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{It was a hot sultry day somewhere in May when I had this wonderful, wonderful experience with this oomph-laden female park ranger. I was on my yearly visit to Yosemite—I always go alone and camp out there for a weekend—when this happened. Well, this year’s trip suddenly turned out memorable.~I will never forget that very adventurous May night when I got a sudden taste of cunt in the middle of the Yosemite. I visit the park every year but this year it was just special. I was staying over the weekend as I do every year when this thing happened—surely the most thrilling thing that ever happened to me :)~It was in the middle of May, very hot, and I was in Yosemite Park for my annual weekend getaway there. But the best thing that happened was that I got to taste some interesting uniformed pussy at the part this time. Well, I go there every year, but this year it really got to be very, very special.}

{The sun was just setting. I was camped for the evening. It was hot and I was almost naked inside the camp. I loved it that way. It gives me a bit of thrill being like that out in the open.~It was about late evening, not completely dark, but I was all set with my camp for the night. It was hot and I was understandably just in my boxers. I love the sense of open park breeze on my naked skin.~Evening had already begun but it wasn’t quite dark yet. My camp was set and since it was so hot, I had discarded all my clothes except for my briefs. It was wonderful to lie like that, almost naked, in the middle of the most famous park in the world.}

{And then suddenly this female ranger came hollering at my tent. “Who’s in there?” she asked. “Camper?” she asked again.~Just when I was relaxing, I heard the woman outside—“Who’s that inside?” I was caught off-guard for a moment and she took the liberty to peer inside.~And just when I was trying to get cozy inside my tent, I got someone walking up to my tent and saying—“Anyone inside there?” It was a female voice and it disoriented me a little. In that slight moment of confusion, the caller bobbed her head in.}

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{I grunted something that meant yes. Well, I was planning to sit down with my rum and this park ranger was a definite distraction. But I didn’t realize how much of a distraction she really was till she bent down and peered through the tent door. I could clearly see her cleavage—her shirt was unbuttoned—and something immediately began to stiffen between my legs.~My reply went unheard because probably I didn’t say anything that made sense. I was just about to open my bottle of rum and then this beautiful damsel in a uniform made her appearance. She had really bent low to peer inside my tent (the real tent not the one in my boxer shorts 😉 and I was getting aroused at all the cleavage. She hadn’t put on her top shirt buttons and the excitement was just too much for me.~I said something, but it was probably not understood. It was my time to open my bottle of rum and starting to get drunk, and that was just when this woman made her presence felt, and how. She was bending real low to get a look inside my tent and I could see—through all those open top shirt buttons—that she had a great cleavage. I was starting to get aroused.}

{It might have been the adventure of it all, being lonely and practically naked in front of a voluptuous authoritative woman, but I immediately went hard. It didn’t take any time for this uniformed slut to recognize the salute my dick was giving her. She placed her baton on my erection and said, “Seems like someone wants to have a little fun.”~I should have known right now this was a slut in the guise of a park ranger. But she was an officer after all and she now saw the tent in my shorts and welcomed herself inside. She looked lustily at what I had to offer and then put her baton right on top of my dick. “Maybe I could do with a little fun here,” she said.~She was a park ranger, a true-blue uniformed officer. And still there was something definitely slutty about her. I was immediately excited and got this huge erection in my shorts. Without waiting for my reply, she walked in and checked out my bulge. She gave a very lusty smile and then put her baton r ight on top of my cock. “Ah, someone wants to have fun now,” she said with a big greedy grin.}

{Saying this, she made her way in and without another word removed her shirt. I quickly removed my shorts and rammed my dick into her mouth. The hungry bitch swallowed it whole. I was getting hornier than usual thinking I was deep-throating a female official.~She came right in and began unbuttoning whatever was left of her shirt. I lost no time either. I was out of those darned boxers in less than a blink and just stuffed my erect monster into her slutty mouth. She took it whole. I was just getting more and more aroused thinking how I had managed to land a uniformed officer tonight.~Saying that, she came in completely and just started taking that uniform shirt off. I was highly aroused and all, and did away with those briefs, which were growing more and more useless by the minute. And then I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I fed her my raging monster in a quick movement and she just swallowed it entirely. I was feeling so very horny about fucking a woman who was in an officer’s uniform.}

