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{I was at the time, just eighteen years old, and in my final year of high-school. It changed me for life. It was regular practice for the nurse from the National School Board to visit the school every six months. Just to make sure that us school kids were all healthy, and there were no epidemics of any sort, going around.~In my final year of high-school, at 18 years old, something happened that changed my sexual tastes for ever. The National School Board used to send the school nurse out to all boys schools about every six months. This was done to check we weren’t being abused, there were no epidemics and we were all fit and healthy.~I was in my final high-school year, in an all boys school; just 18, but still young for my age, and we were expecting a visit from the school nurse. The Nationa School Board sent one around every 6 months to make sure were weren’t carrying any dread diseases, nits or suffering abuse.}

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{On the morning of her arrival, all the boys at school were required to strip almost naked: wearing only our gym shorts and underpants, and stand in a queue; Waiting to go into the nurse’s office to be examined, one by one. I was a very pretty little boy: big blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. In-fact; I looked very much like a pretty teenaged girl.~The morning of her visit, we all had to strip down nearly naked and wait around for our turn to see her. We stood in the queue giggling nervously and waiting to be examined by her one on one. I was a pretty boy, curly blond hair, surfers tan and big blue eyes, more like a pretty girl really.~We were required to strip down to your gym shorts and underpants on the morning of her long expected arrival and wait. Giggling and punching each other with nerves, we lined up and waited for the examination. I was (still am) a pretty boy, big blue eyes, blond curly hair and a surfers tan. Much more like a teenage girl really.}

{After spending time in the queue for most of the morning and bored stiff, with all the boys childishly punching each other and giggling, it was my turn to enter the nurse’s office.~We spent most of the morning queuing and bored as heck. The other boys thought they were getting the morning off lessons, then came my turn to enter the office.~That morning was boring, and nerve wrecking, every time we got one boy closer to the door of the nurses office, our adrenaline kicked in and the endorphins rushed through out bodies}

{On entering I saw a desk with two chairs, an examination bed, and little cupboard filled with medicine. Elegantly leaning in the corner, was a long thin piece of cane: it oozed discipline Immediately it sent out the message to me; this was not a “day off”~It looked like a normal nurse’s office, desk, two chairs, medicine cabinet and examination table But what caught my eye, was a cane in the corner which oozed discipline. This sent a message out to my bored brain.~Then came my turn, endorphins pumping I entered the office. It looked normal, an exam table, desk, two chairs, and medicine cabinet. But there was something else, it looked out of place, a cane standing in the corner, oozing “discipline”. Bang My bored brain kick-started again.}

{What really caught my eye though, was the nurse. – A middle aged lady with huge tits: almost bursting out of her tight nurse’s uniform. Until this day, I’ve been haunted by my visualization of them: exposed, hanging, totally available to touch, squeeze, and suck; naked. At that moment my cock was as hard as a drill-bit.~The Nurse was middle aged, and she had the biggest tits I have ever seen. They were virtually bursting out through her tight uniform, it was almost pornographic; they strained and pulsed against the white fabric with a life of their own. My imagination caught hold and I could see them exposed, hanging and completely naked, available for me to squeeze and suck. My cock grew as hard as a drill-bit.~The nurse had the biggest tits, and even though she was middle aged, my imagination started flexing. They seemed to have a life of their own, pulsing and straining against the confine of her tight white uniform and I instantly pictured them, bulging out of her uniform, hanging and heavy, naked for me to squeeze, suck and bite. The inevitable happened; I got a rock hard cock stand}

{Eyeing me suspiciously, she put her hand in my gym shorts, inside my underpants, “Just to make sure you’re a boy”, she very quietly whispered into my ear. Lifting her spectacles above her rising brow, as she read my public school medical record, she discovered my erection, and she was very cross indeed~She was immediately suspicious, and she just put her hands inside my shorts and underpants to feel me. “Just making sure you’re a boy, pretty” she whispered gently in my ear. She was reading my health records at the time and when she felt what was happening down there she lifted her spectacles, raised her brow, and looked pissed off.~She was reading my medical record, but she looked up and glanced over the top of her spectacles. She knew Coming towards me, she put her hands into my shorts, under my underpants and squeezed, feeling what was there. “Just making sure you’re a boy, my pretty” she whispered evilly. She was pissed off too, I could se e it in her eyes.}

{In response; she told me what a naughty boy I was, made me drop my shorts and underwear around my ankles, twisted them into a knot and effectively hobbled me, much like leg restraints. She bent me over the examination table and beat me on the ass with the cane. Needless to say I had to stop myself from ejaculating; such was my excitement, not an easy task at age 18~She told me I was a very bad boy and pulled my pants down around my ankles, twisting them in a knot and hobbling my ankles, effectively restraining me. Bending me over the exam table, she took hold of the cane and beat the crap out of my ass. I got so excited I had to stop myself from cumming, no easy feat at 18.~Telling me what a bad boy I am she ripped down my shorts and underwear, twisting them and restraining me by the ankles. She made me bend over the exam bed and whupped my ass good and solid, I loved every minute of it, and had to force myself not to cum all over her exam table. At age 18, tha t kind of restraint isn’t easy}

{She continued her medical examination – all the time with a rather severe frown upon her face. Again, just before she let me go, she eyed me suspiciously, and put her hand inside the front my underpants again, “Just to make sure you’re a boy.” She very quietly whispered in my ear.~When she was finished, she told me to dress and continued the examination. All the time with a severe look on her face Just before she let me out of the office, she put her hand in my pants again “just making sure you’re a boy sweetie”; she again whispered in my ear.~She continued her medical After caning my backside blue, and speaking about what a dirty boy I am. She made me put my pants back on, and continued with her exam as if nothing had happened. As she motioned that she was finished she put her hands in my pants again…“just making sure you’re a boy, pretty”; she whispered in my ear again.}

{I have never been the same since, my taste for bondage was sparked~The school nurse set fire to my bondage fantasies~The school nurse set alight my taste for bondage, I was changed}

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{I strolled down the crowded street trying to avoid body contact with the hundreds of sweaty holiday makers I shared this Island with, when my eye caught a group of people cheering enthusiastically. As I joined the group of seemingly appreciative spectators my eyes locked with the girl they all were watching.~On a hot sweaty afternoon I tried to avoid the crowds on the Island holiday beach by going for a walk. Enthusiastic cheers caught my attention as I saw group circling a beach act. As I joined the group of mainly men, my eyes fell upon those of a girl dancing with her sister in a display of sheer beauty.~Since my arrival on this tropical Island, my horny search for a woman drove me wild with anticipation, so I decided to explore the beach. A group gathered on the beach cheered with loud cat calls, so I went over to explore. As I broke into the circle, my eyes were caught by a busty girl and her sister dancing for the audience.}

