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{As I browsed the net, a single small add drew my attention and I clicked on it out of pure boredom. Little did I know that I found real excitement by visiting live sex cams – something I never did before.~I found real excitement by visiting live sex cams when I saw this small unobtrusive icon at the bottom of my screen. This single link took me to world I never knew even existed, but will be visiting every so often from now on.~I usually never react to the web cam ads that seem to be popping up all over the net nowadays, but I took a chance and selected a link that looked real amateurish to see what these web cams are all about.}

{The ad linked me up to the bedroom of a college girl somewhere in Kentucky where a single webcam showed me a view of her bedroom with special focus on her bed. Typically college girl, the place looked a bit of a mess and I nearly closed the cam, but luckily I did not.~The scene promised nothing special as I found myself in a Kentucky college girl’s room. It was a bit of a mess and completely deserted so I decided to close the tab, but something stopped me from doing it immediately.~Turns out this link ended at a web cam that gave an overall view of a dorm belonging to a girl on the Kentucky campus. I watched the empty room for a few seconds and remembered my college days when my room was in the same state of disarray. Just as I wanted to log out, the door was flung open.}

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{The dorm door flew open and a freshman walked in with a girl in his arms. Her legs were wrapped round his waist as he kissed her passionately. With one arm he cleared the bed and set her down gently without taking his tongue from her mouth.~A very young couple burst through the door. A very beautiful girl was wrapped round the waist of a well build guy whom carried her effortlessly to the bed. They were engrossed in a tongue-wrestling match. He used his loose arm to swipe the messy bed.~In came a couple of youngsters – barely legal – but it seems they knew precisely what they were doing. The muscular guy cleaned the bed with a single arm stroke and effortlessly pinned the girl onto the mattress. From their kissing I could tell he was going to fuck her well.}

{Her hands worked on her short little skirt and soon she was pushing down her panties with her skirt. He slipped out of his tracksuit pants to reveal a massively thick and long cock that was throbbing hard. I caught a glimpse of her clean-shaven pussy just before he buried his head in her loins.~The girl wriggled out of her clothes as he came resting flat on her back. The young stud had no problem getting naked either as he simply used his feet to step down his pants. His dripping wet cock was very thick and hard and pointed right at the girl’s shaved pussy.~She sucked on his face and without breaking her kiss, she got out of her clothing in what seems to be seconds. He too seemed to get naked almost immediately as he stood with an erection as hard as rock watching her opening up her legs for him.}

{I could not believe my eyes or my luck – I always imagined these sites to be fake or traps, but here right in front of me a young stud was ravishing his girlfriend – completely unaware of my watching.~I sat back in my chair and enjoyed watching these two youngsters getting it on. I usually avoided live web cams, but I am sure that this would be a regular pit stop for me in future. Meanwhile the two moved on to fucking.~I watched him eating her like a wild animal – completely unaware of my virtual presence. My first web cam experience was turning out to be great one as I watched these tens getting it on big time.}

{The sex was clumsy and full of stoppages and position changes, but she simply could not get enough of him and he stayed rock solid hard right through the whole fucking session. She rode his cock like an animal and he used his hips to thrust as deep inside of her as he possibly could.~They fucked like animals, he used his harness to push right into her as deep as he could and she in turn sucked him and kept him hard all throughout. This was not staged sex, this was the real thing and somehow I loved it. I felt like a fly on the wall watching two teenagers fucking each other hard and deep.~Unlike polished sex films, this web cam delivered the real thing to me. The youngsters fucked in every position they could master with lots of pulling out and slipping back in action. He fucked her half dead as she willingly lifted her hips to his thrusting. His freshman cock did not go down a single moment during this whole fuck session.}

{As she got on top of him, he simply lied back with this massive happy grin on his face as he let her take full control. This little slut obviously had movie aspirations as she played up to the web camera. He simply enjoyed being fucked senseless.~His face broke into a heavenly smile of bliss as she pinned him on his back and straddled is pounding meat. He knew nothing about the web cast, but she knew exactly where the little camera was, so she played up to it as she rode him like a professional.~Sweaty and exhausted he fell down on his back and invited her onto his massive cock. This girl knew where the camera was and she made sure to give me a show as she rode his pole. He simply closed his eyes and loved being thrummed by this blond bomb.}

{When he could not hold back anymore he started yelling like a dog and she responded by lying down on his face, her tight booby’s rubbing on his lips. Her bottom lifted slightly and he slipped out of her just in time to send strong streams of cum up her curvy spine.~He went into a howling sound as he started to come. Skilfully she let him slip out of her as is hot streams of juice shot all over her back. He sucked her nipples and growled like a lion cub that was just fed, his face one big smile.~The moment he started shooting long white steams of cum, she cleverly slipped him out of her and took his cum all over her perfect backside. He growled like a wild lion as he pumped his balls onto her.}

{She kissed him passionately, but this dude was done and wanted out of there, so he simply pushed her over and pulled his pants on as he got up. As he walked around looking for his t-shirt, she started screaming at him, but he simply smiled at her and walked out of the dorm, slamming then door behind him.~The girl wanted the action to continue until she came as well, but her young lover had his fill of her and simply slipped her to the side. Still playing to the camera she put up quite a screaming session, but he simply kept his glorious smile, found his clothes and after he dressed, he simply left her yelling all to herself.~The girl obviously wanted to orgasm as well, but her young lover started a scramble to get dressed. She did not like this move and at all and let him know about her unhappiness. He simply smiled at her, got his kit on and left without even looking back.}

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