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{I love my women dark and steamy, or should I say hot and adventurous in the bedroom. When I was a young man I preferred blondes with large breasts, this all changed when I worked for a company which had an incentive scheme that provided successful staff members with a trip to the Philippines.~As a young man growing up in Australia I always thought that Asian girls were very attractive, but for one reason or another had only ever had sex with Caucasian girls. This was to change after I worked for a company that offered trips to the Philippines as dark and steamy incentives.~Growing up in Australia I had never had the opportunity to try it on with an dark and steamy Asian girl, it seemed that whenever I saw one they were always with other Asian people. I reasoned that they hung out together in order to keep horny buggers like me at bay.}

{A few of us won the trip and went over with the boss who had made the Philippines his regular holiday destination. He showed us around and taught us how to get the most fun out of our spending dollar.~There were four of us salesmen who had achieved our targets and we all decided to take the trip as a group. The boss of course said that he would be coming and told us that he would make sure that we had a good time.~Four of us had achieved our sales targets and with the boss that made five, he told us that it would be better than any end of season football trip that we had, telling us that in Australia you would spend in excess of $100 trying to wine and dine a girl and even then you weren’t sure of getting your end away, but in Manilla you could have a girl for the whole night for $20 and as a bonus she would wash your clothes for you.}

{For weeks before the trip he talked up the holiday, giving us some idea of what to expect on arrival. No prior warning could ever prepare you for the moment when you walk out of Manilla Airport. It was absolutely chaotic, even though we lived in a city of 2million people we were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people at the exit of the airport terminal.~He started showing us pics of some of his trips wanting to give us an idea of what would be on offer. Each and every one of us was getting more and more excited about the trip as it approached. I asked him to describe Manilla in a few words, his answer, Dark and Steamy, dark because of the skin colour of the girls and steamy because of what they would do for you if they liked you.~The boss was the only one of us who had been to the Philippines before so we pumped him for information on what to expect when we got there. He told us to remember the old bull and the young bull story. The young bull said to the ol! d bull, “lets run down to the herd of cows and fuck one”, the old bull said, “lets walk down and fuck them all”.}

{The first local who spoke to us asked us if we wanted fucky sucky with pretty girl. The boss told us to ignore him and then told the local to leave us all alone as we already had girls waiting for us. He assured us that the girls that he had in mind for us would be much better than those offered at the airport.~As soon as we stepped out of the Manilla Airport we were approached by a crowd of men asking us if we wanted a girl, their sales pitch would have worked if it weren’t for the boss. He told them all to go away, he had prettier ones and probably cleaner ones waiting for us.~On exiting the Manilla Airport we were immediately accosted by dozens of people, both men and women, offering us whatever sexual services we wanted. The boss told us to ignore them because he reckoned that we would probably get a disease if we took one up on their offer. Apparently these girls were the lowest of the low, trying to get a customer before he saw what else was on offer.}

{It was the wet season in the Philippines and it seemed like we were in a sauna in the taxi despite it being air-conditioned. Every building on the way to our hotel seemed to be stained by the polluted air, reminding me of a novel I had once read where the writer described Asia as dark and steamy.~In the Philippines they have Wet Season and Dry Season, it was the Wet Season when we arrived, even in the taxi on the way to our hotel it seemed as though we were in a sauna, steamy is the word that comes to mind when describing the weather.~The heat and the pollution was what hit us after the hopeful pimps disbursed, it was hot, steamy and polluted, not dark and steamy, as the boss had described to us. He assured us that it would be dark and steamy very soon after checking into our hotel.}

{We checked into our hotel and took our luggage up to our rooms, not even having enough time to unpack before the boss knocked on all our doors demanding that we head straight down to his favourite bar.~No sooner had I closed my hotel room door and put my suitcase on the bed there was a knock at my door, it was the boss telling me to hurry up or the best girls would be taken. Not wanting to end up with an ugly one I hurriedly followed him and my workmates to the bar of the bosses choice.~The boss was seemed over excited, he obviously had an addiction for Manilla; he seemed like a young boy at Christmas time just before his parents told him that he could open his presents. I thought that he wasn’t going to let us take our suitcases up to our rooms; he was literally foaming at the mouth when we drove past his favourite bar.}

{On entering the bar, dark and steamy came to mind once again, leaving the brilliant sunshine of the crowded street it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the dimly lit bar, once adjusted my eyes saw the steamy side of Manilla’s night club scene.~We walked to his favourite bar, the doorman greeted the boss by his first name and we were introduced by our first names, which the doorman committed to memory and never forgot. We took barstools side by side and were told by the boss that it was bad form to do that, where were the girls going to sit.~A doorman greeted the boss by his first name when we got to the long awaited first watering hole. We were ushered into a dark and humid bar full of scantily clad girls. I looked around for the ugly ones that we might have gotten stuck with if we didn’t get there early; there wasn’t an ugly girl in sight. They were all, in my opinion, absolute stunners. And the boss assured us that we could have anyone of them.} !

{It was only 4pm Manilla time and there were some of the sexiest women I had ever seen up on the dance stage either fully nude or moving what little cloth they were wearing aside so that you could see anything and everything that they had to offer. All you had to do was tell them what you wanted to see.~I ordered a drink and the barman gave me 2, as I was about to complain he said “Ladies drink”, and I looked to my right and lo and behold right next to me was the lady that the drink was meant for. The ‘ladies drink’ cost double what mine did, but it did include a free head-job, apparently on offer with every first drink bought by every first time customer.~There we were, 4pm in a bar on a main street of a major city of the world, drinking our first drink and all of us getting free blowjobs, one of the specials on the menu board. In Australia we would be drinking half priced beers, in Manilla we were getting our cocks sucked. I know knew why the boss loved! the Philippines.}

{I ordered my first drink and was informed that my first drink gave me a free head-job, what a country, buy a drink and get your dick sucked for free. I was told that you couldn’t pick the girl for the job, but if you wanted to fuck a girl of course you could pick her. I considered my options, pay for a fuck or get a free blow-job, the top of a girls all looks the same to me, so I opted for the free blow-job, I would pay a prettier one for a fuck later.~While I was getting my cock sucked the stage seemed to fill with beautiful young girls in or should I say, nearly out, of their bikinis. Each one seemed to take turns at dancing in front of each man in the bar, pulling the crotch of their bikini bottoms aside so that you could get a look at their little pink slits.~I was drinking out of a stubby, and getting my cock sucked, at one stage I put my drink on the bar to concentrate on the job to girl was giving me, and one of the dancers stepped forward, pulled her b! ikini bottoms aside and squatted on my stubby, taking the whole bottle into her hole. Now I know why the boss said it was dark and steamy, her cunt was black and she certainly was steamy.}

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