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posted by Gerard Duplest on Dec 24

If you are inquisitive about anal games and you’ve dipped your proverbial toes into anal goings on with satisfying results, then it is an excellent time to consider advancing your anal activities onto the next level. Incorporating a selection of butt plugs to your sex equipment is a great way of getting to know about your physique a lot more intimately whilst intensifying your orgasms – and who would not wish for this?

Listed below are 5 easy steps to introduce anal plugs into the bedroom:

Buy the lube first. You have heard it again and again: go at a slow pace and lube up! If you feel you’ve got adequate lube, add more. For anyone who is worried about leaving marks on the bed, use a vinyl fitted bedsheet to protect your bedding and also for trouble-free cleaning up.

Begin with a anal finger plug. A finger plug is a small, narrow plug with a finger hook at the base which may be utilised solo or with a partner. It’s great for getting started for anal intercourse or anus play plus it delivers a really good intro to anal activities should you be just starting out. An anal play set will definitely possess all the anal necessities for getting started, and can be used by him or her.

Anal plugs can be found in lots of different lengths and widths. Like dildos, vibrators or perhaps the genuine thing, anal plugs can be found in small to extra-large sizes. Beginning compact is an excellent method to slowly bring butt play into your bedroom, but you might find that your individual fit is something a little larger. A group of 3 anal plugs will present you with all you need to get started with – from a little, warm-up anal plug with an insertion length of 3.5 inches to the more substantial 5-inch version.

Do not be frightened to experiment with texture. Smooth textured butt plugs are ideal for the novice, but as you graduate through the different sizes of various anal plugs you might want to consider different textures to vary your anal play. Ribbed anal plugs (ribbed just on the shaft, with a rounded tip for insertion) can accentuate your satisfaction, and butt beads are great for advanced consumers.

Location is everything. Butt plugs usually feature a flared bottom to prevent the anal plug from inserting fully into the rectum. Many makers use this flat base as a suction cup, permitting you to attach the anal plug to a smooth, flat surface such as a table, the floor or even a wall to provide you (and your significant other) hands free access to anal activities. Butt plugs can also be employed easily during the day as the large flared base inhibits them from entering any deeper, making them a sex toy that may be experienced while you’re moving around, at a get together, or elsewhere outside of your bedroom.

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Prior to just recently releasing I invested numerous weeks researching hundreds of dating web sites, specific niche dating web sites and also dating chatrooms, and also it came to be obvious to me that the major complication in trying to produce a society of real and also liable users is the curse of the insufficient profile, click on this link we, have all the info you need.

Numerous dating internet sites offer a free test duration in order to give the potential client the opportunity to test the establishments available, and probably even make contact with brand-new neighbors prior to deciding to sign up with as a paying participant, click on this link we, have all the info you need. The idea works terrific in idea! However the reality is that when anything is delivered free of cost, it will definitely frequently entice those that are only partly interested or have no passion at all.

Numerous of the dating web sites I checked out as part of my study exposed greater compared to fifty percent of their membership had actually neither finished their profiles or consisted of an image. It is not rocket technology to concur that this method is a full waste of time, not just for the member concerned, but additionally for the website manager and also undoubtedly the some other authentic users of the dating web site. There is absolutely nothing even more annoying than to run a search of the member data bank only to uncover a host of profiles with little or no info concerning the participant, and also cluttered with “I’ll advise you later on” answers to the most basic of a number of selection concerns.

The majority of dating web sites will inform users of the usefulness of including pictures to their profile, and also lots of, including our very own internet site at given the establishment of password protecting their personal images so they are able to pick that will view them. Nevertheless a spectacular seventy-eight percent of dating internet site members we talked to, educated us that they will just search for participants who consist of a photograph with their profile.

I, personally can never ever understand just how anybody may sign up with a dating internet site as well as not worry about to fill in his or her profile. Exactly how could they previously expect to create passion from additional users, as well as my assumption is they will certainly not have a single feedback in their inbox. After all, your profile is your salespage, london escorts have valuable information on this subject. A possibility to offer yourself to the globe. describing not simply your bodily data yet likes as well as dislikes, a brief run-through of your character and also a reasonably in-depth summary of your optimal mate. The addition of a photo or 2 will definitely enhance the figure of passion in your profile by three hundred percent at extremely least.

So just how do dating website owners encourage their membership to offer a top-notch profile that will certainly not just enhance the possibilities of producing interest but likewise enhance the entire website, as we are all in arrangement that incomplete profiles are a full waste of time and also room.


Although we have actually only lately introduced we have taken a reasonable yet solid standpoint in the complication of vacant profiles. We do not believe that irritating the user with a plethora of e-mail tips will definitely lure them to return to the internet site, exclusively to complete their profile. Quite the flip side, in reality badgering would certainly be even more most likely to make sure that the user never returned to the website again.

We at firmly think that the process of producing the profile needs to be completed at the time the user registers as a user. In an attempt to make certain that the entire procedure is finished throughout registration we have actually launched an extention to the free membership duration for those that produce a full profile at that time. So now, in addition to the thirty days free of charge trial duration, we supply an additional thirty days to those that finish their profile at the time of registration. And also to more discourage those that still choose to show no info, such profiles will definitely auto-delete if not completed within seven days.

Any dating web site may only be judged on it’s membership, as well as whether joining as a free of cost user or upgrading to paying member, once you enroll with a dating internet site you have a respectable obligation to create a profile and also existing yourself to some other users who have the very same passion as you. Otherwise you will have absolutely nothing to deliver that specific dating area and also there is little point in you becoming a member.

Although very early days yet, first indicators are urging at and also we hope this action will definitely enable us to to maintain a dating website with a one hundred percent profile completion, which could only benefit our legitimate users.


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5 Signs Your Sex Life May Need a Makeover


Are you in a relationship?  If you are, are you pleased with the amount of sex and intimacy that you are receiving?  Are you unsure?  For many men and women, this question is a lot harder to answer than it looks.


If you are unsure as to whether or not your sex life is good, it may be time for you to find out?  Why because if you are pleased with the amount of intimacy that you receive, you should be sure to tell your partner on occasion.  Doing so can help to improve your relationship.  On the other hand, if you are not pleased with the level of intimacy received, it may be time for you to make a change, like experimenting in the bedroom.


So do you have a good sex life?  To help you get an accurate answer to that question, five signs that your sex life may need improving are outlined below.


Sign #1 – You Find Sex Boring


Unfortunately, many couples, especially those in long-term relationships, get to a certain point where sex just isn’t fun anymore.  Does it seem more like work or a chore to you?  Being intimate with your partner should not seem like a responsibly that you are required to fulfill.  Instead, it should be fun and exciting.


Do you reject being intimate with your partner?  Do you put off going to bed with them in fear of being intimate?  If you do, your sex life may need an improvement or a change.


Sign #2 – You Are Left Unsatisfied


If and when you do get intimate with your partner, do you achieve maximum pleasure?  If not, your sex life may be in serious trouble.  This is most often the case with women.  Some women find it more difficult to achieve maximum pleasure in the bedroom.  But, know that it is possible.  You may need to offer suggestions to your partner or guide them.  Whatever you do, just be sure to take action right away.  A relationship where only one party is pleased, is likely to fail.


Sign #3 – Sex Feels Like a Responsibility


As it was previously stated, being intimate with your partner should not seem like work or a responsibility that you must fulfill. If it does, it is time for you to change.  Be spontaneous.  Initiate sex yourself, as opposed to waiting for your partner to do so.  Spice up your intimacy by experimenting in the bedroom with a new position or simply just have relations at a different time and place.  Whatever approach you do take, be sure to do something.  Do not let an otherwise healthy relationship fail because sex is something that you would rather avoid.


Sign #4 – You Don’t Have It


To have a good sex life, you must first be having sex.  Are you?  If you are in a relationship, you should be.  Whether you get intimate with your partner on a daily basis or even just once a week, this closeness is important to your relationship and not just in the physical sense.


If you are currently not in a relationship, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have or not get the opportunity to experience intimacy and closeness with another adult.  Take action to start feeling wanted, needed, and loved today.  This may involve using an online dating website or just visiting a bar with a bunch of your friends.


Sign #5 – Your Relationship Is Failing


Do you and your partner spend most of your time arguing?  If so, your relationship may be in serious trouble.  Despite arguing about a topic not related to intimacy, such as money or work, did you know that your lack of intimacy may be to blame?  Couples who are happy inside the bedroom are likely to be happy outside of it as well.  The two should go hand in hand.


So do you have a happy and healthy sex life?  If not, remember that there are a number of steps that you can take to make an improvement in your levels of satisfaction.



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4 Ways to Improve Your Intimacy with Your Wife


Are you married?  If so, you likely love your wife, right?  Despite a deep and intense love for your wife, you may still want to see an improvement in your intimacy.  After all, what man doesn’t want good sex?


