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{Chelsea and Dorothy are best of friends. They have known each other since kindergarten and have been like sisters. The girls always share each others secrets with one another and they often do everything together.~Best friends, Dorothy and Chelsea had been together since kindergarten. They are practically partners in crime and have always been together since they met. They shared many things with each other especially secrets that they had not told anyone else.~It was a nice sunny day when Chelsea and Dorothy decided to picnic in the park. They are best of friends, practically sisters. They know so much about each other and they keep each others secrets. Both didn’t really expected they would have a really big secret they would both be keeping among themselves that day.}

{One day in the park, Dorothy talked to Chelsea about what she saw in TV. “Hey Chels, I was watching TV the other night and then I saw these two girls kissing each other. They were really getting at it.” Dorothy narrated. “Of course they are. They are actors so they really need to get in their roles.” Chelsea said. “Well I heard boys really like it when girls kiss and make out with each other. My boyfriend said men dig that.” Said Dorothy.~It was a weekend, when the girls decided to go on a picnic in the park. They were walking towards their favorite spot away from everyone else when Dorothy told her friend about what she saw on TV. “These two girls were making out in front of one of the girl’s boyfriend. It was really hot and the guy loved what he sees.” Then Chelsea said, “Yeah, Rob said guys are into girls that do stuff with other girls. I guess it’s more fun.”~They were setting up on their favorite secluded spot in the park when Doroth! y told her friend about what she saw on TV. "Have you ever kissed another girl? Coz I saw these girls making out on TV and they seem to be having a good time." Dorothy said. "Well I haven’t. But yeah it seems kinda fun. My boyfriend said it’s his dream, to have to women make out in front of him. What do you think it would feel like?" Chelsea asked.}

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{“Do you wanna try it?” Chelsea curiously asked. “Well, I don’t know. Maybe?” the other girl answered. They walked some more on the part of the park where there isn’t much people. They set up a picnic cloth on the grass near a bush and sat there. “Why don’t you kiss me? Maybe it’s as good as everybody says.” Chelsea daringly said.~“Why don’t we try it?” Dorothy suggested. “Yeah, we should.” Chealsea agreed. The ladies stared at each other and decided they should give it a go. The kiss started out casual but when Dorothy opened her mouth wider, Chelsea took advantage and stick her tongue inside her friend’s mouth.~"Wanna try it? We’re practically sisters so at least this could be our little secret. And if we liked it, maybe we could fulfill Luke’s fantasy." said Dorothy. "Yeah, why not? I think it would be fun trying." Chelsea said with a little grin in her face.}

{Dorothy did not even hesitate when she lowered her head and kiss her friend. Chelsea always being the naughty one opened her mouth and stick her tongue out. Dorothy got startled with what her friend did and as a result opened her mouth wider. Chelsea used that opportunity to tease the other girl’s tongue with her own. They were doing it for about a minute when they both felt the urge to catch a breath.~The kiss the best friends are sharing were getting deeper and deeper. They stop every now and then to catch some breath but immediately go back to doing the pleasurable act. Chelsea reached under Dorothy’s shirt and cupped her tits. "Ohhhh… that’s nice Chels." the girl said. Upon hearing that, Chelsea lifted her friend’s shirt to remove it. Dorothy did the same to her friend.~The ladies started out with a kiss. Their lips locking on to each others’. They were teasing each other when they started to play with their tongues. They are licking each others mouth an! d sucking the others’ tongue. "Hmmm… this sure is fun." Chelsea said.}

{“Hmmm… this is not so bad at all. In fact, I am enjoying it.” Chelsea said. “Yeah, it’s nice….” Dorothy was cut short of what she was about to say when her friend kissed her again. This time she was also as aggressive as Chelsea was. She was fighting her tongue actions and her hand is now touching her tits. “Ohhhhh….” a long moan from Chelsea.~Removing the clothes did not stop at the shirts. They also removed each others’ skirts and underwear. The exploring also expounded somewhere else. Chelsea now has her mouth on the friends breasts while Dorothy fingers the other’s pussy. Their moans were getting louder as every second pasts.~It didn’t take long before they started using their hands too to explore each others body. Chelsea had both her hands squeezing Dorothy’s tits while she has her hands on her friend’s ass. They also started to let out some moans that are getting them more in the mood.}

{The two girls stopped kissing and started undressing. This was very exciting for the both of them. Not only are they making out but also they are doing it in a public place. When Dorothy removed her top, Chelsea came towards her and sucked on her tips. She was like a hungry beast who feasted on her best friend’s breast. She was biting her nipples and all the sound Dorothy was making was nothing but loud moans.~Dorothy tried to push away from Chelsea so she could position herself well. She turned to face her pussy so she could give it more attention. Chelsea did what her friend is doing to. With her cunt on her face, she inserted on of her fingers inside and licked the protruding clit.~They started undressing each other while there hands still explore the others’ body. They sat on the picnic cloth and facing each other. Dorothy initiated by going on top and suck on Chelsea’s tits. She gently bites her nipples trying to imitate what her boyfriend does to her.}

{When Chelsea stopped, Dorothy knew it was her turn to do the same thing to her friend. She suckled on her tits as well, one after the other. “Yeah Dorothy, just like that. Bite it a little. Ohhh… yeah that’s it.” Chelsea said. This go on for a bit, before they started to explore more on each other’s body.~"Ohh yeah Chelsea. That’s it. Come on babe lick my pussy." Dorothy said right before she did exactly the same to her friend. "Ohhh… ahhhh… yeaahh…" loud moaning reverberated in the park. It was a good thing they always pick a secluded place or someone might have already caught them by now.~She then headed south licking every inch of Chelsea on the way. She reached her sweet smelling pussy so she didn’t hesitate at all to lick it. It was smooth and well groomed. She explored every bits of it and even licked the pussy juice dripping out of her cum.}

{Chelsea went down to her friend’s pussy and spread her legs. She kissed her friends clit and when she heard an even louder moan, she started licking it. She explored the area quite a bit and even inserted her tongue inside the other’s cunt. Slowly she tried to turns around and positioned her pussy above Dorothy’s face. “Like my pussy too, please.” She asked Dorothy and her friend did just that.~Both of the girl’s juices are flowing out their cunt. They could taste how sweet each other are. They fingers and licked some more, added another finger and licked all over. The lust and the will to make each other cum is pushing them to go on with this experiment.~"Ohh Dorothy, I’m cumming…. yeah do that some more!" Chelsea said. She continued licking and even put two of her fingers inside her cunt. A really long moan from her friend signaled she came. Chelsea pulled her up her face and kissed her once again. She pushed Dorothy to lay so she could return the ! favor.}

{The friends were licking each other’s pussy in the 69 position when they both came. It made them felt really good so that had been the start of a more fun and exciting friendship between the two ladies.~Soon the girls let out their loudest moan. They both cum and made each other feel good about their little secret. This just made their friendship a little more exciting.~She explored every part of her Dorothy the way she did to her. Briefly after that, she also exploded and released a great amount of cum. Now this is certainly a secret they would explore over and over again.}

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