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posted by Vixen's on Feb 11

Liza Oz does an interview for her new  book “US”.  She talks about the three Major relationships we have Love, Familial and Friendship. I hope you find it as interesteing as I did.

posted by Vixen's on Feb 10

Perfect Boyfriend Gift – No Hassel Tips For Getting It Right


Have the perfect boyfriend? Looking for the perfect boyfriend gift? Well, you don’t have to look any further than right at your boyfriend.

You see, gift giving doesn’t have to be a hassle. It doesn’t only have to be a night of sex and lingerie either. When you want to surprise your guy with something special, something out of the ordinary, the best place to look is at what your boyfriend likes to do.

If you give it some thought I’m sure you can think of some great, and unique gifts for your guy. Just figure out what he likes and then try to find something related to that.

If he loves sci-fi why not get him some free movie passes to the next big sci-fi blockbuster. If you’ve got a little bigger budget you may be able to find him a movie poster or something else related to his favorite movie.

It might take a little effort on your part but that’s what can really make a gift special, knowing that someone went a little out of their way just to make them happy.

Does your guy love sports? If so getting him front row tickets to his favorite teams next home game can be a great gift. If you can’t afford expensive sporting tickets, you might get him a jersey from his favorite team, or a poster (preferably signed) of his favorite player.

If your guy is into wines you can always surprise him with a great bottle of wine, or take it up a notch and sign him up to a wine of the month club (there is probably a beer of the month club too, in case your guy is more of a beer drinker).

If your guy likes to play poker or to gamble once in a while a trip to a casino can make a great gift for both of you. Most states have some sort of casino in them so you wouldn’t even have to go all the way to Vegas or Atlantic City.

And of course some of you have guys that are a little more ‘high brow’ and enjoy things like concerts and plays. If so, you’ve already got many gifts ‘built right in’.  Getting season tickets to your local theater or concert tickets for his favorite orchestra are both great gifts.

It doesn’t matter what your guy loves to do, just figure out the things that he enjoys and find him something that is related to that activity. A lot of men would love a hot night with you and some sexy lingerie, but they may also enjoy doing other things with you.

Your guy would probably love nothing more than to spend time with you doing what he loves to do. So, the next time you get him a gift of hockey tickets, plan on going with him. That can be the best gift of all.

Since I don’t know him, it’s hard for me to tell you what the perfect boyfriend gift would be. But hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas of things that may be just perfect for your guy. As long as you keep in mind that the gift is for him, and base the gift on what he likes to do, you can’t go wrong.

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How To Be Romantic With Your Girlfriend

Do you need a refresher course on how to be romantic with your girlfriend? Well, then, listen up. I know that in the beginning of the relationship everything seemed to come so easily. Everything was candlelight and roses and you could do no wrong in her eyes.

How did it all change so quickly? You do not have a clue do you? Well, somewhere along the line the romance stopped and life got in the way. The candlelight turned into a 100 watt bulb in the ceiling and the roses shriveled up and died.


Now, if you should happen to remember to send her flowers, she is going to think you have some ulterior motive or you have done something you need to apologize for. I know you do not believe that but trust me, I am right. This bouquet of flowers will not help you one teensy tiny little bit. She will be too suspicious to take them for what they were intended, a romantic gesture.

If you do not want her to be suspicious, take this how to be romantic with your girlfriend advice to heart. If you want to send her flowers do not send them to her work place, especially if she works with a lot of other women. The others will plant the seed of doubt and she will probably be angry with you by the time she gets home.

The New Romance

So, have them waiting on the table for her along with the nice little dinner you prepared, or if you can’t cook, at least bought with her in mind. Turn off that 100 watt bulb in the ceiling, light those candles again; have romantic music playing softly in the background and a nice bottle of wine opened and breathing.

Treat her like a queen when she gets home. Kiss her ever so softly on the lips to greet her then, take her coat and briefcase and put them away for her. Sit her in a chair and remove her shoes, giving each one of her feet a little rubdown with the promise of more later. Tell her to go get freshened up and have the new lingerie you bought her hanging in the bathroom for her to put on.

