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posted by Gerard Duplest on Jan 28

{No big secrets here, I simply moved from waiting on my selfish lover to finally discover how and when to do what to me – I took control myself. I must admit that now I am becoming quite an expert on self-stimulation.~Forget mystical dreams of a fulfilling sex life and create one for yourself today. You can choose whether your lover will be part of this journey or not, but trust me, once you discover that elusive orgasm a day secret, even your lover does not matter that much.~It is no secret that every woman knows exactly how and when to take themselves to orgasm, so why do we stop doing that? Take control like I did and enjoy at least one orgasm every day –trust me, your world will change.}

{Every orgasm I master is fast becoming stronger, longer lasting and indeed a lot more fun. Every woman should discover this little secret – sooner than later.~Orgasms get better and more powerful every time you have one, so why not work at getting one every day. All women should enjoy this luxury and the best of it – orgasms come for free.~As you orgasm more frequently, you will find them to get better and more overwhelming every time. Self stimulation can be really sexy if you know what you want from it in the end.}

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{Ladies, forget the notion of taking a vibrating piece of plastic and slap it onto your clitorises – this game is a mind game between you and your desires. Play it from the moment you wake up in the morning by allowing yourself a slow masturbation session before you rush out of bed.~Most ladies go wrong in that they think a sex toy will take them to orgasm within seconds after they started using it and then usually loose interest real soon. You know your body and thus why expect to orgasm in seconds. This is your chance to take yourself to orgasm at the pace and intensity you enjoy most. The build up starts at waking up in the morning – horny from last night.~Un educated self stimulation with sex toys can be very disappointing as many women expect to be blown away by a plastic vibrator seconds after switching it on. Juts like sex, the build up to self stimulation is what make it splendid, so take your time.}

{At the office, use a discreet and small vibrator to sit just inside your pussy. Keep the vibrations low and enjoy doing your Kegel exercises whilst being tickled. This build up will get you in the mood for fun later in the evening.~You whole day should be filled with sexual tension, so start playing with yourself at work already. Search for little vibrators you can wear inside your pussy all day and enjoy this all day long.~Keep your mind focussed on your pussy all day long at work by using any of the discrete vibrators that you simply slip inside you for hours of fun. This is also a great time to do those Kegels as you enjoy the secret stimulation.}

{Late afternoon you will feel quite tensed up and ready to go home – this is the time to prepare for your journey home. I use a refreshing menthol gel that I put just inside my pussy with a finger. All the way home I am aware of the tantalizing feeling in my panties. Best part is – I cannot touch myself.~The homeward journey should be the next step to your orgasm. Look around and see the women all dreading to go home, but you have a different going home experience – I use some of the heating lotions especially made to add sensation to the pussy just before I leave for home.~Just before I hop onto the bus home, I make a quick bathroom stop where I insert a dollop of heating gel into my pussy. I love the sensation between my legs and knowing that I will not have a chance to touch myself, adds to the fun. I now know how the girls in the ads always smile in public.}

{At home I enjoy my dinner and a glass of wine before I run a bath. In goes my water proof and very flexible dildo with the rounded end as well as some short tentacles on the other end. The vibration can be controlled as well.~By the time I get home I am ready to orgasm, but I keep myself by doing my evening chores with a smile of expectation. Only when I finally slip into my bath do I let myself go completely.~My evening tasks fly by as I anticipate my orgasm getting closer. As I run a bath, I can hardly wait as I know what is about to happen. I found the perfect dildo to be a latex number with variable speed options.}

{Lying back in a hot bath I focus all my attention on my clit as I tease it with the tickler side of the dildo. I start with larger circles round my vagina working it closer and closer inwards until I touch the tip of my clitoris. Then all the way back to the outside circle again.~My latex dildo with the variable vibrations works incredibly well for me as I tease my pussy in the warm water. My fantasy plays of as fast or as quick as I want, but I take myself to the edge as many times as I want to and then let go again without an orgasm. This is called edging.~The warm water, the glass of wine and my mind gone to a world where I am the sexy goddess of the sex world takes control of my body now as I use the dildo to tease myself as long or as short as I like. I am in control and loving every second of it.}

{There is no rush, but after a while your clit will be begging for a bit more attention than a simple mere touch. Now is the time to work the rounded head over the whole of your pussy, but never entering yourself. Simply open up slightly and stop for a while on the clit.~By edging you will notice that your clit will get super sensitive and quite demanding of some physical attention, so now is the time for some direct stimulation. Use the dildo in any way that adds maximum stimulation to your clit.~Edging is a term used to describe the process where you turn away from an orgasm just before you can not do so voluntarily any more. Do this for as long as possible and go as close to the edge as you can every time before easing up. This is your time to enjoy or share with a partner.}

{Keep this up for as long as you can and then when you start to feel that familiar tingling feeling building up from your toes, it is time to take yourself completely over the edge. Use whatever end 0f the dildo you enjoy best, close your eyes and go where all woman should go at least once a day.~Because of the edging, you will soon feel the first lovely signs of an orgasm coming up. Do not stop this time and let yourself explode as many times as you want, enjoying very second of your orgasm that you worked for all day long.~The moment you feel your orgasm entering your body, let it go and take yourself right over the edge. Enjoy every second of this experience and even go for a second or third orgasm. Your whole body and mind will benefit from frequent orgasms, so let yourself enjoy it as often as you want.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Jan 25

{As I browsed the net, a single small add drew my attention and I clicked on it out of pure boredom. Little did I know that I found real excitement by visiting live sex cams – something I never did before.~I found real excitement by visiting live sex cams when I saw this small unobtrusive icon at the bottom of my screen. This single link took me to world I never knew even existed, but will be visiting every so often from now on.~I usually never react to the web cam ads that seem to be popping up all over the net nowadays, but I took a chance and selected a link that looked real amateurish to see what these web cams are all about.}

{The ad linked me up to the bedroom of a college girl somewhere in Kentucky where a single webcam showed me a view of her bedroom with special focus on her bed. Typically college girl, the place looked a bit of a mess and I nearly closed the cam, but luckily I did not.~The scene promised nothing special as I found myself in a Kentucky college girl’s room. It was a bit of a mess and completely deserted so I decided to close the tab, but something stopped me from doing it immediately.~Turns out this link ended at a web cam that gave an overall view of a dorm belonging to a girl on the Kentucky campus. I watched the empty room for a few seconds and remembered my college days when my room was in the same state of disarray. Just as I wanted to log out, the door was flung open.}

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{The dorm door flew open and a freshman walked in with a girl in his arms. Her legs were wrapped round his waist as he kissed her passionately. With one arm he cleared the bed and set her down gently without taking his tongue from her mouth.~A very young couple burst through the door. A very beautiful girl was wrapped round the waist of a well build guy whom carried her effortlessly to the bed. They were engrossed in a tongue-wrestling match. He used his loose arm to swipe the messy bed.~In came a couple of youngsters – barely legal – but it seems they knew precisely what they were doing. The muscular guy cleaned the bed with a single arm stroke and effortlessly pinned the girl onto the mattress. From their kissing I could tell he was going to fuck her well.}

