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{Here, we present elaborations of some questions that men generally have regarding penis enlargement procedures.~These are some common queries that men have when they are contemplating on penis enlargement and their answers.~The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about penis enlargement by men who are contemplating on embarking on such an exercise.}

{The most prominent question men have is about which method will work best for them. Now, different methods work for different men. But the natural methods of penis enlargement are quite certainly the best. They can increase penis sizes more effectively than other methods and at less than $50, they are among the cheapest methods available. These are available in the form of pills, creams and lotions. Surgery has the quickest results but because they are intrusive and expensive, they are not good options.~The first question most men have in this respect is about the method that would work the best for them. Among the different methods that exist, penis enlargement through natural methods is decidedly the best. You get an effective penis size increase and because these methods cost less than $50 generally, you can be sure it is good for your economy. These methods are available as pills, lotions and creams. Surgical methods can give instant results, but because of the expense and their invasiveness, they are not very popular.~The first thing men want to know is which method will work for them. There are many methods for penis enhancement, but among all of them, it is the herbal methods that work the best. These methods are quite cheap too – most of the products are under fifty dollars – which makes them very economical. This is in sharp contrast to surgical methods, which might provide immediate results, but they are too invasive for the body and cost a bomb too.}

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{Men also like to know what sizes they can get. Generally, an increase of 1 to 3 inches is common. Pills and pumps can bring about this increase. Men are apprehensive about using pumps, but if they are used according to instructions, there are no problems at all. Also, it is not a good idea to go for the cheapest pump that you can get. Quality matters.~Also, men want to know how much increase they can get. The proper answer for that would be an increase of anywhere between 1 and 3 inches. Penis enlargement pills and pumps are good for that kind of increase. Pumps may be held in disfavour by some men but if these are used in the right manner, they are quite harmless. Cheap pumps can be harmful though, because of the inferior quality used in making them.~The men who are planning to use these methods want to know how big they can become. Now, it is not illogical to expect an increase of minimum 1 inch and maximum 3 inches. This can happen most effectively through pen is enlargement pumps and pills. If you have reservations in using pumps, you should know that these devices are not risky if you follow instructions precisely. Also, go for a good quality product, never mind the price.}

{Natural methods also have the advantage of being perfectly safe. But, if you are skeptical, you could ask your doctor before you start with a particular method. It is a fallacy to think that all natural penis enlargement products are the same. There is difference in the composition of these products. You will find genuine products here as well as scams. It is good to go with a company that has a firm reputation.~The natural penis enlargement products are quite safe to use. However, you can consult your doctor about them before you start. You must know that all natural methods for penis enlargement that you see online are different. The products they sell have different ingredients and in different compositions. Many products are genuine but some are downright scams. Choose a company that is known for its services.~Natural methods are definitely the safest and the best. If you have apprehensions, your doctor can help you getting information particular to your cas e. However, you must know that all the methods that you see on the Internet are not the same. Some of these products have low-quality ingredients. These are from companies that are out there to make a quick buck.}

{Some men think that pills and lotions can have a better effect than other forms of penis enlargement products. This seems to be true going by the testimonials of users on the Internet, but then these people have invariably used these products in conjunction with some other modes that are available. It is a good idea to combine penis enlargement pills and exercise to achieve the best results.~There is somewhat of an inclination in using lotions and pills in comparison to other penis enlargement products. Many Internet users claim to see better results with them. But, at the same time, these people use other methods too. For example, using penis enlargement exercises with pills is a very good combinatory method.~Men prefer using pills and sprays in comparison to other products because of the fast effects and the convenience of use. Many reviews on the Internet indicate that these are most popular methods. However, these methods need to be used in combination with other methods, especially penis enlargement exercises so that best results may be obtained.}

{Men also like to know when they can stop. Now, if you have got an increase of 2 inches and feel that you can stop, you must know that your penis is liable to shrink if you stop abruptly. There are cooling down exercises explained on various sites that you must use even if you want to discontinue the therapy.~You should not stop any penis enlargement program abruptly. Even if you have got the size increase you had been looking for, you must not stop immediately because that might make your penis shrink. You need to use cooling down exercises that you can find on various sites.~Even if you reach the level of penis enlargement you were looking for, it is highly ill-advised to stop the method abruptly. Instead, you must use some cooling down exercises which will ensure that your penis does not shrink to its original size, which is something that happens when these methods are abruptly stopped.}

{Scams do exist; there’s no denying that. But there are genuine companies too. Go by the reputation. Online forums where people discuss these products can be of immense help.~There are scams, of course, but you can find your genuine penis enlargement methods if you check the reputations of companies before proceeding. Online forums can help you decide.~You will find scams on the Internet too, but there are many truthful and honest programs out here as well. You have to be discerning and read online forums before you decide on a product for your enhancement.}

{While you are using these products, no one living with you can come to know about it. The package arrives quite discreetly and your credit card bill reflects only a CCBILL payment. You can also be sure that your online identity is kept safe.~People living in the same house as you will never get to know that you are using one of these products because they arrive in discreet packages and even your credit card bill will reflect a CCBILL payment. The sites are quite secure too.~However, you can rest assured that no one will come to know that you are using these products if you don’t want them to. The products arrive in discreet packaging and your credit card bill will only reflect a CCBILL payment. Even the sites take their customer’s privacy very much seriously.}

{You must also know that a few of these companies help men not only in increasing the size of their penises but also in overcoming problems such as premature ejaculation, weak erection, low libido and such.~Penis enlargement does not confine itself merely to increasing the size of the penis, but it also deals with improving sexual health. Most of these companies have products that address issues such as premature ejaculation, low libido, erectile dysfunction, etc.~You must also know that penis enhancement does not mean just increasing the size of the penis, but it also pertains to removal of problems that you might have, most notably low libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Reputed companies will have products for all of these problems.}

{The decision ultimately lies in your hands. You have to decide whether you need the increase in the size of your penis, because even a normally sized penis is adequate to give a female complete sexual satisfaction.~You have to make the decision eventually. You have to think whether you need the enlargement at all. It is true that even a small penis can completely satisfy a woman. The decision rests with what you need.~Eventually, the decision of whether or not to go for penis enlargement lies with you. Even a small penis is enough to satisfy women. You have to think why you are going for this program and what you are really looking for.}

