardcore penetrative aspect is not what is uppermost in their minds. They spend time in loving and romancing with each other’s bodies. They are much concerned – and even fascinated – by what the other person likes. Also, for them foreplay is a very important part of the game, which may last longer than the actual process of penetration itself.~The most important trait of being erotic is that you should love your partner’s body in an artistic manner. This is what erotic couples do. Even when they are participating in a sexual act, they will not plunge headlong into it. They will take the time to savor each other’s bodies. They will indulge in lengthy foreplay sessions. They will get ‘intimate’ with each other’s bodies before they actually go ahead and have the sexual act. The stimulation is more important to erotic couples than the penetration.~Erotic couples are quite consumed by the bodies of their partners. They truly appreciate the physical form and that shows when they are having a sexual adventure with their partners. They will take time to admire and appreciate their partner’s body and they will not progress rapidly into sex. They will participate in foreplay and make the most of the time they have together. The actual penetrative act holds a secondary significance for them. What’s more important for them is to understand each other’s body to the fullest extent.}

{Erotic Couples are always Evolving and Experimenting~Erotic Couples are Broadminded about Sex~A Free Approach toward Sex}

{They are willing to learn new games and experiment with them. Since they are in love with the process, they may sometimes try to incorporate some changes. Actually, this is the reason why the flame of romance in erotic couples keeps burning for a long time.~You will find that erotic couples are much more open-minded about sex games than non-erotic couples are. They will take time out to appreciate each other to the fullest extent and they will play games with each other to realize this to the hilt. They will also not stick to a common sexual routine because that makes things to mundane for them.~When erotic couples indulge in sexual activities, they take pains to change their techniques each time. They love to experiment and learn about their own and each other’s bodies. They will play sex games to make the most of what they have.}

{You will find erotic couples indulging in role playing games, and even participating in some acts that most would consider bizarre. BDSM is a very popular among erotic couples, an act in which the couple gives importance to each other’s body. Similarly, various fetishes can be incorporated in the realm of erotica, because fetishes are more of visual appeal than physical.~Erotic couples are also not averse to acts which many other people feel are too unorthodox. They might indulge in BDSM acts or play out certain fetishes, as long as they are getting to spend more time with each other’s bodies. They love to ‘see’ and ‘admire’ more than actually ‘do’.~It is not uncommon to find erotic couples playing out role playing sex games and participating in BDSM activities. They are also fetishists in some way or the other. All this goes to prove that they think about sex in an artistic and esthetic manner, quite different from an ordinary person’s view about it.}

{Thus, erotic couples are more aware of their own and each other’s sexuality than other couples. They pay great importance to the human body and form and with their various sexual acts they definitely show what they intend to do.~One important trait about erotic couples is that they are very much conscious about their own and their partner’s bodies. They are in love with the human form in general and that is what distinguishes them from other people who are not-erotic.~The most important awareness for them is of the human body. This is what makes erotic couples different from all other people of this world.}

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