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{When it comes to the relationships of couples, sex plays an important role when it comes to the stability of a relationship this is basics of a couples sex guide. There are many factors that could lead into the breakup of a couple, and most of them happen to be sexually related such as sexual abstinence that eventually leads into constant arguments or even extramarital affairs. While the lack of a satisfactory sexual relationship could drag down and eventually destroy an existing relationship, couples who happen to lead a happier sex life tend to have a smooth, long lasting relationship for the years to come. So before things become stale, make sure to spice up your sex life with the following tips.~Sex always plays an important part when it comes to the stability of the relationship of couples. Extramarital affairs, and even sexual abstinence that usually ends up into constant bickering are just some of the few factors that are related to sex that usually contribute to the breaking up of a couple. Couples with better sex lives usually have a longer lasting and smoother relationship that would last for many years, unlike those who happen to be lacking and have a sexual relationship that isn’t working well, which would drag down and even destroy a relationship in the long run. So be sure to add some spice into your sex life with the following practices before the thing goes sour.~An integral factor when it comes to harmonious relationships of couples is actually sex. There are a lot of factors relating to sex such as sexual abstinence, which usually results in extramarital affairs and heated arguments that results into a break up of a couple. Those who happen to have smooth and long lasting relationships for several years happen to be couples with much better sex lives, as opposed to those who have relationships that aren’t really working well due to a weak sexual relationship that would eventually lead into break up. So prevent things from ending up musty with the following tips to heat up your sex lives.}

{Top Couples Sex Tips~Our important Couples Sex Tips~Couples Sex Tips For Everyday Couples

{1. Practice some BDSM and bondage play. It doesn’t really have to be hardcore BDSM or even an alternative lifestyle, so the next time you go to bed with the person you love, you might want to add a little blindfold and ropes to make things kinkier. SM play really works well if applied with sex toys, as if they are really complimentary for each other. Plan ahead with your partner what type of SM activity has to be done and never ever forget to use safe words during play. Trust and constant communication is a key factor for this type of play.~1. Add some bondage play into your bedroom activities. The next time you are going to do it with your partner, you may want to make things kinkier by adding some stuff like handcuffs and a blindfold. However it doesn’t really have to be hardcore S&M and no need to even live an alternative lifestyle. One could really experience the height of pleasure with SM play if sex toys are used altogether with it. Discussing what type of SM play with your partner in advance increases the trust and constant communication that you have with each other, and don’t forget to use safe words during this type of activities.~1. Have some bondage and BDSM play in your sexual activities. It doesn’t have to be necessarily living the alternative lifestyle or even some really hardcore SM stuff, just make things a little more kinky next time by adding up a gag and a collar, and leash; and learn some rope bondage. To experience the height of pleasure during SM play, one should try to make use of sex toys and take things to the next level of ecstasy. Planning ahead with your partner before SM play is a must and this even improves the level of communication and trust, also, safe words are always a must during this type of kinky activities.}

{2. Make good use of sex toys. There is a huge misconception that sex toys are only for single, lonely people and that they are of no use to those who already have partners. They are especially of great assistance for those who already have erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. It also is recommended for those who really lack the time to do it together, and it isn’t considered infidelity. One would even be able to have pleasures never experienced before through creative application. Make sure to experiment and be imaginative.~2. Make sure to use some sex toys. Sex toys are supposedly for only bachelors and even lonely people is a big misnomer, and for those who already have partners could still make great use of them. Adult sex toys could really help those who have sexual disorders such as those who are already impotent. For those who find themselves not being able to do it together, they are better off using sex toys rather than do it with someone else other than their partner. For those who are not really familiar with the use of these gadgets would definitely experience pleasures never before experienced. Always be creative and experimental in order to fully enjoy them.~2. Take advantage of using sex toys. There is a typical misnomer about Couples sex toys being useless for those who already have partners and are just meant for singles. Aside from that, they are also of great aid for people with sexual disabilities. For those who really lack the time to do it together, rather than commit infidelity, it is much better to just resort to using them. For those who haven’t experienced using them before, they would definitely feel a new type of ecstasy. To use them to their full potential, it pays to be experimental and ingenious.}

 {3. Add up some lingerie, role playing, and play some sex games. Wearing lingerie such as a g-string and fishnet stockings really brings out the sexiness and boosts the erotic appeal of a woman. Playing sex games and role playing, on the other hand, could really be fun; adding up some costumes during role playing really enhances the overall mood. Discuss what type of scenario has to be played out. Opening up your fantasies with your partner is the way to make this type of play really effective.~3. Role playing, sex games, and even some lingerie. A woman wearing lingerie appears to be really erotic as it brings out her appeal. Lingerie such as lacy thongs and garter belts would definitely spice things up. Actually wearing costumes during role play actually makes the scenario and mood better, while playing sex games like strip poker could really be thrilling. So open up those fantasies to your partner, and talk about what kind of scenario the two of you are planning to have in order to make it feel more realistic.~3. Try out some lingerie, role playing, and sex games. A girl really looks erotic whenever she is wearing something such as a combination of a corset and a leather g-string, this really brings out her sexiness and lust factor. Trying out some sex games like strip poker adds some thrill before doing it. One could actually feel role playing more if actual costumes relating to the fantasized scenario are being worn and that improves the overall mood. One important factor in role playing is to open up with your partner.}

{Combining the above three into a single scenario is even possible. Just always remember, the key to a happier sex life is trust, constant communication, being open with each other, and being experimental, so make sure to be open-minded and always be enthusiastic about trying out new things in the bedroom.~For the best experience, why not practice some SM play while using some sex toys, under a role playing scenario while clad in some lingerie, and even add up some sex games. The ways to achieve a happy sex life are being open, communication and trust, and refrain from being boring by being always experimental and open-minded, and feel passionate about trying out some new things in bed.~Why choose just one or two when all scenarios and implements could be put together into one. The secrets to a blissful sex life are as follows: trust, communication, openness, open-mindedness, and being experimental, so always have that enthusiasm to try something new the next time you make out with your partner.}

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Kinds of Lube

Type of lube

Virtually all lubes on the market today fall into one of three categories:


1- Water-based;

2- Silicone-based; and,

3- Oil-based


Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages. For most situations though, water-based lubes are by far the most popular.
Water-Based Lubes

Water-based lubes are just that: water-based. Their main feature is that they’re smooth and slick, but not sticky and messy like silicone and oil-based lubes can be.


