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posted by Gerard Duplest on Mar 20

{The reason why the best way to get porn delivered is by RSS feeds, is because this is the most efficient way to receive updates, and check out the latest news at all your favorite websites. This mean you don’t have to visit each individual site every time you want to see if something new is happening.~Why getting your porn delivered by RSS is the best is because it is the most efficient method. It means not having it visit site after site to pick up all the latest news and if you have tried to do this, as pleasant as it may be, if you are making a living from it, it can be very time consuming.~As far as the most simple and efficient way of getting porn delivered from you favorite sites, RSS is definitely the best. Using this tool means you will have the latest updates and changes at your fingertips the moment they happen. If your livelihood depends on this visiting sites every day is incredibly time consuming.}

{The thing is that there are various different RSS reader and it is important to compare these and determine what is the best for your subscription needs. They are divided into two different categories, the "Desktop" and the "Web Based".~Updates and all the latest news are delivered from your favorite sites by RSS feed you simply subscribe to these, and there are two basic methods of receiving them. These are direct to your desktop by means of a desktop reader or to the internet in a web-base option.~To have this information delivered to your RSS reader, all you have to do is have an efficient reader and subscribe to the feed at the site. There are two kinds of RSS reader, web-base and desktop. Each has their own usefulness and each user has their own likes and dislikes.}

{Adult RSS feeds can help for marketing your products as well as keep you up to day with all the latest happenings in your niche.~Marketing products by Adult RSS feeds keeps your information current and happening. The more up to date the information, the better your business runs.~Current information and recent updates are vital for marketing products, services and sites, subscribing to Adult RSS can keep you on top of things.}

{The Web-Based RSS applications are the most commonly used, they are known as web -based aggregators and one of the most popular, is the always popular Google. The beauty of using this is that because it is web based it can be accessed from remote areas with a connection to the internet.~The most commonly used RSS applications for porn are definitely web-based. These allow the user to access the latest news, no matter where they are, as long as they have an internet connection. Let’s face it in the new world we live in, we don’t always work from one location. The Google RSS reader is one of the more popular web-based applications.~Web based RSS applications are most commonly used to receive updates from porn sites. This allows the subscriber to collect the information they require from anywhere provided they have access to the internet. Working from one location does not necessarily have to be the way to get things done today, and the Google reader is a popular a pplication..}

{Desktop readers are applications which collect RSS news feed to your PC pr local computer. This means these feeds are installed and can be accessed even if the user is offline and if you weren’t aware the 2007 version of Microsoft Outlook, comes with a desktop RSS reader. This means that subscribed feeds aggregate right inside Microsoft Outlook.~Feeds which aggregate to your desktop will store in your PC so that they can also be picked up when you are offline, and this is how the desk-top reader works. In case you didn’t know Outlook 2007actually has one of these desktop RSS reader applications as part of its standard features. So in essence, you subscribe to feeds, they are send while you are connected to the internet and you can read them at leisure, without being connected.~Desktop RSS feed aggregate to your PC and store in your desktop as the name suggests. This mane you are able to collate this information when you are offline, and some users find this more convenient. Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides a desktop RSS reader as one of its standard features.}

{But which is the best way for you to get your porn delivered by RSS, desktop or web-based?~However, which is the best way to get porn delivered to your own personal RSS reader, web based or desktop?~Bearing all this in mind and regardless of whether you have a web-based or desktop RSS reader, this is still the best way to get your porn delivered.}

{If you are only accessing your RSS feds from a single computer the desktop version is definitely better as it is faster as well as easier to use. But if you use a home computer and a remote computer, the same principle doesn’t apply and these applications can be painful, as feeds won’t sync between more than one computer or computer users.~When you are only using a single computer and don’t find yourself running around trying to access information from all kinds of remote locations, the desktop RSS reader is faster and simpler to use. But it is important to note that if you do happen to find yourself elsewhere and you want to access this info, the feeds wont sync to web based, or other computers.~If your situation dictates that you spend most of your time behind your PC a desktop reader is probably the best. It is more convenient as it is faster and therefore more efficient. However this won’t sync to an internet feed unless you integrate it with other applicati ons and this can be inconvenient for picking up feeds if you are away from your station.}

{There is a way to get the best of both Desktop and Web-based RSS feeds, and this is with FeedDeamon or a similar product, which allows multiple computer use and synchronized feeds. This product is actually one of the most popular RSS desktop readers.~Some applications do offer the best of both worlds, applications such as FeedDeamon and others. These allow for syncing and or multiple PC/laptop use, and they are popularly used.~FeedDeamon is just such an application, but there are others available. These offer you the best of both world and allow syncs to a web based feeds. So makes it convenient for users of multiple computers, FeedDeamon is one of the more popular brands.}

{There are also ways in which Outlook can be integrated with other RSS capabilities, but this is actually getting pretty technical now, and as the purpose of this exercise is to determine what is the best way to get porn delivered via RSS, I suppose we should get back to the point at hand.~Outlook can also to some extent be synchronized with other RSS reader/feeder products to produce various capabilities, but this is all getting extremely technical no and really we are only trying to prove that it is much easer to get porn delivered by RSS.~RSS Feeder and reader products can also to a degree be synced with Outlook 2007 to create certain capabilities, but I am tripping over my tongue her with feeders and reader and the technicality of it all and all we want to know is about getting porn delivered.}

