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posted by Gerard Duplest on May 16

{Who would have ever thought that we would have to set up a swing to have sex. And although an adults swing is not an absolute necessity for everyone’s sex life, it is certainly a very welcome addition.~An adult swing, or sex swing if you like, is fantastic fun, remember that sex is the way adults’ play, so why not add a swing into the mix. It is definitely not a necessity, but if you have a bad back, this could make all the difference in the world to your sex life, and you may find that you didn’t know how you ever lived without it.~Sex is the way we adults play and it can be even more fun with an accessory like and adult swing. It is perfect for adding some excitement to your sex play and believe it or not, if you have a bad back, the swing is one of the least painful ways to have sex.}

{My first experience on a sex swing came about when I was writing reviews on sex toys. As I have always been gymnastic in nature, I thought it would be a fun addition to our box full of toys – so I showed him and he agreed.~My first adult swing experience saw a revolution come about in my sex life. I found out about these toys, when I was writing reviews of sex toys strangely enough, and when I showed my B/F, he agreed we should get one.~When I got one of these adult swings it revolutionized my sex life – I happened to find out about the swing when researching for sex toy reviews. I couldn’t believe it and showed the research to my boyfriend who was fully in agreement we should purchase one.}

{It makes life so much easier getting into more difficult positions, and no – you don’t need to be an athlete to use it. Once you are up there and relaxing, you can get pretty wild and this gizmo is brilliant for people with back pain.~I have already got a box full of toys and we like sex, but we are getting a bit older now and there is nothing quite as horrible as having your hip go into spasm, or your leg cramp while in the throes of passion. The adult swing helps avoid these difficult and often embarrassing situations from arising as we have found out to our abject pleasure.~I already have quite a collection of sex toys, so this adult swing was a very welcome addition. I am knocking on now and anything to make sex easier and more pleasurable is a blessing. It is awful to by lying on your back and caught up in the throes of passion when your hip locks or you get a cramp in your leg.}

{It has been featured on some late night shows and was even made the subject of a Sex in the City episode. Perhaps they should have renamed the episode "sex in the swing?"~A couple of late night shows have featured the adult swing, or sex swing and it was even made the highlight of one episode of Sex in the City.~The adult swing has been features as a very amusing anecdote in an episode of Sex in the City as well as on a number of late night TV "adult" shows.}

{The adult swing installs easily in a doorway and when I received my I couldn’t wait to get it hung. I am not terribly mechanically minded, but I seemed to be able to be mine securely hung and was happy to see it came assembled.~To include a little hype here, installation is quick and easy and you simply hang it onto a door frame. I managed to get mine installed and swung on it a few time to see if it would hold, fortunately for me it did, or I might be in bed with a bad back right now.~Just in case you believe this may be a problem, installation of the adult is really simple and it arrives pre-assembled. Remember when the kids were little and they had those jumping things on springs. It fits like that into the doorway, only manufactured for adult use of course.}

{I love having sex, but it is such an adult thing to do and my first experience in the adult swing had me giggling like a schoolgirl. I felt doubly exposed with my feet in the stirrups, and we decided to throw away the instruction manual as it made things a bit too clinical.~Sex is great fun and I enjoy it immensely, it is also very adult and sometimes taken a little more seriously than it should be. If you want a giggle, you will certainly giggle when you try this swing out for the first time, I was laughing hysterically, especially as I felt so exposed with my feet in the stirrups.~People who enjoy sex want to keep on doing it for as long as they can, I know I do. But sometimes the fun is sort of sucked out, sit in the adult swing – naked, and put your feet up in the stirrups, you will soon be giggling like a schoolgirl again with your pussy exposed for all the world to see.}

{We soon got going, swinging back and forth, his cock lapping my pussy every time I came close and soon, he just had to stick it in. The completely weightless feeling of him fucking me while all I needed to do was rock back and forth a little, was unexpectedly delicious and after I got over the giggles we were soon experimenting in a slew if different ways.~The manual seemed a bit clinical so the boyfriend and I threw it away and took out chances with out own creativity on the swing for the first time. Gently swinging back and forth, I could feel his cock just gently lapping my pussy and this really got me started.~We threw the manual away and decided to experiment on our own, so I got in (I could have been back to front for all I knew), and Joey started swinging me, just lapping my pussy with the tip of his cock. That was all it took for me to stop giggling, this fuck was more weightless than any underwater fuck and that was one of my favorites.}

{Me on top, oral sex, lap dances (he likes that) and all kinds of sexy maneuvers, this swing is much better than having sex underwater and for me, that is a big turn on.~He likes it when I lap dance while he sits in the adult swing, but this item makes it simple to do all kinds of experiments with sex, and it is even better than underwater fucking.~I tried lap dancing him and he liked that and wee tried all kinds of other positions too, but we soon realized that we actually needed the manual and rescued it from the garbage.}

{I wouldn’t suggest you throw the manual away like we did, this can actually be a life-saver. We actually had to go and retrieve it from the trash after our first episode in the adult swing, because we realized what a stupid trick it had been to throw it away.~Unfortunately throwing the manual away was not such a good idea and we had to retrieve it from the trash. It contains so many good ideas that we would never have though of, and apart from being stained by a teabag and half a peanut butter sandwich, it was ok after we wiped it down.~After wiping of a bit of this mornings Vegemite toast and a soggy teabag, the manual was actually fin and it helped a lot with our experimentation. There are a lot of ideas that we would never have come up with on out own – so much for being creative types.}

{You can get as creative as you like, but at least with the manual, it helps you get creative where you never before thought it was possible. I hope you love your adult swing as much as I love mine. I keep it on a doorframe between my bathroom and bedroom, so we get some mirror action too.~Get creative and use the manual to guide you like we do, I simply love my new adult swing and I can move it to wherever we feel like doing it. I personally like it outside and in the bathroom where I have full wall mirroring.~My first experience on an adult swing, was one of the sexiest moments of my life. I have only every really felt that exposed for my gynae, but this was fun, that was not. Your life and sex life in particular will never be the same again – go on, spoil yourselves.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Mar 16

{I have picked up fucks all over the place, but I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar. It was just after my divorce came through and I was footloose and fancy free, so I soon became a regular at a local watering hole, Jacks Bar, and gosh this story makes me cringe when I think about it.~I have never been shy to pick up a fuck and take advantage of it – a fuck is a fuck, but I picked my best fuck ever up in a hotel bar, and it is quite a story. Soon after my divorce, I decided to get out and about again and made friend in a local hotel bar. Someone said never shit on your own doorstep and they were right~You know what they say, a fuck is a fuck And I have never been a shrinking violet, or one not to take advantage of a fuck if it is going, I like sex, so what. I picked up my best fuck ever in a hotel bar, but this actually turned out to be a big mistake for me and I actually ended up feeling really bad about it in the end.}

{I was dancing with this guy and things were getting hot and heavy, he just about had my top off on the dance floor and I needed to go to the ladies. He followed me in there and before I knew is my top was off and I was down on my knees giving him a blow job.~One night I was dancing with this guy, a lot younger than me and good looking, he was a regular in Jacks Bar too. We were getting a bit out of control and went to the ladies, where one thing led to another and I was soon down on my knees giving him a BJ.~I had become a regular in a hotel bar after my divorce and one night I was there, dancing with a young guy who was really cute. Things were already getting hot on the dance floor, and the next thing I knew we were in the foyer of the ladies loo and I was on my knees with his cock stuck halfway down my throat}