{Her hands worked on her short little skirt and soon she was pushing down her panties with her skirt. He slipped out of his tracksuit pants to reveal a massively thick and long cock that was throbbing hard. I caught a glimpse of her clean-shaven pussy just before he buried his head in her loins.~The girl wriggled out of her clothes as he came resting flat on her back. The young stud had no problem getting naked either as he simply used his feet to step down his pants. His dripping wet cock was very thick and hard and pointed right at the girl’s shaved pussy.~She sucked on his face and without breaking her kiss, she got out of her clothing in what seems to be seconds. He too seemed to get naked almost immediately as he stood with an erection as hard as rock watching her opening up her legs for him.}

{I could not believe my eyes or my luck – I always imagined these sites to be fake or traps, but here right in front of me a young stud was ravishing his girlfriend – completely unaware of my watching.~I sat back in my chair and enjoyed watching these two youngsters getting it on. I usually avoided live web cams, but I am sure that this would be a regular pit stop for me in future. Meanwhile the two moved on to fucking.~I watched him eating her like a wild animal – completely unaware of my virtual presence. My first web cam experience was turning out to be great one as I watched these tens getting it on big time.}

{The sex was clumsy and full of stoppages and position changes, but she simply could not get enough of him and he stayed rock solid hard right through the whole fucking session. She rode his cock like an animal and he used his hips to thrust as deep inside of her as he possibly could.~They fucked like animals, he used his harness to push right into her as deep as he could and she in turn sucked him and kept him hard all throughout. This was not staged sex, this was the real thing and somehow I loved it. I felt like a fly on the wall watching two teenagers fucking each other hard and deep.~Unlike polished sex films, this web cam delivered the real thing to me. The youngsters fucked in every position they could master with lots of pulling out and slipping back in action. He fucked her half dead as she willingly lifted her hips to his thrusting. His freshman cock did not go down a single moment during this whole fuck session.}

{As she got on top of him, he simply lied back with this massive happy grin on his face as he let her take full control. This little slut obviously had movie aspirations as she played up to the web camera. He simply enjoyed being fucked senseless.~His face broke into a heavenly smile of bliss as she pinned him on his back and straddled is pounding meat. He knew nothing about the web cast, but she knew exactly where the little camera was, so she played up to it as she rode him like a professional.~Sweaty and exhausted he fell down on his back and invited her onto his massive cock. This girl knew where the camera was and she made sure to give me a show as she rode his pole. He simply closed his eyes and loved being thrummed by this blond bomb.}

{When he could not hold back anymore he started yelling like a dog and she responded by lying down on his face, her tight booby’s rubbing on his lips. Her bottom lifted slightly and he slipped out of her just in time to send strong streams of cum up her curvy spine.~He went into a howling sound as he started to come. Skilfully she let him slip out of her as is hot streams of juice shot all over her back. He sucked her nipples and growled like a lion cub that was just fed, his face one big smile.~The moment he started shooting long white steams of cum, she cleverly slipped him out of her and took his cum all over her perfect backside. He growled like a wild lion as he pumped his balls onto her.}

{She kissed him passionately, but this dude was done and wanted out of there, so he simply pushed her over and pulled his pants on as he got up. As he walked around looking for his t-shirt, she started screaming at him, but he simply smiled at her and walked out of the dorm, slamming then door behind him.~The girl wanted the action to continue until she came as well, but her young lover had his fill of her and simply slipped her to the side. Still playing to the camera she put up quite a screaming session, but he simply kept his glorious smile, found his clothes and after he dressed, he simply left her yelling all to herself.~The girl obviously wanted to orgasm as well, but her young lover started a scramble to get dressed. She did not like this move and at all and let him know about her unhappiness. He simply smiled at her, got his kit on and left without even looking back.}

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{The two male river rafting guides could not believe their luck as their new client climbed from the Jeep. These tow river guides were used to rugged men coming to face the rapids with them, so this leggy blonde that came towards them was quite a fresh breath of air for them.~Usually the guides saw other men coming down for the over night rafting trip down the river with them, so you can imagine how happy they were when a leggy blond girl stepped from the Jeep that delivered guests up stream to the point of departure. Electricity started flowing from the moment she laid her soft hands in theirs.~The usual pre departure mood changed dramatically when the two sexy raft guides met their latest passenger – a beautiful long legged blond babe. They are so used to guiding men down this tricky river, that seeing this girl gave their blood a special rush of excitement.}

{As they helped her into her safety kit, it grew quite obvious that this little kitten was up for fun as she made sure that her breasts stayed in the way of their hands as they both took turns to check her floatation vest. The atmosphere became quite electrical in that raft as the three set out, sitting with more body contact as necessary in the rubber raft.~The mood became laden with sexy undertones almost immediately as the two guys went out of their way to ensure that her safety vest fitted perfectly. Long stares into her eyes were met with a twinkle of lust in hers as she pushed her breasts against their hands as they double checked her vest. The vibe was perfect and they all knew it.~As she slipped into her flotation vest the guys took turns to check and adjust the size. With their hands under her vest and in close proximity to her perfect breasts, the sex in the air could be smelled. She encouraged them both with lusty eye contact and by sweeping her pointy breasts over their large hands ever so slightly. She sat between them in the small raft making sure both felt her body contact fully.}

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{The day was filled with laughter and three bodies in close proximity as they fought the power of the water. Late afternoon they reached the overnight camp and settled down next to the fire after showering.~Rowing down those rapids took a whole new meaning as the threesome enjoyed the rush of adrenaline mixed with arousal. Over excited and worked up like teenagers, the three stumbled ashore at the secluded overnight point.~The threesome tackled the water stacks with gusto and as their bodies were pushed together by the motions on the water, their arousal became mixed with the pumping adrenaline surge they all felt.}

{The girl simply asked – so do you guys fuck your clients or must I radio for help? The brawny guides gave a shocked little laugh, looked at each other and went over into action. The dark headed guy went for her pointy breasts whilst his blond friend stroked the little panties she sported.~Both men got up as she entered the room after taking a shower. She simply walked onto them and enticed them into a lusty three way kiss. The guys went from slightly shocked to ready for action as their hands started exploring her perfect body together.~Later that evening they relaxed next to an open fire as the girl came walking towards them wearing only a shear night gown. She stood in front of the two guys and simply dropped the soft fabric revealing her perfect naked body. The rangers whom were wondering how they were going to get her to this stage simply picked up on her vibe and joined in her sexual fantasy. Soon they were a body rubbing kissing unit that breathed heavil y.}