{The best solution is obviously going to be the solution which fits either your lifestyle or working style the best. A desktop reader with synchronizing capabilities still seems like the best option, but either or, it is still better to get your porn delivered by RSS Reader, as it saves time.~Whichever way you choose to get it delivered and what type of RSS Reader you use is entirely up to you and the way you run your life or business. Practically speaking getting the best of both worlds seems easiest for receiving this information too.~However you decide to get your porn delivered, whether this is web based or desktop will be what ever is most convenient for you personally. The basis of the argument is that RSS does make for the most efficient delivery method.}

{Adult RSS is a great way to save time, remember time is money and having the latest updates or news from your favorites sites delivered is much more convenient. Check out our site to see how we can help.~Save time and money by getting your porn delivered via RSS. Check out our site and we can provide you with more information regarding Adult RSS.~Adult RSS makes your porn delivery far more efficient and our website is the place to get all the information you require. Give us a try and save both time and money.}

posted by Gerard Duplest on Mar 16

{I have picked up fucks all over the place, but I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar. It was just after my divorce came through and I was footloose and fancy free, so I soon became a regular at a local watering hole, Jacks Bar, and gosh this story makes me cringe when I think about it.~I have never been shy to pick up a fuck and take advantage of it – a fuck is a fuck, but I picked my best fuck ever up in a hotel bar, and it is quite a story. Soon after my divorce, I decided to get out and about again and made friend in a local hotel bar. Someone said never shit on your own doorstep and they were right~You know what they say, a fuck is a fuck And I have never been a shrinking violet, or one not to take advantage of a fuck if it is going, I like sex, so what. I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar, but this actually turned out to be a big mistake for me and I actually ended up feeling really bad about it in the end.}

{I was dancing with this guy and things were getting hot and heavy, he just about had my top off on the dance floor and I needed to go to the ladies. He followed me in there and before I knew is my top was off and I was down on my knees giving him a blow job.~One night I was dancing with this guy, a lot younger than me and good looking, he was a regular in Jacks Bar too. We were getting a bit out of control and went to the ladies, where one thing led to another and I was soon down on my knees giving him a BJ.~I had become a regular in a hotel bar after my divorce and one night I was there, dancing with a young guy who was really cute. Things were already getting hot on the dance floor, and the next thing I knew we were in the foyer of the ladies loo and I was on my knees with his cock stuck halfway down my throat}

{Adult contacts can be made in a bar, as this story will tell, online, or just about anywhere. It all depends what you are looking for, but it is highly unlikely you will find your soul mate in a bar or nightclub.~Adult contacts can be made anywhere by anyone, in a hotel bar, online, nightclub or church hall, it all about being open to make those contacts.~Make adult contacts in many places, hotel bars, online and virtually anywhere. But remember to make contact, you have to be open to contact.}

{We didn’t even go into a stall to do it, just right there in the ladies loo, he got me up off my knees turned me around and stuck his big cock in me from behind. I was so turned on at the though of being caught, that I came in seconds.~He soon pulled my shirt up over my head and we didn’t even bother going into a stall, just right there in the middle of the foyer of the loo he stood me up, pulled my pants down and started fucking me from the back. I came in moments, I was so turned on.~Pulling my shirt over my head, he reach down and stood me up with my back to him, down came my pants around my knees and up went my skirt and he was fucking me from the back. I was so excited, I came nearly the instant he entered me.}

{He went at it, pounding away at me, my pants round my ankles and driving his massive hardon into my cunt, for a maximum of two or three minutes before he came too. Afterwards, leaving the bathroom and continuing dancing where we had left off, it was the best fuck I’d had in years.~After banging me stupid with his big fat cock in a matter of minutes we were both finished, how we didn’t get caught at it I don’t know, but it was just one of those things, and we returned to the dance floor like nothing had happened.~God, did he ever fuck me hard, I couldn’t believe the size and power of that boy, this was altogether the best fuck I had ever had. It is hard to imagine that no-one cam into the loo while we were fucking there, but I guess we were just lucky.}

{This was before I became a freelance writer and I had a pretty important job at a health management company. We needed a temp for the reception and I called the agency for them to hook us up with one.~At that time I had a responsible job for a private hospital company (in the days before I became a freelance writer). Our receptionist was off sick and I needed a temp to fill this front-line post for a few days, so I called the agency and got someone in.~This was long before I became a freelance writer and I held a responsible position at a health management company. We had a problem with a sick receptionists, so I called for a temp at our regular agency.}

{Anyway, the girl came around and she seemed fine, and as the head office was relatively small, we got chatting in some quiet moments. She has been temping for a couple of days, when she asked me if I frequented Jacks Bar, so I said, yes, I had been there once or twice. So she tells me, "I am sure my fiancé knows you".~The girl arrived and was fine for the job, and as she was there for a while we got talking. It seemed as if she knew me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, then one day she asked if I went to Jacks Bar, so I sort of said yes and though nothing of it. Then came the bolt from the blue, she said she was sure her fiancé knew me.~In this girl came and she worked out fin, but one day we were chatting, I could not figure out why I had this feeling I knew her. One day while chatting she said that she thinks her fiancé knows me, and did I ever go to Jacks Bar.}