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{The forties are a much dreaded age for men because this is when they feel their age is really catching on. Most men lose their machismo when this age begins. Problems such as receding hairline, reducing muscles, diminishing bones, sleeplessness, etc. begin to catch on. Memory, also, begins to diminish.~Many men harbor paranoia of turning 40 because they think this is when their active life will come to a total stop. They think their manliness will begin to diminish, but a part of that is true because there are several physical changes that happen. During this age, men’s bones and muscles begin to reduce, their hair begins dwindling, they stare losing sleep, etc.~The forties could be quite an intimidating age for most men because they start to think that this is the age when their bodily functions begin taking a serious downturn. This is the age when they start moving from youthful machismo to old age. This is fueled by the changes that actually begin to happen! in their bodies. Men experience a reduction in their bone and muscle mass. They begin losing sleep. Their hair begins to fall. Such symptoms ring their alarm bells.}

{Some men begin short-tempered around this age and begin throwing tantrums. They don’t feel driven anymore. There is also a significant downturn in their overall sexual health. Problems such as erectile dysfunction may rear their head. This may give rise to depression and anxiety.~Men also find that they become grumpier after this age. They lose their motivation. But the biggest problem is in their reducing sexual biology. Most men cannot perform as well sexually after this age. They find their erections not as firm as before and they might even develop psychological problems such as depression on account of that.~Also, men tend to become more irrational and grumpy when they reach their forties. Most of them are no longer driven to succeed. But the most intense change that happens in them is that their sexual functioning begins to weaken. Some of them may not get erections as firm as when they were younger. In turn, this can cause them to get depressed.}

{Men living in their midlife age may go through some or all of these problems. But the immediate effect of these problems is on their self-confidence. This is what can really break them.~During this age, several problems occur that play a role in decreasing men’s confidence in themselves. This is what actually shatters them.~These are some of the problems that cause a reduction in the self-confidence levels of men. Actually, this is what makes them feel defeated and cheated.}

{There is actually a term coined for this phase that men pass through – andropause. In some places, it is also referred to as the Aging Male Syndrome (AMS) or Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male (PADAM). The main change that happens in men at this stage is that the level of testosterone in them begins to decrease. When they reach the age of 30 years, this decline begins significantly. The reduction of testosterone is the reason why their sexual performance decreases.~Medically, midlife in men is called as Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male (PADAM) or Aging Male Syndrome (AMS). It is also referred to as andropause in keeping with the term menopause in women. During this age, the testosterone level in men begins to reduce. The decrease actually begins happening once men hit their thirties. This is the main reason why their sexual biology begins taking a drastic fall after this age.~There is a medical term for male midlife crisis, two terms actually – Aging Male Syndrome (AMS) and Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male (PADAM). This phase is also called as andropause, which is analogous in name to menopause that occurs in women. During this phase, the main thing that is happening is that their male hormone, testosterone, is decreasing. This is what causes their maleness to stumble and fall.}

{This is also the age when some severe problems can begin raising their heads. Cardiovascular problems gain their roots at around this time. Another problem that might emerge is osteoporosis.~Other health problems also begin to appear. Problems of the heart may start making their presence felt. Male osteoporosis also begins at around this age.~There are other health problems that can make their presence felt. Some men become victims of cardiovascular problems. Even osteoporosis can start to develop.}

{However, attaining andropause certainly does not mean that life as you know it is coming to an end. Through a careful modulation of your lifestyle, you can continue living constructively. You need to focus on diet and exercise, control your stress levels and stay away from vices such as smoking and alcoholism.~But, if you are reaching midlife, you should not think that it is the end of your active life. If you take care of your lifestyle, you could still continue living a life just as fruitful as you did earlier. You have to follow a steady healthy pattern of food and exercise. You have to make sure that you do not stress yourself out unduly and that you refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol.~However, midlife must not mean that you have reached the end of your tether. In fact, you could live just as exuberantly as you did when you were younger if you take care of your food and exercise well, and take care that you don’t stress yourself too much. Keep away! from cigarettes and alcohol and you will find that you live just fine.}

{There are some medications available on the Internet that can help you stay away from this problem. These medications correct hormonal imbalances, which take care of the diminishing bodily functions that men at this age begin to experience.~The Internet has various solutions for men going through midlife, most of which are supplements to replenish the sagging hormone levels. When these levels are brought on par, the man once again begins living life as actively as he did when he was younger.~You will find many solutions to this problem on the Internet. These are mainly geared at improving your hormonal levels. By bringing these levels up, you could live life just as you did in your younger days, sexual performance included.}

{These hormonal rectifiers are mainly targeted at improving your sexual performance. By replenishing the decreasing amount of testosterone, they revitalize the man sexually, which keeps him mentally youthful and exuberant even when he is going through his midlife period.~Mainly, these supplements deal with boosting testosterone levels so that the man is once again brought closer to his youth. This makes the man continue his youthful performance in sex and keeps him away from the psychological baggage that his midlife can bring him.~The supplements for tackling midlife that you will find on the Internet mainly focus on improving the levels of testosterone that get worn down because of advancing age. Because of that, man continues enjoying a good sexual life even during midlife, which keeps him away from developing negative mental tendencies which can make his life miserable.}

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{We have all heard too often that women have it in them to fake orgasms. Why do they do that? There are many reasons. Mostly, the men are too rushed. Usually, they seek their own pleasure when it comes to sex. Women do feel competed against and when they see their men coming earlier than them, they don’t want to be left behind either. They fake that they are satisfied too.~Women are known to fake orgasms, but not many men know why they do so. Actually, the reasons lie with both the man and the woman participating in the sexual episode. Men sometimes accomplish their task too hurriedly, looking only after what they want. In such situations, women might feel affronted, and just to keep up with their men, they fake orgasms to show that they are done too.~We all know that women fake orgasms, and probably your woman is doing that too. But can you tell that? Or can you tell why she is doing that? Truthfully speaking, the reason lies with the man as well as the woman.! Men may be too rushed in the act, thinking only about themselves. If that happens, women feel that they have to measure up and when they cannot, they fake it.}