When she is ready, pull her chair out for her at the table and serve her dinner. Make conversation by asking how her day was and listen as she tells you all about it. Even if you do not understand what she is talking about. Always listen. Make eye contact and touch her hand or arm during dinner. Tell her how beautiful you think she is and always will be in your eyes.

After dinner lead her to the sofa, bringing along the rest of the bottle of wine and glasses to the living room and fulfill the promise of a complete foot rub, including toes, ankles, and calves. She will undoubtedly be putty in your hands at this point and only now can you relax a little and be confident that you know how to be romantic with your girlfriend.

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{One day I was really lonely, my girlfriend was out of town, and quite frankly I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was paging through the phone book, looking for escort agencies and making lists. This was because I found they were a great place to sell my goods – at that time I was selling jewellery, stockings and perfume.~My first experience with a sex prostitute came about when my chick was overseas. I had become a bit isolated since dating her, and I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. As I was looking for addresses for escort agencies in the phone book – I sold then perfume and stockings, at the time, I came up with a bright idea.~When my girlfriend went back to Israel because her visa had run out, I was pretty darn lonely. This was when I had my first experience with a sex prostitute, and I have to admit, it was not what I expected it to be. I was looking up the numbers and addresses of escort agencies, I sold the girls stockings and perfume and it was a good market place, and I had an idea.}

{I was also looking for the more local places, as I liked to keep fit by walking to as many places as I could and this idea hit me. Why don’t I call up and escort agency and instead of trying to flog to them, give them some of the money I had made back, by exchange of trade. In other words get myself a sex prostitutes.~I liked to walk where I worked as this also kept me fit, and I saw there were a lot of local agencies. So I thought, why not call them up and give them a bit of trade, I had already made enough money out of sex prostitutes.~I used to pick on local agencies, so I could walk while I worked, this had the added benefit of keeping me fit. And as I looked at the names, numbers and addresses, I thought to myself, why not give them some trade for a change, why no try a sex prostitutes?}

{I thought about my girlfriend and I decided, you know what a sex prostitute is actually the best idea. It’s just business, there are no emotional ties, I pay them for a fuck or whatever it is I want and wash my hands (and my cock) clean of the whole matter.~Thinking of the girlfriend so far away from home did nothing to deter men, I justified it, and thought – what the heck, I am paying for a fuck or a hand job (I like those) and this is not love, so no betrayal was involved.~A sudden pang of conscience made me think of my girlfriend and just as quickly I put it to the back of my mind. This was not personal, I was not going to fall in love with the girl; she will be a sex prostitute for goodness sake. There was definitely no betrayal involved.}

{As we lived nearby and sold to a lot of the local hot spots, I didn’t want to shit on my own doorstep. I looked up an agency in the next suburb and game them a call. I made an appointment to keep on their premises, which is the best idea, and went over to shop for what I wanted.~I didn’t think it was a good idea to phone one of the agencies I live close to and often sold good to, so I found one in the closest suburb and gave them a call. A appointment was duly made and I tarted (pun intended) myself up and off I went to hunt for hymen (figuratively speaking).~Not believing it would be a good idea to frequent one of the locals – within walking distance. I looked for one in the next suburb and found just what I was looking for. I called them up and made an appointment, thinking what was it to be? A hand job, blow job, fuck or all three?}

{I have never been shy to enter an agency and never been shy to talk to sex prostitutes either, its all part of life, and in any case, a lot of my living was made selling to them. This time the tables were turned.~It has never been a problem for me to walk into a brothel or escort agency as they are so nicely called, because I am used to selling there. Although this time the tables were turned, it was easy for me to walk in.~I am quite used to brothels from selling in them and it was simple for me to walk into this one and take a seat at the bar. I was immediately surrounded by girls, but I wanted to shop a bit, get the full experience so to speak.}

{I ordered a drink at the bar and got talking to a few of the girls, all of them asking me if I was looking for a date – I said yes of course.~A couple of girls came up to me as I ordered a drink at the bar, asked me if I wanted a date, and I said I wanted a drink first and I was still shopping.~A couple of the girls ask if I was looking for a date and I replied "yes, but I am still looking."}