{This turned the girl on enough to push her body onto these two horny fuckers and they stripped her last bit of clothing off with their teeth. Together they lifted the girl up and straddled her over the rubber side of their raft.~Sharing a wet kiss with two men obviously turned the girl on tremendously and she opened her legs wide for the exploring hands that arrived at her crotch. The guys stripped her slowly and without breaking eye contact with her.~The guys worked as a team and lifted the girl gently onto the side of the raft, lying her down belly down on the soft rubbery side. Her beautiful ass lifted in the air, ready to be explored.}

{The dark haired dude rammed his cock all the way up her pussy as she lifted her crack. There was no soft start for her as he simply ploughed inside her with relentless strokes and kept fucking her with deep hard thrusts, but she loved it as her mouth worked the blonde’s cock.~With the girl bend over the side of the rubber duck, the one guy drove himself deep inside her wet pussy. She reacted by pulling his friend into her warm mouth. They fucked slowly and deep for quite a long time before they swapped positions on the girl.~One of the guides slipped deep inside her with a single stroke and she growled like a lioness as he stretched her to her maximum with his massive meat. He showed no signs of letting up as he systematically and in perfect rhythm fucked her like a machine.}

{After ten minutes the guys switched round and again she showed them how badly she wanted to be fucked by spreading her eager legs even wider. The dark haired guy lied down on his back right next to her on the side of the raft – his rock hard cock ready to accept her onto his sweating body.~Sweating and breathing heavily one of the guys lay down next to the girl on his back, using the rubber duck as support. His friend lifted the girl and slipped her onto his friends throbbing cock. She loved being man handled in this way and showed her appreciation.~The guys alternated fucking her hard and deep whilst the other one fed her his cock. This fuck fest went on for most of the night as the girl begged for more. Sweaty and exhausted the one ranger fell on his back next to the girl bent over the edge. His wet cock stood fully erect, so his friend simply lifted and guided the girl onto this.}

{His friend lifted the girl up and placed her onto his friend’s waiting cock. As she rode him with slow and deliberate strokes, his friend paid some attention to her perfect little ass. With spit as lubricant, he went into her tight little hole with no effort. She cried out as he entered her in a single deep thrust.~She rode his cock with slow and deep movements of her hips, taking him as deep as she could manage. His friend marveled at her perfect little ass moving in front of him and with a bit of lubrication, he slipped right up her ass in a silky smooth thrust. Both men were inside her now and she loved the moment.~She barely missed a stroke as she went on riding his thick meat effortlessly. Her tiny ass begged for attention and soon the other guide gave it the desired treatment. The girl was now riding both mates at the same time and her screams of lust filled the cool night air.}

{The rubber raft bobbed and jumped as the guys found a fucking rhythm that saw her take two cocks at the same pace and intensity. The night skies roared with deep throat noises from all three of them as they moved in perfect synced motion.~Together the threesome fucked way into the night filling the silence with grunts and sounds of ecstasy . The raft they came on was used in every possible way it could support three fucking people.~With all the build up of the day as well as the last bit of testosterone overflow they all experienced, the threesome continued fucking each other until the sun peeked in the West.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Jan 18

{Wanting to spice our sex life up my boyfriend and I took a journey down to the sex shop. With plenty of toys for either sex I was intrigued with a vibrator in particular as I had never used one. Deciding on a red one with multi speed and a clit tickler we made our purchase and hurried home.~My girfriend and I had been together for six months now and we were both in that insatiable time of mindblowing sex. Sometimes up to eight times a day we would be stripping off and getting redressed when the urge took us.~I will never forget the day (Greg) my boyfriend surprised me with my first vibrator. Upon returning home from work he lounged around and casually said I got a present for you today. Intrigued because I love presents I jumped on him and tickled him until he produced the parcel. Upon tearing it open I was surprised to see a shiny pink vibrator sitting there staring at me. I was shocked but excited at the same time as I had never used one.}

{Once home we went to experiment straight away. Tony took charge and after placing me on the bed and putting a blindfold on me I was already excited. Grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs wide apart he ran his hands up my inner thighs, removed my knickers and started fingering my already moist pussy.~Lexie had been a lesbian all her life and was my first serious relationship with a girl. Sure I had been with girls before and boys for that matter but our relationship was highly sexual and very deep. Lexie was always great and really knew her way around my body.~Greg knew it was my first one so he was taking charge. Even though I was already aroused and wanted to use it straight away I headed for a shower and as I slipped on my sexiest lingerie shaking with excitement and anticipation.}

{As I lay back he brought the tip up of the vibrator and inserted the tip in the entrance of my wet pussy. Moaning with excitement I shut my eyes and started rubbing my breasts. Tony turned on the vibrator from Sex Toys Australia and the pulses started humming around my entrance and he teased me there and at the same time the vibrator teased and pulsated on my clit with it until I was moaning with the pleasure.~I loved my sex life with Lexie and was totally fulfilled in every way but one. I longed and ached for the penetration of a good hard cock. Upon bringing up this delicate information with Lexie she suggested we go shopping for a vibrator from Sex Toys Australia.~As I entered the bedroom Greg was waiting already. He picked me up and placed me in the centre of the bed. Grabbing my ankles he spread my legs wide apart and reached up with his hand into my sexy lace g string. I was already so wet and horny that he ripped off my knickers and pulled out the vibrator that came from Sex Toys Australia.}

{Suddenly Tony thrust the shaft into me and I lost my breath. Tony turned the controls up so the shaft was rotating rapidly around inside me as well as quickly vibrating and tickling my aroused swollen clit. I couldn’t help it I came then and there hard and fast not believing the incredible sensation at first.~I was pretty intimidated as I had never before used a vibrator. Heading down to the local sex store I was amazed at how many different sorts there was. Trying to decide as I was overwhelmed with the variety Lexie did a little shopping of her own. Being more daring than myself Lexie pointed out a vibrator that took both our interests. It was vibrating penis, six inches with real veins attached to a black leather studded harness. Making our purchase we went straight home.~As I lay back he brought the tip up of the vibrator and inserted the tip in the entrance of my wet pussy. Moaning with excitement I shut my eyes and started rubbing my breasts. Greg turned on the vibrator and the pulses started humming around my entrance and he teased me there and rubbed my clit with it until I was moaning with the pleasure. Suddenly Greg thrust the shaft into me and I lost my breath. He turned the controls up so the shaft was rotating around inside me and I was in pure ecstasy.}

{I could feel his cock was rock hard against my leg and he was pumped with excitement and adrenalin ripping out the vibrator and thrusting himself into my wet and waiting pussy. Still tingling from orgasm and highly aroused and with his cock pumping me so hard and so fast it didn’t take long for either of us to climax.~Once home and locking the front door we were hot and already going for it. The trip to the store and the purchase had aroused both of us and I was anticipating the penetration I had been longing for.~Holding my legs wider apart and pulling my knees back he started pumping the vibrator into me slow and gently and then hard and fast whispering “come on baby, come on”. As I could hold off no longer and I escalated I came with a huge rush of an orgasm so intense it rocked my body.}

