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{Gentle music guided Mandy in through the doors and the wonderful aromatherapy oils kissed the air with gentle breaths. "Hello, how are you today?" Mandy jumped at the voice behind her, she hadn’t seen anyone as she entered. "Oh! You scared me" she giggled. "Sorry about that, how can I help you today?" Mandy got a good look at the sales assistant. She was gorgeous! A tall dusky skinned amazonian woman with a husky voice that gave Mandy goosebumps.~The sweet smell of aromatherapy oils guided Linda into the small shop she had never noticed before. "Welcome to my store" Linda startled at the sound of the voice. "Oh!" she gasped. "Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you" Said the tall blond woman behind the counter. Linda couldn’t help but notice how sexy the sales assistant was. Tall, blonde, with sensual lips and take me to bed eyes.~Emma had never noticed the little dress shop before, but the sound of soft sensual music and the smell of scented candles drew her throught the doorway. "Hello honey" said a voice behind her, making her jump. "Sorry sweet thing, didn’t mean to startle you" "That’s ok" Emma said, taking a proper look at the woman for the first time. She was stunning! Barely 5ft2 she had long glossy red hair and the greenest eyes Emma had ever seen.}

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{Mandy had never been attracted to another woman before, but this beauty standing before her was a goddess. Mandy realised she was staring and cleared her throat with a cough before managing to say "I don’t know, I have never seen this shop before and just thought I would stop and have a look" The amazonian slid her gaze slowly up and down Mandy’s body, making her shiver with delight. "I have the perfect thing for you" the husky voiced said. "Go into that fitting room over there and I will bring it to you"~Linda had never been sexually attracted to another woman before, but the woman standing before her was nothing short of being a Goddess. Linda knew she should stop staring, but she couldn’t. "I have never been in here before" she said. The tall blonde beauty slowly raked over Lindas body with her eyes and said "I have the perfect thing for you, head over there to the fitting room and I will bring it over"~Emma had never found herself attracted to another woman ! before but the woman before her was breathtakingly beautiful. Emma shook her head to stop herself from staring. "I’ve never been in here before" she managed to say, finally looking around the store, she noticed it was a lingerie shop. The woman smiled at her and ran her gaze slowly over Emma from head to toe. "I have the perfect thing for you" she said. "Head on over to the fitting room and I will bring it to you"}

{Mandy did as she was told and stood looking around the fitting room, it was small but cosy. A movement caught Mandys eye and she looked up to discover a mirror on the ceiling. She could see the dusky beauty walking towards the fitting room carrying something small, red and silky. Throwing open the curtains to the fitting room, the amazonian handed the fragile looking material to Mandy. "Try this on honey" she said.~Linda headed over to the fitting room and closed the curtain. Looking around the small space she noticed with surprise that there were no mirrors. The fitting room was small but comfortable. Lindas gaze wandered upwards and she noticed with surprise that there was a mirror on the ceiling and she could see the tall blonde walking towards the fitting room.~Emma found the fitting room and closed the curtain behind her. The fitting room was large and comfortable with a soft cushioned wooden chair in the corner. Strnage, she thought, there are no mirrors. ! Seating herself on the chair to wait, Emma looked up and noticed, with some surprise that there was a mirror on the ceiling. At the same time she noticed the redheaded sales woman walking towards the fitting room.}

{Closing the curtains Mandy undressed and slid into the clinging material. It was a dress, it fit like a second skin and made Mandy feel so incredibly sexy. "You have the sexiest body I have seen in a long long time." Mandy heard from the other side of the curtain. Looking up at the mirror on the ceiling, Mandy realised the woman on the other side was staring at her. Mandy let out a small gasp as she realised the woman had her hand down the front of her jeans and was rubbing herself with vigour.~A slender, long fingered hand passed a small piece of black, silky material to her through the curtains. "Try that on honey" the dusky voice said. Linda stripped off her clothes and slid her body into the black silky dress. It didn’t leave much to the imagination, but it made her feel incredibly sexy. "You are so hot and sexy" said the voice on the other side of the curtain. Linda looked up to see that the blonde was watching her in the mirror. Linda noticed something els! e as well. The blonde was rubbing her pussy through the thin material of the long skirt she was wearing.~A delicate, slender fingered hand reached through the curtains holding a scrap of white material. "This is perfect for your sexy little body" the redhead said. Emma undressed and slid the lacy white material over her body. It was a see-through baby doll nightie and it fit her body like a glove. "Damn you are so hot and sexy" said a voice on the other side of the curtain. Emma looked up at the mirror on the ceiling to see the redhead staring at her. As Emma watched, she saw the pink wet tip of the redheads tongue run over her lip.}

{Mandy was frozen in place as she watched the woman satisfying herself, she could hear the heavy breathing on the other side of the curtain. Suddnely a hand reached through the curtain and slid down her arm. Mandy couldn’t move. Part of her wanted to run away, but a bigger part of her wanted to stay and see what happened next. Their eyes meeting in the mirror overhead, the amazonian slid her hand onto Mandys breast, which was barely covered by the thin red material. Mandys body had a mind of its own and she found herself turning towards the curtain. Mandys nipples tightened at the soft touch of the other woman.~Linda wasn’t sure what to do. Should she grab her things and run? Curiosity kept her firmly in place. She could hear the blondes heavy breathing through the curtain and watched in the mirror as the blonde rubbed herself with vigour. A hand suddenly appeared through the curtain and was placed on her upper arm. Linda looked up at the mirror and met the gaze ! of the blonde. Their eyes remained locked together as the blonde slid her hand down Lindas arm and cupped her breast. Linda felt her nipples tighten at the other womans touch.~Emma couldn’t drag her eyes away from the mirror, and the redhead knew it. Staring directly into Emmas eyes, the redhead started to rub her pussy from the outside of her clothes. Still meeting Emmas eyes, she reached a hand through the curtain and touched Emmas breast. Emma looked down at the hand, unsure of what to do. She was certain of one thing though. She had never been this excited in her whole life.}

