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{When I got married to Betty, she was quite coy. She was from a small town where even coed schools were unheard of. We had met in a restaurant quite by chance, I liked her, I proposed and we married. I was smitten by her looks. But what I didn’t anticipate was that I would need to break her in more than I thought during the wedding.~Betty was quite shy when I married her. She was a townie and was totally ignorant about sex. I was so enamored by her looks that I did not think this could be a problem. Only when we got married did I realize that this was a huge problem. She wasn’t the least bit interested in sex.~When I married Betty, I did not know that she would so very shy about sex. She was brought up in a town where they didn’t speak about sex at all. Sex was taboo where she came from. Initially I loved that coyness about her, and that was what made me marry her. But, to my dismay, she remained scared of sex even after our wedding.}

{To put it in short, Betty did not know anything about sex. Yes, it is difficult for most of us to believe that, but here we are talking about a girl who has never been exposed to anything sexually. She was quite young too, just 19 when we married. I did not know this would be a problem. She just wouldn’t respond.~Actually, she just didn’t know what to do. Sex frightened her, even talking about it. Most of us wouldn’t think that could be possible, but yes Betty was such. Only 19 when we got married, Betty was totally unaware of the sexual act. When I approached her, she would just shy away or act panicky. I would have to give up.~It was a very depressing situation for me. Sex simply scared her. She became all sweaty and nonresponsive. She was quite young too, just 19, and I was afraid I would hurt her because she did not want it. I had no way with her. I was left unsatisfied, night after night.}

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{When I was in my pangs of depression for sweet Betty’s sexual nonchalance, one of my buddies told me to show her movies online. I thought that would be a great idea. Renting movies could have been too bold for her, but showing her some short clips on the Internet could work. I decided to give it a try.~Quite understandably, I was depressed. Then a friend told me a way out. He told me to try seducing her with online movies. He told me seeing things in action and that other people do it will break her in. I had no option anyway. I decided to give this a try. My friend had told me explicitly not to rent a cassette because that would scare her; he had told me to just show her a small clip online.~It started affecting me mentally. I was beginning to fall ill, and then a friend told me a way out. He told me to try online movies. He said they would bring home the message to her without scaring her. He told me to show her a short clip – not rent full movies – and ! that would help to break her in. Since I had no way out anyway, I considered it.}

{That night, I put on a porn movie channel I had registered on before my marriage, downloaded a clip and played it on mute. Then I went to the other room where Betty was and told her to fetch something that was kept next to the computer. She went, obediently.~I was used to such online sites. In fact, I had registered on a few of them before our marriage. Now, after quite a few weeks, I logged in to one of them again. I selected a good couple sex clip and downloaded it. Then I let it play and put the speakers off. Betty was in the other room. I went to her and told her to get me something from the PC desk.~I had registered on a porn movie site before our wedding. That night, when Betty was in the other room, I logged in and downloaded a nice couple sex clip. When I got it, I played it on mute. Then I went to where Betty was and told her to get something that was next to the computer. She went without a suspicion in her mind.}

{I had already expected what would happen. It happened to the T.~I knew what was going to happen. It happened just like that.~I had anticipated what would happen. It happened just as I thought.}

{Betty entered the room, took the thing I had asked her to fetch, then saw the screen. She was first dumbfounded, then intrigued, then curious and then she sat down on the chair. I went in after five minutes and saw her staring interestedly at the screen.~Betty got into the room, got the thing I had told her to and then her eyes fell on the screen. She was scared initially, but the solitude of the room emboldened her. She was now curious and then sat down to watch. After a few minutes, I entered the room. She was intently watching the clip.~Betty came in, took the thing I told her to get and then her gaze fell on what was playing on the screen. She was initially scared, as usual. But then because there was no one else in the room, she kept watching. Fascination slowly welled up inside her and she was interested. She did not know when she sat down on the chair, watching the show. Seeing that, I entered.}

{There were no words, either on the screen or off it. I put my hand on hers. With my experience, I could tell she was aroused. On screen, a woman was sucking a man’s cock and giving an expression of extreme satisfaction. I was standing; Betty was sitting. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. I pressed it against Betty’s cheek. She would have been alarmed normally, but not today. The online movie had done the trick.~The clip was muted and we didn’t speak either. I touched her arm. She was aroused. I knew it. This was the right moment. I stood beside her and unzipped my trousers. There was an oral sex scene playing. I took my penis out. She didn’t flinch. I pressed it against her cheek. She didn’t get scared. I knew the online movie was working its charm.~There wasn’t any voice anywhere, neither onscreen nor offscreen. I simply touched her arm. I could tell she was aroused. She was sitting; I was standing next to her. I went right beside her and lo! wered my shorts. She was intently watching the screen and then she saw my erection coming out. She didn’t get scared this time. The movie had worked. I touched my penis on her cheek.}

{She allowed me to guide my penis into her mouth. She didn’t clench her teeth. She took it in.~She did not say anything as I guided my cock to her lips. She didn’t hold her mouth shut tight. She allowed me to put it right in.~Slowly, taking my time, I guided my penis to her lips. She did not retaliate by keeping her mouth shut. Instead, she opened her mouth slowly and took it in.}

{Half an hour later, we were on the bed – naked, wet and satisfied. The online movie was still going on. She looked at me and smiled. I got the sign. I mounted her once more.~After 30 minutes, we were both on bed, completely unclothed and satisfied. The movie was still playing. I got a smile from Betty. Happily, I climbed on her soft, naked body again.~A half hour later, we were wet and naked on the bed. The movie was still going on. Betty smiled at me, quite pleased with herself. I was pleased too. I mounted her sexy naked body once again.}

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{I work as a secretary to my boss. It was one of those places where you just do your job and go home. There weren’t many people in the establishment either. Among my various jobs, I have to check the business emails and send the important ones to my boss’ personal email id. It is an easy job, I am loving it.~I am a secretary in a small firm. People mostly mind their own business here. No sweat! I have a few simple tasks to do here, including checking emails. I filter the unwanted ones and send the important ones to the boss’ id.~I work as a smalltime secretary in a smalltime firm. Not much work here. My own work is quite simple – just read the emails the company gets and forward the important ones to the boss. Easy job; I am enjoying it here.}

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{Sometimes I feel I was leading a double life. There I was, looking all somber at my desk job in the daytime. And when the nights came I put on my second identity. My BDSM life. People in the know called me Lady Tyranna.~In the early days, this desk job was difficult for me. This was not me. I have a completely different life outside. In the evenings, people call me Lady Tyranna. I love being with my slaves more than at this desk. Yes, you got it right. I am a dominatrix.~But what I miss in the few hours of the day I am working is my alternate life. My BDSM life. I miss the twinks who call me Lady Tyranna. I miss the nighttimes when I am a totally different person.}

{It was a particularly boring day at the job when I decided to go through some of my more colorful personal email. I had a desk and computer to my own in a discreet corner of the office so that was possible. I logged in to my Lady Tyranna id and checked the email. Among the dozens of emails I had got the last night was one from Cole. It was a particularly short one – “Am still punished, Lady Tyranna. Waiting for evening when you will come untie me. – Your slave, Cole”~But that changed one day. It was a boring afternoon when there weren’t many emails to check. I decided to check my own personal emails. I have a computer of my own, so that was not a problem. I logged in to my Lady Tyranna id and checked what was new. Much was new. About 12 emails. One of them caught my eye – “The punishment is still on, Lady Tyranna. Can’t wait for when you will come and untie me. – Your obedient slave, Cole.”~However, luckily, I wasn’t meant to live a double ! identity for long. One particular day when the company email inbox was sluggish, I thought I would check mine, which was decidedly more adventurous. I logged in on my alternate id which only a few selected people knew and saw what I had got. There was a very interesting one among the dozens of others – “Still punished. Still naked. Still tied. Waiting for Lady T for release. – Slave Cole.”}

