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{Every day he works right under my nose, his perfectly build body covered in fine sweat as he tends to the garden. I watch him through my bedroom window while I lie on my bed stroking my wet pussy. The sweat forms thin little streams that run down his perfect abs and lets his treasure trail stick to his perfect abs.~I could not help but notice our gardener had a perfect body with muscles that really turned me on. As I was home most of the time, I started watching him and pleasing myself with a good rub as I fantasized about having him inside me. His stomach was flat and hard.~For months now I have been watching the sexy gardener as he worked in silence round the house. His perfectly sculpted body moving and sweating in the sun. Many times I fingered myself violently watching the fine hairs on his flat stomach dripping with water. This man looked primal and became my obsession.}

{I often masturbate thinking of the pleasures at the end of that thin line of hair disappearing in his pants. His bulge looked massive and inviting. As I watched him, I saw him fold over, his face drawn in agony.~One morning I was watching him from my bed, my own fingers deep inside my pussy when he stopped working and looked at his finger. He surely had a splinter from the rake he was working with.~One day I stayed in bed as he was working the roses before my window. I worked my clit and became wet with lust. He suddenly stopped and made a gesture of pain with his hand. He most probably got a thorn in his finger.}

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{This was my chance I thought as I ran to the door. As I reached him, I could smell him and this drove me wild with lust. Will you be ok I asked? He smiled and showed me a splint in his finger. Let me tend to that I said as I lead him back to my bedroom. He looked a bit bewildered, but followed in silence.~I rushed out to offer my help and looked t me half surprised as I gently took his hand to have a look. You better come in so that I can work on that I commanded. He shot me a smile and followed me without hesitation. His smell drove me wild and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears.~I took the chance and opened my bedroom door. Are you ok big boy I asked coyly? He gave me a huge smile but did not answer – his gaze fixed on my naked body. Better we look at that I said as I held out my hand to him. He took it and followed me indoors, his eyes playing all over my nakedness.}

{I let him sit down on the edge of the bed while I bend over right in front of him to find a pair of tweezers on my dresser. In the mirror I saw him look at the offering with the right kind of attention I wanted from him.~I sat my patient down on my bed and bend down to scratch around on my dresser for the right instrument. My g string did little to hide my swollen pussy that I directed straight at him. I watched him stare at it in the mirror and saw his bulge grow in his pants.~He sat down sheepishly after I pushed him onto my bed. I knew the sight he got as I bent to find the tweezers. In my mirror I could see he was licking his lips and his crotch seemed to have doubled in size.}

{I turned and removed the splinter in one pull. He looked at my boobs right in front of his mouth and did not hesitate when I placed his injured hand on one of them. He fondled me hard as his mouth found my taut nipple.~I turned and sat on his lap. He sheepishly held up his finger and I pulled the splinter effortlessly. My breasts were tingling as I gently rubbed them against his lips. He looked at me and when I smiled, he took hold of one of them, licking my nipple through my sheer nightgown.~As I turned to attend to his wound, he slipped his hands over my breasts. His touch was warm and sweaty and every much as good as I imagined all those months of watching him through my window.}

{He tasted of sweat and earth as I worked my way up his neck to his mouth. His kiss was wet and wild as I sat down on his lap. I could feel his hard cock pressing against his overalls. I wanted him right there and then and whispered this in his ear.~His hair smelled of sweat and sunlight as I worked my way to his mouth. He kissed just like in my fantasy sessions. He pulled me onto his lap and I started to slow ride his thick and now hard cock. Fuck me, I whispered to him.~His lips tasted of salt and sunlight as he drowned me in his kiss. I slipped down his sweaty chest and felt his hard cock press on my belly. Fuck me senseless I begged him and his eye told me that this was his plan anyway.}

{He threw me on my back and dropped his pants. His thick cock was dripping a little pre cum. I spread my legs for him and he drove inside me as he lay down on top of me. Our tongues played in lust as he fucked me hard and deep. I lifted my hips and closed my legs round his waste. We moved in sync as he relentlessly fucked me.~We rolled onto the bed and he pinned me down with more kisses. As he ripped his pants down with one hand, I caught a glimpse of his massive cock just before he entered me hard and deep stretching me to my limit. I wanted all f him inside me so I wrapped my legs round hi back to pull him in deeper. He fucked me like an animal.~He effortlessly rolled me over and slipped out of his overalls. In my mirror I saw the thickness and massive size of his cock as he slipped deep inside me with a single thrust. Months of fantasy exploded inside me and I let out my pleasure by pulling him deeper inside with my calves on his bubble butt. He responded by f ucking as deep as he could.}

{With his strong arms he lifted my body and pushed me up against the wall. I used his muscular arms as support as he kept on driving into me. I felt the world starting to spin as my orgasm started to build. He carried me into our shower and turned the water on.~As if I weighed nothing at all he picked me up, still hard inside of me and carried me off to the shower. I turned on the water and he pressed me flat against the wall, still fucking me. My orgasm grew like am monster inside me.~After what felt like hours, he lifted me and walked into our step in shower. The water was cool and sent us both into the wildest orgasm I have ever felt. He roared as he filled my insides with his hot cum.}

