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posted by Gerard Duplest on Jan 22

{The two male river rafting guides could not believe their luck as their new client climbed from the Jeep. These tow river guides were used to rugged men coming to face the rapids with them, so this leggy blonde that came towards them was quite a fresh breath of air for them.~Usually the guides saw other men coming down for the over night rafting trip down the river with them, so you can imagine how happy they were when a leggy blond girl stepped from the Jeep that delivered guests up stream to the point of departure. Electricity started flowing from the moment she laid her soft hands in theirs.~The usual pre departure mood changed dramatically when the two sexy raft guides met their latest passenger – a beautiful long legged blond babe. They are so used to guiding men down this tricky river, that seeing this girl gave their blood a special rush of excitement.}

{As they helped her into her safety kit, it grew quite obvious that this little kitten was up for fun as she made sure that her breasts stayed in the way of their hands as they both took turns to check her floatation vest. The atmosphere became quite electrical in that raft as the three set out, sitting with more body contact as necessary in the rubber raft.~The mood became laden with sexy undertones almost immediately as the two guys went out of their way to ensure that her safety vest fitted perfectly. Long stares into her eyes were met with a twinkle of lust in hers as she pushed her breasts against their hands as they double checked her vest. The vibe was perfect and they all knew it.~As she slipped into her flotation vest the guys took turns to check and adjust the size. With their hands under her vest and in close proximity to her perfect breasts, the sex in the air could be smelled. She encouraged them both with lusty eye contact and by sweeping her pointy breasts over their large hands ever so slightly. She sat between them in the small raft making sure both felt her body contact fully.}

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{The day was filled with laughter and three bodies in close proximity as they fought the power of the water. Late afternoon they reached the overnight camp and settled down next to the fire after showering.~Rowing down those rapids took a whole new meaning as the threesome enjoyed the rush of adrenaline mixed with arousal. Over excited and worked up like teenagers, the three stumbled ashore at the secluded overnight point.~The threesome tackled the water stacks with gusto and as their bodies were pushed together by the motions on the water, their arousal became mixed with the pumping adrenaline surge they all felt.}

{The girl simply asked – so do you guys fuck your clients or must I radio for help? The brawny guides gave a shocked little laugh, looked at each other and went over into action. The dark headed guy went for her pointy breasts whilst his blond friend stroked the little panties she sported.~Both men got up as she entered the room after taking a shower. She simply walked onto them and enticed them into a lusty three way kiss. The guys went from slightly shocked to ready for action as their hands started exploring her perfect body together.~Later that evening they relaxed next to an open fire as the girl came walking towards them wearing only a shear night gown. She stood in front of the two guys and simply dropped the soft fabric revealing her perfect naked body. The rangers whom were wondering how they were going to get her to this stage simply picked up on her vibe and joined in her sexual fantasy. Soon they were a body rubbing kissing unit that breathed heavil y.}

{This turned the girl on enough to push her body onto these two horny fuckers and they stripped her last bit of clothing off with their teeth. Together they lifted the girl up and straddled her over the rubber side of their raft.~Sharing a wet kiss with two men obviously turned the girl on tremendously and she opened her legs wide for the exploring hands that arrived at her crotch. The guys stripped her slowly and without breaking eye contact with her.~The guys worked as a team and lifted the girl gently onto the side of the raft, lying her down belly down on the soft rubbery side. Her beautiful ass lifted in the air, ready to be explored.}

{The dark haired dude rammed his cock all the way up her pussy as she lifted her crack. There was no soft start for her as he simply ploughed inside her with relentless strokes and kept fucking her with deep hard thrusts, but she loved it as her mouth worked the blonde’s cock.~With the girl bend over the side of the rubber duck, the one guy drove himself deep inside her wet pussy. She reacted by pulling his friend into her warm mouth. They fucked slowly and deep for quite a long time before they swapped positions on the girl.~One of the guides slipped deep inside her with a single stroke and she growled like a lioness as he stretched her to her maximum with his massive meat. He showed no signs of letting up as he systematically and in perfect rhythm fucked her like a machine.}

