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{Seduction is a slow and attentive process where both partners entice one another in the game of seeking pleasure. Great lovers know when to move on and when to hold back during this love play.~Including the use of sex toys in a relationship should be done with loving care by making these toys part of the slow and familiar seduction process you would follow without toys as well.~The art of introducing sex toys into your relationship should be done with loving care and at a pace that your partner feels comfortable with as well.}

{The same procedures must be followed when introducing sex toys into a relationship.~Pay attention to the signals from you partner as they will show you when to move faster with the process or maybe they need a slower approach to give them time to get used to the idea.~Rushing into this extra love making toys will see you partner shy away from it. Follow the rules of slow seduction and you may get the results you are after.}

{Sometimes couples who have just started dating find it a bit easier to introduce sex toys as they are on a journey of discovering, finding out about each others likes and dislikes. Couples that have been together for years may not know how to introduce sex toys to a relationship as they never tried this before, there is not time to try like the present.~Couples that are in a new relationship may discuss sex toys openly and frankly as they are still learning what the partners enjoy and want to experiment with. In other cases the couple may be together for years and never used any toys during lovemaking, causing a bit of uncertainty with both on the subject.~Couples in a new relationship have the advantage of introducing sex toys as part of their love making. New partners are more open to suggestions as they are still getting familiar with you. Couples in a long term relationship may have other problems as the sex toys may be a very new idea to both of you.}

{Usually one of the sex partners has a need or fetish related to toys and wants to share this with his love interest. The worse thing this partner can do is to whip out a foreign object and insist that it will be fun. Slow and a careful introduction works best.~Should you be the partner interested in introducing sex toys into your relationship, you must keep in mind that a surprise introduction may give your partner quite a fright. Rather be patient and very attentive about how you breach the subject in bed. Keep the idea of toys light hearted and fun.~To ad spice to your sex life will always be a great idea and if sex toys are the way you foresee better love making, you should breach the subject casually. Never rip out a foreign object and try to convince your partner that this is the answer to your dull sex life.}

{Start the introduction by using a well known every day article that you discreetly place next to the bed. Men may use a pen to draw lines on the woman, circling her nipples and writing a love poem on her belly. Kiss the areas you wrote upon passionately and let her see how much she may enjoy this kind of love play.~At your next sexual encounter, you can move the attention to her vaginal area by using the same pen or maybe introduce a second familiar object. Have fun with this object and never let your partner feel uncomfortable.~The idea of sex toys may be overwhelming, so start off by using an innocent ball point pen. Draw and write upon your partner focusing on her sensitive areas. Kiss and lick the writing so that she too can enjoy this new sensation. By doing this you make the idea of sex toys more acceptable.}

{Slowly introduce more adventurous items as part of your next love making session, making sure your partner enjoys every minute. Move down to her pubic area this time and stimulate her clitoris with this object. Keep it sensual and relaxed.~After a while you will be able to sense if your partner is open for more unfamiliar sex toys. This is a good time to introduce them to the world of adult shops where you can discover what may work for you both. Keep this shopping adventurous and fun by making it part of the seduction process. On your first visit, buy a single item that is simple to use.~Move on to a new object during your next love session, but this time focus on her virgina, tickling and stimulating her with the object. Her enjoyment now takes the most attention and care as you want her to thoroughly enjoy the strangeness of what you are doing.}

{You will soon see if your partner is ready for more adventurous sex toys, so this is the perfect time to invite her for a shopping outing to an adult shop. Together you may find something there that excites both of you. Do not buy the whole shop at once, but rather make these shopping experiences part of foreplay by creating expectations in both of you.~Should all you efforts still get a negative response from your partner, it maybe time to give it up. Avoid frustration building up in the relationship by talking openly about your needs for sex toys.~Gauge the situation well and as soon as your partner give you the go ahead, take her along to you local adult shop. Include this visit in your fore play and build up excitement during your visit. Choose a simplistic toy that you both will enjoy experimenting with. Keep the visit relaxed and playful for the best possible outcome.}

{Always keep your partners whishes in mind where sex toys are concerned. If they are completely against any form of play, you may find yourself frustrated. Share this with your partner and find some compromise where you may use a personal toy on yourself during love making. Show your partner how much you are enjoying this and soon they might just get interested as well.~Loving couples will compromise making it possible for you to use the toys stimulating yourself during sex. In many cases the other partner sees the enjoyment side of this aspects of sex and may try it herself.~In some relationships one of the partners can not get into the sex toys and may cause the other partner to feel uncomfortable. Have a good talk about the need for toys at this stage and maybe reach an agreement where one of you will use the toys on themselves only. Be kind and gentle and respect the whishes of your partner.}

{If not, keep the toys for times when you are alone and pleasuring yourself. Be open about this so that your partner will not think you are replacing him or her. Reassure them that you cannot cuddle a sex toy and they don’t keep you warm at night.~Sex toys may be banned from your bed for good and you will have to use it when you are alone. Do not keep this a secret as it will cause your partner to feel threatened and insecure.~The final resort will be to use the sex toys in your private moments, but do share this information with your partner as they may feel left out.}

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