{Not thinking about it very much I sort of went oh, what’s his name and she told me, but it didn’t mean very much to me at the time. Anyway about two days after that, I am walking through to the reception near quitting time, and her she is with her fiancé, so she says, "hey, Stephanie, this is my fiancé, the guy I was telling you about".~She told me his name and I thought "oh shit" I was sure is was the loo fuck guy, but couldn’t be certain as I am not very good at remembering names. I forgot about it and walking into reception one quitting time, saw a guy waiting for her. He had is back to me, so she introduces us and he turns around, and it was him.~Not thinking about it that much I said yes, so she told me his name, but it didn’t mean that much to me, I was not great at catching and hanging onto names. But I got a feeling that it might have been the toilet fuck guy. Then a day or so later I walked into reception and this guy was waiting for her and it was hi m.}

{He had his back to me, but it looked awfully familiar, and he turned around, imaging the look on my face when I realized that just the week before this temps fiancé had his cock in my mouth in the ladies loo.~The look on my face must have been an absolute picture as my heart jumped into my throat and I tried to keep my cool. This young girls fiancé had, had his cock halfway down my throat and right inside my cunt, just two weeks before.~I nearly dropped dead on the spot and trying to keep a calm persona was almost impossible. I felt bad that her guy had cheated on her and all I could picture was him with is tongue down my throat and worse.}

{I nearly fainted, when I saw him, I can still feel that feeling of shock and horror, the kind you get when you are quite literally caught with your pants down. I didn’t even know the guy’s name, God what a tart I was~That feeling of crap coming back to haunt you when you have shit on a doorstep so close to home, made me feel physically sick. "What a tart I am" I thought, I didn’t even catch his name~My hotel bar fuck had come back to haunt me in the worse possible way, but when I told my boss the story he thought it was hysterical. I couldn’t believe I had been such a stupid tart, and I never caught his name}

{Sex stories to market your website, can be found at your site, we deliver by email, RSS read or direct to your website. Check us out, we may be exactly what you are looking for.~Sex stories for your site can be sent to your RSS Reader, website or email. For marketing adult products we can help, please take a look at our site.~We send sex stories like this to your website, RSS Reader and email. They are great material for marketing adult site, so check you out.}

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{As I write this today I think back to before I discovered the secret to spicing up your love life which happened the first time I walked into an Adult Store. In the past these store were always a bit seedy and the truth is the one I walked into was not much better.~Writing this article I think back to the old days, the time before I walked into my first Adult Store the day my eyes spread wide open. In the past we all know what the old Adult Shops Looked like dim and dusty, well this one wasn’t much better.~Addressing this question makes me think back to the old days the day before the internet, yes there was life before the net. This was the time I walked into a dumpy old sex shop you know how they were before they become more mainstream and become more popular.}

{This store vsist was when adults shops were seedy places designed for men, now you have the internet to save you the same embarrassment that I experience. The reason for going to that shop was to find the secret that little something that will change your love making for the better.~This was years ago now they have changed and you also have online options to get your bedroom tool kit operating. But I digress before I visited the store my love life was a little HO HUM and I was always thinking if there was more.~My visit to the Adult Store was years ago before things changed for the better, they are cleaner and online, yay for the net. The reason I went into the shop was to add something extra to my loving, to add a spark.}

{Well after visiting that Shop years ago I discovered sex toys, but initially the old pearl vibe which was top of the range then had a lot to be left for the desires although it did the job. Basically supplied vibrations that have never been experience before.~When I visited this shop I discovered the Vibe an amazing little thing that has not left my hands since. The first one that I tried was the Pear Vibe an original Japanese invention that quiet frankly blew my mind. It had vibration that had never been experienced before it was the latest design available for sex toys back then.~This shop had a small range of sex toys that compared to what is about now was in hindsight disappointing but at the time was like setting a diabetic loose in a lolly shop. The vibrator I got that day was the pearl vibe the latest and greatest, something that all my friends talking about.}

{Are Vibrators The Answer~Vibrators Are They Really The Answer~Can Vibrators Be The Answer}

{This question is now completely defunct after my years of experience with vibrators, it can only be answered with a massive YES. Once you have grabbed the latest toy and got used to using it when the batteries run out, there is no answer but to go to the servo and grab some more, otherwise your just wasting your time (well not enjoying it as much).~There is only one answer to this question and that is a resounding Yes, they may be optional to the deed but by god once you’ve tried one there is no going back. Not only do they enhance but the also increase the pleasure associated with love making.~Well the answer to this question is a definite Yes, they may be optional but by god they help they add an extra dimension to love making that can only be experienced by grabbing one of the latest release.}

{The old pearl vibe in this article has nothing on some of the monsters that are out now, vibes like the I Vibe with so many different speed and vibrations it is practically impossible to describe it hear other than to say ooooooooooooooooo.~Compared to some of the latest gadgets that Adult shops sell now the pearl vibe really doesn’t rate, for instance the I Vibe is a practical Rolls Royse compared to that vintage of vibe. The I vibe has so many different options that a description with mere words will not do it justice.~Now days the Pearl Vibe has nothing on some of the latest releases many of which are really amazing in their shakes and turns, mind boggling if you will. For instance the I Vibe rabbit is an amazing piece of machinery that without the high tech electronics of the 21st century would not be possible.}