{After ten minutes the guys switched round and again she showed them how badly she wanted to be fucked by spreading her eager legs even wider. The dark haired guy lied down on his back right next to her on the side of the raft – his rock hard cock ready to accept her onto his sweating body.~Sweating and breathing heavily one of the guys lay down next to the girl on his back, using the rubber duck as support. His friend lifted the girl and slipped her onto his friends throbbing cock. She loved being man handled in this way and showed her appreciation.~The guys alternated fucking her hard and deep whilst the other one fed her his cock. This fuck fest went on for most of the night as the girl begged for more. Sweaty and exhausted the one ranger fell on his back next to the girl bent over the edge. His wet cock stood fully erect, so his friend simply lifted and guided the girl onto this.}

{His friend lifted the girl up and placed her onto his friend’s waiting cock. As she rode him with slow and deliberate strokes, his friend paid some attention to her perfect little ass. With spit as lubricant, he went into her tight little hole with no effort. She cried out as he entered her in a single deep thrust.~She rode his cock with slow and deep movements of her hips, taking him as deep as she could manage. His friend marveled at her perfect little ass moving in front of him and with a bit of lubrication, he slipped right up her ass in a silky smooth thrust. Both men were inside her now and she loved the moment.~She barely missed a stroke as she went on riding his thick meat effortlessly. Her tiny ass begged for attention and soon the other guide gave it the desired treatment. The girl was now riding both mates at the same time and her screams of lust filled the cool night air.}

{The rubber raft bobbed and jumped as the guys found a fucking rhythm that saw her take two cocks at the same pace and intensity. The night skies roared with deep throat noises from all three of them as they moved in perfect synced motion.~Together the threesome fucked way into the night filling the silence with grunts and sounds of ecstasy . The raft they came on was used in every possible way it could support three fucking people.~With all the build up of the day as well as the last bit of testosterone overflow they all experienced, the threesome continued fucking each other until the sun peeked in the West.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Dec 2

{I felt happy as I walked on platform 12 next to the legend that was the Orient Express. Travelling on this train was my life’s dream and I could see the steam puffing it all seemed real. Out of the cloud of steam walked a guy who looked straight and me and gave me the kind of smile I would normally use on a woman, so I looked behind, but there wasn’t a soul, I gave him a slight nod.~As I walked down the platform towards my compartment on the Orient Express it out a huge cloud of steam; a spectacular sight, a tall guy stepped from behind the steam and looked straight at me. He smiled I looked to see who he was smiling at. I am not used to other men giving me such a smile, but there was no one behind me. I simply nodded and made my way to my coupe.~After lots of saving and patient waiting, I finally found myself walking up to the legendary Orient Express to embark on a journey of a lifetime. I waited for that well known cloud of steam and sure, there it blew o ver the platform. I watched in awe, and a man stepped out of the haze. He shot a smile in my direction, I looked back to see who the girl could be but there was no one. I stiffened in discomfort and gave him a slight nod.}

{With great excitement I pushed open my compartment door, only to find the same man who smiled at me, sprawled over his bunk. I felt an immediate sense of discomfort but kept polite by shaking his hand. In the back of my mind I knew that this was going to be a very interesting 24 hours.~As I entered the luxury room, there he was, with that bright smile again. I immediately felt a strange uncomfortable feeling creep down my spine, but introduced myself politely. This was going to be very interesting.~Finally I opened the door to my dream compartment – well sort of, I still had to share it with someone. My heart sank as I found the same man hanging up his coat. We shook hands politely and went on settling into our space.}

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{The afternoon turned out to be two men sharing laughs and a lot of whiskey. We got really drunk and enjoyed each others company. At some stage I took a shower as did he. Dressed only in towels, we moved close to each other as we prepared our separate beds.~We filled the afternoon with guy talk, laughing, and two bottles of whiskey, both very drunk and very happy, I went to take a shower and so did he. We returned to the cabin together and he brushed his body against mine as he walked past me.~My worries soon evaporated as he turned out to be a real mans man, he stayed with me shot for shot as we polished off two bottles of whiskey. We laughed and had a ball. Evening came so we showered and prepared for bed.}

{After another bottle, we stood up together as if instructed and he bumped into me. For a moment we simply looked at each other and then he planted a kiss right on my mouth. Dizzy from shock and the drinking, I froze for a moment, then kissed him back.~In the cabin, we drank more and as I stood up to go to sleep, he stood up too. In the confined space he simply leaned over and kissed me hard, with a wanting that made me feel dizzy. I held back for moment then kissed him back just as hard.~Feeling quite comfortable, we simply kept our towels on and finished another half bottle. Standing up at the same moment our heads nearly collided. We stared into each others eyes for a second, then he closed his, leaned in and kissed me. I grabbed him and pulled him closer.}