If you want to improve your intimacy with your wife, it is important to know that you have a number of different options.  Unfortunately, many men automatically start think of the bedroom. Yes, you do want to “wow,” your wife in the bedroom, but that is not all that sex and intimacy is about.  In fact, that is where many marriages go wrong.  Too much focus is placed on the sex or the lack of it.


To help you properly improve your intimacy with your wife, please continue reading on.  A few easy to implement, yet successful approaches are highlighted below for your convenience.


1 – Date Her


How long have you been married?  If you have been married for a number of years now, do you honestly remember when your last “real,” date was.  Unfortunately, many men underestimate the power of a date. You will not want to make this mistake.  If you opt just for the sex, your wife may start to feel like it is her responsibility to please you and this is not how a relationship should work.


To not only improve your satisfaction in the bed, but to improve your wife’s satisfaction, take her out on a date.  Many times, getting out of the house is enough to bring new excitement into a relationship.  For the best level of success, choose a romantic date theme, such as a fancy dinner, a romantic movie, or a night at a nice hotel.


2 – Compliment Her


When is the last time that you have paid your wife a truly nice and unique compliment?  If it has been a while, it is time for you to start again.  Is your wife wearing a new outfit?  Has she recently started a weight loss plan?  Did your wife get her hair cut?  If so, be sure to compliment her.  Complimenting your wife on her appearance will increase her self-confidence.  This, in turn, can improve experiences in the bedroom.


Compliment you wife

Compliment your Wife

As important as it is to compliment your wife on her appearance, it is also important to remember to compliment her on other areas of your relationship.  Do you notice that the house is clean?  Has your wife prepared a nice dinner?  If so, thank her for the job well done.  This will not only help to improve your relationship in general, but it can have an impact on your experiences in the bedroom.


3 – Seduce Her


What is sex like in your home?  Does it occur like clockwork?  Do you actually take the time to ask your wife if she wants to have sex?  If so, try to refrain from doing so.  Yes, you may be rejected, due to a headache or being tired, but why not take the chance?  Be spontaneous.  Seduce your wife.  Make her want to have sex with you.


4 – Fulfill Her Fantasies


In keeping with seducing your wife, let her know that you want to fulfill her fantasies.  It may take your wife a few times to open up about what she likes or fantasizes about sexually, but the information will likely come out soon.  Give it your all to fulfill your wife’s sexual fantasies.  It is also important to note that afterwards is the perfect time to share your fantasies and sexual desires with your wife.  In end, you may all end up being much more pleased.


As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about improving the intimacy in your relationship.  Please remember, however, that you want to get started in someplace other than the bedroom.  Sex in a marriage is about more and should be more than just the act itself.  Taking the time to date and compliment your wife will more than pay off in the end.



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During a fight with my now ex, he told me that it is hard to spend time together until more money is coming in.  I was very quick to call this BS.  But it does come to my attention that it is difficult for some to come up with inexpensive dates.  Here is a list that I have come up with and would enjoy doing any time.

1. Free Zoo Days

2.  Free Museum Days- they are usually once a week.

3.  Tour a winery and tasting.  It doesn’t cost to do a tasting usually or it is very inexpensive.

4.  Hit a flea Market.

5.  Hit a Farmers Market in the AM and cook in the PM.

6.  Sunset Hike

7.  Do a photography session.  Pretend you are the photographer and snap away of your love.

8.  Bicycle out to a picnic site.

9.  Take a Historical Walk Tour of your town.

10.  Attend the local Roller Derby

11. The Untraditional movie nite. IE. Casablanca

12.  Go to dollar movies

13.  Plan a game night at home .  Play Monopoly and the loser makes dinner and cocktails

14.  Start a main dish (pizza) then go to the store and give each person $5 to choose toppings.

15. Frisbee Golf

16.  Mud Fight after it Rains. Of course you need to talk a romantic walk in the rain first.

17.  Wash Cars together

18.  Watch Sports on TV, or go to a college game or a rival high school game.

19.  Go Rollerblading.

20.  Volunteer together

21. Bake Together, cookies, banana bread, or pancakes

22.  Read to one another

23.  Create Dream Boards

24.  Read Poetry to each other.

25.  Draw Pictures with Sidewalk Chalk

26.  Pillow fight

27.  Home wine tasting or beer tasting.

28.  Star Gazing:  Check out a book at local library on astrology and learn a constilation.

29.  Practice Reflexology : Print out of the foot and pressure points  are available online.

30.  Water Ballon fight

31.  Walk dogs together: yours or your neighbors.

32.  Go to Target /WalMart late at night and play with the toys.

33.  Plant something together a tree, plant bush or start a new plant.

34.  Play Wii, Playstation, or computer games together.

35.  Go visit local planitarium.  Most colleges have them and are open to the community.

36.  Play capture the alien , tag or  hopscotch, or cowboys and indians

37.  Window shop in unusual places.

38.  Go to the beach or lake.  Most are free.

39.  Go Play on a playground.  Who can swing the highest?

40.  Sneak into a resort pool area; if you get caught then you have a good story.

41.  Teach her poker or another card game, once good at it play strip poker

42.  Darts and learn how to play pool if you don’t know already

43.  Bubble Bath and body massages for each other at home.

44.  Decadant desert: Homemade of course.

45.  Online Movie night.

46. Go to a video arcade and play older games.

47. Road Trip/Daytrips are the least expensive.

48.  Drive In Movie

49.  Test drive Cars

50.  Picnic

51.  Amateur Night at comedy clubs

52.  Check out a local band

53.  Free Movies or Concerts

54.  Play with animals at a Pet Shop

55.  Attend a book reading

56.  House Hunting for Dream house.

57.  Attend a Progressive dinner party with other couples

58.  GeoCashing.  Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity

59.  Go to IMAX

60.  Tapas Bar

61.  Bird Feeding-bring bread, a thermos of homemade lemonade or spiked icedtea.

62.  Ride bikes.  Rent them for $10hr.

63.  Bubble blower, hulahoops, and/or Kite to park and play like kids

64.  Experience a jazz club.  Check out to find local clubs

65. to find a cooking class.

66.  Make a fondue. is a good reference

67.  Skating Rink

68.  Explore. Rent a four wheeler, scooter, or wave runner.

69.  Float the River

70.  Go to a thrift store each person gets $5.  See who gets the cooler things

71.  Love language.  Take the 5 Love Language test and see how to improve the relationship.

72.  Swim, either at your house, a local pool or hotel.

73.  Make Indoor smore’s and read campfire stories.

74.  Play 20 questions

75. Make breakfast together.

76. Write a bucket list together.

77.  Have Sex!!!!

78.  Have phone Sex or just spend 15 min on the phone. Give undivided attention to your significant.

79.  Go for a walk, run or workout together

80. Go to your local sex toy shop and look around. Explore.

These are just a few that I thought of.  Please leave comments with your own ideas on how to spend time together inexpensively.






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Kinds of Lube

Type of lube

Virtually all lubes on the market today fall into one of three categories:


1- Water-based;

2- Silicone-based; and,

3- Oil-based


Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages. For most situations though, water-based lubes are by far the most popular.
Water-Based Lubes

Water-based lubes are just that: water-based. Their main feature is that they’re smooth and slick, but not sticky and messy like silicone and oil-based lubes can be.


Since they’re water-soluble, skin and mucous membranes will absorb them. This makes cleanup a breeze: just a little warm water, maybe some soap, and the lube will easily wash off the skin. (And the sheets)


However, it also means that you might have to periodically reapply it, depending on how long you have sex for. This is one of the chief drawbacks of water-based lube, since we all know that in the heat of the moment, an interruption is probably the worst thing that could happen.


Water-based lubes also have the added advantage of being completely condom-compatible (oil-based lubes corrode latex and cannot be used with condoms — more on that later). One thing to watch out for, however, is that many water-based lubes contain glycerin, which can promote infections in women pretty easily. So make sure your girl cleans up right away after using one.


Popular water-based lubes include:


Astroglide: Maybe the most popular water-based lube out there. It’s on the thin side, but nice and slick, and long-lasting. It’s also available in many drugstores, which is convenient. If you’ve never used lube and are just looking to try something out, Astroglide is a great place to start.


Maximus: This is some heavy-duty stuff. Very long-lasting and very thick, this is the lube you’d use if you needed, well, maximum slipperiness. For this reason, it’s popular for anal sex. Maximus is what you want to use if you really need to grease up good.


More water-based lubes, silicon-based lubes, and an oil-based lube designed solely for masturbation.


O’My: If you’re a health nut, this is a great lube for you: it’s completely organic, but doesn’t sacrifice functionality. If you’re worried about all the chemicals in other lubes, O’My’s the way to go. Overall, it’s similar to Astroglide.


Wet: This one is almost as popular as Astroglide, but Wet is a bit thicker. It’s also available in various flavors — perfect for when you need some added slickness for oral sex.