{Let us try to see how women get their orgasms. One of the ways to do this is through stimulating their clitorises and the other is to arouse their G spot. The G spot is much more sensitive than the clitoris. If a woman has experienced G spot stimulation, she will most likely not be satisfied through mere clitoral excitement. In other cases, that would work.~There are two main ways in which you can stimulate a woman to her orgasm. One of the ways is through arousing her clitoris and another way is through arousing her G spot. The G spot is a much more effective stimulator than the clitoris. It is true that if a woman has been stimulated on her G spot previously, she will not be stimulated through her clitoris.~You can bring a woman to her orgasm by rubbing her clitoris or by exciting her G spot. But, remember, a woman who has previously had an orgasmic experience through her G spot is unlikely to respond to clitoral stimulation in the same way.}

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{But for most women, clitoral stimulation is mandatory for orgasm. Women who aren’t stimulated in this or another similar way are most likely faking their orgasm. If you know you haven’t done anything special for her and still she gets an orgasm, she is probably faking it.~However, stimulating the clitoris works for most women. If you don’t stimulate a woman on her G spot or her clitoris and she still seems to experience an orgasm, then it is probably fake.~But, generally speaking, women like their clitorises to be handled by their men. You must know this. Now, if your woman claims she has got an orgasm even though you haven’t touched her clitoris or her G spot, then she is most probably lying to you.}

{There are various ways in which you can tell if she is putting you on.~Actually, you can tell if your woman is fooling you into believing that she has had an orgasm.~And, it is possible for you to tell whether her orgasm is true or not.}

{Shallow Moaning~Check her Moaning~Is her Moaning Justified?}

{Women moan during sex. But if her moans are too dramatic (you could tell), something is not right. In most cases, you will find that the moans are out of place. She is moaning even when nothing special is going on.~All women moan when they are having sex. This is natural. But if you get the feeling that her moans are much too feigned, then that is probably the case. If her moans are mismatched with what is happening, something is surely wrong.~Women moan when they are having a hot sexual episode. This happens naturally. However, if you think that your woman is moaning at all the wrong places, then the moaning is forced, not real. You have to see if she moans to your stimulation or just like that.}

{The PC Muscle~Feel the PC Muscle~Are you feeling her PC Muscle?}

{When a woman nears orgasm, a muscle at the base of her pelvis, known as the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) goes wild. It gets such strong spasms that your penis feels gripped by it. If that doesn’t happen, you can become suspicious of what’s going on.~The PC muscle plays an important role in a woman’s orgasm. When she is truly excited, this muscle will contract and you will feel your penis being gripped by it. If that doesn’t happen, it could be a fake orgasm.~You must also get acquainted with her pubococcygeal muscle. This muscle, also known as the PC muscle, is located at the base of the pelvis. When she is close to her orgasm, this muscle must experience vigorous spasms and you must feel your penis being clasped. If that is not happening, something is amiss.}

{Fake Heavy Breathing~Suspicious Breathing Patterns~How does she breathe?}

{Women who experience orgasms breathe heavily for several moments afterward. But if your woman breathes heavily and then suddenly shuts it off, she is not experiencing the real thing.~It is normal for women to breathe heavily when she has an orgasm, but this should continue for a while. If it stops abruptly, you can guess she had been pretending all the time.~Check her breathing patterns too. All women breathe heavy when they are experiencing orgasms. But if you find that she breathes for a while and then suddenly stops, then it is not the real thing.}

{These are just indications that she is faking her orgasm actually, but the chances are high.~What we mentioned here were just some signals that she might be faking an orgasm. However, the chances that she is faking are high.~These are a few hints for you to understand that your woman might be faking. They are true almost all the time, so you know what you should be looking for.}

{Now, this is precious. Here is an important reason why women fake their orgasms.~Let us talk about something very important now. Why do women fake orgasms?~We can now talk about an important aspect of this – why do some women fake their orgasms?}

{It is highly likely that this woman never experienced an orgasm in her life and does not know what it is. She might not want to let her man know that and so she goes right ahead and fakes it.~You might be surprised to know that there are many sexually active women around who have never experienced orgasms. These women don’t know what it is like. At the same time, they might feel it embarrassing to let her man know that. So what does she do? She pretends.~It is actually quite surprising for most men to know that a lot of sexually active women have never experienced orgasms at all, just because men seem to get them so easily. But it’s true. And such women won’t want their men to know that. Hence, they go ahead and pretend that they have had it.}

{Some women never experience orgasms because their bodies are different from other women’s. They may not be producing enough lubrication or they might have thin walls around the vagina.~The sexual biology of one woman is different from the other. Hence, one woman might get lubricated easily but another may not. Or, her vaginal walls may be less elastic.~It is not the woman’s fault all the time. No two women are same when it comes to their sexual biology. Some of them get lubricated easily while some don’t. The thickness of their vaginal wall, which is an important point for sexual stimulation, also differs from one woman to another.}

{These women think that they are falling short of their men’s expectations. That is the reason they fake it. They fake it for their men!~Such women might feel disappointed about their performance with their men. This creates a complex in them, which might lead them to fake orgasms.~These are some reasons why women might fake orgasms. They feel that they are not satisfying their men completely because of their own inadequacies.}

{But you can help them. You must speak freely about the issue with them and find out what really excites them. Women respond to communication and in all likelihood your woman won’t have to fake it anymore.~If that is the case, you must help your woman out. You must be casual with her about her sexual needs. Ask her what she wants and try to give it to her. When you are communicative in this manner, she will never have to pretend that she is having an orgasm anymore.~However, you must assist your woman in finding a solution to this. Communication is important. Ask her what stimulates her and try to give her that pleasure. If you can do that, your woman won’t have to fake an orgasm ever again.}

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{Are you bogged down by the various methods of penis enhancement that exist in the market around us? In all likelihood, you are looking for a method that will improve your penis as well as continue giving it the same firmness that it gets currently. If you are really looking for such a method, then you need to give penis enlargement patches a serious look.~Probably you are confounded by the various different products that are present on the Internet for penis enlargement. There are several methods, but you need to find something that will really work. You need a result-oriented method which is also safe. You need a method that doesn’t just make your penis bigger, but also makes it get harder erections. If these are the things you are looking for, then penis enlargement patches can definitely help.~If you have been looking for options for penis enlargement, probably you are already all confused about the various methods that exist. Not every method provides good! results though. Some of them are not safe to use. What you should be looking for is a method that is safe to use as well as good in providing results. As such, using penis enlargement patches could be a good idea.}