{Within minutes we were exploring each other’s bodies with eager hands. A strange feeling of power swept over me as I realized my actions, and my stiff cock turned on to another man like this.~Our towels dropped as we explored each other’s bodies with unsure hands at first, but soon with determination. I felt a surge of power jolt through my body as this man responded to my hands, my tongue and my hardness.~Our hands moved with hunger for flesh, stripped naked we felt each other. In my drunk state I felt like the most powerful man in the world; seducing another man. I fell into this fantasy and turned on the heat.}

{Skillfully he licked my whole body and showed me places where I enjoyed being sucked I was prepared to take it all the way. My throbbing cock soon disappeared into his mouth –a certain first for me, but it felt great.~His hot tongue tasted every inch of my body, sucking my nipples and playing with my cock. Never before has any man seen my cock hard, let alone sucked me off, this was pure magic.~He responded by giving me the blow job of my life. I always knew men would know exactly how to please other men and I was right. His hot tongue took me to another dimension of lust.}

{He lubricated my cock and slipped it inside him with ease. I was enchanted with his muscular body and how it reacted to being fucked, so I gave him my best. I could not help but compare this appreciative man to my fiancé who lay there like a corpse and constantly pushed my hands away from her breasts.~I slowly penetrated him and watched the muscles on his back jump into action, I screwed him hard and deep. His entire body showing how he loved every second of it This was such a different experience to fucking my lifeless fiancé.~My lubricated cock slipped deep inside him and I was amazed at how much pleasure he derived from being fucked, so I fucked him half senseless. He stayed with me all the way, shouting encouragement. For a moment my mind went to my half dead fiancé who barely tolerated me inside her}

{This man clearly loved having me inside him and was not afraid to show it. I let him have it good and we tumbled all over the room, fucking in almost every position we could find. As I grew close, he slipped my cock inside his mouth and I drained my balls. He treated my spunk like royal jelly, swallowing every drop.~We fucked like animals – loud and hard. He squeezed my hard cock with his anal muscles and drove me even wilder. I felt my climax building and he could sense it. Like a serpent, he pulled himself from me and slipped down to take my full load down his throat, swallowing greedily. I felt his warm cum spread over my legs as he joined in the moment.~This man lusted after me like I always wanted somebody to, so we screwed for hours all over the compartment. Finally I felt my balls exploding, but before I could shoot a drop, he was down there eagerly lapping up every squirt, I let him have it all.}

{We passed out and when I awoke, he had left without a word of good bye. I staggered off the train to meet my fiancé and as I walked towards her, the resentment towards her as a terrible lover and controlling bitch took hold of my heart; things were going to change~Exhausted we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to an empty compartment. He disembarked in the night. I got off and walked towards the waiting girl and saw her for the first time for the inhibited and controlling bitch she was. My life changed during that dark and passionate night shared with a strange man as we sped down the tracks.~Sweaty and drained of every drop, I simply rolled over and only woke up when I heard the train stopping at my destination. My roommate was gone. I scrambled off the train to see my fiancé waving at me. I immediately knew that I would never fuck her lifeless body again. My Orient Express journey had brought me into the right station.}

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{I strolled down the crowded street trying to avoid body contact with the hundreds of sweaty holiday makers I shared this Island with, when my eye caught a group of people cheering enthusiastically. As I joined the group of seemingly appreciative spectators my eyes locked with the girl they all were watching.~On a hot sweaty afternoon I tried to avoid the crowds on the Island holiday beach by going for a walk. Enthusiastic cheers caught my attention as I saw group circling a beach act. As I joined the group of mainly men, my eyes fell upon those of a girl dancing with her sister in a display of sheer beauty.~Since my arrival on this tropical Island, my horny search for a woman drove me wild with anticipation, so I decided to explore the beach. A group gathered on the beach cheered with loud cat calls, so I went over to explore. As I broke into the circle, my eyes were caught by a busty girl and her sister dancing for the audience.}