{Her breasts were smooth and supple; even her ample cleavage hadn’t done proper justice to them. I sucked at their juice as she deep-throated me.~She had ample breasts and just as soft as I liked. I loved them outside her shirt than tucked in as they were before. I couldn’t resist slurping at them.~Her breasts were huge and creamy soft. I found myself fondling them and then licking and slurping at their juicy goodness.}

{Then was the time for some more action. I got her on the floor of the tent and removed her pants. Her legs were smooth and her pussy was one of the most arousing I had seen in a while. I hoisted her feet right in the air and jammed my cock into her moist pussy.~It was time to do something more drastic. I laid her on the floor of the camping tent and then undid her pants. I saw those creamy legs and was just ecstatic. When the pussy began to show, I could have just died. It was clean shaven and was waiting for some action. I just took her legs up in the sky and got my cock right into that cunt.~I wanted more now. I got her onto the floor and did away with her pants. Beneath those officer pants, I saw she had some very sultry legs. Very nice job for such a woman of authority. And then I went further. That pussy on her. Clean shaven and smooth. I just couldn’t resist—I got my dong into that cunt sooner than she could blink.}

{We went on for more than a quarter of an hour. This wild woman had a great appetite and I couldn’t be defeated either.~It was a long time that I fucked her. The whore just didn’t let go and the stud in me had come alive as well.~I fucked her for quite a while. She was a complete whore and I was more of a man tonight.}

{Over the weekend I fucked the uniformed cunt more than five times. My visit to Yosemite has never been more adventurous.~I screwed this uniformed whore several times in those two days. Certainly, I am not going to forget this Yosemite getaway for anything.~Those two days were truly great. I won’t forget this particular Yosemite trip in a hurry.}

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{Despite the best efforts of most people, their relationships begin to flounder. This usually happens when people begin to feel that they are neatly ensconced into their relationships and nothing can happen anymore. But that’s when the drudgery begins to set in. People start looking for some spice and that’s when the boat begins to rock.~There are several people who feel that they are doing the utmost they can, but even then their relationships aren’t going great guns. Even when people have had long-term happy relationships, things can happen that put a dent on them. This can happen when the monotony of the relationships sets in. This is when a little bit of variety can help.~Many people feel that they are giving their best shot in their relationships, but things aren’t still happening the way they want to. This is also true with people who are into single relationships since a long time—there are things that crop up one fine day that makes them unhappy. In most cases, this is about the dullness that begins to set into long-term relationship. But when that happens, spicing things up a little could certainly help.}

{Is this happening with you as well? Probably you aren’t able to steady your boat too. Now, if that’s your problem, maybe you would want to consider something special to set your relationship in the right direction. How about a good sex toy, for instance?~Are you a victim of relationship boredom as well? Maybe your affair is rocking because you aren’t able to bring those little all-important changes. If that’s the case, you really need to do something fast… and maybe adventurous. Probably a great sex toy could solve many things.~Do you feel you are in this zone with your relationship currently? Probably you are also trying to think how you can bring some different into your relationship so that it becomes stronger once again. If you are thinking that way, maybe the answer lies in a great sex toy.}

{Sex toys have been denounced, and they have also been loved. People have said how these are useless tools of amusing oneself, but on the other hand there are also people who have said that these are the things that have made their relationships more meaningful.~There has been unabashed criticism for sex toys but then there also has been a lot of praise. Some feel that sex toys are used only for selfish self-loving reasons but then there are also those who feel that sex toys can be used in relationships to add more value to them.~You will find that there has been a lot of bad talk about sex toys but at the same time there are people who speak about them in hallowed terms as well. While the critics tell about how sex toys are meaningless instruments of self-loving, there are several other people who say how sex toys can bring new things into relationships.}

{The Dual Purpose of Sex Toys~Two Main Uses of Sex Toys~Double Utility of Sex Toys}

{The fact is, according to most studies, that you can use sex toys for both reasons—to give yourself or your partner an amazing new level of sexual satisfaction and also to strengthen the relationship you have with your loved one. The great range of sex toys that are available on the Internet are designed for use on oneself as well as on a partner.~A lot of research that’s been put into sex toys has come up with the conclusion that these toys can be used on oneself as well as on a partner. When used on the partner, it brings the couple to a whole new dimension of sexual pleasure and actually helps to reinforce the relationship. Today, several sex toys are available on the Internet; they are designed for partner loving and not solo use.~The fact is that sex toys can be used on oneself as well as on a partner. There is a lot of flexibility there, and when a sex toy is used on someone else, it can bring such a high level of excitement into the relationship that e verything else becomes secondary. In fact, this is what most of the manufacturers of sex toys that are selling their wares on the Internet are looking at—the heightened couple pleasure factor.}

