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{Brad’s Experience Of First Time Wearing A Butt Plug To Work~First Time Wearing A Butt Plug To Work – My Best Day~Rick’s First Time Wearing A Butt Plug To Work}

{Brad was strictly hetero, but he was greatly intrigued when he read about butt plugs. Were these really as arousing as they seemed to be? He always liked experimenting with sexual things and so he ordered one of those. It arrived after five days.~It arrived after a whole week – the butt plug that I had ordered over the Internet. I was waiting impatiently to try it on. I just wanted to put it in right then and there, so excited I was.~The packet that arrived stopped Rick from whatever he was doing. This was it! This was what he was waiting for since the last whole week. He had never tried a toy up his ass before and it was quite understandable why he was so kicked about it.}

{He wanted to try it without wasting another moment, but when it arrived, he was just getting ready to leave for work. Always one for sexual experimentation, he thought he would wear it to work. His first time wearing a butt plug to work! That made him aroused to no limit!~But I checked my watch. I had just twenty minutes left to go for work. Darn! I did not want to wait until evening to try this thing on. Its sleek metal was tempting me no end. It was then that I made a decision. I would wear it to work! Why not! Who would know? It would be my first time wearing a butt plug to work, but I was consumed with the idea. There was no turning back.~But darn! He had to go to work in about fifteen minutes. He certainly couldn’t wait to come back from work and then try this shiny metallic butt plug on himself. But an idea struck him! Yes, why shouldn’t he? He had read about it on the Internet. Yes, he planned on doing it. It would be his first time wearing a butt plu! g to work, but it would also be his first time wearing a butt plug anywhere! So, what the heck!}

{Want to Buy a Butt Plug to wear to work ~ Looking to wear a Butt Plug to work ~ Butt Plug to work no way}

{He had to have his morning shower still. He took the butt plug and the lube that came with it in the bathroom. Keeping them at the basin, he removed his clothes. He had a great body; all those workouts did have their effects after all!~I took the butt plug in the bathroom with me. I kept it carefully on the counter and removed my clothes. I was looking good. A young 25 year frame, lean abs and sharp physique! I love my own body, really! And then I saw the butt plug that was waiting to get in. My cock got a little hard at the very thought!~He took the butt plug into the shower. Placing it on the commode, he undressed himself. He saw himself in the mirror. He was doing great at 38! He had perfect abs and his cock was just semi-hard right now. He knew it was waiting for the butt plug to get right in.}

{He was just raring to put the butt plug in. He took it, lubed it well and then stuck it right in. At the very first contact, he got almost a jolt! The very cold metal of the butt plug aroused the wickedest sensations all over his body. His cock became a bit hard.~I put some lube on it because it was new. Then I squatted on the floor and put the butt plug right in. Gosh, what a wicked feeling that was! It went right in like a hard cock! I put it right in till its flares stopped it from going any further.~He got the lube that came with the butt plug and worked it fine. Then, he took the plug and put it right in. The moment its cold metal made contact with his butt cheeks, he squealed in delight. This was wonderful. He pushed it as far as it would go. The flares dug into his cheeks; that was when he stopped.}

{Then he had a three-minute shower, dressed up quickly and moved off to his work. Only he knew what he was wearing extra that day! He was wonderfully excited about his first time wearing a butt plug to work.~I showered quickly, put on some good clothes and set off. Only I knew the secret about the butt plug now. I was so kicked – it was my first time wearing a butt plug to work!~He then had his shower quickly, dressed up and set out to work. The butt plug was still in him and he was still hard. He hailed a cab for work.}

{Work seemed different to Brad that day. He got the feeling that everyone was sizing up his butt. It was a wonderful feeling, but different. He had a hard-on throughout and it became tighter with every step he took as the butt plug also moved with his step.~Everything looked so odd! I thought everyone was staring at my ass. Was the butt plug showing? I turned around to check the people behind me so many times. It was showing actually, it was only my nerves. But dude, what a feeling!~Work seemed different to Rick today. It was all the more happening. He got the weird feeling that everyone was looking at his groin and his ass. The feeling was so ecstatic that he did not even stop to greet anyone; just ran up to his cabin.}

{The best sensation came up when he sat on the chair at his desk in his cabin. The butt plug rode right in. The push that it gave inside the butt was mesmerizing. His cock became harder, now threatening to rip his pants apart. It was then that Maggie, the voluptuous secretary walked in. He could not make out what she said at all, only keep checking her out. Below the table, his hands were fondling his erection.~When I sat on the chair in my cabin, I got one of the best sensations I ever have in my life. the butt plug rode right up my ass! I twitched my groin and my cock became fully aroused. And it was just then that the hot secretary entered my cabin. Dunno what she said, but I longed for her ass as she turned to leave. I was already jacking off below the table.~Once there, he sat on his chair. The butt plug dug deeper into the ass and his cock became fully erect! It was that moment that his secretary chose to enter his cabin. Rick did not even realize what she! said; he was busy fondling his cock under the table.}

{Brad was so conscious and aroused that day that he did not put in an ounce of work!~I couldn’t really work that day. Well, how could anyone? I was so freakishly aroused!~The day passed like a dream. Rick did no work at all. He was so conscious about that thing up his ass that he just couldn’t concentrate. It was, after all, his first time wearing a butt plug to work.}

{When home, he lost no time in losing his clothes. Then he sat in front of the king-size mirror in his bedroom and jacked off. Brad’s first time wearing a butt plug to work was certainly one of the most exciting solo sex experiences he ever had.~As soon as I got home, I got all my clothes off, and lay on the bed. Checking the butt plug still in my ass in the mirror opposite the bed, I shagged. I am sure I threw a quart of cum that time.~The first thing he did when he got back home was to undress and sprawl on his big bed. His underwear was soaked with precum already. He jacked off while watching his butt with the metal flare on it.}

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