{I smiled. Thinking of how I had stripped and tied him nude on the computer chair made me wet. I composed a reply – “Your tyrant will be back. Stay as you are, bitch. – Lady T” And I sent it. And then suddenly it dawned on me. There was a shadow over my shoulder. It was him – my boss.~Good! I loved this slave. Barely 20 and very much yielding. I had tied his legs and torso to the computer chair this morning, without a stitch of clothing on his body. He would sit that way till I returned. I replied. “Wait for your mistress, bitch. – Lady T.” And then I saw it. He – my boss – was looking over my shoulder at the screen.~I enjoyed that one. The sight of slave Cole sitting with his legs and torso tied to the computer chair where I sat this morning made me horny. I shot a reply. “Don’t email. Your punishment increases. – Lady T.” As I hit the ‘send’ button, I became aware I was being watched. Indeed I was, my boss was staring on the moni! tor like a hawk.}

{Ten minutes later he called me in. I was worried, but then I thought what he has got to do with my personal life. I went in.~He called me in about 10 minutes later. I had decided I wouldn’t worry. After all, it was my personal life.~It was a good 10 minutes after which he called me in. I was nervous, but not worried. What I was personally was none of his business.}

{It was casual talk, at least for a while. He gave me some work. I was readying to move out, when he said, “I love it too.” At first, I didn’t understand. Then he rolled up his sleeves. I saw them. I saw his wrists. They had red marks on them. I instantly understood.~The surprising thing was that he didn’t tell me anything apart from routine work. I thought he was done and I was moving out, when he said, “I like it too.” I didn’t get it at first. Then, he lifted his shirt sleeves up. What I saw underneath made me understand what he meant. I saw red marks on his wrists.~However, it wasn’t that at all. He did some work talk, some small talk and then said, “I am one too.” I did not get it initially. Then he rolled his shirt sleeves up. I saw his wrists. I understood what he meant. The wrists were red and sore.}

{I am one of those few women whose bosses are their slaves. He calls me Lady T too. Right now, as I sit typing this, I am in his cabin, on his chair. He is sitting on the floor, naked, wrists tied to his ankles, back red from the recent flogging. He is watching fearfully at the big strap-on that I have kept on his desk, ready for him. It is punishment time for him.~Today, our equation has changed. I am the boss, he is my slave. I am Lady T for him also. Even right now, as I am writing this from his computer in his room, he is down there on the floor – without a stitch on his body and his wrists and ankles tied together. His back is red where he just got the whip. He is eying warily at the huge strap-on on the desk. Everything is set – his time for punishment is now.~Now, things are different. My boss is my boss only in name. He is now my slave. I am his Lady T. Even now, I have him waiting. I am writing this from his office cabin on his PC. He is sitting ther! e on the ground, completely naked, his legs folded and his ankles and wrists tied together. He waits for punishment. His back is red from the whipping he got not 15 minutes ago. He has a strap-on waiting for him. It’s here. On my desk. He is looking at it with fear. It is time now!}

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{Gentle music guided Mandy in through the doors and the wonderful aromatherapy oils kissed the air with gentle breaths. "Hello, how are you today?" Mandy jumped at the voice behind her, she hadn’t seen anyone as she entered. "Oh! You scared me" she giggled. "Sorry about that, how can I help you today?" Mandy got a good look at the sales assistant. She was gorgeous! A tall dusky skinned amazonian woman with a husky voice that gave Mandy goosebumps.~The sweet smell of aromatherapy oils guided Linda into the small shop she had never noticed before. "Welcome to my store" Linda startled at the sound of the voice. "Oh!" she gasped. "Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you" Said the tall blond woman behind the counter. Linda couldn’t help but notice how sexy the sales assistant was. Tall, blonde, with sensual lips and take me to bed eyes.~Emma had never noticed the little dress shop before, but the sound of soft sensual music and the smell of scented candles drew her throught the doorway. "Hello honey" said a voice behind her, making her jump. "Sorry sweet thing, didn’t mean to startle you" "That’s ok" Emma said, taking a proper look at the woman for the first time. She was stunning! Barely 5ft2 she had long glossy red hair and the greenest eyes Emma had ever seen.}

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{Mandy had never been attracted to another woman before, but this beauty standing before her was a goddess. Mandy realised she was staring and cleared her throat with a cough before managing to say "I don’t know, I have never seen this shop before and just thought I would stop and have a look" The amazonian slid her gaze slowly up and down Mandy’s body, making her shiver with delight. "I have the perfect thing for you" the husky voiced said. "Go into that fitting room over there and I will bring it to you"~Linda had never been sexually attracted to another woman before, but the woman standing before her was nothing short of being a Goddess. Linda knew she should stop staring, but she couldn’t. "I have never been in here before" she said. The tall blonde beauty slowly raked over Lindas body with her eyes and said "I have the perfect thing for you, head over there to the fitting room and I will bring it over"~Emma had never found herself attracted to another woman ! before but the woman before her was breathtakingly beautiful. Emma shook her head to stop herself from staring. "I’ve never been in here before" she managed to say, finally looking around the store, she noticed it was a lingerie shop. The woman smiled at her and ran her gaze slowly over Emma from head to toe. "I have the perfect thing for you" she said. "Head on over to the fitting room and I will bring it to you"}

{Mandy did as she was told and stood looking around the fitting room, it was small but cosy. A movement caught Mandys eye and she looked up to discover a mirror on the ceiling. She could see the dusky beauty walking towards the fitting room carrying something small, red and silky. Throwing open the curtains to the fitting room, the amazonian handed the fragile looking material to Mandy. "Try this on honey" she said.~Linda headed over to the fitting room and closed the curtain. Looking around the small space she noticed with surprise that there were no mirrors. The fitting room was small but comfortable. Lindas gaze wandered upwards and she noticed with surprise that there was a mirror on the ceiling and she could see the tall blonde walking towards the fitting room.~Emma found the fitting room and closed the curtain behind her. The fitting room was large and comfortable with a soft cushioned wooden chair in the corner. Strnage, she thought, there are no mirrors. ! Seating herself on the chair to wait, Emma looked up and noticed, with some surprise that there was a mirror on the ceiling. At the same time she noticed the redheaded sales woman walking towards the fitting room.}

{Closing the curtains Mandy undressed and slid into the clinging material. It was a dress, it fit like a second skin and made Mandy feel so incredibly sexy. "You have the sexiest body I have seen in a long long time." Mandy heard from the other side of the curtain. Looking up at the mirror on the ceiling, Mandy realised the woman on the other side was staring at her. Mandy let out a small gasp as she realised the woman had her hand down the front of her jeans and was rubbing herself with vigour.~A slender, long fingered hand passed a small piece of black, silky material to her through the curtains. "Try that on honey" the dusky voice said. Linda stripped off her clothes and slid her body into the black silky dress. It didn’t leave much to the imagination, but it made her feel incredibly sexy. "You are so hot and sexy" said the voice on the other side of the curtain. Linda looked up to see that the blonde was watching her in the mirror. Linda noticed something els! e as well. The blonde was rubbing her pussy through the thin material of the long skirt she was wearing.~A delicate, slender fingered hand reached through the curtains holding a scrap of white material. "This is perfect for your sexy little body" the redhead said. Emma undressed and slid the lacy white material over her body. It was a see-through baby doll nightie and it fit her body like a glove. "Damn you are so hot and sexy" said a voice on the other side of the curtain. Emma looked up at the mirror on the ceiling to see the redhead staring at her. As Emma watched, she saw the pink wet tip of the redheads tongue run over her lip.}

