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{I have so often heard it said that size doesn’t matter that I really bored out of my skull about it. These people actually don’t know the schmuck about what they are talking. I have observed—personally observed in fact—that my love life has exploded with a larger penis.~So many people have told me that size isn’t important that I have really begun hating that line. Actually, it isn’t true at all I have personally experienced how size does matter, especially when we are taking about penis size. My larger penis size has simply added a whole new twist to my love life, and I’m loving it~I have been told by a lot of people that it doesn’t really matter what size you are. But I don’t take such talk seriously at all. Well, I have the justification My own experience tells me that size really does make an impact, especially when it is the size of your penis. My larger penis has put a completely different spin on my sex life and I am really happy with it}

{It’s not that I had a little weenie. My penis was quite adequate, about six inches when erect, which my doctor told me was quite enough for whatever kind of sexual romp I was interested in. But I always wanted it to be a little bigger and when I saw all these penis enlargement products on the Internet, I just couldn’t resist myself.~No, don’t misunderstand—my dong wasn’t little to start with It was appreciable in size. I had about 6 inches when I was fully aroused. It was quite all right, and even my doctor told me to be happy with what I had. But then I always knew my cock had more potential in it I browsed around for some stuff on the Internet.~But I don’t want you to misunderstand. I have always had a good enough penis. My natural penis was six inches and even the doctor said I should not have any problem with that. However, I wanted to try out some methods to enlarge it and hence I got down to searching on the Internet.}

{I then read a lot of penis enlargement reviews and then decided on one particular product. I won’t name it because this isn’t some promotional gig I got it delivered and then I wanted to use it right away. I had a girlfriend out of town for the week and I wanted to impress her when she returned.~After a bit of searching and reading some penis enlargement reviews, I zeroed in on a product that I liked. I am not advertising the product or anything here, so I won’t name it. But I did order the product and then got down to using it. My girl was out for the week and hence I had time to surprise her, if possible~I hunted a bit, and then I saw this penis enlargement program that I really liked. I won’t name it here because I am not promoting it. But, it impressed me and I ordered it. My girlfriend was out of town for the entire week so I had time to try out the product.}

{The product was immediately out of its packaging and I went to the bathroom with it. It tingled a bit when I applied it at first, but I was happy for that because the tingling meant that it was working. So, I began my tryst with it and waited for the results. However, the days passed by and nothing seemed to be happening down there~I actually didn’t waste any time in opening the package and starting to use the product. My penis did feel a warm sensation when I first applied it, but it was written in the manual that that would happen. And it was a good sign—the warm feeling meant that the product was taking effect. Well, I waited for things to happen. However, I was disappointed at first. The days plowed on and I couldn’t see anything happening.~When I received the parcel, I quickly got down to business. I opened the pack and applied it on my penis straightaway. It felt warm and good. I knew this was the way it was supposed to start working. The beginning had been good; now I wanted results. However, that is where I wasn’t too happy. Even after a few days, I saw no changes whatsoever.}

{It was only when my girlfriend was back did I realize what had happened. As soon as she removed my shorts and looked, she immediately said, “Rick, there’s definitely something different in here”~Then my girlfriend returned. When we were in bed together and she fished out my cock, she suddenly sat upright. “There’s something special here today, Rick. What’s the matter?” she asked me.~It was only when my girlfriend returned did I understand what had happened. We were in bed together, gearing up for our act and that was when she said—“Rick, what have you done to yourself? This is different”}

{Now, how could she know? Anyway, I prefer taking her word for it because she spends more time looking at my penis than I do. Seriously~It was then that I realized some change had really occurred. Anyway she would know more than me, because she handled my cock more than me 😉 I had to take her word for it~Only then did I see the change that had happened. I, of course, trusted her more in this respect than I did myself because she was the one who handled my dick more than I did myself Yes, that’s a fact}

{And then the changes began to show. My penis was definitely harder when she felt it. I felt the hardness. And I could sense she was much more aroused. She wanted me in right away. “I want to feel your hard cock; I can’t wait anymore,” she whispered in my ears.~Yes, it was different. Likeably different. It was firmer when she held it in her grip. I was getting more excited too. And that was making her more excited. She told me to go inside her. She said, “This is too much to wait. Get inside, Rick, fast”~I could see the difference now. It was really amazing when she took my dick in her hands. It felt so much harder. I just couldn’t hold my excitement. Seeing me so aroused, she got extra aroused as well. She wanted me inside her, right then and there}

{It was the best sex I ever had. She really came to a shuddering climax, something that I had forgotten ever existed between us. Seeing her so satisfied, I let go too, and it was the largest amount of cum I had ever released~That was the finest sexual experience I ever had. I made her burst into her orgasm, something that hadn’t happened for quite some time. She was so happy that I came to a great orgasm too I had never known I could let out so much semen at one go~There it was—the best sex I ever had. I made my woman come to a thunderous orgasm, which was a great thing for our future sex life I made her so very content and satisfied that the feeling made me erupt into the best orgasm I ever had too. My cum would just not stop; that’s how satisfied I was}

{We have sex twice a day now just like the good ol’ days. The best part is that I now have the stamina to do that. We are both unstoppable now; the penis enlargement program I signed in on really did the smart trick.~Our sex routine has returned to the twice-a-day as it was before. And I am strong enough to do that. It is great—I am much more hung and much more horny~We have fallen back to having sex twice a day now, just as we did in those early days of our relationship. I have a bigger penis, a bigger libido and a much better sex life}

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