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{Never Piss Anne Off! The pub was crowded that Thursday night when Anne went by for a drink. Her day was already bad because of her boss reprimanded her again for dressing too revealing at work. It was not really her fault that regular shirts looks like plunging neckline because of her huge tits. She argued with her but the boss always wins.~Anne just had a really rough day at work. She argues with her boos about the dress code and like most instances, she didn’t win the argument. Right after she left the office she felt the need to unwind and take a break. She went to a pub to get something to drink.~Anne usually hanged out in pubs after her work. This was her only treat for herself after a a long tiring week. Like many other Friday nights, Anne went straight to Monty’s alone. She didn’t really like hanging out with her kiss up colleagues and she didn’t have that many friends.}

{Anne chose on the end of the bar away from anyone. She needed that space to breath. “One draft beer please.” She told the waiter. She did not really want to get wasted but she needed the diversion or she would just lose it and quit again on another job.~The pub was not crowded when Anne got there. She felt relieved as she just wants to drink by herself and not be bothered by anyone there. "Beer please." she told the bartender when he went close to her.~Anne ordered a beer and picked a spot away from the crowd. There were really not a lot of people that night even for a Friday. She just was enjoying the bees while watching sports on the TV near her.}

{Anne was thinking on what she should do at work when a woman sat beside her and ordered drinks. “Hey, what’s you doing?” the woman said. She was a tall woman, blonde and wearing a skimpy dress. “Nothing much.” She responded.~She was enjoying her beer when a woman approached her carrying a beer. "Hey, I haven’t seen you here before. Wanna chat?" the woman said. The woman looked a bit wasted. She was tall, blonde and had pale skin. "No, not really." she replied.~She was peacefully spending time alone when a woman approached her. "Can I join you?" the woman asked. She was probably at her 30’s. She looked pale and she was really thin for her height. "Well sure." Anne said even though that is the last thing she wanted.}

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{The woman started chatting with her. That was something she wasn’t hoping for especially since she wanted to be alone and the women was babbling about some party and booze. “Sorry to be rude but can you leave me alone? I really don’t need someone talking to me right now.” She bluntly said to the woman.~"Well, what’s your problem girl? I just wanna talk to you for a bit." the woman insisted. "Well, I really don’t wanna talk to you!" Anne said slightly increasing the tone of her voice. The woman flipped with what she said and suddenly pulled her hair.~"My guy out there likes you. Would you care to join us in bed later? We’ll compensate you well." the woman offered. "Well, I’m not a whore." Anne said with disgust. "You sure look like one bitch!" the woman said and laughed at her.}

{“Whoa! Don’t be such a bitch! I’m being nice to you and that’s what you’ll tell me?” the woman angrily said. “Well, I am really not soliciting any conversation here. I just wanna be alone okay?” she explained. “That the heck is your problem bitch. You haven’t been fucked lately?” the woman’s voice is getting louder and they are getting some attention.~"You don’t know who you;re messing with bitch!" the girl screamed. People looked at them and like kids, some cheered. "Fight, fight, fight!" The woman didn’t let go of her hair even if she was trying to pull away so she scratched her face with her long nails.~"What?!!! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You look like a whore!" Anne was really mad and was almost shouting. She stood up and walked away but the woman pulled her hair. "Now you’re running away bitch huh?" the woman said.}

{She stood up to leave and avoid any more problems. The woman wasn’t not being helpful at all as she stood up and followed Anne. “What up bitch you’re afraid huh? Didn’t know I was talking to a chicken!” the woman teased some more.~The woman step back with what Anne did. "You bitch. What have you done with my face." The woman said. She was even more enraged and attacked Anne. She jumped on her and made her fall on the floor.~What the woman did her and she wouldn’t take anymore of her crap. She faced her and scratched her face with her fingernails. The woman stepped back and was obviously hurt. "If you don’t stop calling me bitch you’ll really get it" Anne said.}

