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posted by Gerard Duplest on Nov 11

{It was my second week at the new company when this message blinked in my inbox: Go to the bathroom now. Middle stall. Take your mobile.~Two weeks into my new job at this company, I got an e-mail from an anonymous co-worker on the intranet. It simply said: Bathroom, now. Go into the stall in the centre. Bring your phone.~At the end of my second week with my new company, my day changed suddenly and for the better when a message came up on the intranet: Fancy some sex now? Bathroom, second stall, bring a telephone.}

{No sender name or indication who gave this order, but I was intrigued, so I did as I was told. At this company men and women shared a bathroom, something I still had to get used to, but I had no time to ponder this as I received a text message the moment I closed the stall door behind me: Welcome to your wildest dream. Drop your pants.~Not knowing what to expect, but full of excitement, I grabbed my mobile and headed for the multi sex bathroom we shared in the complex. It seemed deserted so I closed the door of the middle stall behind me expectantly, only to find it empty. A text came through: Get naked; this is your lucky day. My blood started boiling with anticipation.~No That was it, no name or return address. I rushed into the cubicle of the shared bathroom without hesitation, only to find it empty. As I looked around, my phone vibrated with a text message. Again no number was displayed, only a short message: Get naked – now I want you.}

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{Hesitantly I looked around for peeping holes, but saw none, so I again did as I was told. Feeling a bit awkward, I stood there waiting for my instructions. Then my phone rang – number withheld. The voice on the other side was husky and demanding.~Afraid of being caught in a silly office joke, I hesitated, but soon my own lust took over so I stripped down. Just before I could get cold feet, my phone vibrated and rang. The mystery deepened as my caller identity showed no number. The woman on the other end of the line sounded sexy and husky voiced.~I undressed with a bit of hesitation. What if this was a silly joke aimed at the new guy? Just as I wanted to quit this bizarre event, my phone rang – number withheld on the screen. Her voice was filled with sex and lust. I felt my arousal grow.}

{Can you feel me? She asked. No, where are you? Push yourself against the inner wall, you will feel me. I listened with my ear against the wall and sure as hell, I could hear a person breathing heavily on the other side. Stroke my breasts, she begged. My hands stroked the cold wall.~I want to feel your body on mine she whispered in my ear. But how I asked. I am next door to you, feel me pushing against the wall she purred. I put my ear to the thin wall and heard her moving her body against the cold dividing wall. Feel my breasts she said in an exited voice. My hands shot up to that level on the wall.~Get your body onto mine she said. But how, I can not see you? I am next door she said, feel me on the wall. I listened closely to the partitioning and sure as hell, she was there, whispering in my ear. My breasts are yours, stroke them as you wish, she commanded. My hands shot up to chest height against the wall.}

{Oh yeah she groaned in my ear, just like that. Now move down on me with your hands, I want to feel you insert your finger inside me. Bewitched I dropped my hands to where I thought her pussy would be on the other side and scratched the wall.~I love it, she groaned. I want more of you she begged. Slip a finger inside me, she kept on in my ear, feel my wetness. Wild with lust, I went down to that level I assumed her wetness to be and worked the wall with my finger- loudly so that she could hear it clearly.~That’s so good she said with bated breath. I am yours, all of me she continued purring in my ear. I want to feel you fingering me now. I dropped to my knees and knocked on the height I knew her pussy was right now.}

{The woman in my ear breathed even more heavenly. I am yours, she whispered taste me. I pushed my mouth to the wall down below and heard her rubbing her lions against the wall. I licked the wall violently and she responded in my ear with shrieks of delight. I simply had to have this lusty fox.~She responded with load groans that even came right through the wall at me. Take me she hoarsely begged. Take me with your tongue. Without single hesitation I sucked up against he wall where I heard her pubic hair make faint scratching noises. Oh yes, she cried out. My mind flipped over~She took a few sharp breaths in my ear. I want your tongue deep inside me she whispered. Taste me now I did as I was told and could sense her rubbing her sweet hot spot against the thin wall. In my mind I was eating her wildly. My whole body wanted to have this mystery woman and right now}

{Come in here I begged. Silence. Please, I begged even more, I need to have you. You will never have me, she answered and the phone went dead. My reactions were too slow as I struggled to get up from my knees I heard the stall door next to mine open and close.~I want to come over to your side, I whispered into my phone. She did not respond. I am begging you, let me come over, I tried again. Who are you I asked. You will never know she said and pushed her phone off. As I was trying to get dressed again, I could hear her leaving.~I want the real you now, I managed a sentence into my phone. She stopped breathing. I am begging you, please come in here with me, I tried again. No, she said sharply and switched off her phone. Bewildered I tried to get up from my kneeling position, only in time to hear her door open up, releasing my fantasy woman.}

{As I zipped up my throbbing hard on, I heard the faintest clicking of heels leaving the bathroom. My mind was blown away, my body was aching for this mystery woman and my pants bulged under my excitement.~I struggled to get myself calm enough to get dressed. The clicking of high heels on the floor told the story of a girl leaving fast. I was left devastated, horny and fighting a throbbing bulge into my pants.~As I fought my throbbing cock into my zipper, her heals clicked out of the bathroom. My whole body and soul was on fire for this girl that toyed with me just now.}

{Minutes later I could leave as well. Walking into the open plan office was pure hell as I tried to make eye contact with every girl in there – searching for the acknowledgement I so desperately seek, but no one even looked up. Back at my desk, a new message flickered on my screen: Same time again tomorrow?~After regaining my composure, I left the stall for the office. My eyes searched every corner of our office space to find a girl smiling knowingly back at me, but not a single one even looked up. I slumped into my chair, only to see a new mail: That was great. Same time same place tomorrow?~After what felt like hours, my cock went down and I could slip back into the office. My eyes darted from desk to desk in search of the girl of my dreams, but not a single one even noticed me. She was gone for good. Back at my workstation, a new message waited for me: You were perfect. Want to do it again tomorrow?}

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