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{Most penis enlargement patch companies are aware of the desire men have to add a few centimeters to their penises. These men may be able to satisfy their partners, but there is always the yearning of appearing visually better-endowed. Because the penis enhancement patches are alive to these needs, it is quite understandable why men rely on them more.~The penis enhancement patch manufacturers know what men are looking for. Their potential customers are looking at increasing the length as well as the girth of their penises. They are looking at visual improvement, and at the same time, they are looking at better performance. The manufacturers constantly make improvements so that their customers get these benefits.~The reason why penis enhancement patches have become popular is because the manufacturers know what men are looking for when they buy these products and they provide those things to their buyers. The effects are the most important. The patches are researc! hed in such a way that they can increase the length and width of the penis. Apart from the cosmetic enhancement, the penis patches are also meant to improve performance, which they do.}

{Penis enlargement patches are developed after a considerable amount of research. There is a lot of trial and error involved, mainly to find out what would give the best effects. A lot of them use natural ingredients, such as the herbal ones, which makes them entirely safe. The herbs that are commonly used include damiana, saw palmetto and gotu kala. Sometimes menthol is used to increase absorption of the other ingredients.~A lot of research usually goes into making these penis enhancement patches. The companies that make them try out various things. Their main intention is to make the patches more and more effective and for that they may experiment with different things. Today, most of the penis enlargement patches that you will find use herbs as their active ingredients, the chief of them being gotu kala, damiana and saw palmetto. In some cases, manufacturers use menthol, but that is for increasing the transport rate of the other ingredients into the bloodstrea! m.~The research is important. Penis enhancement patches are made after careful studies regarding what kind of ingredients work the best. The ingredients used are herbal in nature. Saw palmetto, damiana and gotu kala are some of the herbs that are commonly used. Being natural, they make the patches completely safe to use. Also, menthol is used in most patches because it improves the absorption of the components into the circulatory system.}

{Medical experts are mostly approving of these patches. Contrary to what most people might think, the places where the patches are made are technologically superior with various research experts working on them. Each patch is usually individually tested before being released.~On the whole, penis enlargement patches have medical approval. The effective ingredients and the sophisticated technology used in their manufacture have proved helpful in them getting the medical nod. Also, the manufacturers are careful about testing their products before releasing them into the market.~The medical fraternity is in general agreement about using penis patches. They have no bone to pick with the ingredients that are used in them and they are also impressed by the technology that is used in manufacturing the patches. Companies themselves invest in a lot of research before the products can be released into the market. All this ensures a good quality product.}

{But, at the same time, the reputation of the company is important. There are some brands that don’t have the good quality you would want. Then there are some that have their heart in the right place, but still need some finishing in order to make them effective. However, if you check out some Internet reviews on these products, you could find one that works – remember that there are few other methods that work as well as penis enlargement patches do.~However, it is important for you to consider the reputation of the manufacturer. A few penis enlargement patch brands out there are just there for earning a quick buck; they are not sticklers for quality. There are also those who have half-baked products that need a little more tweaking to be effective. You must take help from reviews on the Internet to decide which product is the most appreciated so that you can get what you expect from them.~If you are contemplating on using penis enlargement patches, you need! to check out Internet reviews on places such as forums to find out which the best products are. There are some scammers out there that are in the business only for making some fast money and even if they are not scamming you, some companies don’t have good products to offer. Only customer reviews will tell you which products are really worth your money.}

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{When it comes to sex, whatever suits you and your partner is fine. There is nothing such as right or wrong; and nothing that you can do or cannot do. This applies to the sex positions too. Actually, whatever position you both are comfortable with and whatever position you want to try out is suitable. You may sit, stand, lie down, be on top or be below, whatever. Everything works!~Actually speaking, there is nothing in sex that you cannot do. If there is something that you and your partner both enjoy doing, then go right ahead and do it. You can use whatever sexual position you like to use. Sitting, standing, lying down, going on top, going under… it doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable with it.~The rule of the thumb about sexual positions is that you can do whatever suits you best and whatever arouses you best. There is nothing that you should do and should not do. Keeping this area open to experiment is the best thing to do actually. If your! partner and you are happy sitting, standing, reclining, bending over, going on top, going under, whatever, you can just go right ahead and do it.}

{But let us talk about some positions that people commonly use.~Now, here are some sexual positions that people use most times.~These are some of the popular sex positions that men and women the world over are using.}

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{Missionary Position~The Missionary Position~Following the Missionary Position}

{This is probably the most common position. This is considered to be the most proper sexual position in Christian culture. The man and woman lie on their sides, facing each other. In this sideways position, the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina. The entire frontal sides of the two bodies are in contact, while both may use hands to fondle the rear parts.~The missionary position is the best-documented. It is an appropriate and morally acceptable position according to the Christian culture. Here, both partners lie facing each other. This allows the man to frontally insert his penis into the woman’s vagina. The front sides of both bodies touch each other almost wholly while both can caress the rear sides with their hands too.~Christian culture has been very much straitjacketed about sex. The missionary position is commendable because this is the only position that the Christian culture considers to be proper for sex. There are several historical refer! ences of this position in which the woman and the man lie side by side, facing each other. The position allows for full penetration and both partners can arouse all parts of each other’s bodies. They can even reach out to the parts that are at the back of the body.}

{The position is effective for three reasons. First, it allows each partner to see the other’s face. It allows the woman’s clitoris to come in contact with the man’s pubic bone. And, it allows the man to go as much inside the woman as he wants.~There are three reasons why the missionary position is considered ideal. The first reason is that the man and the woman can see each other completely. Secondly, the woman gets complete clitoral excitation. Also, the man can modulate the extent to which he inserts his penis in the woman’s vagina.~The missionary position is very popular for various reasons. First, it allows for complete visual arousal because you can see each other’s bodies. Secondly,, it gives control to the man, who can decide how much he wants to penetrate. It also allows the man to stimulate the woman’s clitoris.}

{Woman on Top Position~The Woman on Top Position~The Woman on Top and the Man down under}

{It is quite understandable why women like this position; it transfers the control into their hands. They can control the intensity with which the penis enters their vagina. They can also try different angles so that they can find out what they like the best. The best part of this position is that it is excellent for clitoral stimulation.~Women love this position because of the reason that the entire control of the sexual act is vested in their hands. They can decide with what intensity they want the man’s penis to penetrate them and they can use different angles and positions till they find something that they really like. Women also love this position because it allows a great deal of stimulation for their clitoris.~There is no need to explain why women love this position. It puts the entire power into their hands. They can decide how much they want to arouse and get aroused. They hold control over the man’s penis and hence they can decide how much they wan! t to be penetrated. They can experiment with different stances till they find something that they really like.}