{Adult contacts can be made in a bar, as this story will tell, online, or just about anywhere. It all depends what you are looking for, but it is highly unlikely you will find your soul mate in a bar or nightclub.~Adult contacts can be made anywhere by anyone, in a hotel bar, online, nightclub or church hall, it all about being open to make those contacts.~Make adult contacts in many places, hotel bars, online and virtually anywhere. But remember to make contact, you have to be open to contact.}

{We didn’t even go into a stall to do it, just right there in the ladies loo, he got me up off my knees turned me around and stuck his big cock in me from behind. I was so turned on at the though of being caught, that I came in seconds.~He soon pulled my shirt up over my head and we didn’t even bother going into a stall, just right there in the middle of the foyer of the loo he stood me up, pulled my pants down and started fucking me from the back. I came in moments, I was so turned on.~Pulling my shirt over my head, he reach down and stood me up with my back to him, down came my pants around my knees and up went my skirt and he was fucking me from the back. I was so excited, I came nearly the instant he entered me.}

{He went at it, pounding away at me, my pants round my ankles and driving his massive hardon into my cunt, for a maximum of two or three minutes before he came too. Afterwards, leaving the bathroom and continuing dancing where we had left off, it was the best fuck I’d had in years.~After banging me stupid with his big fat cock in a matter of minutes we were both finished, how we didn’t get caught at it I don’t know, but it was just one of those things, and we returned to the dance floor like nothing had happened.~God, did he ever fuck me hard, I couldn’t believe the size and power of that boy, this was altogether the best fuck I had ever had. It is hard to imagine that no-one cam into the loo while we were fucking there, but I guess we were just lucky.}

{This was before I became a freelance writer and I had a pretty important job at a health management company. We needed a temp for the reception and I called the agency for them to hook us up with one.~At that time I had a responsible job for a private hospital company (in the days before I became a freelance writer). Our receptionist was off sick and I needed a temp to fill this front-line post for a few days, so I called the agency and got someone in.~This was long before I became a freelance writer and I held a responsible position at a health management company. We had a problem with a sick receptionists, so I called for a temp at our regular agency.}

{Anyway, the girl came around and she seemed fine, and as the head office was relatively small, we got chatting in some quiet moments. She has been temping for a couple of days, when she asked me if I frequented Jacks Bar, so I said, yes, I had been there once or twice. So she tells me, "I am sure my fiancé knows you".~The girl arrived and was fine for the job, and as she was there for a while we got talking. It seemed as if she knew me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, then one day she asked if I went to Jacks Bar, so I sort of said yes and though nothing of it. Then came the bolt from the blue, she said she was sure her fiancé knew me.~In this girl came and she worked out fin, but one day we were chatting, I could not figure out why I had this feeling I knew her. One day while chatting she said that she thinks her fiancé knows me, and did I ever go to Jacks Bar.}

{Not thinking about it very much I sort of went oh, what’s his name and she told me, but it didn’t mean very much to me at the time. Anyway about two days after that, I am walking through to the reception near quitting time, and her she is with her fiancé, so she says, "hey, Stephanie, this is my fiancé, the guy I was telling you about".~She told me his name and I thought "oh shit" I was sure is was the loo fuck guy, but couldn’t be certain as I am not very good at remembering names. I forgot about it and walking into reception one quitting time, saw a guy waiting for her. He had is back to me, so she introduces us and he turns around, and it was him.~Not thinking about it that much I said yes, so she told me his name, but it didn’t mean that much to me, I was not great at catching and hanging onto names. But I got a feeling that it might have been the toilet fuck guy. Then a day or so later I walked into reception and this guy was waiting for her and it was hi m.}

{He had his back to me, but it looked awfully familiar, and he turned around, imaging the look on my face when I realized that just the week before this temps fiancé had his cock in my mouth in the ladies loo.~The look on my face must have been an absolute picture as my heart jumped into my throat and I tried to keep my cool. This young girls fiancé had, had his cock halfway down my throat and right inside my cunt, just two weeks before.~I nearly dropped dead on the spot and trying to keep a calm persona was almost impossible. I felt bad that her guy had cheated on her and all I could picture was him with is tongue down my throat and worse.}

{I nearly fainted, when I saw him, I can still feel that feeling of shock and horror, the kind you get when you are quite literally caught with your pants down. I didn’t even know the guy’s name, God what a tart I was~That feeling of crap coming back to haunt you when you have shit on a doorstep so close to home, made me feel physically sick. "What a tart I am" I thought, I didn’t even catch his name~My hotel bar fuck had come back to haunt me in the worse possible way, but when I told my boss the story he thought it was hysterical. I couldn’t believe I had been such a stupid tart, and I never caught his name}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Feb 27

{I was visiting my girl Adeline after six months at the screw-up military camp and I really needed her bad. Unfortunately she was having guests home that very evening but she said she would meet me in the bar. I could understand she wanted me just as I wanted her.~It was after a whole six months that I was returning to meet my girlfriend Adeline. I was punished for my behavior by being forced to attend military camp and now I had got a brief release. But she was having someone over and agreed to meet me in the bar. Well, she wanted to see me badly too~My folks had sent me away to military camp because according to them I was getting too much out of hand. Now, after half a year, I was returning back. And more than anything else, I wanted to see my girl, my dear Adeline. I called her first thing. She said she would meet me at the bar}

{When she called me to confirm I was reaching on time, she asked me if I were dressed. She said she wanted to do something daring. What she said after that bowled me over. She said she would leave her bra and panties at home and come just with that blue dress I liked on her so much, with nothing underneath. And she told me to forget my boxers home as well.~Just before I was to leave, she called up. She said she was so horny she wanted to do something bad. She told me she would put on the gown I liked so much on her. And then she told me she wouldn’t put anyone underneath That really drove me wild. She wanted me to reciprocate too. No underwear… was the rule~And she told me she had something very wicked planned out. She said she would wear the dress I liked so much on her. And that she wouldn’t wear anything underneath that dress. I just went mad at the thought. She told me also—rather ordered—that I was not to put on any underwear either. Well, who wa s complaining?}

{So there I was, sitting on the bar stool feeling weird because of no underwear and waiting for her. Two Martini shots down, I saw her walk in, looking every bit as sexy as I had left her. Her nipples were pointing through her dress and I knew she had kept her promise.~I found myself sitting at the bar within the next hour and I was feeling so out of place because I was without underwear I had two shots of Martini to keep myself sober and then she walked in She was just as sexy as I had seen her last. I could see her huge nipples pressing against her dress, something that drove me wild immediately.~I made my way to the bar as soon as I can and felt odd sitting there waiting without any underwear inside. I swigged two quick shots of Martini. And then I saw her come in. Her nipples were pressing against her dress. So she had kept up what she said}

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{She came right up to me and sat on the next bar stool. There was no place for words. We immediately entered each others’ mouths. It was such a heady feeling. I was tasting this breath after so long. I went hard immediately.~She walked to me and sat next to me. We were so horny by now that we couldn’t even speak with each other. We broke the silence with a kiss… a real deep-throat kiss. This was the best thing I had got for a while. And I suddenly realized I had missed her so much. I got hard~There was no room for talk at all. We had both been starved so much that we directly got down to business. I kissed her on the face and stuck my tongue right in. She used tongue too. Soon, we were in a very deep passionate kiss. This aroused me no end.}