Since they’re water-soluble, skin and mucous membranes will absorb them. This makes cleanup a breeze: just a little warm water, maybe some soap, and the lube will easily wash off the skin. (And the sheets)


However, it also means that you might have to periodically reapply it, depending on how long you have sex for. This is one of the chief drawbacks of water-based lube, since we all know that in the heat of the moment, an interruption is probably the worst thing that could happen.


Water-based lubes also have the added advantage of being completely condom-compatible (oil-based lubes corrode latex and cannot be used with condoms — more on that later). One thing to watch out for, however, is that many water-based lubes contain glycerin, which can promote infections in women pretty easily. So make sure your girl cleans up right away after using one.


Popular water-based lubes include:


Astroglide: Maybe the most popular water-based lube out there. It’s on the thin side, but nice and slick, and long-lasting. It’s also available in many drugstores, which is convenient. If you’ve never used lube and are just looking to try something out, Astroglide is a great place to start.


Maximus: This is some heavy-duty stuff. Very long-lasting and very thick, this is the lube you’d use if you needed, well, maximum slipperiness. For this reason, it’s popular for anal sex. Maximus is what you want to use if you really need to grease up good.


More water-based lubes, silicon-based lubes, and an oil-based lube designed solely for masturbation.


O’My: If you’re a health nut, this is a great lube for you: it’s completely organic, but doesn’t sacrifice functionality. If you’re worried about all the chemicals in other lubes, O’My’s the way to go. Overall, it’s similar to Astroglide.


Wet: This one is almost as popular as Astroglide, but Wet is a bit thicker. It’s also available in various flavors — perfect for when you need some added slickness for oral sex.


Slippery Stuff Gel: According to the rumor mill, Slippery Stuff was originally designed to help divers get in and out of tight wetsuits. Somewhere down the line, though, someone discovered that there was a far more interesting use for this wonderful lube. It’s thick and very long-lasting, but gets somewhat stringy as it dries. Slippery Stuff Gel is, overall, a pretty good middle-ground between Astroglide and Maximus.


KY Jelly: The world’s most famous water-based lube, KY frankly isn’t the best. It dries up quicker than better-quality lubes, and gets tacky as it dries. I do not recommend it. KY, actually, was designed for medical use. That is, it’s designed to facilitate easy entry, and clean up quickly. I suggest that you stick to lubes that are designed for sex.


Silicone-based lubes

Silicone-based lubes are similar to water-based lubes, but are generally much greasier and last much longer, despite having a thinner texture. In fact, that’s their main advantage: silicone-based lubes take ages to dry out. No muss, no fuss, no need to reapply.


What’s more; you can actually use them in water and they’ll still work. They’re not quite as easy to clean up as water-based lubes, though. Those who don’t like silicone-based lubes say that using them is like having motor oil slathered on your bits. Others swear by it.


Popular silicon-based lubes include:


Wet Platinum: By the makers of Wet, naturally, this is high quality and very long-lasting.


Eros Bodyglide: It’s almost identical to Wet Platinum, but more expensive.


ID Millennium: ID Millennium is a good lube, but not quite as smooth as Eros or Wet Platinum. It’s still a good choice, however.
Oil-Based Lubes

Oil-based lubes are… well, you just shouldn’t use them. Why? First, they corrode latex, so you can’t use them with condoms. Second, they’re bad for your woman’s vaginal health in a variety of ways. And finally, they’re slimy and messy. Seriously. Baby oil, Vaseline, Crisco, Massage Oil, etc., are known for their lubricating properties, but using them is just a bad idea. However, there is one oil-based lube that I can let slide.


Men’s Cream: This is an oil-based lube that I think deserves special mention. Why? It’s probably the first product ever designed specifically as a lube for male masturbation. Say goodbye to weird scented hand lotion and all that garbage. If you’re of the millions of guys out there who needs something to make his solo flights nice and smooth, I highly recommend Men’s Cream. Just don’t use it for penetration.
Slippery When Lubed

Most sex stores will carry at least a few of the brands mentioned here. There are also many online sex stores that will carry these lubes and more. Also, Astroglide, as previously mentioned, can be found in many drugstores.


Lubes can also help prolong lovemaking sessions, make your own masturbation sessions better. It’s also required for anal sex — an activity that’s becoming increasingly common among couples.

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{It is most probably the aim of most men to be recognized as a really great lover, however, many men don’t have a clue what this actually means. Not through any fault of their either.~Most men like to be considered as a great lover, if only they knew, how helpless they often are in this area. I fear that men really don’t know the meaning of “great lover”, but this may not be their fault~Being considered to be a great lover is what many adult males aim for. They don’t like being considered a flash in the pan, even if they are only a one night stand. A rep as a great lover is worth its weight in gold when it comes to pulling the ladies in.}

{So what actually is it that makes a girl swoon and tell all her girlfriends how great he was the first time they ever made love? What is it that he has that you perhaps don’t have; that special something that makes him both appealing and successful with his female conquests?~Girls love to swoon with passion and still be able to boast to their girlfriends about the way a man makes her feel. She will tell every one about the way the made love for the first time if it was wonderful, but by the same token she will also tell friends if he was a lousy lay. This is what legendary lovers and dismal flops are made from.~The ladies love passion and being able to swoon with pleasure, so all the romantic novels can’t be wrong. If a man makes her feel special, she will tell everyone he is a great lover, if he get this kind of reputation, he will be loved by all the ladies. They will be swooning at his doorstep. Legendary lovers are made of this}

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{There are a number of qualities, but of all the qualities a man could have, the ability to listen is probably the most important. Men just don’t listen is many a girls argument Making love to a woman has to include great communication, if a woman feels that they are being listened to they relax more and this in itself can make the sex better. If he pays special attention to her, and her alone, she feels like more than just another body.~There are many qualities that a great lover must have, but the most important is the ability to listen. Listening is different from just “hearing”. Women argue that men pretend to listen and respond, but they don’t really. Good communication when making love to a women will make her feel special and cherished. If she feels this way, she will relax and relaxation is key to making sex feel better. Listen and respond appropriately, and you are on your way to being the next Casanova.~A great lover generally has many good qua lities, it is not only about the sex you know. Probably the most important is his ability to listen; listen and really hear and respond to what he is hearing. Women moan like hell that men don’t know who to listen, so learn how to do this and you have got it made. Making love with a woman and communication with her makes her feel special.}