{Eventually I picked on one little girl who looked promising and as I was hungry, I asked her out to dinner. She said sure, and off we went like any regular date. We got talking and she told me how her husband liked the fact she was a call girl, it turned him on. I was fascinated.~I got talking to a few of the girls, I have never been able to "do dumb" so I wanted someone who had something to say for themselves. I lighted upon a nice little girl who was doing this so she could study during the day. She was married and told me that the fact she was a sex prostitute turned her husband on, and this idea intrigued me so I bought her a drink.~I spoke to a few of the ladies and as I am a bit fussy about my ladies and like one with half a brain, I was looking for something a bit special. I lighted on one little girl who was very bright and bubbly, she also said she was working as a sex prostitute to fund her studies and that she was married. Said this was the perfect pro fession or her as her husband got turned on by the idea that other men fucked her.}

{You know what, the evening passed and we had a really good time, when I dropped her back at the agency, we had had dinner and drinks and a really good and interesting talk, but I didn’t feel any excitement or sexual energy. I just paid her and left her there, standing on the doorstep, thanking her for the great date, while she stared at me as though I had lost my marbles.~We actually ended up going out and having drinks and there was no sexual energy and I just like the way we got on. We had dinner, we had drinks and only when I took her back to the agency did the subject of sex come up. I said no thanks, she said pay me, so I did.~I bought her a drink and then another, and we decided to go out to a club. We actually really hit it off, I liked listening to her raunchy stories, that was more of a turn on that actually fucking her. Its right what they say about sex being a head game.}

{See, I told you it was weird.. The biggest turn on for me was her telling me about how she had sex with other men, and this was how I discovered one of my many fetishes I now love sex prostitutes.~I was a real gentleman, I told you it was really weird. But you know what, some things happen for a reason, and that little girl and I ended up becoming really good friends – had found a fetish, I liked it when someone told me about the sex they had with other people too, just like her husband thats why I Like sex prostitutes.~It was too weird, but at the end of the night I took her back to the agency and paid her – no sex, other than a mind-fuck. But I also realised, that I, like her husband, had as bit of a fetish for hearing about sex, and not so much participating in the act bring on sex prostitutes.}

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{The first time I bought a vibrator at an Adult Party Plan party, was many years ago. I actually can’t remember how long, but a good couple of years. I can remember being quite surprised when I was invited, because this kind of thing was quite unusual and I had no idea that people sold these kinds of goods by party plan.~It was many years ago that I first bought a vibrator at and adult party plan party. So long I can hardly remember. But it made an impression on me; a lasting impression, because at the time I did not realize that theses types of goods were sold this way. I thought you had to frequent sex shops to buy them.~Adult Party Plan parties are great fun and I attended the first of many quite a few years back. This was the first time I bought a vibrator and I have some good memories of this. I was however quite surprised to find that these parties were so popular and so well attended.}

{At the party I could understand why it was a bit undercover, not because it was illegal, but because these are intimate items and although I would think nothing of walking into a sex shop and buying what I wanted, the majority of women wouldn’t.~Who knew that sex toy were sold by party plan? But it was all very discrete, tasteful and quite legal. I realized then what a fantastic idea this was, not every girl just takes a deep breath and walks into a sex shop, although this has never been a problem for me, but like all sex toys are not created equal, neither are all people.~There is nothing illegal about selling these good,s although check the statutes pertaining to your states in the US. One poor unlucky Christian girl was vilified over selling sex toys in her home town. Some people are so small minded and mean}

{Adult party plan is a mainstream industry, enjoys as much popularity as Tupperware and is actually providing a much needed outlet to shy people.~Today many ladies are making money selling with Adult party plan ; there is a very large demand for these goods as well as an even greater need.~Adult party plan  is a lot more fun than selling Tupperware, and it will bring in some much needed extra income.}