{In a small clearing on the beach two sisters were doing a very erotic dance with a thick rope entangling their bodies. As they twirled and twisted their bodies the rope played on their skins like a snake. I was hooked, especially as the one sister kept looking at me, filling me with lusty expectations crawling down my spine.~A thick silk rope wrapped skillfully round their perfect bodies as they moved in a dance that was filled with lust. With the rope as their only prop, they resembled three snakes having skill full and deliberate intercourse. My heart started racing as my body started to react to this sweaty display of alluring beauty. Our eyes met frequently as they kept watching me.~The sisters worked their beautiful bodies round a silk rope that entangled them in a skill full dance routine. My mouth went dry as I watched this erotic dance and I wished to be part of it right now. Our eyes kept meeting as they obviously sized me up.}

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{The younger of the two performers unexpectedly slipped a loop of the rope round my waist and pulled me into the dance. Their warm sweaty bodies slipped over mine in a twisted display of enticement. My arousal came spontaneous as one of them slowly ran her hands down my Speedo front.~Without warning, the younger slipped the rope round me and pulled me into her warm embrace. I felt my arousal grow as they rubbed and slithered their hot bodies all over mine. Without warning I felt a hand slip down my swimming trunks.~Careful what you wish for, I thought as I found myself being dragged into the dance by the rope. I never expected this, but gave myself completely to these women as they slid and twisted their hot bodies all over me. I felt myself growing hard and nearly exploded as one of them quickly slipped her hand down my trunks.}

{As quickly as they drew me into their lusty play, I was ejected again, leaving me aching for their touch. I simply had to have more of them. I felt something in my trunks and pulled out a card with their hotel name and room number on it.~Just before my aroused state could not be hidden from the crowd anymore, the girls playfully pushed me out of their lusty dance circle. I craved the need for their touch and slipped my hand into my own trunks where she fondled me seconds ago. To my surprise I found their contact detail on a piece of paper she shoved in there.~Without any warning the sisters ejected me from the act, but I simply could not walk away – I had to have more of them. As I adjusted my hard on, I found a piece of paper the girl slipped in there with their room number on it.}

{Hours later I submitted to the rope again, this time wrapped securely round my hands with both girls giggling and playing with my shorts. I closed my eyes and enjoyed their hot mouths as they discovered what they felt up earlier on the beach.~Just before my aroused state could not be hidden from the crowd anymore, the girls playfully pushed me out of their lusty dance circle. I craved the need for their touch and slipped my hand into my own trunks where she fondled me seconds ago. To my surprise I found their contact detail on a piece of paper she shoved in there.~Soon I found myself tied to their bed with the silk rope as they enjoyed each others bodies in full view, only stopping to seduce me with their hot tongues slowly covering my whole body with lusty kisses.}

{Their bodies moved over mine in which felt like molten lava flowing all over me, filling me with explosive cravings to taste them. The rope entangled my whole body by now as they playfully rolled all over me only stopping to lick the exposed areas of my skin.~A short few hours later, I found myself tied up by the same silky rope on their hotel bed. My whole body enjoyed every lick and kiss that the sisters planted all over me as they worked their way down to my hardened cock.~Their dance act continued as the wrapped the rope completely round my body, leaving me completely open to their mercy. I tasted their bodies as the offered me little licks and kisses.}

{Pinned on my back I had no choice but to deliver this moment into their skillful hands, so I gave an appreciative groan. As if signaled, the younger of the two straddled my pounding manhood, slowly letting herself being filled. I felt the rope push down on my belly as her full weight sat down on me. Heaven must have silk ropes, as this entanglement blew away the last inhibition I ever had.~Slowly but securely they bound my whole body in rope, leaving me craving for them as they enjoyed every inch of my manhood. Their skillful dance of lust left my whole body burning with desire.~The girls broke from their passionate kissing to focus all of their attention on me. I went to heaven as one of them slipped my deep inside her, slowly taking every inch I had to offer. I fought the restraints of the rope as she skillfully rode my pounding manhood deep inside her.}

{As I got fucked slowly, the other sister slowly dragged her body across my face letting my tongue explore every inch of her toned body as she offered heavenly treats one at a time.~Helpless on my back I could only groan as the younger sister slowly straddled my pounding cock and I felt her warmth deep inside her. The rope tightened as she held onto it in a wild frenzy of riding me like the wild kitten she was.~Our fucking continued with the sisters taking turns to exploit my helplessly tied down body. The build up nearly killed me as they teased me into a frenzy of lust for them both. I felt like caged animal – exactly what they had in mind when they tied me down.}