{Use Them Correctly~The Right Use~Work Them the Proper Way}

{If you want to derive the right benefits of sex toys, you have to make sure you use them correctly. What’s the best way to use them on a partner? Don’t fish out your sex toy right at the start—that might intimidate them. The best way is to first indulge in foreplay and set the mood by talking dirty. Then, when they are properly aroused, bring out the sex toy.~Like with anything else, you need to learn how to use these sex toys in the right way. If you are using them on a loved one, what’s the right way to use them? One tip is to not scare your partner with them. Bring them out slowly into your sexual episode. It’s a highly recommended idea to arouse the partner with some great foreplay first and maybe even say sexually explicit things till they are ready for the bigger show. It is only when they are fully excited must you bring out your sex toy.~In order to unleash the full potential of the sex toy, it is imperative that you learn how to use them in the correct manner. This is more important when you are bringing it on when you are having sex with someone. The tip is to not scare them with it by bringing it out suddenly, but to slowly work it into the sexual encounter. First make your partner hot by giving them some really interesting foreplay and maybe talk sexually with them as well. When they are so highly aroused, they aren’t likely to hold anything back.}

{They might be apprehensive at first, but there will be curiousness as well. Since you have set the mood, they aren’t going to refuse to try out what you give them. Then start using the thing, gently at first, and then build up the momentum.~There will be questions; there will be concern but then there will also be the excitement. Play on this emotion—your partner is highly excited, now dish out the fare. Begin gradually and then slowly work on increasing the tempo.~They may still be worried about it all, but more than anything else, they will be excited. Go ahead; with this level of excitement, there’s only one way you can go. Start slowly and lovingly, and then work your way onward with a faster momentum.}

{There’s no way your partner isn’t going to enjoy that.~Definitely, your loved one is going to go crazy when you use your sex toy this way.~Very few people can resist when you do things that way to them.}

{It Works Both Ways~The Feeling Is Mutual~It Is a Two-Sided Coin}

{Allow your partner to use the sex toy on you as well. Submit to your partner if needed; don’t hold back. When they see you enjoying them using the sex toy on you, things are going to take a more intimate turn.~If your partner so wishes, or if you are intrigued yourself, let your partner use the sex toy on you as well. It doesn’t hurt to be submissive. When your loved one plays with you with the sex toy, things are going to get really nasty and both of you are going to enjoy the whole show quite immensely.~It is quite all right if you allow your partner to use the sex toy on you as well. It is no shame to submit to your partner in this way; in fact, you will find it highly arousing. Things might get very hot and you are going to sit back and relax and enjoy the show enormously.}

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{Tired of getting your porn the same old way? Bored of seeing the same galleries over and over on your favorite porn websites that don’t seem to update themselves at all? Are you simply bored out of your skull at having to find new porn websites continuously through the search engines and then depressed to find that most of them have hidden links to their advertisers and nothing much else?~Are you frustrated with your porn coming in the same routine manner each and every day? Maybe you are just tired looking at those same galleries over and over again Why don’t these websites update their galleries? Maybe you are really pissed off at having to search porn over Google and then get super pissed off when you find that most of these galleries are just hidden links to other websites and not the real stuff~If you are simply annoyed by the way you have to find porn over the Internet, you are not alone. A lot of people are angry that they don’t get updated conten t. Their favorite websites always seem to have the same galleries and finding new websites is a drag. They find that almost all these new websites have hidden links to their various advertisers’ websites and that makes things so very dull.}

{This is actually the way Internet porn has been working lately. The websites hosting porn are finding things too difficult and they aren’t updating themselves. Well, those that are taking pains to update themselves are difficult to find.~Things have really gone down with online porn lately. It has become difficult for websites to find real porn—maybe because of the expense or the competition—and that’s the reason why updates aren’t happening. There are some websites that are getting themselves updated though, but they are few and far in between.~The way porn is being surfed on the Internet is quite pathetic right now. It is true that websites aren’t getting their supply of porn because there is so much competition and the porn industry has become very expensive. A few of the websites which have their steady supplies are difficult to find anyway.}