{As a rule, most sex shops look seedy and are often even situated in seedy looking areas, and this has actually got them a bad rap. Many of the people who staff these shops, don’t look as though they would be able to give you much advice.~It is not easy for most people to just walk into a sex shop and ask advice, the staff in the past were never really trained to be that helpful (things have changed). But sex shops often look seedy and are often situated in the seedier parts of town.~Most people cannot walk into a sex shop off the street, in particular women. These shops often look as bit seedy and are found in a not too kosher part of town. The staff are not well trained and asking advice on sex from a tattooed, bald, fat man with his nose stuck in a porn magazine is no mean feat.}

{Adult party plan is completely different, these are most often sold by ladies for ladies, and if need by, by men for men, making the whole situation more comfortable. Couples parties are often also popular but more often than not, this is just the ladies.~Adult party plan has a totally different approach, ladies sell to ladies or couples and this make things a little easier, as well as more fun. The buying situation is far more comfortable and there is no pressure on to buy.~Adult party plan couldn’t be any more different to this kind of scenario. These goods are sold to ladies, by ladies and they have been specially trained. This make the exercise so much more fun and comfortable, and the ladies attending are always willing to exchange information.}

{The sales personnel are trained to present the goods in a way which makes us feel comfortable and entertaining, and this somehow managed to take all the seediness out of sex toys.~They have a definitive approach which is specifically designed to allow us to feel comfortable while we discuss intimate matters and objects. These parties are immensely entertaining and a scream a minute too, and they have taken the seedy aspect out of sex toys.~Sexy toys and goodies are presented in a sensible fashion and with genuine concern, it is not only about having a laugh, but this certainly stops any nervousness or tension. Feeling comfortable and entertained takes the seedy aspect out of buying adult goods.}

{Also bear in mind that the ever present porn aspect of a sex shop can also be intimidating to many people, staff are slack and you will find many just as they slouch back in their chairs reading porn magazines.~Sex shops also tend to have an "in your face" porn aspect, and often the staff look as thought they are only there to watch the shop, or as many porn movies as they can. This can make some people uncomfortable, particularly women.~Porn in a sex shop is always right in your face, and although you may be comfortable about sex toys, you may not necessarily be comfortable about walking past rows of magazines portraying Bertha’s big tits}

{Just because they would never set foot inside the door of a sex shop, does not mean that people wouldn’t still consider using a sex toy, lotion, potion, chocolate body paint or sexy underwear; so presenting these in an adult and professional fashion can make all the difference in the world to the buyer or potential buyer.~Because someone is too shy or easily shocked to walk into a sex shop, does not mean they are disinterested in sex and making their love lives a bit more exciting. They also want the same pleasures as everyone and would love to get their hands on potions, lotions, vibrators, bullets and chocolate body paint. Adult party plan, fulfills this need.~Sexy toys, potions, lotions, candles, negligee’s, and novelties are all grist for the mill of the adult party planner. Presenting these professionally makes a big difference to the buyer. Ladies love these goodies and even if they aren’t going to use them, the wheels are setting motion for them to become a potential client.}

{My first experience of buying at an adult party plan saw virtually every girl present booking another party with the sales ladies and she was booked in advance up to months away. This made it very plain that this service is hugely in demand, and these goods sell them selves.~When I went to my first adult party plan party, virtually every woman present book the sales lady for an event at their homes, and many had to book months in advance. There is a very good market for these products, and they literally sell themselves.~The first adult party plan party I attended, saw the sales lady booked for months in advance, every women wanted one of these events to share with their friends. This made it very clear to me that this is a great option for people who want to make extra money, or even work from home.}

{Either through adult party plan, sex shops or online, adult wholesale is a huge industry. It reaches into the billions in turnover in the US alone, making it a highly respectable mainstream industry. Getting a small slice of this turnover is making many people with adult party plan businesses, a great deal of money either in their spare time, or full-time.~Adult wholesale is a mainstream industry, it is above the board, and a lot of women have made a business from this. It is different (certainly from Tupperware) exciting, fun and actually respectable. If you think this industry generated billions of dollars of turnover annually in the US alone, it deserves the respect it gets.~Adult wholesale is a billion dollar industry in the US alone, I don’t know what the figures are world-wide, but they are very attractive. I wouldn’t risk it if I lived in a strict Muslim country, but virtually anywhere else in the world, a girl can make a good living out of selling these products.}