{Men who truly like women have the ability to be great lovers, don’t get me wrong, I said “LIKE”, not lust. Men may make sexy jokes about women but rarely sees them as a friend. Making women your friend will get you loads of attention, as they like to be liked.~Men who like women make the greatest lovers, remember that lust and like are two entirely different things. Women like having friends and if you can be her friend as well as her lover; then you have got it made, you will get a lot of female attention.~Men have to like women to be great lovers, not just fancy them or lust after them, genuinely like them. Women are big on friendship, be her friend and really like her, she will like you in return and let her guard down. Do this and you will have the ladies clamouring for your attention.}

{A man who is not in a hurry to have sex also makes all the difference, he touches them gently. Caressing and kissing them, making them feel relaxed and comfortable and not acting as though he wants to by-pass the foreplay. Getting to the sex will happen, but a great lover makes it so much better by taking the time to be sensitive and caring.~Rushing the sex act will also get you into hot water, and you won’t make it into the top ten. Gentle caresses and touching a woman relaxes her. These touches also make her feel comfortable and not like another conquest. Sex will happen, but don’t forget long languorous foreplay, the sensitive caring man gets the ladies.~ARushing sex to the intercourse phase, will get you no reputation as a great lover whatsoever. Women enjoy being held and caressed and long foreplay is vital. You want for her to beg you to have sex with her, and you will only ever achieve this through caressing her and making her relax}

{A great lover has also paid a good deal of attention to the female body, he knows what turns them on. There are certain things that turn all women on, holding her from the back while kissing her and nibbling her neck is one of these.~Pay attention to her body, get to know all about the female body and you will be a sure fire candidate for a great lover. Kissing the back of her neck and holding her hair while kissing her from the back is a big turn on for most women.~Learn about the female body, learn what women like and put this into practice. Kissing and caressing the back of her neck, and holding her from behind are big favorites on the women’s top ten list of “the things I like”.}

{Paying attention during sex, listening to what she tells him, listening to the noises she makes, and her body language. If a woman doesn’t like something she will draw back or say no and he will always listen to this.~Listening during intercourse is also very important, being sensitive to what she likes and doesn’t like also matters, and this is all part of listening. Always listen if she draws back or say no.~Intercourse means just that, the first edition of Webster’s describes it as "Communication or dealings …” nothing whatsoever to do with sex. So communicate during sexual intercourse, it is important.}

{Unfortunately many men stop talking to their lover the moment they are able to penetrate her, this is a no-no, this is not the stuff that great lovers are made of~It is unfortunate that a man may stop talking when the crucial act of intercourse happens. Don’t do this, continue to pay attention throughout, all the great lovers do this~Men who stop talking when they get to the sexual act are going to lose points, and if they stop listening too, these are key factors to being a great lover}

{Hammering away during intercourse and having his way with her, unless she has specifically asked for this, is not going to get her talking about how great he is to her friends. Make sure that you know she will remember you for years with a smile on her face, and you will be a great lover~The act of sexual intercourse is not the sign to bang away at the female body, not unless she specifically request this. Remain sensitive and in touch all the time and your reputation as a great lover will precede itself.~The sex act itself should not be a battle to the goal post, it should be as gentle or as hard as you both want at that particular time. So listen, learn and respond and you too can have you name up in the annals of the greatest lovers of all time}

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{Ever wanted to impress a girl with the first thing you said to her? Here are some pick up lines that are guaranteed to blow her off her feet and into your arms, well theoretically at least Practice these lines over and over again, because you never know when you will be needing them at short notice.~Don’t you want to be the stud who impresses girls with great pick up lines? Here are some of the ones that always work well. Well, at least, for all practical reasons they should work. Do you homework on these lines and remember them – you could need them at any moment all of a sudden.~Doesn’t everyone want to impress chicks with the first line they speak to them? If you are looking for some such lines as well, here are some great pick up lines for you. Practice them well, because you might just need them of all of a sudden when you see this beautiful woman standing desolately and you want to make your move.}

{Give her a rose and say, “Can I give you this rose? Because I want to show this rose how beautiful you are” This one works every time.~A very romantic way to approach her is to gift her a rose and then tell her, “May I gift you this rose? I just wanted to show the rose how pretty you are.” Guaranteed to work~Go up to her with a rose and tell her, “May I present you with a rose? This rose wants to know just how beautiful you are” Well, you can be sure you have flattered her already}

{If you meet her in a bar, tell her, “Oh, they might be telling you to leave the bar soon because you are making all the other women look bad.” Or, if you haven’t had your drink yet and see this beautiful chick who can hear you, yell to the bartender, “Dude, I don’t think I will be needing that drink after all. Someone just made me dead drunk.”~If you see this lovely lady in a bar and you want to pick her up, go up to her and tell her, “They may ask you to leave any time now; you’re making every other girl look bad.” In case you have just walked in and haven’t ordered a drink yet and you see this great girl somewhat near you, shout out to the bartender, “Hey man, I won’t need that drink now. I just got drunk on someone.”~If she is standing in a bar, alone, you could go to her and say, “They might ask you to leave here any time now; you are making their other women look unpretty” If the chance arrives when you haven’t had anything to drink yet, and this woman is within earshot, you could say to the bartender, “Hey bro, cancel my drink order. I just got drunk on someone here”}

{Want to try your new pick up lines by email then go to~If you Don’t want to use lines then go to~Want better success go and } Find Sex {and drop some great lines on the members.~and get it on with other like minded people.~try them first hand from the safety of your computer.}

{If you are saving a seat for someone and a gorgeous female passes you by, waste no time in telling her, “There you are You are the one I am saving this seat for.” This is an old-fashioned one, but it still works quite well with the gals (especially at night), “Was it just the sun coming out or did you just smile at me?”~There’s a great chance to pick someone up if you have been saving a seat for someone and a beautiful girl passes by. Simply tell her, “There you are at last. I have been saving this seat for you” Even this one works, especially if you use it at night, “Did the sun just peep out or was it you smiling at me?” It is a bit old, but still works big-time.~Sometimes it happens that you are saving a seat for somebody and a gorgeous female walks by. Or maybe there’s no one who you are saving a seat for, but you could pretend. Just put on a highly pleased expression on your face and tell the woman, “Now, here you come You are the o ne whom I was reserving this seat for.” Another one, somewhat old but still effective, is to tell a pretty girl, “Was that the sun peeking out or did you just smile at me?”}