{Hours later the three of us exploded in groans and moans, the rope all forgotten on the floor next to the bed.~They took turns to ride me violently, taking me to the edge over and over again, but never allowing my explosion to fill any of them.. The girls dragged their whole bodies over my tied down face allowing me to taste every bit they had to offer. Eventually I was let out of my restraints which lead to many more hours of sweaty lovemaking the silk rope all forgotten.~Eventually the rope was loosened and I was allowed to take them one by one. Our sex fest continued into the night as we discovered every inch of each other’s bodies.}

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{She had probably only come for casual chat, but then she walked right into our bedroom and caught us in the act. Don’t be surprised we are quite neighborly and all and have even given copies of our house keys to each other. And it was 3 in the afternoon. You cannot blame Tyla for suspecting we would be fucking each other at that hour~Most probably she hadn’t been looking for anything more than some usual banter when she walked into our house. But then she walked directly into our bedroom and caught me fucking my wife. Actually, it isn’t all that oddshe’s been our neighbor for all these years and we trust each other so much that we also have the keys to each other’s houses. Also, no one would expect their neighbors would be fucking each other at 3 in the afternoon So how could Tyla?~When our neighbor Tyla walked into our apartment that day, she might have been only looking to chat with us some, as we usually did. It was three in the afternoon. No t finding us in the hall, she must have come up to our bedroom. And that’s where it all started she caught us fucking. It was a really odd moment being caught fucking my wife by my neighbor woman.}

{Tyla is a great girl and I have had my lusty eye on her for long. But then my wife Sonya is great too and I have never felt the need to be adulterous. But now looking at her standing at the door while I was fucking my woman made me real hot.~Tyla’s a great neighbor and a sexy one too She has made me like her. But I am faithfully married to Sonya and wouldn’t want to cheat. However, today it was different. I was there fucking my wife and she walks in. The moment was steamily hot~But I have been fascinated by Tyla since long too. This girl knows how to flaunt her sexuality. However, I have never stumbled. That’s because I love my wife Sonya and I don’t need an affair with the neighbor’s wife. But this was different she had walked in on us. It was a moment full of sexual tension at least for me.}

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{I am sure she was standing there for quite some time before she made that inaudible snort. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Carry on,” she laughed. It was the laugh that did it for me.~She might have been standing there for a while. Then she saidI am sorry, please carry on. And then she giggled. Well, it was that giggle that excited me.~Surely Tyla stood at our door watching us for sometime before she let out that low cough. We turned in her direction. She said, ”Don’t worry, I saw nothing.” And then she let out a laugh. Well, it was that laugh that really got me.}

{“Oh, come on in,” I said. “Excuse us, we will be just a minute.” Sonya was staring at me. My dick was still inside her cunt.~I said No, come in. We are just finished My wife was still staring wide eyed at me. I had her pussy still filled with my cock.~I asked her to come in and sit and that we were already done.Well, what was I thinking, and my wife was staring at me as though I’d gone soft in the head. My dick was still throbbing inside her cunt.}

{“It’s all right, I’ll get moving,” she said. “Sorry.” And I don’t know what came over me. I just got up naked and went up to Tyla and kissed her right on the lips. Sonya was too shocked to say anything, and so was Tyla… now. Without a word, I guided her on our bed. Sonya actually made place for her~Tyla said No, I’ll go. And she turned to leave. At that moment, something snapped inside me. I simply got off naked to the core walked up to Tyla, held her head and gave her a full kiss on the mouth. It was a shocking moment Sonya was lost for words. Tyla didn’t know how to react. I took advantage of it. I brought Tyla to the bed.~Tyla again mentioned about going. Now, I got up. I walked up to Tyla, not conscious that I was completely naked. Then I grabbed Tyla’s head and gave her a kiss full on her mouth. And then no one could say anything. My wife was probably too shocked for words. Maybe even Tyla. I just took her arm and brought her to the bed.}

{In the next two minutes, I had two naked women on my bed, my fingers in their pussies and my dick all over them.~Within a minute, I was looking at two wonderfully naked ladies and was fingering their cunts and lashing my dick everywhere on their bodies.~What happened after that is too unbelievable. I was looking at two luscious pussies on my bed. I was running my fingers in them. I was beating their naked asses with my cock.}