{Still blindfolded he spread my legs wider and pinned them down with his legs. Grabbing the vibrator he slipped it into my wet pussy and turned on the multi function. Groaning with pleasure as the waves rocked my body again I reached down and started pulling him off until he was rock hard. With my legs pinned down already he than pinned my arms down above my head with one hand while using the other to control the vibrator. The pulsating on my clit and vibration inside had me ready to climax again.~Stripping off Lexies top and removing her skirt and knickers I grabbed the harness and strapped the vibrator around her slender hips. Grabbing my nipple and kissing me Lexie pushed me down on the couch and continued her kissing all the way down to my pussy where she darted her tongue in and out of me making me even wetter.~Greg was rock hard with excitement and adrenalin so he ripped out the vibrator and thrust himself into my wet and waiting pussy. The sex was so intensified that he flipped me on my tummy and took me doggy style. Arching my back I reached down and played with his balls until we both came.}

{Just as I neared orgasm he pulled out the vibrator and entered his throbbing cock deep inside me teasing me with long slow thrusts and pumping slow and deep just teasing. Just as suddenly he pulled out and thrust the vibrator in back in sending fast pulsating sensations all through me. In no time at all I was in the throws of ecstasy again and climaxing.~I reached up and rubbed her clit the way she liked it and put my fingers in her hot pussy. She was just as wet and horny as I was and as she sucked my neck I could feel the strap on and was tingling with anticipation. Tilting her hips up with her sexy tight ass in the air she spread my legs wide and aligned the vibrator and glided that 6 inch penis deep inside of me. Ohhhhh the feeling was pure heaven. Enjoying the penetration I had been longing Lexie grabbed the remote and started speed control. First slow but ohhhh fast and then faster.~Exhausted as we were laying on our backs I was still as horny as hel l and wanted to play with the vibrator more. As Greg lay back I reached down and grabbed the vibrator. Lying there together I spread my legs and whilst looking at him holding eye contact I inserted the vibrator and started rubbing my clit. It wasn’t long before I was on the edge again and Greg was rock hard again just watching. With the vibrator inside me and still going for it he placed me on my knees and my hands held me up on the bed head while he thrust the vibrator in and out of me from behind. I could feel his hard cock against me and hear his heavy breathing which turned me on more and I started whispering, “Fuck me baby fuck me”. Greg pulled the vibrator out and fucked me up against the bed head this time harder and faster and more intense. With one hand holding onto the bed head I used my other hand got the vibrator, which was still going and put it on my clit.}

{Slowly he raised my bum and gently entered me from behind. With the vibrator in my wet pussy and his cock in my ass I was pushed over the edge. The sensation of both the vibrator and his cock in me at the same time took me to a huge orgasm in no time.~Writhing in ecstasy Lexie started riding me with the speed on high With her gorgeous breasts above I reached up sucking and biting on them and wrapped my arms around her tight and fucked her back as she plunged even deeper into me. Just before I was coming she pulled out and I turned over arching my back waiting for her to take me doggy. As she plunged the penis back into me I had to grip the bed to balance as Lexie pumped deeper into me this time ever harder and faster and with the speed right up. Just as I started to come I heard Lexie’s whimpering of orgasm and that was all I needed to take me into orbit.~With my clit sending shots of pleasure through me and Greg’s hard penetrating cock intensifying I cried out in pleasure as my pussy tightened around his cock and my clit vibrated constantly. Again I was in the pure throws of another orgasm and enjoying the ride for as long as it took me whilst I felt Greg harden right up and coming in me with such a blast that he was left breathless.}

{Lying back together and with a smirk on his face he asked how I’d liked my first vibrator experience. Removing my blindfold I sat up grabbed the vibrator got on all fours starting to ride it saying this much~When we both recovered Lexie apologised for coming before me but said she couldn’t help it. She was turned on and explained that the penis vibration came through the soft leather and vibrated intensely on her clit. When she asked me how I’d enjoyed my first vibrator experience I answered her by unclipping the harness and strapping in on myself about to enjoy the freedom of any position to ride her and answered her let me show you how much~Lying back together and with a smirk on his face he asked how I’d liked my first vibrator experience. Still horny I picked up the vibrator and said “this much”. Bending over I took his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around teasing him as I pushed the vibrator into my went pussy and off we went again into pure the land of ecstasy.}

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{I have played wingman a couple of time for my best mate David, and I have to admit that he has returned the favor from time to time, but this time he had a really big request, a blind date. Now I don’t mind creating a diversion if the girl David has targeted has a friend with her and she looks ok, at least you can see the bird. But a blind date is a bit much even for the best of friends.~Playing wingman for David, my best mate hasn’t all been bad, and I admit he has done it for me too, once or twice. Only this time was different, he asked me to do the blind date thing and this is a big thing as far as I am concerned. Providing a diversion for him while he hits on a girl is ok, at least you get to see the chick first. But even for the best of friends a blind date is a bit heavy.~Dave is my best mate, we have a mutual understanding that I play wingman for him, he is a bit of a ladies man. He will do the same for me, but I am not that into picking up chicks, I would rather jump out of an airplane or climb a mountain. I don’t have a lot of time for chicks right now, life it meant to be enjoyed while I am still young enough to do it. This time he had a real big favor to ask and he wanted me to double date on a blind date}

{He had met this chick and was hot for her, she had a friend and wanted to double date; he begged, I agreed and this is how a blind date from hell ended with a blowie from heaven.~Dave was really hot and heavy after this one girl and she wouldn’t go out with him unless he had a friend for her friend. But I agreed and that’s how a blind date from hell landed me with a blowie from heaven.~This one girl had really captured his attention but she didn’t want to go out with him alone, can’t say I blame her. But this is how I landed a blind date from hell which ended with a blowie from heaven.}

{If sex dates are what you are into, you may be surprised to discover that there are plenty of other singles out there with exactly the same thing in mind. No strings sex is easy when you have no intention of being tied down in a relationship.~Sex dates are great fun and it may surprise you to know that it all some people want from a date, you may even end up with a generous girl like I did. Someone who makes no strings sex easy.~Its good fun to get a sex date when there is no strings attached, and you may be surprised, but there is a lot of this going on, even these days.}

{The big date night arrived and the deal was if I played wingman Dave stayed sober and was the designated driver. He collected me and we went to pick up the girls, my heart was pounding as if I had run a marathon; this was not my idea of a fun night out on the town~The deal on the night of the big blind date was that Dave was the designated driver, so I would at least have the dubious pleasure of getting s drunk as I liked. He fetched me first and we went to get the girls. To say I was nervous was the understatement of the Century, this was not my idea of fun.~Dave had to play designated driver because I was going to get very drunk and he owed me, so he picked me up and we went together to fetch the ladies. I have to say that I was pretty nervous too – unlike me, but a blind date is not my idea of a good time.}