{Girls love to be praised for their beauty. If your pick up lines do that, you are a winner most of the way. Tell her something like, “Can I have your picture? I want to show Santa what I want this Christmas.” She will soon be giggling with you. Or tell her, “Milk is good for the body, but, darn, how much did you drink?”~Every girl likes her man to call her beautiful. If your pick up line does that already, she will soon be eating out of your palm. Tell her, “May I borrow your picture? I have to show that to Santa to tell him what I want from him this Christmas.” You will have her laughing crazily when you tell her that. Or you could tell, “I know milk does well for the body, but gosh, how much did you guzzle?”~It always works if you praise girls for their prettiness. Make sure you choose pick up lines that do that. Check this one – “May I take a picture of you? I need to make my Christmas list to tell Santa what I want this year.” Another o ne – “Yes, milk is great for the body. But, how much have you been having of it?”}

{You can tell when some girl is looking for some hot fun already. For such girls, you need cheesier lines. “Nice pants Can I test that zipper?” can work well when you know a girl is already looking around. Another good one for such a girl would be, “Alright, your ass is fine. How about checking mine now?” Another classic one is, “Fuck me if I am wrong, but didn’t you just want to kiss me?”~Sometimes there are girls who you can tell are already looking for someone. These are the ‘hot and easy’ girls. There are some great pick up lines for them too. Check this one out, “Great pants But did you check that zipper or should I?” Or, just walk by checking her butt and tell her, “Fine, your ass is great. Now, will you check mine?” One that can confuse them is, “Screw me if I make a mistake, but didn’t you just tell something about kissing me?”~If you look with your man’s eyes, you could tell that some girls are already looking for some one to hook up with. These are the ‘come easy’ girls who you can easily put your arm over if you use the right line. Tell such as girl, “Great pants Checked the zipper, or should I?” and she’ll be yours Or, maybe, look at her butt and say, “Fine, your ass is in great shape. Now, would you check mine?” Or, if it is a redneck who you know can be felled down with a feather, confuse her by asking, “Screw me crazy if I am mistaken, but did you just say something about wanting to kiss me?”}

{Then there are lines you must never use. If the pick up line centers on you, it won’t work. An example is, “Hello, my name is Bob. Don’t forget it, you are gonna be screaming it out tonight.” Another thing that doesn’t work is if you indicate that the girl is slutty. “Are you free tonight, or will that cost me?” is a good example of what won’t work.~However, be careful, because there are pick up lines that won’t work at all. All pick up lines that focus on you instead of her will be wasted. A great example of an egotistic line is, “Hi, I’m Bob. Remember the handle coz you’re gonna be yelling that out later tonight.” Also, if your pick up line insinuates that the girl is a slut, it won’t work. Never ask her, “Are you free for tonight, or how much will that cost me?” or you could get a smack across your cheek from her~While we are speaking about great pick up lines, we also must mention what we must never tell the chicks. One thing to avoid is to focus too much on yourself. Don’t tell them something like, “Hi, I’m John. Don’t forget the handle, you be screaming it all night tonight.” Don’t ever tell something that shows you think the girl is easy. Don’t tell her something like, “Free tonight, or how much is it going to cost me?” You might as well get a resounding slap across your face for that.}

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{Why should old become a member of chat rooms for adult when there are so many options to amuse oneself with adult entertainment strewn all over the Internet? At the click of a mouse button, you can find galleries filled with adult photos and videos, and it is no wonder most people are asking these questions. But, the charm of a chat room for adult is nevertheless unsurpassed.~It is a good question – when you have so many adult entertainment options so freely available all over the Internet, why do you want to become a member of a chat room for adults? Conducting a simple search on any search engine can show you such a lot of free galleries of adult photos and videos. Then why chat rooms? The reason is that chat rooms have a charm of their own which these galleries cannot equal.~You might think why at all it is necessary to even look at the chat rooms for adults when you have so many options to get adult entertainment on the Internet. There are so many galleries out here that you can get at a single click of your mouse. These galleries have photos as well as videos, which you might think should keep anyone looking for adult entertainment quite happy. But why are chat rooms still popular? What do they provide people that the free galleries don’t provide?}

{The fact of the matter is that chat rooms for adult can provide several benefits that any other options for adult amusement over the Internet cannot give. That is the reason why such a large number of people are hooked onto them. Here we take a look at some of these benefits and try to understand why these places are so very popular.~The galleries cannot hope to give people the kind of recreation that chat rooms for adults give. The great numbers of Internet users that are found on these chat rooms are an ample indication of this fact. Let us take a look at some of the benefits that these chat rooms have.~Well, it is quite true that the galleries cannot give people what the chat rooms for adults can. A lot of people are still using chat rooms regularly. That should be proof enough that chat rooms work. We shall now look at some of the reasons why chat rooms are popular.}

{Meeting Real People~Getting in Touch with Real Persons~Finding Real People}

{This is one of the first advantages. When you are on an adult website, you can only see the porn models there and check out the stuff that they have acted for, and been paid for. However, this is not the condition with free chat for adults. The person who you will meet on this site will be communicating in real time with you. He or she will also have similar intentions as you – of making friends for some fun – for being on the chat room. The experience of meeting such a person is quite beyond words.~This is the best benefit that you get with free chat for adults. On the galleries all you can see is people who are ‘posing’. These are paid professionals who are doing everything for money. Hence, at some level, you don’t find the realness in their acts. But in chat rooms, you can find real people who have the same kinds of interests as you. They might be there for just making friends or for having some wicked fun, just as you are. Meeting a live person is something highly exciting, something that the galleries cannot match.~The greatest advantage of free chat for adults is that you can find real people to hook up with. Though the photo and video galleries are free, the people you see there are paid models who are just doing a job. If you look closely, you can see the fake ness of it all. However, in chat rooms, these are ordinary folk like you who are here probably for the same reason as you are. Some of them only want to make friends while some are only looking for onetime fun. Whatever your wish is, you are sure to find a suitable person to meet your needs. The galleries cannot give you this advantage.}

