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{I was sitting in my wooden hut, rolling a cigarette and enjoying the peace and quiet of the early evening when I heard a dull thud sound against my outer wall. This was followed by some heavy breathing and kissing sounds.~The backpackers gave me a wooden hut and I loved it as it stood in a remote part of the property. At dusk I sat back and enjoyed a cigarette when I heard somebody being pushed against my wall followed by the noises associated with sex.~With the sun setting, I enjoyed a smoke all alone in my wooden cabin that was offered to me as the backpackers were fully booked. I did not mind at all as I always like my privacy. Suddenly I heard two people making out against my wall.}

{I slowly got up and peeped through an opening in the wall. To my surprise I saw the cleaner of the backpacker giving the owner some serious head. She looked a vixen when I first met her, but now I knew this girl was hot. I made a quick plan.~I crept to the window and to my shock I saw the cleaning girl going down on the boss of the place. My eye caught this youngster when I checked in and she did give me the impression that she was interested as well. I just needed to get rid of the owner.~Further investigation revealed that the owner was forcing a young cleaner to suck him off. I had the talent of spotting hot girls and she looked smoking hot when I arrived earlier that day. We had a little flirt and she left.}

{Back Packer sex is one of the best reasons for any youngster to go back-packing, you don’t honestly believe that it is just to see Europe do you?~When I told my mother I wanted to see Europe in my gap year, I had more motivation than seeing the historic highlights of this continent Back Packer sex was my first motivation~I wanted to see Europe in my gap year, but had more motivation than seeing the museums and highlights of this continent, I had heard all about Back Packer sex.}

{I phoned the owner on his mobile phone and asked him to come to reception immediately. As he rushed off, I simply opened my cabin door and invited the young girl inside with a wide grin.~A simple call to reception saw him being paged and as he went to find out who was looking for him, I let the young sex kitten into my lair. She came in without hesitation.~I was dying to get my hands on this little slut, so I called the backpacker whom then called the owner to the reception office. I opened my door and pulled the girl inside.}

{She smiled back with a twinkle in her eye and within minutes she was working my rod in her hot mouth. She sucked me like a pro and took every inch deep down her throat. I started loosening her bra while she was down there and she followed suit by loosening her skirt and panties herself.~I dropped my pants and she immediately took up her blow job duties she did a few seconds ago. From her skilful sucking and nibbling on my cock I knew I was in for a real treat with her. Without lifting her head once, she loosened all of her clothing.~For a moment I was worried, but then she simply pulled down my pants and started treating me to her wet lips as well. Her blow job skills told of a well experienced girl, despite her youthfulness. She wriggled out of her top without stopping to suck.}

{As she rose up to my mouth, her skirt dropped, leaving her naked body in my hands. I enjoyed every inch of her pale white skin as I worked my way down her flat belly. She jumped and got a grip on the rafter where she hung, looking down and smiling at me.~As I pulled her up to my chest, all of her clothing simply fell to the floor and she was totally nude in my arms. Her beautiful white skin smelled of flowers as I licked my way all over. I lifted her up and she immediately grasped what I wanted. She took the rafter above her and hung like a real model.~Finally she came up for air and our mouths met for the first time as the last of her clothing fell to the ground. I suckled and kissed her beautiful little body all over and went down to give her some serious head. She climbed onto my shoulders and found a hanging space from the rafters.}

{With her wet pussy on eye level, I ravaged her youthful and clean shaven pussy with my mouth and tongue. She did not make a sound, but by the way she breathed, I knew she was getting really turned on. She wrapped her slim legs round my face, pulling me even deeper into her.~My mouth was at the perfect level now to really work her pussy well. My tongue teased and worked into her shaven pussy, driving her closer to her orgasm with every flick of my tongue. She squeezed my head with her thighs as she lifted her legs onto my shoulders to offer me a full feast.~With her shaven feast right at the perfect height, I went ballistic on her and ravaged her sweet cunt. She moved and wriggled her whole body, but kept silent all the time. Her legs shot over my shoulders forcing my tongue deeper inside her.}

{I let her slip down slowly all the way down my own naked body until I slipped deep inside her. We fucked in the standing position for quite a while, but eventually I felt my knees going week so we simply fell over onto the bed and kept on fucking. She met my strokes with her lifted pelvis, allowing me to drive deep inside her.~Finally I helped her down and she slithered down my sweaty body, straddling my rock hard cock as she reached half way mark. We went into a rhythm immediately with her playing with her pelvis over my cock. I kept this going for as I long as I could manage and then flipped her onto the bed without withdrawing. We simply went on to rhythmically fucking on the bed.~As her arms got tired from hanging, she slithered down my body and came to rest with me filling her up with my rock hard cock. She rode me slowly and deeply as I stood upright for as long as I had the strength to do so. Finally we simply collapsed onto the floor where we simply kep t at it for about an hour.}

{We rolled over and now she was on top and seemingly very happy with this turn of events. I may have been gentle because of her tender age, but as soon as this little fox could control the fucking herself, she rode me like the devil himself, not sparing herself at all.~Like the true vixen she was, she skillfully turned the tables and ended up on top. I realized that my slow and sensual fucking – in an effort to protect her fragile innocence, was not quite what she needed as she went into top drive, riding me hard and without reserve.~She caught me by surprise and slipped from under to the top position. It was clear that this girl had enough of my slow and deep fucking and wanted a ride on the wild side. The little devil rode my cock so hard and so deep into her I felt like exploding.}

{This continued for hours until somebody shouted her name from outside. Without a blink, she slipped of my hard cock, got dressed and left my room without a word. I felt devastated, but at the same time truly satisfied. We would finish this off later.~I often wondered how long she would have kept this up if she was not called to the office. My sexy youngster slipped off me and into her overall like a pro and slipped into the night, leaving me desperately hard and horny.~Just as I could not hold back anymore, her pager went and she hopped of me in mid stroke. I was left lying on my back trying to catch my breath as she quickly dressed and left the room quietly. I had to finish off by myself, but the memories of her young little ass helped me all the way.}

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