{Probably it was our passion or our chemistry, but people around us began moving away, like wanting to make some space for us. I was so horny right then… I began groping her everywhere I could. She moaned and groaned and that drove me wild. Everyone at the bar was looking at us by now.~Maybe it was the flame we shared or what we were doing that everyone else in the bar moved a bit away as if they wanted us to do our thing. The fact that we now had viewers made me all the more horny. I immediately began groping and gnawing at every bit of her flesh. She made all those sexy noises that made even the people sitting far away turn and look at us.~Suddenly I felt people were watching us. Maybe we were the height of passion right there at that moment. People even backed away to give us more room. Now that we had so many eyes on us, I felt hornier. I began grabbing at whatever part of her body I could find. She was making all kinds of sexual noises and everyone was now tuned in to what we were doing.}

{And then, in an instant, I undid her dress. Those breasts just spilled out. There was a collective groan from everyone at the bar. People started cheering. I was swept away. Immediately, I undid my pants, hoisted her legs right there on the bar stools and penetrated her. People started jerking everywhere around us and there were catcalls and a lot of hooting.~I could take it no longer now. I freed her from her dress. Her breasts just oozed out of her gown. People went wild and so did I. They started cheering I was totally consumed in the moment. I did away with my pants and pointed my raging erection right into her exposed pussy. People went on a wild jerking spree all around. They hooted and cheered.~It wasn’t difficult to go ahead now. I removed the dress she was wearing. It was on the floor. Her big breasts were out in their resplendent glory. People gave out sighs And I was the lucky one. I immediately undid my own pants and fished out my cock. I aimed r ight at the pussy and went as much inside as it could go. People all over had their cocks out and were shagging now.}

{We were both sweaty and pumping each other hard. A woman sitting a little away was fingering her clit. I was looking at her and fucking my girlfriend, groping her breasts. The music played louder and faster and after several minutes of wild passion I came inside her.~Our bodies were wet with sweat and passion. I saw a girl sitting a little away and she was fingering her pussy looking at us. That made me harder. I fucked my girlfriend’s pussy with fierier passion. The music went wild too. We had our orgasm almost at once.~I could hold it no longer. There was a female sitting a little away from us and she was probing her cunt with her finger. She was mad with passion and that made me hornier. I fucked my girl with renewed vigor. The music was faster now too. We both came at once.}

{The action thinned a little after that, but ten minutes later people cheered us on for an encore. Well, we weren’t complaining~And then people slowly began to disperse. But, mere 10 minutes later, the cheering started again. We didn’t mind giving them an encore~The show over, people began going their own sweet ways. But, it was a mere quarter of an hour later that the catcalls began again. The crowd was asking for a repeat performance}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Dec 8

{I was sitting in my wooden hut, rolling a cigarette and enjoying the peace and quiet of the early evening when I heard a dull thud sound against my outer wall. This was followed by some heavy breathing and kissing sounds.~The backpackers gave me a wooden hut and I loved it as it stood in a remote part of the property. At dusk I sat back and enjoyed a cigarette when I heard somebody being pushed against my wall followed by the noises associated with sex.~With the sun setting, I enjoyed a smoke all alone in my wooden cabin that was offered to me as the backpackers were fully booked. I did not mind at all as I always like my privacy. Suddenly I heard two people making out against my wall.}

{I slowly got up and peeped through an opening in the wall. To my surprise I saw the cleaner of the backpacker giving the owner some serious head. She looked a vixen when I first met her, but now I knew this girl was hot. I made a quick plan.~I crept to the window and to my shock I saw the cleaning girl going down on the boss of the place. My eye caught this youngster when I checked in and she did give me the impression that she was interested as well. I just needed to get rid of the owner.~Further investigation revealed that the owner was forcing a young cleaner to suck him off. I had the talent of spotting hot girls and she looked smoking hot when I arrived earlier that day. We had a little flirt and she left.}

{Back Packer sex is one of the best reasons for any youngster to go back-packing, you don’t honestly believe that it is just to see Europe do you?~When I told my mother I wanted to see Europe in my gap year, I had more motivation than seeing the historic highlights of this continent Back Packer sex was my first motivation~I wanted to see Europe in my gap year, but had more motivation than seeing the museums and highlights of this continent, I had heard all about Back Packer sex.}

{I phoned the owner on his mobile phone and asked him to come to reception immediately. As he rushed off, I simply opened my cabin door and invited the young girl inside with a wide grin.~A simple call to reception saw him being paged and as he went to find out who was looking for him, I let the young sex kitten into my lair. She came in without hesitation.~I was dying to get my hands on this little slut, so I called the backpacker whom then called the owner to the reception office. I opened my door and pulled the girl inside.}

{She smiled back with a twinkle in her eye and within minutes she was working my rod in her hot mouth. She sucked me like a pro and took every inch deep down her throat. I started loosening her bra while she was down there and she followed suit by loosening her skirt and panties herself.~I dropped my pants and she immediately took up her blow job duties she did a few seconds ago. From her skilful sucking and nibbling on my cock I knew I was in for a real treat with her. Without lifting her head once, she loosened all of her clothing.~For a moment I was worried, but then she simply pulled down my pants and started treating me to her wet lips as well. Her blow job skills told of a well experienced girl, despite her youthfulness. She wriggled out of her top without stopping to suck.}

{As she rose up to my mouth, her skirt dropped, leaving her naked body in my hands. I enjoyed every inch of her pale white skin as I worked my way down her flat belly. She jumped and got a grip on the rafter where she hung, looking down and smiling at me.~As I pulled her up to my chest, all of her clothing simply fell to the floor and she was totally nude in my arms. Her beautiful white skin smelled of flowers as I licked my way all over. I lifted her up and she immediately grasped what I wanted. She took the rafter above her and hung like a real model.~Finally she came up for air and our mouths met for the first time as the last of her clothing fell to the ground. I suckled and kissed her beautiful little body all over and went down to give her some serious head. She climbed onto my shoulders and found a hanging space from the rafters.}

{With her wet pussy on eye level, I ravaged her youthful and clean shaven pussy with my mouth and tongue. She did not make a sound, but by the way she breathed, I knew she was getting really turned on. She wrapped her slim legs round my face, pulling me even deeper into her.~My mouth was at the perfect level now to really work her pussy well. My tongue teased and worked into her shaven pussy, driving her closer to her orgasm with every flick of my tongue. She squeezed my head with her thighs as she lifted her legs onto my shoulders to offer me a full feast.~With her shaven feast right at the perfect height, I went ballistic on her and ravaged her sweet cunt. She moved and wriggled her whole body, but kept silent all the time. Her legs shot over my shoulders forcing my tongue deeper inside her.}

{I let her slip down slowly all the way down my own naked body until I slipped deep inside her. We fucked in the standing position for quite a while, but eventually I felt my knees going week so we simply fell over onto the bed and kept on fucking. She met my strokes with her lifted pelvis, allowing me to drive deep inside her.~Finally I helped her down and she slithered down my sweaty body, straddling my rock hard cock as she reached half way mark. We went into a rhythm immediately with her playing with her pelvis over my cock. I kept this going for as I long as I could manage and then flipped her onto the bed without withdrawing. We simply went on to rhythmically fucking on the bed.~As her arms got tired from hanging, she slithered down my body and came to rest with me filling her up with my rock hard cock. She rode me slowly and deeply as I stood upright for as long as I had the strength to do so. Finally we simply collapsed onto the floor where we simply kep t at it for about an hour.}

{We rolled over and now she was on top and seemingly very happy with this turn of events. I may have been gentle because of her tender age, but as soon as this little fox could control the fucking herself, she rode me like the devil himself, not sparing herself at all.~Like the true vixen she was, she skillfully turned the tables and ended up on top. I realized that my slow and sensual fucking – in an effort to protect her fragile innocence, was not quite what she needed as she went into top drive, riding me hard and without reserve.~She caught me by surprise and slipped from under to the top position. It was clear that this girl had enough of my slow and deep fucking and wanted a ride on the wild side. The little devil rode my cock so hard and so deep into her I felt like exploding.}