Slippery Stuff Gel: According to the rumor mill, Slippery Stuff was originally designed to help divers get in and out of tight wetsuits. Somewhere down the line, though, someone discovered that there was a far more interesting use for this wonderful lube. It’s thick and very long-lasting, but gets somewhat stringy as it dries. Slippery Stuff Gel is, overall, a pretty good middle-ground between Astroglide and Maximus.


KY Jelly: The world’s most famous water-based lube, KY frankly isn’t the best. It dries up quicker than better-quality lubes, and gets tacky as it dries. I do not recommend it. KY, actually, was designed for medical use. That is, it’s designed to facilitate easy entry, and clean up quickly. I suggest that you stick to lubes that are designed for sex.


Silicone-based lubes

Silicone-based lubes are similar to water-based lubes, but are generally much greasier and last much longer, despite having a thinner texture. In fact, that’s their main advantage: silicone-based lubes take ages to dry out. No muss, no fuss, no need to reapply.


What’s more; you can actually use them in water and they’ll still work. They’re not quite as easy to clean up as water-based lubes, though. Those who don’t like silicone-based lubes say that using them is like having motor oil slathered on your bits. Others swear by it.


Popular silicon-based lubes include:


Wet Platinum: By the makers of Wet, naturally, this is high quality and very long-lasting.


Eros Bodyglide: It’s almost identical to Wet Platinum, but more expensive.


ID Millennium: ID Millennium is a good lube, but not quite as smooth as Eros or Wet Platinum. It’s still a good choice, however.
Oil-Based Lubes

Oil-based lubes are… well, you just shouldn’t use them. Why? First, they corrode latex, so you can’t use them with condoms. Second, they’re bad for your woman’s vaginal health in a variety of ways. And finally, they’re slimy and messy. Seriously. Baby oil, Vaseline, Crisco, Massage Oil, etc., are known for their lubricating properties, but using them is just a bad idea. However, there is one oil-based lube that I can let slide.


Men’s Cream: This is an oil-based lube that I think deserves special mention. Why? It’s probably the first product ever designed specifically as a lube for male masturbation. Say goodbye to weird scented hand lotion and all that garbage. If you’re of the millions of guys out there who needs something to make his solo flights nice and smooth, I highly recommend Men’s Cream. Just don’t use it for penetration.
Slippery When Lubed

Most sex stores will carry at least a few of the brands mentioned here. There are also many online sex stores that will carry these lubes and more. Also, Astroglide, as previously mentioned, can be found in many drugstores.


Lubes can also help prolong lovemaking sessions, make your own masturbation sessions better. It’s also required for anal sex — an activity that’s becoming increasingly common among couples.

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Misuse of Condoms are a Global problem.

Not only in the US but globaly couples are not using condoms right. Sex and condoms goes hand and hand right?

Reported last week, A new study published in the journal of Sexual Health provides a global picture of condom use, based on 50 articles representing 14 countries. Led by the Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team, researchers from around the world compared notes on condom habits and issues, including the use of female condoms in South Africa and counterfeit condoms in China.

The most common errors included not using condoms throughout sex, not leaving space or squeezing air from the tip of the condom, putting condoms on upside down, not using water-based lubricants, and incorrect withdrawal. Other problems included breakage, slippage, leakage, and difficulties with fit and feel.

The misuse of condom use is on the rise.  Then number of confirmed STD’s are also on the rise,  coinsidence I think not.

Condom 101: How to use a condom Consistently and Correctly.

Here are some guidelines from the CDC on How to use a condom Consistently and Correctly.

  • Use a new condom with every act of vaginal, anal and oral sex throughout the entire sex act from Start to Finish.
  • Before any genital contact, put a condom on the tip of an erect penis with the rolled side out
  • If the condom does not have a reservoir tip, then pinch the tip enough to leave a half inch space for semen to collect.   Holding the tip, unroll the condom all the way to the base of an erect penis.

    The Reservoir of a condom

    Keep a Reservoir for the semen collection

  • After ejaculation and before the penis gets soft, grip the rim of the condom, and carefully withdraw.  The gently pull the condom off the penis, making sure that the semen does not spill out.
  • Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash where others will not handle it.
  • If you feel the condom break at any point during sexual activity, stop immediately, withdraw and remove the broken condom and put on a new condom.
  • Ensure that adequate lubrication is used during vaginal and anal sex, which might require a water based lubricant.  Oil-based lubricants (ie, petroleum jelly, shortening, mineral oil,  massage oil, body lotions and cooking oil) should not be used because they can weaken latex, causing breakage.  This is the same for non-latex condoms.

When you think of it at somepoint in your lifetime you have had one or the other go wrong.

Also, think about using a non-latex condom if you have had the proper STD screening and are with the same partner in a monogamous  relationship.  The possibility of someone developing a latex allergy or having on is on the rise as well. There are many different types of lube to choose from water and silicone are the most popular.

Next week: Choosing a personal lubricant.




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{Bid adieu to humdrum monotonous sex with this fantastic guide that tells you exactly what you should get. These are 72 tips that will definitely unleash the carnal animal in both you and your partner!~Say goodbye to ordinary, everyday lovemaking. This wonderful 72 step guide will show you how to make the most of your efforts and how to get the best rewards!~No longer will you have to endure, boring lovemaking. Just by following these 72 exciting tips you will gain that extra knowledge that will ensure you blow your and your partners minds.}

{The Bare Necessities~The Real Basics~Start At The Beginning}

{1. Make sure you get colors right. Colors can set the mood for a great sexual experience. Red is a wonderful color of passion. Set the mood with this color.~1. The colors you choose to surround yourself with during your lovemaking can have more of an impact than you could possibly imagine. Red is the universal color of passion, and always a good color of choice.~1. Ensure your surroundings reflect the passion you are feeling. Colors play a very important part! Red is always a great selection.}

{2. Encourage your partner to remain at the outward end as much as possible. According to a survey conducted by Masters and Johnson and several other studies, it is the outside one-third of the female vaginal tract that is the most highly responsive to sexual stimulation. So, instead of going in deep, just shallow surfacing is good for a satisfying experience for you.~2. A research survey done by Masters and Johnson has shown that the outer areas of a woman’s vagina is the highest erogenous zones on her body, so teasing and tasting this area is sure to work up both her and you.~2. Ask your partner to tease you around your vagina, and to only penetrate slightly.As most women know, to be teased is just as important as being pleased.}

{3. Do not become predictable with your sex. Try different options each time. Why get fixated with the bedroom? You could try different venues, different times, go on a holiday, etc. It helps bring the newness in your sexual experience.~3. Introduce new ideas to your lady, such as having sex in places other than the bedroom. The shower is always a good place to start, then as you both get more adventurous, maybe outdoors?~3. Don’t become complacent about the location your lovemaking takes place in, variety really is the spice of life. Try the kitchen table or the kitchen bench. Not only will you find your lovemaking more intense, it may seem like a whole new experience.}

{4. Have you ever contemplated sex in the bathtub? The bathtub has an erotica of its own and that is the reason so many movies have bathtub scenes and some of them even have bathtub sex scenes! Well, don’t shoot this idea unless you have tried it!~4. An exciting idea is to book a hotel room for the night. Make sure this hotel room has a large bathtub. So many movies feature a sex/lovemaking scene in a bathtub, so why not give it a try.~4. Sexual intercourse in water is an intense experience and one that should not be missed. This can be achieved anywhere, a bathtub, pool or spa. You have seen the scenes in the movies, now it is your turn.}

{5. Make oral sex a part of the routine. This is a really great way to arouse your man and then get the favor reciprocated in kind. Some vibrating machines can add to the excitement of oral sex. These machines can be connected to the tongue and lead to some very exciting sensations.~5. Mutual oral sex is a wonderful part of foreplay or even a good substitute for full sex. There are even vibrating toys available that you attach to your tongue enabling you to go that little bit further.~5. Oral sex is a great way to explore your partner and will get him highly aroused. It is always good to have the favor returned as well. If you are looking for that little bit extra, you can try the vibrating toys that attach to your tongue.}

{6. Sex needn’t be just about sex; you should know that. Make things interesting. How about playing a very sexy game like strip poker or something like that which adds to the passion and serves as a wonderful prelude to a night full of sex? Search the Internet for more such sex games.~6. The whole process of sex doesn’t have to be just about the intercourse. It can also be a lot of fun and you can learn a lot more about your partner if you involve things like games. There are a lot of great adult board games out there, or just a fun little game of strip poker would do.~6. Make your experience about more than just the act of sex. Make it entertaining, draw it out. You can search the internet and find multiple adult games you can play. If you don’t have time to do the research first, how about a sultry and fun game like strip poker?}