{Finding exactly what you want~Understanding Your Desires~Finding Your Fetishes}

{Are you not of the majority sexual preference? If that is the case, finding a suitable partner to manage your tasks might be a somewhat difficult proposition for you. But, through these chat rooms for adult, you could find your partners easily, regardless of what sexual preferences you belong to. You could have the kind of adult amusement that you really need to have; there’s no need of being fearful about it either.~Probably you like something that the majority doesn’t like. If that is the case, it might be a difficult task for you to find a suitable sexual partner. In such cases, the best places to find partners are the chat rooms for adults. These chat rooms help you find whatever kinds of people you are looking for, never mind how unconventional your likes might be. You don’t have to have reservations with these people.~If you have a special liking for something that most people won’t like, then it becomes very difficult for you to find someone to he lp fulfil your desires. When such a thing happens, the Internet becomes the best option and, more specifically so, the chat rooms for adults. In these chat rooms, you can find all kinds of people with all kinds of fetishes. Even if your special fondness is something very rare, you would definitely find others interested in it over the Internet.}

{The same thing applies if you are interested in some special niche within sex. Perhaps you like the BDSM culture or you have a secret pantyhose fetish. Now, most people won’t be comfortable mentioning such preferences in the public, but with adult chat rooms, the whole scenario is different. Here people are quite cool about different fetishes and preference and they do indulge others too. That really helps; you could share things with each other such as photos, documents, videos, etc.~Maybe you have a special fondness for bondage or something more different like pantyhose sex. These fetishes are quite rare; people don’t like talking about them freely with others. But because these chat rooms are already categorized accordingly and because everyone is anonymous till they want to remain so, it is very easy to find someone suitable here. You might even exchange photos and videos of your fetish; things you would otherwise find rarely in the mainstream Internet galleries.~In case your special liking is for BDSM sex or pantyhose sex or something else like that, you will find it difficult to find someone because even speaking with someone could be a problem. However, the chat rooms for adults make it easy because here the rooms are already organized according to categories and you may not reveal your identity to anyone else if you wish so. These people have the same fantasies as you, so you can exchange with them photos and other material and strike a closer bond with them that way.}

{Getting your Life Partner~Finding a Life Partner~Getting Someone to Share Your Life with}

{Oh, this could happen too You are busy trying to adjust with a person and then, bam, there’s a flash of light And before you know, this person could be out of the computer screen and into your life. When you get to know the person intimately through the online chatting, you might want to meet them in flesh and blood too, and even probably decide to share a life with them.~Yes, this is very much possible. You might be talking with a person in the chat room and suddenly you both feel that you would want to meet in real life as well. The person could actually strike a chord with you and you might want to make them a part of your life.~This is also quite a possibility when you are in these chat rooms for adults. After talking with someone for a while in these chat rooms, you might suddenly develop feelings for them and may want to meet them in person. It is also quite possible that when you meet this person in flesh and blood you might decide to settle with them .}

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{Men are known to think about sex almost all the time, even fantasize about it. They have a reputation that they will never let an opportunity pass and won’t miss a single sight that comes their way. But, what really needs to be understood here is that women fantasize about sex in almost the same manner as men do.~The male human species carry a reputation that they think more than necessary about sex. It is said that they will always think objectively about women. But, it must be said here that women also fantasize about having sex, though not in the way that men do.~All men are known to be active thinkers of sex. People speak about how they are always thinking about women and sex. However, the fact of the matter is that women also think about sex a lot. But, of course, there are differences in the way both think about sex.}

{There are differences though. While male fantasies are more of a visual kind, female fantasies are more cerebral. While men may get aroused when they see a nice pair of breasts or legs, women don’t get aroused that easily. That is the reason foreplay is an important part of sex.~Now, it needs to be pointed out that the way women fantasize about sex is much different from the way men do. Men think more visually. They think about the graphic details like legs or breasts. But women think more cerebrally. They want to get excited not through the eyes but through the mind. That’s precisely the reason why women like foreplay so much.~The differences are quite significant actually. When men fantasize, they prefer “seeing” things that arouse them. But women prefer “preparing a mental image”. Their sex fantasies are more creative than the sex fantasies of men who like the direct approach. In fact, this is why women enjoy foreplay more than men do.}

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{A stimulating conversation could act as effectively as an aphrodisiac for a woman, while men are aroused by a mere touch. Men must understand that women get turned on in a different way than they do and that is when they can have a good sexual relationship with them. The following are some things that men must do in order to get their women aroused.~There are women who can get greatly turned on just by an arousing conversation. Men, however, will prefer to get aroused by something that physically or visually touches them. But, men should know what women really want. They must understand that the arousal for women is different from theirs and they should be sensitive. If you want to make your woman really happy, here are some ways that you can go about it.~Women can get aroused even as they talk about something that excites them. But, it does not work that way in men. Men need to have more physical and visual stimuli. However, men should be sensitive to the demands of their women also. They must understand that women are driven by other things than they are. This is how to keep a sexual relationship working. These are some things that you can use:-}

{1. Say things to her that will make her happy. Women like to hear good things about themselves; it actually turns them on. If you tell them that she is driving you nuts, the whole sexual experience will improve several times over.~1. Tell something to the woman that gives her great pleasure. Probably, you could tell her something about herself, i.e. how good she is in bed, how good she looks, etc. When you appease your woman through such banter, she will reciprocate in good measure.~1. Make your woman happy by telling her things that she would like to hear. You could praise her looks and her performance in bed. When you say such things, women are completely bowled over and they will actually perform better.}

{2. Prolong the foreplay. Women want more of it than men. Foreplay must include things like kissing, fondling, caressing and even playing with her hair. This is what makes her wet down below, making the sexual act a highly pleasurable experience.~2. Gift your woman a more extensive foreplay. Men don’t lay much stock by this preliminary activity, but it is important that you participate in it to keep your woman happy. This can include fondling and caressing her, kissing her and playing with her body in other ways.~2. Foreplay is very important for women. Indulge in that generously. Though men don’t care much for foreplay, it is important for women and hence should not be glossed over.}

{3. Don’t leave any part of her body un caressed or unkissed.~3. Try to touch every nook and cranny of the woman’s body.~3. Women like being touched. Touch her everywhere.}

