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{Jason was like your normal everyday kid who tries to find a summer job to raise enough pocket money to last the whole year. No, he wasn’t complaining, but it sure pinched him when he saw the richer lads in school arriving in flashy cars and picking up the best girls. He knew his fortune had to change, but he had no idea how to go about it.~There was nothing special about Jason – nothing at all. He was like any other average kid who looks for a summer job to earn some extra dough and gets jealous of the rich guys who come in glitzy cars and take away all the sexy babes. He was quite earnest about wanting to become rich, but there wasn’t any way he could see that happening.~Jason was the most ordinary of college lads. There was nothing special about him. He looked for small jobs in the summer too so that he could make some more money. He was envious of rich guys who drove flashy cars and courted sexy females too. He also wanted to become rich like anyone els! e in his place would want, but he didn’t know how that would happen to him.}

{In his free time, Jason loved surfing the Internet. He knew the Internet had made many people rich. He did not mind this route too. But, he was looking for a method that would really bring in the money.~Among his various hobbies was surfing the Internet. Jason knew the Internet could bring in money and so he spent some quality time surfing. He wanted to explore different routes that could make him rich.~Jason loved the Internet. He spent hours surfing. He knew that people had made lots of money through the Internet and he was looking for an opportunity too.}

{And then one day he stumbled upon an online poker site. He had heard about these too, but he didn’t know what to make of them. He had never played online poker before too.~During one of his surfing sessions, Jason landed on an online poker site. That set him thinking. He had heard these sites could help a person become rich. But he didn’t know how. He was never a poker player.~Then, one day, he found a online poker site. He had never played poker so he was not sure but he had heard of a lot of money made by people through such sites. He was intrigued.}

{But this site looked quite friendly and fascinating. He decided to give it a go. There was a small tutorial on the site which would help him begin. It wasn’t difficult really. Within just five minutes, he saw what he had to do. There was luck involved, but it was fun too.~However, the site looked good. He thought he would give it a try. He helped himself to the little tutorial on the site. He found it wasn’t all that difficult. It took him just a few minutes to get going.~What helped was that the site was an interesting one. There was also a tutorial there which he used first so that he could learn the basics of the game. Within just a few minutes, he thought he could start his first game.}

{So he began his first round. He made a small wager, and lost. But it was fun. He went on. He wasn’t playing for real money because he was not very sure of the game. However, by the end of the day, he saw he had begun winning more than losing. He was hooked!~He decided he would play with dummy money for starters till he learned the ropes. It took some time. He lost a few games, and won some. It took him time. But after a few hours of playing, he found that he was winning more and losing less.~He could play with fake money at first till he was sure. He did that. He wagered a fake money sum and lost! He played again and won! The main thing was that he found it interesting. He went on game after game, winning and losing, but never losing interest. Within a short while, he found that he was winning more than he was losing.}

{The next day he made a paid account and put in some cash. He wagered real money. Small sums, but he did that. And he played. Winning, losing, he went on. He was a good manager. He played so that he would always win more than he lost.~The very next day he went ahead and made a real paid account. He put in a little money too. He thought he was ready to play for real stakes now. He wagered. He played. He won and he lost and then he won again. It was great fun. The best thing about him was that he knew when to stop. As a result, he never lost more than he won.~The following day he made a real account and put some money in. He wanted to play for small sums of real money and see how it went. It went well. He won and lost like the day before, but at the end of the day, he had more money than he had originally wagered. He knew how to stop when winning and so he won.}

{And then the Saturday bonus happened. That was the day when Jason’s luck changed forever. He signed up for the Saturday bonus game of $1,000,000. And he won. He didn’t realize it till several minutes later that he could now own a flashy car and still have a lot, lot to spare! Online poker had made Jason rich. All those tales he’d heard were true!~However, the big break came on Saturday. The site hosted a bonus game on that day. The prize was a whopping million. This was what changed his life forever. He played. He had beginner’s luck. He won the fantastic amount. It took him a while to realize what had really happened. After the moment sank in, he understood what just happened.~But the greatest thing of his life happened on that Saturday when the site had a big bonus game of $1,000,000. He knew it was a fantastic, fantastic sum, but he played. Call it beginner’s luck or whatever, but this was the game that he won! He couldn’t believe it for a long ti! me, but a victory it was! His life was changed forever. He could own whatever he wanted, the glitziest car if he wanted. Online poker had made him wealthy.}

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