{This continued for hours until somebody shouted her name from outside. Without a blink, she slipped of my hard cock, got dressed and left my room without a word. I felt devastated, but at the same time truly satisfied. We would finish this off later.~I often wondered how long she would have kept this up if she was not called to the office. My sexy youngster slipped off me and into her overall like a pro and slipped into the night, leaving me desperately hard and horny.~Just as I could not hold back anymore, her pager went and she hopped of me in mid stroke. I was left lying on my back trying to catch my breath as she quickly dressed and left the room quietly. I had to finish off by myself, but the memories of her young little ass helped me all the way.}

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posted by Gerard Duplest on Dec 7

{We reached the elevator at the same time – the last two people to leave the office. I stood deliberately close to his back as we waited for that familiar ping sound, which came just as I decided to reach out and stroke his tight butt.~I did not know the guy that arrived at the elevator door with me, but I felt a real sexual vibe the moment he stood next to me from him. It was late and we were the last to go home from the office that night. He lightly pinched my thigh as he walked into the open doors.~I have only seen this handsome guy once on the pass by in the office, but that night we ended working late and leaving at the same time. At the elevator I eyed his tight butt, but he had other plans altogether as he slowly undressed me with his dreamy eyes.}

{As the doors slid open, he simply took my arm and pulled me into the lift, spun me against the glass wall and buried his face in my neck. The doors closed and I sensed that we were going up rather than down. I opened my eyes and saw he pushed the top floor button.~He dragged me into the lift and pushed me up against the thick glass. He must have pushed the up button cause we were going top floor. His moth was hot and his hands all over my body.~When the lift finally arrived, he gave me a slight push sending me onto the glass wall, but before I could get mad, he was all over me. His lips were warm and very inviting, so I gave myself to the moment as we sped upwards towards the sky.}

{Find Sex in the elevator if you can, it’s no more difficult than finding it anywhere else. The moment you are open to an unplanned encounter, they find you~If I can Find Sex in the elevator, you can, it’s no more different than finding it anywhere else, and it is everyone’s ultimate fantasy~Find Sex in the office, in the elevator, any where you want. It is easier than you may believe possible, and it is the ultimate fantasy}

{As we came within meters of the top of the building, he simply slammed the emergency switch and the lift stopped abruptly, leaving us suspended over the city lights. I turned my back to him and watched the traffic meters below.~Just before we reached the top floor, my new lover pushed the emergency button and our glass box ripped to a halt. He turned me towards the city and all of its millions of little lights. I stared at life way down there.~The penthouse floor came without warning, so did the flick of the emergency brake switch. We were momentarily stuck at the top of the world. He spun me round so that I could see the rest of the world way down there.}

{Skilfully he slipped my panties off with one hand whilst loosening his pants at the same time. He entered me with a single deep thrust that sent electricity right through my whole body as his thick cock stretched me to my maximum.~I heard his pants drop to the floor and lifted my ass up to him as he slipped my skirt up. My panty did not stay on long as he simply ripped it from my body. His fat cock slipped all the way into me in one single push.~We both were naked from the waist down within seconds. I parted my legs to let him take me from behind with a single deep thrust. His massive cock filled my every inch and I felt a jolt of electricity as he started rocking inside me.}

{We quickly picked up a rhythm where I would push back the moment he thrusted. This way he penetrated me as deep as he could and it felt like pure magic. He really fucked me hard and at the same fast rhythm right from the moment he entered me. I felt my pussy getting really wet and squeezed my muscles tight.~Moments later he started fucking me deep and hard with a set rhythm that felt just right. I pushed back a bit more to get all of him inside me. He did not falter on his rhythm once as he pounded me so hard my face was pushed right into the glass wall in front of me. I clenched my muscles in my pussy to offer him some resistance.~He fucked me like a machine – each thrust to the same depth inside me and at a constant speed – just the way I loved being fucked. This constant rhythm brought out the slut in me and I let him know what he was doing to me by gripping his rock hard cock with my pussy muscles.}

{This drove my anonymous lover to fuck me even harder and I let him know how much I loved it. He kept up this insane rhythm until I felt him tense up a little bit. I knew he was about to shoot his load, so I swiftly made a little side step.~He responded by picking up the pace and I made sure he saw and heard how I felt about this. This was the closest to heaven I ever felt. He kept this up for a few minutes and then warned me he was about to shoot.~My stranger – lover reacted by working himself deeper and harder into me. We feel into a comfortable rhythm as we fucked each other like animals. His breath told me he was close to exploding, so I waited for him to fill me up, but he did not.}

{Just in time as well as his cum splashed against the glass wall of the elevator, slowly running down in thin lines. At that moment the security voice asked us if we were all right in there. We pulled in dressed our clothes as fast as we could.~He pulled out of me just in time to send his spunk flying onto the glass window of the lift where it slowly made white lines towards the floor. At the same time the lift jilted back into motion, causing a dressing frenzy inside it.~He pulled out and sent his hot stream splashing onto the glass. For a moment I focused on the white streams flowing down the pane, but then the lift started a fast descent. Within seconds we pulled our clothing on, still gasping with after cum excitement.}

{The next moment we started our decent to the parking lot. Not a word was spoken during any moment of this impromptu fuck session. The doors slipped open and he simply walked to his car and I did the same. He did not look at me once as he got into his car and drove off.~He pulled out of me just in time to send his spunk flying onto the glass window of the lift where it slowly made white lines towards the floor. At the same time the lift jilted back into motion, causing a dressing frenzy inside it.~The doors opened up in the parking area and we made our separate ways. Not a single word was said nor any further eye contact. This was truly a once off event, but I loved the intimacy of nameless yet amazing sex that surprised me in that office elevator.}

{The next morning I noticed the streaks of cum on the elevator window was till there – un-cleaned. In the office my eye caught a couple of guys watching a security monitor and doing high fives. My secret lover was amongst them but did not make eye contact once.~As I took the lift the next morning, I saw a cleaner working on the cum stains all over the glass. As I walked into the open plan office we shared, I noticed a quick silence filling the room as the guys peeled away from a monitor they were watching a second ago. As I walked past my eye caught a glimpse of us fucking like rabbits on a bad quality security video.~On my way up to the office the next day, I saw the cum streaks still visible on the windows. My bubble burst as I walked in on a group of guys – my secret lover included – making howling sounds at the security monitor. I did not have to see it to know what they were on about.}

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{I was a university student then. This was in early October when the lectures at the university tend to get a bit boring. I was bored stiff listening to Thermodynamics and was looking for some entertainment within the lecture. And what better entertainment did we have at that time than checking out Dana?~I was studying in the university at that time. The time was early October, when the boredom of the university lectures starts creeping in. Goddamned Thermodynamics was going on and the professor was droning us to death. I needed some respite. I knew just what the doctor would order at that moment – take a look at Dana.~It was October at the university that time. October is always a boring time; that’s when the lectures begin to mow you down. Thermodynamics was going on, and the professor was not helping matters any. Before he could bore me to death, I wanted a little diversion. Well, at our university the best diversion any boy could have would be to take an eyeful of Dana.}

