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{Dave was new in the city. He was still warming up to the ways of the city. His life in the town had been so different. But now he had a good job in the city. He needed to stay here. And he was lonely.~Dave hadn’t spent many days in the city yet. He was from a small town and was here for his job, and he was still getting used to the big city life. Also, he was feeling quite lonely.~The city was quite new to Dave. He had come from a town for a good job in the city. Though he had the job, he was feeling lonely here. He was still getting used to the city.}

{A friend at work fixed him up with a date for one evening. Dave was shy at first; he had never blind dated anyone before, but the friend was persistent. “Will do good for you,” he had said, “Go freak out with her!”~Seeing his loneliness, a friend at work arranged a date for him one evening. Dave hesitated a bit first, but the friend insisted. He said, “This will be great for you. Go enjoy with her.”~A friend at his workplace saw his loneliness and asked whether he would like to be matched up with a blind date. Initially reluctant, Dave agreed later. The friend said, “This one is a great one. Go have a ball with her.”}

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{So Dave waited in the bar waiting for her to arrive. Dot on time, a very sexy chick walked in the door. Dave’s heart missed a beat. This was a great blind date, he thought. But was it really this one? Yes, it was. She scanned the bar, saw Dave, smiled and began walking toward him.~In the evening, Dave found himself at a bar, waiting for his blind date to arrive. Right on time, a very pretty woman walked in through the door. She looked great. Dave was pleased. There was a moment of nervousness when he felt this might not be his date, but that was quieted when she looked at him, gave a little smile and walked in his direction.~That evening, Dave was waiting in a bar where the blind date was supposed to show up. She came, very punctually, and stood at the door scouring the entire bar. She was immensely sexy and attractive and Dave thought he had won a prize catch. Dave was quite happy with himself. For a moment, he felt this might not be the one, but that fear wa! s laid to rest when he found her smiling at him and moving toward his table.}

{Dave felt current rising through his body when she shook hands with him. Her skin was smooth, eyes aglow with mischief and she had a wonderful way of playing with her blonde hair while she talked. Dave could not concentrate on anything else but how he would lay this lady. He kept staring at her breasts and lips all the while they talked and, once or twice, he saw that she caught him staring.~She introduced herself with a handshake and with that Dave felt a sharp impulse running through his entire body. She had one of the smoothest skins he had ever seen on a woman and she had eyes that told she was game for anything. She sexily rummaged her locks as she talked. Dave found himself not concentrating on the small talk she made. Instead he was ogling at the area between her lips and her breasts. She caught him staring, but she just smiled it away.~She came up to him and shook his hand. Dave felt a twinge of current flow through him at that touch. This lady had a cre! amy white smooth skin and impish eyes that sent Dave in a tizzy. She had careless blonde tresses and she kept playing with them as she talked. Dave totally liked that habit. He wasn’t focusing on what she was saying. He just kept looking unabashedly at her lips and breasts. She caught him looking, but she just smiled at him.}

{They finished their little drink quickly and then started to move. Dave was living in a hotel room and that’s where he asked whether she would like to come. She quickly responded with a “yes”. Almost breathless, Dave guided her out of the bar and into his hotel room.~They ordered a drink and Dave finished it hyper quickly. Then Dave wasted no time in asking whether she would like to accompany him to his hotel room. She made a silent nod. Dave almost lost his control there. He escorted her out of the bar and led her to his hotel.~A drink was called for and both of them gulped it down hastily. Dave then asked her if she would like her to come up into the hotel room with him. She giggled like a girl and said “yes”. Dave almost did cartwheels in his mind. He quickly led her out of the bar.}