{However, you should know where to get them. The Internet always keeps changing its practices. One of the ways to get your daily dose of Internet porn right now is by subscribing to Adult RSS feeds.~But there are ways to get your porn. The Internet is constantly developing and the development right now suggests that you should find your dose of online porn by Adult RSS feed subscriptions.~However, if you are persistent, you can get your daily dose of porn. There are many things happening over the Internet lately and one of those is the way in which you can get your porn supply—through Adult RSS feed subscriptions.}

{There are a lot of RSS feed directories out there right now. Just conduct a little search for them and you will see how many options exist here. Subscribe to these websites and you will immediately see fresh, regularly updated content.~You will find a lot of RSS feed directories out there. A simple search on your favorite search engine will show you how many of these are present there You have to become members of these websites and that’s your ticket to get an unending supply of porn that’s always getting updated.~It is not very difficult to find good directories that give you a supply of RSS feeds. Find these websites and then subscribe to your RSS feeds. You can simply look for such directories through the Internet. These websites have a great supply of porn, all waiting for you. The best part is that these are constantly updated.}

{Websites from all over the world are asked to submit to such RSS feed directories. Once they are listed here, their updated contents are available here as well, accessible for anyone to view them. That means, if you can get hold of one RSS porn directory, you can get access to fresh porn from all over the Internet.~These directories ask porn websites from all over to submit to them. Once these submissions are made, their porn galleries are visible to all their members. Members come to know immediately if there is any update. So, if you can subscribe to an RSS directory, you are getting porn that’s constantly being changed.~Porn websites from all over the world subscribe to these RSS feed directories. When they are submitted, the feed directories are instantly able to track if any website has made any new update. This is what they intimate to their members. If you are one of the members of such an RSS feed directory, you instantly get a notification that someth ing new has been uploaded somewhere.}

{The best thing is that they are so nicely categorized for you. You will find special adult porn RSS feeds for text, movies and video. You will also find that these feeds are categorized into various niches. There is porn for heterosexuals, gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals. Whatever your interest is, you can find new porn here all the time.~What makes it better is that there are neat categories here. Text feeds, movie feeds, picture feeds, all are possible. There are different interest groups as well. Whatever your sexual orientation is, you are likely to find feeds to interest you. There are just as many heterosexual galleries as there are homosexual and tranny galleries.~A very convenient thing about these RSS feed directories is that everything is properly set into categories. The picture feeds, text feeds and video feeds are all properly established. There are also proper sections for people of different orientations. Whether you are straight or gay or transgender, you can find your porn supply here.}

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{You can also take things further by posting your own pictures and videos on these websites. Who knows, you might become the next pornstar And certainly this will help your little exhibitionist fetish if you have one~If you are the adventurous type, you might also post your own stuff, maybe with yourself as the model. That’s your way to become a popular Internet porn model A lot of people with exhibitionist interests are finding this route highly exciting.~And if you want to do something on your own, you are welcome. You can submit your own pictures and videos and maybe become the next porn star on the Internet block That’s great for the exhibitionist living inside you, isn’t it?}

{So go ahead and discover the world of adult RSS feeds. This is where the fun and adventure never seems to stop.~The amazing world of adult RSS feeds is all for you then. This is where you will find the highest degree of excitement—excitement that just goes on and on.~So, here’s a new world to discover—Adult RSS. Hop in and enjoy the ride.}

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{The G spot is considered to be the most elusive regions of the entire human anatomy. I had read so much about it that I was really intrigued. I wanted to give some of my women their ultimate G spot pleasure—well, that actually became a passion with me~They say the G spot is the most difficult to find location in the female body. This little area has always fascinated me. I am a man, and probably that’s why I am more interested . Till yesterday, I just had one aspiration in life—to be able to give one of my women a G spot vibe.~I have become almost sick of reading that the G spot is the most complex of regions within the female body. I have always been intrigued by this and have always dreamt of giving my women their G spot vibe. And that was what I was living for}

{And just yesterday, I think I hit jackpot I was with this woman and I know I gave her a G spot vibe. I am pretty darned sure. She was all so messed up when she came and she was so much in ecstasy that it was sure nothing else~And that aspiration died yesterday. The reason—I actually gave someone a G spot vibe That woman was left wanting for more One look at her and I could say I had hit the right spot with her. Her earth-shattering orgasm left nothing to the imagination.~Until yesterday Yesterday, for the first time, I was able to give a woman her G spot vibe. It was the most amazing feeling for me. This woman wanted so much more, I could tell. She was a complete goner by the time I was done with her.}