{There is variation within the woman on top position. The woman can kneel or squat on the man’s body, each of which she can do in different ways. If she wants to look at the man’s face, she can do that easily. For men, this is a good way to relax and let the woman do the hard work once in a while!~There are several ways in which women can modify this position. The woman can use a standing or a kneeling position over the man’s body. She can change various postures for adventure. She can face her partner. Men love this position too because it allows them to rest and take pleasure without actually doing the hard work!~Some women prefer to stand when on top while others prefer to kneel. However, there are a lot of different ways in which women use this position. Many women like to experiment when they are on top. Men too like this position at times because it allows them to completely relax for the whole time.}

{Spoon Position~The Spoon Position~Spooning each other}

{This position is good for women who like masturbating their clitoris when they are having sex. Her front side is totally accessible to the man in this position. The position is good for the man to fondle the woman’s breasts. Women can use vibrators in their butt if they want too.~The spoon position is the best for women who love to masturbate as she is enjoying sex with a partner. When this position is assumed, the front part of the woman’s body is completely exposed to the man. Men can caress the woman’s breasts without any problems. This position allows women to use vibrators for increasing their excitement.~If women love to masturbate during the sexual act, then they should try out the spooning position. This position exposes the entire frontal part of the woman’s body. They can stimulate their breasts without any hindrance. Women who like to use dildos and vibrators during sex can do so best when they are in this position.}

{Spooning is also known to be a very erotic and sensuous position. It allows the partners to be with each other for a long time. For men with premature ejaculation it is a good way to arouse the woman by foreplay before going in for the main act.~This is considered to be a highly arousing position. Partners can stay in this position for a long time because it is highly relaxing. If men suffer from premature ejaculation, they can use this position to arouse their females to foreplay before the actual penetration.~Spoon is considered to be a very relaxing and sensuous position in sex. Both people can be in this position for the whole night if they wish to because the position is so relaxing. The position is prescribed for men who suffer from premature ejaculation because it allows the man to completely prepare the woman before he penetrates her.}

{Standing Position~The Standing Position~Stand and enjoy!}

{One of the ways to do this is to make the woman bend over while the man penetrates her deeply. This position is very much arousing because it presents your partner to you in a different way. However, this position is only apt for men and women of good physical capacity.~There are many ways to assume the standing positions. One of the ways in which this is done is by having the woman to bend over while she is vaginally or anally penetrated. It allows for deep penetration. Also, men can see their women in a highly sexual posture. But, only people with fit and athletic bodies can use this position.~Standing positions are quite varied actually. Women can bend over while the man penetrates her vagina. This allows the man to go deep into the woman. Also, the very fact that the woman is bending over is highly arousing to the man. However, this position is only meant for lean and fit people.}

{Another variation is to have the woman sit on a surface while the man stands and penetrates her. Experimentation can make the man and woman find out different standing positions that excite them.~Also, women can be made to sit on a high surface such as a tabletop and the man could penetrate her vagina. By using different such experiments, men and women can find a position that excites them.~People who are not so fit can use a variation. The woman may sit on an elevated surface just right for the man to penetrate her vagina when he is standing. Different stances can be tried. It is certain that the man and the woman will find something that they both like to do together.}

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{Men experience orgasm through ejaculation. It is a vital part of male sexual pleasure. Men can reach orgasm through intercourse and manual stimulation. While women do not have any physical sign of orgasm, men do and cannot fake an orgasm. Men cannot fake sexual attraction either, since their attraction, or lack there of, is plainly physically obvious.~Although premature ejaculation is a more common sexual dysfunction in men, delayed ejaculation, or inability to reach orgasm is not unusual. Unlike women, men cannot fake an orgasm because there is physical evidence of orgasm in men. Men who are unable to reach orgasm during intercourse may have a physical or psychological problem.~One type of sexual dysfunction in man is delayed ejaculation or failure to climax. This can be a serious problem, both physically and emotionally. Women exhibit no overt signs of orgasm and can fake it. Men can’t. Men with this problem should know they are not alone, this is not as uncommon as you may think. There is help available.}

{For men, sexual dysfunction can be devastating. There are many factors, both physical and psychological that can lead to sexual dysfunction. Stress, disease and exhaustion can all create sexual problems for men and women. It’s just men can’t hide their problem. One sexual problem encountered by men is a failure to ejaculate. In this situation, no amount of erotic stimulation will bring a man to orgasm. This condition is physically uncomfortable, even painful, and can be emotionally debilitating. Worse, in men, one sexual failure can lead to another which can make it difficult to determine if the cause is physical or emotional.~Sexuality is tied closely to a man’s ego and dysfunction can be emotionally devastating. The are complex factors involved in male sexual dysfunction. It can be related to certain physical diseases or to stress, exhaustion or psychological inhibitions. Additionally, failure to ejaculate can result in physical discomfort or pain i n men so the condition should not go untreated. The psychological effects of a single sexual failure can result in more sexual failures if a man loses confidence in his ability to perform. A supportive sexual partner is important when a man has performance issues.~Men are uncomfortable discussing sexual dysfunction because it is often tied closely to their self image or esteem. Failure in sexual intercourse can have a negative impact on a man’s perception of himself, his confidence. The problem is complex and may be caused by physical or psychological issues. The result of this condition are physical and can include discomfort or pain and can even cause damage if left untreated. In men the effects of a sexual failure can be cumulative, one failure leads to another. A sexual partner who is not understanding and supportive can complicate the situation.}

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{One way to determine whether the cause is physical is for a man to self stimulate outside the presence of his sexual partner. If he is able to reach orgasm through self stimulation, it is likely that the problem is psychological. If he is still unable to reach orgasm, he should seek medical attention. The psychological barriers to orgasm may have to do with a man’s religious background, childhood emotional trauma or a lack of trust or inability to achieve emotional intimacy. Guilt over inappropriate sexual behavior can result in sexual dysfunction with a partner.~The first step to solving the problem is to determine whether it is physical. If a man can reach orgasm with self stimulation (masturbation), but not with a partner, or if he can reach orgasm with a partner and not through self stimulation, the problem is probably psychological. If a man cannot reach orgasm at all, and if the problem is a relatively recent one, he should seek medical attention imm ediately. The delayed ejaculation may be a symptom of a physical problem or disease. This could be serious and only a qualified medical doctor can make the diagnosis.~It may be possible to determine if the cause is physical. If a man can achieve orgasm through masturbation but not with a sexual partner, of if he can’t achieve orgasm with masturbation but can with a partner, the cause is probably psychological. If a man cannot achieve orgasm with any type of stimulation, the problem is probably physical and the man should seek medical attention immediately. This may be a symptom of a more serious health problem. Only a qualified physician can determine the cause.}

