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{Even if you are quite well-versed in how poker functions, having played for several years, you do tend to get jittery when you get the chance to play at a live poker event. Many people can’t help being nervous when such an event is to begin.~It doesn’t matter if you have been playing poker for a long time. If you get selected for a live poker tournament, it is certainly going to make you nervous. Playing live is much different from playing solo.~Although you might be playing poker for a while, when you get that call to attend a live poker match, it could scare the jeepers out of you. Playing in front of all those people can get someone quite worked up, even if they know all the rules of playing poker solo.}

{This happens with poker pros also. That is because most of the times these people have been playing at their computers. No one has been watching them play. Even if there has been a grand success, there’s no one to celebrate it with. However, when the event is a live event, there are going to be a thousand eyes on you and that makes things more difficult.~It is enough to make even a pro quite tensed. Playing online at the computer is quite different from the live experience. When you play on your computer, there is no one to look at your game. Whether you win or lose, it is your own company that’s with you. But, in such live competitions, there could be hundreds of people watching you. This makes things tough.~Even professionals are not spared from this nervousness. When you play poker on your computer, things are quite different. You don’t have people scrutinizing your every move. You don’t have people recording and reviewing your reactions. You don’t have people to care whether you win or lose. But the scenario is quite different when you are cynosure of attention as in a live poker game.}

{One of the most important things you have to remember is to control your facial expressions when you are playing live. Your face cannot give away what you are after. Even if you are zeroing in to strike the ultimate blow, you cannot make that apparent. And you have to hold that expression for several hours at a stretch.~A tip is to keep your facial expressions quite neutral. Even if you see that you can make the ultimate great move, you must keep yourself expressionless. In live poker, champs know how to read faces and predict moves. Hence, it is very important that you keep your face as neutral as possible.~It really pays to keep your face sans expression when you are playing live. Remember that most live poker players are great face readers. They can take one glance at your face and make out what’s playing in your mind. Even if you want to make a grandmaster’s move, you need to do it with your face as plain as possible.}

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{The breaks won’t come as often as they do when you play online. There will be several people watching – other poker buffs, celebrities in the poker world and probably even the television channels. The first time experience of playing live poker can sure get intimidating.~You won’t be able to take breaks as you might be doing when you are playing online. There will be a lot of people watching you to take all those breaks. These people could include some poker celebrities as well as some television camerapersons. If you are entering a live poker hall for the first time in your life, things could be infinitely challenging for you.~Live poker competitions can be taxing on the body as well. You cannot move about or take breaks when you are playing with all those people watching you. You might even have some cameras on you to beam the show on television or elsewhere. It is no wonder that people who enter a live poker match arena for the first time are scared out of their wits.}

{More than preparing your body, you need to prepare your mind. You have to keep complete focus on what you are about to do, and have to make sure not to tire yourself. You have to also maintain a sitting position for a considerable amount of time and that could be taxing on you. If you find this physical aspect difficult, probably your physician could help you manage a sitting stance over a long period of time.~You need to prepare both your body and your mind. On one hand you have to make sure that your concentration doesn’t dawdle and on the other hand you have to make sure that your body doesn’t give in. Since you will be sitting over for a long period of time, it is important to be physically fit. Probably your doctor could give you some tips on how you could manage that effectively.~That is why you have to gear up your body as well as your mind. Your body needs to sustain the physical pressure that can be created during such a match. Your mind has to be w ith you as you think, plan and strategize. You might be sitting at a place for several hours; you have to train your body how to grin and bear that. Your doctor could give you some tips for doing that.}

{To prepare yourself physically, you could engage yourself in some physical exercises like the stretching exercises. Learn how you can relax your body completely. When you are playing in a live game, this is absolutely essential.~Stretching exercises could do well for you if you aren’t used to sitting in one place for a long period of time. These exercises could loosen up your body and make it freer. If you are going to be playing live, it is important that your body remains pliable enough for the event.~It is great if you do some stretching exercises on a routine basis. This frees up those muscles and helps your body maintain the posture for a longer period of time. In case you are planning on playing in a live event, this could be of great help.}

{Mental control is of the greater importance, though. The pressure could be tremendous and that could take a toll on your strategizing. But one of the strategies that you could definitely not miss out on is to play so that you don’t lose. Playing for winning should come later.~You will also need to prepare your mind. The eyes and the lights could mean a lot of tension, and that could affect the way you think. However, even though your rational mind falters, you have to bear in mind to keep playing so that you don’t lose. Your winning strategies must follow this strategy.~Apart from that, you also have to ensure that your mind is ready. Many people are looking at your game and that can mean a lot of pressure. Your mind could falter. But there are some strategies that you shouldn’t ignore. Remember that you must play so that you don’t lose. Playing to win is something that should be secondary in your mind.}

{Most importantly, don’t get unduly nervous. Don’t feel inferior because of all the poker greats around you. You must keep telling yourself that you are good too because you have been selecting for this gaming event. If you accept that, you will certainly do well.~But the best advice would be that you should not feel compromised in any way. Even if some of the biggest names in the poker world might be watching your game, the very fact that you have been selected for the competition means that there is something in you. Take respite in that thought and don’t harbor any negativistic tendencies within yourself.~It is important for you to keep in mind that you are just as special as those other people watching you, perhaps more so because you have been chosen to play. Keeping this thought in mind will remove all regressive thoughts and really help you play well.}

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