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{Lana was on the upper deck of the cruise ship, gazing at the stars when she felt someone moving towards her from behind. She quickly looked to that direction and got scared when he saw a big man right behind her. The man charged right towards her and put something on her face. She was scared that this would be the end of her life.~It was a starry night so Lana decided to spend some time in the upper deck the cruise ship she’s at. She suddenly hear someone approaching her so she looked back and saw a masked guy going towards her. She was about to scream when the man reached her and put something in her face.~Lana loves looking at the night sky. That is exactly what she was doing when someone smothered something on her face and she passed out.}

{A guy smothering her is the last thing Lana remembered. She doesn’t know where she is right now but it sure looks like they are still in the cruise ship. She is now completely naked and tied on the bed. She tried letting out a scream but there is a ball in her mouth, gagging her. Her body doesn’t feel unusual or anything except for the fact that she’s naked. She heard someone walking towards the door. When it opened, it was Jason, the Captain of the ship. He greeted her when she first got on board.~The last thing Lana remembered was the masked guy. She still feels disoriented when she woke up in a cabin that isn’t hers. She feels cold and when she tried to sit up, something pulled on her arms. She looked on it and saw cuffs on both her hands tied on opposite ends of a bed. She was scared as she realized that she is also completely naked. She was just about to let our a scream for help when someone opened the door. A familiar face stood before her "Jason? P! lease help me."~Everything was confusing when Lana woke up tied on a bed in a cabin other than hers. She is bare naked and ball is gagging her, preventing her to cry for help. Lana felt scared and thought this could be her last night on Earth. She tried to be calm minutes after waking up and was accessing her situation when someone opened the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Jason, the cruise ship’s captain.}

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{“You’re awake. Don’t worry; I won’t do anything bad to you. On the contrary, you’ll feel so much better after were done.” The Captain said. Lana felt fear. In her mind, “What would he do to me? He’s gonna kill me afterward. I need to escape.” A lot of things are going through her mind. Jason on the other hand started undressing, revealing his athletic body.~Jason is the ship’s captain. She first met him when the crew greeted everyone boarding the ship. "Finally, you’re awake." Jason said. Feeling more confused, it wasn’t too long before she realized Jason did this to her. "Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want." said said feeling scared once again.~Jason had this plan in mind the moment he saw Lana. She was just so beautiful with the light tan and petite figure. Looking at her complete nakedness makes his cock throb. She has medium breast that is just about right for her body. The cold room is making her nipples hard. Her pussy is also just as beautiful. It looks so delicious and he can’t wait to taste her.}

{The Captain slowly approached her captive. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and she just gotta have her. He sat on the bed beside her then cupped her big sumptuous tits. He felt her try to struggle when he tried to lick her nipples. “Don’t worry Lana, I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy this.” He said in an almost consoling way.~"Don’t worry Lana. I won’t hurt you if you’re a good girl." the Captain said. Jason started undressing. Lana stared at him and seeing his gorgeous physique, her fear slowly fade away and changed by another feeling. Blood is rushing through her head and she is sweating from just looking at this guy.~"Be a good girl Lana. I won’t do anything bad to you. I just wanna fuck you." he said as he undress. Lana felt a sudden surge of fear with what she heard. But the fear was easily changed with the feeling of arousal when she saw Jason’s big hard cock. It has been sometime when she was last fucked and she needed this. Yeah, she! would be a good girl to be fucked by this gorgeous guy.}

{Lana felt shivers up her spine when the captain licked and sucked her nipples. Ohh, she is enjoying this alright. He bits her nipples just right for her to feel pleasure instead of pain. His hands almost made their way to her now wet pussy, fondling her clit. She was letting out a moan that can’t really be heard much from the gag.~Jason approached her and grabbed something from the night table beside the bed where she lays. "Now open your mouth darling." she felt confused but followed his instruction. He put a gag on her mouth and tied her behind her head. "Now… just enjoy baby." Jason said while his hands cupped her breasts. She let out a moan despite the gag suppressing the sound.~Jason sat beside her and started holding her breasts. He pinched her nipples and that brought her a very nice sensation. Those hands where replaced by his mouth, biting the hard nipples just enough to make her moan from all the pleasure. His left hand is not playing with her cunt! . All she can think about is how good his hands are when exploring her.}

{Jason feels Lana’s body is responding to his every move. He felt confident removing the handcuffs she had on binding her to the bedpost. With his strong hands, he was holding her right arm and put it on her back. He did the same to the left hand and then he tied her hands on her back with one of the cuffs. He then put a white cloth, tie it on her arms and connected it to the hook he had on the wall.~Jason’s hand now traveled south. In an instant his fingers are giving pleasure to her pussy. She felt the need to arch her back and as she did, he inserted a finger inside her cunt. "Ohh Lana, you are so wet." She was indeed. She can feel her juices dripping down her pussy to her ass.~Jason positioned himself to explore Lana more with his tongue and mouth. From her nipples she is now licking his way to her pussy. He can hear Lana making sounds that is lessened because of the bad on her mouth. He then reached his destination, open her legs wide and licked her clit.}!

{Jason positioned himself on bed while having Lana sit on her. He pulled the white cloth moving her up a bit and put his cock inside her. He was pinching her nipples quite hard and although she seems to be hurting, Jason thinks she is enjoying too. She even initiates the up and down motion now. As if this is not enough, he also got a vibrator and positioned it right on her clit.~Seeing how Lana was enjoying this, Jason positioned himself to take her. In one deep thrust he was inside her tight wet pussy. She seem so fragile but that gave him more reason to be rough and break her. "Baby you’re pussy feels so good." he said as he was thrusting deep and hard.~Lana can’t help but raise her hips and meet Jason’s tongue. She is just about to cum and she can feel her juices flowing out of her pussy. "Honey, you taste so sweet." Jason was really enjoying his time on Lana’s cunt. Soon after, Lana exploded and couldn’t avoid letting out a loud moan.}

{Lana cannot stop moaning even with the gag on her mouth. She is hurting but somehow, she is enjoying all of this. Jason was thrusting his cock faster and faster, he is cumming soon. Lana on the other hand didn’t even notice this as she is already dripping wet and ready to release more juice as she cums.~Lana was creating sounds that are louder than before. Jason’s hand is on her neck, choking her but not to kill her. That actually even make her appreciate the sensation. She felt the urge to cum sooner than she usually does. "Ohh… Lana.. You are so fucking good. I am cumming baby…." Jason blurted just a few minutes after he first penetrated her.~Jason now moved to fuck Lana. It wasn’t long before he had his big thick cock inside her wet pussy. If he didn’t made her cum he was sure his cock would hurt her a lot. He is quite big and girls often complain about his size.}

{Just a few more minutes and they both enjoyed pleasure. Jason came inside her pussy and the mixture of their cum is overflowing.~Just as she is reaching her climax, she felt a hot liquid rushing inside her cunt. Jason’s cum inside her felt so good. Feeling tired and fulfilled, he laid to rest on top of her while his cock is still inside her.~Jason was enjoying fucking Lana’s tight pussy. He feels his cock hitting her g-spot. Looking at her face enjoying his cock, she made him feel really good. He then felt his load about to blow when he pulled his cock and came on her breasts.}

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