{In a small clearing on the beach two sisters were doing a very erotic dance with a thick rope entangling their bodies. As they twirled and twisted their bodies the rope played on their skins like a snake. I was hooked, especially as the one sister kept looking at me, filling me with lusty expectations crawling down my spine.~A thick silk rope wrapped skillfully round their perfect bodies as they moved in a dance that was filled with lust. With the rope as their only prop, they resembled three snakes having skill full and deliberate intercourse. My heart started racing as my body started to react to this sweaty display of alluring beauty. Our eyes met frequently as they kept watching me.~The sisters worked their beautiful bodies round a silk rope that entangled them in a skill full dance routine. My mouth went dry as I watched this erotic dance and I wished to be part of it right now. Our eyes kept meeting as they obviously sized me up.}

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{The younger of the two performers unexpectedly slipped a loop of the rope round my waist and pulled me into the dance. Their warm sweaty bodies slipped over mine in a twisted display of enticement. My arousal came spontaneous as one of them slowly ran her hands down my Speedo front.~Without warning, the younger slipped the rope round me and pulled me into her warm embrace. I felt my arousal grow as they rubbed and slithered their hot bodies all over mine. Without warning I felt a hand slip down my swimming trunks.~Careful what you wish for, I thought as I found myself being dragged into the dance by the rope. I never expected this, but gave myself completely to these women as they slid and twisted their hot bodies all over me. I felt myself growing hard and nearly exploded as one of them quickly slipped her hand down my trunks.}

{As quickly as they drew me into their lusty play, I was ejected again, leaving me aching for their touch. I simply had to have more of them. I felt something in my trunks and pulled out a card with their hotel name and room number on it.~Just before my aroused state could not be hidden from the crowd anymore, the girls playfully pushed me out of their lusty dance circle. I craved the need for their touch and slipped my hand into my own trunks where she fondled me seconds ago. To my surprise I found their contact detail on a piece of paper she shoved in there.~Without any warning the sisters ejected me from the act, but I simply could not walk away – I had to have more of them. As I adjusted my hard on, I found a piece of paper the girl slipped in there with their room number on it.}

{Hours later I submitted to the rope again, this time wrapped securely round my hands with both girls giggling and playing with my shorts. I closed my eyes and enjoyed their hot mouths as they discovered what they felt up earlier on the beach.~Just before my aroused state could not be hidden from the crowd anymore, the girls playfully pushed me out of their lusty dance circle. I craved the need for their touch and slipped my hand into my own trunks where she fondled me seconds ago. To my surprise I found their contact detail on a piece of paper she shoved in there.~Soon I found myself tied to their bed with the silk rope as they enjoyed each others bodies in full view, only stopping to seduce me with their hot tongues slowly covering my whole body with lusty kisses.}

{Their bodies moved over mine in which felt like molten lava flowing all over me, filling me with explosive cravings to taste them. The rope entangled my whole body by now as they playfully rolled all over me only stopping to lick the exposed areas of my skin.~A short few hours later, I found myself tied up by the same silky rope on their hotel bed. My whole body enjoyed every lick and kiss that the sisters planted all over me as they worked their way down to my hardened cock.~Their dance act continued as the wrapped the rope completely round my body, leaving me completely open to their mercy. I tasted their bodies as the offered me little licks and kisses.}

{Pinned on my back I had no choice but to deliver this moment into their skillful hands, so I gave an appreciative groan. As if signaled, the younger of the two straddled my pounding manhood, slowly letting herself being filled. I felt the rope push down on my belly as her full weight sat down on me. Heaven must have silk ropes, as this entanglement blew away the last inhibition I ever had.~Slowly but securely they bound my whole body in rope, leaving me craving for them as they enjoyed every inch of my manhood. Their skillful dance of lust left my whole body burning with desire.~The girls broke from their passionate kissing to focus all of their attention on me. I went to heaven as one of them slipped my deep inside her, slowly taking every inch I had to offer. I fought the restraints of the rope as she skillfully rode my pounding manhood deep inside her.}

{As I got fucked slowly, the other sister slowly dragged her body across my face letting my tongue explore every inch of her toned body as she offered heavenly treats one at a time.~Helpless on my back I could only groan as the younger sister slowly straddled my pounding cock and I felt her warmth deep inside her. The rope tightened as she held onto it in a wild frenzy of riding me like the wild kitten she was.~Our fucking continued with the sisters taking turns to exploit my helplessly tied down body. The build up nearly killed me as they teased me into a frenzy of lust for them both. I felt like caged animal – exactly what they had in mind when they tied me down.}

{Hours later the three of us exploded in groans and moans, the rope all forgotten on the floor next to the bed.~They took turns to ride me violently, taking me to the edge over and over again, but never allowing my explosion to fill any of them.. The girls dragged their whole bodies over my tied down face allowing me to taste every bit they had to offer. Eventually I was let out of my restraints which lead to many more hours of sweaty lovemaking the silk rope all forgotten.~Eventually the rope was loosened and I was allowed to take them one by one. Our sex fest continued into the night as we discovered every inch of each other’s bodies.}

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{All men have different ways of leaving an impression on the fairer sex, some may change their appearance, while others will just talk big, making themselves appear to be adventurous. Some techniques work better, however in a survey of 100 000 men, techniques were found that were not thought to be popular previously.~The fairer sex (women) are not that difficult to impress, however, what lengths do men go to, to leave an impression? Some men talk big, while others actually do In a recent survey of 100 00 men, many techniques that we already know about are still used, while some new techniques have cropped up that we were unawares of.~Women are not actually as difficult to please as some men believe, although this is just a generalization, and just like men, there are also “high maintenance” ladies. If you have set your sights on a high maintenance gal, then you may just have to go to the same lengths as 100 000 other men who participated in a recent survey. Some of the methods used to attract women that were uncovered by the survey are not big news, while others are.}

{More men are wearing make-up: We already know that male actors wear make-up in front of the camera, and since this is now completely acceptable, the man in the street is following suit they often find the trends from adult articles.~For example many adult articles say more men are wearing make up, and not just Emo and Goth boys either. Normal red-blooded males have seen that it is acceptable for actors to wear make-up and they accept its use too.~There are plenty of adult articles with big news that is “male make-up”; has become accepted behaviour for actors to wear this on-screen, so now ‘red-blooded” men are wearing it in an attempt to impress.}

{In the last ten years the number of men doing this has increased exponentially. Foundation is being use to cover spots, blemishes and scars and clear mascara to enhance the eyelashes. This boosts their confidence and impresses their dates apparently.~The increase of men wearing make-up to impress the ladies is exponential. During the past 10 years men use it to cover scars, blemishes and spots, and also use clear mascara. The goods looks and confidence this inspires, apparently also impresses their dates.~Over the last ten year more men have taken to covering scars, spots and blemishes with foundation. They have also taken to wearing clear mascara to enhance their eyes and this increases confidences as well as impressed the girls.}

