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posted by Gerard Duplest on Jun 5

{How George got Lucky at an Online Casino~Jake’s Dumb Luck turns at an Online Casino~Charlie and his Grand Online Casino Winning}

{They said George never had any luck. They said whatever George would do, he would never win at anything. And then George went and won $100,000 at the online casino.~Jake was the typical geek they always made jokes about. He was known for having the worst luck possible in a human. But all that changed when he struck $100,000 at an online casino. Well, how many ‘lucky people’ have actually topped that?~No one ever took Charlie seriously. He was the guy that was always the butt of jokes. After all, whatever he did, met with failure. But while everyone else was busy laughing hard at him, Charlie suddenly shut them up when he won a grand $100,000 prize at an online casino.}

{So how did it happen? Did Lady Luck smile excessively on him? Probably that happened too, but what George did was to find an online casino site and begin gaming on it. The rest, as they say, just happened.~Everyone said Jake’s luck had turned overnight. Those who knew him from before never thought this could ever happen with him. But what did he do? Nothing much! He just registered an account on an online casino site and played ONE game. That’s it… ONE game!~This was something unheard of. The down-on-luck Charlie suddenly became the luckiest guy in the world. Maybe Lady Luck was for real, but Charlie knew that the only thing he did was to make an account on an online casino and then play on it. It was just that simple.}

{Just three years ago, no one really wanted to speak with George. He was the typical reject; bumbling over everything, speaking in the most boring manner, just being unwanted everywhere. He was not invited by friends to go to the movies or to parties or even to just hang around with them.~A few weeks ago, Jake was rejected by almost everyone. No one wanted him in their group. His so-called friends went to the movies without him. They made sure he did not know if any parties were being conducted. No one actually wanted to speak with him. It was not because he was a bad sort; it was just that he was considered boring.~Only a few weeks ago, no one wanted Charlie to be with them. Friends thought he was boring. They did not want to hang around with him. They did not want to spend time with him. He was kept away from their parties. It was awful hard lines on Charlie, but he couldn’t change what he was.}

{Poor Georgie then turned to the best refuge of the loner; the Internet. And while browsing generally, he found out how people had made fortunes through online casinos. He did not think he could win that amount anyway, but he found the game itself interesting. And so, he made an account.~So what could Jake do? There is only one friend that such a reject can have… the Internet. He started having an online life. He made friends there. And from them he realized, there was a lot of money to be made online. They told him about online casinos. Well, the money did not really attract him, but Jake thought he would try it out all the same, for the thrill it could give him.~Then Charlie began spending more and more time on the Internet. When you don’t have real friends, you have the Internet. He made friends there. He chatted with them. And he got to know about online casinos. Some had won on them. But everyone had had fun with them. Charlie was tempted. Not for the mo! ney, but for the fun he could have playing on them.}

{This was one of those online casino websites where you got a bonus when you signed up, and signing up itself was free. That was really great. He got a bonus of $25 and he began playing with that amount.~He then began hunting for online casino sites. He found one that gave a small startup bonus of $25 upon signing up. He thought this would be the best one. He made an account. He got the bonus. That was enough for him to get started at this online casino.~He began looking for an online casino site where he would enjoy playing. After a little research, he found one that he thought he might like. This one was giving away a startup bonus of $25 too. He was happy about that. He made his account on the site. He got the bonus.}

{The website had blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, backgammon and bingo. What really attracted him was bingo. He knew it was the simplest game to play. He also saw that there was an hourly prize for bingo on the site. He immediately purchased two bingo cards spending some of his bonus.~He loved the variety of games that was on the site. It had everything from poker to backgammon and he knew he would have a good time. But he wanted to start out with something simple. He found that the site had bingo also! He quickly purchased 2 bingo cards from his bonus and began.~He browsed the site. It had a great diversity. There was poker and there was blackjack. There was craps and there was backgammon. He liked bingo. He wanted to start easy and he knew bingo was the easiest of the lot. He used some of his bonus and got two bingo cards to play with.}

{And then he just played. He did not even play actually; he used the automatic bingo marker. It was his first card. Suddenly, when he had downed the bingo window to check his email, he heard a loud cash register sound. He went back to the bingo window. And what did he see?~He put the game on auto marking and just relaxed as the numbers were announced and he got a few. Then, when he was just dazedly looking at the numbers getting marked by the automatic marker, he suddenly heard a sharp ding. He was jolted to his senses. There it was…~Well, he did not want to put in any effort. So he set the game on the auto-daubing system that most of these bingo sites have. You don’t have to daub the numbers that are called then; the software does it for you. He watched for a while, and he was getting some numbers. Then he thought he would check his mail. But just as he downed his bingo window, he heard a big fat cash ringing sound. And then he saw…}

{He had won the weekly prize of $100,000! Just like that!~He was the grand winner of a hundred thousand dollars, the weekly prize!~His bingo card had just won the full house, a grand prize of $100,000!}

{Today, they invite George to come over. Parties are planned around him. George knows these are false friends as Mark Twain said in his famous poem, but what the heck! He was enjoying this!~Everything just changed after that. Now, Jake has more friends than he can handle. Jake knows these friends are after his money. But, he doesn’t mind. After all, he has much more money than it takes to keep them happy.~It was something Charlie could not believe at all. His friends began coming back to him after that, and suddenly there were more parties for him than he had time. Well, Charlie knew the real nature of his friends now, but why should he care? His money was his, after all!}

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