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{According to the Washington Post; eight penis enhancement drugs have been recalled due to apparent severe health threats. As of 15th July of this year 5 600 bottles of Brookstone Pharmaceuticals Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops as well as six of Nature & Health’s penis enhancement supplements were canned following reports of toxicity to the liver, possible kidney damage and causing dangerously low blood pressure.~As at 15th July 2009, the Washington post records that no less than eight different male enhancement drugs have been recalled. This is due to many suspected side affects that may severely affect the health of the user. Brookstone Pharmaceuticals, Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops were recalled and 5 600 bottles of this was removed from the shelves, as were six products in the Nature & Health’s penis enhancement supplement range.~Earlier this year, as reported in the Washington Post, 5 600 bottle of dangerous male enhancement drugs were recalled from the shelves of stores. These included Brookstone Pharmaceuticals, Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops and 6 products from the Nature & Health’s range, after it was found that dangerous side effects could be experienced from use of these.}

{These were only a few of the suspected side effects thought to be triggered by chemical ingredients contained in these pills.~It is believed that all of these products could be responsible for liver toxicity, kidney damage and dangerously low blood pressure. And these are only a few of the side affect it is suspected may be caused by the chemical ingredients in these medications.~The report said that these drugs were suspect in respect of liver toxicity, dangerously low blood pressure and kidney damage. However these are only a few of the side affects mentioned and the chemical ingredients contained in many of these medications could be responsible for other health concerns too.}

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{Similar health risks were found to be possible with use of Nature & Health Co.’s male penis enhancers Herbal Disiac, LibieXtreme, Libimax, Y-4ever, Powermania Liquid, and Powermania Capsules. Avoid taking any of these drugs at all costs particularly if you have any heart, liver, kidney or blood pressure related illnesses. Diabetics in should also avoid use of any penis enhancement supplements.~The Nature and Health Co’s recalled products include Herbal Disiac, Libimax, LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Powermania Liquid & Powermania Capsules. If you see these drugs on the shelf do not buy them and if you have already purchased any of these make sure you don’t use them and return them if possible. Male enhancements supplements should also not be taken if you suffer from diabetes or any form of heart disease.~Herbal Disiac, LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Libimax, Powermania Liquid & Powermania Capsules, all from the Nature & Health Co were recalled. If you have already got any o f these products, you should not use them and if you see them on the shelves, rather don’t buy them. Also remember that it is dangerous to use male enhancement drugs if you are diabetic, or you have any form of heart or vascular disease.}

{But are there any penis enhancement supplements safe?~But is there any form of penis enhancement that is safe?~But what about safe male enhancement?}

{This is really hard to say because of the risks involved with these products, others may well be the same, and if there are safer natural methods available, it is highly recommend that these be used. The outcome will be just as dynamic without having to suffer any possible dangerous side effects. No one should ever take any pills they are unsure of, and many potentially dangerous drugs still remain on the market.~Because of the high risk of taking products which contain ingredients that are dangerous to your health, this is a difficult question to answer. Obviously the answer would be to find a completely risk-free alternative that did not include the taking of chemicals, but this does not necessarily mean that other oral preparations may not be just as dangerous to the health. Side effects are still possible even with herbal products such as those on the Nature and Co range.~If there is high health risks involved in taking chemicals for penis enlargement or sta ying power, then surely there should be something that can be done to physically overcome this issue that many males have. There is, and this is a completely risk free solution Remember although there are products that call them selves “completely natural” and risk free, be careful about taking pills or potions you know nothing about, even the Nature & Health Co products are problematic.}

{For completely risk free penis enlargement without making use of any of the products mentioned above, how about using a penis traction device? These devises have been medically tested and have been proven to work for many men.~But what about getting physical about it and applying techniques that don’t include the taking of pills that may be potentially dangerous? There is such a device available – a penis traction device~Without taking pills, you can find a solution, and the solution is the penis traction device. This takes the chemicals out of the equation and makes penis enhancement 100% natural and safe.}

{Effective increases of between 1.5 and 3 inches in penile size have been seen with the “Size Genetics” device. This device is manufactured from Medical Class Type 1 materials, and comes with no associated risk, as there would be from taking enhancement drugs which contain potentially harmful chemicals. It will certainly not affect your liver, kidneys or circulatory system and is specifically designed, only to work on your penis, which is as it should be.~These are made with medical grade materials and have been medically tested for results. They have proven to be effective and many men have seen good results too, and completely risk free~Manufactured with medical grade materials and completely risk free, there have been great results seen and reported. These items have also been medically tested and medically proven to be effective. With a device such as the SizeGenetics, the only side effects you see results on your manhood. But hand in hand with this you also see an increase in your confidence levels and possibly even your ego.}

{Penile traction is similar in nature to the type of medial traction used in orthopedic surgery. All you have to do is wear the device for a few hours a day and it has proven to correct problems such as: • Increases in length • Corrections for penile curvature • Increases in stamina and virility • No more premature ejaculation~The SizeGenetics only works on the penis, so it is guaranteed not to affect your liver, lungs or blood pressure. Although they cannot vouchsafe for the blood pressure of your lady friends The concept of Penile Traction is very similar in nature to orthopedic traction, you basically wear the device for a few hours a day and it corrects penis problems of a varying degree. The overall benefits seen have been and increase in length and girth. Corrections of penile curvature, and increase in stamina as well as virility and it helps with men who suffer from premature ejaculation.~The device works in a similar fashion to the way traction works in orthopedic surgery, but without the surgery. It needs to be worn daily for a few hours at a time and you soon see results: Results such as increases in both length and girth, the correction of curvature of the penis, better relief from premature ejaculation and an increase in both stamina and virility.}

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