{Mandy was frozen in place as she watched the woman satisfying herself, she could hear the heavy breathing on the other side of the curtain. Suddnely a hand reached through the curtain and slid down her arm. Mandy couldn’t move. Part of her wanted to run away, but a bigger part of her wanted to stay and see what happened next. Their eyes meeting in the mirror overhead, the amazonian slid her hand onto Mandys breast, which was barely covered by the thin red material. Mandys body had a mind of its own and she found herself turning towards the curtain. Mandys nipples tightened at the soft touch of the other woman.~Linda wasn’t sure what to do. Should she grab her things and run? Curiosity kept her firmly in place. She could hear the blondes heavy breathing through the curtain and watched in the mirror as the blonde rubbed herself with vigour. A hand suddenly appeared through the curtain and was placed on her upper arm. Linda looked up at the mirror and met the gaze ! of the blonde. Their eyes remained locked together as the blonde slid her hand down Lindas arm and cupped her breast. Linda felt her nipples tighten at the other womans touch.~Emma couldn’t drag her eyes away from the mirror, and the redhead knew it. Staring directly into Emmas eyes, the redhead started to rub her pussy from the outside of her clothes. Still meeting Emmas eyes, she reached a hand through the curtain and touched Emmas breast. Emma looked down at the hand, unsure of what to do. She was certain of one thing though. She had never been this excited in her whole life.}

{Mandy swallowed as the other womans hand slid around her waist to cup her buttocks, making soft circular motions. Mandy knew she was almost dripping. This was so exciting. The curtains moved in towards her as the other woman got closer to her, but she didnt actually come into the fitting room. Mandy looked into the mirror and saw the amazonian looking at her, when she saw that she had Mandys attention she gave a small nod. Mandy knew she was silently asking for approval to keep going. Mandy nodded back.~Linda dragged her gaze from the mirror and watched as the blondes fingertips traced circles around her already hard nipples. Linda held her breath as the hand slid down her stomach and gently touched her mound through the black silky material. Linda looked up into the mirror again, the blonde was watching her. Linda knew that the blonde was silently asking for her approval to continue, she gave a small nod of acceptance.~The redhead ran her hand down Emmas arm an! d took her hand, slowly pulling her closer to the curtain. Emma looked up at the mirror and watched her own reflection as the redhead slid her hand up the little babydoll nightie, touching her freshly waxed mound. "Mmm smooth" whispered the redhead. Emma gapsed as the redheads fingers slowly parted her pussy lips and started to softly rub on her clit.}

{The curtains pressed in even closer but the woman still didn’t enter. Mandy could see the outline of her voluptuous breasts and tentativly reached out to touch them. The amazonian groaned with delight at Mandys touch and put both her hands on Mandys buttocks and pulled her towards the curtain. Mandy was pressed up against the curtain as one of the other womans hands came around and found its way under the little dress. Mandy knew she was soaking wet, she could smell her own pussy juices. The exploring hand touched her pussy lips lightly, making her quiver all over. Fingers probed around her pussy lips until they found the nub of her clitoris.~The fitting room curtains moved inwards as the blonde came closer, but she never came through the curtains. Linda could see the blondes curvaceous breasts outlined on the curtains and tentatively reached out to touch them. The blonde let out a small moan as Linda cupped her breasts, flicking her thumbs over the tight nipple! s. The blonde slid her middle finger up and down between Lindas pussy lips. Still on the outside of the dress Linda had on.~Emmas knees were shaking and she knew if she didn’t sit down soon, she would fall down. Before she could grab the chair behind her, the redhead slid two fingers deep into her already wet and dripping pussy. Emma moaned deeply as the fingers probed into her moist wetness. "Sit down gorgeous" said the redhead as she withdrew her fingers from Emmas pussy. Emma grabbed the chair and looked up in the mirror to see the redhead sucking on her juice covered fingers.}

{Mandys legs shook and she had to brace herself against the doorframe as the finger on her clitoris did its job. She was so close to cumming. A small part of her mind realised just how amazing this whole situation was. Mandy could hardly catch her breath and her legs were ready to collapse, she was in the throes of ecstacy. Suddenly the woman slid her hand down to cup Mandy pussy, whose legs spread with a will of their own. Two fingers were suddenly thrust deep inside her pussy and Mandy came almost instantly, squirting her hot juices all over the womans fingers and hand.~Lindas legs almost collapsed as the blondes fingers found her clit. The sensations shooting through Lindas body were almost more than she could bear. Grasping the door frame she spread her legs wider, hoping that the blonde would slide her fingers inside her wet, hot pussy. She was so close to cumming now. Linda was thrusting her pussy against the blonde womans hand, when suddenly she got what s! he wanted, a finger was thrust deep and hard into her pussy. Instantly Linda came, squirting her hot sticky juices all over the blondes finger and hand.~Seating herself on the chair. Emma watched as the redhead opened the curtains and walked in. Kneeling before Emma she didn’t say a word as she grabbed Emmas knees and pushed her legs apart. Emmas head thrust backwards as the redhead took her pussy lips into her mouth and sucked on them. Emma slid forward on the chair, placing her feet on the redheads shoulders to give her better access to her throbbing pussy. The redhead obliged and thrust her tongue deep inside her pussy. Emma was all but fucking the redheads face as she squirted hot pussy juice down the other womans throat.}

{The woman withdrew her hand and Mandy could clearly hear her sucking and licking the juices of her fingers. Mandy couldn’t think straight and her legs would no longer hold her upright. She sat down suddenly on the floor of the change room trying to comprehend what had just happened. "So, should I wrap the dress or would you like to wear it home?" Came the voice on the other side of the curtain.~Linda drew back from the curtain and collapsed, gasping against the back wall. Glancing up at the mirror she saw that the blonde was sucking her pussy juices off her hand. Looking up and meeting her gaze she said with a smile. "Should I wrap the dress or would you like to wear it home?"~Emma collapsed back in the chair trying to catch her breath. The redhead sat back on her heels and smiled as she said "Do you want me to wrap the teddy or will you be wearing it home?"}

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{Never Piss Anne Off! The pub was crowded that Thursday night when Anne went by for a drink. Her day was already bad because of her boss reprimanded her again for dressing too revealing at work. It was not really her fault that regular shirts looks like plunging neckline because of her huge tits. She argued with her but the boss always wins.~Anne just had a really rough day at work. She argues with her boos about the dress code and like most instances, she didn’t win the argument. Right after she left the office she felt the need to unwind and take a break. She went to a pub to get something to drink.~Anne usually hanged out in pubs after her work. This was her only treat for herself after a a long tiring week. Like many other Friday nights, Anne went straight to Monty’s alone. She didn’t really like hanging out with her kiss up colleagues and she didn’t have that many friends.}

{Anne chose on the end of the bar away from anyone. She needed that space to breath. “One draft beer please.” She told the waiter. She did not really want to get wasted but she needed the diversion or she would just lose it and quit again on another job.~The pub was not crowded when Anne got there. She felt relieved as she just wants to drink by herself and not be bothered by anyone there. "Beer please." she told the bartender when he went close to her.~Anne ordered a beer and picked a spot away from the crowd. There were really not a lot of people that night even for a Friday. She just was enjoying the bees while watching sports on the TV near her.}