{A firm favorite amongst many men is the dangerous hobby; this has always been so and apparently still is. No wonder they invented bungee jumping, but even I feel this is pushing sex appeal a bit to far. However fast sports cars, extreme sports and apparently there are not only done for the adrenaline rush, it is to impress the ladies Don’t lie about this, you will get caught out.~Dangerous hobbies have also been found to inspire confidence in their masculine prowess. But this has always been the case, extreme sports such as car racing, bungee jumping, and absailing impress the ladies and provide men with much needed adrenaline rushes. This stimulates endorphins as well as sexual prowess.~A Living in the fast lane and taking up extreme sports also figures importantly in the survey, fast cars, bungee jumping, sky diving and fast women, appear to work hand-in-hand. Men get their adrenaline rush, this increases their natural endorphin manufacture and apparently al so their sexual prowess.}

{How about doing something that women have always done to impress men? Get rid of your body hair – yes more men are doing this. They are having their body hair waxed, particularly in the summer, they know that women prefer hairless men. Oh the times they are a-changing~Women have always waxed, shaven and plucked to get rid of unwanted body hair, and the new trend is for men to also do away with the bristle. They have their bodies waxed, particularly in summer, pluck between their eyebrows, and trim nose and ear hair. But most women go “eeeuuuww” when male body hair is discussed, so men are getting the right idea.~If you believe that women are the only sex seeking the holy grail of hairlessness. Think again Men are following suit, they know the girls like men who are hairless, so they are waxing, shaving and plucking away with the girls.}

{What about buying a dog? Yup, men do this to impress to, they have found it is a fantastic way to meet women, particularly if the dog is still a pup. It increases their confidence levels and helps them pluck up the courage to strike up conversations with random women, it is a real ice breaker and after all dog is still man’s best friend~The dog is man’s best friend, right? Right, this is why men buy a dog, to impress women. They find that having a dog with them in the park boosts their confidence and makes it easier for them to talk to random women. The more women you are able to talk to, the better your chances are of finding the ideal mate, the perfect ice-breaker~The dog is definitely man’s best friend and in the case of giving men the confidence to speak to random won in the park, even more so. Men buy dogs to help them attract the fairer sex, apparently they are the perfect catalyst, for breaking the ice and meeting women.}

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{According to the Washington Post; eight penis enhancement drugs have been recalled due to apparent severe health threats. As of 15th July of this year 5 600 bottles of Brookstone Pharmaceuticals Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops as well as six of Nature & Health’s penis enhancement supplements were canned following reports of toxicity to the liver, possible kidney damage and causing dangerously low blood pressure.~As at 15th July 2009, the Washington post records that no less than eight different male enhancement drugs have been recalled. This is due to many suspected side affects that may severely affect the health of the user. Brookstone Pharmaceuticals, Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops were recalled and 5 600 bottles of this was removed from the shelves, as were six products in the Nature & Health’s penis enhancement supplement range.~Earlier this year, as reported in the Washington Post, 5 600 bottle of dangerous male enhancement drugs were recalled from the shelves of stores. These included Brookstone Pharmaceuticals, Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops and 6 products from the Nature & Health’s range, after it was found that dangerous side effects could be experienced from use of these.}

{These were only a few of the suspected side effects thought to be triggered by chemical ingredients contained in these pills.~It is believed that all of these products could be responsible for liver toxicity, kidney damage and dangerously low blood pressure. And these are only a few of the side affect it is suspected may be caused by the chemical ingredients in these medications.~The report said that these drugs were suspect in respect of liver toxicity, dangerously low blood pressure and kidney damage. However these are only a few of the side affects mentioned and the chemical ingredients contained in many of these medications could be responsible for other health concerns too.}

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{Similar health risks were found to be possible with use of Nature & Health Co.’s male penis enhancers Herbal Disiac, LibieXtreme, Libimax, Y-4ever, Powermania Liquid, and Powermania Capsules. Avoid taking any of these drugs at all costs particularly if you have any heart, liver, kidney or blood pressure related illnesses. Diabetics in should also avoid use of any penis enhancement supplements.~The Nature and Health Co’s recalled products include Herbal Disiac, Libimax, LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Powermania Liquid & Powermania Capsules. If you see these drugs on the shelf do not buy them and if you have already purchased any of these make sure you don’t use them and return them if possible. Male enhancements supplements should also not be taken if you suffer from diabetes or any form of heart disease.~Herbal Disiac, LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Libimax, Powermania Liquid & Powermania Capsules, all from the Nature & Health Co were recalled. If you have already got any o f these products, you should not use them and if you see them on the shelves, rather don’t buy them. Also remember that it is dangerous to use male enhancement drugs if you are diabetic, or you have any form of heart or vascular disease.}

{But are there any penis enhancement supplements safe?~But is there any form of penis enhancement that is safe?~But what about safe male enhancement?}

{This is really hard to say because of the risks involved with these products, others may well be the same, and if there are safer natural methods available, it is highly recommend that these be used. The outcome will be just as dynamic without having to suffer any possible dangerous side effects. No one should ever take any pills they are unsure of, and many potentially dangerous drugs still remain on the market.~Because of the high risk of taking products which contain ingredients that are dangerous to your health, this is a difficult question to answer. Obviously the answer would be to find a completely risk-free alternative that did not include the taking of chemicals, but this does not necessarily mean that other oral preparations may not be just as dangerous to the health. Side effects are still possible even with herbal products such as those on the Nature and Co range.~If there is high health risks involved in taking chemicals for penis enlargement or sta ying power, then surely there should be something that can be done to physically overcome this issue that many males have. There is, and this is a completely risk free solution Remember although there are products that call them selves “completely natural” and risk free, be careful about taking pills or potions you know nothing about, even the Nature & Health Co products are problematic.}

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{While not a generally well encouraged topic in genteel circles, the subject of anal sex does come up. However many anal sex myths are as stupid As the stupidity of the people who propound them. If women won’t acknowledge that this form of sexual activity can provide even more pleasure to their bodies, perhaps it is easier to believe in myths.~Polite society would never encourage discussing sexual matter, particularly if this were anal sexual matters. It is strictly taboo and this is because there are so many myths perpetuated regarding this, believe it or not, widely practiced sex act.~Genteel circles don’t normally encouraged the sharing of information regarding anal sex, and this is probably where there are still so many myths regarding this sex practice. These myths are more than likely as stupid as the people who spread them, so take it from the horses mouth, myth is myth and fact is fact}

{There are some very simple facts to substantiate the pleasure of anal sex; unfortunately the myths seem to cloud the facts. Most anal sex myths are based in ideas that belong to the more puritanical centuries. Much like oral sex, anal sex is only moving into mainstream recognition as the “black sheep of the family”.~The myths are as stupid as the people who repeat them, and more people are beginning to recognize this fact. Puritanical outlooks that have lasted centuries are still refusing anal sex into the mainstream. Somewhat like its much maligned little brother – oral sex, when there should really be very little fuss about either of these practices~Many more people than you might think get immense pleasure out of anal sex and it is not that big a deal. That the puritanical impact of previous centuries is still blocking mainstream recognition of this practice, But it is making ground together with its wicked little brother, oral sex, people are realizing, “what is all the fuss about?”}

