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{I watched him walk in as I sipped my latte. I was sitting in my favourite spot at my regular coffee shop when he noticed me looking. My tits perked up. He looked a little older, but he was tall, and I liked that.~He walked in just as I was finishing off my latte in the little coffee shop. He was tall and a little older than the usual type I go for. My nipples perked up when he saw me watching him.~I was sipping my latte at the coffee shop underneath my apartment, when he walked in. His eyes immediately met mine and I could feel my nipples hardening. He was tall, and he looked like he was in his forties.}

{He ordered his coffee and looked around for a place to sit, and when he looked in my direction, I smiled. He walked over and asked me if he could join me. I was a little embarrassed because I thought my tits could be seen through my white t shirt. I hate wearing a bra.~After he ordered his coffee, he made his way to one of the tables. I caught his eye once more and gave him a sly smile. He immediately walked over to where I was sitting. “Join me”, I said. I wasn’t wearing a bra and wondered whether he could see my tits through my white t shirt.~I wanted him to sit with me, and once he had his coffee, I gave him the naughtiest smile I could muster. Like a charm, he walked right up to me and said, “Do you mind if I join you?” I replied by saying that I didn’t mind. I never wore a bra, and I blushed because I knew he could see my excited nipples through my white t shirt.}

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{We started making small talk and I thought about my little secret. I always think about it when I meet a man. His thigh brushed against mine and I stiffened. I blushed when I saw him looking at my tits. I asked him if he would like something else to drink, and when he said yes, I invited him over to my place.~He asked me a few questions about myself and I answered them. When he brushed his leg against mine, my mind immediately went to my little secret. He shot a few glances towards my boobs until he finally just plain stared at them. I was turned on and my secret didn’t stop me from inviting him over to my place.~I thought about my secret as he asked me about where I was from and where I worked. He brushed his leg against mine and I knew where this was going to lead. He was definitely looking for more than just coffee because he blatantly looked at my boobs. I asked him whether he would like to come back to my place and he said yes.}

{When he grabbed my ass while we were walking to my place, I had no doubts about where he wanted this evening to go. However, I didn’t know if he would still want the evening to proceed in the same direction when he found out what I was hiding. That made me nervous.~As we made our way up the stairs, I could feel him groping my ass. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t fully know if I was comfortable with the direction this evening was taking because I didn’t know how he would react to my secret.~On our way up the stairs he grabbed my butt, very discreetly and very sexually. He let his hand linger there. I thought about the turn that this evening would take, and I felt a little nervous about showing him my little secret.}

{“Would you like a drink?” I asked him when we got to my place. When he said yes, I walked over to the bar and poured him a drink. My secret immediately went hard as he came up from behind and started stroking and squeezing my boobs. He turned me towards him and we kissed.~When we got to my place, I asked him if he wanted a drink. He said yes, and I began fixing one for him. I could feel him walking up behind me and I stopped what I was doing when he started massaging my boobs from behind. I could feel my secret stiffening in excitement. I turned to make contact with his mouth.~At my place, I went to the bar and began pouring him a drink. He came up from behind me and cupped my breasts in his hands and began stroking them. My little secret went hard. I turned around and kissed him.}

{He massaged my boobs hard as we made out. I felt his hardness with my hands, and without thinking I wrapped one leg around his leg. He immediately stopped and looked at me with surprise. Oh no! He had felt my cock. He backed away and sat down on the couch.~We made out passionately and our bodies got closer. I felt his hardness and worried that he could feel mine. I was right. He did feel mine. He stopped kissing me and walked up to the couch.~We were making out and he was fondling me when he pulled me close to him. I could feel his hard member through his pants, and he stopped kissing me when he felt mine. He went over to the couch and sat down.}

{I wasn’t about to let him go so fast, so I went up him and kissed him on the neck and made him touch my breasts. This time, he didn’t pull away, so I took his pants off, knelt down and began sucking his already hard cock. He liked it.~I tried to make him feel a little comfortable and so I kissed his neck slowly. He didn’t pull away so I took his hands and made them touch my boobs. I got on my knees and started giving him head. I knew this was one of my specialties and soon enough, he began to moan. I knew he would cum soon.~I went up to him and kissed him on his neck and took his hands and placed them on my boobs. I then knelt before him. I took his pants off and began sucking his hard cock. He was moaning in pleasure and looked like he was about to cum.}

{“I want you from behind”, he said and I obliged. I lifted my skirt and sat on his lap when he penetrated me. He held on to my boobs for support and began stroking them hard. My dick was on his thighs and I slowly began rubbing it on them.~I asked him whether he wanted to butt fuck me and he said yes. He lifted my skirt and made me sit on him. He entered me slowly and I moaned. He began massaging my boobs while I started rubbing my cock on his thighs.~He said he wanted me from behind, and so I took my skirt off and sat on his dick, facing away from him. I rode him up and down, all the while rubbing my dick up and down on his thighs. He was massaging my breasts the entire time, holding on to them at times to control my motion.}

{My dick being stimulated and the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure I was feeling in my ass were too much for me to handle. I came on his thighs and he came too. I could feel his thick hot sperm being spurted on my back and ass. He got dressed and left while I lay on the floor, satisfied like a baby.~Being butt fucked hurt, but it also felt real good. At the same time my dick being stimulated made me cum all over his thighs. He too came all over my ass and back. I was just catching my breath, feeling happier than I have felt in a long time, when he stood up and left.~It was an unbelievable feeling – the pain and pleasure of being penetrated in the ass along with my cock being stimulated. Just as I blew my load on his thighs, he blew his load in to my ass. I lay there satisfied while he left.}

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