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{So your girlfriend is a total fox and all your friends think you are one lucky guy. When you’re with her you can see other men checking her out. You put your arm around her and hold her close to let everyone know a"She’s mine". when you catch a guy staring at her, you stare him down.~When you strutting down the street with your gorgeous girlfriend, you see the other guys checking her out. You figure they’re wondering what a hot babe like her sees in a chump like you. Maybe you think she’s checking the other guys out because you just aren’t good enough for her.~This lady is the girl of your dreams. She’s smart and pretty and all your friends envy you. You just know they are wondering what in the world she sees in you. Maybe you’re wondering the same thing. You know she’s going to leave you, you just don’t know when. When other guys give her the eye, you think she may be looking them over.}

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{When your girlfriend isn’t with you you wonder about what she’s doing and who she’s with. You neglect your own friends and monopolize her time. If she isn’t standing next to her you call her and you get angry if she doesn’t answer right away. You check up on her, spy on her, smother her. When your behavior annoys her you think she’s got another guy. If she talks to the clerk at the convenience store, you think she’s cheating on you. You blame all the problems in your relationship on her.~You start insisting she spend all her time with you. You get angry when she talks to the clerk at the checkout counter. If she isn’t next to you, you call her on the phone and get angry if she doesn’t answer immediately. If she says she’s spending time with her girlfriends, you spy on her. Maybe you accuse her of cheating on you. You know your behaviour is a little crazy, but you just can’t seem to stop. You may realize that you are driving your beautiful girlfriend a way, but that little voice in your head keeps whispering that she’s too good for you.~You don’t want to lose her so you start monopolizing her time. You don’t want her to spend time with her girlfriends or family, because maybe that’s just an excuse. Maybe she’s seeing someone else. You spy on her and check out her cell phone in case she’s been calling other guys. You know you’re a little bit crazy, but it’s her fault. The more you try to control her life, the more distant she seems to be. Maybe you even suspect that you’re the one who’s driving her away, but you can’t seem to stop.}

{Try taking a look at your behaviour. This isn’t about her, it’s about you and your own insecurities. You don’t think you deserve your girlfriend and you are your own worst enemy. What if she was following you around and spying on you? What if she accused you of cheating every time you said hello to another woman? Wouldn’t you feel trapped? Instead of worrying about her, take a look at the reasons you are behaving this way. Why do you feel that she really couldn’t want you? If she didn’t want you, she would have chosen someone else.~Instead of recognizing that your problems are caused by your own insecurity, you blame her for everything that’s wrong in your life. You try to control her, and when you can’t, you lash out at her. You give her gifts thinking maybe she’ll stay if you give her enough things. You monopolize her time and don’t let her see her friends and family. Everyone thinks you’re nuts and she should get away from you. Think about this, i f she treated you the way that you treat her would you want to stay?~A voice in your head keeps telling you she’s too good for your, she can do better. That’s your own insecurity and hasn’t got anything to do with her. Trying to buy her with gifts doesn’t work. The more you hang on, the more she lets go. You blame her for your problems, but she can’t give you what your need. It’s okay to want to be loved, but you need to love and respect yourself instead of trying too hard to get someone to love you.}

{Stop and think about why you are sabotaging your relationships. Resolve to feel better about yourself and do what you need to do to improve yourself. Stop blaming your girlfriend for all the problems in your relationship and man up.~Your problems aren’t with your girlfriend. You are the one whose behavior is out of line. You are so worried about losing her, you’re driving her away. Stop worrying about what she is doing, and start making some changes for yourself. Become the man that she deserves.~It could be that another girl betrayed you, or even more than one. It could be that your actions drove them away just like you are driving this girl away. There can be many reasons you are insecure, but you have to recognize the problem and take charge of your life.}

{Some men feel insecure because they feel their penis isn’t large enough and they are worried about their skill as a lover. The size of a man’s penis has less to do with his skill as a lover than the consideration and respect he demonstrates for his partner. Men worry more about penile size than women do. Accusing your lover of cheating and calling her names doesn’t show respect.~Some men feel insecure because they have been betrayed in a past relationship. Some men worry about the size of their penis and believe that it makes them a bad lover. Let go of the baggage from past hurts. Women are less worried about the size of a man’s penis than about the size of his heart. A thoughtful and considerate lover wins every time.~Some men are self conscious about the size of their penis. That really doesn’t have to be an issue. Men worry about size a lot more than women do. If you are considerate and respectful with women when you make love, it makes you a bette r lover in their eyes than a big penis would.}

{Money is another sore spot for men. Many men feel that if they can’t lavish their girlfriends with expensive gifts, their girlfriends won’t love them. Money can be an issue in relationships, but usually it’s a problem because a man isn’t working or exploiting his full potential, not because the woman expects expensive gifts. If that’s what a woman wants, then you shouldn’t want her. She doesn’t care about you as a person, just as a wallet.~You’re aren’t rich. Not many people are. If the only thing people love about you is your money, you need to make some changes. Start believing that you are worth loving. Love yourself. Having some faith in yourself will help you to have faith in others.~Many men worry that they don’t have enough money to keep a woman happy. Relationships aren’t about how much money you have., they are about who you are. Stop worrying about spending a lot of money on your girlfriend. I money is a deciding factor for her, she’s not go od enough for you.}

{If you want to be loved and esteemed, start by loving yourself. Treat your girlfriend with the same respect you want her to show for you. If your girlfriend doesn’t respect you, maybe you need, and deserve, a new girlfriend~If you are unhappy with aspects of you life, change them. Go to a gym to get that buff body. Take some courses so you can land a better job. Take care of yourself first. Find a hobby that you really enjoy and that doesn’t require you girlfriend’s constant company.~If you aren’t happy with who you are, do something about it. You can change and become a better person. Take up a hobby that you can enjoy without your girlfriend. Improve your job prospects with college or training courses. You should want a better job for yourself, not for anyone else.}

{If you want to keep your girlfriend, give her some breathing space and work on your issues. If you want a better body, join a gym. If you want a better job, enroll in a training course. Improving yourself will lead to a better self image and a better relationship.~Self confidence and independence are the sexiest attributes any person can have. When you realize you deserve that foxy mama, you’ll be able to relax and learn to trust her. Then you will both have the relationship that you deserve.~When you feel confident in yourself it shows and it draws people to you. Let go of your insecurities and jealousy and you will be a better person and a better mate.}

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