{Well, I did do some homework on how to go about it. It isn’t all that simple, you know. I started with giving her a great amount of foreplay, which I know always works, I made her really hot and sweaty.~Now don’t you go about thinking it is all that easy. There are things to be done. Even I did a lot of research and found out how to go about it. I took things patiently and started with a slowly mounting tension of foreplay, and she was hooked right then and there.~But you don’t need to think that it is very simple. Actually, you have to do a lot of preparation. I read some about it before I proceeded. I went about it slowly. I actually spent time with a lot of foreplay. I started slow and then picked up the momentum.}

{Just when she became unstoppable with all the fingering and the licking, I stopped. She almost died But then I removed one of the hugest sex toys she must have seen. Her eyes as round as saucers, I told her I was going to use it on her. Her eyes looked alarmed, but I knew there was a vast reservoir of excitement hidden in there.~Then I turned on the heat. I fingered her and I licked her and made her all hot and horny. And just when she wanted me in, I fished out one of the biggest sex toys she must have seen in her darned life She was just so surprised and I don’t know what she felt when I said I was going to put that inside her. I knew she was horny as hell~Slowly, things began to happen. I put my fingers in her and then I started putting my tongue in. She was raging hot by now and she begged me to go right in. But, I didn’t. Instead, I took out what I had brought—a giant sex toy She was almost flabbergasted at the size of it and then I told her I was going to stick it right into her. Even with all the apprehension, I could tell, she was stupendously excited.}

{Ever so slowly, I made her part her legs. She was wet down there and I knew she was totally ready for anything. I was so horny at that time, I could have fucked her and come right then and there, but I was looking for something better. I was looking at having my first G spot vibe from my woman. I knew it would happen tonight.~Then I gently separated her legs. She was very moist there and I liked it. I knew she was wanting more. That moist pussy made me so hard myself that I wanted to leave everything else and penetrate her right then and there but I stopped myself. Experiencing my first G spot vibe from a woman was more important to me.~I slowly got those lovely legs to part and reveal her succulent pussy. That did it for me. The cunt was as moist as ever can be and I was a raging bull already I wanted to forget everything and go right in at that moment, but I checked myself. Right now, experiencing my first G spot vibe orgasm with a woman was crucial to me.}

{The dildo went in easily. First I teased her clit with the sex toy and I slowly began penetrating her, millimeter by millimeter. She was enjoying the tease no end; I could see that. And then when the sex toy was inside her to a substantial degree, I put on the knob on it that started the vibrator.~I got in the dildo quite easily. I did some teasing and then gradually got the tool inside her. It was going in slowly and she was enjoying it infinitely. Her moans and sighs increased and when I knew she was very so hot she couldn’t handle it, I turned the vibrator on the sex toy on.~Then, very gradually, I began to slide the dildo into her. I first allowed its tip to tease her clit and then slowly began jamming it inside her. I could tell she hadn’t experienced such a thing ever before. She was almost audible now, and that was when I turned on the vibrator on the sex toy.}

{The scream of excitement she let out at that moment filled the entire night She clutched at the sheets and moved her legs up and down. I knew I had hit the G spot. It was that reaction all right.~This really exploded her She positively shrieked in the excitement and her whole body began to tremble. Her fingernails began to tear at the sheets in all the frenzy. I knew my sex toy had found her G spot for me. This was the reaction I had read about.~She almost yelled in all the excitement. Her whole body arched and began to quiver in a most amazing manner. She was unstoppable. Her fingernails went into the sheets and she tore them into shreds. I understood what was going on—I had hit her G spot}

{Then, suddenly I removed the sex toy and put my cock inside her. I was harder than I ever was and her wet quivering pussy made all the difference. I came inside her at the very moment that she scratched my back with her fingernails.~Then, when I knew she was just near her breaking point, I removed the sex toy and rammed my penis inside her. I was so hard that I never think I was that much before. It was her warm cunt that made all the difference right now. I exploded inside her, and at that very moment, she rammed her fingernails into the flesh of my back.~I knew she would just come now at any moment. I quickly removed the sex toy from inside her and then stuffed my cock into that pussy. I had never gotten harder than that and her warm dripping cunt was making things all the more adventurous for me. I couldn’t stop myself—I came like a horse. She came too, and it was a total explosion}

{So, that was my most explosive sex ever. I am a proud guy now, a guy who has given her woman a G spot vibe experience~I have never had sex like that ever I am really happy with myself; I have been able to give my woman a G spot vibe and a great orgasm to follow.~That was it—my best sex ever. Giving a woman her first G spot vibe is something I can boastfully tell about to my friends now.}