{But what really surprised me was that the women were enjoying each other. I didn’t react. It made me horny absolutely horny to see them licking each other’s pussies. They spread their wet cunts obscenely in my face and went on slurping and licking each other. The two dolls lay close, very close, to each other and kissed each other on the lips. Their pussies were oozing juice.~However, something different was happening. I saw that the two ladies began having fun… with each other. But I wasn’t complaining this was immensely turning me on. They licked each other’s cunts. They lay there on the bed with their cunts wet and exposed and went on French kissing each other. The wetness of their pussies was now spreading all over.~There was another undercurrent. The two girls were playing with each other. It excited me no end to see them lick each other’s pussies. They lay on bed and felt each other’s bodies. Their cunts were extremely moist now.}

{I didn’t know which cunt to take first. I tried Tyla’sit was the newer one. Beautiful, just beautiful. This was a tight cunt tighter than Sonya’s and warmer. But Sonya’s was smoother and so I switched cunts.~I had two pussies laid out for me. I had to choose. I chose Tyla’s for the sake of novelty. And it was a fantastic cunt. Tight and warm. Different from Sonya’s. But Sonya’s was smoother. I entered her.~Well, I had to have my pleasure too. I thought about which pussy I might select. I chose Tyla she was the new one. It was a great cunt warm and tight. Sonya’s was moist and tight. I liked it. But Sonya had a better and smoother one. So I went back to Sonya.}

{I did both of them. I lay spent, on the bed. But the women went on kissing and licking each other. When they came, the bed shuddered.~I made both the ladies happy. Then, after coming twice, once in both the pussies. I laid back and watched the fun. The two dykes went on playing with each other.~I took turns with both of them. Then, exhausted, I sat. But the girls continued playing.}

{It was then that I realized I was the intruder, not our neighbor.~It was then that I understood who the outsider really was.~And it suddenly came to me I was the odd man out.}

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{I was sick. Down with fever that had become terrible. Three days I was bedridden. The fourth day I was doing better. I knew I would be up in another two days.~That was the time when I was sick. The first 3 days were quite bad, but on the fourth day I could move. The doctor had said that I would be fully well in another 2 days.~Last month, I was down with fever for a few days. The first three days were terrible. On the fourth day, I could move and the physician had said I would be completely well in two more days.}

{During my days of sickness my wife served me well. I was very happy to have her. But at that time, I didn’t know that I was going to become happier with her.~During my sickness, my wife served me well. She was a big help actually. I was grateful to her. But what I didn’t know was the various secrets she was hiding from me.~When I was ill, my wife looked after me well. I was very happy with her. It reinforced my feeling that she truly loved me very much.}

{The day I had begun to move, there was someone else in the house. My wife had called her mother Clara over. She popped into my room, spoke to me perfunctorily and then retreated. I went back to sleep. Around afternoon, I woke up. I needed water. I called out to the wife. No reply. I thought I would try and get it myself. Gingerly, I got up and moved toward the kitchen.~When I had started moving about, my wife invited her mother Clara to our house. Clara came into my room, spoke something and then went away to let me rest. I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes again, it was evening. I needed water. I called out to my wife. She didn’t reply. I was almost all right now. I thought I would go and fetch the water myself. I started in the kitchen’s direction.~On the day I was able to move, my wife had called her mother Clara over. I was in bed when Clara popped her head through the door, greeted me, wished me a speedy recovery and then let me be. I was drowsy then a! nd fell asleep right away. When I woke up, it was already sundown. I felt a sudden urge for water and beckoned my wife. There was no reply. So I thought I would foot it to the kitchen and take the water myself.}

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{On the way, I passed our bedroom. What I saw there held me spellbound. Clara was sprawled over my wife, completely naked, as was my wife, and both were licking each other’s clits in a 69 manner. I was agape. My mouth began drying up. But, at the same time, a wicked excitement began building up. Even at her age, Clara had a very pert body. Her skin was as creamy smooth as my wife’s.~I had to go past the bedroom to reach the kitchen. I was going along, slowly, but when I reached the bedroom door, I was aghast. I saw Clara, fully naked, on all fours over my wife, who was also fully naked. They were in reverse position, and were licking each other’s pussies. I didn’t know what to do. However, I did feel a twinge of excitement seeing those two naked women. There was no wear and tear showing on Clara’s body at all.~To reach the kitchen, I needed to cross the bedroom. I was walking by, when some noises in the bedroom grabbed my attention. I looked inside. Wha! t I saw there left me speechless! Clara, my wife’s mother, was sprawled all over my wife. Both were completely naked and they were nibbling at each other’s clits in the classic 69 fashion. I stood, dumbstruck. Then slowly I felt myself getting aroused. Clara’s body was quite taut too and my wife always bowled me over. Seeing the two women having a go at each other like that made me horny no end.}