{Anne was thinking on what she should do at work when a woman sat beside her and ordered drinks. “Hey, what’s you doing?” the woman said. She was a tall woman, blonde and wearing a skimpy dress. “Nothing much.” She responded.~She was enjoying her beer when a woman approached her carrying a beer. "Hey, I haven’t seen you here before. Wanna chat?" the woman said. The woman looked a bit wasted. She was tall, blonde and had pale skin. "No, not really." she replied.~She was peacefully spending time alone when a woman approached her. "Can I join you?" the woman asked. She was probably at her 30’s. She looked pale and she was really thin for her height. "Well sure." Anne said even though that is the last thing she wanted.}

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{The woman started chatting with her. That was something she wasn’t hoping for especially since she wanted to be alone and the women was babbling about some party and booze. “Sorry to be rude but can you leave me alone? I really don’t need someone talking to me right now.” She bluntly said to the woman.~"Well, what’s your problem girl? I just wanna talk to you for a bit." the woman insisted. "Well, I really don’t wanna talk to you!" Anne said slightly increasing the tone of her voice. The woman flipped with what she said and suddenly pulled her hair.~"My guy out there likes you. Would you care to join us in bed later? We’ll compensate you well." the woman offered. "Well, I’m not a whore." Anne said with disgust. "You sure look like one bitch!" the woman said and laughed at her.}

{“Whoa! Don’t be such a bitch! I’m being nice to you and that’s what you’ll tell me?” the woman angrily said. “Well, I am really not soliciting any conversation here. I just wanna be alone okay?” she explained. “That the heck is your problem bitch. You haven’t been fucked lately?” the woman’s voice is getting louder and they are getting some attention.~"You don’t know who you;re messing with bitch!" the girl screamed. People looked at them and like kids, some cheered. "Fight, fight, fight!" The woman didn’t let go of her hair even if she was trying to pull away so she scratched her face with her long nails.~"What?!!! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You look like a whore!" Anne was really mad and was almost shouting. She stood up and walked away but the woman pulled her hair. "Now you’re running away bitch huh?" the woman said.}

{She stood up to leave and avoid any more problems. The woman wasn’t not being helpful at all as she stood up and followed Anne. “What up bitch you’re afraid huh? Didn’t know I was talking to a chicken!” the woman teased some more.~The woman step back with what Anne did. "You bitch. What have you done with my face." The woman said. She was even more enraged and attacked Anne. She jumped on her and made her fall on the floor.~What the woman did her and she wouldn’t take anymore of her crap. She faced her and scratched her face with her fingernails. The woman stepped back and was obviously hurt. "If you don’t stop calling me bitch you’ll really get it" Anne said.}

{That was it for Anne. As if she isn’t pissed enough, some woman is trying to get on her nerves. She turned around and slapped the woman on her face. “That’s what you get for calling me bitch.” The woman was startled briefly but rebounded and pulled her Anne’s hair. “What the fuck bitch!!!” the woman yelled. She grabbed her by the hair too with one hand and scratched with the other. The girl grabbed her shirt and it got ripped right on the front revealing some part of her left breast. She did the same to the woman and was able to tear her blouse strap.~The woman started slapping Anne on the face while sitting on her tummy. She tried to protect her face but the woman was just charging at her really hard. She pushed her back and rolled over on top of her. Anne pulled the woman’s hair and tried to bang her head on the wall. The woman tried to fight back by pulling her hair once again and tried to roll over on top of her. They were doing that for some ! good couple of minutes before someone even tried to stop them.~People noticed them and surrounded them in an instant. They are not even trying to pull them off of each other when they the woman jumped at her and pulled her hair with both hands. The crowd was cheering and she even heard some trying to bet on them like animals fighting. She tried to defend herself by scratching the other woman’s face. She also started punching on her body while she kept pulling her hair.}

{The woman got a pretty good grip at her hair. It was hurting her and that just put her in rage. She closed her fist and started punching on the woman’s face. People were trying to get in the middle of them but some even cheered. The woman probably got hurt from her second punch that landed right through her cheek.~The bartender tried to pull Anne away from the woman. Another guy was doing the same to the woman. "Fuck you bitch, come on!" the woman shouted. "Well come her and get a piece of me!" She shouted back. "Well you bought better this fight somewhere else." the bartender said.~The fight turned ugly when their clothes got torn. Her big breast were not almost exposed and so was the girls. Finally, some guys tried to keep them off of each. No one really won this fight when bought of them ladies really looked trashed.}

{The girl was thrown to the ground and some guys were cheering. Anne just looked at the woman who doesn’t have any guts to stand up anymore. She triumphantly smiled and said, “Who’s my bitch now?” then she turned away and went out of the pub.~The bartender let her out of the pub and she headed her way home. This day sure was action packed and not really a good one for her. She surely won’t forget this day.~Anne took her purse and headed straight home. it wasn’t probably the best idea to be spending time on a pub by herself. Now she learned her lesson.}

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{Some couples just can’t get pregnant even after plenty of attempts constantly trying over and over. After you have identified the problem is with the man then this is called male infertility. According to many statistics, male infertility accounts for a third of all infertility cases.~There are some couples who just can’t get pregnant after many attempts within the span of one year. When the problem is identified to be with the man, it is referred to as male infertility. According to statistics, male infertility accounts for a third of reported infertility cases.~Some times couples just can’t get pregnant after they look into it many times the problem is Identified to be with the man a problem called male infertility. Statistics prove male infertility accounts for 30 percent of infertility cases.}

{A man is diagnosed to have male infertility when there is a problem with his ejaculation or his sperm count. Ejaculation is when semen is released through the penis during orgasm. When the man can’t properly release semen to get the woman pregnant, he can be suffering from: erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation (wherein the semen is pushed back into the bladder), or complications from surgery or radiation therapy.~When you are diagnosed to have male infertility you generally have a problem with ejaculation or sperm count. We all know that Ejaculation is semen being released through the penis at orgasm. When a man can’t release semen and make the woman pregnant, he can be said to be suffering from, erectile dysfunctions, retrograde ejaculation , premature ejaculation, or complications from surgery.~If you are diagnosed with infertility problems this can refer to ejaculation or sperm count. Ejaculation happens to describe orgasm, sperm exploding from the penis, it is either lack of sperm of sperm quality that causes the problem. When semen can’t properly be released to get a woman pregnant, the man can be said to have any of the following, premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunctions or even retrograde ejaculation sometimes this is associated with surgery or cancer therapy.}

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{With low sperm counts the cause can be mumps infection, hormonal disorder, hereditary factors, or other types of infections. Low or no sperm count can also be triggered by wearing of tight or restrictive clothing, excessive smoking, alcohol or drugs, also radiation and harsh chemicals.~Some times low sperm counts can be caused by past health problems like mumps or hormones. Some thing else that can also restrict sperm or even kill it is tight clothing (underwear) as well as smoking , drugs, and alcohol, basically anything that is unhealthy that has entered your body.~A low sperm count (or no sperm at all) may be caused by severe mumps infection, hormonal disorder, hereditary factors, or infections. It can also be triggered by wearing tight or restrictive underwear, excessive use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, and exposure to radiation or poisonous chemicals.}

{A man’s sperm may also be “abnormal,” which is said to be malformed and has a short life span. Thus, the sperm couldn’t “swim” correctly. This is brought on by abnormal development or inflammation of the testicles and swollen veins in the scrotum. This condition heats the inside of the scrotum and may critically affect the sperm production.~You can also have an abnormal sperm count, which can be malformed or sperm with a short life span. Therefore sperm cannot get to their goal. This can be caused by poor development or testicular problems. This condition manifest by heating inside the scrotum and critically affects sperm production.~Another thing that can be a problem is abnormal sperm, malformed or unhealthy sperm that cannot swim the distance to fertilize the eggs. This is often caused by heating of the testies which without a doubt affects sperm quality and production.}