{What Is The Latest And Best~What’s Todays Most Popular~What Are People Buying Now}

{The answer to this is a hard one the selection is just mind boggling but if you look at awards, the I Vibe did well but the We Vibe is without doubt the Adult Toy of 2009-2010 it has the reviews and award to prove its success. Yes there are sex toy awards.~Your Probably thinking good question, how do you know the best, you can buy every one available, which is nowadays an impossible task you need another strategy . The one that we recommend and works for nearly all products is to follow the awards and the We Vibe Triumphs as the vibe of 2009-2010.~I know that you are thinking, so what is the latest and best well this can only be proven by the number of awards received and the I Vibe did well but in reality the We Vibe is without doubt the be toy of 2009-2010.}

{The thing that makes the We Vibe stand out is the way that it stimulates, attacking the clitoris and g-spot at the same time with amazing vigour. The beauty of this product is it perfect for couples and it must be said there is nothing better than trying something new with your lover.~What makes the We Vibe better than its competition is the amazing design that has gone into it, it has been specifically built to stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time while be used by a couple, I know sounds impossible, but this little beauty does the job.~This Vibe stimulates both the Clitoris and the G-Spot while being so small that you can use it with a partner. And there is nothing better than experimenting with sex toys together.}

{You will find many professionals recommend vibrators and when the we vibe came out were probably blown away by the exciting design. A vibrator is one of the best ways to add excitement to your love life, it certainly beats visiting a public place or does it.~In fact you will find that many psychologist and sexologist recommend them to help liven up the bedroom and bring back excitement in the love making, it beats going to a public place and giving perfect strangers the shock of their life, or is this the next article.~There are articles galore on the internet that recommend vibrators to spice things up but now there’s the we vibe a monster amongst its competition and one of the latest and greatest ways to enjoy your love life more.}

posted by Gerard Duplest on Mar 14

{The first time I bought a vibrator at an Adult Party Plan party, was many years ago. I actually can’t remember how long, but a good couple of years. I can remember being quite surprised when I was invited, because this kind of thing was quite unusual and I had no idea that people sold these kinds of goods by party plan.~It was many years ago that I first bought a vibrator at and adult party plan party. So long I can hardly remember. But it made an impression on me; a lasting impression, because at the time I did not realize that theses types of goods were sold this way. I thought you had to frequent sex shops to buy them.~Adult Party Plan parties are great fun and I attended the first of many quite a few years back. This was the first time I bought a vibrator and I have some good memories of this. I was however quite surprised to find that these parties were so popular and so well attended.}

{At the party I could understand why it was a bit undercover, not because it was illegal, but because these are intimate items and although I would think nothing of walking into a sex shop and buying what I wanted, the majority of women wouldn’t.~Who knew that sex toy were sold by party plan? But it was all very discrete, tasteful and quite legal. I realized then what a fantastic idea this was, not every girl just takes a deep breath and walks into a sex shop, although this has never been a problem for me, but like all sex toys are not created equal, neither are all people.~There is nothing illegal about selling these good,s although check the statutes pertaining to your states in the US. One poor unlucky Christian girl was vilified over selling sex toys in her home town. Some people are so small minded and mean}

{Adult party plan is a mainstream industry, enjoys as much popularity as Tupperware and is actually providing a much needed outlet to shy people.~Today many ladies are making money selling with Adult party plan ; there is a very large demand for these goods as well as an even greater need.~Adult party plan  is a lot more fun than selling Tupperware, and it will bring in some much needed extra income.}

{As a rule, most sex shops look seedy and are often even situated in seedy looking areas, and this has actually got them a bad rap. Many of the people who staff these shops, don’t look as though they would be able to give you much advice.~It is not easy for most people to just walk into a sex shop and ask advice, the staff in the past were never really trained to be that helpful (things have changed). But sex shops often look seedy and are often situated in the seedier parts of town.~Most people cannot walk into a sex shop off the street, in particular women. These shops often look as bit seedy and are found in a not too kosher part of town. The staff are not well trained and asking advice on sex from a tattooed, bald, fat man with his nose stuck in a porn magazine is no mean feat.}

{Adult party plan is completely different, these are most often sold by ladies for ladies, and if need by, by men for men, making the whole situation more comfortable. Couples parties are often also popular but more often than not, this is just the ladies.~Adult party plan has a totally different approach, ladies sell to ladies or couples and this make things a little easier, as well as more fun. The buying situation is far more comfortable and there is no pressure on to buy.~Adult party plan couldn’t be any more different to this kind of scenario. These goods are sold to ladies, by ladies and they have been specially trained. This make the exercise so much more fun and comfortable, and the ladies attending are always willing to exchange information.}

{The sales personnel are trained to present the goods in a way which makes us feel comfortable and entertaining, and this somehow managed to take all the seediness out of sex toys.~They have a definitive approach which is specifically designed to allow us to feel comfortable while we discuss intimate matters and objects. These parties are immensely entertaining and a scream a minute too, and they have taken the seedy aspect out of sex toys.~Sexy toys and goodies are presented in a sensible fashion and with genuine concern, it is not only about having a laugh, but this certainly stops any nervousness or tension. Feeling comfortable and entertained takes the seedy aspect out of buying adult goods.}