{There are men who have perfectly normal responses when engaging in sex with a partner, but are unable to achieve orgasm through self stimulation (masturbation). Again, the problem may have to do with religious taboos. Many Christian sects in particular, have strong taboos regarding masturbation. The guilt created by these taboos can cause men to be inhibited about their sexual responses. Just as guilt can result in a lack of sexual response for women, it can easily have the same dampening effect on men.~Psychological or emotional reasons for dysfunction can be related to religious beliefs. If a man believes that enjoying sexual release is a sin, it can effect his physical ability to achieve orgasm. If a man has had relations with a woman other than his regular partner, guilt may effect his performance. Attraction to a partner contributes a great deal to a man’s sexual desire. If a man is not attracted to his partner, it may have an impact on the level of stimulation he can achieve.~Psychological and emotional problems effecting male sexual dysfunction can include guilt. Guilt due to religious beliefs or caused by a sexual indiscretion can have a serious impact on a man’s ability to perform. Attraction is another issue for men. If a man is not attracted to his sexual partner, he may not be able to be sufficiently stimulated to reach orgasm. A trained psychologist or sexual therapist can help men overcome obstacles to their normal sexual function.}

{Sexual dysfunction cannot be overcome without help. The first step is for a man to consult his urologist, especially if the problem is a recent development. The urologist can rule out possible physical causes. Sexual dysfunction can be a symptom of a serious health problem, and should never be ignored. If the urologist is finds no medical problem to explain the dysfunction, then a man should seek the help of a therapist specializing in sexual dysfunction.~Whether the cause is physical or emotional, this is a condition that requires treatment. If disease or other physical causes have been ruled out by a doctor, help should be sought from a qualified psychologist or sex therapist. The problem won’t go away if it’s ignored. A qualified professional, trained in areas of male sexual dysfunction can assist a man to over come obstacles that are preventing him from enjoying normal sexual release.~Trained mental health professionals can help men get over their em barrassment regarding their problem and help them find the cause. This is not a problem that a can can address without help. If left untreated, this particular dysfunction can lead to serious physical problems. Find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable discussing your sexual issues.}

{If a man is married or has a regular sexual partner, the therapist will probably want to work with the man and woman as a couple. Sexual therapists can ease the guilt over sexual taboos and teach the couple ways to express their love through physical touching and erotic stimulation. Creating an intimate setting can help set the mood for both partners. Relaxation leads to decreased inhibitions and can help in creating an accepting, non judgmental atmosphere. Taking time to demonstrate affection without pressure to perform is technique that can lead to improved sexual enjoyment.~The therapist will probably want a regular sexual partner or spouse to participate in the therapy program. These mental health professionals can help men deal with guilt and attraction issues which may be interfering with their sexual function. Couples are encouraged to explore new avenues of stimulation which they may not have tried before. There is no pressure to perform, the exe rcises are intended to promote physical intimacy, but not necessarily to lead to intercourse. Creating an atmosphere of relaxation and acceptance is key to the treatment. Partners must be supportive.~Treatment with a therapist or psychologist will probably include the man’s regular sexual partner. A supportive partner can be a valuable asset in resolving this problem. The therapist can help men get over guilt caused by religious dogma or by cheating on a life partner. Therapy also includes explorations of new sexual techniques and physical intimacy without intercourse. Relaxation and setting a proper ambiance are important areas of therapy. Removing performance anxiety and pressure are important. Cooperation and support from a sexual partner help.}

{There are exercises that a doctor can recommend that train the pubococcygeus muscle. Training this muscle allows men greater control over ejaculation. The Penis Health program explains the exercises and how training the PC muscle can make the sexual experience more pleasurable.~In addition to treatment, there are exercises that men can practice to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle. Training of the muscle promotes control over ejaculation. The Penis Health Program has instructions for exercises that can promote sexual pleasure for men and their partners.~The Penis Health Program may be recommended. This program includes exercises to assist men in gaining control over the puboccoccygeus muscle. Training this muscle can result in improved sexual function and a more pleasurable sexual encounter for both partners.}

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{More and more men are thinking seriously about enlarging their penises, and it is quite natural that they are trying out various possibilities in a bid to find out which one works the best for them. There are so many different kinds of products out there that they don’t know which they must ideally use. Men are conducting their own little researches and this is the right way to go about it actually. When you know more about a product, you can decide better whether you want to use it or not.~The issue of whether penis patches are more effective than penis pills or is it the other way round has gained momentum today as an increasing number of men have begun considering enhancing their penises. Men are trying out the different options available to them to see which of them works. They are also trying to learn as much as they can about these products so that they know which of them will work the best. If you are trying to make the choice, it is important that you ! too try and get as much information about these products as you can.~There are a number of penis enhancement products out there and if you are trying to decide which one to use for yourself, you might be flummoxed by the options there exist. Men are using all kinds of products actually. They are trying one at a time, seeing if that product works for them or not and maybe switching over to another product if that one doesn’t work. Men are also trying to learn as much about the products as they can, which helps them make the choice in a better way. If you are in this place too, you also need to educate yourself on the products that are available.}

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{You will find men trying to compare products and check them out, attempting to find out which is the better one. Two of the most popular products that men find it difficult to make the choice between are the penis enlargement pills and the penis enlargement patches.~Men are trying to weigh the relative merits and demerits of different penis enlargement products. The most popular choice that men are trying to make is between penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement patches.~Since each product has its advantages and disadvantages, men are making their decisions based on that. An important comparison that men do in this regard is between penis pills and penis patches, which incidentally are the most popular penis enlargement products in the world today.}