{You should always see a doctor with any sperm problems immediately, particularity if you think the problem lies with you. You need to pinpoint the exact problem causing the infertility and treat it early on. The doctor would take into account your medical history extract fluid from the penis and most probably do a blood test. There will also be a need for semen analysis, checking quantity and quality of your little warriors.~If you have concerns regarding male infertility, you should see a doctor immediately, especially if you tried getting pregnant for already a year. A physical examination may pinpoint the exact or underlying problems that may be causing the infertility and treat them early on. The examination would take into account your medical history, a culture of fluid from the penis, a blood test (to check for hormone problems or infections), and a semen analysis (to check the number and quality of sperm). More testing may be necessary, depending on the results.~If you think you have infertility problems, you should see the doctor straight away, particularity if you have tried getting pregnant for sometime. You may need a physical examination to pinpoint the exact problems causing the infertility and treat it as soon as possible. The examination would use your medical history, a test of fluid from the penis, a hormone check using a blood sample and a semen analysis checking the quality of sperm. Your results will determine if you need any more test.}

{Don’t think male infertility can’t be treated, it can in fact, more than 50 percent of male infertility cases have a remedy. Just using traditional treatment can help you have a successfully pregnancy . It can be as simple as antibiotics or a change in lifestyle to remedy problems. You can also fix some of the problems by changing to boxes and cooling down staying away from excessive heat.~You may be wondering if male infertility may be treated. Of course, it can be. In fact, more than 50 percent of male infertility cases can be remedied. Treatment by conventional methods may help the couple get pregnant through normal sexual intercourse. There are medications, antibiotics, and hormones that a man can take to help in sperm production, get rid of infection, or aid in hormonal imbalance. Also, you can try wearing loose clothing like boxers or avoiding hot tubs, saunas, and long hot showers.~Male infertility can be treated with more than 50 percent of male infertility treatment by conventional methods which can help the couple get pregnant through normal intercourse. You can also use medications, antibiotics, and hormones to help fix sperm production problems by getting rid of infection. You can also try wearing loose clothing like boxers or avoiding hot tubs and other overheated enviroments.}

{There are other treatments also available these include in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and use of one of the most popular the sperm donor. Artificial fertilization involves the fertilization of sperm and egg in a laboratory and placing this fertilized egg carefully inside the female’s uterus. Artificial insemination is the collection of sperm and manually placing it inside the fallopian tubes to facilitate conception. Donor sperm can be acquired if there is no sperm production and sometimes makes a valid answer.~Other treatments are also available, though these may be invasive or too expensive. This includes in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and use of sperm donor. In vitro fertilization involves the fertilization of the couple’s sperm and egg in a laboratory and placing the fertilized egg inside the female’s uterus. Artificial insemination, on the other hand, involves the collection of sperm and manually placing it inside the fallopian tubes or the female uterus to facilitate conception. A donor sperm can instead be acquired if there is no sperm production at all or there are other functional problems with the man’s sperm.~Other treatments include use of sperm donor, in vitro fertilization, and artificial insemination. With In vitro fertilization the fertilization of the couple’s sperm and egg is done in a laboratory and the fertilized egg is placed inside the female’s uterus. Artificial insemination involves the collection of sperm and the manual placing of it inside the fallopian tubes of the female uterus to facilitate conception. Sperm from a donor can instead be acquired if there is no sperm production and this can be used to help make a baby.}

{Male infertility is mostly caused by an illness or genetic problems and cannot be prevented. But there are different ways and means to reduce the chances of having infertility problems. These ways include avoiding drugs, alcohol, and other poisonous substances. Live a healthy lifestyle and practice good hygiene.~As it happens, male infertility is generally caused by illness or genetic problems and is impossible to prevent. Fortunately there are plenty of different ways to reduce the chances of having infertility problems. This includes staying away from drugs, alcohol, and other poisonous substances. Change your lifestyle and live a healthy life and you will increase your fertility chances.~Generally, male infertility caused by an illness or genetic problems cannot be prevented. Although, there are different ways and means that you can do to reduce the chances of having infertility problems. One way is to avoid drugs, alcohol, and other poisonous substances. Live a healthy lifestyle and practice good hygiene.}

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{Lana was on the upper deck of the cruise ship, gazing at the stars when she felt someone moving towards her from behind. She quickly looked to that direction and got scared when he saw a big man right behind her. The man charged right towards her and put something on her face. She was scared that this would be the end of her life.~It was a starry night so Lana decided to spend some time in the upper deck the cruise ship she’s at. She suddenly hear someone approaching her so she looked back and saw a masked guy going towards her. She was about to scream when the man reached her and put something in her face.~Lana loves looking at the night sky. That is exactly what she was doing when someone smothered something on her face and she passed out.}

{A guy smothering her is the last thing Lana remembered. She doesn’t know where she is right now but it sure looks like they are still in the cruise ship. She is now completely naked and tied on the bed. She tried letting out a scream but there is a ball in her mouth, gagging her. Her body doesn’t feel unusual or anything except for the fact that she’s naked. She heard someone walking towards the door. When it opened, it was Jason, the Captain of the ship. He greeted her when she first got on board.~The last thing Lana remembered was the masked guy. She still feels disoriented when she woke up in a cabin that isn’t hers. She feels cold and when she tried to sit up, something pulled on her arms. She looked on it and saw cuffs on both her hands tied on opposite ends of a bed. She was scared as she realized that she is also completely naked. She was just about to let our a scream for help when someone opened the door. A familiar face stood before her "Jason? P! lease help me."~Everything was confusing when Lana woke up tied on a bed in a cabin other than hers. She is bare naked and ball is gagging her, preventing her to cry for help. Lana felt scared and thought this could be her last night on Earth. She tried to be calm minutes after waking up and was accessing her situation when someone opened the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Jason, the cruise ship’s captain.}

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{“You’re awake. Don’t worry; I won’t do anything bad to you. On the contrary, you’ll feel so much better after were done.” The Captain said. Lana felt fear. In her mind, “What would he do to me? He’s gonna kill me afterward. I need to escape.” A lot of things are going through her mind. Jason on the other hand started undressing, revealing his athletic body.~Jason is the ship’s captain. She first met him when the crew greeted everyone boarding the ship. "Finally, you’re awake." Jason said. Feeling more confused, it wasn’t too long before she realized Jason did this to her. "Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want." said said feeling scared once again.~Jason had this plan in mind the moment he saw Lana. She was just so beautiful with the light tan and petite figure. Looking at her complete nakedness makes his cock throb. She has medium breast that is just about right for her body. The cold room is making her nipples hard. Her pussy is also just as beautiful. It looks so delicious and he can’t wait to taste her.}

{The Captain slowly approached her captive. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and she just gotta have her. He sat on the bed beside her then cupped her big sumptuous tits. He felt her try to struggle when he tried to lick her nipples. “Don’t worry Lana, I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy this.” He said in an almost consoling way.~"Don’t worry Lana. I won’t hurt you if you’re a good girl." the Captain said. Jason started undressing. Lana stared at him and seeing his gorgeous physique, her fear slowly fade away and changed by another feeling. Blood is rushing through her head and she is sweating from just looking at this guy.~"Be a good girl Lana. I won’t do anything bad to you. I just wanna fuck you." he said as he undress. Lana felt a sudden surge of fear with what she heard. But the fear was easily changed with the feeling of arousal when she saw Jason’s big hard cock. It has been sometime when she was last fucked and she needed this. Yeah, she! would be a good girl to be fucked by this gorgeous guy.}

