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{Adam and the Policeman~Kris with the Policeman~Dan, the Officer and the Night}

{Adam was walking up the street. It was late. 2 am. He needed to get home quickly. The drinks and the marijuana had gotten to him. It was a good party, but like with all good parties, it would stay with him long after the party was over.~Kris did not like staying out late. But he couldn’t avoid this party. It was fun too. The beer flowed freely and there was some coke too. He loved it. Maybe he would do it often. Even though it was now 2 in the morning that he was heading home.~Dan hadn’t been to parties that wound up in the morning before this. He had let himself go completely. The booze was endless and there was also some crack in the corner. Great little shindig! Only it was 2 now and he felt he needed to be home fast.}

{He hadn’t taken his car. It was not necessary. The party was just around the block. He had to just walk for 10 minutes to reach home. So he walked – briskly at that.~His house wasn’t quite far. Just a quarter hour’s worth of walk. He thought the walk would do him good. He walked at a fast but easy pace.~He just had to walk some 10 minutes to reach home. It was in the same neighborhood. Walking in the night for the first time – he was excited.}

{What he didn’t know was that it would take him much more than 10 minutes to reach home.~But he didn’t know that late night parties would not be his only first time experience of that day.~What he didn’t know, though, was that a late night party and a late night walk weren’t the only things he would experience for the first time that day.}

{Constable Simon was patrolling the neighborhood that night. A few elderly women in the area had complained of people prowling into their yards at night. “Darn those women! Just some cats prowling maybe. And now here I am, patrolling a dead neighborhood,” he was muttering to himself. And then he heard the footsteps.~There had been a break-in in a house of the neighborhood last week. The people had called the police to patrol the area for a few nights. Constable Ryan hadn’t taken it very nicely when his supers ordered him to patrol this particular neighborhood when nothing ever happened even in the daytime. He was bored. But then he heard someone coming. This could get interesting!~Officer Jackson was patrolling that particular neighborhood that night. This was a desolate part of town, but some women had felt some shady things happening the previous nights. And so it had fallen upon Officer Jackson to patrol this place. He didn’t like this sleepy hollow. T! hat was why he immediately became excited when he heard the footsteps.}

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{“Who’s there?” he said in a loud whisper. Adam, not able to walk in a straight line, showed up the corner. He saw the officer and, for some reason, froze. “What are you doing here?” the officer asked. “J…just getting back home,” said Adam.~Kris walked along, not knowing the officer was surveying him in the dark. He came quite close to the officer before he could see him. “So where are you ambling along this time in the morning?” Constable Ryan asked. Kris was shaken. “Going home, that’s all,” he said.~Dan didn’t realize he was walking into Officer Jackson till he almost stepped on his toes. It was quite dark. “What are you, Little Red Riding Hood?” the officer asked him angrily. “Oops… sorry officer, just going home. Had a late night party, that’s all,” said Dan.}

{The officer came closer. “Wild party, eh?” he said. “Well, let’s see. There have been people breaking in here last night. Could be some like you.” Adam’s breath became shorter. “N…no, no, not me. I am always at home.” “Except for such wild nights, eh?” said Constable Simon, poking his baton in Adam’s chest. “Let’s teach you a lesson, shall we? How about a night in the slammer?”~Constable Ryan came closer and sniffed. “Beer… and maybe some coke… was a real fun party, right?” he asked. Kris was scared. He didn’t expect this. “Just some guys fooling around, nothing more,” he said. “Oh,” the officer went round-eyed, “So I think you like it better with the guys.” Kris didn’t know what the officer was getting at. “How about I lock you up for the night?” asked Constable Simon.”~“Oh I know something about parties,” said Officer Jackson. “So what did you have? Are you drunk? Yes you are. And I am sure ston! ed too. Your eyes tell me that.” Dan was beginning to get a bit nervous. “Yes, we did have some drink,” he said. Officer Jackson said, “And what else? Marijuana? Coke? Hash? Let me guess… (he sniffed at Dan) ah, crack. So is that party still going on?”}