{Dave fumbled with the keys and somehow opened the door. The woman was giggling at Dave’s clumsiness but she was highly excited too. They entered, shutting the door behind them. Dave quickly popped into the bathroom and came out, without a stitch of clothing on his body. The woman looked at him and smiled mischievously. Dave signaled her to do the same. She said, “Why don’t you do it for me?”~Outside the room, Dave found himself fumbling with the room keys. She smiled once again, at his hasty awkwardness. However, she was very excited too. Dave could tell. The door was opened, they entered and they shut it. Without further ado, Dave walked into the bathroom and came out, completely naked. She was a little startled, but then found herself looking at him appraisingly. She let out another one of her smiles. Dave then told her to go in and do the same. But she said, “You do that for me!”~Within minutes, Dave found himself messing with his hotel room keys ! with his blind date by his side, impatient to get in. She smiled at him. Probably she was thinking he was loopy. But he knew she needed this too. They entered the room and quickly shut the door. Without a moment wasted, Dave walked into the bathroom and came out, totally naked. The woman looked at him and smiled once again. Dave told her to do the same thing. However, she said, “No, you do that… I will like it slow!”}

{Dave was totally breathless by now. He went close to her and unhooked her top. Her breasts were lovely. They weren’t huge or even big, but they were pert and had small nipples. Dave had a go at them. Her belly was smooth and flat; Dave played with her button for a while.~Dave found that exciting too. He walked up to her and started removing the buttons that held her blouse. He took it off her. Yes, her breasts were lovely. Not big, but small and pert. Small nipples. Dave loved them that way. He toyed with them. She had a neat belly underneath. Dave nibbled at her belly button.~Dave was beside himself with excitement. He came up to her and began removing her blouse. He removed the buttons slowly, as she wanted it to be done, and removed the blouse entirely. Her breasts were great. They weren’t big as some bimbos have; these were small and taut. He loved the small nipples on them. He nibbled at them. He then went kissing her downward and tickled her belly butt! on for a while.}

{Then he went lower. He unbuttoned her skirt. He felt something inside that he found odd. He unzipped the skirt and let it fall. That was when he gave the gasp of surprise. This lady wasn’t a lady! She had a penis larger than his!~He then went further south. He removed her skirt button. At that moment he felt something which he found strange. Quickly, he removed her entire skirt. As the skirt fell, Dave’s heart missed a beat. This woman had a penis. A penis that was larger than his!~He went lower. He came to her waist. Softly, he undid her skirt button. There, he felt like he felt something, which was weird. He removed her skirt and let it fall. It was then that his eyes became round as saucers. Inside, she had a long dong! This woman had a penis as big as his own!}

{“What the f…” Dave said. At that, the ‘lady’ grabbed Dave by the hair and directed his mouth to her erect penis. She forced Dave to suck on her cock. Eventually, Dave yielded – he was so horny. He began masturbating himself.~Dave stepped back. But the ‘woman’ was stronger. She took Dave’s mouth and placed it on her cock. Dave found himself sucking a penis! He resisted, but the ‘woman’ was stronger. Slowly, he got used to it. He was so horny! He also began touching himself. Later, each one of them had anal sex with the other. Dave was scared at first, but as he was learning so many new things, he thought he would learn this too. He actually found it enjoyable once the initial pain was over. It was not such a bad turnout, Dave felt.~Dave recoiled. But the ‘woman’ proved to be stronger. She pushed her penis into Dave’s mouth and made him suck on it. Dave resisted, but gave up. Slowly, he warmed up to it. He even began liking it. He had a go. He was so horny; he masturbated himself too.}

{Both took turns having anal with each other. Dave felt it difficult at first, even painful, but soon realized why some people enjoy getting anally penetrated. The evening turned out to be a great one, after all.~Later, each one of them had anal sex with the other. Dave was scared at first, but as he was learning so many new things, he thought he would learn this too. He actually found it enjoyable once the initial pain was over. It was not such a bad turnout, Dave felt.~After a brief spell of orally amusing each other, they proceeded to the bed. It was Dave’s first anal experience. It was painful at first, but then he found he liked the feeling. He moaned and groaned. Later, he gave just as good as he got! It was a wonderful blind date evening for Dave, one he would not forget in a hurry.}

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