{Lana felt shivers up her spine when the captain licked and sucked her nipples. Ohh, she is enjoying this alright. He bits her nipples just right for her to feel pleasure instead of pain. His hands almost made their way to her now wet pussy, fondling her clit. She was letting out a moan that can’t really be heard much from the gag.~Jason approached her and grabbed something from the night table beside the bed where she lays. "Now open your mouth darling." she felt confused but followed his instruction. He put a gag on her mouth and tied her behind her head. "Now… just enjoy baby." Jason said while his hands cupped her breasts. She let out a moan despite the gag suppressing the sound.~Jason sat beside her and started holding her breasts. He pinched her nipples and that brought her a very nice sensation. Those hands where replaced by his mouth, biting the hard nipples just enough to make her moan from all the pleasure. His left hand is not playing with her cunt! . All she can think about is how good his hands are when exploring her.}

{Jason feels Lana’s body is responding to his every move. He felt confident removing the handcuffs she had on binding her to the bedpost. With his strong hands, he was holding her right arm and put it on her back. He did the same to the left hand and then he tied her hands on her back with one of the cuffs. He then put a white cloth, tie it on her arms and connected it to the hook he had on the wall.~Jason’s hand now traveled south. In an instant his fingers are giving pleasure to her pussy. She felt the need to arch her back and as she did, he inserted a finger inside her cunt. "Ohh Lana, you are so wet." She was indeed. She can feel her juices dripping down her pussy to her ass.~Jason positioned himself to explore Lana more with his tongue and mouth. From her nipples she is now licking his way to her pussy. He can hear Lana making sounds that is lessened because of the bad on her mouth. He then reached his destination, open her legs wide and licked her clit.}!

{Jason positioned himself on bed while having Lana sit on her. He pulled the white cloth moving her up a bit and put his cock inside her. He was pinching her nipples quite hard and although she seems to be hurting, Jason thinks she is enjoying too. She even initiates the up and down motion now. As if this is not enough, he also got a vibrator and positioned it right on her clit.~Seeing how Lana was enjoying this, Jason positioned himself to take her. In one deep thrust he was inside her tight wet pussy. She seem so fragile but that gave him more reason to be rough and break her. "Baby you’re pussy feels so good." he said as he was thrusting deep and hard.~Lana can’t help but raise her hips and meet Jason’s tongue. She is just about to cum and she can feel her juices flowing out of her pussy. "Honey, you taste so sweet." Jason was really enjoying his time on Lana’s cunt. Soon after, Lana exploded and couldn’t avoid letting out a loud moan.}

{Lana cannot stop moaning even with the gag on her mouth. She is hurting but somehow, she is enjoying all of this. Jason was thrusting his cock faster and faster, he is cumming soon. Lana on the other hand didn’t even notice this as she is already dripping wet and ready to release more juice as she cums.~Lana was creating sounds that are louder than before. Jason’s hand is on her neck, choking her but not to kill her. That actually even make her appreciate the sensation. She felt the urge to cum sooner than she usually does. "Ohh… Lana.. You are so fucking good. I am cumming baby…." Jason blurted just a few minutes after he first penetrated her.~Jason now moved to fuck Lana. It wasn’t long before he had his big thick cock inside her wet pussy. If he didn’t made her cum he was sure his cock would hurt her a lot. He is quite big and girls often complain about his size.}

{Just a few more minutes and they both enjoyed pleasure. Jason came inside her pussy and the mixture of their cum is overflowing.~Just as she is reaching her climax, she felt a hot liquid rushing inside her cunt. Jason’s cum inside her felt so good. Feeling tired and fulfilled, he laid to rest on top of her while his cock is still inside her.~Jason was enjoying fucking Lana’s tight pussy. He feels his cock hitting her g-spot. Looking at her face enjoying his cock, she made him feel really good. He then felt his load about to blow when he pulled his cock and came on her breasts.}

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{Chelsea and Dorothy are best of friends. They have known each other since kindergarten and have been like sisters. The girls always share each others secrets with one another and they often do everything together.~Best friends, Dorothy and Chelsea had been together since kindergarten. They are practically partners in crime and have always been together since they met. They shared many things with each other especially secrets that they had not told anyone else.~It was a nice sunny day when Chelsea and Dorothy decided to picnic in the park. They are best of friends, practically sisters. They know so much about each other and they keep each others secrets. Both didn’t really expected they would have a really big secret they would both be keeping among themselves that day.}

{One day in the park, Dorothy talked to Chelsea about what she saw in TV. “Hey Chels, I was watching TV the other night and then I saw these two girls kissing each other. They were really getting at it.” Dorothy narrated. “Of course they are. They are actors so they really need to get in their roles.” Chelsea said. “Well I heard boys really like it when girls kiss and make out with each other. My boyfriend said men dig that.” Said Dorothy.~It was a weekend, when the girls decided to go on a picnic in the park. They were walking towards their favorite spot away from everyone else when Dorothy told her friend about what she saw on TV. “These two girls were making out in front of one of the girl’s boyfriend. It was really hot and the guy loved what he sees.” Then Chelsea said, “Yeah, Rob said guys are into girls that do stuff with other girls. I guess it’s more fun.”~They were setting up on their favorite secluded spot in the park when Doroth! y told her friend about what she saw on TV. "Have you ever kissed another girl? Coz I saw these girls making out on TV and they seem to be having a good time." Dorothy said. "Well I haven’t. But yeah it seems kinda fun. My boyfriend said it’s his dream, to have to women make out in front of him. What do you think it would feel like?" Chelsea asked.}

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{“Do you wanna try it?” Chelsea curiously asked. “Well, I don’t know. Maybe?” the other girl answered. They walked some more on the part of the park where there isn’t much people. They set up a picnic cloth on the grass near a bush and sat there. “Why don’t you kiss me? Maybe it’s as good as everybody says.” Chelsea daringly said.~“Why don’t we try it?” Dorothy suggested. “Yeah, we should.” Chealsea agreed. The ladies stared at each other and decided they should give it a go. The kiss started out casual but when Dorothy opened her mouth wider, Chelsea took advantage and stick her tongue inside her friend’s mouth.~"Wanna try it? We’re practically sisters so at least this could be our little secret. And if we liked it, maybe we could fulfill Luke’s fantasy." said Dorothy. "Yeah, why not? I think it would be fun trying." Chelsea said with a little grin in her face.}

{Dorothy did not even hesitate when she lowered her head and kiss her friend. Chelsea always being the naughty one opened her mouth and stick her tongue out. Dorothy got startled with what her friend did and as a result opened her mouth wider. Chelsea used that opportunity to tease the other girl’s tongue with her own. They were doing it for about a minute when they both felt the urge to catch a breath.~The kiss the best friends are sharing were getting deeper and deeper. They stop every now and then to catch some breath but immediately go back to doing the pleasurable act. Chelsea reached under Dorothy’s shirt and cupped her tits. "Ohhhh… that’s nice Chels." the girl said. Upon hearing that, Chelsea lifted her friend’s shirt to remove it. Dorothy did the same to her friend.~The ladies started out with a kiss. Their lips locking on to each others’. They were teasing each other when they started to play with their tongues. They are licking each others mouth an! d sucking the others’ tongue. "Hmmm… this sure is fun." Chelsea said.}

{“Hmmm… this is not so bad at all. In fact, I am enjoying it.” Chelsea said. “Yeah, it’s nice….” Dorothy was cut short of what she was about to say when her friend kissed her again. This time she was also as aggressive as Chelsea was. She was fighting her tongue actions and her hand is now touching her tits. “Ohhhhh….” a long moan from Chelsea.~Removing the clothes did not stop at the shirts. They also removed each others’ skirts and underwear. The exploring also expounded somewhere else. Chelsea now has her mouth on the friends breasts while Dorothy fingers the other’s pussy. Their moans were getting louder as every second pasts.~It didn’t take long before they started using their hands too to explore each others body. Chelsea had both her hands squeezing Dorothy’s tits while she has her hands on her friend’s ass. They also started to let out some moans that are getting them more in the mood.}