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{I was one of those guys who have an eternal phobia of stripping in public. I avoided swimming pools, I did not share gym showers with the other guys and it was a cause of alarm for me when the med exams were conducted in school or later in college. Well, my fears weren’t justified. At 5.5 inches, I had a penis so small that it would bring more ridicule and mockery than anything else.~A few months back, I was this eternally shy guy who had a paranoia of getting naked in front of someone. I disdained all gyms and pools where I had to strip. The mere mention of a medical test could give me the heebie-jeebies. And why? The reason was a ‘small’ problem. With just 5-1/2 inches in the place where it mattered the most, I was sure I would be laughed at more and nothing else.~Until recently, I was this very unconfident, scared little wretch who had a great fear of shedding his clothes in public. Places like gym showers and swimming pools were places that I dreaded, and when they would announce a medical examination anywhere, I would almost hyperventilate. It was just me probably, but with just a 5 and a half inch penis, I was probably justified in having all these fears.}

{So, there I was, looking down all the time because of the huge inferiority complex I harbored. I knew that a man is not a man if he doesn’t have a big enough penis. Still, life went on normally. Well, almost normally, because one summer I met this lovely girl who I immediately fell in love with.~I had a big complex about myself back then. Everyone around was telling how a man’s manliness is judged by the size of his penis. So, wasn’t I man enough? Still, I would have lived with it if it wasn’t this cutest, most exciting female who came into my life.~I thought I was the lowliest person on earth. I had read so much about a man’s worth being equal to his size that it was completely ingrained in me now. I thought I was an incomplete man, if at all, and that was when something great happened. I fell in love with an angel.}

{The chemistry was intense and she reciprocated too. But, when it came to take things to another level, I was terribly worried.~It was great being with her, but the day she wanted to go a step further, I became very intensely nervous.~I loved every moment with her. But every time I met her, I would dread as to whether she would want to take things ahead.}

{The Big Change~Change Happens~Looking for Change}

{I didn’t want to lose the girl and there was only one thing I could do to prevent that from happening. It was to get my penis enlarged and fast. I had read about a lot of penis enlargement products earlier. I wanted to try it out now.~I was sure I didn’t want to lose her for anything. And then I thought about the solution. It was the only way to be happy for ever. I wanted something that could enlarge my member. There was such a lot of mention about penis enlargement products everywhere that I immediately began seeing hope.~I was so deeply in love with her that I feared losing her every minute. I knew I had to do something to ensure I had her for keeps. There was only one thing to do—to go for penis enlargement. And then I saw there was information about it everywhere. I immediately realized that things were possible.}

{I did a bit of research and then I stumbled upon some penis enlargement pills that had some great reviews. I knew these were the pills for me. I immediately started out with them. They came by a discreet parcel so that no one would know what I ordered. So far so good~I snooped around a bit and then I found great reviews about these penis enlargement pills on several site. These pills seemed to be the right solution and they weren’t expensive either. I immediately placed an order. They came in a very innocent envelope. I liked that.~After looking at a few things, I realized that there are some great products. I found some amazing penis enlargement pills that everyone was talking about. Then and there, I decided to use them. I ordered them and they came, covered in a totally innocuous envelope.}

{I used the product right away. These were penis enlargement pills, which meant I could be as secretive about them as I wanted to. Even as I was dating this lovely damsel, I was on the pills and she never once came to know about it.~I didn’t waste any time starting on the product. These penis enlargement pills could be anyway taken in any way that I liked, without anybody knowing. I was going out with this irresistible female and was on this supplementation and she never once guessed it~There was no time to waste. I immediately began using the product. What I really liked about these penis enlargement pills was that I could take them as secretly as I liked. In fact, even the girl I was dating never got a whiff of the fact that I was using them.}