{So off we went, Dave and his trusty wingman and picked up the girls. His girl, Natalie was a dream, mine, Tandy, was a dog. Not only in the sense of how she looked, but how she dressed, spoke and even smelled.~Dave’s date was great a real stunner, I could understand now why he was so desperate to go out with Natalie, but mine, Tandy, was rather a dog. You could see she didn’t take much time to put herself together.~Natalie, Dave’s date was a number 9, darn near perfect, mine was on the other end of the scale, about a 2, Natalie obviously didn’t like competition. Tandy was a real dog, with very few redeeming features as far as I was concerned.}

{Where did this bitch come from? God, I couldn’t believe I had to spend my hard earned money paying for dinner for a hound from hell. The things you won’t do for your friends?~I couldn’t believe that I was buying dinner for this poodle, Dave sure had better be grateful in a very big way. He owed me on that’s for sure~Buying a dog dinner was my idea of a real waste of money, but I had made a deal with Dave, so I decided to shut up and put up, but he really owed me one or two}

{I was sitting next to the hound dog, doing my best to entertain her, while David and his date were on the dance floor. She leaned over and asked me if I had ever had a blowie in a crowded club?~I did my best to entertain the bitch while Dave and Natalie were getting their groove on, when the most unexpected thing happened. Tandy leaned over to be and asked if I had ever had a BJ in a busy club.~I was left to entertain the little doggie while Dave and his beauty hit the dance floor. About half an hour into the uncomfortable silence she leaned my way and whispered in my ear “have you ever had a good blowie in a really busy club?”}

{I took another look at her, took another stiff sip of my drink, things were starting to look up, so I told her “no”. “OK” says my little doggy “I’ll do you now”. I thought, at least it would shut her up.~I did a double take, was I hearing right? Thought about it for a millisecond and thought what the heck, “no” I answered, “are you going to give me one”. She just looked at me and bent over to work her magic.~Had I heard right” I sure had, so I answered “no”, it didn’t take me long to think about it. She just looked at me and put her hand on my crotch and opened by fly. She bent over and started sucking on my exposed cock.}

{She leaned over into my lap and opened my fly without so much as a by your leave, took out my already stiffening cock and latched onto it like a newborn baby to the breast. She sure knew what she was doing too, slurping and sucking at my cock as if it was the most delicious thing she had tasted her whole life.~With absolutely not a word or a semblance of shyness she took my cock out of my pants and started licking and sucking me. She had her hand cupped around my balls, gently massaging and I got a rock hard erection in moment. She may not look and smell good I thought but she knows how to suck cock.~This chick wasn’t bashful I’ll say that for her, I had heard of this kind of thing happening, but it was a first for me. Fondling my balls and running her tongue up and down my rock hard shaft, soon got me really excited. She might not be the best looker, but she sure knew how to get intimate with a male organ.}

{Taking her time and doing it real slow, this ended up being one of the best and most exciting BJ’s of my adult life. She even swallowed every last drop of cum when I shot my load into her mouth, so the night wasn’t a complete loss. But I still never want to see her again~She took her time too, and didn’t seem to be in the slightest little bit concerned about anyone seeing. I had heard about girls like her, no social decorum whatsoever, but hell it felt good, and I am a pig when it comes to all matters concerning my penis. It didn’t take me long to squirt my load, and she lapped it up, but no matter how good the BJ, I still never want to see her again.~Tandy didn’t seem to give a damn about anyone seeing us and this added to my excitement, she took her time too, slowly sucking out all my juices. I have to admit it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load and she just lapped it up. This was my blowie from heaven and I wouldn’t mind going another rou nd with the bitch, but I don’t really want to buy her dinner again.}

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{Back in the old days, when we first got into swinging, we had to play spin the bottle to get things warmed up. But stocking my swinger party with discount sex toys has put a whole new angle on this old stalwart and between spin the vibrator and Twister, our parties now get off to a “swinging” start~When we first started swinging many years back, it was not easy to come by sex toys, but today stocking my swinger party with discount sex toys is simple, and the old faithful spin the bottle has been replaced by Twister and spin the vibrator to get the party warmed up.~Back in the day when we first started swinging, no one really though about sex toys, they weren’t easy to come by and spin the bottle was about as exciting as it got. Of course there were also other uses for the bottle, but now we are more civilized and stocking my swinger party with discount sex toys is easy today.}

{Back when sex toys were something you could only buy undercover. You got your basic vibrator, with a couple of adaptors, a couple of different types of cock ring and that was about it. They were also primitive and cost an arm and a leg.~At one time these toys could only be purchased undercover of if you had a friend traveling to London, but not any more. Even then the vibes were incredibly basic and a couple of different cock rings were the only choice, they were also very pricey.~Back then the only way to get these toys was if someone went to London, and they were about as primitive as they were back in Greek times, except they were battery operated and expensive. There was also not a great deal of selection.}

{Adult wholesale is now a mainstream industry and with more new cheap plastic goods coming out of China all the time. It is an above board practice to use these toys, as individuals explore their own sexuality would you like to buy close to wholesale try Discount Sex Toys.~Today adult wholesale is an above board industry and goods coming from China has resulted in a sex toy boom. Sexual exploration is considered to be a healthy pursuit that’s why purchasing Discount Sex Toys make sence.~Adult wholesale has changed all of this for us and we are not able to get whatever sex toys we want, and this form of sexual exploration is also deemed to be healthy so stay healthy and buy Discount Sex Toys.}

{Strangely enough these toys are still against the law in some US states. It is very interesting to note that Adult Party Plan has taken the place of Tupperware, with more law abiding mom’s selling this kind of plastic-ware to make extra money.~It is insane to think that law in the US were actually promulgated to ban sex toys, probably hundreds of years before they became popular. So this proves they have been around for a long time. Adult Party Plan has taken the place of Tupperware as a means to make extra money for law abiding mothers.~US laws years ago banned the sale or use of sex toys and this just goes to show they have been around for a while, and adult party plan has taken the place of selling Tupperware for adult women to make extra money.}

{A case in point is one 43 year old mother of three from Burleson, Texas. She is a Baptist and a former schoolteacher who is not even part of a swingers group and she faces charges for being a “smut merchant”?? She was even kicked out of two local churches~Problem is that some of the laws have not caught up with the times as one 43 year Texas mom of three found out. She is a churchgoer, and former school teacher and she is also up on charges in court for being a “smut merchant”, she was even banned from attending two churches~Strangely enough the laws don’t seem to have kept up with the availability of sex toys in some states as one Christian and law abiding Texan mother of three found out to her chagrin. This former schoolteacher, aged 43 was selling adult party plan goods and was brought up on “smut merchant” charges.}

{She was arrested by two undercover cops (don’t they have some drug dealers to catch?) for violating Texas obscenity laws, and if convicted could face a year in jail and a fine of as much as $4 000. I never heard of anything so obscene?~After being arrested by undercover police (it screams entrapment) and charged for violating obscenity laws. She may face a year in jail and $4 000 fine if found guilty, to my way of thinking that is obscene~Undercover police busted her after she sold them a vibrator and explained its proper use. I am sorry, but why weren’t they out looking for pedophiles?}

