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{Both male and female orgasms rely on one thing – the right amount and type of stimulation in the right places. But very few men and women understand this fully and stay content with half baked orgasms that they get from boring sex.~Some men as well as some women are just bad lovers and will never get their partners to enjoy a full orgasm by using their current skills in bed. The idea of stimulating the perfect spot for the perfect duration will never dawn on them as the secret.~To get an orgasm you need some sort of stimulation of either the clitoris or the penis. Usually some friction and repetitive motion works best. Unfortunately men and women know how to please themselves, but more than often fail to get their partners to orgasm.}

{To get yourself to orgasm properly, manual stimulation works for us all as each person knows where and how much to stimulate themselves. Many of us discovered sex toys as a way to do just this. Then why not introduce these toys into your relationship to make sure you get that well deserved orgasm in the end?~In many cases these people do know how to masturbate and actually orgasm from this, but insecurities may keep them from applying these simple principles on their partners. This scenario can be rendered by bringing a sex toy to bed to inspire and help your lover.~Sex toys can be very helpful in getting the right stimulation on the right places. These toys can be used solo or in any relationship where both partners enjoy using them to help each other to the big o every time they have sex.}

{Sex Toys have become a very mainstream product. Many couples and singles make use of these exciting aids for stimulation.~It is completely mainstream to use Sex Toys in relationships today. Even if you only have a relationship with yourself, use of these can improve matters.~In the past few years it has become mainstream to use Sex Toys in relationships. Improve yours and find many exciting options to choose from.}

{Some partners may be shocked or scared about sex toys, so be subtle when introducing toys, but do not hesitate to do so. The results may be earth moving to you both.~Not every person is open to sex toys as these things do carry a stigma, but once discovered, many couples never looked back to their old boring sex lives.~Keep in mind that not every body is open to using sex toys, so bring it into a relationship with some care, focusing on the excitement part of playing with each other in a sexy way rather than focusing on the amazing effect the toys have for you. Your partner will soon learn how much fun this could be.}

{Men enjoy a tickler ring that fits round the base of the penis and has a stimulator that rubs against the clitoris of the women. The ring also keeps blood in the penis making erections harder for longer. Both parties win.~Ladies, surprise your man with a ring that fits snuggly round his cock. This ring will help him with keeping his erection for much longer than he could manage on his own, but the added bonus will be yours as these rings sport a tickler that aims directly at your clitoris.~The erotic tickler is a device that binds the man’s cock and forces more blood into his veins resulting in a very long and hard erection. That is his bonus wearing one, but the girl also gets a lot of fun as the tickler has a pointed area aimed at her clitoris. With every thrust you get direct stimulation where it matters most.}

{Why not slip one of these rings into his Christmas stocking this year? Make sure you know how to fit the ring and help him during foreplay. Some lubrication will get your world rocking in a few minutes.~Slip the ring onto him during foreplay, but be sure to practice before hand. Use a banana – it works perfectly. He will be amazed at your sexual daringness and you can bet on a massive orgasm as reward.~Make sure you can handle and place the tickler and then surprise your partner in bed with this gift. Foreplay will never be the same for you.}

{Single women enjoy the joys of a vibrator, but bringing it into a relationship can be a bit more difficult. Men can quickly feel threatened by this extra dick entering the bed, but with subtle persuasion he will quickly see how you enjoy it and get in on the act.~The myth states that spinsters are bonded to their dildo lovers, but in reality, many women possess a vibrator. Many men get very anxious when they learn this and feel threatened on the spot. To fool him into enjoying your vibrating buddy with you, avoid those that looks like his tool.~The classic vibrator that looks just like some super studs’ penis may be associated with single girls and gays, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of ways that couples can enjoy this device during love making.}

{The secret is to choose a vibrator that does not look remotely like a man’s cock. There are many models available in many shapes and sizes that will work brilliantly. Get your lover to stimulate you with it and show how much you enjoy it.~You can pick and choose from the various types that do not resemble a cock in any way. Let him stimulate you with this and reward him by sharing your excitement with him.~If you feel a bit insecure to rip out a second cock in your bed, choose a vibrator that looks anything like a dildo. The main thing your are after is the vibration so any shape will do the trick and your male partner will not feel challenged by the other dick in his bed.}

{Then when he penetrates you after that, you will be super sensitive and he will love your reactions to him fucking you. Remember that men are ego driven, so your performance determines his.~Not only will you be lubricated naturally, your will feel every thrust he makes from there on. Males respond to women that show they enjoy sex, so make sure you show him how great he is.~Men rely on women to show how good they are in bed, so let him know that after he used the vibrator for a while before fucking you, you are turned on so much more and more inclined to give him the time of his life.}

{Other sex toys to think about are the sensual stuff like feathers or ice cubes. This will get you both into the mood and will pose no threat to any insecure lover. The sensations can be earth shattering when done right.~Not all sex toys come from rough shops – in fact you may have them right there in your kitchen. Anything will do – whipped cream, ice or even a feather plugged from the duster. It is not the toy, but how you use it that send couples to Nirvana.~If a sex shop gives you the creeps, find some ordinary items in the house to play with. The fridge offers many sexy things like cream or even pluck a feather from your duster.}

{More hardcore couples may enjoy a bit of bondage. Anything from a silk rope to hand cuffs will work as the sex play revolves round being helpless. Be gentle when tying your partner down and make sure no blood flow is hindered.~Bondage works for some couples as one of them wants to feel help-less during sex. The other partner then takes full control and you both get off on it. Make sure you do not tie up your partner too tightly.~A simple scarf or neck tie can lead to some role play where one of you submits to the other by letting you be tied up. Bondage does not mean pain, so keep it play full and fun.}

{A leather whip can be a lot of fun as well, but make very sure your partner knows what you are about to do and approves. This toy can cause a lot of problems when used incorrectly.~When all else fail, you still have your hands to spank your partner with. Ensure that she knows the difference between assault and kinky sex or you may face some serious charges.~Whipping or spanking can also spice up bedroom escapades, but ensure that your partner do not mistake your fun for something else like abuse. Communication is key.}

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