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{Alexis and Her Strip Search~Shoplifting Megan gets Strip-Searched~Guards teach Allison Never to Shoplift Again}

{Alexis was in a hurry. She needed to quickly buy some groceries for the house and then leave for a training program for her new waitress job. She was quickly putting in a few things mindlessly and then moved over to the billing area. While she was waiting for her turn to come, she saw a small kiosk that was selling some Polo mints. She quickly grabbed a stick and put it into her blouse. No, she didn’t intend to pay for such a small thing. She had tried such things before and had been successful.~Megan decided she would get a few things from the store before she left for her airhostess training course in the capital city. She hurriedly took a few things that she would need on the trip and, when she thought no one was looking, put a little stick of M&Ms inside her shirt and tucked it well under her bra. She was hopeful her little shoplifting episode was not watched by anyone; after all, this wasn’t her first time.~Allison had got a call to report for a trainin! g session in the next city. She booked an evening flight and that morning she went to the mall to get a few things she thought she would need on the flight. She quickly threw a few things that she thought she needed in her basket. Then, she thought she need not pay for all of those. She took a smart-looking pen from the shelves and tucked it into her blouse.}

{Her turn for the payment came. She emptied her shopping cart and the cashier billed the things. After the last item, the cashier asked, “Is that all?” “Yes,” Alexis said, clutching her blouse. She immediately paid the amount, took her bags and left the counter.~She went for the billing. She emptied her basket on the cashier’s desk while he made the bill. He asked if there was anything else. Megan deftly replied, “No.” She paid, collected her things and moved toward the exit.~She almost ran to the billing counter and put her things on the desk. “Is that all?” the cashier asked. Without batting an eyelid, Allison said, “Yes.” She received the bill, paid it and continued her run toward the main gate.}

{But before she could get out of the store, a security guard blocked her way. “Miss,” he beckoned. “Could you please step this way?” Alexis was startled. “I am in a hurry,” she said. “This won’t take a minute,” the guard said. “Please come with me.”~A security guard who had been watching her came up. “Excuse me lady,” he called. Megan rushed faster, pretending she did not hear. “Miss, here,” the guard caught up with her. “Let me have a word with you.”~But she could not do it as quickly as she wanted. A security guard stopped her in her tracks. “Hang on, lady. Could you step in here for a minute?” he pointed to an inside room that was marked ‘Security Cameras’.}

{He took her into the video room, where a black security guard was manning the CCTVs. “Oh, hello lady,” the black guard said, “You won’t like this, but we did get a little grab on you on our tube here.” He showed her the clip which clearly showed her shoving the Polo into her blouse. “Now if you could let us search you,” the first guard said.~Despite Megan’s protests that she was in a hurry, the guard persisted and led her to the security room. Megan was shocked to see all the CCTVs inside. A large man chomping on a cigar was keenly looking at the dozen-odd screens. Seeing her enter, he said, “Oh, you are here, our little whippersnapper. We did catch something on these screens here.” “What are you saying?” Megan said, a little less defiant now. “We’ll find soon enough. Could we have that shirt off?” the cigar-chomping guard said.~“I really have to go,” Allison said. “Oh, this is important, I am sure,” the guard said and almos! t shoved her into the room. Inside, there were tens of computer screens which showed various images of what was happening inside the mall. A bearded guy was checking them out very carefully. He looked up at Allison as she entered. “Yeah, she’s the one, all right,” he muttered. “What?” Allison asked. “We’ll know. Would you please remove your shirt or do you want me to?” the first guard asked her.}