{She was sitting one row away from me and I needed to turn my head to my left to catch a glimpse of her. I did that several times a day anyway but this time when I glanced at her, I saw something that made me miss a beat. Well, she was looking right at me – checking me out I should say.~Dana – the university boy’s ultimate fantasy – was sitting just one row away from mine but I had to turn my head ninety degrees to the left to catch a glimpse of her. Anyway I did that exercise several times every lecture so it was no big deal. However, when I did that this time, I was surprised. Dana was already checking me out when I turned.~Dana was every university boy’s dream. And she was sitting just a row apart from mine. I needed to just turn my head over my left shoulder to get a glimpse of her. I don’t know how many times I did that per lecture. This was going to be just another time. Or so I thought! Because this time when I looked at Dana, I found that she ! was already staring at me!}

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{I turned at her again. It was a slight smile that passed between us. Instinctively I knew what she wanted. She got up and raised her hand. The professor begrudgingly nodded. As she left the classroom for the restroom, she turned at me and gave that smile again. A minute later, I excused myself too.~Was that for real? I turned again to confirm. Yes, she was sitting there prettily, smiling at me. I knew in a flash what she was wanting. She called the professor’s attention and raised her hand. The professor took it very badly to be troubled in the middle of his scintillating explanation but he excused her. But before turning out of the door, Dana looked back at me and I am sure she gave me a little wink. Well, I had to trouble the professor too.~It was unbelievable, of course. I had to turn again to confirm that. Sure, she was there, checking me out, and she even gave me a smile. Oh, there it was! I knew what she was thinking. That very instant, she got up and as! ked the professor to excuse her. The professor, in the middle of what he thought was the most interesting thing in the world, angrily allowed her. As Dana made her exit, she gave me the quickest smile possible. Now, I got up and asked to be excused too. Poor professor!}

{I knew where to head. The ladies’ restroom would be empty at this hour because lectures were going on in all the classrooms. I headed right there. No one was in. But just inside one of those closed stalls, I heard a slight whisper. Gingerly, I knocked. Yes, she was in there.~Once out of the class, I knew where to go. The ladies’ restroom, that’s where. The place would be empty now, just right for the diversion we both wanted. I went right in, because I was sure no one would be there. She was there behind one of the stalls, softly calling my name.~Free from the class, I knew where to head – the girls’ restroom. There would be no one there now – everyone would be in their lectures – and that place would be sinfully quiet. I went in confidently and, sure enough, I heard the giggle behind one of the closed stalls. I went on.}

{And how! She had unbuttoned her shirt already and I could see her red bra inside. Those breasts that every boy at the university fantasized about were in my hands right now. I let them loose. They were every bit as soft and just as big as I thought. The nipples stood erect. I quickly slurped at them – we didn’t have much time!~And the way she was there! She had undone all buttons of her shirt and I could not tear my eyes off her red bra. Every male at the university had dreamt about those breasts at least once and now they were all mine! I freed them from the bra. They were just as succulent as I expected. The nipples were standing on end. I licked them, but then realized – we did not have much time to waste.~The way Dana presented herself to me there made me lose a heartbeat! She had taken off all the buttons of her shirt and her bra was showing. Those breasts – those objects of every male desire at the university – were for real and they were for me ! right now! I quickly unhooked her bra. Yes, those breasts were every bit as awesome as I had pictured them to be. The nipples teased me no end. I played with them for an instant, but then I knew we did not have much time for all the foreplay.}

{Quickly I unbuttoned my jeans. We were both touching each other everywhere we could, trying to grope at every bit of flesh we could lay our hands on. She found my penis, I found her pussy. It was already warm and quivering. It was moist with the anticipation. I rubbed her clit. She moaned, almost aloud. I put my other hand on her lips.~I unbuttoned by jeans hastily. We weren’t wasting any time and groping at each other’s bodies wherever we could. She discovered my erection and I discovered her moistness. It was warm and slimy inside. I knew she couldn’t wait. I pressed her clitoris. I am pretty sure the moan she gave was audible even out of the restroom; I quickly covered her mouth with the other free hand.~I undid the button on my jeans. Both of us were making the best of the time we had – groping at each other wherever we could. She fumbled over my penis and grabbed it. I fumbled over her pussy and began fingering it. Her clitoris was already hard and ! I rubbed it. She gave an almost vocal moan, but I quickly shut her off with my free hand.}

{Then I lifted her by her thighs and held her against the wall. Her pussy was open and welcoming right now. Without wasting another minute, I entered her. She kept clawing at the stall door as best as she could. And then I made my first thrust. Heavenly pleasure! She began moving her hips in tune with mine.~I am happy for the gym I did because I could very easily lift her now. I pinned her against the wall and spread her legs apart, holding her by the thighs. Her vagina was in full view now and it was seducing me no end. I did not waste any time in penetrating her. She was almost mad with pleasure now. Slowly we began moving our hips in rhythm with each other.~Then I, almost acrobatically, lifted her by her thighs and pinned her against the wall. She clawed at the wall for support but in vain. I saw that pussy, waiting for me! That moment is indescribable. Without any further delay I rammed my penis into it. She almost screamed and then slowed down when I began thrusting my penis into her. She began moving her hips in perfect tandem!}

{We weren’t in there for even five minutes, but those lovely memories are with me even now. Surely, it was my wildest deed when I was at the university and probably hers too.~It wasn’t even five minutes that we spent in there but I cannot forget that time for anything in the world. It was the wickedest thing I did at the university and I am sure that applies to her also.~Well, that was the most radical thing I did at the university. Not even 5 minutes we spent there but none of us can ever forget them. I am sure that was the most radical thing Dana ever did at the university too.}

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{I watched him walk in as I sipped my latte. I was sitting in my favourite spot at my regular coffee shop when he noticed me looking. My tits perked up. He looked a little older, but he was tall, and I liked that.~He walked in just as I was finishing off my latte in the little coffee shop. He was tall and a little older than the usual type I go for. My nipples perked up when he saw me watching him.~I was sipping my latte at the coffee shop underneath my apartment, when he walked in. His eyes immediately met mine and I could feel my nipples hardening. He was tall, and he looked like he was in his forties.}

{He ordered his coffee and looked around for a place to sit, and when he looked in my direction, I smiled. He walked over and asked me if he could join me. I was a little embarrassed because I thought my tits could be seen through my white t shirt. I hate wearing a bra.~After he ordered his coffee, he made his way to one of the tables. I caught his eye once more and gave him a sly smile. He immediately walked over to where I was sitting. “Join me”, I said. I wasn’t wearing a bra and wondered whether he could see my tits through my white t shirt.~I wanted him to sit with me, and once he had his coffee, I gave him the naughtiest smile I could muster. Like a charm, he walked right up to me and said, “Do you mind if I join you?” I replied by saying that I didn’t mind. I never wore a bra, and I blushed because I knew he could see my excited nipples through my white t shirt.}

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{We started making small talk and I thought about my little secret. I always think about it when I meet a man. His thigh brushed against mine and I stiffened. I blushed when I saw him looking at my tits. I asked him if he would like something else to drink, and when he said yes, I invited him over to my place.~He asked me a few questions about myself and I answered them. When he brushed his leg against mine, my mind immediately went to my little secret. He shot a few glances towards my boobs until he finally just plain stared at them. I was turned on and my secret didn’t stop me from inviting him over to my place.~I thought about my secret as he asked me about where I was from and where I worked. He brushed his leg against mine and I knew where this was going to lead. He was definitely looking for more than just coffee because he blatantly looked at my boobs. I asked him whether he would like to come back to my place and he said yes.}