{It was no secret that this lady is a representative of an Adult Party plan company and she was selling toys, potions, lotions and lingerie. Many girls were happy to support her, however some tight ass residents were not happy and reported her to local police, asking that she be charged.~She never kept her involvement in the Adult Party Plan company a secret, she had plenty of support from local gals and her toys, lotions, potions and underwear were selling well. But the fly in the ointment seems to have come from a group of unhappy “Christian Groups”.~It was never a secret that she has started selling toys. Lotions and potions for a large adult wholesale company, after her husband construction company began to fail, and most of the girls of the town had her back. But a group of ‘Christian” townies believed she was out of line.}

{What surprises me so much is that that this is a multi billion dollar industry in the US alone, shouldn’t the laws be changed to accommodate this? I mean it is close to 2010 for goodness sake.~What I find really surprising is that the laws have not been changed and a multi-billion dollar mainstream industry is alive and kicking. Mainstream means it is not undercover, like some porn and drugs.~What is really surprising is that a mainstream industry such as adult wholesale which generated billions of dollars in tax revenue, has fallen behind in the eyes of the law in one smutty minded Texan town, this in not heroine she is selling}

{When this lady was interviewed she said she was in the business "to help women become self-confident in their sexuality”, and quite rightly so. But apparently some “Christian” husbands are threatened by a piece of plastic and what got her into trouble was when she sold the toys to the cops and explained how to use them. In Texas, sex toys have to be sold as a novelty.~While she was allowed to be interviewed, before a gag order was slapped on her she told people she was in this business to provide women with ways to become “self-confident in their sexuality”. But when threatened by a piece of plastic Texas Christians apparently lose all there charitable pretenses and she into trouble because she explained to the cops how the sex aids should be used. Texas law dictates that sex toys must be sold as novelties.~She was even slapped with a gag order when she defended herself to the press by saying that se believed in this business and was in it to help thes e women to be “self-confident in their sexuality”. However plastic penis envy seems to have overcome some of the charitable Christians in this town and they don’t want couples of anyone for that matter to be sexy behind their own closed doors. According to Texan laws, sex toys must be sold as novelties and not an aid to gain sexual self expression.}

{The judge presiding over her case even slapped a gag order on her, but now she has found in the role as public advocate in the cause to allow couples to be able to make their own decisions about their sex lives, and her lawyer wants these laws repealed If you live in Texas and want to buy sex toys for your swingers’ parties, I suggest you contact this lady, she deserves the sale.~Finding herself in the role as public advocate to support the cause to allow couples to decide about their sex lives and what to do with them, will make her a hero of sorts. Her lawyer wants these laws repealed, and her case may set this precedent. If you want sex toys and other goodies for your swingers’ parties, I vote we buy them from this lady, she deserves our support.~This dear soul of my soul has no found herself the spokesperson for the cause to allow couples of this town to choose what they do with their own sex lives. It is bound to make her some kind of heroine of sorts and her lawyer is livid. She wants these laws repealed and rightly so. But I say if you are from Burleson, Texas and you want sex toys for your swingers parties, buy yours from her, you more than likely know who she is, and she deserves the sale, I am not going to print her name, it only takes a Google search to do this.}

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{I have always had a bit of a thing for a good spanking, in fact when I was a little girl I used to get naughtier and naughtier, until I would apparently step up to my father and say, “daddy, I think the time’s ready for a spanking” much to his shock and surprise~When I was a small child, my parents found it amusing that I would come to them about once every six months and say “I think time is ready for another spanking” this used to happen like clockwork and I would get naughtier and naughtier in the build up to this.~It was very amusing for my parents that as a small child I would become naughtier and naughtier until the time that I walked up to my dad and told him that I thought I was ready for a spanking. They still find this story amusing, if only they had known}

{How was I to know that there would be a day that my spanking fetish turned into a money maker? Only this time the tables were turned a little.~I recon that I have always fancied having my hide tanned, but never dreamed there would be a time when my spanking fetish turned into a money maker~I have to admit that my fancying the odd spanking, which may be considered a fetish by some, has turned into a money maker for me, and no one could be more surprised by this turn of events.}

{Find BDSM Partner on many internet dating sites, you don’t even have to look on a niche specific social networking program. I didn’t and it just happened naturally.~Internet dating sites don’t even have to be a social networking site that caters to find BDSM Partner, I wasn’t registered on a specific site when I found mine, just a normal dating site.~Find BDSM partner anywhere as long as you are looking, I wasn’t even looking, but the WWW is a very big place, and you don’t even have to join a specific site. I found mine in a normal social network.}

{It seemed to be a natural progression for me from enjoying the odd spanking, to enjoying being handcuffed and spanked, then blindfolded, then tied up and completely mobilized and even suspended. Slowly as I was introduced to this art form, I became deeper entrenched in its mysteries.~Because I enjoyed being spanked and started getting into handcuffs and bondage, it was completely natural for me to progress into a BDSM lifestyle. As I became introduced to new and more exquisite torture I became more deeply entrenched in the mysteries of this beautiful art form.~I got into handcuffs and light bondage as well as spanking from a very young age. This made it absolutely natural to become involved in BDSM, and this was a gentle progression although I was soon deeply interested and entrenched in this mysterious and beautiful form of expression.}

{I met my dom by accident, from a normal dating site, he was years older than me and very practiced as well as highly regarded in the community. When he approached me I thought “urgh, 62, he’s an old fart”. But she spoke to me nicely, he was intelligent and he sparked my curiosity.~Sam – my dom and I met quite by accident, as I said, at a normal online social networking site for daters. He was 62, I was 30 and at first I thought Yuk, and old guy, but soon I learned, the more experienced a man, the better. He approached me and at first I was reluctant to meet, however he was intelligent and nice and I was curious.~I met my dom by accident and he was and always will be the only dom I every had, my tastes have changed slightly now. I was pretty young, but old enough to know what I was doing at 30, but he was 62, and initially I thought “how horrible”. But he approached me and although reluctant at first I agreed to meet.}

{He had recently lost his collared submissive when she moved overseas and was looking for someone new to collar. I didn’t fancy this idea at first, but eventually, I thought, “what’s the harm in just meeting?”~He was looking for a new sub, I wasn’t even looking, but he was persuasive and we met. I mean what was the harm in a simple meeting?~He was highly intelligent and caring, and also looking for a new submissive to collar. I went to meet him, thinking there would be no harm in it and I was right.}

{So I met Sam and we chatted for a while, arranging to meet he was interesting and had some really funny stories to tell like when he was selling his house and his BDSM equipment was in a special room. He explained to prospective buyers that his suspension frame was a special frame he had built for his specific back problem.~Fortunately for me, no harm at all We chatted and to him everything about bondage was natural, he was interesting and told me this really funny story about his bondage rack. He wanted to sell his house, so he would tell prospective buyers that his rack was for some back problem he had, and that he has is specifically made. That made me laugh~We hit it off right away, and found lots to talk about, not all of it about bondage, although one story he told me was very funny. He wanted top sell his house and had, had a special rack built. Not wanting to dismantle it until he had to, he told prospective home buyers it was special suspension equipm ent to help his back problem. I thought that was really funny.}

