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{I have played wingman a couple of time for my best mate David, and I have to admit that he has returned the favor from time to time, but this time he had a really big request, a blind date. Now I don’t mind creating a diversion if the girl David has targeted has a friend with her and she looks ok, at least you can see the bird. But a blind date is a bit much even for the best of friends.~Playing wingman for David, my best mate hasn’t all been bad, and I admit he has done it for me too, once or twice. Only this time was different, he asked me to do the blind date thing and this is a big thing as far as I am concerned. Providing a diversion for him while he hits on a girl is ok, at least you get to see the chick first. But even for the best of friends a blind date is a bit heavy.~Dave is my best mate, we have a mutual understanding that I play wingman for him, he is a bit of a ladies man. He will do the same for me, but I am not that into picking up chicks, I would rather jump out of an airplane or climb a mountain. I don’t have a lot of time for chicks right now, life it meant to be enjoyed while I am still young enough to do it. This time he had a real big favor to ask and he wanted me to double date on a blind date}

{He had met this chick and was hot for her, she had a friend and wanted to double date; he begged, I agreed and this is how a blind date from hell ended with a blowie from heaven.~Dave was really hot and heavy after this one girl and she wouldn’t go out with him unless he had a friend for her friend. But I agreed and that’s how a blind date from hell landed me with a blowie from heaven.~This one girl had really captured his attention but she didn’t want to go out with him alone, can’t say I blame her. But this is how I landed a blind date from hell which ended with a blowie from heaven.}

{If sex dates are what you are into, you may be surprised to discover that there are plenty of other singles out there with exactly the same thing in mind. No strings sex is easy when you have no intention of being tied down in a relationship.~Sex dates are great fun and it may surprise you to know that it all some people want from a date, you may even end up with a generous girl like I did. Someone who makes no strings sex easy.~Its good fun to get a sex date when there is no strings attached, and you may be surprised, but there is a lot of this going on, even these days.}

{The big date night arrived and the deal was if I played wingman Dave stayed sober and was the designated driver. He collected me and we went to pick up the girls, my heart was pounding as if I had run a marathon; this was not my idea of a fun night out on the town~The deal on the night of the big blind date was that Dave was the designated driver, so I would at least have the dubious pleasure of getting s drunk as I liked. He fetched me first and we went to get the girls. To say I was nervous was the understatement of the Century, this was not my idea of fun.~Dave had to play designated driver because I was going to get very drunk and he owed me, so he picked me up and we went together to fetch the ladies. I have to say that I was pretty nervous too – unlike me, but a blind date is not my idea of a good time.}

{So off we went, Dave and his trusty wingman and picked up the girls. His girl, Natalie was a dream, mine, Tandy, was a dog. Not only in the sense of how she looked, but how she dressed, spoke and even smelled.~Dave’s date was great a real stunner, I could understand now why he was so desperate to go out with Natalie, but mine, Tandy, was rather a dog. You could see she didn’t take much time to put herself together.~Natalie, Dave’s date was a number 9, darn near perfect, mine was on the other end of the scale, about a 2, Natalie obviously didn’t like competition. Tandy was a real dog, with very few redeeming features as far as I was concerned.}

{Where did this bitch come from? God, I couldn’t believe I had to spend my hard earned money paying for dinner for a hound from hell. The things you won’t do for your friends?~I couldn’t believe that I was buying dinner for this poodle, Dave sure had better be grateful in a very big way. He owed me on that’s for sure~Buying a dog dinner was my idea of a real waste of money, but I had made a deal with Dave, so I decided to shut up and put up, but he really owed me one or two}

{I was sitting next to the hound dog, doing my best to entertain her, while David and his date were on the dance floor. She leaned over and asked me if I had ever had a blowie in a crowded club?~I did my best to entertain the bitch while Dave and Natalie were getting their groove on, when the most unexpected thing happened. Tandy leaned over to be and asked if I had ever had a BJ in a busy club.~I was left to entertain the little doggie while Dave and his beauty hit the dance floor. About half an hour into the uncomfortable silence she leaned my way and whispered in my ear “have you ever had a good blowie in a really busy club?”}

{I took another look at her, took another stiff sip of my drink, things were starting to look up, so I told her “no”. “OK” says my little doggy “I’ll do you now”. I thought, at least it would shut her up.~I did a double take, was I hearing right? Thought about it for a millisecond and thought what the heck, “no” I answered, “are you going to give me one”. She just looked at me and bent over to work her magic.~Had I heard right” I sure had, so I answered “no”, it didn’t take me long to think about it. She just looked at me and put her hand on my crotch and opened by fly. She bent over and started sucking on my exposed cock.}

{She leaned over into my lap and opened my fly without so much as a by your leave, took out my already stiffening cock and latched onto it like a newborn baby to the breast. She sure knew what she was doing too, slurping and sucking at my cock as if it was the most delicious thing she had tasted her whole life.~With absolutely not a word or a semblance of shyness she took my cock out of my pants and started licking and sucking me. She had her hand cupped around my balls, gently massaging and I got a rock hard erection in moment. She may not look and smell good I thought but she knows how to suck cock.~This chick wasn’t bashful I’ll say that for her, I had heard of this kind of thing happening, but it was a first for me. Fondling my balls and running her tongue up and down my rock hard shaft, soon got me really excited. She might not be the best looker, but she sure knew how to get intimate with a male organ.}

{Taking her time and doing it real slow, this ended up being one of the best and most exciting BJ’s of my adult life. She even swallowed every last drop of cum when I shot my load into her mouth, so the night wasn’t a complete loss. But I still never want to see her again~She took her time too, and didn’t seem to be in the slightest little bit concerned about anyone seeing. I had heard about girls like her, no social decorum whatsoever, but hell it felt good, and I am a pig when it comes to all matters concerning my penis. It didn’t take me long to squirt my load, and she lapped it up, but no matter how good the BJ, I still never want to see her again.~Tandy didn’t seem to give a damn about anyone seeing us and this added to my excitement, she took her time too, slowly sucking out all my juices. I have to admit it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load and she just lapped it up. This was my blowie from heaven and I wouldn’t mind going another rou nd with the bitch, but I don’t really want to buy her dinner again.}

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