{7. Women are perennially complaining about not coming to their orgasms. Well, there are things that could help. One of the ways you could do this is to place a pillow below the butt which raises the vaginal area to an optimal position. This is a great position for getting the most optimum contact of the penis with the clitoris, always helping in reaching earth-shattering orgasms.~7. The most common complaint from women is that they don’t get to achieve orgasm most of the time. There is a position that may help her get to the pinnacle of passion. Try placing a pillow under her buttocks, this raises the vagina to a better position and helps aid in the penis to clitoris contact.~7. Are you often left behind during sex? Has your man finished ling before you even reach your highest peak? Here is just one little hint that may help you get there a little quicker. Place a pillow under your lower back, this places the vagina in a much better position.}

{8. A very interesting way to have sex would be if the man sits on top of a washing machine. Seriously! A washing machine can give some great vibrations that add to the thrust factor. The woman should then clamber over the man and allow the man to penetrate her while he is still on the machine.~8. Has it ever crossed your mind to try sex on the washing machine? It should definitely be at the top of your list of things to try. The man should be seated on top of the machine while it is in action, the woman should then sit upon the man, either facing him or away from him.~8. Sick of housework? why not make it fun, put your washing machine to much better use! Have your man sit upon the working machine then straddle him. The vibrations coming off the machine and through your man will make this one hot experience.}

{9. If you are doing this washing machine thing, you need to select a mode that gives you a long time for enjoyment. Something like a longer wash cycle will really help.~9. Just remember to make sure the machine is on a long wash cycle. Nothing breaks the mood easier than being done too soon.~9. Make sure you put the washing machine on a long wash cycle. You make find it helps to have something heavy in the wash cycle, such as towels as they will cause the machine to move more than it would if empty.}

{10. If you love your dildo vibrator then sex toys when you are alone, don’t be shy to admit it to your partner. In fact, there are so many interesting ways in which a dildo vibrator can be made an important part of the couple sex adventure. Your man can look at various ways to arouse you through foreplay and a dildo vibrator could be a great sex aid.~10. If you like using sex toys such as vibrators, butt plugs or butt beads, don’t be afraid to let your partner know. If these things excite you then they are likely to excite your partner as well. The more aroused you both are, the more intense the experience will be.~10. If you regularly use a vibrator or other sex toys, do not be afraid to let your partner know. You want to be sure that you both get the maximum pleasure from your experience and if a vibe gets you off then that is what you should use. You will find that your partner is just as excited about it as you are.}

{11. Conversation is the key to romance and good sex. Don’t turn on the mute button when you are having sex or it makes things too mechanical. Talk about each other’s bodies. Speak about your man’s penis; he likes to hear about what he has. Talk dirty to him; if you do it correctly, most men will love it.~11. The most important thing is communication. If neither of you vocalise what turns you on, how will you ever know how to please each other? Ask her what she likes, and make sure you tell her what you like. Always let her know how sexy you think she is, if you let her know this then she will feel and act like the sex bomb you know she is.~11. Never forget to communicate with your partner. You will never be left satisfied if you don’t let him know exactly what you want and where you want it. You must also ask him what he wants and how he wants it. He may ask you to do things that make you uncomfortable but you could always try it out.}

{12. Masturbate your man. This should be a definite part of foreplay and it makes his shaft so much harder. Try different things. Tie up his cock with your bra and masturbate it. Or rub his prostate while masturbating him. Such things immensely heighten the anticipation in men.~12. An incredibly important part of foreplay is masturbation. This helps your lady’s body to prepare for the act of intercourse, it also gets her incredibly horny. This can be done with either your fingers or a vibrator or dildo.~12. Get to know your man’s penis by masturbating him. Ask him what he likes or get him to show you how he masturbates himself. Men are just as different as women as how they please themselves. Once you have learned what he likes, you can then introduce other things like cock-rings.}

{13. Smell. The sense of smell is extremely important to good sex. Let your man smell you all over. You will love it when he rubs his nose against the different parts of your body and we aren’t just talking about the genitals.~13. Learn all the scents of your partners body. Slowly travel over her body inhaling the scent as you go, this will have an unbelievable effect on her. She will feel your breath on her body as you journey along her body.~13. The smell of your man is more exciting than you would think. During foreplay pheromones are released and can be quite arousing. Learn the smells of your man from head to toe. Just the act of you traveling up and down his body will have an effect.}

{14. There are certain things that you should feed your man; they can make his cum taste all the more better. A list of things you could include in his diet are lemon, cardamom, peppermint and cinnamon.~14. Believe it or not, what you eat can have an effect on how your sperm tastes, if you want your woman to enjoy oral sex then you need to make sure you taste good. Try eating things with lemon, cardamon, peppermint or cinnamon in.~14. Did you know that what a man eats can effect the taste of his sperm? If you want a more pleasant taste, get him to consume things with lemon, cardamon, peppermint or cinnamon in them.}

{15. While we are talking about food, stay away from garlic and onions if you are planning some sex later. They give your breath a foul taste and can put off your man.~15. Stay away from strong smelling foods like garlic or onions, not only do they make your breath smell, but can also exude from the pores in your skin.~15. Make sure neither yourself or your partner eat strong smelling foods like onions or garlic otherwise your may find yourself or him put off by the odour.}

{16. Garlic and onions can create further problems if your man has them regularly. They can give a foul taste to his cum and you won’t like giving him head. Some other foods that your man should avoid for this reason include asparagus and curry.~16. Onions and garlic can also effect the taste of your sperm, even if you ate them days ago. The same is also true for foods like asparagus, curry and chilli.~16. Your man’s diet is very important when it comes to the taste of his sperm, onions, garlic, asparagus, curry and chilli can all have a negative effect to the taste of his sperm.}

{17. Try outdoor sex sometime; it is really exhilarating. However, you have to be cautious to do it very carefully or you could be arrested J Try having sex in your own yard when night falls or on a lone highway when you are driving through.~17. Sex outdoors is always a thrilling experience. Be mindful of the laws though as this act is always frowned upon, which makes it even more exciting. If you are driving home late at night and there is no-one around, how about pulling over the car and having a quickie?~17. One thing you have to experience is sex outdoors. Just make sure you don’t get caught. Sex in your own backyard when the neighbors are away can be quite exciting.}

{18. If your man is too busy to have sex with you, you can effectively seduce him this way. When he is sitting on his chair, working, get below the table and start licking his cock through his pants. No man can resist that!~18. Does it seem like your woman is just too busy for sex? Try this little trick. Kiss the back of your ladies neck, slowly and sensually, then slide your hands up and down her body. This often works.~18. Do you have trouble getting your man’s attention when you want it? Is he often too busy to make time for you? How about this nifty trick to get his attention. Go towards him on your knees and with your hands behind your back, start licking his crotch through his pants. He won’t be able to resist for long.}

{The Right Sex Position Means a Lot~The Right Sex Position Means a Lot~The Right Sex Position Means a Lot}

{19. The missionary position is the most timeworn, most guaranteed position for a sex episode of night. It allows your man to penetrate you to the highest degree and leads to ultimate satisfaction to both of you.~19. The missionary position is the most used one for a reason, it is comfortable for both parties and enables a man to penetrate deeply.~19. The most common position is the missionary position. This is a comfortable position for both of you and also allows for kissing.}

{20. There is another reason for trying out the missionary position most of the time. When you are offering yourself to your man in the missionary position, your vaginal canal gets folded and becomes shorter. Though this gives you still the same amount of satisfaction, it allows the man to get better penetration. This actually panders to his male ego because he feels he has a bigger penis!~20. Another reason the missionary position is good is that it enables you to see your partners facial expressions, you will know just how much she is enjoying herself.~20. The missionary position also has a little secret. When you are laying on your back in this position, your vaginal canal gets folded and becomes shorter making your man feel he has a larger penis.}

{21. You could also try just letting your man lie on top of you, face down, when you are lying on a bed on your back. This position allows both of you to feel each other’s bodies to the maximum limit and creates the greatest degree of arousal.~21. Close body contact can be highly arousing, try laying fully on top of a woman without penetrating her. You will both feel the sensations of each others bodies.~21. Body to body contact is always highly erotic, try giving your man a body slide. Cover your front with oil or talc and slide up and down his body.}

{22. Ride your man like a cowgirl. It is a great way to vary your sexual routine and a great way to arouse your man if he feels he is sapped out.~22. Have your lady ride you like a cowgirl. This is a great way to break the routing of the missionary position.~22. Be the one on top, take charge of your lovemaking and ride your man. You will feel empowered doing this and it puts you in charge of the speed of things.}

{23. Don’t think doggy style is too embarrassing. It is a wonderful pose if you are into anal sex. It also gives him great pleasure because this particular position squeezes his penis on the sides, which is quite a different feeling for him.~23. Doggy style is perfect for those who like anal sex or are just after something different. The feeling on your penis is a lot different in this position.~23. If you like anal sex or just want to do something a little different, try doggy style. A man get a much different sensation on his penis in this position.}