{Also bear in mind that the ever present porn aspect of a sex shop can also be intimidating to many people, staff are slack and you will find many just as they slouch back in their chairs reading porn magazines.~Sex shops also tend to have an "in your face" porn aspect, and often the staff look as thought they are only there to watch the shop, or as many porn movies as they can. This can make some people uncomfortable, particularly women.~Porn in a sex shop is always right in your face, and although you may be comfortable about sex toys, you may not necessarily be comfortable about walking past rows of magazines portraying Bertha’s big tits}

{Just because they would never set foot inside the door of a sex shop, does not mean that people wouldn’t still consider using a sex toy, lotion, potion, chocolate body paint or sexy underwear; so presenting these in an adult and professional fashion can make all the difference in the world to the buyer or potential buyer.~Because someone is too shy or easily shocked to walk into a sex shop, does not mean they are disinterested in sex and making their love lives a bit more exciting. They also want the same pleasures as everyone and would love to get their hands on potions, lotions, vibrators, bullets and chocolate body paint. Adult party plan, fulfills this need.~Sexy toys, potions, lotions, candles, negligee’s, and novelties are all grist for the mill of the adult party planner. Presenting these professionally makes a big difference to the buyer. Ladies love these goodies and even if they aren’t going to use them, the wheels are setting motion for them to become a potential client.}

{My first experience of buying at an adult party plan saw virtually every girl present booking another party with the sales ladies and she was booked in advance up to months away. This made it very plain that this service is hugely in demand, and these goods sell them selves.~When I went to my first adult party plan party, virtually every woman present book the sales lady for an event at their homes, and many had to book months in advance. There is a very good market for these products, and they literally sell themselves.~The first adult party plan party I attended, saw the sales lady booked for months in advance, every women wanted one of these events to share with their friends. This made it very clear to me that this is a great option for people who want to make extra money, or even work from home.}

{Either through adult party plan, sex shops or online, adult wholesale is a huge industry. It reaches into the billions in turnover in the US alone, making it a highly respectable mainstream industry. Getting a small slice of this turnover is making many people with adult party plan businesses, a great deal of money either in their spare time, or full-time.~Adult wholesale is a mainstream industry, it is above the board, and a lot of women have made a business from this. It is different (certainly from Tupperware) exciting, fun and actually respectable. If you think this industry generated billions of dollars of turnover annually in the US alone, it deserves the respect it gets.~Adult wholesale is a billion dollar industry in the US alone, I don’t know what the figures are world-wide, but they are very attractive. I wouldn’t risk it if I lived in a strict Muslim country, but virtually anywhere else in the world, a girl can make a good living out of selling these products.}

{Market your adult party plan business by using articles from our website, we can send direct to your RSS reader, website or email. Please feel free to take a look~An adult party plan business can be marketed online by means of article marketing, check out our site for information and we can send this to your RSS reader, email or website.~An adult party plan business can also be marketed online, check out our site to see how. We can send articles or information to your website, RSS reader or email.}

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{My first experience with an I Vibe Rabbit vibrator was rather unexpected, I went to one of these sex toy parties, they actually call them adult wholesale. The girl who invited me promised that it would be lots of fun so I took my adult daughter along with me.~My first adult wholesale or sex toy party was what led me to my first experience this an I Vibe Rabbit vibrator. I wasn’t even aware that these parties were taking place, but when I receive and invitation, I though it would be fun so I went along and brought my eldest daughter with me.~My first experience with a I Vibe Rabbit Vibrator cam after my first adult wholesale party. At the time, which was a few years ago, I had no idea these types of party plan were taking place, but I definitely thought it would be fun. So dragging my eldest daughter along with me I went for my first introduction to the world of sex toys.}

{When we arrived, I was actually surprised to see so many people there, this was a new experience for me, and I realized that like me many had come for the novelty of the idea. As we warmed up, I found out that many of these ladies had been to quite a few of these parties and I can tell you it was a lot more exciting than Tupperware.~I was very surprised to see so many other ladies there when we arrived and soon found out that although this was new to me, many of the other guests knew the sales lady well and had attended many of these parties. So although I came along for the novelty, perhaps it wasn’t such a novelty after all. One thing was certain, it was a lot better than Tupperware~I must admit it was surprising to see just how many ladies of all ages were there our hostess who was older than me, even had her mother there. Bu she said she was senile so it was ok, she would think it was new Tupperware. I went along for the novelty, and I could see that for q uite a lot of the ladies present, this was not their first time.}

{Sex toys are a big deal these days, women are more open about their sexuality and many of their partners are keen to try something different.~Women far more open about their sexual urges today, and Sex toys have become a big part of achieving this freedom.~We are in the 21st century and women are exploring their own sexual freedom, sex toys are now a large part of this.}

{After the sales lady had done her interesting and I must enlightening and funny sales pitch, and we were all slightly drunk. The shopping began and from the moment I saw it I knew I had to have the I Vibe Rabbit Vibrator, it was calling to me "take me home".~I was truly enlightened by the talk give during the sales lady’s pitch; it was interesting, funny and as we were all a bit drunk we couldn’t wait to spend out hard earned cash on these goodies. I knew I wanted the I Vibe Rabbit Vibrator the moment I saw it.~The sales pitch from the sex toy lady as we came to call her was both enlightening and amusing, and even though I thought I was a woman of the world, I learned a great deal. After a few drinks we were all ready to spend plenty of cash. I wanted that Rabbit vibe}