{That was it for Anne. As if she isn’t pissed enough, some woman is trying to get on her nerves. She turned around and slapped the woman on her face. “That’s what you get for calling me bitch.” The woman was startled briefly but rebounded and pulled her Anne’s hair. “What the fuck bitch!!!” the woman yelled. She grabbed her by the hair too with one hand and scratched with the other. The girl grabbed her shirt and it got ripped right on the front revealing some part of her left breast. She did the same to the woman and was able to tear her blouse strap.~The woman started slapping Anne on the face while sitting on her tummy. She tried to protect her face but the woman was just charging at her really hard. She pushed her back and rolled over on top of her. Anne pulled the woman’s hair and tried to bang her head on the wall. The woman tried to fight back by pulling her hair once again and tried to roll over on top of her. They were doing that for some ! good couple of minutes before someone even tried to stop them.~People noticed them and surrounded them in an instant. They are not even trying to pull them off of each other when they the woman jumped at her and pulled her hair with both hands. The crowd was cheering and she even heard some trying to bet on them like animals fighting. She tried to defend herself by scratching the other woman’s face. She also started punching on her body while she kept pulling her hair.}

{The woman got a pretty good grip at her hair. It was hurting her and that just put her in rage. She closed her fist and started punching on the woman’s face. People were trying to get in the middle of them but some even cheered. The woman probably got hurt from her second punch that landed right through her cheek.~The bartender tried to pull Anne away from the woman. Another guy was doing the same to the woman. "Fuck you bitch, come on!" the woman shouted. "Well come her and get a piece of me!" She shouted back. "Well you bought better this fight somewhere else." the bartender said.~The fight turned ugly when their clothes got torn. Her big breast were not almost exposed and so was the girls. Finally, some guys tried to keep them off of each. No one really won this fight when bought of them ladies really looked trashed.}

{The girl was thrown to the ground and some guys were cheering. Anne just looked at the woman who doesn’t have any guts to stand up anymore. She triumphantly smiled and said, “Who’s my bitch now?” then she turned away and went out of the pub.~The bartender let her out of the pub and she headed her way home. This day sure was action packed and not really a good one for her. She surely won’t forget this day.~Anne took her purse and headed straight home. it wasn’t probably the best idea to be spending time on a pub by herself. Now she learned her lesson.}

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{Cat Fighting Story – How Ninja started her Cat Fighting Club~Cat Fighting Story – Ninja starts her Catfighting Club~Cat Fighting Story – How Ninja’s Catfight Club began}

{She was of Chinese origin. She lived in the Bronx. Alone. Because of the slight greenish tinge on her skin, people automatically started calling her Ninja. Her name was helped by the fact that she was quick as lightning on her feet. In time she became a thief, much dreaded in the by-lanes of the Bronx.~No one knew where Ninja came from but her looks made it apparent was she was Asian. Also, just like those Ninja Turtles, she had a mysterious greenish glow on her skin. She had made the Bronx her playground for her criminal activities. Yes, she was a thief – a very quick and stealthy one at that – and she terrorized the Bronx.~This is the story of Ninja and how her catfight club began in the back alleys of the Bronx. There is nothing known about where Ninja came from, except that she was probably Chinese. What people most vividly remember about her is her green skin. And that she was a thief – a very sly one at that. She was called Ninja because of the light! ning speed with which she carried out her mean tasks.}

{But the Bronx isn’t a place where you become a thief and are left alone. As Ninja snatched more and more purses, burglarized more houses than she could count and even broke into a few shopping establishments, people became wary of the shadow-footed thief. They didn’t know who it was – they just knew the thief was too fast for them.~However, you cannot be a loner in the Bronx, whatever you do. Ninja wasn’t left alone to do her thing too. As her infamy spread, people began rumoring about the mysterious green thief that burglarized their houses at night. But they were certainly at a loss as to how they could book this sly thief.~But the Bronx is never a thing where you can do your thing and won’t be watched. Ninja didn’t get the seclusion either. As Ninja began thieving more and more, her popularity began to spread. People became cautious of this thief who they till then did not know who they were, except the fact that they were very fast for them.}

{The Bronx has a big underbelly. If Ninja was at the height of her popularity, it didn’t mean other criminals were sleeping. They were just lying dormant. Watching. Watching who it was that was quicker than them. And the one who was watching the most was Sasha.~And the Bronx is not a lonely place even for the criminals. Other no-gooders were watching Ninja’s every move. One of these people was Sasha.~The Bronx cannot leave you alone – it is impossible. Ninja worked alone, but she was watched by the other criminal eyes of the place. After all, she was directly robbing them of their wealth. Other thieves were watching here. The most prominent of these was Sasha.}