{24. Have you heard of the spoons position? Try it out. This is probably the most non-stressing positions of all. It only requires you and your partner to lie side by side in the form of a spoon and allowing him to penetrate you anally. You could also alternatively take his penis between your legs and masturbate him.~24. The spoon position is something that usually happens in the afterglow of sex. But why not try it as a sexual position instead? Enter your partner from behind, either anally or vaginally.~24. Try the spoons position, have your man lay behind you and enter you either vaginally or anally. Curling your knees up in this position can also have mind blowing effects.}

{25. In the spoons position, if you could just twist your body a little, you could allow for some great clitoral stimulation for himself. Your man could penetrate you vaginally.~25. The spoons position can also be used for mutual masturbation. Placing your penis between her thighs and rubbing back and forth is sure to excite you both, you will be rubbing against her clitoris as you do this.~25. Mutual masturbation is great in the spoons position. With his penis placed between your legs, his back and forth action will arouse your clitoris.}

{Table Manners & Sex!~Table Manners and Sex!~Table Manners – Sex!}

{26. There are many ways in which you can bring food into your sexual act and make things much more interesting. Ice-cream has a great reputation for that. You could try a wonderful experiment by sticking an ice-cream cone over his penis and then licking at the ice-cream on it. He will be totally turned on, for sure!~26. Food items can make unbelievable additions to sex. Ice cubes to tighten nipples, chocolate sauce for licking off bodies, honey for that sweet sticky sex. If it is in your fridge or pantry, you can probably use it during sex.~26. Bring food items into your erotic experience. Sweet sticky items like chocolate sauce and honey are great. Try licking a lollipop and then rubbing it up and down his penis then licking it off.}

{27. Grapes and ice cubes can be great fun. Run them along each other’s bodies and feel the cold sensations tingling all over.~27. Fruit is also an exotic sex addition. Fresh mangoes can be rubbed on each other. Strawberries can be fed to each other.~27. Fruit and vegetables can also be a lot of fun. If you are both game for it, things like carrots or bananas can be inserted into various orifices.}

{28. This is another sex-citing game. Paint lines on your man with a black marker pen in a paint-by-numbers kind of pattern. Then dab different kinds of ice-cream flavors on the different regions that are formed. Ask your man to call out different numbers and you go ahead and lick the ice-cream from that particular area. This can turn real hot! Don’t forget to ask the man to return the favor.~28. A kinky little game you can play is bedroom bingo. Paint squares on her body using body chocolate or body paints. Number the squares then fill each one with a different type of food. Get her to call out the square number and then you have to eat what is on there.~28. Try this sexy little bedroom game. Paint 12 squares on your man’s body. Number each square and then put a different item of food in each square. Get him to call out a number and then you have to eat that item without using your hands.}

{29. Cucumber can make for a very fun experience too. Cool it down completely, then cut it into half and rub it on each other’s bodies. Cucumber has special effects when rubbed on the genitals—you have to just check out these experiences.~29. One of the most exciting vegetables has to be the cucumber as it has a very phallic look to it. Make sure the cucumber is very cold before using it.~29. One of the most phallic looking vegetables has to be the cucumber and if you have an extremely cold cucumber, the effects on both you and your partner are unimaginable.}

{30. Alcohol can do some nasty things as well. Try pouring some on your partner’s body in all the right places and then licking it off. You could try some flavored alcohol to make things more interesting.~30. Alcohol is also a great sex tool, and no, not drinking it. Bubbly champagne tickles if poured on a naked body.~30. Sweet tasting alcohol should also be used as a sweet treat. Try pouring a little bubbly champagne on your man and then licking it off.}

{31. You might have seen so many movies where couples seduce each other by sliding ice cubes down their bodies. Well, you could try that too. Or, to make things more interesting, you could try sliding down stuff like frozen berries.~31. Instead of the old usual sliding ice cubes up and down each others body, why not use frozen fruit instead? This will leave a sweet sticky trail for your tongue to follow.~31. Ice cubes can be great fun, but why not liven it up with something a little out of the ordinary? Try using frozen berries or frozen fruit instead.}

{32. Have you heard of the sex and chocolate catchline? There’s really something to it. Chocolate has a range of chemicals that can set your hormones racing in the right direction. And better still is cheese. Sit and eat chocolate and cheese together in your prelude to sex and you will see some great things happening. Just remember to use dark chocolate.~32. A good chocolate is better than sex? There is something in this saying as chocolate has a range of chemicals in it which leave a lot of people in a state of bliss. Cheese also surprisingly has a lot of similar chemicals in it. These should definitely be included.~32. Are you one of those that think a good chocolate is like good sex? Well you are right. Chocolate has many ingredients in it which stimulate the same regions as sex does. Chocolate is a must in any good romp. Cheese also includes a lot of similar chemicals and should not be forgotten.}

Bonus Suggestion {Find Some one to be your sex partner~ Looking For A sex partner~Try and add another sex partner} but know this, it could lead to problems.

{33. Want some early morning sex with your man? The best way to seduce him with the right breakfast is to give him cereal with almonds and lots of apple added to it. Try it; it always works.~33. Did you know that a great kick start to any morning sex session is a cereal with almonds and apples? Give it a try.~33. If you want your man ready to go first thing in the morning for an early session, give him a good kick start with cereal with almonds and lots of apples, it really works!}

{34. There are several mood foods for sex. Avocado is one. Try it out.~34. One of the best mood setting foods out there has to be avocado.~34. A great mood food to try is avocado.}

{35. And when you are talking about the right alcohol to set you in the right sexual mood, then what can be better than some champagne? Swirl it some in your mouth and then let it go inside slowly. And when the champagne is in your mouth, you can actually interlock tongues with your partner and make things so very hot.~35. Champagne was mentioned before as something to pour over your lover but it is also good as an aphrodisiac when drinking it. The taste of a kiss with champagne is wonderful as your tongue tingles when you drink it making your tongue extra sensitive.~35. As mentioned before, champagne can be a great sex aid, but it is also good to drink. It makes your tongue tingle and therefore makes it more sensitive when kissing. Try holding a small amount in your mouth and then swallow it just before kissing your man.}

{36. Always keep some good mints ready. This is handy advice because you don’t know when you will be kissing someone and that could lead to a great experience to remember for a long time.~36. A good hint is to always keep some breath mints handy. You never know when you may find yourself about to kiss someone.~36. Make sure you always have some breath mints close at hand, as you never know when the need will arise.}

{Unleash Your Passion~Unleash the Passion~Unleash Passion}

{37. You must have heard that all men like to be masturbated by their women. When doing so, don’t be too gentle on him; he won’t like it. Jack his rod in a vertical back and forth direction without bending his penis. Keep a firm grip but don’t bend the penis too much. He will like it this way. You could also ask him to masturbate in front of you and you can do it too and learn from each other J~37. When it comes to having your woman masturbate you, make sure you tell her exactly what you want as most women think they will hurt their man if they grasp too tight, so if you like it hard and tight let her know.~37. Most men love it when their woman masturbates them, but make sure you always ask him exactly what he wants. It might surprise you to find most men like their penises to be held very tightly during this.}

{38. Allow him to deep throat you. When he does that, the head of his penis touches the back of your throat and gets some electric sensations. You can easily deep throat your partner if he stands and you take his cock in your mouth in a kneeling position with your head slightly tilted backward.~38. If you want your woman to deep throat you during oral sex, you must take it slow and steady to begin with otherwise all you will end up with is vomit on the end of your penis. The best position for you both to be in is you standing and her on her knees in front of you.~38. Try giving your man a thrill be deep throating him. This takes a bit of practice but can be enjoyable for you both. Place yourself on your knees in f}

{39. Most women aren’t expert at deep throating. They find it painful and uncomfortable. If you feel that way too, then you can at least get the head of his cock to rub against the roof of your mouth, i.e. the palate. Keep a very firm grip on the portion of his penis shaft that is outside your mouth.~39. Most women wont know how to deep throat you or will have had bad experiences in the past. Be patient and if she really doesn’t like it, try just rubbing the head of your penis on the roof of her mouth.~39. Most women don’t know how to deep throat. It can be painful and often uncomfortable. If that is how you feel, you could at least rub the head of his penis against the roof of your mouth, i.e. the palate.}

{40. You might have heard a lot about licking his cock as though it is candy or something but that’s not always the most ideal way to do it. He would like a little rough touch. You could give him some great rubbing with your lips and even use your teeth very, very gently occasionally. He would like that.~40. A lot of women think that a man likes to have his penis licked up and down like a lolly. This isn’t always the case and if it is something you will have to tell her how you want it.~40. When it comes to performing oral sex on your man, don’t think that licking it up and down like an ice cream is what he wants, some guys like really rough oral sex so it is always best to ask him first.}

{41. Now, don’t just make it too mechanical. Don’t go on sucking so very predictably that he begins getting bored. Vary your style a bit. Make some noises. Hold his penis in different ways and suck on it. It will be fun for him, and therefore for you as well.~41. If your woman is boring at oral sex and just sucks up and down on your penis, try giving her some lube to rub on your penis so she can slide her hand up and down as she sucks away.~41. Just sucking up and down on your man’s penis can actually be quite boring for him, try rubbing the base of his cock with your hand as you suck away on the head.}

