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posted by Gerard Duplest on Dec 24

If you are inquisitive about anal games and you’ve dipped your proverbial toes into anal goings on with satisfying results, then it is an excellent time to consider advancing your anal activities onto the next level. Incorporating a selection of butt plugs to your sex equipment is a great way of getting to know about your physique a lot more intimately whilst intensifying your orgasms – and who would not wish for this?

Listed below are 5 easy steps to introduce anal plugs into the bedroom:

Buy the lube first. You have heard it again and again: go at a slow pace and lube up! If you feel you’ve got adequate lube, add more. For anyone who is worried about leaving marks on the bed, use a vinyl fitted bedsheet to protect your bedding and also for trouble-free cleaning up.

Begin with a anal finger plug. A finger plug is a small, narrow plug with a finger hook at the base which may be utilised solo or with a partner. It’s great for getting started for anal intercourse or anus play plus it delivers a really good intro to anal activities should you be just starting out. An anal play set will definitely possess all the anal necessities for getting started, and can be used by him or her.

Anal plugs can be found in lots of different lengths and widths. Like dildos, vibrators or perhaps the genuine thing, anal plugs can be found in small to extra-large sizes. Beginning compact is an excellent method to slowly bring butt play into your bedroom, but you might find that your individual fit is something a little larger. A group of 3 anal plugs will present you with all you need to get started with – from a little, warm-up anal plug with an insertion length of 3.5 inches to the more substantial 5-inch version.

Do not be frightened to experiment with texture. Smooth textured butt plugs are ideal for the novice, but as you graduate through the different sizes of various anal plugs you might want to consider different textures to vary your anal play. Ribbed anal plugs (ribbed just on the shaft, with a rounded tip for insertion) can accentuate your satisfaction, and butt beads are great for advanced consumers.

Location is everything. Butt plugs usually feature a flared bottom to prevent the anal plug from inserting fully into the rectum. Many makers use this flat base as a suction cup, permitting you to attach the anal plug to a smooth, flat surface such as a table, the floor or even a wall to provide you (and your significant other) hands free access to anal activities. Butt plugs can also be employed easily during the day as the large flared base inhibits them from entering any deeper, making them a sex toy that may be experienced while you’re moving around, at a get together, or elsewhere outside of your bedroom.

posted by Vixen's on Dec 9


Good Evening everyone!  I’m in the Christmas Spirit today; it was full of shopping and writing out all of the Christmas Cards that need to be mailed.  I do however expect http”:// to release their wonderful Holiday Cards within the next week.  I’ve see a couple and they are great!


Every woman struggles with what to get their Man at this time of the year.  Especially if they have the man that has everything or wants for nothing.  Yes, You know who he is.


First off there should be separate time for the families/kids and for you and him.  Christmas Day is for the Families, Kids and each other but let’s keep the more riskay  for Christmas Eve and Christmas Night.

Christmas Eve plan this out so your not rushing around like crazy people.  Have your shopping and wrapping done.  If you have company and/or kids usher everyone off to bed with the rouse of you have to be a sleep for Santa to Come (CUM TOO).  It is time to get take a bit of cookie (Santa’s Cookie and nibble on the reindeer food), better yet spend some time feeding each other.  Get the Presents out, fill the stockings, then POP a bottle of Champagne.  Set it up with him before hand, each of you will pick out some Christmas Eve Naughty Attire.  Get the gift for him and the one for you from under the tree.  Spend the extra time undressing each other and dressing in the minimal attire.


Set the Mood

Christmas Gift 1 For Him: The Xmas Tuggie

Christmas Gift 2 For Him:  Light the Candle I recommend Meet Me Under the Mistletoe in Kandy Kane

*Not really a gift but don’t for get lots of Adult Mistletoe.  You’ll benefit from it too so will your guests.

*Also, while looking through all the Christmas goodies that has this holiday I found the cutest necklace.  “I’m Your Gift”

Christmas Gift 3 for Him : Well you start with the Naughty Stocking  first of course. Make sure to put the Christmas I.O.U Sex-mas Coupons (all must be redeemed before the kids wake or some other game that would involve seeing how many can be redeemed in X hours)

Christmas Gift 4 for Him:  I know that if you are going to work through the Sex-mas Coupons he will need some help to keep it up. No Herbals you have Champagne…But a cock ring is just what Vixen Orders. It will help keep him up and I suggest a double vibrating cock ring.  Awesome!!! It will rock his world and yours, not to mention keep him hard for a couple more rounds of play.

Christmas Gift 5 for Him:  Let’s face it ladies there are times when we don’t feel like having sex or having anal.  I suggest that get him a “girl friend” as I call them.  A masturbation sleeve but this is your man we are talking about.  The one you love, respect, get naughty with and want the best for.  So get him the Rolls Royce of Sleeves, a FLESHLIGHT.

Don’t for get  to get a chuckle with the wrapping paper. just got in the funniest Christmas paper, Santa and Mrs. or Snowman and woman getting it on in all sorts of positions.  I would suggest to my lover that we try every position before we throw out  the paper.  Make sure that this is a stress free evening just enjoying each other, each others bodies.  Don’t forget to Kiss Santa Goodnight either.


NOW there are 16 days left of Christmas Craziness.  Order with plenty of time to get items ordered from online and shipped out standard shipping, for FREE.