{The Big Day~The Day Arrives~The Moment}

{It was three weeks into our affair that we had sex. But I wasn’t worried anymore at all. I was actually looking forward to it and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. What’s more is that I could make her enjoy it at all.~A few weeks after our relationship began, we decided to take the plunge. And I wasn’t scared now. Instead of the torment that it was earlier, sex turned out to be a pleasure for me. I was actually happy to show her my package. I could tell she was having fun.~After a few weeks of going out together, things suddenly began to happen one day. She made the first move. Typically I should have been scared but I wasn’t. I was now confident of what I was packing inside. I showed my stuff to her. I was beside myself with joy when she loved what she saw}

{Know what changed everything? It was those penis enlargement pills. Those darned good pills increased my little dick to a beautiful monster of 7 inches when erect, in less than a month. But more than the physical size, it was the mental peace and confidence it gave me.~Those penis enlargement pills changed my life, if no one else’s. I have a whole 7 inches of meat there and I am very satisfied. Along with the physical change, I know I have become a more confident person as well.~My life became much improved after these penis enlargement pills. I have grown to over 7 inches and I am sure there is more to go. I am not the shy, docile boy any more… I know that if you want change to happen, you should really pursue it.}

{My life is changed now—for the better.~The change has occurred in my life. I am now an improved man~Even I have changed in many ways… I am a bigger and better person now.}

posted by Gerard Duplest on Mar 4

{When I was much younger, I really fancied this older woman, she was about 11 years older than me and an artist. I have to admit I pursued her, but man was she a piece of work, but when I think about it today I really should thank this ex for telling her friends and whoever else would listen about my huge penis.~I still like women who are older than me, even though I am now older and when I was you, I had a problem with this, they weren’t really interested in me. But one I got to know in the biblical sense really ended up hurting me, she was an artist, her name was Veronique. But one thing I do have to thank her for is letting everyone know what a huge penis I have.~Older woman syndrome has always been a problem with me, now that I am older I have not problem pulling them, but when I was younger it was harder to get my fantasies right. There was one in particular, an artist and it her I have to thank for making sure her friends knew all about my huge penis.}

{It all started when we met in a Rockey Street bar, I was young and dumb as well as a bit “big city” struck. I met Veronique, and was immediately taken by this artist, we started going around a bit together and I really found myself wanting to get into her pants.~At the time I may have been young and dumb but I had the right equipment, and was a bit bright lights and big city struck when I met Veronique. She struck a chord in me immediately and I inveigled myself into this artist bevy of followers.~When Veronique and I met, I was rather naïve, I though it would be cool to have an artist girlfriend who was older than me, but she kept me at arms length, only allowing me to be one of the many sycophants in her entourage.}

{Not everyone is as well endowed naturally as I am, but read some penis enlargement reviews and see it is actually to be just as big with a little help from your friends.~It is not natural for all men to have a huge cock like mine, but science has seen to it that his can be rectified. Read penis enlargement reviews to get the bigger picture.~I have a huge cock but not all men do. This is why living in the 21st century is so cool, get hold of some penis enlargement reviews, and see why.}

{After one of her locally held art shows, we all went back to her apartment, she had a whole cortege of followers, including me. We bought some jugs of wine and I had a local dope merchant get me some good Durban Poison.~One day after one of her strange art exhibitions, we all went to her apartment, the entire entourage. We stopped for jugs of wine and I bought Durban Poison from my local dope dealer.~One afternoon we all got drunk and stoned at her place after traipsing behind her to one of her arb art exhibits. We were all drinking red wine by the jug-full and smoking some great weed I had got my hands on.}

{Eventually we were all half drunk and half stoned and people began to wander off, leaving me alone with Veronique. This time she was open to my sexual advances. She was forbidden fruit too, because this was in South Africa during the apartheid era; I was white, she was colored.~As soon as we were all half pissed and stoned, people started leaving and eventually I found myself alone with my fantasy woman. By then she had lost her “older woman” inhibitions and allowed me to approach her in a sexual way, she was forbidden, being of color and me being white in an apartheid South Africa.~As they got more drunk and stoned, people started trickling out and I soon had Veronique all to myself. We had lost all inhibitions and she was soon kissing me; I was only too happy to return the kisses of this forbidden fruit and before long we decided to get in the bath together.}