{4. One great way of getting her aroused is to stimulate her orally before you expect her to do the same to you. This can make her go berserk.~4. Oral stimulation also works quite well in arousing the female. If you take the lead here, the woman is quite likely to give you what she got.~4. Women also like getting orally stimulated, just as men do. If your woman is inhibited about giving you head, you could set the example by doing it on her first. She is sure to follow your example.}

{5. Remember that a sexual experience with a woman is not confined to the bed. If you gift her flowers, take her to a nice meal, simply hold hands for a while, the woman is going to be putty in your hands when it comes to sex later on.~5. Also, you have to bear in mind that the woman is always kept happy. She might enjoy the single things in life such as a good meal, holding hands while eating and so on.~5. Take care of the woman throughout the sexual act and even otherwise. Even things like taking her out shopping and treating her to a sumptuous dinner might lead her to have good sex with you afterward.}

{You might be trying to think now how these things fit in with what her fantasies are. The point here is to make the woman comfortable so that she has complete faith in you. When that happens, she won’t mind sharing her innermost fantasies with you.~If you are thinking how all these points tie in with her fantasies, you must remember that women that secretive by nature. However, if you can make her trust you completely, she will confide her innermost fantasies to you.~Now, you might be thinking what all this has to do with the fantasies she harbours. But, you must realize that most women won’t speak upfront about the fantasies that they have. You have to make her trust you completely. When she does that, she will slowly open out to you.}

{If the woman begins to realize that you really care for her, she will come willingly in your arms. She will not speak of her fantasies right away, but as she begins to trust in you more and more, she will begin opening up to you.~Women who are sure that their men really love them don’t mind public display of their emotions. For example, they will not hesitate from embracing a man in public.~Women are demonstrative. If they understand that you care for them, they will even do things like hug you in public.}

{It is also possible that the two of you have some common fantasies. If that is the case, it is truly great because you can play it out together. If you understand this connection, the woman will open out quicker and be willing to try out the fantasy.~The most interesting thing is when you and her have some fantasies about the same thing. If that happens, you could broach the subject about your fantasies and a lot more can emerge.~It is great if you and your woman share fantasies. If that is the case, you could get involved in them together and have a truly marvellous time.}

{The woman’s fantasies are just as important to the overall sexual act as your fantasies are. You have to make sure that she is looked after in every way possible. If not, she will be dissatisfied and that is one of the reasons why some relationships fail.~You are certainly quite possessive about your fantasies. You have to realize that women think the same way about their fantasies too. Do not leave her high and dry or the relationship itself might begin floundering.~Your fantasies mean a lot to you. The same applies for your woman too. You should not leave her wanting when you want yourself to be satiated in every manner.}

{Keep an open line of conversation and take good care of your woman. When she feels that you are trustworthy, she will voluntarily start speaking of her fetishes and fantasies to you.~The best way to ensure your relationship keeps alive is to keep communicating with her. You have to work at building the trust. When that happens, the fantasies slowly start coming out.~Keep an open line of communication. Don’t be hesitant to talk about sex with her. Let her feel comfortable with the topic. Then you will find her fantasies tumbling out.}

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{We have all heard too often that women have it in them to fake orgasms. Why do they do that? There are many reasons. Mostly, the men are too rushed. Usually, they seek their own pleasure when it comes to sex. Women do feel competed against and when they see their men coming earlier than them, they don’t want to be left behind either. They fake that they are satisfied too.~Women are known to fake orgasms, but not many men know why they do so. Actually, the reasons lie with both the man and the woman participating in the sexual episode. Men sometimes accomplish their task too hurriedly, looking only after what they want. In such situations, women might feel affronted, and just to keep up with their men, they fake orgasms to show that they are done too.~We all know that women fake orgasms, and probably your woman is doing that too. But can you tell that? Or can you tell why she is doing that? Truthfully speaking, the reason lies with the man as well as the woman.! Men may be too rushed in the act, thinking only about themselves. If that happens, women feel that they have to measure up and when they cannot, they fake it.}

{Let us try to see how women get their orgasms. One of the ways to do this is through stimulating their clitorises and the other is to arouse their G spot. The G spot is much more sensitive than the clitoris. If a woman has experienced G spot stimulation, she will most likely not be satisfied through mere clitoral excitement. In other cases, that would work.~There are two main ways in which you can stimulate a woman to her orgasm. One of the ways is through arousing her clitoris and another way is through arousing her G spot. The G spot is a much more effective stimulator than the clitoris. It is true that if a woman has been stimulated on her G spot previously, she will not be stimulated through her clitoris.~You can bring a woman to her orgasm by rubbing her clitoris or by exciting her G spot. But, remember, a woman who has previously had an orgasmic experience through her G spot is unlikely to respond to clitoral stimulation in the same way.}

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{But for most women, clitoral stimulation is mandatory for orgasm. Women who aren’t stimulated in this or another similar way are most likely faking their orgasm. If you know you haven’t done anything special for her and still she gets an orgasm, she is probably faking it.~However, stimulating the clitoris works for most women. If you don’t stimulate a woman on her G spot or her clitoris and she still seems to experience an orgasm, then it is probably fake.~But, generally speaking, women like their clitorises to be handled by their men. You must know this. Now, if your woman claims she has got an orgasm even though you haven’t touched her clitoris or her G spot, then she is most probably lying to you.}

{There are various ways in which you can tell if she is putting you on.~Actually, you can tell if your woman is fooling you into believing that she has had an orgasm.~And, it is possible for you to tell whether her orgasm is true or not.}

{Shallow Moaning~Check her Moaning~Is her Moaning Justified?}

{Women moan during sex. But if her moans are too dramatic (you could tell), something is not right. In most cases, you will find that the moans are out of place. She is moaning even when nothing special is going on.~All women moan when they are having sex. This is natural. But if you get the feeling that her moans are much too feigned, then that is probably the case. If her moans are mismatched with what is happening, something is surely wrong.~Women moan when they are having a hot sexual episode. This happens naturally. However, if you think that your woman is moaning at all the wrong places, then the moaning is forced, not real. You have to see if she moans to your stimulation or just like that.}

