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{Erotic Couples – What do they actually do?~Understanding the Activities of Erotic Couples~How are Erotic Couples Different from Others?}

{You must have heard the term ‘erotic couples’ a lot of times, but do you know what that actually means? Do you know what these couples actually do and what kind of lifestyle they lead? Well, if you don’t, keep reading to get some idea.~We often read about erotic couples and that term definitely intrigues and interests most of us. But the fact is that not a lot of people know what being erotic is all about. After all, what do erotic couples do? What is the difference in their lifestyles and someone else’s that does not fit into this category? Here’s a brief description of some of the acts that erotic couples involve themselves in.~A lot of people are fascinated when they hear about erotic couples, but the truth is that not many people know what erotic couples actually do. They confuse eroticism with raw sex and that’s where most of the misunderstanding lies. But what do erotic couples do exactly? Here are some points that will tell you what these people are all about.}

{Erotic Couples are Lovers of Sexuality~Erotic Couples and Worshippers of Human Sexuality~Disciples of Human Sexual Form}

{Read that again. Erotic couples are not necessarily lovers of ‘sex’, but they are definitely lovers of ‘sexuality’. They have great regard for the virtue of being male or female. They are fascinated by the anatomy of the male and female bodies and this is where their passion lies. An erotic man, for example, will look at a nude woman as a work of art and he may or may not have a lustful eye for it. They regard sexuality as a kind of art form.~There is a difference between sex and sexuality. Sex is carnal; it is a basic instinct. But sexuality is artistic and esthetic; something that should be slowly appreciated. Erotic couples are appreciators of sexuality. They consider male and female human bodies as works of art. They do not immediately look at the sex part of it; they appreciate the bodies for the beauty that they represent. Lust holds a secondary place for them.~Erotic couples are most fascinated by the human form. They are very deeply conscious about masculine and feminine bodies. They are awed with the bodies almost to the point that it becomes a religion with them. These are the people who will truly appreciate nude art, but it is not necessary that they will regard pornography in the same way. They like to think more about love and less about lust.}

{For Erotic Couples, Sex means Worshipping Each Other’s Bodies~Erotic Couples love Each Other’s Bodies~Disciples of their Partner’s Bodies}

{When erotic couples become intimate, the hardcore penetrative aspect is not what is uppermost in their minds. They spend time in loving and romancing with each other’s bodies. They are much concerned – and even fascinated – by what the other person likes. Also, for them foreplay is a very important part of the game, which may last longer than the actual process of penetration itself.~The most important trait of being erotic is that you should love your partner’s body in an artistic manner. This is what erotic couples do. Even when they are participating in a sexual act, they will not plunge headlong into it. They will take the time to savor each other’s bodies. They will indulge in lengthy foreplay sessions. They will get ‘intimate’ with each other’s bodies before they actually go ahead and have the sexual act. The stimulation is more important to erotic couples than the penetration.~Erotic couples are quite consumed by the bodies of their partners. They truly appreciate the physical form and that shows when they are having a sexual adventure with their partners. They will take time to admire and appreciate their partner’s body and they will not progress rapidly into sex. They will participate in foreplay and make the most of the time they have together. The actual penetrative act holds a secondary significance for them. What’s more important for them is to understand each other’s body to the fullest extent.}

{Erotic Couples are always Evolving and Experimenting~Erotic Couples are Broadminded about Sex~A Free Approach toward Sex}

{They are willing to learn new games and experiment with them. Since they are in love with the process, they may sometimes try to incorporate some changes. Actually, this is the reason why the flame of romance in erotic couples keeps burning for a long time.~You will find that erotic couples are much more open-minded about sex games than non-erotic couples are. They will take time out to appreciate each other to the fullest extent and they will play games with each other to realize this to the hilt. They will also not stick to a common sexual routine because that makes things to mundane for them.~When erotic couples indulge in sexual activities, they take pains to change their techniques each time. They love to experiment and learn about their own and each other’s bodies. They will play sex games to make the most of what they have.}

{You will find erotic couples indulging in role playing games, and even participating in some acts that most would consider bizarre. BDSM is a very popular among erotic couples, an act in which the couple gives importance to each other’s body. Similarly, various fetishes can be incorporated in the realm of erotica, because fetishes are more of visual appeal than physical.~Erotic couples are also not averse to acts which many other people feel are too unorthodox. They might indulge in BDSM acts or play out certain fetishes, as long as they are getting to spend more time with each other’s bodies. They love to ‘see’ and ‘admire’ more than actually ‘do’.~It is not uncommon to find erotic couples playing out role playing sex games and participating in BDSM activities. They are also fetishists in some way or the other. All this goes to prove that they think about sex in an artistic and esthetic manner, quite different from an ordinary person’s view about it.}

{Thus, erotic couples are more aware of their own and each other’s sexuality than other couples. They pay great importance to the human body and form and with their various sexual acts they definitely show what they intend to do.~One important trait about erotic couples is that they are very much conscious about their own and their partner’s bodies. They are in love with the human form in general and that is what distinguishes them from other people who are not-erotic.~The most important awareness for them is of the human body. This is what makes erotic couples different from all other people of this world.}

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