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{Myth one: the anus is a source of germs and dirt. Conditioning from childhood teaches us that any contact with the pooper, has to be followed by a thorough hosing down. This makes it easy for people to reject the very idea of anal sex.~One myth is that the anus is a dirt magnet, we are brought up to believe that if you go anywhere near it with your hands, you have to be scrubbed down to the degree that going into a decontamination chamber is almost necessary.~For example the anus is a dirty little hole that should never be touched under any circumstances. If it is accidentally touched, you wash with anti-bacterial soap and scrub under your nails or you will become ill. This is how we have been brought up so it is no wonder this myth is so popular.}

{We are hardly living in the age of the Black Death, hygiene is simple to attend to and in the case of anal sex if this is a real issue, an enema can be used, although it may take the spontaneity out of the act.~With this outlook it is not surprising that this myth still does the rounds. A long time ago, in the days of Lister, we learned about the importance of hygiene, and we practice this daily. How dirty can the bum be? If you really believe this and you want to practice anal sex, make use of an enema.~Hello people, the days of the plague have long since past, we know about hygiene, and knew about it centuries ago, as far back as Lister Rejecting anal sex because of the potential to catch typhoid is in the past, use an enema if this really bugs you.}

{Myth two: Read any article in hemorrhoids, and you will read that anal sex is one of the causes of these unpleasant beauties. Which brings us to myth two (a) Incontinence. The o the anus doesn’t care what goes in or out, the sphincter muscles control incontinence, these are linked to the brain. While severe injury to these muscles may cause incontinence, more often than not it occurs because of the inability of the brain to control this function.~Hemorrhoids are another little beauty, read any article, it tells you anal sex causes them. Rubbish, bad eating habits, constipation and heredity cause them, Another myth is that it causes incontinence, also medically impossible You have to be brain damaged, or the sphincter muscles damaged beyond belief for this to happen. No normal penis is capable of busting your anus it lets things go out, so it also lets things in~What about the myth regarding hemorrhoids, read any article and it will tell you anal sex is one of the cases. This is rubbish Then there is another beauty “Incontinence” also rears its ugly head. You would have to do some serious damage to the sphincter muscles or the brain for incontinence to occur and this would not be attributed to anal sex. Your bum doesn’t care what goes in or out, within reason, and how big can a penis be?}

{Myth three: Anal sex is perversion and unnatural, it has no place in normal world. People have been practicing anal sex for eons and have not considered it to be perverse; we are not only talking about the Greeks People from other countries and times have also experimented sexually, this has not been reserved for this century.~Perversion, ah; the dreaded perversions of the world The only people who call anal sex perversion, are perverted people. This sex form has been normal practice for many cultures for many centuries; John Calvin is dead and gone thank goodness. Perversion is in the eye or mind of the beholder and should not be impinged upon anyone else.~Here is a perler, “having anal sex is perverted”, perversion is only in the mind of the believer. Anyone who believes that anal sex is perversion is weird. It has been practiced for thousands of years, and not only by the Greeks. Many cultures find this practice quite acceptable.}

{Ultimately the decision is yours regarding whether anal sex is natural or not.~No one wants to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do~If you don’t like it, don’t do it}

{Myth four: it hurts Well it may a bit at first, but we are not stupid and we realize that fitting a large object into a small hole may require lubrication for success, right? Education is key, if it hurts, it is because you are doing it wrong, relaxation and patience is important.~The pain of anal sex is too much to bear is another myth. If it hurts you are not doing it the right way. You are an adult, you understand the application of lubrication and gentleness. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, make it that way.~Oh, the pain, anal sex is painful Well it is if you don’t do it right, but you are an adult and you should know about lubrication and being gentle. You can’t go ramming a big huge dry penis into a tiny dry hole and expecting it to be pleasurable, be sensible for goodness sake}

{The last and most important of all the anal sex myths: Only homosexuals have anal sex It doesn’t get more ridiculous, not even all homosexuals enjoy anal sex, because they don’t like it either. It is all a matter of taste and choice for everyone, just don’t believe the B/S.~One final, but by no means the last myth regarding anal sex It is not nice to do, because only homosexuals practice anal sex. This is poppycock at is absolute best, many homosexuals don’t practice anal sex because they don’t like it. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it Homosexuals are not defined by practicing anal sex and neither are you, it is not who you are.~Last but by no means least, anal sex is wrong because only homosexuals practice it. What crap Some homosexuals don’t practice anal sex because they don’t like it. A homosexual is not defined by anal sex and neither are you.}

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{It is most probably the aim of most men to be recognized as a really great lover, however, many men don’t have a clue what this actually means. Not through any fault of their either.~Most men like to be considered as a great lover, if only they knew, how helpless they often are in this area. I fear that men really don’t know the meaning of “great lover”, but this may not be their fault~Being considered to be a great lover is what many adult males aim for. They don’t like being considered a flash in the pan, even if they are only a one night stand. A rep as a great lover is worth its weight in gold when it comes to pulling the ladies in.}

{So what actually is it that makes a girl swoon and tell all her girlfriends how great he was the first time they ever made love? What is it that he has that you perhaps don’t have; that special something that makes him both appealing and successful with his female conquests?~Girls love to swoon with passion and still be able to boast to their girlfriends about the way a man makes her feel. She will tell every one about the way the made love for the first time if it was wonderful, but by the same token she will also tell friends if he was a lousy lay. This is what legendary lovers and dismal flops are made from.~The ladies love passion and being able to swoon with pleasure, so all the romantic novels can’t be wrong. If a man makes her feel special, she will tell everyone he is a great lover, if he get this kind of reputation, he will be loved by all the ladies. They will be swooning at his doorstep. Legendary lovers are made of this}

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{There are a number of qualities, but of all the qualities a man could have, the ability to listen is probably the most important. Men just don’t listen is many a girls argument Making love to a woman has to include great communication, if a woman feels that they are being listened to they relax more and this in itself can make the sex better. If he pays special attention to her, and her alone, she feels like more than just another body.~There are many qualities that a great lover must have, but the most important is the ability to listen. Listening is different from just “hearing”. Women argue that men pretend to listen and respond, but they don’t really. Good communication when making love to a women will make her feel special and cherished. If she feels this way, she will relax and relaxation is key to making sex feel better. Listen and respond appropriately, and you are on your way to being the next Casanova.~A great lover generally has many good qua lities, it is not only about the sex you know. Probably the most important is his ability to listen; listen and really hear and respond to what he is hearing. Women moan like hell that men don’t know who to listen, so learn how to do this and you have got it made. Making love with a woman and communication with her makes her feel special.}