{I ordered my vibe, but had to wait a week for delivery, since then I have found many online shops which can deliver to you in a lot less time. But I received by brown bagged parcel and was really disappointed, it had no batteries. Stopping to check that I had the right size written down I ran out to get some.~Unfortunately I had to wait more than a week for delivery, but I managed to live through it. I have since found out if you order these online, you receive them much faster. Brown bagged, my parcel arrived and I tore it open with glee, only to disappointingly realize that I needed batteries. Make sure you know what batteries to buy before you order~At that time I had to wait an entire week for delivery, but things have changed now and you can order online and have your goodies on a couple of days. When it arrived as promised, delivered in a brown paper bag (for discretion) to my dismay I realized I needed batteries.}

{This was my first sex toy and I wanted to try it all by myself, I was too shy those days to tell my partner about the fact that I had purchased a vibrator.~After panicking and running out to buy batteries, I wanted my toy all to myself. So I didn’t tell my partner about it, I tested it there and then.~I had to run out and buy these so make sure you know what size to buy before your goods arrive, it saves disappointment. I test ran it myself once I had these, being loath to tell my partner.}

{Once the batteries were in, and I have got out a bottle of lube, I got comfy in the sun room and had my way with the rabbit vibrator. It was everything it was cracked up to be, the speed, vibrations, bells and whistles all worked. It was also the first time I had achieved an orgasm from a vibrator, and I was beginning to fall in love.~Always remember the lube when you use sex toys, most compatible lubes can be purchases at the same time. I got mine out, put the batteries in and tested the rabbit. It was every the sales lady said it would be and had all the bells and whistles. Being the first time I had an orgasm from a vibrator, I must have been using it right~Lube is always very important when using a vibrator, you don’t want to hurt yourself with enthusiasm. Once I had my batteries and lube to hand I tested my rabbit vibe. It was brilliant, all of a sudden I knew what it was like to have and orgasm without having to work really hard for it. I was obviously us ing it correctly.}

{I played it over my clit, inserted it into my vagina and let the rabbit do its work, riding it like an express pony. Those rabbit ears were the best clitoral stimulation I had ever experienced. It was hard to stop Cumming so I didn’t even try.~I tested all the speeds, in my vagina, out of it, playing it over my clit and inserting it to let the rabbit ears do their work. Do yourself a favor, if you want a first sex toy buy a rabbit vibe, you won’t stop coming, and if your thought you weren’t multi-orgasmic you will learn differently.~I made sure I tested all the speeds, all the vibration strengths and bells and whistles. On my clit inside my vagina, my labia, with the rabbit ears on my clit and anywhere else I felt like putting it. Wow, what a surprise it was to find I was as multi-orgasmic as a nymphomaniac.}

{This vibe is a Lamborghini and ass I use it more, I get to know my own body better and what it can do with it.~The I Rabbit vibe is a Rolls Royce, of vibrators, get to know your body better by purchasing one of these essential items.~This rabbit vibrator is a Rolls Royce, it is a Lamborghini, and although designers are coming up with new and more ingenious designs all the time. This vibe is still my favorite.}

{If I fancy a slow steady session of self stimulation, out comes the rabbit vibe. If I am left unfulfilled by a sex session with my partner, out it comes and now that he knows I have it, we have started buying even more toys. But the I Vibe Rabbit vibrator still remains my comfort and my first love.~I use mine for slow and steady self stimulation, I use it with my partner if he comes too soon (yes he knows now), or if I am left unfulfilled. He and I are continually buying new and better sex toys, each one a different experience from the last. But the Rabbit vibe is still the best~Now my partner knows about my fancy for sex toys, our sex life is much better, getting to know your own body through self stimulation is important for any relationship, get yours today, you won’t regret it.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Mar 8

{I was one of those guys who have an eternal phobia of stripping in public. I avoided swimming pools, I did not share gym showers with the other guys and it was a cause of alarm for me when the med exams were conducted in school or later in college. Well, my fears weren’t justified. At 5.5 inches, I had a penis so small that it would bring more ridicule and mockery than anything else.~A few months back, I was this eternally shy guy who had a paranoia of getting naked in front of someone. I disdained all gyms and pools where I had to strip. The mere mention of a medical test could give me the heebie-jeebies. And why? The reason was a ‘small’ problem. With just 5-1/2 inches in the place where it mattered the most, I was sure I would be laughed at more and nothing else.~Until recently, I was this very unconfident, scared little wretch who had a great fear of shedding his clothes in public. Places like gym showers and swimming pools were places that I dreaded, and when they would announce a medical examination anywhere, I would almost hyperventilate. It was just me probably, but with just a 5 and a half inch penis, I was probably justified in having all these fears.}

{So, there I was, looking down all the time because of the huge inferiority complex I harbored. I knew that a man is not a man if he doesn’t have a big enough penis. Still, life went on normally. Well, almost normally, because one summer I met this lovely girl who I immediately fell in love with.~I had a big complex about myself back then. Everyone around was telling how a man’s manliness is judged by the size of his penis. So, wasn’t I man enough? Still, I would have lived with it if it wasn’t this cutest, most exciting female who came into my life.~I thought I was the lowliest person on earth. I had read so much about a man’s worth being equal to his size that it was completely ingrained in me now. I thought I was an incomplete man, if at all, and that was when something great happened. I fell in love with an angel.}