{The two girls stopped kissing and started undressing. This was very exciting for the both of them. Not only are they making out but also they are doing it in a public place. When Dorothy removed her top, Chelsea came towards her and sucked on her tips. She was like a hungry beast who feasted on her best friend’s breast. She was biting her nipples and all the sound Dorothy was making was nothing but loud moans.~Dorothy tried to push away from Chelsea so she could position herself well. She turned to face her pussy so she could give it more attention. Chelsea did what her friend is doing to. With her cunt on her face, she inserted on of her fingers inside and licked the protruding clit.~They started undressing each other while there hands still explore the others’ body. They sat on the picnic cloth and facing each other. Dorothy initiated by going on top and suck on Chelsea’s tits. She gently bites her nipples trying to imitate what her boyfriend does to her.}

{When Chelsea stopped, Dorothy knew it was her turn to do the same thing to her friend. She suckled on her tits as well, one after the other. “Yeah Dorothy, just like that. Bite it a little. Ohhh… yeah that’s it.” Chelsea said. This go on for a bit, before they started to explore more on each other’s body.~"Ohh yeah Chelsea. That’s it. Come on babe lick my pussy." Dorothy said right before she did exactly the same to her friend. "Ohhh… ahhhh… yeaahh…" loud moaning reverberated in the park. It was a good thing they always pick a secluded place or someone might have already caught them by now.~She then headed south licking every inch of Chelsea on the way. She reached her sweet smelling pussy so she didn’t hesitate at all to lick it. It was smooth and well groomed. She explored every bits of it and even licked the pussy juice dripping out of her cum.}

{Chelsea went down to her friend’s pussy and spread her legs. She kissed her friends clit and when she heard an even louder moan, she started licking it. She explored the area quite a bit and even inserted her tongue inside the other’s cunt. Slowly she tried to turns around and positioned her pussy above Dorothy’s face. “Like my pussy too, please.” She asked Dorothy and her friend did just that.~Both of the girl’s juices are flowing out their cunt. They could taste how sweet each other are. They fingers and licked some more, added another finger and licked all over. The lust and the will to make each other cum is pushing them to go on with this experiment.~"Ohh Dorothy, I’m cumming…. yeah do that some more!" Chelsea said. She continued licking and even put two of her fingers inside her cunt. A really long moan from her friend signaled she came. Chelsea pulled her up her face and kissed her once again. She pushed Dorothy to lay so she could return the ! favor.}

{The friends were licking each other’s pussy in the 69 position when they both came. It made them felt really good so that had been the start of a more fun and exciting friendship between the two ladies.~Soon the girls let out their loudest moan. They both cum and made each other feel good about their little secret. This just made their friendship a little more exciting.~She explored every part of her Dorothy the way she did to her. Briefly after that, she also exploded and released a great amount of cum. Now this is certainly a secret they would explore over and over again.}

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{Suzy and Johns Phone sex Fantasy~Phone sex Fantasy With Suzy and John~Fantasy Phone sex With Suzy and John}

{Suzzie has never felt so bored in her life. She married John not too long ago and just a few months after that came his Navy assignment. They are practically a world away from each other and they haven’t even enjoyed their honeymoon period yet.~It wasn’t too long ago when John and Suzzie got married. They are on their honeymoon stage when John got his new assignment on his job. Since then, the couple had been away from each other half way around the world apart.~Living away from John is very difficult for Suzzie. They haven’t a long time on their marriage yet when John got his new assignment from the Navy. They had to cut their honeymoon short.}

{Like any other wife whose husband is away, Suzzie misses John a lot. There had been many times she wishes her husband is with her while she is on bed at night. Oh how she craves for his husbands body next to her, his big cock deep inside her tight juicy pussy. Yes, she misses her husband a lot, but more than that, Suzzie misses their love making and intimacy.~Being away from her husband, Suzzie is left wishing he could feel him once more. She often plays with herself at night while thing of their great sex. John has the best cock Suzzie ever experienced and having that big thing inside her tight little pussy feels the great.~Many times at night, Suzzie remembers how her husband fucks the shit out her. He gives her exceptional sex and with his big cock going in and out of her, she always cum multiple times before she goes to sleep.}

{Like many sleepless nights, Suzzie turned to her imagination. Fully naked on bed, trying to touch her moist sweet spot, Suzzie was thinking about how John takes his time tasting every part of her body. She was feeling so hot and sexy on top of her satin sheets when the phone rang. She would just let the machine take the call, after all, it is late at night and people would think she’s already dozed off.~Once again, like many other nights, Suzzie is imagining his husband fucking her. With not much clothes on, she touched her cunt and felt how wet she already is. She was just about to get started when the phone rang.~Tonight is one of those nights when Suzzie needs some sweet release. Without her husband to make her cum, she has to play with herself while thinking of him. That is just what she is about to do when the phone rang.}

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{Suzzie was still playing when that familiar voice sounded in the air. “Honey, it’s me… please pick up.” In an instant, Suzzie stopped whatever she was doing and picked up the phone. Yes, it was John indeed. “Did I wake you up, honey”, John said as soon as she said hello. “Not really, I was just thinking of you actually.” She mumbled in a sexy voice. John did not fail to miss that sexiness in his wife’s voice “Oh really, what about me sexy? I missed you a lot and thought I’d give you a call.”~The answering machine picked the calll when Suzzie heard his husband talking on the telephone. "Honey, are you there?" John said on the other line. Suzzie rushed to the phone and said hello. "I was just thinking of you John. I miss the way you fuck me honey" she added.~"Suzzie, are you home?", John said from the other line when the machine picked the call up. Suzzie immediately answered the phone and said, "Hi honey, I was just thinking of you." just ! heard a hint of sexiness in his wife’s voice when he heard her.}

{“I’m thinking about how hard you fuck me hon. Remember how loud you make me scream when you ram me from behind? I miss all of that. So now I’m trying to imagine it while I play with this pussy you just love.” Suzzie didn’t hesitate to tell her husband what she’s doing. After all, they are husband and wife. “Ohh baby!!!! You just don’t know how hard my cock is right now. I wish I could be there so you can suck my dick and lick my balls while I lick your clit and finger your pussy.” With this thought, John started to undress himself. He didn’t even care that he is in the stock room and any of his higher officials could walk on him any minute. All he cares about is how he misses his wife’s delectable pussy and how he always cum on her beautiful face.~Just hearing that made John’s cock hard. He misses her hot, sexy wife too and he wants to just fuck her again. "Ohh baby, you just don’t know how much my cock aches for your tight and really wet p! ussy." Upon hearing that, Suzzie went back to playing with her cunt knowing her husband would help her cum from the other side of the world.~"I can’t stop thinking of how good your cock feels honey". Suzzie said without any hesitation. John was immediately aroused and thought that this should be a good stress reliever. He unzipped his pants and grabbed his already hard cock. "Oh I’m gonna fuck you alright, now get your toy so you could cum!" John said with authority.}

{That statement from her husband made Suzzie even hornier. She picked up her big vibrator and licked it like he licks his husband’s big cock. She spread her legs wide and without any second thought, she inserted the plastic toy inside her warm juicy cunt and let out some moan. “Ohhhh honey, you fuck me so good. Ohhh yeah… like that baby. Own that pussy honey.” Suzzie was blurting out as the vibrator is inside her.~"I miss the way you make me cum Suzzie, I know you love my cum all over your face." John said. "Ohhh yes baby! Now come here and fuck me good!" Suzzie replied.~Suzzie followed her husbands command and took the vibrator he gave her as a present before he left. She stick the big thing in her as soon as it’s turned on. "Ohh baby, your cock inside me feels so good. I’m dripping wet!"}