{Men who truly like women have the ability to be great lovers, don’t get me wrong, I said “LIKE”, not lust. Men may make sexy jokes about women but rarely sees them as a friend. Making women your friend will get you loads of attention, as they like to be liked.~Men who like women make the greatest lovers, remember that lust and like are two entirely different things. Women like having friends and if you can be her friend as well as her lover; then you have got it made, you will get a lot of female attention.~Men have to like women to be great lovers, not just fancy them or lust after them, genuinely like them. Women are big on friendship, be her friend and really like her, she will like you in return and let her guard down. Do this and you will have the ladies clamouring for your attention.}

{A man who is not in a hurry to have sex also makes all the difference, he touches them gently. Caressing and kissing them, making them feel relaxed and comfortable and not acting as though he wants to by-pass the foreplay. Getting to the sex will happen, but a great lover makes it so much better by taking the time to be sensitive and caring.~Rushing the sex act will also get you into hot water, and you won’t make it into the top ten. Gentle caresses and touching a woman relaxes her. These touches also make her feel comfortable and not like another conquest. Sex will happen, but don’t forget long languorous foreplay, the sensitive caring man gets the ladies.~ARushing sex to the intercourse phase, will get you no reputation as a great lover whatsoever. Women enjoy being held and caressed and long foreplay is vital. You want for her to beg you to have sex with her, and you will only ever achieve this through caressing her and making her relax}

{A great lover has also paid a good deal of attention to the female body, he knows what turns them on. There are certain things that turn all women on, holding her from the back while kissing her and nibbling her neck is one of these.~Pay attention to her body, get to know all about the female body and you will be a sure fire candidate for a great lover. Kissing the back of her neck and holding her hair while kissing her from the back is a big turn on for most women.~Learn about the female body, learn what women like and put this into practice. Kissing and caressing the back of her neck, and holding her from behind are big favorites on the women’s top ten list of “the things I like”.}

{Paying attention during sex, listening to what she tells him, listening to the noises she makes, and her body language. If a woman doesn’t like something she will draw back or say no and he will always listen to this.~Listening during intercourse is also very important, being sensitive to what she likes and doesn’t like also matters, and this is all part of listening. Always listen if she draws back or say no.~Intercourse means just that, the first edition of Webster’s describes it as "Communication or dealings …” nothing whatsoever to do with sex. So communicate during sexual intercourse, it is important.}

{Unfortunately many men stop talking to their lover the moment they are able to penetrate her, this is a no-no, this is not the stuff that great lovers are made of~It is unfortunate that a man may stop talking when the crucial act of intercourse happens. Don’t do this, continue to pay attention throughout, all the great lovers do this~Men who stop talking when they get to the sexual act are going to lose points, and if they stop listening too, these are key factors to being a great lover}

{Hammering away during intercourse and having his way with her, unless she has specifically asked for this, is not going to get her talking about how great he is to her friends. Make sure that you know she will remember you for years with a smile on her face, and you will be a great lover~The act of sexual intercourse is not the sign to bang away at the female body, not unless she specifically request this. Remain sensitive and in touch all the time and your reputation as a great lover will precede itself.~The sex act itself should not be a battle to the goal post, it should be as gentle or as hard as you both want at that particular time. So listen, learn and respond and you too can have you name up in the annals of the greatest lovers of all time}

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{There are some things that men are apparently completely unable to live without. Recent surveys have indicated that there are five that are more popular than others, these are; the Top Five Men’s Gadgets of all Time:~After careful survey it appears that the top five all time gadgets that men are completely unable to survive with are as follows:~Surveys are designed for marketing purposes, and they are useful for this industry, but they are also useful in that they provide us with interesting information too. For instant the top 5 men’s gadgets of all time, check these out}

{1. The home theatre kit or in a pinch the wide-screen TV – Modern technology has brought us HD TV’s, surround sound, Blue Ray DVD’s (these are not porn it is a DVD format) and it is possible to bring the theatre into your living room.~Number 1: Modern technology brings us the ultimate toys for boys HD, Blue Ray DVD’s, the wide screen television and surround sound. Put these items together in one room and you have the number one gadget that men cannot live without, the Home Theatre System~Number one: Boys love TV’s particularly the wide screen, HD variety, but like their penises, the bigger the better. Add to that surround sound and the latest Blue Ray DVD player and you have the Home Theatre Kit.}

{While these gadgets are expensive, if you are a movie fan, it costs a fortune for a theatre ticket, the justification to your wife is that in the long run, this will save money~Justify the expense to your wife by telling her the initial expenditure will soon be off-set by the amount of money you save by not having to go out to the movies any longer.~Although expensive to begin with, the justification most men use for this top gadget is the money it will save on popcorn and movie tickets}

{2. The Home Brewing Kit – Long ago, 25 years back in the UK, my uncle was making wines from pea pods, potato peels, strawberries and even flowers. He was considered strange, now he is considered a master wine-maker and everyone else wants in on the action.~Number 2: Many years ago my uncle used to save all kinds of things to make wine, potato peels and pea pods being two of his favorites. He made a dry white wine from pea pods that was crisp and delicious when chilled.~Number two: The Home Brewing Kit , a long time ago one of my favorite uncles was thought strange fro he penchant for making wine out of all kinds of odds and ends, potato peels, green pea pods and elderberry flowers. Today he is considered to be the master}

{This is one of the top selling Christmas gifts ever, forget going to the local pub, put up your own brew and wines, together with your home theatre set, you can have your own little boys club-house.~Today Home Brewing kits are a number one best seller and people take lessons from my uncle who is not considered a master home brewer. This item tops Christmas gift lists and you will make friends with your home brewing skills, especially if your friends can test samples while they watch the game on your home theatre system.~Home brewing kits are at the top of everyone’s Christmas wish list and they sell like hotcakes at this time of year. The boys are going to love your new booze making skills even more than they love your home theatre system..}

{3. The iPod – this gizmo is not only popular with men, but the best thing about it is you can record as many movies and as much music as you like, buy a docking station and play these through your home theatre set, while having a few drinks from your home brewing kit with your mates. Your house is going to be a neighborhood favorite stop over. 173 million iPods have been sold world-wide.~Number 3: The iPod, a gadget worshipped by men and women from toddlers to 90 year olds. Music, movies and photos in your pocket, wherever you go, whenever you want. Add an iPod docking station to the wish list and this can be connected to your home theatre system. The boys are going to love you when you air some of your iPod stored home movies, and pass samples of the latest brew on your boys night in~Number three: The iPod, a gadget not only revered by men, and 173 million of these little gizmos have been sold. It records and plays back movies and music, and can also store lo ads of photos, Hide your porn from your wife in this with password protect. Buy a docking station and play your porn to your mates through your home theatre system why you sample your skills in home brewing.}