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{I went to see my GP to ask her why I felt such intense pain when my boyfriend fucked me. After listening to my whole story and doing an exam, she concluded that my problem could be psychological and her recommendation was that I tried lesbian sex.~After suffering very painful sex for a long time, I finally went to see my doctor. I asked her why I have so much pain when he penetrated me and she was very thorough in her diagnosis. She suggested that I was too nervous about being penetrated and suggested I try sex with a woman.~I simply had enough of the pain I felt when my boyfriend penetrated me, so I went to seek help from my doctor. She took her time and listened to everything I had to say and even gave me an internal examination. You suffer from nerves she declared. Try having sex with a female.}

{I simply looked at her and asked her if she knew any lesbians that I could phone. She smiled and slipped me a number on a card when I left her office. I walked round with this number for weeks and after another very painful session with him, I phoned.~I told her I did not know any lesbians and she simply smiled at me. As I left she gave me a number and told me to phone when I am ready to experiment. I did not phone for a long time, but soon the pain became worse and I decided to use the number.~Trying not to look shocked, I asked her if she knew any lesbians I could contact. She replied that she knew just the person and slipped me a number. After three painful sessions with my boy I decided to phone the number.}

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{My doctor answered. Confused I apologized, but she laughed. You phoned the right number she said coyly – I always thought you were the sexiest girl I have ever seen. Two hours later we were sharing a bottle of wine in her flat. I felt a bit uneasy, but her conversation made me relax completely.~The person on the other side was nobody else than my doctor. I am sorry I said, but I thought this was the number of a lesbian you gave me. It is she laughed and invited me over to her place later that night. Soon we were talking like old friends, drinking some wine and sharing laughter.~The person on the other side sounded just like my doctor. I thought you gave me the number of a lesbian I said. I did she replied and laughed out load. Come over so that we can talk about this she invited. Hours later we were sharing bottle of wine and lots fun.}

{As she leaned over to kiss me for the first time, I closed my eyes. Nope, she said, stay here with me and look me in the eyes. So I did as she took control of my body and all of my senses. My arousal came naturally and fast. I wanted her so badly that I nearly could not breath.~I saw that she was going to kiss me, so I prepared by closing my eyes. She kissed me and asked me to look at her as she wanted me present and not shut from her gaze. I obliged and she took control of my soul and body like no one ever before could do. I gave myself to her completely.~Later the evening I sensed that she was going to kiss me, so out of habit I closed my eyes. No she said, look at me, share your soul with me she asked. I looked deep into her eyes and felt a flame being lit in my soul. We kissed and explore each other – fully connected on all levels. I wanted to have sex withy this women.}

{Naked she led me to her bed and laid me down on my back. I tensed up as I knew what pain I was about to feel, but as she slipped a finger inside me it glided in softly like silk, She smiled and slipped a second finger inside me. I loved the feeling and there was no pain. Her hot tongue took away the last worries of pain I ever had.~We ended up on her bed and she was licking her finger. I tensed up in fear as I dreaded the pain of some one entering my pussy. Relax she said and slowly slipped her into me. I felt nothing but a silky smooth finger inside me. My sigh told her that I was fine and soon I was riding all of her fingers inside me. I did not realize how much I missed this feeling.~We ended on her bed and she was going to slip her finger inside me. I tensed up – waiting for the familiar pain, but as she opened my pussy up, I felt the sensation of a silky finger inside me. No pain. I loved it. I coached her to use all of her fingers inside me and pushed my self onto her hand with force.}

{I watched as she put on a double sided dildo with one half inside her and the other half meant for me. As she slowly penetrated me I gave myself completely to this experience and felt what I really felt like being filled by a cock. I loved it.~She strapped a dildo onto herself and lifted my legs up high. I felt how the shaft filled me to my maximum but no pain. This was pure heaven. Our eyes stayed locked as she fucked me hard and deep. I screamed with joy and pleasure.~Sensing that I was ready, she strapped on a massive dildo and went on to fuck me half senseless. I moved and offered her my pussy from all angles. She obliged and drove deep inside me. I could not get enough.}