{Mandy swallowed as the other womans hand slid around her waist to cup her buttocks, making soft circular motions. Mandy knew she was almost dripping. This was so exciting. The curtains moved in towards her as the other woman got closer to her, but she didnt actually come into the fitting room. Mandy looked into the mirror and saw the amazonian looking at her, when she saw that she had Mandys attention she gave a small nod. Mandy knew she was silently asking for approval to keep going. Mandy nodded back.~Linda dragged her gaze from the mirror and watched as the blondes fingertips traced circles around her already hard nipples. Linda held her breath as the hand slid down her stomach and gently touched her mound through the black silky material. Linda looked up into the mirror again, the blonde was watching her. Linda knew that the blonde was silently asking for her approval to continue, she gave a small nod of acceptance.~The redhead ran her hand down Emmas arm an! d took her hand, slowly pulling her closer to the curtain. Emma looked up at the mirror and watched her own reflection as the redhead slid her hand up the little babydoll nightie, touching her freshly waxed mound. "Mmm smooth" whispered the redhead. Emma gapsed as the redheads fingers slowly parted her pussy lips and started to softly rub on her clit.}

{The curtains pressed in even closer but the woman still didn’t enter. Mandy could see the outline of her voluptuous breasts and tentativly reached out to touch them. The amazonian groaned with delight at Mandys touch and put both her hands on Mandys buttocks and pulled her towards the curtain. Mandy was pressed up against the curtain as one of the other womans hands came around and found its way under the little dress. Mandy knew she was soaking wet, she could smell her own pussy juices. The exploring hand touched her pussy lips lightly, making her quiver all over. Fingers probed around her pussy lips until they found the nub of her clitoris.~The fitting room curtains moved inwards as the blonde came closer, but she never came through the curtains. Linda could see the blondes curvaceous breasts outlined on the curtains and tentatively reached out to touch them. The blonde let out a small moan as Linda cupped her breasts, flicking her thumbs over the tight nipple! s. The blonde slid her middle finger up and down between Lindas pussy lips. Still on the outside of the dress Linda had on.~Emmas knees were shaking and she knew if she didn’t sit down soon, she would fall down. Before she could grab the chair behind her, the redhead slid two fingers deep into her already wet and dripping pussy. Emma moaned deeply as the fingers probed into her moist wetness. "Sit down gorgeous" said the redhead as she withdrew her fingers from Emmas pussy. Emma grabbed the chair and looked up in the mirror to see the redhead sucking on her juice covered fingers.}

{Mandys legs shook and she had to brace herself against the doorframe as the finger on her clitoris did its job. She was so close to cumming. A small part of her mind realised just how amazing this whole situation was. Mandy could hardly catch her breath and her legs were ready to collapse, she was in the throes of ecstacy. Suddenly the woman slid her hand down to cup Mandy pussy, whose legs spread with a will of their own. Two fingers were suddenly thrust deep inside her pussy and Mandy came almost instantly, squirting her hot juices all over the womans fingers and hand.~Lindas legs almost collapsed as the blondes fingers found her clit. The sensations shooting through Lindas body were almost more than she could bear. Grasping the door frame she spread her legs wider, hoping that the blonde would slide her fingers inside her wet, hot pussy. She was so close to cumming now. Linda was thrusting her pussy against the blonde womans hand, when suddenly she got what s! he wanted, a finger was thrust deep and hard into her pussy. Instantly Linda came, squirting her hot sticky juices all over the blondes finger and hand.~Seating herself on the chair. Emma watched as the redhead opened the curtains and walked in. Kneeling before Emma she didn’t say a word as she grabbed Emmas knees and pushed her legs apart. Emmas head thrust backwards as the redhead took her pussy lips into her mouth and sucked on them. Emma slid forward on the chair, placing her feet on the redheads shoulders to give her better access to her throbbing pussy. The redhead obliged and thrust her tongue deep inside her pussy. Emma was all but fucking the redheads face as she squirted hot pussy juice down the other womans throat.}

{The woman withdrew her hand and Mandy could clearly hear her sucking and licking the juices of her fingers. Mandy couldn’t think straight and her legs would no longer hold her upright. She sat down suddenly on the floor of the change room trying to comprehend what had just happened. "So, should I wrap the dress or would you like to wear it home?" Came the voice on the other side of the curtain.~Linda drew back from the curtain and collapsed, gasping against the back wall. Glancing up at the mirror she saw that the blonde was sucking her pussy juices off her hand. Looking up and meeting her gaze she said with a smile. "Should I wrap the dress or would you like to wear it home?"~Emma collapsed back in the chair trying to catch her breath. The redhead sat back on her heels and smiled as she said "Do you want me to wrap the teddy or will you be wearing it home?"}

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