{Suddenly she turned. She saw me. I thought she would flinch. Sprint and grab her clothes or something. But she did nothing of the sort. Instead, she looked at me seductively. My wife turned to look at me too. There was a mischievous glint in her eye.~It was Clara who first turned and saw me. She did not hide herself under the sheets upon seeing me as one would expect. Instead, she kept looking at me with a half-mischievous, half-seductive grin. My wife looked at me mischievously too.~Suddenly, Clara turned and saw me. I thought she would hide or something, but she did nothing of the sort. Instead, she kept looking longingly at me. My wife saw me then too. She gave me the impish smile that always disarmed me.}

{I was aroused. I removed my shirt and shorts at the door and entered their action scene, bare naked. Clara immediately took my dick in her hand and began sucking it. My wife went for the balls. Both of them started sucking at me like crazy.~I was, by now, fully excited. I unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my shorts and left them at the door. Completely naked as them, I entered the room. Clara grabbed my dick and immediately started sucking on it. My wife fondled my balls. Two women were working on my cock – I would have gone mad right there.~I don’t know what came over me then, but I wanted to be a part of the game. I forgot my illness, forgot the water… just removed my shorts and shirt and, completely naked, walked toward the two women. Clara immediately gripped my cock and my wife began chewing at my balls. It was a heavenly moment – two wonderfully sexy ladies were working at my cock.}

{I got them both to bend over and show their asses. Two round buxom asses with the pussies showing. Any man could have been in seventh heaven. I smacked their bottoms. Then I penetrated Clara and fingered my wife.~I then made both of them to bend over and checked out their asses. How creamily smooth they were! Their pussies showing from beneath their asses just made the whole scene so very exciting. I then entered Clara and masturbated my wife with my finger.~It was too much. I made the women bend over. I have a thing for ladies’ asses and now I had two to check out. I got harder looking at their pussies winking at me from between those asses. It was all so hot. I thrust my dick into Clara’s ass. I put my finger into my wife’s and had both women moaning and groaning in no time.}

{The funny part is that I became perfectly all right after that little session. Now, if I ever am sick, I know exactly who to call.~The best thing is that I became quite all right after this experience. We are a very close-knit family now, in more ways than one.~No medicine worked on me as well as that threesome did. Today we have come closer as a family, in ways that people don’t usually speak about.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on May 14

{In the first year of my college, I had a girlfriend Stacy. She was known as a slut and every boy had a different name for her. She was the kind who could taste a man’s cum and say who it belonged to. I was definitely quite happy with her because I was just a red-faced teen at that time!~Being a red-faced teen in my first year of collage I was lucky to have a girlfriend like Stacey. Stacey was the collage slut and every guy had a different name for her. She’s the type could pick any dick out of a line up and tell you who’s it was.~Being a freshman at collage I was pumped to have a girlfriend like Stace even if she was a slut. All the blokes around school have had a go or two, chances are she could even taste a blokes cum and tell you who’s it was.}

{One day, Stacy asked me if we could try something new. I wanted to know what she had in her mind. It was then that she told me that she had bisexual tendencies. She had a girlfriend too, a girl named Linda. She asked me if she could bring Linda over the next time we did it.~Stacey was always hinting that she wanted to try something new but I never would of guesses it would be this. She told me that she had bi-sexual thoughts and wanted to have sex with a girl. I asked who she wanted to have sex with and she told me her and her friend Linda had already discussed it and wanted to try it out. She asked if Linda could come over next time we had sex.~One afternoon stace and me were fooling around and she told me that she wanted to bring a girl into the bedroom. This of course blew my mind and I almost blew something else at the same time. She told me that she had been having sexual thoughts about her friend Linda and wanted to get her in on our love making sessions.}!