{She fucked me in every position we could master, giving herself just as much pleasure as she was giving me. We came together two times before she finally withdrew and fell down next to me. We held each other for hours and simply made some satisfied noises.~We fucked for most of the night and changed roles quite often. Three orgasms later we both fell down breathlessly happy and hugged and kissed for hours. This was great. I have never enjoyed sex as much as this. My doctor was right.~We took turns using the dildo on each other and brought ourselves to numerous orgasms. Finally we just lay in each others arms, purring like cats. I told you, it was your nerves she said jokingly.}

{I never saw her again. I ditched my current boyfriend and after a few weeks I picked up another guy from a bar. His cock was massive and I felt the old familiar fear crawl up my spine as he was about to fuck me. My mind went to the night my doctor fucked me and I relaxed immediately.~She never took my calls again and closed her practice. I dumped my boyfriend and a month or so later I took a new man home. He had a massive cock, but I wanted him to fuck me. My fear almost took control, but thoughts of my doctor calmed me.~I never called her again , nor went to her practice after that night. My boyfriend got the boot and soon I saw a stud in a dark corner of a bar. I knew I wanted him inside me and sure enough, an hour later he was ready to fuck me. For a slight moment I chocked t the thought of possible pain, but the doctor flashed before my eyes and I opened up my legs for him. He did his best to satisfy me, but I simply could not get enough of him.}

{This guy fucked me like a wild animal and I simply could not get enough of him inside me. I offered him my pussy and thrusted back so hard he looked quite shocked. When he was sweating, I flipped him on his back and rode his cock for another ten minutes before he shot his hot load all over me and himself. Dam lady, he said. You are a hot fuck.~My new lover went crazy for this girl that simply could net get enough of him inside her. I pushed him in as deep as I could with my claves and when he fell down tired out, I straddled his cock and rode him hard and deep. He came twice during the night and left smiling with my number in his pocket.~He finally gave up and let me ride his cock as deep as I wanted. He came twice that night and left somewhat bewildered. I wanted more, he simply could not deliver. I missed out on so much sex before, that I went back to the bar and picked up another stud for round two.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Apr 1

{I love surprises and I love receiving secret Santa’s, but can you imagine my surprise when I received a vibrator in a Secret Santa?~Secret Santa’s are one of the ways our office has fun at Christmas time, but imagine the surprise I got when my Secret Santa turned out to be a vibrator?~Christmas and Secret Santa’s go hand in hand, and this is one of the ways out office celebrates the festive season. But just imagine the surprise I got when my treat was a vibrator?}

{If you aren’t sure what a Secret Santa is, it is when you all have a gift cap of say $20 and you each draw the name of someone you have to purchase a gift for. We do it in the office every Christmas season, and who the hell drew my name and bought me a vibrator??~A Secret Santa is the way our office gets together to buy each other gifts, with out knowing who it came from. We set a cap on the cost of between $20 and $30 or thereabouts and everyone chooses a name out of the hat. The rules are that we are not allowed to divulge who we picked, but who in hell got me a vibrator and why?~Buying Secret Santa’s is a super way to make sure everyone gets a gift, no-one spends over a certain amount of money, and no-one knows where the gift comes from. We always set a cap on cost, and everyone chooses a secret name out of the cap. The rules are that no-one can tell who they are buying a gift – someone got me a vibrator!}

{Sex toys are great fun, and more and more people are indulging themselves with these goodies.~Millions of people all over the world are buying sex toys the trend is growing by the day and why not – our sexuality is part of who we intrinsically are.~Sex toys are the thing of the times, women are enjoying their sexuality, and although you can’t get a warm hug from vibrator, you can certainly get a hot flush!}

{Even though sex toys are great fun and I love my collection, I was much more intrigued by who might have thought I needed one. Or worse yet, who knew I collected them. My sexual proclivities are not something I share with colleagues, not even the girls in the office.~I love my sex toys, and have amassed quite a collection, but I never for a moment though anyone knew I collected these. I keep my business life apart from my personal life and haven’t even chatted to the girls at work about them.~I am particularly fond of my sex toys, I collect them, but this is a secret collection – no-one knows about them. Not my friends or my colleagues at work, or even any of the men I have dated.}

{The worst bit was that when we got our gifts at the Christmas do, everyone encourages you to open yours and when I did, I was the only one to receive a vibrator. Some people got CD’s, books, vouchers and the receptionist even got a teddy bear, but no other sex toys, pills, potions, or novelties were evident.~The Secret Santa gifts are given out at the Christmas party and as we are teased into opening them, you can only imagine my surprise. No-one else got anything like it and not even a sexy novelty, a potion or lotion was present in any of the other folks presents, I was dead embarrassed about this sex toy.~When our Secret Santa gifts are handed out at the Christmas Party, we are all encouraged to open them, so unawares I opened mine too. The second I saw it I tried to stuff it back into the wrapping, but too late, my colleagues had seen it and they all wanted to look too.}