{4. The Powermat – This is the source that powers your home theatre system and the refrigerator you need to keep the home brew cold. You don’t have to install a plug socket or have long wires trailing to the nearest power outlet. Wires that you might trip over if you have sampled too many tots from your home brew kit. It is the ultimate, wireless electricity source.~Number 4: The Powermat, this is simply amazing, it is a completely wireless power source that can be used anywhere in the home to power anything. No wires to trip over if you are watching your iPod movies on your home theatre system and sampling the brew from your home brewing kit at the same time.~Number four: The Powermat, an amazing gadget, it is a power source, that you can use to place your home theatre kit and home brew filled fridge right next to you. No ugly wires and no need for a power socket. Don’t know how it works, but apparently it does, you will not trip over any loose wires if yo u sample too much home brew while you are watching iPod porn movies with all your new best friends. This is a wireless power source.}

{5. SizeGenetics – Men have been fascinated with the size of their penis and enlarging it for 2000 years. They have used devices from tying a rock to the end of it, to sticking a rod down it. Size genetics is medically recognized as the safest rout to natural penis enlargement. Both length and girth.~Number 5: The most important all time favorite gadget – “SizeGenetics” A medically approve device to enlarge both the length and girth of your penis. Men have been obsessed with enlarging their penis for millennia. They have resorted to weighting it and sticking strange gadgets down it, but fortunately modern technology has done away with these methods .~Number five: Probably the most important of the lot “SizeGenetics” the ultimate penis enlarger. For more than 2 000 years we have proof that men have been obsessed with the size of their penis. Nothing wrong with that But resorting to length like tying a rock to the end of it and sticking rods down it i s pushing the ticket a bit far. This gadget is medically approved to increase length and girth.}

{This is one gadget you are not going to want to share with the neighborhood boys, but if the ladies get to hear about it They may be telling their men they are coming over to watch movies on your home theatre system, through the iPod docking station, powered by the powermat while they sample some of your home made plonk. But they would be telling lies~It is doubtful that you are going to invite your new best friends to share in the joy of Size Genetics. But there is no harm in inviting the ladies over to see the results, as well as your home theater system, sample your latest crisp dry white wine, listen to some soft, iPod generated music and see how tidy your wires are.~This gadget you won’t want to share with your friends, but you could always share the results of it with the neighborhood ladies, while you woo them with chick flicks, iPod music and home made, Blanc de Blanc.}

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{If you would have asked me a few hours ago, I would have never been able to tell you I would land myself on my female boss’ bed with her busty secretary in tow. I never thought about my boss as being a sexual creature, so to speak She was always so boringly dressed and did the most boring things that I never thought she could have fun.~I never expected I would land up thus—naked on my female boss’ bed, with her naked as well and her big-boobed secretary also equally naked My boss was always just that to me—my employer—I never ever thought that she was capable of a sexual life. She always wore such off-putting clothes that you won’t burn me at the stake for thinking so. I never thought she could—well—have fun~At any other time before this, I would never have believed this could happen to me. That I would be lying like this, unclothed, on my boss’ large king-sized bed with her and her secretary just as naked on my either side. It is what most men could die for, but I never thought of my boss in a sexual context. No, forgive me already, it wasn’t me; it was those drab clothes she always wears. I never thought this woman was capable of letting her hair loose enough to have sex.}

{So when she met me in the bar with her secretary dancing as close to each other as they possibly could, it was a bolt from the blue.~But my perspective changed totally when I caught her dancing with her secretary at the bar, a little too close for comfort.~However, today when I suddenly saw her in the bar dancing so very close with her big boobies secretary that my whole viewpoint of her changed.}

{Can’t Fuck your boss the why not find sex at you might find another boss~Find A Boss to Fuck and look no further Sexualcontacts.nets will help you get your Bonus~ How about a work bonus without the hassles we are experts at helping you finding sex}.

{When they saw me, they came over and made the most indecent proposal I ever got. “Hi James,” the boss said. “Want to have fun with us tonight?”~And they saw me sitting there, drinking too. The boss then came up to me and said, “Hello James, yes, this is us. Care to join in our fun tonight?”~They saw me as well. I was with myself and was dunking my loneliness in a Jack Daniels. These dames come up to me and say—Hi there, James. Wanna play with us?}

{I had nothing to lose. You can’t get closer to your boss any other way. I agreed. Seems they wanted a toyboy to join into their usual dyke experience. Well, I wasn’t complaining why should I?~Well, why shouldn’t I? This is the experience every guy lives for—getting a chance to fuck two dyke pussies. I went, a little bit too eagerly I thought.~I thought—Why shouldn’t I go? The boss looks great right now. And there’s Ms Big Boobs as well. What kind of man would pass up this chance?}

{So here I was, on her bed, naked with two naked women who couldn’t get enough of each other. I was the center of attraction, though, and the women were going all over me. Their big boobs all around my face, their lesbian pussies brushing against the sides of my legs if heaven is somewhere, this could probably be it.~And so here I am now. On their bed, with their two naked bodies brushing against mine almost everywhere. They are on either side of me and reaching out to feel each other’s boobs and cunts. I am smothered by boobs and am elated at the warm hands on my cock. I could lie like this, like, forever~Well, that landed me here. The bed is comfy, but not as comfy as the two female bodies that are lying on either side of me. Their boobs are all over me, and their cunts are rubbing against my cock. Their hands are checking me out as though I were a novelty and they are playing with themselves. They are touching each other like there would never be a tomo rrow.}

{The girls went on with each other. My boss began fingering her secretary’s pussy which was shaven as clean as it could. The fingering was slow at first and then became faster. I could see the clit, standing and taunting me. I got my cock into the secretary’s mouth. While I squat over her face and humped her mouth, I reached out for my boss’ boobs. Big, round, juicy, creamy~Their play is now heating up. The boss is checking out the secretary’s cunt with her finger. A very clean-shaven and neat pussy. I am impressed. She begins by slow caressing with her fingertip and then gains momentum. Her clit is right there—I can see it all worked up—and I am so excited. I need a mouth over my cock. Yes, the secretary is perfectly positioned. And right, those are my boss’ boobs. Well, I never knew they were so large under her suits~Yes, they are getting worked up, and I want to watch it. The boss has put the secretary into doggy style pose and she is checking o ut her cunt now. I take a look and it’s a great pussy. Shaven to perfection. Love that one. The boss is a good fingerer. She starts slow and works it up. In a little while, she is in a frenzy. I am hard. I take my erection to the secretary’s mouth. She takes it up like it was the juiciest sausage she ever saw. I play with my boss’ boobs.}