{Of course, I had no problem. Two pussies are always better than one, I thought ;)~I told her straight away that I would have no problem with it at all, and who would?~With out thinking I told her that it would be great idea to have her join in.}

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{This Linda was a bomb! If Stacy was a bitch in heat all the time, Linda was the great mother bitch. When she came over to the little cottage I had borrowed from a friend for our ménage a trios, I couldn’t stop staring at those velvety legs that jutted out from the short slutty shorts she wore. When I looked in her eyes, I could see nothing but lust. And when she said "hello" I knew this voice belonged to a woman who’d been out at night once too often.~Linda was one hot babe. Just by looking at her I knew she was one horny slut, possibly even more of one then Stacey is. She had perfect legs that I just couldn’t stop staring at. We were all in my mates apartment that I borrowed off him for the evening. She came over to me, bent over so her tits were practically hanging out of her top and very sexually said “hello”~Stacey and I were both sitting in the motel room I rented for the evening fooling around a little bit, I was trying to get her in the mood so tha! t when Linda arrived the party could start straight away. Just as we were getting into it there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it and standing in front of me was the hottest chick I’ve ever seen in my life. Stace dragged me away from the door and welcomed her in. she then looked at me with lust in her eyes and said “hello”}

{"Are you into men?" I asked her. Wrong first question, probably, but I was bamboozled just looking at her. "Yes," she hissed, "And I can do your raging rod a service you won’t forget in a hurry," she said and grabbed the erection I didn’t know I had in my shorts.~Stupidly the first words to come out of my mouth were “are you into men” which she replied “of course I am! and I could make you cum with out even doing anything” as she grabbed onto my shaft which by now was sticking out of my shorts.~“Are you into men?” I asked, although I really should of thought about what to say but with a babe like that standing in front of me why the hell would I want to think. After saying that she stood up and began to walk over to Stace then turned around and said “you bet I’m into men, ill give you the best blow job you’ve ever had” giving stace a little wink.}

{This may all seem to be too quick, but that was the time when we were still in college. No one knew what making out for sex actually meant back then. And the three of us knew what we had come there for.~You may think that this is going a bit fast but what can I say, it was collage. No point in stuffing around, we all knew why were there.~You may think that this is going a bit quick but with two horny chicks in the room who would want to waste time?}

{Stacy said, "Come dear, let’s begin now," and she dropped her top. Linda went at her like a woman possessed. In seconds, these dykes were slurping at each other’s huge boobs like I had never imagined anyone could. I was getting real, real horny.~Stacey dropped her top, looked and Linda and said; “Come on darling, time to begin” Linda immediately jumped Stacey and started sucking away at her tits. I had never seen anything like this before and it was making me really, really, horny.~Linda went up to stace and wrapped her arms around here and said “lets go baby” stace then dropped her top and Linda dove in to her big round breasts. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and it was driving me crazy}

{"Let’s not forget the poor bloke," said Linda and came over to me. The girls got my shorts off and went down on me. I cannot express in words how it felt when they sucked at my cock both at once. It was a great feeling watching two big titted females fight over my manhood. I was pushing their heads further and further on my cock.~Linda then went up and whispered something into Stacey’s ear, which made her giggle. They both looked at me and started walking over before ripping down my shorts and going to work on my now rock hard cock. Words cant describe what it’s like seeing to hot chicks go to work on your cock at once~Linda then stopped licking and sucking on Stacey’s tits and walked over to me and said “we cant forget about you” Stacey then followed and they both grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and in no time they were both sucking my cock like never before. Every time one would go down I would push there heads a little further. It was like no! thing I have ever experienced before.}

{Then they got their panties off and drove me mad. These were two juicy pussies all waiting for me. I had to choose which one. I chose Linda’s. She began fingering Stacy. I fucked Linda right in the pussy. My madness was extreme. I was like a horse driven horny.~When they were done going to town on my cock they both removed their panties and lay down on the bed. Two soaking pussies waiting for me to decide which one I would fuck first. I chose to fuck Linda first. As I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy she started fingering Stacey. I couldn’t believe how hard and fast I was fucking her.~After they sucked my cock for a while they both looked up at me and told me to fuck them without even saying anything. They both ripped off what was left of their clothes and jumped on the bed waiting for me to fuck them. I decided to fuck Linda first. I rammed my cock into her waiting pussy and fucked her as hard as I could. While I was fucking Linda, Stacey sat on her face! so she could get some enjoyment out of it aswell.}

{Stacy was begging for a fuck too. After a minute of splattering Linda with my cum, I obliged her also! That was certainly the best afternoon of my college life!~Stacey then started begging me to fuck her, I shot my cum all over Linda and then went to work on Stacey. It was with out a doubt the best time I had at collage.~After blowing all over Linda it was Stacey turn. It was the best collage experience I had.}

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