{The power jets massaged our bodies as we both came with such a force that I nearly crushed his ribs with my arms. He lifted me up so that I had to push against the ceiling to balance. With slow deep licks, he ate his cum out of me. This lead to my second orgasm.~His groan filled the room as he shot deep inside me. I joined in almost immediately with the best orgasm I have ever felt. He lifted my pussy to his face and slurped his cum from my insides. This unexpected feeling drove me into a second and even more powerful orgasm. This was a man and not a weakling like my husband.~The next moment I felt him pushing my butt towards the ceiling and before I could scream, he was eating out his dripping cum from my ravaged pussy. My second orgasm came spontaneously as he feasted on my cunt. For a moment I thought about my husband at work, but only for a very fleeting moment.}

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{What is Sex Dating?~How the Concept of Sex Dating has Changed~Sex Dating Before and After the Internet}

{The concept of sex dating is not new at all; it has existed since at least the Baby Boomer generation if not before. It is exactly what its name indicates – people meet each other to have sex more than anything else. These people may not be looking at a relationship. They usually want just a one night stand or a short fling to fill their time.~You might thing that sex dating is something that has only recently come into prominence, but the fact is that this has been happening in the world since at least a century! It’s quite true – even our previous generations, who incidentally abhor the concept nowadays, have had their sex dating flings. Sex dating means meeting for sex, no strings attached. People who meet for this purpose have just this one intention in mind – they are not looking for a commitment of any sort.~If you think that sex dating has become popular only lately, you are very much mistaken. This concept has been existing since a long time now ! – at least since the 50s. People have been meeting each other for nothing more than sex even in those times, though we might not think it to be so. So what is sex dating? Basically, it means meeting someone just for sex. People who sex date want only some fun; they are not looking for relationships.}

{It may seem too unorthodox, but since both parties involved in sex dating are looking for the same thing – a short, breezy sexual affair – there is nothing lost. The moral police may be against the sex dating concept, but since there is no harm done and both persons involved are consenting, there’s actually no problem there.~If you think this concept is too brazen, it is actually not so. Since both people who are involved in this are agreeable to what they are doing, they do not find anything wrong. Even though people think this is a morally wrong concept, they actually do not have right to interfere in what two adult consenting people are doing, which does not harm anyone else in any way.~Some people do think that sex dating is too bold a concept and must be done away with. But, if you think about it, there’s no problem here at all. These are two people who have decided to have sex and nothing more, and since they are not interfering in anyone else’s ! lives, they are not doing anything wrong. This is consensual sex among adults and there should be nothing wrong in it.}

{Sex Dating before the Internet~Sex Dating in the Pre-Internet Period~How Sex Dating worked Before the Internet}

{Are You lonely want some one to get hot with ~Sitting there with some pent up sexual frustration try ~Itchy for a Fuck don’t wait } Find Sex {and share your fantasties.~and meet other hot and horny people.~and get your itch scratched so to speak.}

{You could divide sex dating into two different eras – before the Internet happened and after. Before the Internet, it was very difficult to approach someone with such a proposition. People who were looking for such a liaison were usually the men, and they would scour places such as malls and supermarkets in search of suitable women.~Sex dating has changed drastically after the introduction of the Internet. Before people went online, they would find their dating partners in physical places such as supermarkets and malls. Even then, it was very difficult for them to get a suitable partner; even broaching such a topic was quite awkward and embarrassing.~There is a sea of difference in the way sex dating has evolved in the period before and after the Internet. Before the Internet took hold, people actually scanned public places such as malls to find potential people for sex dating. Of course, it was difficult to start speaking on such a topic, and could lead to aw! kward situations too.}

{For many people, joining a club was done for this purpose too. The very idea was to meet new people who they could hook up with.~To find a suitable solution, these people would join places like clubs. Here they could meet a lot of people and probably find someone who would be willing to sex date them.~Some people would join clubs and other membership areas in the hope that they could meet someone for this purpose. Many people did find their sex dating partners this way.}

{However, because of the proximity of these people, they would usually end up having emotional relationships, which is what they did not want in the first place. That is the reason why sex dating in the pre-Internet times was tacky at best.~But there was an excess baggage. Since people needed to know each other before they could broach the topic of sex dating, they usually landed themselves in emotional wrangles with each other, which was not what they were looking at.~However, there was always the fear that these people would end up being emotionally tied with each other, because they would inadvertently come to know each other before they broached the sex dating topic. When that happened, it would become a difficult situation for both of them, because they did not want a commitment in the first place.}

