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{She looked up at me and, in a very commanding tone, said “sit down, and keep me company then”. I immediately sat down, transfixed by her stare. I started making small talk with her when she grabbed my thigh. Not only did it catch me by surprise, it turned me on.~“Yes”, she said in a commanding and mesmerizing tone. I sat down and asked her the usual questions. Her gaze was doing things to me and when she grabbed my thigh, I was so turned on. Surprised, but turned on.~“Why don’t you sit down and enjoy it with me then”, she said in a commanding tone. I was mesmerized by her gaze and I sat down without even thinking about it. I asked her where she was from and her reply was to grab my thigh. It was unexpected to say the least, but one thing that wasn’t a surprise was my dick going hard.}

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{She ignored the fact that she just grabbed my thigh and continued with the conversation. Her hand inched further and further up my thigh until my dick could sense her. She was down to the maraschino cherry of her drink. She took it out of the glass and sucked it while looking at me. At the same time, her hand grabbed my dick and started stroking it.~She continued with the conversation like nothing had happened. My dick was already hard and I could feel her hand gradually travelling up my thigh. She took the maraschino cherry out and sucked it. While I was busy being transfixed by her stare, she grabbed my cock in her hand and rubbed me up and down.~She answered my question and made no mention of what just happened. I asked her where she worked and her hand crept further up my thigh until it was near my penis. She looked at me and sucked her maraschino cherry. At the same time, she took my cock in her hands and stroked it up and down.}

{“Let’s go to my place” she said and I just followed her. We made out all the way to her place in the cab. I was hungry for her and there was a certain animalistic way in which she devoured my kisses. She was now rubbing my dick hard and I let my fingers get lost in her cum.~We hailed a cab and made our way to her place. I was fingering her sweet pussy and enjoying the wetness while she was stroking my very hard dick all the way to her place. She consumed my kisses with a hunger I hadn’t experienced in a while.~She asked me if I wanted to go to her place and I managed a nod. She played with my dick in the cab while I drowned my fingers in her wetness. There was a certain urgency with which she responded to my kisses.}

{When we got to her place, she immediately instructed me to take my clothes off and to close my eyes. She then tied a blindfold around my eyes. However this was not the end of my surprise. She started kissing my hand and then very slowly, handcuffed them to the bed post.~We kissed all the way up the stairs and once we were in her apartment, she made me take off my clothes and close my eyes. She kissed my neck and very stealthily, tied a blindfold over my eyes. I was so caught up in the whole thing that I did not even notice her cuffing me to the bed until I heard the clang of the handcuffs.~We got to her place and she started ripping my clothes off. “Close your eyes” she said, and she wrapped a blindfold around them. When she handcuffed me to the bed stand, I could not object.}

{She asked me if I trusted her, and if I wanted her. The answer to the second question was definitely yes, so I went along. I felt a slight thrill at the prospect of what was to come next.~“Do you want me?” she said. I said yes. “Do you trust me?” she said. I would have let her do anything to me. I felt a tingling feeling in anticipation of what was coming next.~I was enjoying her kisses when she asked me if I wanted her. I moaned yes. When she asked me if I trusted her, I was already too weak to say no. I felt a chill run up my body caused by the uncertainty of what was going to happen.}

{Then she placed an ice cold washcloth on my dick which made me go flaccid. Afterwards, she placed a metal ring around my cock. I was beginning to rebel against this turn of events when she let me suck her fingers – her cum covered fingers.~My hardness instantly dissipated once she placed a frigid washcloth on my dick. Once I went flaccid, she put on a metal cock ring around it. I was beginning to feel uneasy when she stroked my face with her wet fingers. Her cum was all over my face and I could taste it.~She wrapped my hard dick with an ice cold washcloth, and I lost it. Then, when I had deflated, she put a metal ring around my penis. I wanted to protest, but she immediately shushed me by letting me suck her fingers. They were covered with her wetness and it tasted sweet.}

{I began to swell again until the metal ring was too small for my cock. I wanted the pain to stop when she sat on my dick and began riding it. It hurt, but it was still the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced.~I immediately went hard again. Once it grew to the size of the cock ring, it began to hurt. I wanted to scream for the pain to stop but she straddled me and let my dick in her. I had never experienced anything like that before.~I instantly went hard again but this time, the metal ring stopped my swelling. I couldn’t stop though, and the pain was driving me crazy. All of a sudden she gets on top of me and impales herself on my dick. Never before had I experienced such pain and such pleasure at the same time.}

{I could hear her scream madly, and I knew I was about to cum. However, in that instant, something stopped me. Those damn cock rings! I could hear breathe in and out fast, and moan and groan and writhing on top of me. At least she was having an orgasm.~The intense pleasure I was feeling, and her screams only made me want to cum. There was something blocking my orgasm – the cock rings. I could tell that at least she was having an orgasm because of the way that she was moaning and screaming. I wish I could see that.~I could feel myself coming to an orgasm. The only problem was that the cock ring wouldn’t let me have one. Her screams and moans get louder and louder, and then she starts writhing around on my dick. She had her orgasm. That makes one of us.}

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