{We got into the bath together and started fucking underwater, but when we were halfway through, she decided to stop and take some photos. Admiring my big hard cock I didn’t mind, but taking photos of it, I didn’t know.~She ran a bath, lit candles and we got into the deep warm water and started fucking. Just as I was getting going, she topped me, telling me she wanted “artistic” photos, of me with my big beautiful cock, I was unsure, but relented.~We lit candles, poured in the bubble bath and began fucking in the bath, but on what seemed like a whim she decided she wanted to take photos of my huge hard on. I wasn’t keen, but she promised they would be kept private and be artistic so I relented.}

{Eventually I relented and actually quite enjoyed her snapping away at me posing in the bath, cock exposed for all the world to see. It really turned me on and when she put her down camera I fucked her so hard and fast that I came in seconds.~Posing me how she wanted, she got the shots she needed and it actually turned me on, she assured me they would be private. By the time she returned to our fucking session I was rock hard and I just fucked her hard and selfishly, cumming like a young boy.~Posing me and my big beautiful cock how she wanted was actually a big turn on and I wanted to fuck her hard more than ever by then. When she came back to the bath and we started fucking again, I was so excited a just couldn’t make it last and I shot my load hot and hard into her.}

{Next day came, and the next and Veronique did not want to see me again, I couldn’t get through to her that I wanted to see her again. She just hid behind her wolf pack and refused to see me. Feeling shunned and lost, I moped around for a few weeks, getting stoned and not doing much else. Then deciding to stop moping I went back to one of my favorite bars. The fact that it was the bar where I met Veronique was beside the point by then.~The next day she refused to see and this continued for weeks while I moped around. She hid behind her cortege of sycophants, and I felt hurt, shunned and confused, I consoled myself with misery and drugs. But eventually I snapped out of it and decided to get out and about again, returning to my favorite bar. The fact that I had met my Veronique there may have been the reason why, it was her favorite place too.~Wanting to see her again the next day, I was really hurt, she refused. She got her entourage to fob me off and tell me sh e didn’t want to see me again. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. It took me weeks of moping to get over this, but eventually I came to my senses and got on with living, the first stop being my favorite bar, where I also had met Veronique.}

{I walked in and walked up to the bar, Shirley, the barmaid grinned at me, and said “I had no idea that you had such a big cock?”, “what the fuck are you talking about?” I responded. She tilted her head to the side and moved her eyes left to indicate I should look that way. I did, and there I was, a blown up, framed photo on the wall of the bar, as large as life in the bathtub.~When I went up to the bar to order a drink, the resident barmaid, Shirley gave me a sly smile; shook her head at me and said “what a pretty cock you’ve got”. Wondering what was going on. She looked left and I followed her eyes, there was a huge blown up photo of me, naked and rock hard cock in close up detail hanging on the wall.~Sauntering up to the bar, I placed my order with Shirley, the resident barmaid. She winked at me when she gave me my drink and said, “it’s on the house, I’m buying, because you have got such a nice cock”. “What” I replied, “look” she said pointing to the wall on my left. There I was, as large as life and as naked as the day I was born, only with a massive hard on.}

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{The day I saw those leathers, I knew I simply had to have them. The salesperson behind the counter told me that the pants could be adjusted to fit me perfectly, so I decided to take her up on her offer.~After saving for a long time, I finally found myself in a shop trying on my very first pair of leather pants. After trying on many without finding one that I liked, the lady of the shop suggested I had one altered to my liking.~My dream of getting a pair of leather pants came true when I tried on my first pair. I hated the fit, but the shop offered a tailor service which I wanted, so I paid to get it done.}

{As I stepped into the back room, a pretty young lady came up to greet me. Her Asian features were striking and I felt a little stir in my loins. I said a silent prayer to keep myself relaxed in her company.~With my new pants on, she sent me into the adjacent room where a beautiful Asian girl waited for me. Her smile made me a little nervous and I felt a little panic as I felt a jolt in my crotch.~So I found myself in another room of the shop where a strikingly beautiful Asian girl waited for me. I immediately became a bit nervous as I did not know how I was going to stay calm and collected in her presence.}