{Here we try to compare penis enlargement pills and patches and see what their relative pros and cons are. The main difference in the products is the way in which they are administered into the body. Their formulas are different. However, from the point of view of their effectiveness, these products are almost equally placed.~We bring forth some points about penis pills and penis patches here which can help you make your decision. The primary difference in these products is the way that they are introduced into the body. Also, the compositions of these products are different because the way they are administered in different ways.~Here we take a look at some of the distinguishing points between the penis pills and the penis patches. We must mainly talk about the difference in the ways these products are brought into the body and about the difference in their compositions.}

{The manner of working of the penis enlargement pills is through stomachic administration. The acids present within the stomach work on the pills. The ingredients of the pills are then transported to the liver and through there into the bloodstream. Since this is an internal administration, the composition of the ingredients present in the pills is very important. Most of these products will require a dosage of minimum 1 pill a day to show results.~Penis pills are directly introduced into the stomach. When the pill is brought into the stomach, the acids that are present into the stomach act on the pills and isolate its ingredients. These ingredients are then carried to the liver and further on to the bloodstream. Thus, the penis pills are provided intrinsically. The composition and concentration of the ingredients is very important because these pills are directly introduced into the body. You would need to have at least 1 pill a day in order to see any results.~! The penis pills are introduced into the stomach in a direct manner. The pills are ingested through the mouth from where they enter the digestive system. The stomach contains various digestive acids which act upon the pill and release its ingredients. Once these ingredients are released, they are carried to the liver. From the liver, the ingredients find an easy route to enter the bloodstream. You need to have at least one pill a day so that you see the promised benefits.}

{On the other hand, the patches are externally administered. They transport the active ingredients cutaneously (through the skin) directly into the bloodstream. When the ingredients are transported through a patch, they do not undergo any processing through the stomach and the liver.~The patches, on the other hand, are meant for external application. You attach them on the skin, which then absorbs the ingredients present in it and transport them to the bloodstream. Patches, thus, circumvent the internal administration route. Unlike pills, they are not processed through the digestive system and the liver.~This internal route of administration that the penis pills follow is in stark contrast to the external application that penis patches require. In this method, you merely place the patch on some convenient place on the skin, from where the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Therefore, the ingredients of the penis patches are not passed! through the liver and the stomach.}

{There is also the difference in dosage that matters. Pills need to be taken on the basis of 1 pill a day; however, you can keep the patch on for a few days at a time. This makes the patches slightly more convenient than the pills.~The recommended dosages or frequency of administration are also different. With pills, you will need to have at least one each day. But patches, once placed on the skin, will work for a few days. You would then need to replace them. Because of that, some men consider it more convenient to use patches than pills.~Because their routes of administration are different, the pills and the patches need to be used with different dosages too. Pills must be taken one a day while patches can be kept on for a few days at a time. This gives patches a slight edge over pills because they do not need to be used with the high frequency that the latter demand.}

{But, whether you choose the pills or the patches, it is subject to your preferences. Both of them are equal in measure when it comes to their effectiveness and even their popularity. Well-known companies manufacture both these products. Just read through on how these methods work and how you are supposed to use them and then make your choice.~However, the eventual choice rests with you. You need to select your product depending on what you are looking for. Patches and pills are no different when it comes to their effectiveness and both of them are equally placed on the popularity charts. You would do better to research on these products, understand the methods in which they are meant to be used, and make your choice based on that.~But, it is you who has to make the decision eventually, which you must base on your own preferences. You must learn about the routes in which you will have to take the products and decide which ones you want to use depending on that. B! oth methods are almost equal in their effectiveness and even in their popularity, so it does not really matter which one you end up using. Do some research and you will be able to arrive at a better decision, based on what you like to use.}

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{There’s a huge penis enlargement market out there. Men are looking for various products that can add those desirable inches to their penises. Some of them like to try out one product, check it out thoroughly, and then move to another if the first one does not work. The quality of the product is considered very important too; it is considered to be one of the most instrumental factors in deciding whether the product will be effective or not.~Penis enlargement has a huge market. A lot of men are trying to add those all-important inches to their prime organs. They are looking out for methods on the Internet. The usual procedure is to try out a method, see if it works or not, and if it doesn’t, they move on to another method. However, each method that they take up, they put in a lot of research to make sure that the method will be safe and effective for them.~A lot of men are looking at penis enlargement options nowadays. These people are trying different method! s to see which works. They are not shy of experimenting with different approaches and checking out if they get any results or not. If they don’t, they don’t mind moving on to another method. There are men who keep experimenting until and unless they stumble upon a method that can really work for them.}

{Let us see how a typical penis enlargement method works.~Here we shall take a look at how a common penis enlargement method functions.~Let us now take a look at the most popular penis enlargement method that is in use.}

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{Typically, you will find traction devices on the Internet. These traction devices provide mechanical pressure on the penis. Some of them are connected with an online membership program so that you can check out the progress as it happens.~The commonest program right now uses methods such as traction devices. Traction devices can produce mechanical pressure on the penis due to which its size begins to increase. The program also includes access to a site where they can get information on how to use the method.~This program is the one that uses a mechanical device to improve the size of the penis, which is known as a traction device. The linear pressure that this device applies on the penis is what makes it grow. These devices come equipped with a website where you are taught the right way to use the product.}

{The device itself becomes the most important part of the program. Most of the devices that you see on the Internet are the fruits of long research and experimentation, which helps determine the effectiveness as well as safety in using the products. The intention is not just to make the penis longer, but also to add to the girth of the penis.~The traction machine is the most vital part of the penis enlargement program. You will find many such programs on the Internet. Quite a few of them are products developed through research and trials. These are mainly to determine that the products will show the desired results and that they will not produce any adverse effects. The main point here is to make the penis bigger in size, which applies to its length as well as its width.~Of course, it is the device that is the most important. These devices are mechanical contraptions and that is the reason why a lot of research is put into their development. A part of the researc! h is to determine that the device will be safe to use and will provide the results that the users are looking for. Also, these devices are so fabricated that they don’t just increase the length of the penis, but also improve its girth.}

{Sometimes, these programs advocate using penis enlargement exercises in order to make the devices more effective. These exercises are described in the online membership programs that are connected with the devices.~It is a good thing if you can get hold of some penis enlargement exercises to go with these devices. You will find details on these exercises on the sites that promote the traction devices.~The best feature of these websites is the information on penis enlargement exercises, which you will easily find on them. These exercises are usually explained in lucid detail, which helps you use them the right way to bring your desired size gains.}