{When he grabbed my ass while we were walking to my place, I had no doubts about where he wanted this evening to go. However, I didn’t know if he would still want the evening to proceed in the same direction when he found out what I was hiding. That made me nervous.~As we made our way up the stairs, I could feel him groping my ass. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t fully know if I was comfortable with the direction this evening was taking because I didn’t know how he would react to my secret.~On our way up the stairs he grabbed my butt, very discreetly and very sexually. He let his hand linger there. I thought about the turn that this evening would take, and I felt a little nervous about showing him my little secret.}

{“Would you like a drink?” I asked him when we got to my place. When he said yes, I walked over to the bar and poured him a drink. My secret immediately went hard as he came up from behind and started stroking and squeezing my boobs. He turned me towards him and we kissed.~When we got to my place, I asked him if he wanted a drink. He said yes, and I began fixing one for him. I could feel him walking up behind me and I stopped what I was doing when he started massaging my boobs from behind. I could feel my secret stiffening in excitement. I turned to make contact with his mouth.~At my place, I went to the bar and began pouring him a drink. He came up from behind me and cupped my breasts in his hands and began stroking them. My little secret went hard. I turned around and kissed him.}

{He massaged my boobs hard as we made out. I felt his hardness with my hands, and without thinking I wrapped one leg around his leg. He immediately stopped and looked at me with surprise. Oh no! He had felt my cock. He backed away and sat down on the couch.~We made out passionately and our bodies got closer. I felt his hardness and worried that he could feel mine. I was right. He did feel mine. He stopped kissing me and walked up to the couch.~We were making out and he was fondling me when he pulled me close to him. I could feel his hard member through his pants, and he stopped kissing me when he felt mine. He went over to the couch and sat down.}

{I wasn’t about to let him go so fast, so I went up him and kissed him on the neck and made him touch my breasts. This time, he didn’t pull away, so I took his pants off, knelt down and began sucking his already hard cock. He liked it.~I tried to make him feel a little comfortable and so I kissed his neck slowly. He didn’t pull away so I took his hands and made them touch my boobs. I got on my knees and started giving him head. I knew this was one of my specialties and soon enough, he began to moan. I knew he would cum soon.~I went up to him and kissed him on his neck and took his hands and placed them on my boobs. I then knelt before him. I took his pants off and began sucking his hard cock. He was moaning in pleasure and looked like he was about to cum.}

{“I want you from behind”, he said and I obliged. I lifted my skirt and sat on his lap when he penetrated me. He held on to my boobs for support and began stroking them hard. My dick was on his thighs and I slowly began rubbing it on them.~I asked him whether he wanted to butt fuck me and he said yes. He lifted my skirt and made me sit on him. He entered me slowly and I moaned. He began massaging my boobs while I started rubbing my cock on his thighs.~He said he wanted me from behind, and so I took my skirt off and sat on his dick, facing away from him. I rode him up and down, all the while rubbing my dick up and down on his thighs. He was massaging my breasts the entire time, holding on to them at times to control my motion.}

{My dick being stimulated and the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure I was feeling in my ass were too much for me to handle. I came on his thighs and he came too. I could feel his thick hot sperm being spurted on my back and ass. He got dressed and left while I lay on the floor, satisfied like a baby.~Being butt fucked hurt, but it also felt real good. At the same time my dick being stimulated made me cum all over his thighs. He too came all over my ass and back. I was just catching my breath, feeling happier than I have felt in a long time, when he stood up and left.~It was an unbelievable feeling – the pain and pleasure of being penetrated in the ass along with my cock being stimulated. Just as I blew my load on his thighs, he blew his load in to my ass. I lay there satisfied while he left.}

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{Alexis and Her Strip Search~Shoplifting Megan gets Strip-Searched~Guards teach Allison Never to Shoplift Again}

{Alexis was in a hurry. She needed to quickly buy some groceries for the house and then leave for a training program for her new waitress job. She was quickly putting in a few things mindlessly and then moved over to the billing area. While she was waiting for her turn to come, she saw a small kiosk that was selling some Polo mints. She quickly grabbed a stick and put it into her blouse. No, she didn’t intend to pay for such a small thing. She had tried such things before and had been successful.~Megan decided she would get a few things from the store before she left for her airhostess training course in the capital city. She hurriedly took a few things that she would need on the trip and, when she thought no one was looking, put a little stick of M&Ms inside her shirt and tucked it well under her bra. She was hopeful her little shoplifting episode was not watched by anyone; after all, this wasn’t her first time.~Allison had got a call to report for a trainin! g session in the next city. She booked an evening flight and that morning she went to the mall to get a few things she thought she would need on the flight. She quickly threw a few things that she thought she needed in her basket. Then, she thought she need not pay for all of those. She took a smart-looking pen from the shelves and tucked it into her blouse.}

{Her turn for the payment came. She emptied her shopping cart and the cashier billed the things. After the last item, the cashier asked, “Is that all?” “Yes,” Alexis said, clutching her blouse. She immediately paid the amount, took her bags and left the counter.~She went for the billing. She emptied her basket on the cashier’s desk while he made the bill. He asked if there was anything else. Megan deftly replied, “No.” She paid, collected her things and moved toward the exit.~She almost ran to the billing counter and put her things on the desk. “Is that all?” the cashier asked. Without batting an eyelid, Allison said, “Yes.” She received the bill, paid it and continued her run toward the main gate.}

{But before she could get out of the store, a security guard blocked her way. “Miss,” he beckoned. “Could you please step this way?” Alexis was startled. “I am in a hurry,” she said. “This won’t take a minute,” the guard said. “Please come with me.”~A security guard who had been watching her came up. “Excuse me lady,” he called. Megan rushed faster, pretending she did not hear. “Miss, here,” the guard caught up with her. “Let me have a word with you.”~But she could not do it as quickly as she wanted. A security guard stopped her in her tracks. “Hang on, lady. Could you step in here for a minute?” he pointed to an inside room that was marked ‘Security Cameras’.}

{He took her into the video room, where a black security guard was manning the CCTVs. “Oh, hello lady,” the black guard said, “You won’t like this, but we did get a little grab on you on our tube here.” He showed her the clip which clearly showed her shoving the Polo into her blouse. “Now if you could let us search you,” the first guard said.~Despite Megan’s protests that she was in a hurry, the guard persisted and led her to the security room. Megan was shocked to see all the CCTVs inside. A large man chomping on a cigar was keenly looking at the dozen-odd screens. Seeing her enter, he said, “Oh, you are here, our little whippersnapper. We did catch something on these screens here.” “What are you saying?” Megan said, a little less defiant now. “We’ll find soon enough. Could we have that shirt off?” the cigar-chomping guard said.~“I really have to go,” Allison said. “Oh, this is important, I am sure,” the guard said and almos! t shoved her into the room. Inside, there were tens of computer screens which showed various images of what was happening inside the mall. A bearded guy was checking them out very carefully. He looked up at Allison as she entered. “Yeah, she’s the one, all right,” he muttered. “What?” Allison asked. “We’ll know. Would you please remove your shirt or do you want me to?” the first guard asked her.}

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{Alexis had no words. But she fumbled, “I was in a hurry. It was a mistake.” “We shall still have to search you madam,” the black guard said. “The CCTVs are not constantly on all people. We don’t know what other things you might have ‘shoved’ in by mistake.” This was embarrassing. But Alexis had no option. She thought it would be better to get it done with quickly. Slowly, she began undoing her blouse.~“Heck, no!” Megan shrieked. “I am going to report this nonsense.” She turned in a huff, but the first guard stopped her. “You can try to report us ma’am, but this is what we are paid for,” he said. “Now, let’s search you.” Megan found herself cornered. She knew she had no fighting chance with these guys. And she was in the wrong. She slowly put her hand inside her shirt and removed the offending object.~“What the heck is this?” Allison asked. The guards laughed. “These screens really do work, miss,” the monitoring guy s! aid. “We know you have a Parker on you that hasn’t been paid for. Now will you remove that or should we?” Allison has nothing to yell about now. She had committed a mistake. She reached into her blouse, extracted the Parker and kept it on the table.}

