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{After his fifth glass of vodka, Josh Brannagan was beginning to feel a little tipsy. People were milling all around him in their black suits and ties and various evening gowns and he was already feeling he didn’t belong there. Once more, he checked the hostess of the evening, the Lady Governor, who was throwing this bash for being elected. He knew she was checking him out as well, but he was too sloshed to care.~Five vodkas down, Josh Brannagan was feeling as heavy as a ton of bricks. Around him, people in black tuxes and shiny bejeweled gowns were still drinking and chattering away. He looked at the hostess of the party, the Lady Governor, looking ever beautiful and important. What he didn’t know was that she was keeping an eye on him as well.~He had glugged down his fifth vodka and now Josh Brannagan was feeling things moving in his head. There were a lot of people around him, in their tuxedos and precious evening gowns, and Josh was feeling out of place. His hostess was standing a little away, smiling at some important-looking people and he was checking her out. Well, his host was none other than the Lady Governor herself But, he wasn’t the only one checking someone out there. The Lady Governor herself was stealing glances at him but they were lost on him because of his drunkenness.}

{He loosened his tie a bit and undid the top button of his white Armani shirt. He needed something to bring him out of his drunkenness. “Enjoying the party?” he heard the voice behind him. It made him turn with a jerk. It was her, the Lady Governor.~He removed his tie and freed the upper button of his Armani creaseless shirt. He was drunk, he accepted that. “Liking it here?” someone asked him. He looked at who it was. His heart missed a beat when he saw the Lady Governor herself addressing him.~He removed his lie and unbuttoned his Armani shirt collar. He wanted to come out of his stupor. Just then, he heard someone ask him, “Everything’s all right?” He turned, and his heart missed a beat. The Lady Governor herself had come up to him.}

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{“Yes, ma’am,” he blurted out and frumped on the couch. “Oh, you need some rest,” she said, holding him by his hand. “Let me take you to the upper room where you could freshen up a little and rest a while.” Josh had no strength to argue. Anyway, he enjoyed being led by the Lady Governor. He meekly followed her like a schoolboy.~“Definitely, madam,” he slurred and then flopped on the sofa. The Lady Governor rushed and took him by his arm. “You need a little rest, I guess.” Josh wanted to say a hundred things but his tongue was as heavy as lead right now. Her touch was warm and invigorating. She said, “Let me take you upstairs, away from this noise.” She escorted him and he didn’t reason why. He just followed her.~“Quite so,” he said, and then toppled on the couch next to him. The Lady Governor immediately rushed to him and held him by his arm, “Oh, you should lie down a bit. Come upstairs and I will place you.” Josh wanted to de fer, but for some reason he did not – he was too drunk to speak anyway.}

{She brought him to a room and made him sit on a bed. “You should be fine here,” she said. But he wasn’t. He kept looking at her. Suddenly he noticed that even in her forties she had a great bust. Her mouth was quite full and her almost white complexion enhanced her beauty. The shiny blue noodle strap gown brought out the beauty in her marvelously.~The room upstairs was just as palatial as everything else. “Relax yourself here,” the Lady Governor said. It was then that he saw her with a man’s eye for the first time. She could be about forty but still she had a great shape. Her breasts were still firm and she had well-rounded lips that looked great on her fair skin tone. She was wearing a shimmering blue gown that was held at her shoulders with very tiny straps. It could be politically incorrect to say so, but his Lady Governor was looking darned sexy at that moment.~She took her to a plush room and seated him on a huge bed. “This should do well for you,” she said. But there was no hope. Even in his drunken stupor he was checking out the Lady Governor. She should be no less than 40, but even so she had firm tits, that’s what he was thinking. And he was looking at her milk-white skin and the thin noodle straps that held her blue evening dress at the shoulders.}

{“Do you want something?” she asked, conscious of his look. He grunted something. She came closer. She sensed he was too drunk to remember any of this the next day. “Let me help you relax,” she said.~“Something you need?” she asked, sensing his stare. He mumbled something. The Lady Governor knew what she wanted right from when she escorted him up here. She knew this person was too drunk to remember any of this. “Don’t worry,” she said, “Just relax.”~“Is there something you need?” the Lady Governor asked. He could only sputter something. But something was playing on the Lady Governor’s mind. She knew this fellow was so drunk that he wouldn’t remember anything when he woke up. She came closer to him. “Here,” she said putting her arm on his thigh, “Let me help you rest.”}

{Ever so slowly, she undid the zipper that held her dress. All of a sudden, her boobs spilled out. Josh was surprised to see this staid Lady Governor could be packing such a punch inside her. She came up to him. In his drunkenness he reached out to those melons. He slurped at them and spent some time on the nipples. He buried his face in her breasts.~Saying that, she slowly began undoing the zip at the back of her gown. Immediately, her full-round breasts bobbed out of her dressed. Josh was stumped This geeky Lady Governor had such a knockout inside her She came closer. He touched those breasts. They were creamy. He licked at them. He nibbled the nipples. He allowed her to smother his face with her big breasts.~Very slowly then, she freed the zipper on her dress. It was then that Josh really got drunk Her boobs popped out of the dress and immediately Josh saw that there was much more to the Lady Governor than met the eye. He reached out to hold those jugs. He kissed them, he licked at them, he sucked them like a baby does.}

{She removed the rest of her clothes. She was wonderful. Josh wanted to touch every part of her. He had a tent in his pants now. She reached out and grabbed his cock. She undid the zipper and freed it. Then she went down on him.~Soon, all her clothes were off. Everything about her was just as pretty. Josh didn’t want to miss out on anything. His black trousers were tenting out in front now. She undid his zipper and liberated his erection. Josh got a blowjob from the Lady Governor.~She did away with her remaining clothes. Josh was terribly aroused. He didn’t know what to touch and what not to. His trousers crotch was stretching at its limit now. She came up and freed his zipper and let his erection out. She then went down to suck his cock.}

{Josh could resist this no more. He took her on the bed and began tasting every inch of her. Slowly, he entered her. Her skin was just as smooth as the satin bed sheets they lay on. The Lady Governor took it all in her, quite aroused.~It was irresistible now. Josh pulled her on the bed. He kissed her everywhere. She was soft and creamy all over. He inserted his cock in her. She purred like a pussycat.~Josh couldn’t wait any more. He took the Lady Governor on the bed and starting kissing every bit of her. Very gradually, he entered her. He didn’t know which was softer – her creamy body or the satin sheets they were on. The Lady Governor was enjoying this as well.}

{In the morning, when Josh woke up, he was on the Lady Governor’s bed. He got some faint snatches of memory of something happening. But he wasn’t sure if it was for real or was it just a dream.~When Josh got up in the morning, he didn’t understand why he was on the Lady Governor’s bed. There was something nagging at his thoughts, but he couldn’t quite place it. He was sure he had a wonderful dream in the night, but he wasn’t sure what that was~When Josh’s eyes opened, it was morning already. He didn’t know why he was on this strange bed. He had a faint memory of something happening on this bed not long ago, but he couldn’t really remember what that was.}

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