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{When it comes to sex, whatever suits you and your partner is fine. There is nothing such as right or wrong; and nothing that you can do or cannot do. This applies to the sex positions too. Actually, whatever position you both are comfortable with and whatever position you want to try out is suitable. You may sit, stand, lie down, be on top or be below, whatever. Everything works!~Actually speaking, there is nothing in sex that you cannot do. If there is something that you and your partner both enjoy doing, then go right ahead and do it. You can use whatever sexual position you like to use. Sitting, standing, lying down, going on top, going under… it doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable with it.~The rule of the thumb about sexual positions is that you can do whatever suits you best and whatever arouses you best. There is nothing that you should do and should not do. Keeping this area open to experiment is the best thing to do actually. If your! partner and you are happy sitting, standing, reclining, bending over, going on top, going under, whatever, you can just go right ahead and do it.}

{But let us talk about some positions that people commonly use.~Now, here are some sexual positions that people use most times.~These are some of the popular sex positions that men and women the world over are using.}

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{Missionary Position~The Missionary Position~Following the Missionary Position}

{This is probably the most common position. This is considered to be the most proper sexual position in Christian culture. The man and woman lie on their sides, facing each other. In this sideways position, the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina. The entire frontal sides of the two bodies are in contact, while both may use hands to fondle the rear parts.~The missionary position is the best-documented. It is an appropriate and morally acceptable position according to the Christian culture. Here, both partners lie facing each other. This allows the man to frontally insert his penis into the woman’s vagina. The front sides of both bodies touch each other almost wholly while both can caress the rear sides with their hands too.~Christian culture has been very much straitjacketed about sex. The missionary position is commendable because this is the only position that the Christian culture considers to be proper for sex. There are several historical refer! ences of this position in which the woman and the man lie side by side, facing each other. The position allows for full penetration and both partners can arouse all parts of each other’s bodies. They can even reach out to the parts that are at the back of the body.}

{The position is effective for three reasons. First, it allows each partner to see the other’s face. It allows the woman’s clitoris to come in contact with the man’s pubic bone. And, it allows the man to go as much inside the woman as he wants.~There are three reasons why the missionary position is considered ideal. The first reason is that the man and the woman can see each other completely. Secondly, the woman gets complete clitoral excitation. Also, the man can modulate the extent to which he inserts his penis in the woman’s vagina.~The missionary position is very popular for various reasons. First, it allows for complete visual arousal because you can see each other’s bodies. Secondly,, it gives control to the man, who can decide how much he wants to penetrate. It also allows the man to stimulate the woman’s clitoris.}

{Woman on Top Position~The Woman on Top Position~The Woman on Top and the Man down under}

{It is quite understandable why women like this position; it transfers the control into their hands. They can control the intensity with which the penis enters their vagina. They can also try different angles so that they can find out what they like the best. The best part of this position is that it is excellent for clitoral stimulation.~Women love this position because of the reason that the entire control of the sexual act is vested in their hands. They can decide with what intensity they want the man’s penis to penetrate them and they can use different angles and positions till they find something that they really like. Women also love this position because it allows a great deal of stimulation for their clitoris.~There is no need to explain why women love this position. It puts the entire power into their hands. They can decide how much they want to arouse and get aroused. They hold control over the man’s penis and hence they can decide how much they wan! t to be penetrated. They can experiment with different stances till they find something that they really like.}

{There is variation within the woman on top position. The woman can kneel or squat on the man’s body, each of which she can do in different ways. If she wants to look at the man’s face, she can do that easily. For men, this is a good way to relax and let the woman do the hard work once in a while!~There are several ways in which women can modify this position. The woman can use a standing or a kneeling position over the man’s body. She can change various postures for adventure. She can face her partner. Men love this position too because it allows them to rest and take pleasure without actually doing the hard work!~Some women prefer to stand when on top while others prefer to kneel. However, there are a lot of different ways in which women use this position. Many women like to experiment when they are on top. Men too like this position at times because it allows them to completely relax for the whole time.}

{Spoon Position~The Spoon Position~Spooning each other}

{This position is good for women who like masturbating their clitoris when they are having sex. Her front side is totally accessible to the man in this position. The position is good for the man to fondle the woman’s breasts. Women can use vibrators in their butt if they want too.~The spoon position is the best for women who love to masturbate as she is enjoying sex with a partner. When this position is assumed, the front part of the woman’s body is completely exposed to the man. Men can caress the woman’s breasts without any problems. This position allows women to use vibrators for increasing their excitement.~If women love to masturbate during the sexual act, then they should try out the spooning position. This position exposes the entire frontal part of the woman’s body. They can stimulate their breasts without any hindrance. Women who like to use dildos and vibrators during sex can do so best when they are in this position.}

{Spooning is also known to be a very erotic and sensuous position. It allows the partners to be with each other for a long time. For men with premature ejaculation it is a good way to arouse the woman by foreplay before going in for the main act.~This is considered to be a highly arousing position. Partners can stay in this position for a long time because it is highly relaxing. If men suffer from premature ejaculation, they can use this position to arouse their females to foreplay before the actual penetration.~Spoon is considered to be a very relaxing and sensuous position in sex. Both people can be in this position for the whole night if they wish to because the position is so relaxing. The position is prescribed for men who suffer from premature ejaculation because it allows the man to completely prepare the woman before he penetrates her.}

{Standing Position~The Standing Position~Stand and enjoy!}

{One of the ways to do this is to make the woman bend over while the man penetrates her deeply. This position is very much arousing because it presents your partner to you in a different way. However, this position is only apt for men and women of good physical capacity.~There are many ways to assume the standing positions. One of the ways in which this is done is by having the woman to bend over while she is vaginally or anally penetrated. It allows for deep penetration. Also, men can see their women in a highly sexual posture. But, only people with fit and athletic bodies can use this position.~Standing positions are quite varied actually. Women can bend over while the man penetrates her vagina. This allows the man to go deep into the woman. Also, the very fact that the woman is bending over is highly arousing to the man. However, this position is only meant for lean and fit people.}

{Another variation is to have the woman sit on a surface while the man stands and penetrates her. Experimentation can make the man and woman find out different standing positions that excite them.~Also, women can be made to sit on a high surface such as a tabletop and the man could penetrate her vagina. By using different such experiments, men and women can find a position that excites them.~People who are not so fit can use a variation. The woman may sit on an elevated surface just right for the man to penetrate her vagina when he is standing. Different stances can be tried. It is certain that the man and the woman will find something that they both like to do together.}

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