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{No big secrets here, I simply moved from waiting on my selfish lover to finally discover how and when to do what to me – I took control myself. I must admit that now I am becoming quite an expert on self-stimulation.~Forget mystical dreams of a fulfilling sex life and create one for yourself today. You can choose whether your lover will be part of this journey or not, but trust me, once you discover that elusive orgasm a day secret, even your lover does not matter that much.~It is no secret that every woman knows exactly how and when to take themselves to orgasm, so why do we stop doing that? Take control like I did and enjoy at least one orgasm every day –trust me, your world will change.}

{Every orgasm I master is fast becoming stronger, longer lasting and indeed a lot more fun. Every woman should discover this little secret – sooner than later.~Orgasms get better and more powerful every time you have one, so why not work at getting one every day. All women should enjoy this luxury and the best of it – orgasms come for free.~As you orgasm more frequently, you will find them to get better and more overwhelming every time. Self stimulation can be really sexy if you know what you want from it in the end.}

{Find Discount sex Toys online by using your discrete searching facilities. Satisfaction guaranteed or you are doing it wrong.~Discount sex toys have moved from dark sex shops to becoming desired objects sold at private parties. Make sure you do not miss out on this fun.~Forget the stigma connected to Discount sex toys and get yourself exactly what you want this year – let us guide you to better orgasms.}

{Ladies, forget the notion of taking a vibrating piece of plastic and slap it onto your clitorises – this game is a mind game between you and your desires. Play it from the moment you wake up in the morning by allowing yourself a slow masturbation session before you rush out of bed.~Most ladies go wrong in that they think a sex toy will take them to orgasm within seconds after they started using it and then usually loose interest real soon. You know your body and thus why expect to orgasm in seconds. This is your chance to take yourself to orgasm at the pace and intensity you enjoy most. The build up starts at waking up in the morning – horny from last night.~Un educated self stimulation with sex toys can be very disappointing as many women expect to be blown away by a plastic vibrator seconds after switching it on. Juts like sex, the build up to self stimulation is what make it splendid, so take your time.}

{At the office, use a discreet and small vibrator to sit just inside your pussy. Keep the vibrations low and enjoy doing your Kegel exercises whilst being tickled. This build up will get you in the mood for fun later in the evening.~You whole day should be filled with sexual tension, so start playing with yourself at work already. Search for little vibrators you can wear inside your pussy all day and enjoy this all day long.~Keep your mind focussed on your pussy all day long at work by using any of the discrete vibrators that you simply slip inside you for hours of fun. This is also a great time to do those Kegels as you enjoy the secret stimulation.}

{Late afternoon you will feel quite tensed up and ready to go home – this is the time to prepare for your journey home. I use a refreshing menthol gel that I put just inside my pussy with a finger. All the way home I am aware of the tantalizing feeling in my panties. Best part is – I cannot touch myself.~The homeward journey should be the next step to your orgasm. Look around and see the women all dreading to go home, but you have a different going home experience – I use some of the heating lotions especially made to add sensation to the pussy just before I leave for home.~Just before I hop onto the bus home, I make a quick bathroom stop where I insert a dollop of heating gel into my pussy. I love the sensation between my legs and knowing that I will not have a chance to touch myself, adds to the fun. I now know how the girls in the ads always smile in public.}

{At home I enjoy my dinner and a glass of wine before I run a bath. In goes my water proof and very flexible dildo with the rounded end as well as some short tentacles on the other end. The vibration can be controlled as well.~By the time I get home I am ready to orgasm, but I keep myself by doing my evening chores with a smile of expectation. Only when I finally slip into my bath do I let myself go completely.~My evening tasks fly by as I anticipate my orgasm getting closer. As I run a bath, I can hardly wait as I know what is about to happen. I found the perfect dildo to be a latex number with variable speed options.}

{Lying back in a hot bath I focus all my attention on my clit as I tease it with the tickler side of the dildo. I start with larger circles round my vagina working it closer and closer inwards until I touch the tip of my clitoris. Then all the way back to the outside circle again.~My latex dildo with the variable vibrations works incredibly well for me as I tease my pussy in the warm water. My fantasy plays of as fast or as quick as I want, but I take myself to the edge as many times as I want to and then let go again without an orgasm. This is called edging.~The warm water, the glass of wine and my mind gone to a world where I am the sexy goddess of the sex world takes control of my body now as I use the dildo to tease myself as long or as short as I like. I am in control and loving every second of it.}

{There is no rush, but after a while your clit will be begging for a bit more attention than a simple mere touch. Now is the time to work the rounded head over the whole of your pussy, but never entering yourself. Simply open up slightly and stop for a while on the clit.~By edging you will notice that your clit will get super sensitive and quite demanding of some physical attention, so now is the time for some direct stimulation. Use the dildo in any way that adds maximum stimulation to your clit.~Edging is a term used to describe the process where you turn away from an orgasm just before you can not do so voluntarily any more. Do this for as long as possible and go as close to the edge as you can every time before easing up. This is your time to enjoy or share with a partner.}

{Keep this up for as long as you can and then when you start to feel that familiar tingling feeling building up from your toes, it is time to take yourself completely over the edge. Use whatever end 0f the dildo you enjoy best, close your eyes and go where all woman should go at least once a day.~Because of the edging, you will soon feel the first lovely signs of an orgasm coming up. Do not stop this time and let yourself explode as many times as you want, enjoying very second of your orgasm that you worked for all day long.~The moment you feel your orgasm entering your body, let it go and take yourself right over the edge. Enjoy every second of this experience and even go for a second or third orgasm. Your whole body and mind will benefit from frequent orgasms, so let yourself enjoy it as often as you want.}

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