{We agreed to meet again, and I soon became happily involved in the BDSM community he belonged to, it wasn’t long till I was collared too and Sam became my dom. Sam taught me everything I know, I soon had equipment in my own home and was meeting up with people I had met with similar interests on the internet.~It didn’t take long for me to become integrated into the BDSM community in which I felt I belonged. Sam was a great dom and I soon became interested in other aspects of BDSM. Started collecting my own gear and watch and learned. I soon realized that I was not only a submissive.~I soon felt like I really belonged in the BDSM community Sam introduced me to and began to enjoy the lifestyle. Sam taught me a lot and I was so eager to learn that I started collecting my own gear. It did not take me long to realize that I was something of a hybrid and not a true submissive.}

{I only ever allowed Sam to bind and spank me, he was the only one I trusted but I was soon receiving requests for bondage sessions from all my new friends. I thought what the heck, I have the gear.~Pretty soon I made my on circle of friends, a community outside of Sam’s, most of who I met on the internet. I have to admit that Sam is the only person I have ever trusted enough to bind me, but soon the people in my community were asking me to teach them. I thought why not, I have all the equipment?~Although Sam is the only person I ever trusted to bind me, I soon became interested in binding others and a circle of new friends grew around me. They wanted me to help them and I had all the gear, so I thought why not?}

{Before long I had some regulars and they were offering to pay me to spank them too, a bit like and ambidextrous writer I found I enjoyed being dominant as well as submissive. Even though I am a bit of a BDSM mongrel, I was soon making money from this and I still shake my head and wonder about the day my spanking fetish turned into a money maker for me.~I got so good at giving people what they want it didn’t take long before they started paying me for my time, I had not idea this was going to be a money maker. It is strange down what paths life leads you, but I still think about the fact that my spanking fetish turned into a money maker, and a really good business it is too. Rather my clients be safe with me than out there with some other sadist~As I got better and more popular, more men, and women came to me for help and many insisted on paying me. What the heck, how was I to know my spanking fetish would turn into a money maker? But my business (that is what I call it now) has grown and I don’t have enough time to schedule new clients. Who knew? But they all seem to believe that they are much safer with me than some random sadist.}

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{Since the explosion of cheap plastic ware from China hit the world, the original Tupperware sales have plummeted and so did those famous Tupper parties. This left a whole section of women without a course to support.~Tupperware used to be the exclusive plastic ware that no shop would sell. You had to be part of the Tupper family to be invited to those Tupperware parties where ladies bought expensive plastic objects whilst talking nonsense.~To be invited to a Tupperware party in the seventies meant that you were reckoned and found worthy and rich enough to join a certain group of women that could afford and appreciate exclusive plastic products. Plastic became common use shortly there after leaving the Tupperware girls a bit lost.}

{As regular Tupperware party attendees, these women were an already defined and willing buyers market. Why not give them an alternative that will not only give them reason to get together again, but may lead to sexual fulfillment?~After plastic ware became cheap and overly available, these women were left high and dry with no buying parties that made sense to them. The new rage that took this already ready to buy group of women are private sex toy parties.~They wanted their exclusive parties back, so when the new revelation in the form of sex parties started out, the Tupperware girls were smiling again and were eagerly awaiting their exclusive invitations in the mail.}

{Adult Party Plan has become mainstream and many people are earning good money online and off by selling these products. There is a massive potential market for them.~Adult Party Plan is a mainstream industry, many budding entrepreneurs are making this their new work from home opportunity and becoming successful~People are making good money from Adult Party Plan it has become a mainstream industry. Budding entrepreneurs are becoming successful with this as a work from home opportunity.}

{Sex toys are now sold at adult party plan parties. These parties work just like the Tupper get-togethers, but your new plastic ware usually do not end up in the kitchen cupboard. Instead they end up in your bedroom where you can enjoy them by yourself or with a partner.~Instead of cooing over salad bowls and lunch boxes, women now get there to get something for themselves only. They still have the fun of the party, but the goods have changed dramatically and may never even see the inside of the kitchen during their lifetime.~Instead of looking at the range of plastic boxes, these women are now more interested in what is hiding inside the box. They want to learn about sex toys and these parties are just the place to do just this, backed by the cheers and fun with the other girls attending they are willing to look at about anything.}

{These parties are hosted by a qualified host as well and he or she will guide your guests through the maze of products available. Be prepared for lots of fun, laughter and silly remarks, but essentially all attending know what they want and need.~The Tupperware host now dons a different cap as she leads her guests into the world of self stimulation. Just like the old Tupperware parties, women ooh and ah over the large range of products they are shown. The fun just keeps on going as every one makes a comment or a joke about the next toy that comes out of the box.~The Tupperware lady now gets down explaining how to use the toys, how to maintain them and when to introduce them to your partner. There may be a lot of laughter and fun, but each woman there knows what she likes and wants and will buy it discreetly.}

{A variety of sex toys are on display and you can ask every question you are too scared to ask the funny looking shop assistant in the sex shop. These parties are private and relaxed – just the right environment to get it all out on the table.~With so many women around, you will feel free to ask what a certain toy does and how to use it. Expect some really fun answers, but you will get the idea quite quickly.~The table is filled with all sorts of devices and other sex enhancing objects and your hoist will gladly show you how each works. No questions are treated as silly and the fun environment makes it possible to hide your slight embarrassment by asking your question as part of a joke.}

{Most women think of sex toys as those large and scary looking dildos that vibrate, but the products came a long way since women started to share their needs and demands with designers.~Don’t be fooled, sex toys have moved on quite dramatically from the look alike penis dildo that just looked plainly scary. Women are now the designers of these mores sophisticated options.~Party goers are surprised when they see that sex toys evolved from flabby silicon casts of penises into sleek and modern devices that functions perfectly as they are supposed to.}

{Discreet vibrators are very trendy as women can leave them on the bedside tables and no one will be the wiser. Travelers enjoy the lipstick look alike as this slips into their purses and look just like the real thing, but will not color your lips. Any shape vibrator that can not be spotted as just that will do the trick.~These female designers know that women may feel quite uneasy if their sex toys were to be found, so they cleverly started to hide function inside ordinary designs. These clever instruments may sit on a dresser without anybody ever knowing what you use them for.~Discreet Instead they are buying items that could be left openly in the bedroom as no one would ever imagine it to be a vibrator. Little ticklers find their way into bags and purses of traveling business women and some even looks just like her favorite lipstick.}