{Sex Dating in the Internet Era~Sex Dating Today~How Sex Dating happens Today}

{Today, sex dating has become much simpler. The Internet is full of dating sites where people who are looking for nothing more than sex dating have their needs met. People become members of these sites and post their profiles, complete with their pictures, and other people who are interested in them approach them.~In the modern Internet period, it has become very much simple to find someone to sex date. There are several dating websites where you can find a suitable person for this purpose. You have to become a member of such a website. You can then check the profiles of other people (and post yours too) and hook up with someone who interests you.~Now, with the Internet it has become much easier to find someone for sex dating. You could very easily find someone through the thousands of dating websites that are hounding the Internet. People make their profiles in these places and even upload their pictures. So you have a preliminary idea of whether or not you want! to hook up with a particular person.}

{With the Internet, the scope of sex dating has become global. If someone is traveling to another town or even another country, they could easily find someone for sex in that place. This was unthinkable even about ten years ago. Today, this aspect of sex dating has become so popular that there are people who travel just for this purpose.~Also, it has become possible to find someone to sex date even if you are traveling to an outside city or country. You can find someone on these sites before you travel and then meet them when you reach there. In fact, some people are traveling so that they can meet their global sex dating partners.~You could also find someone outside your geographical region. This could become very useful if you are looking for a sex dating partner when you are traveling. Some people find someone through the Internet if they are traveling to a particular city. Then there are also people who travel to another city just because they have found a go! od sex dating partner there.}

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{The Best Way To Find Sex – Go Online!~Going On The Internet To Find Sex~Using The Internet To Find Sex}

{Whatever kind of sex you are interested in, you are sure to find it online. Have you checked out any Internet adult sites lately? A lot more have come up since the last year and there are several more exciting things happening here.~If you are looking for some porn – whatever kind of it – then the one place that you can be sure to find is on the Internet. If you take time to look at some of the new adult sites, you will see that there is a lot more there than you saw before.~Today, people of all kinds of sexual interests are able to find whatever kind of sex they want through the Internet. The adult industry on the Internet has always been advanced, but it has seen some bigger advancement in recent times.}

{The Adult Social Networking Sites~Social Networking Adult Websites~Social Networking Websites for Adults}

{One of the biggest developments is the various social networking sites that work strictly within the adult genre. These sites contain people getting to know each other, seeing who they are more comfortable with and then hooking up from there.~Social networking has become quite popular on the Internet, and there’s a niche here only for the adult industry. People come here to find out more about each other, develop friendships and then take on from there.~You will find many social networking websites today that are only meant for adults to meet up and date each other. These sites are great for people who are looking for some sex to get to know each other. They can make friendships and connect with other people for sex.}

{People are able to post their profiles and pictures so that other people can know what they are about and can decide whether they want to meet a particular person or not. Whatever kinds of preferences a person has, they are sure to find them online.~Everyone who joins on a social network can put up their profiles there. This allows others to know about their likes and dislikes and hook up with them if they find them suitable. This is a great place to find sex, whatever tastes one might have.~The best thing is that these sites allow people to post their detailed profiles so that other people can read them and see if they will like to meet these people in real life or not. The sites have several kinds of people, so one is sure to meet the exact kind of person for the exact kind of sexual activity that he or she is looking for.}

{There are in fact specific sites for specific kinds of people. Whether man or woman, straight or gay, married or single, young or old, there is a niche site bringing likeminded people to you.~You will also find special sites that cater to special kinds of people. There are sites for men and women, straight, bi and gay people, committed and single people and for people of all ages and races. You will find particular niche sites for all categories!~Several kinds of people meet together on these sites. Whether one is looking to hook up with a man or woman, looking for gay sex or straight sex, looking for a dating partner or a long term commitment, all options are available.}

{The best thing is that Internet safety has been pumped up, with most of these sites even going as far as to screen their members before allowing them to signup. Some of them even do background checks.~Finding sex online has also become safer. These websites will even perform background examinations on their members in some cases. People are also screened in other ways.~Nowadays, it is quite safe to work on the Internet. Even these adult dating sites have become quite strict. Members are checked thoroughly so that there are no unwanted people. This makes finding sex online all the more pleasant.}

{The Adult Video and Photo Sites~Porn Gallery Sites~Adult Photo and Video Sharing Websites}

{If you do not want to hook up with a real person but want to only find sex that you can watch and entertain yourself, even then you have a lot of options. There are many sites that allow members to post their own homemade videos in various positions and acts. They are sure to prove to be a great source of raunchy excitement to watchers like you!~There are people who want to find sex online but do not want to hook up with real people. These people would do well with the porn gallery sites. These are sites which contain several galleries of photos and videos, some of them made by the users of the sites themselves. Definitely, it is a treat to watch these amateur and professional materials.~These are cool for people who are not looking at actually meeting other people but still want some sexual experiences. On these sites, people can become members or simply browse the galleries. Members can post pictures and videos that they have made. It is very much arousing to ! watch these sexual materials that other amateur people have made.}

{Some sites have wonderfully categorized galleries both for photos and videos. It is very easy to find a website that exactly matches your tastes.~Most of these sites will have specific galleries for different categories. This will be for both the videos and the photos. You could easily find such websites by searching a bit on the Internet.~The galleries are generally categorized into preferences so that people can go directly to the options that they are looking for. You could easily find such gallery websites by making simple searched on the Internet.}

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