{The chemistry was intense and she reciprocated too. But, when it came to take things to another level, I was terribly worried.~It was great being with her, but the day she wanted to go a step further, I became very intensely nervous.~I loved every moment with her. But every time I met her, I would dread as to whether she would want to take things ahead.}

{The Big Change~Change Happens~Looking for Change}

{I didn’t want to lose the girl and there was only one thing I could do to prevent that from happening. It was to get my penis enlarged and fast. I had read about a lot of penis enlargement products earlier. I wanted to try it out now.~I was sure I didn’t want to lose her for anything. And then I thought about the solution. It was the only way to be happy for ever. I wanted something that could enlarge my member. There was such a lot of mention about penis enlargement products everywhere that I immediately began seeing hope.~I was so deeply in love with her that I feared losing her every minute. I knew I had to do something to ensure I had her for keeps. There was only one thing to do—to go for penis enlargement. And then I saw there was information about it everywhere. I immediately realized that things were possible.}

{I did a bit of research and then I stumbled upon some penis enlargement pills that had some great reviews. I knew these were the pills for me. I immediately started out with them. They came by a discreet parcel so that no one would know what I ordered. So far so good~I snooped around a bit and then I found great reviews about these penis enlargement pills on several site. These pills seemed to be the right solution and they weren’t expensive either. I immediately placed an order. They came in a very innocent envelope. I liked that.~After looking at a few things, I realized that there are some great products. I found some amazing penis enlargement pills that everyone was talking about. Then and there, I decided to use them. I ordered them and they came, covered in a totally innocuous envelope.}

{I used the product right away. These were penis enlargement pills, which meant I could be as secretive about them as I wanted to. Even as I was dating this lovely damsel, I was on the pills and she never once came to know about it.~I didn’t waste any time starting on the product. These penis enlargement pills could be anyway taken in any way that I liked, without anybody knowing. I was going out with this irresistible female and was on this supplementation and she never once guessed it~There was no time to waste. I immediately began using the product. What I really liked about these penis enlargement pills was that I could take them as secretly as I liked. In fact, even the girl I was dating never got a whiff of the fact that I was using them.}

{The Big Day~The Day Arrives~The Moment}

{It was three weeks into our affair that we had sex. But I wasn’t worried anymore at all. I was actually looking forward to it and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. What’s more is that I could make her enjoy it at all.~A few weeks after our relationship began, we decided to take the plunge. And I wasn’t scared now. Instead of the torment that it was earlier, sex turned out to be a pleasure for me. I was actually happy to show her my package. I could tell she was having fun.~After a few weeks of going out together, things suddenly began to happen one day. She made the first move. Typically I should have been scared but I wasn’t. I was now confident of what I was packing inside. I showed my stuff to her. I was beside myself with joy when she loved what she saw}

{Know what changed everything? It was those penis enlargement pills. Those darned good pills increased my little dick to a beautiful monster of 7 inches when erect, in less than a month. But more than the physical size, it was the mental peace and confidence it gave me.~Those penis enlargement pills changed my life, if no one else’s. I have a whole 7 inches of meat there and I am very satisfied. Along with the physical change, I know I have become a more confident person as well.~My life became much improved after these penis enlargement pills. I have grown to over 7 inches and I am sure there is more to go. I am not the shy, docile boy any more… I know that if you want change to happen, you should really pursue it.}

{My life is changed now—for the better.~The change has occurred in my life. I am now an improved man~Even I have changed in many ways… I am a bigger and better person now.}

posted by Gerard Duplest on Mar 4

{When I was much younger, I really fancied this older woman, she was about 11 years older than me and an artist. I have to admit I pursued her, but man was she a piece of work, but when I think about it today I really should thank this ex for telling her friends and whoever else would listen about my huge penis.~I still like women who are older than me, even though I am now older and when I was you, I had a problem with this, they weren’t really interested in me. But one I got to know in the biblical sense really ended up hurting me, she was an artist, her name was Veronique. But one thing I do have to thank her for is letting everyone know what a huge penis I have.~Older woman syndrome has always been a problem with me, now that I am older I have not problem pulling them, but when I was younger it was harder to get my fantasies right. There was one in particular, an artist and it her I have to thank for making sure her friends knew all about my huge penis.}

{It all started when we met in a Rockey Street bar, I was young and dumb as well as a bit “big city” struck. I met Veronique, and was immediately taken by this artist, we started going around a bit together and I really found myself wanting to get into her pants.~At the time I may have been young and dumb but I had the right equipment, and was a bit bright lights and big city struck when I met Veronique. She struck a chord in me immediately and I inveigled myself into this artist bevy of followers.~When Veronique and I met, I was rather naïve, I though it would be cool to have an artist girlfriend who was older than me, but she kept me at arms length, only allowing me to be one of the many sycophants in her entourage.}