{When you are looking for a penis enlargement program, you need to look for a program that isn’t out there just for a quick buck. Make sure that the program is a well-researched one and has a good amount of testimonials. Make sure that men have actually tried out this program and found that it works for them. Also, it is a great thing if the device has a site where you can learn what exercises you can do in supplementation to using the device. The combined effect of these two could be stupendous.~You have to be careful when you are looking for a penis enlargement program. It has to be a substantial program that is not out there just for them money. One thing that you must look for is that the program is developed through good research. The program must have been used by people and they must have positive reports to give about it. The site that consolidates the program must also be informative and good to use.~There are certain precautions you need to take when ! you are planning on a penis enlargement program. One of the most important precautions is to do adequate research to assure yourself that the site is not a scam. It has to be a serious program and you must see whether other people have used the program. If they have, make sure to check out what these men are saying about the program. Also, you must check whether there is a site connected to the program which you can get access to.}

{Your penis won’t grow large automatically if you have reached a particular age. Now, you will have to use some device to add to its length and girth. These penis traction devices that you find on the Internet could be a great option, provided they also have a site you can refer to.~If you are not happy with the size of the penis, you will have to take things in your own hands, literally! You cannot just hold out and wait for your penis to grow by itself. It won’t. However, using some genuine methods such as these penis traction devices and researching on the sites associated with them might bring you to an interesting solution that has lasting effects.~Men who are not satisfied with the sizes of their members have a solution. They can use these penis enlargement programs and they will certainly see results. However, just waiting and watching can do nothing for the penis. You have to research for an effective program and then use it to see the size benefits.}

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{Christianity has always been somewhat straitjacketed about sex. Any public mention of sex has been abhorred by sex and its role has been grossly downplayed in the Christian culture. However, other cultures of the world have not been so reserved about sex. Especially in Tantra and the different pagan cultures the world has seen, sex had a very important place.~Christian culture has always considered sex to be something dirty and taboo, which should not be spoken about in public. Any public mention of sex hasn’t been even fleetingly done in Christian culture. But, this is not the case with many other religions of the world. In fact, some cultures, like the Tantric culture are quite vocal about sex. Another culture that has been quite outspoken about sex are the pagans.~In mainstream Christian culture, you are going to find no overt mention of sex. Christian literature and beliefs deal very gingerly with sex. They do not like any open mention of it. But even thou! gh Christianity is quite conservative about sex and anything related with it, there are several other cultures in the world that are not so conservative. Tantra, the ancient Indian culture, and many pagan cultures from across the world give primary position to sex and don’t mind mentioning it at all.}

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{There are actually some important beliefs about the male semen in tribal civilizations of African countries and Papua New Guinea. They believe that semen is an enchanted fluid that can actually bring about changes in the behaviors of other people.~Some African countries and countries like Papua New Guinea have had interesting cultural theories about the male sexual fluid, the semen. They say that semen possesses powers beyond the ordinary. They go as far as to say that semen can actually alter the characteristics of the other person who comes in contact with it.~In countries such as Papua New Guinea and in some African countries, you will find several customs and beliefs that revolve around semen. One of these beliefs is that semen has supernatural powers that can even modify behaviors of people who it comes in contact with.}

{Semen has always been associated with male virility, an association that is most profoundly seen in pagan cultures across the world. These cultures have laid great reverence on the sacred connection make between their priests and priestesses through seminal contact. These unions have been considered important to the scheme of things because they are supposed to bring forth the great powers that lie within the male semen.~There has always been a direct connection between semen and the strength of the male. This is most emphatically seen in pagan beliefs. These pagan beliefs even accept holy unions between their priests and priestesses because it allows the male semen to be preserved and its powers to continue through the succeeding generations. Such unions have been accorded with sanctimony.~One more profound association is that semen is an indicator of how strong a man is. Pagans definitely believed in this association. In fact, in order to conserve the strength! of the holy semen in their communities, they would encourage copulations between their male and female priests so that their progeny would carry the seminal inheritance forward.}

{The somewhat arcane and mysterious Indian culture of Tantra is actually a vast assortment of various practices and beliefs. These beliefs are different across the various sects of India. But one belief that is common is that the universe that we see in its concrete form today is nothing but a representation of the power of the Divine Entity. There are numerous Tantric rituals which include and even require sex for their fulfillment. But Tantra that is practiced out of India is mostly incorrect.~The Tantric culture is an old Indian culture which many people have forgotten today. However, this forgotten culture has some of the strongest legends about semen. In Tantric culture, it is believed that the entire universe is just a manifestation of the glory and power of the divine one. It is believed that the world arose from the divine seed and now to preserve the world, it is important to carry the seed forward. That is the reason many Tantric rituals have sex as the! ir main activity. However, it must also be noted that Tantric practices that are performed outside of their homeland, which is India, are mostly improper.~India also has an ancient and enigmatic culture known as Tantra. Among other things, Tantra is known to give great importance to the sexual act. People who believe in Tantra believe that the whole world has sprung up from the seminal powers of divine entities. It is now the right of the people living in the universe to keep this semen intact. That is one of the reasons why many of the tantric customs and rituals have the sexual act interwoven in them. However, only the tantric customs practiced within India can be considered as authentic. Outside of India, these customs lack the genuineness of attitude that they carry in India.}

{The seminal fluid has also had a place in the continents of America and Europe, especially among occultists. Popular occultists such as Samael Aun Weor and Aleister Crowley spoke about how sex is powerful and the most important part in it is the seminal fluid.~Civilizations in Europe and America also have certain age-old beliefs about semen. Practitioners of the occult have their own theories about semen. Some of these, like Aleister Crowley and Samael Aun Weor are the most notable.~Even the European and American continents have some of their own shrouds of beliefs in sexual consummation and semen. Some believers of occult customs have stated the importance of sex. Chief among these are Aleister Crowley and Samael Aun Weor.}

{Men very strongly believe that their masculinity is connected to their semen. That is the reason men do not want to lose this precious fluid. There are men who never ejaculate outside of sexual contact because they think that wasting semen in this manner could wreak havoc on their masculinity.~Almost all men believe that their strength lies in their semen and hence it should not be wasted. These men do not allow any ejaculation except from the main sexual activity. The legend has them believe that losing semen will weaken them.~Men like to keep their semen intact because they believe their virility lies in it. That is why they don’t waste it for anything other than the sexual act. They believe that wasting semen will cause them weakness.}

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