{It was now my turn to do my boss. I got her to lay flat on the bed. The secretary was still servicing my cock, but my attention was now on my boss’ pussy, which I knew I would tear apart tonight I hoisted her legs. Her pussy was shaven too, but not as cleanly as the secretary’s. I parted it with my fingers. It had a darker labia and bright pink inside. Inside, I could see a wonderful dark pink clit. I touched it. She quivered. I smiled.~It was good lip service, thanks secretary, but now I got to do my boss. I take her slowly and lay her on her back. The secretary isn’t letting go of my dick and my nuts. She enjoys them—quite a revelation for this lesbian, I suppose. The boss is great though, my attention is on her. I spread her legs. Great pussy. Not as perfectly shaven as the secretary’s, but sumptuous nonetheless. I check it with my fingers. Behind that dark brown fold there is pink and a very shapely clit. I touch it. It’s like a button that sets her into vibration mode.~I would now like to put my erection into my boss’ pussy. The adventure of that is driving me mad. But the secretary seems to have taken a liking to my cock and she isn’t letting it go Well, you can never tell with these dykes what they will start liking suddenly. I am checking my boss’ pussy. It is great. A brown rim and inside a very pink clit. I touch it. She quivers like a sow in labor. I like it all the more. I can do that to my boss}

{Slowly, I took my cock out from the secretary’s mouth. She reluctantly let go. Then I directed it into this juicy pussy. I felt the moist warmth and gave a big sigh. The secretary went over to the boss’ face and began getting her pussy licked.~Secretary, please release my cock from your mouth. Thanks. I now put that into my boss’ cunt. Well, how many men get to do that? It is warm and well I like it. The secretary is now all over the boss’ face, who is nibbling at her cunt.~I make the secretary let go off my cock and balls. She is reluctant but does it. I then take my erect package into my boss’ pussy. Great, warm feeling. I love this one. The secretary goes over to squat on the boss’ face. She gets her pussy licked by her boss.}

{It was morning when we let go off each other. Needless to say, we were all late for work.~Oh, is that morning already? Crap, we shall be horribly late for work~Drat, it’s morning Have to go to work But, no worries, the most important part of our office is here getting fucked by me}

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{When I answered the ad from this girl named Mana, I did not know what was really to come. I was at an outstation hotel for 12 days now and wanted some company. I had got this ad in the local papers and I called her up.~I didn’t expect at all things would turn like this when I first called up Mana. I had found her number in one of those sleazy ads in the paper and I had been without sex for more than 12 days now, so I though why not call her~I called Mana from the number she had advertised in the sleazy section of the paper, but I didn’t realize she would turn out like this. I had been away from home for 12 days now and really wanted some action. I found this ad in the papers, found it interesting and called her.}

{I was ready for her. The champagne was waiting, I spread some air freshener around the room and sat on the bed, flicking TV channels.~So I called. And at the time we fixed, I got ready for her. I took out some champagne and decked the room with some air freshener. I know girls like that kind of stuff.~We agreed to meet in my room. I prepared for her. I got out some champagne and put on some freshener in the room.}

{We only Have Midget Sex infact that’s why we call ourselves midgets we~Are you into Midget Sex then why would you go any further we are the specialist~ Midget Sex is what we are about so look no further and live your fantasy}.

{The doorbell rang promptly at 8 pm. I opened the door. For a while, I thought it was a mistake. But no—standing there was a midget girl She was about 4 feet tall, but exceedingly pretty. “I’m Mana,” she said.~She came at dot 8 pm. I opened the door quite expectantly. For a moment, I thought that there was no one outside. But then I looked more closely. Well, there she was—her head only four feet above the ground—but very beautiful. This midget announced herself as Mana.~She was very punctual. I eagerly opened the door to her. But, for an instant I couldn’t find anyone there and thought it was a prank. But then I looked again—there she was, standing a complete two feet below me She was a midget}

{This was just something unexpected. I have nothing against midgets—not even in a sexual way—but I just haven’t done it before. But she was a girl too, and very pretty at that, so I thought—why not? I asked her in, and offered her the champagne.~Well, this was not what I had pictured. Height has never been a factor for me when I seek sex, but then I just wasn’t ready. And this was a very pretty girl. I asked her to get inside and I poured her some of the champagne.~No, I am not against midgets in any way, but this was just a surprise. I haven’t done it with a midget before. But I had no problems whatsoever. And this girl was so wonderfully beautiful, I actually hastened in calling her in. I poured out some champagne for her}

{We exchanged very few words. She finished her champagne in a gulp and then came over to where I was sitting. She began touching me. It felt good. She undid my buttons and went inside. Nice I began to reciprocate. She was small, but had a big bust. I had noticed that when she walked in. Now I wanted it. I made her sit on my lap. Her ass was quite soft and I got hard.~We had no small talk. She did away with her champagne in two gulps and then came closer to me. She began caressing me. Her touch felt nice. She removed my shirt buttons and put her hand inside. A small and dainty hand I loved it. I noticed that she had big breasts despite her size. I wanted to feel those breasts. I told her to sit on my lap. My cock was stretching in my shorts. Her soft ass felt good on it.~We didn’t have much conversation. She drained all that champagne pretty fast and came to me. She ran her fingers over me. She was good with them—I was feeling excited already. She did away w ith my shirt buttons and ran her hands inside, on my chest. Again, pretty good She was lovely, actually. She had a big bust that I wanted to reach out and touch. I had a big tent in my shorts now. I told her to sit on it. She obliged. Her soft ass felt good on my erection.}

{I removed her dress. She was great. The nipples were small and pink. The breasts were large and made the nipples look smaller. She had a slight belly but underneath and her pussy was pressed by the additional weight of the belly. That made her pussy look tighter and more inviting~I undressed her. She was really something. She had very tiny nipples over those big boobs and those were fresh and pink. She had a little paunch but that added to her sexiness because it pushed on her cunt and made it look so very tight and exciting~I freed her from her clothes. It was really exciting. She had small nipples on her big boobs and that made her look really alluring. Nice, pink nipples A little tummy, but then that added to the excitement as well. Her tummy pushed on her cunt and made it look tighter and all the more inaccessible. Great, truly marvelous}

{I wanted her to suck me. She got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I have been sucked about a hundred times before but this was way too different. Her mouth was small and it was a very different experience. She worked her tongue to great effect. She could take my cock right till her throat. Soon, I was pushing her head on my cock and deep-throating her.~I asked her to give me a blowjob. She went on her knees, unzipped my shorts, took my dick out and put it in her mouth. She was doing really well. The fact that she had a small mouth helped. But she also had a lot of tongue on her and she knew how to move it the right way. I had a great deep throat experience with her.~I beckoned her to come suck me. She knelt at my crotch and freed my cock from my shorts. She took my cock in her mouth. This was a great feeling, really. I was enjoying the fact that she had a small mouth and could only fit my cock into it with difficulty. But then we carried on, and I shoved my cock in as much as I could and I was soon deep throating her.}