{On the other side of the world, John was jerking off like there is not tomorrow. He sure like it when he is hearing his wife moan and say nasty words to him while he beats his cock. “Ohh… this pussy is mine. Now go on top and fuck me Suzzie!” He loves this side of him wife. She always say nasty things when they are doing the act and that just builds up his urge to shot his load all over her.~As John plays with his cock, he can’t help but close his eyes and imagine how hot her wife is. Her big 34 C breasts and her big round ass. He loves spanking her ass as he ram her doggy style.~The sweet sound of the couple moaning together while they are playing made the urge to come even more. "Honey, sit on top of me and ride me like a horse" John said. "Ohh… yes!!! I’ll fuck you so good from the top baby so you could feel my juice dripping to your balls.}

{“Ahhh… Ohhhh….. Yes honey. You fill me up so good. I just love your huge cock inside my cunt and you’re your balls slamming on my ass as I move up and down on you.” Suzzie’s voice is getting louder and louder and John knows what this mean. “Come on baby, fuck me and cum. Fuck this cock and cum baby… Make use both cum!” John said as he also tries to reach his peak.~"Ohh baby you’re making me cum!" Suzzie told her husband. He, on the other side of the world, also feels he is about to cum. "Be ready baby, I’m cumming too and I want to see my juices on your mouth." John said.~"Ohh Suzzie, you are the best ever! Come on and make us cum baby". Upon hearing this from her husband, Suzzie knows that it won’t be long before he would cum. She put the vibrator speed to its highest which made her moaning even louder. "Ohh yes baby, I want you to cum on my face. Tell me when you’re cumming so I could taste your cum" Suzzie said to John.}

{The sound of Suzzie and John’s moans combines as both of them are about to cum. Without five minutes passed and both their juices are flowing out of their body. It was a sweet release for the couple as they sat there thinking of how much better it would be when they are together again.~A very brief moment past and the could let out their moans signaling how they both cum at the same time. Hearing each others voice felt so good and they both know these type of conversation is just the start of more orgasms to come.~Just a few couple more minutes passed when both Suzzie and John reached their orgasm. It was the best they had since John left for his work and now they know this kind of calls should be done more often.}

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{Enjoying the Erotica of Having Sex in Strange Places~Embracing The Joy of Sex in Strange Places~The Thrills of Sex in Strange Places}

{Most of us like to have order and system in our ordinary life, but this same thing in a sexual relationship spells boredom! We do not want our sexual episodes to be replayed versions of each other. Actually, this is the reason why marriages stagnate. The variety in marriages is lost and boredom creeps in.~Now everybody likes to have some order and consistency in our every day lives, but when this is expressed in the bedroom boredom will soon prevail. No one like their love life to be like a record, same old thing every time nothing changing going round and round. This is one reason why relationships and marriages stagnate. As the saying goes variety is the spice of life so why not spice it up.~Everyone enjoys a bit of order and system in there daily life, but when this is carried over to the bedroom this can be the source of trouble. Who want their sexual episodes replayed adnorsium each night? This is one of the reasons why relationships and marriages stagnate.! Variety in marriages is key it keeps boredom from creeping in}

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{So how can that boredom be avoided? In most cases, if the couple is comfortable with each other, the boredom will never come in. When marriages are on the rocks, counselors advise the couple of vary their sexual techniques to bring in the spice in their sex lives again.~So you should be asking yourself what could you do in the bedroom to spice up your sex life? If a couple is comfortable with each other, the prospect of boredom need never come up. But when a relationship is hitting rough waters, Couples counselors advise that the couple in question should try different things in the bedroom (or even out of it), and vary their sexual techniques to rejuvenate their sex lives.~So what can you do to stop boredom creeping in? In most cases, if a couple is happy and comfortable with each other, there is no reason for boredom to start. When marriages are in trouble, counselors commonly advise that the couple try adding some spice to their bedroom with new sexual techni! ques to bring in the spark to their sex lives again.}

{Sex in Strange Places – A Sure Remedy to keep Boredom away~Keep Boredom away with Sex in Strange Place~Sex in Strange Places – A Position a day keeps the Boredom away}

{Something as simple as changing the normal places where you have sex helps. When you have sex with the same person in a different place, it adds a lot to the excitement. People usually have sex in their bedroom. But if they have it in a different part of their house, like the kitchen, it can certainly make a lot of difference.~All it takes to kick things up a notch is something as simple as trying new places to have sex. Having sex with your partner in new exiting places, adds a new dimension to your love life. Most People practice there love making in the privacy of there own bedroom. But by moving out of the bedroom you can experience a whole new world try the kitchen, it can certainly make a difference.~All it takes is something as simple as going out of the bedroom to have sex. This simple thing can add a bit of spice, sex with the same person in a different place adds a lot to the experience. Couples usually have sex in their bed. But why not try different ! part of their house, place like the hallway kitchen, even the closet can certainly make a lot of difference.}

{It is not necessary that you should restrict your imagination to the home. You can try out some really weird placed. There are people who wait for the night to fall so that they can have a whirlwind sex session in the backyard of their home. Other choices could be a remote beach or even a jungle! Such experiments always work excellently.~But why stop there one you are out of the bedroom why not keep going. Why not wait till night and try out some more exhilarating locals. Some people wait till night then slip out under the cover of darkness to fornicate in the back yard of their home. Still other couples choose out of the way locations in there area why not try the a secluded beach or forest. Such expeditions are usually worth the effort it takes to find them.~But there is no need to stop inside why not take you sexual escapades outdoors. try out some places that turn you on. Some couples love the sensation they get by slipping out in the night to have a romp in! the garden when all there neighbors are asleep. Other choice out of the way places like quite parks and beaches, try thinking about your neighborhood for some locations.}

{Having sex in risky places can add cartloads to the excitement. That is the reason so many people like to have sex in their workplaces where someone can catch them any minute. The excitement is more of the ambience of the place than the person involved.~Engaging in sex in public can add buckets of spice your sex-life. This is the reason why so many couples gamble with the risk of getting caught, some people even go as far as having sex in their workplaces where the chances of getting caught are greater. The ambience of the location is the main reason for this thrill rather than your partner.~Having sex in public places can be risky it is this fact that adds to the thrill. The reason so many people sneak of at work for a bit of backroom fun is the risk that someone can catch them any minute. The excitement is more the thrill of being naughty and being caught than the person involved.}

{Sex in Strange Places – Giving Wings to Fantasy~Give your Fantasy Wings- Sex in Strange Places~Sex in Strange Places – Let your imagination run free}

{People like to live out their secret fantasies when they are having sex in strange places. This is because the newness of the place helps the person to overcome inhibitions and become bold and experiment. It is real fun to have consensual fetish sex in a strange place with an equally interested partner.~Some Couples engage in role-playing while having outdoor sex. The newness of the location as well as the thrill of being caught can help people overcome their inhibitions, there by becoming bold and more willing to experiment. Engaging in consensual fetish sex in strange places with an equally interested partner can be a thrilling experience.~Why not live out your secret fantasies with your partner. By being in a new place the newness experience can help the person to overcome any inhibitions they might be feeling and become bolder and more willing to experiment. Having consensual fetish sex in a strange place with an equally interested partner can save a rocky r! elationship and insure many wild fun times are had by all.}

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