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{The day I saw those leathers, I knew I simply had to have them. The salesperson behind the counter told me that the pants could be adjusted to fit me perfectly, so I decided to take her up on her offer.~After saving for a long time, I finally found myself in a shop trying on my very first pair of leather pants. After trying on many without finding one that I liked, the lady of the shop suggested I had one altered to my liking.~My dream of getting a pair of leather pants came true when I tried on my first pair. I hated the fit, but the shop offered a tailor service which I wanted, so I paid to get it done.}

{As I stepped into the back room, a pretty young lady came up to greet me. Her Asian features were striking and I felt a little stir in my loins. I said a silent prayer to keep myself relaxed in her company.~With my new pants on, she sent me into the adjacent room where a beautiful Asian girl waited for me. Her smile made me a little nervous and I felt a little panic as I felt a jolt in my crotch.~So I found myself in another room of the shop where a strikingly beautiful Asian girl waited for me. I immediately became a bit nervous as I did not know how I was going to stay calm and collected in her presence.}

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{I slipped the pants on and they felt perfect to me, but she insisted I got onto the little dressers box in the middle of the room, so I did as told. Without a word she got working with her measuring tape and chalk.~In the middle of the room with mirrors all round stood a covered box and she guided me onto this in silence. She picked up her tape and dressers chalk and started to work on my pants.~She guided me onto her box set on the floor in front of a massive mirror. She moved silently and gracefully like a cat as she came close to my crotch area with her tape and a little piece of chalk with which she drew and marked areas.}

{Her tiny hands slipped lightly over the soft leather as she measured and marked where she was going to make the changes. As she worked towards my crotch, I simply could not rely on prayer anymore as I felt my bulge swell.~Her soft touch drove me wild and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. She simply went on measuring and marking al over. As her hands slightly touched my bulge, I lost my self control as I grew stiff inside my new leathers.~I felt her hands every time she touched me and had to bite my tongue a few times, but it did not help at all as my bulge slowly but surely grew in size. This became worse as she touched my bulge ever so gently.}

{She never looked up once, but simply stroked my pounding bulge lightly with her tape and drew a fine white line that disappeared into my thigh. I knew she was going to do the same on the other side and this idea got me rock hard.~With her eyes down, she drew a line from my belt into my thigh passing right over my crotch. As she lifted her hand to do the same line again, my bulge really swelled up and became very visible as my cock pushed from inside.~With her chalk, she softly drew a line right on the side of my crotch and all the way down under my balls. I waited with bated breath for her to do this on the opposite side as well and when she did, I got a full on erection.}

{She looked up with those gorgeous brown eyes, smiled at me and then proceeded to lick my bulging pants. I pushed her head into my throbbing dick and she lightly bit my cock through the leather.~The girl noticed my excitement and ran her long nails over my shaft. Our eyes met and we both smiled at each other. She broke eye contact and faced my enormous bulge, playing on it with the tip of her tongue.~She lifted her eyes up to me and I noticed the little devils dancing in them as she kissed my over sized bulge. She licked off the line she previously drew there. I loved her touch and attention.}

{Her hands came up and worked my tight ass quite skilfully as she kept her attention on my ever increasing bulge. The fine white lines disappeared as she left long wet lick lines all over.~After a few minutes her tongue erased all the markings she made previously as she worked my bulge. Her tiny hands explored my tight butt as she felt me up all over. I went wild with excitement.~She worked my bulge and butt slowly and with determination causing me to shove my bulge right in her face. Her tongue was all over the leather pants by now enjoying every minute.}

{She untied the button and took my zipper in her teeth. Whilst looking into my eyes, she slowly unzipped me this way, which send me over the edge. As I tried to step of the box she made a gesture to let me know to stay right there.~Her fingers found my pant’s front and slowly she helped my erected cock to freedom. Her eyes played in mine as she slowly unzipped me, so I tried to get off my little stage, but she gently nudged me back onto my box.~She had no problems unbuttoning the front and slipping her hand in to pull out my throbbing cock. Her mouth was hot and silky. I tried to get down to her level but she firmly pushed me back onto the box.}

{With great skill she had my rock hard cock out and started with light licks of her tongue over my head. I felt my knees trembling as she swallowed all of my 11 inches in one go.~Her tongue played with my cock as she worked her magic on it sending shivers all over my body. Her skills surprised me as she took all of me down her throat, sucking me silly.~This was clearly her show and boy was she good at giving great head as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. I trembled all over and tried to keep focus and balance as wave upon wave of pleasure went up and down my spine.}

{My hands ended up on her head as I fed her my meat and she loved eating me as I drove deep down her throat. I lasted only a few minutes before washing her face with my hot cum.~I gripped her pony tail and pushed myself deeper into her hot mouth. She responded wildly and kept up the suction. Within minutes I felt my orgasm building up until I could not hold back any longer. I came inside her mouth.~I shot my full load into her open mouth and she laughed out loud as she took every drop I could deliver. This was the fastest I have ever came since I care to remember.}

{She played with her mouth full and then slowly spat it onto my new pants. As the white streaks ran down the leather, she spoke for the first time: Now you never forget your first leather pants, yes?~She let the cum flow down the pants and smiled up at me. In her broken English she joked with me by saying that she now knows that I will never forget the day I bought these pants.~After rolling my spunk around in her mouth, she dribbled it down my brand-new pants. As she slapped my ass, she smirked – now get it off so that I can fix it.}

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