{Not everyone is as well endowed naturally as I am, but read some penis enlargement reviews and see it is actually to be just as big with a little help from your friends.~It is not natural for all men to have a huge cock like mine, but science has seen to it that his can be rectified. Read penis enlargement reviews to get the bigger picture.~I have a huge cock but not all men do. This is why living in the 21st century is so cool, get hold of some penis enlargement reviews, and see why.}

{After one of her locally held art shows, we all went back to her apartment, she had a whole cortege of followers, including me. We bought some jugs of wine and I had a local dope merchant get me some good Durban Poison.~One day after one of her strange art exhibitions, we all went to her apartment, the entire entourage. We stopped for jugs of wine and I bought Durban Poison from my local dope dealer.~One afternoon we all got drunk and stoned at her place after traipsing behind her to one of her arb art exhibits. We were all drinking red wine by the jug-full and smoking some great weed I had got my hands on.}

{Eventually we were all half drunk and half stoned and people began to wander off, leaving me alone with Veronique. This time she was open to my sexual advances. She was forbidden fruit too, because this was in South Africa during the apartheid era; I was white, she was colored.~As soon as we were all half pissed and stoned, people started leaving and eventually I found myself alone with my fantasy woman. By then she had lost her “older woman” inhibitions and allowed me to approach her in a sexual way, she was forbidden, being of color and me being white in an apartheid South Africa.~As they got more drunk and stoned, people started trickling out and I soon had Veronique all to myself. We had lost all inhibitions and she was soon kissing me; I was only too happy to return the kisses of this forbidden fruit and before long we decided to get in the bath together.}

{We got into the bath together and started fucking underwater, but when we were halfway through, she decided to stop and take some photos. Admiring my big hard cock I didn’t mind, but taking photos of it, I didn’t know.~She ran a bath, lit candles and we got into the deep warm water and started fucking. Just as I was getting going, she topped me, telling me she wanted “artistic” photos, of me with my big beautiful cock, I was unsure, but relented.~We lit candles, poured in the bubble bath and began fucking in the bath, but on what seemed like a whim she decided she wanted to take photos of my huge hard on. I wasn’t keen, but she promised they would be kept private and be artistic so I relented.}

{Eventually I relented and actually quite enjoyed her snapping away at me posing in the bath, cock exposed for all the world to see. It really turned me on and when she put her down camera I fucked her so hard and fast that I came in seconds.~Posing me how she wanted, she got the shots she needed and it actually turned me on, she assured me they would be private. By the time she returned to our fucking session I was rock hard and I just fucked her hard and selfishly, cumming like a young boy.~Posing me and my big beautiful cock how she wanted was actually a big turn on and I wanted to fuck her hard more than ever by then. When she came back to the bath and we started fucking again, I was so excited a just couldn’t make it last and I shot my load hot and hard into her.}

{Next day came, and the next and Veronique did not want to see me again, I couldn’t get through to her that I wanted to see her again. She just hid behind her wolf pack and refused to see me. Feeling shunned and lost, I moped around for a few weeks, getting stoned and not doing much else. Then deciding to stop moping I went back to one of my favorite bars. The fact that it was the bar where I met Veronique was beside the point by then.~The next day she refused to see and this continued for weeks while I moped around. She hid behind her cortege of sycophants, and I felt hurt, shunned and confused, I consoled myself with misery and drugs. But eventually I snapped out of it and decided to get out and about again, returning to my favorite bar. The fact that I had met my Veronique there may have been the reason why, it was her favorite place too.~Wanting to see her again the next day, I was really hurt, she refused. She got her entourage to fob me off and tell me sh e didn’t want to see me again. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. It took me weeks of moping to get over this, but eventually I came to my senses and got on with living, the first stop being my favorite bar, where I also had met Veronique.}

{I walked in and walked up to the bar, Shirley, the barmaid grinned at me, and said “I had no idea that you had such a big cock?”, “what the fuck are you talking about?” I responded. She tilted her head to the side and moved her eyes left to indicate I should look that way. I did, and there I was, a blown up, framed photo on the wall of the bar, as large as life in the bathtub.~When I went up to the bar to order a drink, the resident barmaid, Shirley gave me a sly smile; shook her head at me and said “what a pretty cock you’ve got”. Wondering what was going on. She looked left and I followed her eyes, there was a huge blown up photo of me, naked and rock hard cock in close up detail hanging on the wall.~Sauntering up to the bar, I placed my order with Shirley, the resident barmaid. She winked at me when she gave me my drink and said, “it’s on the house, I’m buying, because you have got such a nice cock”. “What” I replied, “look” she said pointing to the wall on my left. There I was, as large as life and as naked as the day I was born, only with a massive hard on.}

{That bitch had sold me for money, and it had been there for 3 weeks while I had been moping over her. But I suppose I have her to thank, because I was never short of dates after that, and I never had to pay the bill.~That little bitch has sold me down the line and apparently the bar paid good money for a photo which had been hanging there for three weeks while I was in hiding. When I got over the initial shock and betrayal, I realized I had her to thank for all the attention I was getting from the local girls.~“That bloody bitch”, she sold a blown up pic of our private photo session to the bar owner and it had been hanging there for three weeks, while I was being miserable. No wonder she didn’t want to see me again. After the initial shock, it all worked out really well, I had a bevy of girls to date who only wanted to fuck, and hardly ever had to buy my own drinks again in that bar. I suppose I should thank her}

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