{The PC Muscle~Feel the PC Muscle~Are you feeling her PC Muscle?}

{When a woman nears orgasm, a muscle at the base of her pelvis, known as the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) goes wild. It gets such strong spasms that your penis feels gripped by it. If that doesn’t happen, you can become suspicious of what’s going on.~The PC muscle plays an important role in a woman’s orgasm. When she is truly excited, this muscle will contract and you will feel your penis being gripped by it. If that doesn’t happen, it could be a fake orgasm.~You must also get acquainted with her pubococcygeal muscle. This muscle, also known as the PC muscle, is located at the base of the pelvis. When she is close to her orgasm, this muscle must experience vigorous spasms and you must feel your penis being clasped. If that is not happening, something is amiss.}

{Fake Heavy Breathing~Suspicious Breathing Patterns~How does she breathe?}

{Women who experience orgasms breathe heavily for several moments afterward. But if your woman breathes heavily and then suddenly shuts it off, she is not experiencing the real thing.~It is normal for women to breathe heavily when she has an orgasm, but this should continue for a while. If it stops abruptly, you can guess she had been pretending all the time.~Check her breathing patterns too. All women breathe heavy when they are experiencing orgasms. But if you find that she breathes for a while and then suddenly stops, then it is not the real thing.}

{These are just indications that she is faking her orgasm actually, but the chances are high.~What we mentioned here were just some signals that she might be faking an orgasm. However, the chances that she is faking are high.~These are a few hints for you to understand that your woman might be faking. They are true almost all the time, so you know what you should be looking for.}

{Now, this is precious. Here is an important reason why women fake their orgasms.~Let us talk about something very important now. Why do women fake orgasms?~We can now talk about an important aspect of this – why do some women fake their orgasms?}

{It is highly likely that this woman never experienced an orgasm in her life and does not know what it is. She might not want to let her man know that and so she goes right ahead and fakes it.~You might be surprised to know that there are many sexually active women around who have never experienced orgasms. These women don’t know what it is like. At the same time, they might feel it embarrassing to let her man know that. So what does she do? She pretends.~It is actually quite surprising for most men to know that a lot of sexually active women have never experienced orgasms at all, just because men seem to get them so easily. But it’s true. And such women won’t want their men to know that. Hence, they go ahead and pretend that they have had it.}

{Some women never experience orgasms because their bodies are different from other women’s. They may not be producing enough lubrication or they might have thin walls around the vagina.~The sexual biology of one woman is different from the other. Hence, one woman might get lubricated easily but another may not. Or, her vaginal walls may be less elastic.~It is not the woman’s fault all the time. No two women are same when it comes to their sexual biology. Some of them get lubricated easily while some don’t. The thickness of their vaginal wall, which is an important point for sexual stimulation, also differs from one woman to another.}

{These women think that they are falling short of their men’s expectations. That is the reason they fake it. They fake it for their men!~Such women might feel disappointed about their performance with their men. This creates a complex in them, which might lead them to fake orgasms.~These are some reasons why women might fake orgasms. They feel that they are not satisfying their men completely because of their own inadequacies.}

{But you can help them. You must speak freely about the issue with them and find out what really excites them. Women respond to communication and in all likelihood your woman won’t have to fake it anymore.~If that is the case, you must help your woman out. You must be casual with her about her sexual needs. Ask her what she wants and try to give it to her. When you are communicative in this manner, she will never have to pretend that she is having an orgasm anymore.~However, you must assist your woman in finding a solution to this. Communication is important. Ask her what stimulates her and try to give her that pleasure. If you can do that, your woman won’t have to fake an orgasm ever again.}

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{When it comes to sex, whatever suits you and your partner is fine. There is nothing such as right or wrong; and nothing that you can do or cannot do. This applies to the sex positions too. Actually, whatever position you both are comfortable with and whatever position you want to try out is suitable. You may sit, stand, lie down, be on top or be below, whatever. Everything works!~Actually speaking, there is nothing in sex that you cannot do. If there is something that you and your partner both enjoy doing, then go right ahead and do it. You can use whatever sexual position you like to use. Sitting, standing, lying down, going on top, going under… it doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable with it.~The rule of the thumb about sexual positions is that you can do whatever suits you best and whatever arouses you best. There is nothing that you should do and should not do. Keeping this area open to experiment is the best thing to do actually. If your! partner and you are happy sitting, standing, reclining, bending over, going on top, going under, whatever, you can just go right ahead and do it.}

{But let us talk about some positions that people commonly use.~Now, here are some sexual positions that people use most times.~These are some of the popular sex positions that men and women the world over are using.}

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{Missionary Position~The Missionary Position~Following the Missionary Position}

{This is probably the most common position. This is considered to be the most proper sexual position in Christian culture. The man and woman lie on their sides, facing each other. In this sideways position, the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina. The entire frontal sides of the two bodies are in contact, while both may use hands to fondle the rear parts.~The missionary position is the best-documented. It is an appropriate and morally acceptable position according to the Christian culture. Here, both partners lie facing each other. This allows the man to frontally insert his penis into the woman’s vagina. The front sides of both bodies touch each other almost wholly while both can caress the rear sides with their hands too.~Christian culture has been very much straitjacketed about sex. The missionary position is commendable because this is the only position that the Christian culture considers to be proper for sex. There are several historical refer! ences of this position in which the woman and the man lie side by side, facing each other. The position allows for full penetration and both partners can arouse all parts of each other’s bodies. They can even reach out to the parts that are at the back of the body.}

{The position is effective for three reasons. First, it allows each partner to see the other’s face. It allows the woman’s clitoris to come in contact with the man’s pubic bone. And, it allows the man to go as much inside the woman as he wants.~There are three reasons why the missionary position is considered ideal. The first reason is that the man and the woman can see each other completely. Secondly, the woman gets complete clitoral excitation. Also, the man can modulate the extent to which he inserts his penis in the woman’s vagina.~The missionary position is very popular for various reasons. First, it allows for complete visual arousal because you can see each other’s bodies. Secondly,, it gives control to the man, who can decide how much he wants to penetrate. It also allows the man to stimulate the woman’s clitoris.}

{Woman on Top Position~The Woman on Top Position~The Woman on Top and the Man down under}

{It is quite understandable why women like this position; it transfers the control into their hands. They can control the intensity with which the penis enters their vagina. They can also try different angles so that they can find out what they like the best. The best part of this position is that it is excellent for clitoral stimulation.~Women love this position because of the reason that the entire control of the sexual act is vested in their hands. They can decide with what intensity they want the man’s penis to penetrate them and they can use different angles and positions till they find something that they really like. Women also love this position because it allows a great deal of stimulation for their clitoris.~There is no need to explain why women love this position. It puts the entire power into their hands. They can decide how much they want to arouse and get aroused. They hold control over the man’s penis and hence they can decide how much they wan! t to be penetrated. They can experiment with different stances till they find something that they really like.}