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{Alexis had no words. But she fumbled, “I was in a hurry. It was a mistake.” “We shall still have to search you madam,” the black guard said. “The CCTVs are not constantly on all people. We don’t know what other things you might have ‘shoved’ in by mistake.” This was embarrassing. But Alexis had no option. She thought it would be better to get it done with quickly. Slowly, she began undoing her blouse.~“Heck, no!” Megan shrieked. “I am going to report this nonsense.” She turned in a huff, but the first guard stopped her. “You can try to report us ma’am, but this is what we are paid for,” he said. “Now, let’s search you.” Megan found herself cornered. She knew she had no fighting chance with these guys. And she was in the wrong. She slowly put her hand inside her shirt and removed the offending object.~“What the heck is this?” Allison asked. The guards laughed. “These screens really do work, miss,” the monitoring guy s! aid. “We know you have a Parker on you that hasn’t been paid for. Now will you remove that or should we?” Allison has nothing to yell about now. She had committed a mistake. She reached into her blouse, extracted the Parker and kept it on the table.}

{The guards leered at her. She removed the Polo and handed it over. “Here it is,” she said. “That won’t do,” the black guard said. “You will have to go the whole way. We need to see it all.” “Yes we do,” the other guard said. Alexis removed the second button, and then the third. Then, in a quick stroke, she removed her bra.~Both guards were leering at her now. “Oh, no, we need to see everything,” the big guy said. “We need to be thorough. We don’t know what else you might have put in,” he said. Megan wanted to run away, but there was no go. She had to catch the flight. She thought the sooner she gave in, the better. After all, there was nothing else. She quickly removed her shirt and then, a bit slowly, her bra.~She felt the guards’ eyes poring at every part of her body. “And what else have you hidden in other places?” the bearded fellow asked. “Nothing,” Allison said. “How can we be sure?” the other guy said. “We will ! need to strip search you.” Allison was terrified, but she knew she didn’t have a chance. She could be thrown into the slammer. Better get this done with soon.}

{“Whoo,” the guards said. “Ain’t these lovely?” the black guard told the other one. He reached out and touched them. Alexis wickedly enjoyed that. The other guard sensed that and he began tonguing her nipples.~“Wowee,” the big guard hollered, “Those are quite some knocks there, lady.” Saying that, he actually moved forward and began touching them. The guard was more brazen. He took her nipples in his mouth. Despite everything, Megan began to get aroused.~She took her shirt off and undid her bra. She knew she hadn’t a choice. And there was this wicked feeling of excitement that was coming over her. The guards hooted at her boobs. “Hot, lady,” the bearded guy said, “You are indeed hot.” He placed his hand over her breast. Allison flinched, but did not retaliate otherwise. Encouraged, the other guard took one of her nipples in his mouth.}

{“We must punish her,” the first guard said. “Remove your skirt madam,” he told Alexis. Alexis obeyed. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it down, and then her panties. The guards were out of their pants by now too. “The bitch is going to enjoy this punishment,” they said.~“Oh no,” the big guard said, “You are not to be left so easily. You need a lesson. Down with those jeans, lady.” Megan was not so resistant anymore. This was a fantasy she had played out in her mind so often. Now it was for real. She slowly unzipped her jeans and then removed even her panties. “She likes this,” the smaller guard said and they both laughed.~“Pants down now ma’am,” the bearded guy said, almost out of breath. Allison was gasping too. This was really arousing her now. The guys undid their pants and she lost her mind. She quickly removed her pants and then her panties. “This is what she wants,” the first guard said, laughing lecherously.}

{They made her bend over the table and put the Polo stick right into her pussy. She moaned in delight. Then they took turns on her, each of them shooting a huge amount of cum right into her. “That will teach her,” they said when finished.~Megan was fucked by both the guards right on the security table. They even put the M&M stick she had stolen inside her. And then they came, one after the other. “She will never shoplift again,” they said. But only Megan knew what she felt right then!~That morning, Allison was fucked in the guards’ security cabin. They even teased her by putting the Parker pen inside her cunt and letting her keep it. Then they fucked her in turns and drenched her with their semen. “I guess she won’t shoplift ever,” the bearded security guard said. “Oh, I really don’t think so,” the other guy said, as he let Allison go, purring like a contented pussycat.}

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