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{Sasha had done well as a thief too. Her beautiful Russian looks – auburn hair and pearl white skin – glowed in the night light, but there was a thief under that pristine visage. Now she felt threatened. She wanted to find out who was stealing her bread and butter.~Sasha had been a thief also. She was of Russian origin and was a very beautiful thief with her reddish hair and her almost pale skin. She looked too ethereal to be a thief, but a thief she certainly was. When she knew about Ninja, she did not like it. She was immediately on her guard.~Sasha’s peak of thievery had been threatened by the presence of Ninja on the scene. Yes, Sasha was a thief, and a very beautiful one that too. She had the fairest skin one could ever see on a human and she had almost flaming red hair. She had raw Russian looks that really set her apart from everyone else. She was quite alert about this threat called Ninja.}

{So Sasha prowled the alleys of the Bronx, lying in wait. And then one night, she saw her. It was a direct confrontation. She nabbed Ninja as she was trying to break into a house. The fight became ugly. Green and white skin intertwined in combat. They scratched and punched. Oblivious to them, people gathered on the scene, cheering them on.~She found a pattern in Ninja’s visits and then, one night, she saw her in the act. Ninja was just preparing to break into a house. Sasha pounced over her and clawed her. Ninja was startled, but then she gave back what she got. It was a great sight – two lithe beauties, one green-skinned and one white-skinned, in mortal combat. They didn’t know it then, but a crowd of men gathered to see them in their catfight.~She began tracking Ninja down, through her criminal activities, and then she found there was a pattern about her. And, one night, when Ninja was in the middle of her act, Sasha literally pounced upon her. It was a brutal fight after that. Ninja gave back exactly what she got. The green and white skins began tearing at each other. Their grunts and screams brought a crowd of men at the place.}

{“She is your thief,” Sasha said to the men when she saw them, tugging Ninja by her hair. “Now she’s yours.”~Sasha saw the men. “Here’s the thief that’s been terrorizing you.” She held Ninja by her hair and presented her. “Do what you want with her.”~The men began hooting. Sasha saw them. “This is the thief,” she declared, bringing Ninja forward by her hair. “She’s all yours now.”}

{“No, we want to watch you fight. Fight, scratch your eyes out,” the men leered.~“We just want to see you catfighting her! Go on; give her your best!” the men cried in unison.~“No, don’t break up the catfight,” the men said. “We want to see you pulling her hair out.”}

{And so the fight resumed. The crowd that gathered was huge. Then one man said, “We know you both are thieves. But we let you go if you promise us these catfights here every night. The day you stop, we hand you over.”~Sasha jumped at the chance. They began fighting again. More men collected below. And then one of them said, “You are both thieves! We could call the cops her right now and have you arrested. But if you give us these catfights every night, we won’t.” All men voiced their agreement.~At this, both the ladies resumed their fight. They began scratching and clawing at each other, even as the men goaded them on. Then, suddenly, one man said, “You are both criminals. We can hand you to the police right now. But we won’t. Just promise us you will give us these catfights here every night.” All men began cheering the man who said this.}

{So it all began. Ninja first fought with Sasha and then the men kept bringing different women for her to fight with. Ninja started her own catfighting club in the back alleys of the Bronx.~They had to comply. In time Ninja took over. She catfought Sasha every night first and then some other women came when they realized the men had begun tipping handsomely. Thus began one of the seediest catfighting clubs in the Bronx.~This was how the catfighting club began. First it was only Ninja and Sasha who fought each other. Then, when the men began throwing tips, other women joined the fray too. Bronx now had its own catfighting club.}

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{How You Can Make Money With A Catfighting Website~Earning With A Catfight Site~Making Oodles Of Money With A Catfight Website}

{Catfighting is one of the sexual niches that have not been explored fully. As a result, it is quite low-competition right now and there is a lot of money to be made in it if you can put the resources together!~There is good money in the catfight fetish world online, only if you knew how to go about it. Since there are not many players in this genre, but because the demand is high, you could do a great job of earning money here.~Catfighting is a fetish that you can really tap on if you want to make some good amount of money in the sexual niches. The best part about this niche is that there are very few sites on it but there are many people who have a demand for it.}