{There is variation within the woman on top position. The woman can kneel or squat on the man’s body, each of which she can do in different ways. If she wants to look at the man’s face, she can do that easily. For men, this is a good way to relax and let the woman do the hard work once in a while!~There are several ways in which women can modify this position. The woman can use a standing or a kneeling position over the man’s body. She can change various postures for adventure. She can face her partner. Men love this position too because it allows them to rest and take pleasure without actually doing the hard work!~Some women prefer to stand when on top while others prefer to kneel. However, there are a lot of different ways in which women use this position. Many women like to experiment when they are on top. Men too like this position at times because it allows them to completely relax for the whole time.}

{Spoon Position~The Spoon Position~Spooning each other}

{This position is good for women who like masturbating their clitoris when they are having sex. Her front side is totally accessible to the man in this position. The position is good for the man to fondle the woman’s breasts. Women can use vibrators in their butt if they want too.~The spoon position is the best for women who love to masturbate as she is enjoying sex with a partner. When this position is assumed, the front part of the woman’s body is completely exposed to the man. Men can caress the woman’s breasts without any problems. This position allows women to use vibrators for increasing their excitement.~If women love to masturbate during the sexual act, then they should try out the spooning position. This position exposes the entire frontal part of the woman’s body. They can stimulate their breasts without any hindrance. Women who like to use dildos and vibrators during sex can do so best when they are in this position.}

{Spooning is also known to be a very erotic and sensuous position. It allows the partners to be with each other for a long time. For men with premature ejaculation it is a good way to arouse the woman by foreplay before going in for the main act.~This is considered to be a highly arousing position. Partners can stay in this position for a long time because it is highly relaxing. If men suffer from premature ejaculation, they can use this position to arouse their females to foreplay before the actual penetration.~Spoon is considered to be a very relaxing and sensuous position in sex. Both people can be in this position for the whole night if they wish to because the position is so relaxing. The position is prescribed for men who suffer from premature ejaculation because it allows the man to completely prepare the woman before he penetrates her.}

{Standing Position~The Standing Position~Stand and enjoy!}

{One of the ways to do this is to make the woman bend over while the man penetrates her deeply. This position is very much arousing because it presents your partner to you in a different way. However, this position is only apt for men and women of good physical capacity.~There are many ways to assume the standing positions. One of the ways in which this is done is by having the woman to bend over while she is vaginally or anally penetrated. It allows for deep penetration. Also, men can see their women in a highly sexual posture. But, only people with fit and athletic bodies can use this position.~Standing positions are quite varied actually. Women can bend over while the man penetrates her vagina. This allows the man to go deep into the woman. Also, the very fact that the woman is bending over is highly arousing to the man. However, this position is only meant for lean and fit people.}

{Another variation is to have the woman sit on a surface while the man stands and penetrates her. Experimentation can make the man and woman find out different standing positions that excite them.~Also, women can be made to sit on a high surface such as a tabletop and the man could penetrate her vagina. By using different such experiments, men and women can find a position that excites them.~People who are not so fit can use a variation. The woman may sit on an elevated surface just right for the man to penetrate her vagina when he is standing. Different stances can be tried. It is certain that the man and the woman will find something that they both like to do together.}

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{Every person walking the earth has a sex fantasy of his or her own. And everyone has a completely different sex fantasy too. You can never say what might push a person’s right buttons. It could be something quite tame to do or it could be something that may threaten another person’s life. Some people do think about these fantasies and masturbate, while some people want live partners to try them out with. The world of sex fantasies is the most unlimited one there can be!~Every one you see on the street has there own personal sex fantasy. Each with its own special spices and twists, so you can never really say what might push a person’s buttons. Sex fantasies can be quite tame and some can range to activities that can jeopardize the participants own lives. Some people use these fantasies during masturbation, and others want to act them out with partners. The world of sex fantasies is limited only by ones imagination!~Lurking in the back of the mind of every person! on the earth there lays a sex fantasy. And everyone’s fantasy is unique. As the saying goes you can’t judge a book by its cover and as such you can never say what might push a person’s buttons. It could be something quite tame, it might involve Bondage or it could be something that may threaten their life. Some people use these fantasies to aid in and masturbation, while some people want partners to try them out with. The world of sex fantasies is the most unlimited one there is.}

{Sex Fantasies are Controversial~Sex Fantasies and Controversy~Are Sex Fantasies are Controversial?}

{There are many people (cultures actually) that think whether sex fantasies are acceptable or immoral. This is because some fantasies can be harmful. People who have sadistic pleasures, for example, can be harmful to others. It is certainly not advisable to indulge such people in playing out their fantasies with other people who are not consenting.~In many cultures a taboo’s exists when it comes to sex fantasies some are acceptable only after marriage others are considered immoral sins. This is because some fantasies are considered to be harmful. Some people who have sadistic fantasies, for example, may be harmful to others. While it is not advisable to indulge such fantasies, it may be possible to find a willing consenting partner but should not be attempted with a not consenting partner.~There are many cultures that consider sex fantasies as a sin and therefore immoral. This is because some sex fantasies can be harmful or go sacrilegious. People who fantasize! about extramarital sex or sex with another of the same gender, both are coincided evil by some religions and therefore harmful to others. While these may not cause harm to the participants, it is certainly not advisable to indulge in such activities with other people who are not consenting.}

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{That is the main reason why some cultures are against sex fantasies. Though only a small portion of all sex fantasies can be termed as deviant or perverted, all of them get a bad name due to them. This is what makes some cultures to put bans on people making their fantasies public.~This is the main reason that some cultures are against sex fantasies. Only a small portion of sex fantasies are actually considered as deviant or perverted, but it is these few that give all of them get a bad name. This is fear of being considered perverted that causes people to hide there fantasies from the world.~That is the main reason why some cultures are against sex fantasies. Though only a small portion of all sex fantasies can be termed as deviant or perverted. Sexual fantasies get grouped in together giving them all a bad name. This is what makes some cultures put taboos on people making their fantasies public.}

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