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{I was sitting alone in her room, at her dressing table. I was looking at myself in her mirror—was I looking too nervous? No, I wasn’t. I looked nervously at the bathroom door behind which she was preparing herself. I turned my gaze to the mirror. I straightened my hair some and tried to switch on the charm, if that were possible.~I was looking at myself in her dressing mirror. I was in her room—alone, waiting. Was the nervousness showing on my face? No, it wasn’t. I checked in the direction of the bathroom. She would be out any moment now. Instinctively, I ran my hand through my hair, trying to make it more presentable.~She made me sit on her low dressing stool and went to the bathroom to prepare herself. I was sitting on the stool and watching myself in the mirror. Every two seconds later, I was looking at the bathroom door. I was waiting for her. I ran my fingers through my hair and tried to improve the looks a little.}

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{The bathroom door opened. She stepped out. I stood. For all her 45 years, she was looking stunning. She had worn a very tight leopard printed dress that showed all her curves well. No sag. A few wrinkles on the face, but whatever she used on them did a good job of hiding them.~I heard the bathroom doorknob snick. She came out. She was 45 years old, she had told me, but she didn’t look her age at all. She wore a dress with a wonderful leopard print that hid her age all the more. I checked out all her curves. There wasn’t a hint of a sag anywhere. I knew she had wrinkles on her face, but she had done a good job of masking those ungainly folds of skin.~She came. I stood in a reflex movement. She was looking fantastic—no one would say she was all of forty-five years of age. She had all the right curves in the right places still and there wasn’t a sign of any sag anywhere. The leopard printed dress that she wore made her look much sexier. If she had any wrink les I wouldn’t know—her makeup was quite good.}

{“Sit,” she commanded. I obeyed. She came over and sat on my lap. “Like it?” she asked. I said truthfully, “Very much.”~She told me to sit. I did. Then she came and placed herself on my lap. She asked if I was enjoying it. I said I did. I didn’t lie.~She commanded me to sit down. Then, she came to me and sat on my lap. She began moving her ass slowly on my crotch. She asked whether I liked it. I didn’t have to lie about that.}

{I was her toyboy for the night. Don’t know for how long, but at least for the night I was hers. Barely 2 hours ago, she picked me up from where I solicit women like her. Cougars that cannot hold her passion back. She drove me to her hotel room, feeling me everywhere as she drove. She asked me my age. I said I was 19. She was quite happy; I knew that. I was sure I would enjoy her.~I knew what I was—her toy boy for the evening. It was just about a couple hours back that she picked me up from the street—the same street where I usually wait for women for her to come and pick me. I saw this cougar couldn’t mask her passion at all. She made me her co-passenger in the car. She drove with one hand, another hand continuously working at the bulge in my shorts. She felt my cock and asked how old I was. I said I was nineteen. She was impressed.~This cougar woman had made me her toy boy for the night. I usually allow myself to be picked up by women to pay for my coll ege fees and today this one came along. She made me sit next to her in her car and drove me to her room. All the way she kept her hand on my shorts making me hard. She judged my size and asked—How old are you? I said—nineteen. She was happy.}

{She ordered me to strip. I removed my T-shirt and my shorts and stood in my underwear. I was to remove that as well, but she said—“Dance for me like that.” “Music?” I asked. She put on some Sade. I began those slow moves I did so often for these cougars. She stood up and joined me. I placed my hand on her narrow waist and then let it fall on her ass. Slowly, I removed her dress.~Now, she commanded me to strip. I took my T-shirt off. I unzipped my shorts and took them off. I was about to get the underwear off, but she stopped me. She said, “Let’s see you dance.” I asked for music. She promptly turned on some Sade. There, in my underwear, I began dancing for the cougar. She came up to me. She placed my hand on her ass and danced with me. I began to undress her.~Then she asked me to undress. I got the T-shirt off of me. Then I removed the shorts. Next was the turn for the underwear to go, but she stopped me. Dance like that—she said. Music?—I as ked. She put on some Sade. I began dancing slowly to the tune. She joined me. She put my hand on her butt and danced with me. I began taking her clothes off while dancing.}

{There we were—naked and dancing with the window open. Her passion was heightened now. She went and sat on the dress stool and spread her legs wide. She signaled me to service her and began sipping on her margarita. I obeyed—I was her toyboy. But, no complaints. Her pussy was as smooth and unshaven as that of a juvenile nymph.~Moments later—we were dancing naked. She’d kept the window open. I could see she had become more lustful now. Then she went and sat on her dressing stool. She spread her legs and signed for me to come. She took her glass of vodka. I went down on her. It was a good pussy—juicy and shaven.~Soon we were dancing with each other in the buff. The window was ajar. There was lust in her eyes. She sat on the stool and asked me to lick her. I obeyed. She sipped on some gin and enjoyed the moment. I enjoyed her pussy too—she had kept it clean shaven.}

{“Come in,” she whispered and guided me to the bed. She was looking extremely sexy. The lights were off now—it was only the moonlight and us. I gently hoisted her legs up and put my penis into her. She squirmed like a baby. Slowly I increased force. She began to sweat.~“Enter me,” she mumbled in my ear and rose to go on the bed. I found her very sexy in the moonlight—she had turned the lights off. I grabbed her legs and parted them. Then I put my cock inside her. She purred like a satisfied kitten. I began slow and then increased momentum. I could see the sweat beads beginning on her.~Put that cock inside me—she said. I lifted her to the bed. I placed her there and parted her legs. She was indeed very beautiful. The lights were off now, and she was looking sexier in the moonlight. I slowly penetrated her. She began making little noises of contentment. I began slow and increased the speed. She was beginning to sweat now.}

{After several long minutes, I shuddered inside her. She was quivering like an animal. I held her as close as I could—my dear cougar.~Many minutes later, I brought myself to a rocking orgasm inside her. She got a shattering climax as well. She kept on twitching for a long time—and then we rocked each other to sleep on the bed.~Ten minutes later, I had an explosive orgasm inside her cunt. She twitched in tandem, satisfied and spent. I held her as close to me as I could—I didn’t want to leave my precious cougar tonight.}

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