{42. Put on some great music. Mood music is what is called for. This will help him relax, focus his mind completely on the task at hand, quite literally so, and will help him get more satisfaction out of what you are doing to him.~42. Music is a must during sex. It helps to relax you and your partner and also helps you to focus on the task at hand.~42. Mood music is what is called for. This will help you both relax and focus completely on each other, and will help him get more satisfaction out of what you are doing to him.}

{43. Don’t let yourself be fooled by stories that men don’t like their anuses explored. They do. But you have to initiate them into it. The best time to do that is when you are giving them oral pleasure. Slide your finger in his ass slowly and gradually work it inside. You could lubricate your finger to do this easily. When inside, start wiggling your finger. He will find it highly pleasurable because you are directly targeting what means the most to him—his prostate.~43. If you like having your anus explored, don’t be afraid to ask. If your lady is a little put off by this, try using a slim vibrator, dildo, anal toy or even a candle. Have your lady give you oral sex as she slowly inserts the item into your anus.~43. Don’t be fooled by stories that men don’t like their anuses explored. Most of them do. But you almost always have to be the one initiate it. The best time to do it is when you are giving them oral sex. Slowly slide your smallest finger in his anus and gradually work it inside. Lubricate your finger to do this easily. When it is inside, start wiggling your finger. He will most likely find it highly pleasurable because you are directly targeting his prostate which is highly sensitive.}

{44. Another great idea is to watch some porn when you are having it off. Actually, make this the prelude to your sex-capade. Sit close to each other and watch his penis slowly grow as he gets into the porn. This is when you take over. If you make your right move at this time, he is going to give you back in the best possible way too.~44. Watching pornography during sex can be beneficial to both parties. You can both learn new positions to try and it is a good way to get each other highly excited.~44. Viewing pornography together before sex can be very arousing. See if you can both sit through a whole movie watching other people fuck without jumping each other.}

{Carnal Pleasures with Animal Positions~Carnal Pleasures and Animal Positions~Carnal Pleasures – Animal Positions}

{45. Do you know how gorillas do it? These big animals actually spend very little time in the real sexual penetration part of it. But they have a very long foreplay in which they mostly groom each other. You can do this whole ritual as well. Give each other a bath, scrub each other’s back and so on. You will feel the heat coming on!~45. Have you heard how gorillas do it? These huge animals actually spend very little time in the actual sexual penetration part of it. But they do have a very long foreplay in which they groom each other. You can do this ritual as well.Have a bath together, get each other all soapy and slippery and so on.~45. Gorillas do it. But these great animals spend very little time on the real sexual penetration part of it. They do have a very long foreplay usually spent grooming each other. This is a ritual you can do too. Have a bath, wash each others back and so on. You will soon feel the heat coming on!}

{46. Another animal that can teach you a lesson or two is the seal. Seals are known to be quite aggressive when having sex; they actually bite each other. Today, biting has been scientifically proved to be a great precursor to sex, because it stimulates blood in the area and makes it more sexually receptive. So, try some gentle biting.~46. Another animal that can teach us a lesson or two is the seal. Seals can be quite aggressive when having sex; they actually bite each other. Today, biting has been scientifically proven to be a great precursor to sex, because it stimulates blood in the area and makes it more sexually receptive. So, try some gentle biting, or some hard biting.~46. One animal that can teach us all a lesson or two is the seal. Seals have been known to be quite aggressive when having sex; they will actually bite each other. Today, biting has been scientifically proven to be a great sex precursor, because it stimulates blood into the area and makes it more sexually receptive. So, try some gentle biting.}

{47. And you could always take about the giant water bug, the male of who can go on with a sexual episode for as much as a day and a half without stopping! His male ego will definitely be aroused and he will want to go on longer.~47. And you could always talk about the giant water bug, the male of which can go for as much as a day and a half without stopping! A day and a half of non stop sex? WOW~47. Talk about the giant water bug, the male of which can go on asexual episode for as much as a day and a half without stopping! His male ego will definitely be aroused.}

{Get into Your Man’s Mind~Get deep into Your Man’s Mind~Get stuck in Your Man’s Mind}

{48. Try this out. When you are in the woman on top position, do an extra maneuver. Instead of going just up and down as most women in this position do, try going in a diagonal and sideways movement as well. This is going to be really great for your man and even you will feel him more inside you. Try it!~48. Try this . When you have your woman on top of you encourage her to move in other ways than just backwards and forwards, have her rotate her hips. Also have her slide up towards the tip of your penis and then back down til she is fully and deeply penetrated.~48. . When you are using the woman on top position, do a little extra maneuver. Instead of just going up and down as most women do, try going diagonally and sideways as well. This will be really great for your man and you will feel him more inside you. Try it!}

{49. Have some quick drying alcohol such as vodka ready with you. When you are into the mood for sex, take a swig of it and then lick him on the nipples and the nape of his neck. Then allow the vodka to dry. You could actually assist the whole thing by lightly blowing air on it. He is going to enjoy this to no end.~49. Have a quick drying alcohol like vodka ready with you. When you are in the mood for sex, take a swig of it and then lick her on the nipples and the nape of her neck. Allow the vodka to dry. You should assist the whole thing by lightly blowing on it.~49. Use a quick drying alcohol such as vodka . When you are in the mood for sex, take a drink of it and then lick him on the nipples and the nape of his neck. Allow the vodka to dry. You can assist the whole thing by lightly blowing air on it. He will enjoy this to no end.}

{50. If you are too shy to touch your man, go stand behind him, your nipples touching his back. Then bring your hands to his front and touch his cock and nipples and slightly masturbate him. Then gradually increase the force. He will enjoy that immensely.~50. If your lady is quite shy in the bedroom, have her stand behind you and press herself up against you, slowly guide her hands over your body, ending with her hands around your penis and show her how to masturbate you. she will find this much easier.~50. If you are too shy to just go ahead and touch your man, try standing behind him,with your nipples touching his back. Bring your hands to his front and touch his penis and nipples and lightly masturbate him. Gradually increase the force.}

{51. The classical girl wrap position is always a hit. You have to be athletic for that but it is worth the effort; you can allow your man to penetrate your fully.~51. The classic girl wrap position is always a sure hit. You have to be a bit athletic for it but it is worth the effort; you can allow your man to penetrate you fully.~51. A classical position is the girl wrap position and it is always a hit. You have to be quite athletic for it but it sure is worth the effort; you can allow your man to penetrate you fully.}

{52. Try keeping your shirt on! Literally! Some guys love the suspense of it all. They don’t want to see their women all naked all too soon. Give them a striptease and see how far it goes. You could also dress up specially for giving him a striptease. How about some leather boots? Ah, we are going into KinkyVille now!~52. Ask your lady to keep an item of clothing on, this can lead to huge suspense. Maybe she leaves on an item of underwear or a pair of high heel shoes or boots. Maybe suggest she give you a little striptease and then you tell her to stop before she strips it all off.~52. Try to keep your shirt on! Honestly! Some men just love the suspense . They don’t want to see their women fully naked too soon. Try giving him a striptease and see how far it goes. You could also dress up specially for giving him a striptease. How about some leather boots?}

{53. Another great—sorry, very great—thing for men is to give them a nice little licking when they are still limp. Just go under and give them some great swirls of the tongue and see how they harden up. This will be a great prelude to a great sexual episode. Plus, it also gives you the great confidence that you can make your man hard with just a few simple maneuvers.~53. Tell your lady that your greatest fantasy is to have her go down on your while you are asleep or when you have just woken up. Believe me, she will try it and neither of you will be sorry.~53. Another , very nice for you to do is to give him a nice little licking when he is still limp. Just go down and give him some gentle swirls of your tongue and see how he hardens up. This is a great prelude to a wonderful sexual episode. Plus, it will give you more confidence that you can make your man hard with just a few simple maneuvers.}

{54. If you want to have great sexual experiences every time, you will have to work on them some. Try these vaginal exercises known as kegels. These exercises can make the muscles in your vaginal area harder, which means a better sexual experience for both of you.~54. A great suggestion is to introduce your lady to some vaginal exercises known as kegel. These exercises tighten the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles and increases sensitivity in the vaginal region.~54. If you want great sexual experiences every time, you will have to work on it. Try some vaginal exercises known as kegels. These exercises make the muscles in your vaginal area tighter, which means a much better sexual experience for both of you.}

{55. Have you heard about Ben-Wa balls? These are not mere sex toys. If you use them regularly, you can actually make your vagina much harder and sexier.~55. Ben-Wa balls are not mere sex toys. If used regularly, your lady can actually make her vagina much harder, tighter and sexier.~55. Have you heard of Ben-Wa balls? These balls are not mere sex toys. If used t regularly, you can actually make your vagina much tighter, harder and sexier.}