{The sex toy revolution hit the world with force as more and more women especially realize what they were missing out on. Their inhibitions melted like mist before the sun and now they are flocking to private sex parties in search of real powerful orgasms.~With the fear and stigma of sex toys moved to the side, women are now ready and open to buying stuff that they want and need openly. These sex parties are now more informational and functional as they come in drones in search of orgasms they realized they deserved and wanted.~Buying sex toys are fast becoming the trendy thing to do amongst modern women and some of them actually feel left out when they do not get their invitations to these exclusive fun parties. Their drive – orgasms that they know they want.}

{The sales pitch that works best is the naughty aspect of going to a arty where they might as well be buying Tupperware but instead they are sipping Champaign and testing all sorts of sexual aids to find something they enjoy.~Apart from the usual giggling and fun, a strong bond develops under the women attending as they share their secrets and desires with each other. These parties do have a certain flair to them as well and women do feel very privileged to be invited.~Just like the Tupper girls, the sex toy girls feels a bond amongst themselves and this makes it much easier for the host to work with the group. Adding some fun and a touch of class creates an atmosphere that is very conducive to sales.}

{The bonding aspect between women helps the host to get all of them to settle down and talk openly about their experience. A few hours the ladies spend on themselves for themselves. Don’t you think it worth your while to investigate these parties? Maybe it is time to switch from the Tupperware to sex toys after all.~Like a united front, the girls sit back and listen to their host explaining how and when to use what to get which effect. Gone are the Tupperware parties, but women now feel part of a community again and the money the spend flows freely as they know that they will be the sole beneficiaries of their purchases.~Contact your local party host today and find out how easy it is to get your secondary income going. Invite a couple of your ex Tupperware friends and you will have yourself a great fun event where ladies buy sex toys and again enjoy those lovely times spend together years ago.}

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{The day I saw those leathers, I knew I simply had to have them. The salesperson behind the counter told me that the pants could be adjusted to fit me perfectly, so I decided to take her up on her offer.~After saving for a long time, I finally found myself in a shop trying on my very first pair of leather pants. After trying on many without finding one that I liked, the lady of the shop suggested I had one altered to my liking.~My dream of getting a pair of leather pants came true when I tried on my first pair. I hated the fit, but the shop offered a tailor service which I wanted, so I paid to get it done.}

{As I stepped into the back room, a pretty young lady came up to greet me. Her Asian features were striking and I felt a little stir in my loins. I said a silent prayer to keep myself relaxed in her company.~With my new pants on, she sent me into the adjacent room where a beautiful Asian girl waited for me. Her smile made me a little nervous and I felt a little panic as I felt a jolt in my crotch.~So I found myself in another room of the shop where a strikingly beautiful Asian girl waited for me. I immediately became a bit nervous as I did not know how I was going to stay calm and collected in her presence.}

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{I slipped the pants on and they felt perfect to me, but she insisted I got onto the little dressers box in the middle of the room, so I did as told. Without a word she got working with her measuring tape and chalk.~In the middle of the room with mirrors all round stood a covered box and she guided me onto this in silence. She picked up her tape and dressers chalk and started to work on my pants.~She guided me onto her box set on the floor in front of a massive mirror. She moved silently and gracefully like a cat as she came close to my crotch area with her tape and a little piece of chalk with which she drew and marked areas.}

{Her tiny hands slipped lightly over the soft leather as she measured and marked where she was going to make the changes. As she worked towards my crotch, I simply could not rely on prayer anymore as I felt my bulge swell.~Her soft touch drove me wild and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. She simply went on measuring and marking al over. As her hands slightly touched my bulge, I lost my self control as I grew stiff inside my new leathers.~I felt her hands every time she touched me and had to bite my tongue a few times, but it did not help at all as my bulge slowly but surely grew in size. This became worse as she touched my bulge ever so gently.}

{She never looked up once, but simply stroked my pounding bulge lightly with her tape and drew a fine white line that disappeared into my thigh. I knew she was going to do the same on the other side and this idea got me rock hard.~With her eyes down, she drew a line from my belt into my thigh passing right over my crotch. As she lifted her hand to do the same line again, my bulge really swelled up and became very visible as my cock pushed from inside.~With her chalk, she softly drew a line right on the side of my crotch and all the way down under my balls. I waited with bated breath for her to do this on the opposite side as well and when she did, I got a full on erection.}

{She looked up with those gorgeous brown eyes, smiled at me and then proceeded to lick my bulging pants. I pushed her head into my throbbing dick and she lightly bit my cock through the leather.~The girl noticed my excitement and ran her long nails over my shaft. Our eyes met and we both smiled at each other. She broke eye contact and faced my enormous bulge, playing on it with the tip of her tongue.~She lifted her eyes up to me and I noticed the little devils dancing in them as she kissed my over sized bulge. She licked off the line she previously drew there. I loved her touch and attention.}

{Her hands came up and worked my tight ass quite skilfully as she kept her attention on my ever increasing bulge. The fine white lines disappeared as she left long wet lick lines all over.~After a few minutes her tongue erased all the markings she made previously as she worked my bulge. Her tiny hands explored my tight butt as she felt me up all over. I went wild with excitement.~She worked my bulge and butt slowly and with determination causing me to shove my bulge right in her face. Her tongue was all over the leather pants by now enjoying every minute.}

{She untied the button and took my zipper in her teeth. Whilst looking into my eyes, she slowly unzipped me this way, which send me over the edge. As I tried to step of the box she made a gesture to let me know to stay right there.~Her fingers found my pant’s front and slowly she helped my erected cock to freedom. Her eyes played in mine as she slowly unzipped me, so I tried to get off my little stage, but she gently nudged me back onto my box.~She had no problems unbuttoning the front and slipping her hand in to pull out my throbbing cock. Her mouth was hot and silky. I tried to get down to her level but she firmly pushed me back onto the box.}

{With great skill she had my rock hard cock out and started with light licks of her tongue over my head. I felt my knees trembling as she swallowed all of my 11 inches in one go.~Her tongue played with my cock as she worked her magic on it sending shivers all over my body. Her skills surprised me as she took all of me down her throat, sucking me silly.~This was clearly her show and boy was she good at giving great head as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. I trembled all over and tried to keep focus and balance as wave upon wave of pleasure went up and down my spine.}

{My hands ended up on her head as I fed her my meat and she loved eating me as I drove deep down her throat. I lasted only a few minutes before washing her face with my hot cum.~I gripped her pony tail and pushed myself deeper into her hot mouth. She responded wildly and kept up the suction. Within minutes I felt my orgasm building up until I could not hold back any longer. I came inside her mouth.~I shot my full load into her open mouth and she laughed out loud as she took every drop I could deliver. This was the fastest I have ever came since I care to remember.}

{She played with her mouth full and then slowly spat it onto my new pants. As the white streaks ran down the leather, she spoke for the first time: Now you never forget your first leather pants, yes?~She let the cum flow down the pants and smiled up at me. In her broken English she joked with me by saying that she now knows that I will never forget the day I bought these pants.~After rolling my spunk around in her mouth, she dribbled it down my brand-new pants. As she slapped my ass, she smirked – now get it off so that I can fix it.}

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