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{Swinging Parties~What are swinging parties?~What is a swinging party and how can I find one?}

{Swinging parties are becoming increasingly popular. Once something that was thought of as a dirty little secret has now become almost a lifestyle choice for many people.~Swinging parties are were groups of people meet and can engage in uninhibited sex with strangers or friends. It is a way of beating the humdrum of everday married life for some, for others it is a lifestyle choice.~A swinging party is where open-minded people meet to enjoy erotic fun with other people and couples. Parties usually have a "host" who decides on the venue and the guests.}

{Some swinging parties can host up to as many as 100 people at a time whilst others can be a small gathering of a few selected couples.~Swinging parties can host up to 100 people at a time or be small comfortable gatherings of a few selected couples.~Parties can range greatly in the number of guests from a few selected couples to up to 100.}

{How do I find swinging parties?~Where do I find a swinging party?~How can I find a swinging party?}

{The first place to search out a swinging party in your neighbourhood is to look on the internet. Many of the sites will let you know exactly what happens at the parties and when and where each event is being held.~The best place to find parties in your local area is to look on the internet. Most party hosts will have a website that will give you all the details you require as to what happens at the parties and when and where they are being held.~One of the first places you can try is the internet. The majority of party "hosts" will have their own website and you will be able to access all the information you need, such as the rules for the party and when and where it is being held.}

{Contact and swinging magazines are also available at most adult stores. Some of the swinging party hosts will also advertise in the adult stores and on few occasions in the adult entertainment section of newspapers.~Adult stores will keep copies of contact and swinging magazines, these will also have personal ads that people have placed to find others with similar interests.~If you dont have access to the internet, most adult stores will carry swingers and contact magazines that will advertise country wide.}

{I am only curious at this stage.~At this stage I am only curious.~I am not sure if this is what I want I am only curious.}

{Many of the swinging parties will let you go along to simply watch first, but always enquire about this first.~A lot of sswinging parties hosts understand how nervous people who are new to the parties can be and will allow you to just observe the first time. But always enquire if this option is available.~A good swinging parties host will understand this and will often allow newcomers to just observe their first time. It is always best to ask if this is available first though.}

{Most of the swinging party hosts allow this as they know that it is more likely than not that the person will loose their inhibitions and join in. If you are going as a couple, it may be helpful to be with one another the first time, to be certain it is what you both want.~If you are going to a swinging party with your partner, it is often recommended that you be with one another the first time to be certain it is an atmosphere you both feel comfortable in.~If your partner is also interested in swinging parties but a little unsure, it may be more comfortable for them and yourself to share the experience with each other the first time.}

{Are they safe?~Are swinging parties safe?~How safe are they?}

{The majority of swingers parties promote a safe sex environment and also a personally safe environment where if you say no, then no means no. A good swingers party host will screen all potential party guests. Many people have formed long lasting friendships with people that they have met at swinger’s parties.~All good swinging party hosts promote a safe sex environment and often provide condoms to encourage the practise. They are also safe on a personal level where if you say no to somebody then that is what they will accept. Many people have found themselves making lifelong freindships with the people they meet at the parties.~A good swinging party host will promote a safe sex atmosphere and will often provide condoms for the guests. A good party will also abide by a personal safety rule, if you are asked to do something you dont want to do, then all you have to do is say no and it is accepted.}

{There are a few unscrupulous people who will use the idea of a swinger’s party to gain paying customers. Beware if someone says you have to pay to go to a party.~Beware though, some people have taken advantage of the increasing popularity of swinging parties and are running what is more or less a brothel with paid workers for which you will be charged a fee.~Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people out there who are taking advantage of the rising popularity of swinging and are using it to make money. These so called parties usually have prostitutes as "guests" and you are required to pay for them.}

{Some swingers groups do charge a membership fee, but not a fee to go to a party.~A genuine party will generally only cost you a small amount to cover condoms and food and drinks.~A good swinging party host will only charge you a small fee for membership which is to cover the condoms and refreshments. There may also be a small entry charge at each party.}

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