{56. When you are thinking about oral sex, don’t just think about pleasing your man with your mouth. The peripheral things that you do are also important. You should use your hands as well. Use them to stimulate his nipples and his ass and his prostate while you are sucking him. No man can resist that.~56. When your lady is performing oral sex, don’t just allow her to please you p with her mouth. The peripheral things that she does are also important. You should use have her use her hands as well. Get her to stimulate your nipples and prostate while she is sucking you. No man can resist that.~56. When you are performing about oral sex, don’t just go about pleasing your man with your mouth. The peripheral things that you do are important. You should use your hands often as well. Use them to stimulate his nipples and his anus and his prostate while you are sucking him. No man will resist that.}

{57. Masturbation and oral sex become extremely important when you cannot have penetrative sex, such as when you are pregnant or going through your periods. Try looking up new ways for stimulating your partner through such techniques.~57. Masturbation and oral sex are extremely important when you cannot have penetrative sex, such as when your partner is pregnant or going through her periods. Try looking up new ways for stimulating your partner with such techniques.~57. Masturbation and oral sex can become extremely important when you cannot have penetrating sex, such as if you are pregnant or having your periods. Try searching for new ways to stimulate your partner through such techniques.}

{58. It is a myth that women come to orgasm only when they are penetrated. It is not important actually. A man can easily stimulate her G spot or clitoris and bring her to an earth shattering climax. Try educating your man on how to do this.~58. It really is a myth that women can orgasm only when they are penetrated. Penetration is actually not important . A man can easily stimulate her G spot or clitoris and bring her to climax. Try educating yourself on how to do this.~58. It truly is a myth that women orgasm only when they are penetrated. It is not important actually. A man can easily stimulate your G spot or clitoris and bring you to a climax. Try educating your man on how to do this.}

{59. You can use your bra or panties to great effect. Just take it off sexily and then tie it to his penis, at the shaft. This will really set him into another world. You can now make things more exciting by beginning to lick him all over. See how he gets hard, and keep pulling the garment tighter all the time so that he starts feeling more and more of the wonderful sensation.~59. Underwear can be used for more than one reason. Try tying her panties or stocking around the base of your penis like a cock ring. Get your lady to tighten it more and more as she performs oral sex on you.~59. You can use your bra, stocking or panties to great effect. Just take them off sexily and tie his penis, at the shaft. This will really send him into another world. Now make things more exciting by beginning to tease him all over with your tongue and your fingertips. Keep pulling the garment tighter so that he starts feeling more and more of the wonderful sensation.}

{60. Kinky is great for most people. Try it out. Tie up your man, and lick him all over. If he doesn’t like being done that, you could just hold him by the wrists and have him to yourself, just as you want it.~60. Ask your lady to tie you up and tease you senseless. This can be erotic for both of you as she is now in charge and very empowered. You will find a lot of her inhibitions disappear if she has you all tied up.~60. Kinky is wonderful for most people. Why not give it a try?. Tie your man up, and tease him all over. If he doesn’t like that, you could just hold him by the wrists and have him to yourself, just as you want it.}

{61. Men who are performing cunnilingus on their female partners, note this—the right movement is to swirl the tongue inside the vagina and then lick upwards. This really stimulates the clitoris.~61. When performing oral sex on your lady, the correct way is to swirl your tongue in the opening of her vagina and then slide your tongue upwards and flick it over the clitoris, some women also enjoy having their labia sucked.~61. When your man is performing cunnilingus on their you, make sure he knows the correct way to do it.The right movement is to swirl the tongue inside the vagina and then lick upwards. This really stimulates the clitoris.}

{62. Say it with mirrors! You will really love it when you see yourself and your partner in action. It makes things hotter.~62. Try making love in front of a mirror, the heightened sensation of watching yourself and your partner in the act is mind blowing.~62. Say it with mirrors! It is so hot to see yourself and your partner in action. Truly incredible.}

{63. You could go all out and try recording the whole thing on camera as well. The very idea that you are making your own porn movie makes most people come.~63. Why not make your very own porno? Having your very own sex film to watch can be one of the most exciting experiences you ever share.~63. You could go all out and try recording the whole thing on a camera as well. Just the idea that you are making your own porn movie makes most people come.}

{64. Try the sideways position when you are performing oral sex on your female partner. Let her lie on her side with one leg on the bed and the other leg hoisted in the air. You can see her clit in its full glory and she will be greatly aroused.~64. A wonderful position for oral sex on a female is to have her lay on her side and raise one leg in the air.~64. Try the sideways position when your partner is performing oral sex on you. Lie on your side with one leg on the bed and the other leg in the air.}

{65. Try massaging each other and then hug each other very closely. The oil can produce a truly magnificent sensation.~65. Why not massage each other with oil and then slip slide all over each other?~65. Why not try massaging each other and then hold each other very closely. The oil can produce a truly magnificent sensation.}

{66. Use your hands to great effect. When probing her vagina, make a come-here signal. This stimulates her highly sensitive upper vaginal wall and clitoris.~66. Find your lady’s G-Spot. The easiest way to explain it is if you slide your finger inside her vagina and then crook your finger back towards you, you will feel a rough little bumpy mound. That is the G-Spot~66. Show your man how to find your G-Spot and exactly how to stimulate it to the best effect.}

{67. Women, do the dishes naked. Men, sit on your computers naked. You don’t know how much you are turning on your partners when you are doing so.~67. Why not have naked night? As soon as you both get home, go about your normal routing fully naked. See how long you can keep your hands of each other for~67. Do the dishes naked. And ask your man to go about his normal routine naked too. You won’t know how much you are turning on your partner when you are doing this.}

{68. You could have some great excitement if you choose the right clothes and the right ambiance. Go shopping and buy some sexy lingerie, something that your partner hasn’t seen you in ever. Then set up some candles and either cook or order some great dinner. When he comes over, give him a surprise. It would set the right mood for a night full of fun.~68. Treat your lady to a night of luxury, cook her a nice meal, put her in a bubble bathe with a glass of wine and then wash her all over. Pamper her if you want her to pamper you in bed. Candles in the bedroom and bathroom are always a nice touch~68. Choose the right clothes and the right ambiance. Put on some sexy lingerie, something that your partner hasn’t seen you in before. Then enjoy a candlelit dinner . When he comes over, give him a surprise. It should set the right mood for a night full of fun.}

{69. Masturbation is quite important. You need to masturbate your man during foreplay. It sets the right mood for everything else that is to follow.~69. Foreplay is the most important part of sex, playing with each other sets you both up for a great night.~69. Masturbation is important. You should always masturbate your man during foreplay. It sets the right mood for everything that is to follow.}

{70. Don’t just use your hands. Hands are important, of course, but then you need to use everything you have got. Use your eyes to see your partner fully, use your nose to smell him, use your tongue to lick him and use your body to seduce him. That’s what makes great sex.~70. Use every sense that you have been given to enjoy your partner, the sense of sight, the sense of smell, the sense of taste and the sense of touch.~70. Don’t only use your hands. although hands are important, you need to use everything you have got. Use your eyes to see your partner, use your nose to smell him, use your tongue to lick him and use your body to seduce him.}

{71. Try some Brazilian wax on yourself. It makes you very smooth and that’s something every man enjoys.~71. have your lady shave or wax off all her pubic hair for a nice treat.~71. Treat your man to a nice smooth you, have your pubic hair shaved or waxed off.}

{72. Lie with your partner for long periods of time. Actually, you must lie on top of him, facing him, and gently rocking from side to side. Feel his hardness making you moist and that’s what makes him harder. That’s a great way to start out your sexual episode together.~72. Contact with your partner is the most important thing. Touching each other from head to toe. Discovering each others wants and needs. Enjoy every part of each other. This is what makes sex fantastic.~72. Close body contact with each other is going to lead to the most erotic experiences. Learn every little thing you man likes and needs and teach him the same thing about you. Explore each other with passion.}

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I work with a lot of young guys who work in construction who manifest abusive and hazardous drinking. After working real hard all day, it seems “logical” to go to the local tavern to have a few brews with one’s drinking buddies. Usually, however, it seems that the well-intentioned beer or two becomes a circumstance in which a lot of beers are consumed, much money is spent, and several hours are spent at the local saloon rather than spending time with their friends, wife or girlfriend, or with their family.

Excessive and Hazardous Drinking Can Result in Friendship, Marital, and Relationship Problems

Is it truly all that surprising in these situations that a lot of these hard working men go through alcohol induced financial problems even though they make a decent amount of money? How hard can it be for these hard working guys to comprehend that irresponsible and hazardous drinking commonly leads to marital, communication, friendship, commitment, and relationship difficulties and frequently results in sexuality difficulties and affairs? Why are these alcohol abuse and alcoholic signs so difficult for my hard working pals to see?