{What is Catfighting?~Understanding Catfighting~Catfighting – What it is?}

{Actually, catfighting is a very general term in the English language, but it is also widely-used in the sexual world. Whenever two women fight, it is termed as a catfight, because women are typically compared to cats. When women fight over a boy, it becomes a catfight, which might be very interesting for men to watch.~Basically, any fight between women is a catfight. But, this becomes a male fetish. Seeing two women warring with each other just like cats do can be very titillating for men. Women are known to physically fight over things such as a boyfriend or even the last handbag at the shopping mall! Men cannot resist stopping and watching two women getting physical with each other.~Women fight like cats in many ways and so when two women fight, it is termed as a catfight. They may fight for something very trivial or something big, like for a particular man. In any case, when two women fight with complete frenzy, it becomes quite exciting for men to watch. Tha! t is the reason it is a fetish in the sexual world.}

{In a catfight, women fight each other using their own offense and defense mechanisms such as scratching, hair-pulling, twisting, pinching and ripping clothes. Now you can understand why catfights can sexually arouse men!~When women fight, they do resemble cats a lot. They fight mostly by trying to scratch each other and also by tearing off each other’s clothing. They will also throw punches and twist each other’s flesh. Men can get deeply sexually aroused when they see two women in a catfight.~Catfights happen when women fight physically with each other. They will mostly start by scratching each other and then progress to pulling each other’s hair, twisting the ears or pinching on the flesh. They may also go to the extent of tearing each other’s clothing and stripping them naked. It is quite easy to understand why men love to stand and watch when a catfight is going on!}

{What does a Catfighting Website contain?~How is a Catfight Site built?~So, how does a Catfight Website have?}

{A catfighting website could be completely dedicated to catfights or could contain several categories and catfights could be one of them. This could be a video or a photo site, containing several galleries of catfights.~Most catfight websites contain both photos and videos, arranged in the form of various galleries. These galleries usually have text descriptions of why women are fighting and even the names of the women.~A catfight site typically has several pics and movies showing women in various catfighting positions. They are separated into galleries and most times the women are also given names and a story is created to make the fight look more interesting.}

{How can You make Money?~How is Money earned from a Catfight Site?~What about the Income from a Catfight Website?}

{It is quite simple actually, if you are already into the business. First of all, build a website. Initially, you need not have original galleries. You could team up with an existing website and send traffic to each other. You could share some of the galleries that they have.~It is not at all difficult to start making money with a catfight site because of the less competition that is present here. If you are planning to get into this, make an attractive site first and you can get the galleries from other sites in the same niche by collaborating with them.~There is some really good amount of money here. You can make a website like any other website in the adult entertainment world. Just put a website together and then get the various video and photo galleries from other existing sites by becoming their partners.}

{Another way to make money is to become an affiliate. With this, you don’t have a catfight website actually, but you have a link of another catfight website on your site. When visitors to your website click on the link, you get money. You can even do this with a blog; you don’t need to have a website for earning affiliate money.~You could also just drive traffic to these other sites by becoming an affiliate; you do not actually need to have a website of your own. The payment is through a pay-per-click model, which means, when the visitors to your website click on the affiliate link and visit the other website, the other site owners will pay you money. Even if you simply have a blog, you could direct people from your blog to the sponsor site and earn a good residual income.~Or, you could merely become an affiliate and bring people to a catfight website from your site. Even this can get you a lot of money if you go through it the pay-per-click way. Each time a ! visitor goes to the website from yours, you get money. You don’t even need to have a website. You could make a free blog and send visitors from your blog to the website and make money.}

{Being a low-competition niche, there is a lot of money in catfighting in the online world. Websites are known to charge up to $30 a month from their members with only this one niche.~There is good money here. Websites within the catfight niche charge their users as much as $30 as monthly membership fees.~The money is quite substantial. Some of these websites take $30 as fees from the members on a monthly basis, which becomes quite a good sum considering they get a lot of members with this niche.}

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