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{I slipped the pants on and they felt perfect to me, but she insisted I got onto the little dressers box in the middle of the room, so I did as told. Without a word she got working with her measuring tape and chalk.~In the middle of the room with mirrors all round stood a covered box and she guided me onto this in silence. She picked up her tape and dressers chalk and started to work on my pants.~She guided me onto her box set on the floor in front of a massive mirror. She moved silently and gracefully like a cat as she came close to my crotch area with her tape and a little piece of chalk with which she drew and marked areas.}

{Her tiny hands slipped lightly over the soft leather as she measured and marked where she was going to make the changes. As she worked towards my crotch, I simply could not rely on prayer anymore as I felt my bulge swell.~Her soft touch drove me wild and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. She simply went on measuring and marking al over. As her hands slightly touched my bulge, I lost my self control as I grew stiff inside my new leathers.~I felt her hands every time she touched me and had to bite my tongue a few times, but it did not help at all as my bulge slowly but surely grew in size. This became worse as she touched my bulge ever so gently.}

{She never looked up once, but simply stroked my pounding bulge lightly with her tape and drew a fine white line that disappeared into my thigh. I knew she was going to do the same on the other side and this idea got me rock hard.~With her eyes down, she drew a line from my belt into my thigh passing right over my crotch. As she lifted her hand to do the same line again, my bulge really swelled up and became very visible as my cock pushed from inside.~With her chalk, she softly drew a line right on the side of my crotch and all the way down under my balls. I waited with bated breath for her to do this on the opposite side as well and when she did, I got a full on erection.}

{She looked up with those gorgeous brown eyes, smiled at me and then proceeded to lick my bulging pants. I pushed her head into my throbbing dick and she lightly bit my cock through the leather.~The girl noticed my excitement and ran her long nails over my shaft. Our eyes met and we both smiled at each other. She broke eye contact and faced my enormous bulge, playing on it with the tip of her tongue.~She lifted her eyes up to me and I noticed the little devils dancing in them as she kissed my over sized bulge. She licked off the line she previously drew there. I loved her touch and attention.}

{Her hands came up and worked my tight ass quite skilfully as she kept her attention on my ever increasing bulge. The fine white lines disappeared as she left long wet lick lines all over.~After a few minutes her tongue erased all the markings she made previously as she worked my bulge. Her tiny hands explored my tight butt as she felt me up all over. I went wild with excitement.~She worked my bulge and butt slowly and with determination causing me to shove my bulge right in her face. Her tongue was all over the leather pants by now enjoying every minute.}

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{With great skill she had my rock hard cock out and started with light licks of her tongue over my head. I felt my knees trembling as she swallowed all of my 11 inches in one go.~Her tongue played with my cock as she worked her magic on it sending shivers all over my body. Her skills surprised me as she took all of me down her throat, sucking me silly.~This was clearly her show and boy was she good at giving great head as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. I trembled all over and tried to keep focus and balance as wave upon wave of pleasure went up and down my spine.}

{My hands ended up on her head as I fed her my meat and she loved eating me as I drove deep down her throat. I lasted only a few minutes before washing her face with my hot cum.~I gripped her pony tail and pushed myself deeper into her hot mouth. She responded wildly and kept up the suction. Within minutes I felt my orgasm building up until I could not hold back any longer. I came inside her mouth.~I shot my full load into her open mouth and she laughed out loud as she took every drop I could deliver. This was the fastest I have ever came since I care to remember.}

{She played with her mouth full and then slowly spat it onto my new pants. As the white streaks ran down the leather, she spoke for the first time: Now you never forget your first leather pants, yes?~She let the cum flow down the pants and smiled up at me. In her broken English she joked with me by saying that she now knows that I will never forget the day I bought these pants.~After rolling my spunk around in her mouth, she dribbled it down my brand-new pants. As she slapped my ass, she smirked – now get it off so that I can fix it.}

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