Excessive Drinking Can Result in DWIs, Work Problems, Numerous Health Problems, and Various Mental Health Issues Such as Depression

Should it actually be amazing to anyone that these construction workers could receive a DUI virtually any night or day of the week? Is anyone truly dazed when my hard working pals begin to show up tardy for work due to their hazardous and excessive drinking? Is anybody really all that shocked that more than a few of these hard working guys need to fortify their stress management, time management, and their anger management skills?

Does it really surprise anyone to know that my hard working buddies eventually complain about alcohol-related health problems such as hangovers, alcohol poisoning, a loss of energy, and sleep disturbances? Is it really flabbergasting that many of my hard working pals are starting to experience different mental health problems like depression? Why can’t my hard working buddies “see” these alcohol effects on the body and on the mind?

To a great extent, these construction workers have gotten into a dysfunctional circumstance that is leading them to a life of alcohol abuse or alcoholism. My wish is that these construction workers will finally see that drinking behavior is not their “friend” and that they need to talk to their family doctor or someone at the local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center about their drinking problem.

Concerning the drinking behavior manifested by these construction workers, the main idea is that honesty is necessary. Indeed, these hard working guys, similar to others who engage in abusive and excessive drinking, need to look at their behavior and make a truthful assessment of what irresponsible and abusive drinking is doing to their finances, to their jobs, to their health, to their mental health, and to their relationships. In a word, my hard working friends need to realize the alcohol short term effects of their hazardous and abusive drinking.

There’s Room For Hope If Those Who Engage in Continuous and Repeated Drinking Can Become Persuaded to Get the Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Detoxification They Require

These construction workers need to get motivated and inspired about wanting to make a constructive change in their lives. Stated differently, my hard working friends need to get motivated to go to their doctor or to the local alcohol rehabilitation clinic and find out whether or not they are mainly abusing alcohol or if they are alcohol dependent. Based on the information that is found, these hard working guys then need to get the alcohol rehabilitation and the alcohol detoxification they require.

The positive news is that there’s a vast number of rehabilitation facilities, drug and alcohol treatment clinics, treatment centers, hospitals, and rehab programs where my hard working buddies can get professional treatment for their abusive and irresponsible drinking. And with some effort, it’s even possible to find treatment centers, rehab programs, rehabilitation facilities, drug and alcohol treatment clinics, and hospitals that are fairly inexpensive.

Quality Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Dependency Help Can Begin With a Phone Call

There were evidently times in the past when professional help for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency was far less available and more expensive that it is now. Due to the great increase of alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction in the past decade, then again, an alcohol addicted individual or an alcohol abuser commonly has few, if any, valid reasons for failing to come to terms with her or his excessive and irresponsible drinking.

In point of fact, to start the change process all it takes in many instances is a single phone call to one’s doctor or to somebody at the local alcohol rehab facility. Thereafter, long term sobriety requires commitment, follow through, and a sincere desire to change one’s toxic style of life and enhance one’s self respect, positive attitude, goal setting skills, and one’s self worth.

posted by Gerard Duplest on May 4

{You know I have never believed that you shouldn’t interfere between kids and their schoolteachers, I believe that is a recipe for disaster. However, one parent teachers night did get a bit hardcore when I fucked my daughters maths’ teacher for a pass. Although that is not exactly what happened, I may be a little jaded.~Not speaking up if your kids have a problem at school has never been one of my strong points. However speaking up turned into a hard core night of sex when I fucked my kids math teacher for a pass after a parent teacher night. I might me a bit jaded, but this is more of less what happened.~It has never been my strong point to keep my mouth shut when dealing with my kids and their teachers. My daughter had a problem with maths, but she also hated the teacher on sight and this wasn’t helping her marks. Things got a bit hardcore however when I fucked her maths teacher after a parents night, for a pass.}

{Sometimes kids and their teachers just don’t get on, this is a fact of life. I know that and my daughter just didn’t get on with her maths teacher, they hated each other at sight and this was affecting her marks.~It is a fact of life that not all teachers and students will like each other and my child was just not getting it on with her new maths teacher. She hated him and was of the firm belief that he felt the same and her marks were being affected.~Not everyone on this earth likes each other when the meet, this is a fact of life, and affects students and teacers too. But a teacher is paid to teach, even if they don’t like the kid he/she is teaching. My daughter hated her maths teacher, so I couldn’t wait to find out how he felt about her.}

{Intimate dating can get started up in the strangest of ways sometimes although, I have to admit this was the strangest, even for me.~This strange Intimate dating ritual was something new, even for me – it is amazing how these things can get started, keep reading to find out more.~Intimate dating rituals come in all shapes, sizes and formats. But this was beyond strange, even for someone as whacked out as me.}

{At the parents teachers evening, I managed to get an appointment to see the dreaded Mr. Fox and he was actually quite hot. We discussed the problem, but he said he thought we ought to discuss it further so we arranged to meet for coffee at 9pm after parents night was over.~Mr. Fox was the dreaded teacher and I managed to get a meeting with him, he was hot. Although my daughter would have put her fingers down her throat and made retching noises if I said this to her. We actually has a lot to discuss and arranged to meet for coffee later.~I got a meeting with the hated teacher, at the next parent teacher conference, but unfortunately we only had 10 minutes allocated as more parents were waiting. I could see there was more going on, so we arranged to meet later at a local coffee shop.}

{The local coffee shop was just around the corner from the school and I waited there until he arrived. When he got there he definitely didn’t have my daughters’ marks on his mind, and we started chatting about everything but Shauna’s maths marks. He was actually more than just friendly.~Waiting just around the corner from the school at a local coffee shop, I felt a bit self-conscious, but "the Fox" arrived at about 9pm, and immediately put me at my ease. He didn’t seem to be too concerned about my child’s maths marks and told me not to worry about them, this was a minor worry.~While sitting and waiting for Mr. Fox, who was actually quite a fox, I got to thinking about it, and I had a feeling that this guy fancied me – could this be what was affecting her marks? Surely not. He arrived just after nine, and hardly seemed to be concerned about Shauna, said she just needed to apply herself.}

{Eventually after a few drinks he invited me back to his place, and I am ashamed to say I said yes. When we got there he didn’t mince words, just told me how much he would like to fuck me.~He was really friendly and we went to a local bar, where a few drinks later he invited me back to his house. I said yes, I am ashamed to say, I knew what he wanted to do, I know enough about math to realize that 1 + 1 adds up to 2.~I actually quite liked him and he was sexy too, so when he invited me for a drink at a bar I accepted. A couple of drinks later, he asked me to go back to his place, I am ashamed to say I said yes to this too.}

{In my opinion a fuck is a fuck, I didn’t really care that he was my child’s teacher, so I went for it. Only this fuck was more than that, he knew what he was doing – pinning me up against the wall, his hands were everywhere. Up my top, down my pants; it was like dancing with an octopus – this was wicked.~Hey, you know what, a fuck is a fuck, and if it comes my way and I like the guy, I go for it. So what if he is my kids math teacher, her marks couldn’t get worse – could they?~Getting my panties off he turned me round and fucked me standing up, against the wall, pushing his cock hard inside me from the back. This guy was in a rush.}

{He fucked me right up there against the wall after pulling my panties down, they were hanging over my left ankle, I could see them there, from over his shoulder – dangling, when he raised me up, pressing me hard into the wall to prop me on his prong.~He got to the point and as we entered the front door pinned me up against the wall and stuck his hands up my skirt, pulling down my panties at the same time.~Moving me away from the wall and across the hall to the sofa, he didn’t even take his cock out – just bent me over the back of the sofa grabbed my tits, while biting me in the back of the neck and fucked to save his country.}

{Next thing he was stumbling across the room, carrying me along without taking his cock out, arms hooked in the back of my butt to support me. He just sank down onto his knees on the floor, dropped me onto my back and fucking me hard, missionary style.~He fucked me while I was pinned against the wall, just picked me up by the legs and plopped me down on his cock. Pushing it hard inside me, with very little ceremony.Stumbling across o the lounge he carried me to the dining room table and sat me there while tearing at my top, and lying me back on the table. Hooking my legs around his back, I pulled him into me, harder and harder.~In this position it didn’t take too long before he had expended most of his energy and he came hard, squirting deep inside me.}

{He came inside me explosively and the first thing I said to him was "what are my marks teacher?" Laughingly he gave me an "A". Thing is, he actually took the time to teach my daughter after that, and she said she noticed a difference in him.~When we eventually finished and he had climaxed explosively I asked him to mark my efforts. Laughing he gave me an A+. But contrary to what you may think, he actually made the effort to teach my child after that interlude. I am not sure if it’s because he enjoyed it so much, or if he was worried I would take him to the school board?~I laughed a bit and said I gave him an A+ for effort, which eh thought was very funny. Thing is, after that, we dated secretly and regularly, and my child’s maths marks actually improved. She told me that he that he was obviously a better teacher than she thought.}

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