{The guards leered at her. She removed the Polo and handed it over. “Here it is,” she said. “That won’t do,” the black guard said. “You will have to go the whole way. We need to see it all.” “Yes we do,” the other guard said. Alexis removed the second button, and then the third. Then, in a quick stroke, she removed her bra.~Both guards were leering at her now. “Oh, no, we need to see everything,” the big guy said. “We need to be thorough. We don’t know what else you might have put in,” he said. Megan wanted to run away, but there was no go. She had to catch the flight. She thought the sooner she gave in, the better. After all, there was nothing else. She quickly removed her shirt and then, a bit slowly, her bra.~She felt the guards’ eyes poring at every part of her body. “And what else have you hidden in other places?” the bearded fellow asked. “Nothing,” Allison said. “How can we be sure?” the other guy said. “We will ! need to strip search you.” Allison was terrified, but she knew she didn’t have a chance. She could be thrown into the slammer. Better get this done with soon.}

{“Whoo,” the guards said. “Ain’t these lovely?” the black guard told the other one. He reached out and touched them. Alexis wickedly enjoyed that. The other guard sensed that and he began tonguing her nipples.~“Wowee,” the big guard hollered, “Those are quite some knocks there, lady.” Saying that, he actually moved forward and began touching them. The guard was more brazen. He took her nipples in his mouth. Despite everything, Megan began to get aroused.~She took her shirt off and undid her bra. She knew she hadn’t a choice. And there was this wicked feeling of excitement that was coming over her. The guards hooted at her boobs. “Hot, lady,” the bearded guy said, “You are indeed hot.” He placed his hand over her breast. Allison flinched, but did not retaliate otherwise. Encouraged, the other guard took one of her nipples in his mouth.}

{“We must punish her,” the first guard said. “Remove your skirt madam,” he told Alexis. Alexis obeyed. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it down, and then her panties. The guards were out of their pants by now too. “The bitch is going to enjoy this punishment,” they said.~“Oh no,” the big guard said, “You are not to be left so easily. You need a lesson. Down with those jeans, lady.” Megan was not so resistant anymore. This was a fantasy she had played out in her mind so often. Now it was for real. She slowly unzipped her jeans and then removed even her panties. “She likes this,” the smaller guard said and they both laughed.~“Pants down now ma’am,” the bearded guy said, almost out of breath. Allison was gasping too. This was really arousing her now. The guys undid their pants and she lost her mind. She quickly removed her pants and then her panties. “This is what she wants,” the first guard said, laughing lecherously.}

{They made her bend over the table and put the Polo stick right into her pussy. She moaned in delight. Then they took turns on her, each of them shooting a huge amount of cum right into her. “That will teach her,” they said when finished.~Megan was fucked by both the guards right on the security table. They even put the M&M stick she had stolen inside her. And then they came, one after the other. “She will never shoplift again,” they said. But only Megan knew what she felt right then!~That morning, Allison was fucked in the guards’ security cabin. They even teased her by putting the Parker pen inside her cunt and letting her keep it. Then they fucked her in turns and drenched her with their semen. “I guess she won’t shoplift ever,” the bearded security guard said. “Oh, I really don’t think so,” the other guy said, as he let Allison go, purring like a contented pussycat.}

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{Our Interesting Gang Bang Story At A Disco~An Adventurous Gang Bang Story At A Disco~My Very Own Gang Bang Story At A Disco}

{That was one wild night. I was down at a disco to blow up the money I had just earned the last month with a gang of friends. The blokes were all drinking and speaking crap about work at the office. It was a regular crappy night out with the boys, if you know what that means.~We had just got our monthly salaries and all the dudes at office decided to go blow some out on a seedy disco joint downtown. It was just us guys; we were looking for some regular chatting, binging, smoking and some regular farting around. Nothing more!~My office colleagues and I were just freaking out at a local disco. We had all got our pay-packets and according to habit we were celebrating with a few drinks and general banter. It was just one of those evenings with the boys, nothing special.}

{But things began heating up when this lone blonde entered the disco. Well, it was way past an earthly hour and this girl, all alone, walked into the disco. She glanced in our general direction and immediately hit the disco.~And then this slut walked in. Sure she was one, her walk told us so. The disco was all men till she entered. She cast a look all around and then made her way to the boogie floor.~But things became special when this very busty babe walked into the disco. She was a real beauty, with all the curves in the right places and looks that could kill. She sauntered in alone and it was already late when she walked in. It turned out that she was the only chick in the disco.}

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{Needless to say, our little gang’s attention was riveted on her. She was wearing a shiny bra and a short skirt and was dancing like crazy. I knew there was something wicked about her, the way she was moving her bosom and her butt. Men were going crazy all around her. The music had become nastier too.~Of course, we stopped chattering and started ogling at her. She was wearing less than she was revealing. It was driving us in a tizzy really. All those beers were nothing compared to this intoxication. When she danced all those curves were jiggling like they were made of jell-O. Even the DJ seemed to be playing whackier music.~The men were already zonked out; everyone started lecherously staring at this babe. Her clothes did not help her too. She had just a little shiny bra and a skirt that ended just below her hips. She was dancing with those big knocks of hers. As they moved, we men became lustier!}

{Then someone from our group went to her. He must have said something funny to her because she laughed. Then he got her at the bar where we were sitting.~Not being able to take it anymore, a friend who was with us went up to her. He told her something that we could not hear and brought her to us.~Then a dude who was sitting with us walked up to her. He told her something. She stopped dancing and laughed. Then he pointed toward us. She followed him to where we were sitting.}

{Her name was Clara, or that’s what she told us. She was a slut, as though we hadn’t found that out already. She was looking for a big haul. We all promised to give her $2,000 collectively. (Thank God for salaries!) We were all so zonked – this was our own gang bang story at a disco.~She said her name was Alison, but who cares! She looked at us, gave that cocky smile and said she was just looking for some fun if we were up to it. We knew this was not free. The friend asked her how much she would want. She mentioned her price and we agreed. Well, our gang bang story at a disco had begun!~She told us her name and told us that she was also looking for some fun. We right away asked her how much she would charge for the pleasure. She mentioned it, and we immediately agreed. We had money to burn! My gang bang story at a disco began right there.}

{She took the money and lifted her skirt. Everyone had a deep look. Well, she was wearing no panties! Everyone’s cock came out almost at once. She gave that laugh again and grabbed a couple of them while sucking a third. Someone got hold of her boobs and removed that bra. I bent down for a taste of the pussy.~She began by sitting on the barstool and moving her legs apart. Our sights were all directed at what lay in there. Well, there were no panties! Her smooth shaven cunt was staring at us! Almost everyone unzipped their pants at once and released their erections. The professional lady took two cocks in each hand and gave head on a third. The guy who brought her went for her boobs and released them from the splitting bra. I went down on her and began sucking her pussy. The slut was already moist!~Then she told us to have a look. She was sitting on a barstool. Seductively, she spread her legs apart. Every man in our group was peering down there. I got a generou! s view too. She wasn’t wearing anything inside! It was a creamy little pussy, juicy as they come, teasing every man around to play with it. No one needed any further invitation. Every cock at the table was out of its zipper. She took one in each hand and became slurping away at a third. Someone went behind her, undid that bra and started fondling those jugs. I sat down and tongued that lovely pussy!}