{The booze, the marijuana, all melted away into nothingness right there. Adam kept looking at the officer with scared eyes. Then he realized he should not be staring him in the face. He lowered his gaze. Slowly, his gaze landed at the officer’s crotch. Something was wrong there.~That, if nothing else, scared Kris. Words failed to come out. Would he be in prison at 20 because he attended the first late night party of his life? He was still thinking when he suddenly realized what the officer was doing. His hand was on his crotch.~Dan was scared now. He didn’t want to be the guy who called the cops. His social life would be dead then. And then he saw something weird. The officer was putting his hand on his police belt buckle and toying with his zipper.}

{“What are you looking at?” the officer said. “Perhaps I have to teach you better.” Saying this, he opened his fly and let his thing out. Adam was too shocked to say anything. “An officer’s gotta have some fun too. Strip.” He waved his baton over Adam. The poor lad was scared shitless. He had no choice but to obey. The very fact that he was naked on the street so close to his home made him tingle. “Kneel,” the officer said. Adam complied. He had to. Then the man of law thrust his erection right into Adam’s pussy mouth. Adam didn’t know what to do. He felt his own cock throb. He thought he would as well go along.~“Or maybe I don’t put you in prison,” said the officer. “But let’s teach you a lesson.” Kris stood rooted there as he saw the officer opening his fly and letting his huge erection out. “You understand how I am going to teach you, don’t you?” he said. “This is yours to suck. Trust me, it tastes great after beer. No! w, strip!” Constable Ryan yelled out that last word. Kris was jolted and then he removed his clothes. Was there a way out for him? He stripped and knelt. The officer held naked Kris’ hair and thrust his penis into his mouth as far as it could go.~“Yeah, I know it’s not good for you, but I need to punish you for I am the law, aren’t I?” he said. “So, let’s see what punishment. All right, undress.” He said that so abruptly that Dan almost yelled, “What?” “Undress,” the officer repeated. “It means, remove your clothes. Unless you want to be put into the slammer till you speak about your fagging friends.” Dan thought this would be over quickly. No one would know. He slowly removed his clothes. The officer kept staring at him as more and more of his skin began showing. And then he suddenly grabbed Dan’s neck, undid his own fly and put his cock right into Dan’s mouth. “Now try this too,” he said.}

{The officer moaned. “Pussy boys are nice. They are better than broads,” he said. “Let’s do some different now.” He got Adam to stand up. “Turn over,” he told Adam. “Bend over.” “Touch your toes.” Adam did everything. “Now let’s see.” Adam knew what was happening. But he was somewhat liking this. He felt something caress his butt cheeks and then come right in the middle. Was that the baton or was that something else that was as hard and as long as that? No, it wasn’t the baton. It felt slimy.~“Twinks are cool… mm…” Constable Ryan was saying. He face-fucked him till Kris became red in the face. Then he let go. “Let me teach ya lesson number 2 now,” he said. “Rise”. Kris did that, slowly. “Now double up and show me that ass.” Very reluctantly, Kris bent. He was thoroughly humiliated, and that too, this was happening just minutes from his home. But he had no time to think. He felt something very warm sliding into his! ass. He wanted to yell, but couldn’t.~Dan never knew he would do this. But more was coming. After about 10 minutes of the sucking session, the officer forced him up and got him to bend over. Dan was alarmed. He never thought this would happen to him. But it was. He felt the huge slimy dong force its way into his crack, and he almost shrieked with the pain.}

{Constable Simon fucked Adam for a whole half hour. Adam’s legs ached, his ass ached. But he couldn’t do anything. He felt the spurt of man juice filling his ass at long last. It was another whole three minutes after that that the officer pulled out.~It was a dreadful 30 minutes for him, but somehow he did not mind them that much. Vaguely, he also liked it. Was he gay? He shuddered. At the same time, he felt the officer’s semen filling his crack.~For a whole half hour this hunky officer kept ramming him. Dan could not control the pain. He winced and was sure something would have ruptured in there. And then he felt the officer letting himself go.}

{“Good boy,” said Constable Simon. “When are you walking in at this time again? I will be patrolling here every night.”~“That was delicious,” Constable Ryan said a minute later when he was zipping up. “I hope you have more late night parties. I’m gonna patrol a few more nights here.” He winked.~“So when do you have your next early morning party? Officer Jackson asked. “I am going to be here for a while.”}

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