{You should have seen the look on my bosses face! Obviously I couldn’t see the look on my own face, but it must have made quite a picture. I am a natural red-head and have the tendency to blush!!~The look on my bosses face was classic, the look on mine must have been better. I am a real blusher, being a natural red-head, and to be honest this was one time I wished I could have done the ostrich burying its head in the sand trick.~I was so embarrassed, and didn’t I have to be standing next to my boss when I unwrapped this gift. The look he gave me made me feel as though I hade bought this for myself and wrapped it up. I am a red-head and I was blushing from the top of my head to the soles of my feet – I wanted to crawl up into a ball and die.}

{Not wanting to make too big a scene of thing, and despite everyone’s protests of "let me see, let me see", I quickly shoved the offending item back as best I could into its torn wrapping paper, and then into my handbag. By them I had become the centre of attraction.~Of course everyone wanted to get a closer look, but I didn’t want too much of a scene, although this was actually too late. So I just bundled the vibrator back into the torn gift wrap and popped it into my handbag, however the damage was done.~I tried to avoid a scene, because everyone was going "lets see", "let’s have a look", so I just laughed and made a joke about Santa having a sense of humor. Laughing I bundled it back into its paper and put it in my bag, thinking – out of sight, out of mind.}

{Not only did they want to see it, but they were all murmuring amongst themselves trying to figure out who bought it. Asking, "did you buy it" answering "not me, was it you?" All of them in absolute denial and amazement! To try and make light of it I interceded and said "oh you guys, it must have been Santa". To which everyone laughed and moved on to the bar.~Now it wasn’t only about the gift, but everyone was thinking, who could have given the offending item to me. No matter who they all asked, everyone denied responsibility and I just wanted them to forget all about it. Eventually I just laughed it off and said that Santa obviously had a sense of humor, so they all went and got a drink and left me alone.~But the speculation had started and everyone was giggling and whispering, trying to figure out who could have bought this. Trying to diffuse the situation only seemed to make them worse, and they were asking everyone if they had bought it for me, even the peopl! e who hadn’t seen it, so by now everyone knew.}

{Thank heavens they were leaving it alone, I had a reputation as the "quiet one", so I was hoping they believed someone had just pulled a prank. This is what I wanted to believe also, but how did someone know this was the next vibe I had set my sights on to add to my collection?~I was the one with reputation for being quiet and even a bit antisocial, and this was why the tongues were wagging so much. But strangely enough this was the next vibrator I had planned to purchase.~My reputation was as a quiet, friendly intelligent and hard-working girl with a tendency to be anti-social. Now they all just though I was a dark horse, and I was a bit of a dark horse, as this was the exact model of vibrator I wanted to add to my collection next.}

{To this day, it remains a mystery, and next year at the Christmas Party, my co-workers clamored round me to see what I had got again. Obviously I didn’t want to open it, but they all egged me on.~It is still a mystery who bought me the sex toy of my dreams as a Secret Santa, but the following year, I had a huge audience when it came to opening gifts time at the Christmas event.~To this day we don’t know who bought it for me, but it was always being brought up and at Christmas this year, I had a whole crowd around me as I opened my Secret Santa. I didn’t want to open it, but it looked innocuous, like a DVD so I did, hoping it wasn’t porn.}

{It looked like a DVD and I hoped it wasn’t porn, so I took a deep breath and opened it. This time it was a copy of Constantine, a movie I had always wanted – who knew?? But by now I wasn’t feeling as though I had received a secret Santa, I felt like I was being secretly stalked!~I didn’t want to open it just in case, but it looked safe enough, so they egged me on and I opened it, hoping like hell it wasn’t porn. Fortunately it wasn’t, but the gift I got gave me the creeps even more. It was a DVD I had wanted for a long time and had not got around to buying. By now I was beginning to believe I had a secret stalker, not a Secret Santa!!~I opened it and everyone could see it was a copy of the movie "Constantine" and immediately lost interest. But my heart was pounding, this was another item I was planning to add to my movie collection next, how did this person know? Quite honestly I was beginning to feel secretly stalked, instead of Secret Santa’d!!}

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