{In the next three minutes, everyone was naked. The music only got wilder. Almost all the men were on the dance floor, there were about twenty of them. Some just stood on the side and jacked off.~All got naked and I carried her to the dance floor. The music hadn’t stopped; only all men were thoroughly enjoying our gang bang story at a disco now. Most were stroking themselves and some even joined our group. Well., no one cared!~Within minutes, everyone was stripped down. After making her pussy sufficiently moist, I carried out right to the middle of the dance floor. The music was playing more wildly now. The few men who were still in the disco, apart from our group, were leering at our adventure, most of them jacking off already.}

{Then I sensed she was ready for some hotter action. I got her on the floor, spread her legs apart and went in for the kill. Everyone cheered. I wanted to go longer, but I knew the queue of men waiting. I quickly made way for another.~I couldn’t resist now. I wanted to be the first to break in. I mounted her and drove my dick right in. The spectators broke into applause. With their clapping and the disco music, I plowed on and did not even realize when I was done. Well, so much the better, there was a long line of men waiting!~I lay her on the floor and hoisted her legs apart. Then I got on her and thrust my raging cock into her juicy pussy. I got a wild applause from everyone around. As I fucked her with about 40 pairs of eyes staring at me, I got the wildest experience of my life.}

{Our gang bang story at a disco was really wild and wicked. Even now we have Clara on call and she does brighten up some of our monthly after-salary days!~That was our adventurous gang bang story at a disco. Alison is still accessible to us and whenever we have an evening off and money to blow, well….~Almost every man present followed my example and fucked her. Our gang bang story at a disco is unforgettable for everyone who was in the disco that night.}

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{Using A Vibrator On Kelly!~Rachel Loves Using A Vibrator!~My Experience Of Using A Vibrator On Yvonne}

{Kelly had just moved in our building and I knew that she was alone. I had my eyes on her because wasn’t I alone too? I knew I had to nail this hot babe. After a lot of efforts, I managed to get her to talk with me, and even got her number.~I was extremely elated! Over the top with joy! It was an opportunity like never before. The very hot new girl in our building, Rachel, had agreed to be my date! Could there be anything better than that?~A new French girl had moved in my building and I knew I just wanted to hook up with her. I have a penchant for European skin anyway. It took me some persistent effort, but I did strike up a conversation with her one day and also got a date with her!}

{It was a date. I was waiting for it, so I was prepared. I even had a little present for her if her turned in with me after the date. I was over the moon naturally. I set my room for later and went to pick her up.~I knew I had to prepare for this. If she had agreed to this date, she was definitely looking for something special. I knew she was not seeing anyone. Boy, was I pleased with myself! I put my little apartment in order and left to pick Rachel up for the date.~Her name was Yvonne. Beautiful French Yvonne! It was going to be a wild time! I knew I would be back in the home with her later in the day, so I dolled it up a little. Then I left for the date.}

{Oh, I wanted the date to fast forward to the best part which was when the movie we went for would be over. It did and then I asked, “So is it my place or yours?” She blushed. I knew I had her there. I just knew. “You know where I stay.” I told her mischievously even as I escorted her to my place.~The date went on as usual – the coffee, the movie, the dinner – no hitch! And then I escorted her back. I had to ask her now, “I had a great time, Rachel. What about you?” “Yes, it was a great time!” she repeated. “So do you want to go back home or could we spend some more time together?” I asked. “What do you have in mind?” she asked. I said, “My home is just round the corner. Care for some coffee?”~It was a great date. We really had fun. But what I was looking at was that most interesting moment. When all was done, I asked her, “Care to come up with me?” I knew she wouldn’t refuse. French girls are adventurous and this was a lonel! y French girl. She did agree!}

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{I couldn’t believe I had Kelly sitting on my couch! We quickly had some coffee and then it was undressing time! She was as desperate as I was! I was loving every moment of this.~I knew she was ready. What happened after that was a blur to me. I faintly remember becoming stupidly excited over her saying yes and then taking her home with a pacing heart. I must have made coffee too, I don’t remember. What I remember is that after some time, we were already ripping each other’s clothes off.~It was a marvelous feeling to have her on my sofa. We did a little small talk and then began moving toward each other. I initiated it. I removed her shirt and her blouse!}

{Those breasts were to kill for. Round and smooth with a wonderful cherry nipple on each of them! I licked at it for an eternity and still could not get enough! She was so welcoming of all this. That was turning me on all the more!~“You are lovely,” I said as I admired those firm tits. “Go on,” she mouthed. I sucked at those breasts everywhere I could. They looked so firm and yet were so soft. Just the way I liked!~I have never seen creamier breasts than Yvonne’s and I swear to that! White as pudding and a lovely nipple to decorate each one! I began kissing them like they were getting over or something. I could tell she loved everything that I did.}

{I went lower. She allowed me. I put my finger into her panties. She giggled. Then I got them off! Amazing! She had a pussy that was as shaven as it could be! It was just the way I had pictured her to be! I just hunkered in front of her and kissed her pussy and clit.~Then, after a bit of breast worship, I moved lower. She was ready. I got those sheer lace panties off, almost missing my heartbeat. She was so wonderfully smooth and hairless! I could not stop myself, just leaned and gave her a slight kiss down there. She moaned in ecstasy.~Then I went down. Resting my mouth at her navel, I undid her panties. Oh, I could have died at the sight of what I saw! Here was the most amazing pussy I had ever feasted my eyes on. As fair as it could get and completely shaven! This was something I could not resist. I began working at it with my mouth like a madman.}

{Then I excused myself for a second and brought in the little present. It was a vibrator! Her eyes went round as saucers in delight. Yes, she mouthed. She just wanted that in her.~She was hot! And then I wanted to do it. I reached out into the drawer and took out the vibrator I had kept there before. “Gosh, you are prepared,” she said. “I want that thing in me! Now!”~I had something kept for moments like these. I went and got that. It was a pussy vibrator – my ex-girlfriend’s. I showed that to her. “Yes, yes, I want it all,” she groaned.}

{I was so happy. This was picture perfect. I took the vibrator and teased her pussy. Oh, she almost died! Then I got it in her, just allowing it to touch her wonderfully hard clitoris. She was liking this immensely. I did not push the vibrator more inside.~I smiled. I slowly parted those lovely legs and put my finger in her pussy. Ah, there the clit was, hard as a pea. I rubbed it till it became as hard as it could, and then put the vibrator in. I put it on, and she almost died with the excitement. I was so happy! I just kept the vibrator at her clit level because I knew that would arouse her the most. I could see her getting moist.~The vibrator worked on her belly a bit and then moved lower. She gasped at its every move. I then gave her some indirect vibrator pleasure by placing it on her lower groin. Then I took it to the pussy lips and then I put it in. I took it directly at the clit!}

{A little while later, I took the vibrator into her ass and freed my cock and put it into that succulent pussy of hers. It was a wild night and she came at least four times! I had marked Kelly for me for a long, long time now!~After about 10 minutes of vibrator play, I removed it and put it in her ass. And I put my dick in her pussy. She was so worked up, she already came! I knew I had Rachel for myself now for as long as I wanted!~No one can imagine how aroused she became. She began tugging at me this way and that when I was still teasing her with the instrument, When I knew she had had enough, I got the vibrator out and nailed her with my penis! The moist feel inside her that the vibrator left behind was something that kept me horny for days on end!}

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