{She was so small, I could easily turn her. I lifted her by her legs and while she still serviced my cock and balls, I began to lick at her cunt. She had a horsey smell there different, but good. It excited me.~Her small size was really proving exciting now. I lifted her and turned her. I began to nibble at her pussy and she continued oral fucking me. I loved her pussy smell. I wanted more.~I was really getting aroused now. I carried her and turned her upside down—she was so small and light. She continued working at my privates, while I began sniffing at her cunt. Nice, shaven and a wonderful smell. I wanted some more of this.}

{She insisted I fuck her. I lifted her by the thighs now and pressed her against the wall. Then I put my dick inside her and had a go. It was a very tight cunt. When she had her orgasm, I clasped her tightly in my arms, which made her quiver all the more.~Now she told me to get into her. I smiled. I carried her and propped her against the wall. I inserted her. It should have been painful for her but she was certainly quite experienced. I plowed into her forcefully. Her pussy was quite tight and I was liking it. I brought her to her orgasm after stretching time a bit~She asked me to come inside her. I gave a little smile. I propped her to the wall and slowly began putting my erection inside her. I thought that would hurt her, but surely this girl was much experienced. She made faces at the right places and turned this into a great experience.}

{Mana was great fun. She was so energetic and interesting, I even let her be the woman on top—but that was when we were having sex for the third time that night~I loved my first midget sex experience. Mana was a small bundle of fun. We had sex several times that night. The third time, she became the woman on top~I had a lot more of Mana that night. The third time, she went on top. It was a great, great night}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Oct 8

{She had probably only come for casual chat, but then she walked right into our bedroom and caught us in the act. Don’t be surprised we are quite neighborly and all and have even given copies of our house keys to each other. And it was 3 in the afternoon. You cannot blame Tyla for suspecting we would be fucking each other at that hour~Most probably she hadn’t been looking for anything more than some usual banter when she walked into our house. But then she walked directly into our bedroom and caught me fucking my wife. Actually, it isn’t all that oddshe’s been our neighbor for all these years and we trust each other so much that we also have the keys to each other’s houses. Also, no one would expect their neighbors would be fucking each other at 3 in the afternoon So how could Tyla?~When our neighbor Tyla walked into our apartment that day, she might have been only looking to chat with us some, as we usually did. It was three in the afternoon. No t finding us in the hall, she must have come up to our bedroom. And that’s where it all started she caught us fucking. It was a really odd moment being caught fucking my wife by my neighbor woman.}

{Tyla is a great girl and I have had my lusty eye on her for long. But then my wife Sonya is great too and I have never felt the need to be adulterous. But now looking at her standing at the door while I was fucking my woman made me real hot.~Tyla’s a great neighbor and a sexy one too She has made me like her. But I am faithfully married to Sonya and wouldn’t want to cheat. However, today it was different. I was there fucking my wife and she walks in. The moment was steamily hot~But I have been fascinated by Tyla since long too. This girl knows how to flaunt her sexuality. However, I have never stumbled. That’s because I love my wife Sonya and I don’t need an affair with the neighbor’s wife. But this was different she had walked in on us. It was a moment full of sexual tension at least for me.}

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{I am sure she was standing there for quite some time before she made that inaudible snort. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Carry on,” she laughed. It was the laugh that did it for me.~She might have been standing there for a while. Then she saidI am sorry, please carry on. And then she giggled. Well, it was that giggle that excited me.~Surely Tyla stood at our door watching us for sometime before she let out that low cough. We turned in her direction. She said, ”Don’t worry, I saw nothing.” And then she let out a laugh. Well, it was that laugh that really got me.}

{“Oh, come on in,” I said. “Excuse us, we will be just a minute.” Sonya was staring at me. My dick was still inside her cunt.~I said No, come in. We are just finished My wife was still staring wide eyed at me. I had her pussy still filled with my cock.~I asked her to come in and sit and that we were already done.Well, what was I thinking, and my wife was staring at me as though I’d gone soft in the head. My dick was still throbbing inside her cunt.}

{“It’s all right, I’ll get moving,” she said. “Sorry.” And I don’t know what came over me. I just got up naked and went up to Tyla and kissed her right on the lips. Sonya was too shocked to say anything, and so was Tyla… now. Without a word, I guided her on our bed. Sonya actually made place for her~Tyla said No, I’ll go. And she turned to leave. At that moment, something snapped inside me. I simply got off naked to the core walked up to Tyla, held her head and gave her a full kiss on the mouth. It was a shocking moment Sonya was lost for words. Tyla didn’t know how to react. I took advantage of it. I brought Tyla to the bed.~Tyla again mentioned about going. Now, I got up. I walked up to Tyla, not conscious that I was completely naked. Then I grabbed Tyla’s head and gave her a kiss full on her mouth. And then no one could say anything. My wife was probably too shocked for words. Maybe even Tyla. I just took her arm and brought her to the bed.}

{In the next two minutes, I had two naked women on my bed, my fingers in their pussies and my dick all over them.~Within a minute, I was looking at two wonderfully naked ladies and was fingering their cunts and lashing my dick everywhere on their bodies.~What happened after that is too unbelievable. I was looking at two luscious pussies on my bed. I was running my fingers in them. I was beating their naked asses with my cock.}

{But what really surprised me was that the women were enjoying each other. I didn’t react. It made me horny absolutely horny to see them licking each other’s pussies. They spread their wet cunts obscenely in my face and went on slurping and licking each other. The two dolls lay close, very close, to each other and kissed each other on the lips. Their pussies were oozing juice.~However, something different was happening. I saw that the two ladies began having fun… with each other. But I wasn’t complaining this was immensely turning me on. They licked each other’s cunts. They lay there on the bed with their cunts wet and exposed and went on French kissing each other. The wetness of their pussies was now spreading all over.~There was another undercurrent. The two girls were playing with each other. It excited me no end to see them lick each other’s pussies. They lay on bed and felt each other’s bodies. Their cunts were extremely moist now.}

{I didn’t know which cunt to take first. I tried Tyla’sit was the newer one. Beautiful, just beautiful. This was a tight cunt tighter than Sonya’s and warmer. But Sonya’s was smoother and so I switched cunts.~I had two pussies laid out for me. I had to choose. I chose Tyla’s for the sake of novelty. And it was a fantastic cunt. Tight and warm. Different from Sonya’s. But Sonya’s was smoother. I entered her.~Well, I had to have my pleasure too. I thought about which pussy I might select. I chose Tyla she was the new one. It was a great cunt warm and tight. Sonya’s was moist and tight. I liked it. But Sonya had a better and smoother one. So I went back to Sonya.}

{I did both of them. I lay spent, on the bed. But the women went on kissing and licking each other. When they came, the bed shuddered.~I made both the ladies happy. Then, after coming twice, once in both the pussies. I laid back and watched the fun. The two dykes went on playing with each other.~I took turns with both of them. Then, exhausted, I sat. But the girls continued playing.}

{It was then that I realized I was the intruder, not our neighbor.~It was then that I understood who the outsider really was.~And it suddenly came to me I was the odd man out.}

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