Good Day Everyone, My nickname is Vixen, I write  under the pen name of AZ Vixen.  Vixen was a nickname given to me by some students at the University of Utah when in college around 1991.  I had gone on a student government convention trip of sorts to Laramie Wy.  There was a group of Males and Females from UoU that added so much flavor to our trip.  There was a picture of someone with a lampshade on their head, if that tells you the kind of trip.  They called me Vixen, which in there terminology was Cool Girl. there were other terms. Like Burger for an attractive girl.  I have always been quick witted and full of vim and vigor.

Today I realize all of the knowledge both breath and depth that I have to share  I am one whom strives for perfection in all that I do.  That means my romance relationships too.  I feel like I have made so many mistakes that I don’t want people to make the same ones.  Nor do I want to repeat them.  I’ve always loved men now I love just one.

I have been in the corporate world for over 25 years and I worked for companies that went under in 2003, I wanted to get back into working for myself.  An opportunity presented to do Home Parties with Sex Toys.  How fun was my reaction  I did that for several years until my body would  not allow me to continue without great pain.  I decided instead of doing parties, I would sell on the web.  Which I knew nothing about. After extensive research I have launched FuntillUCum.com selling Sex toys and other fun.  And www.chrysalisintimates.com for lingerie for sale.  I write on all three of the sites.  I handpick the toys and lingerie.   Join me on my journey.