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{They were too young – he was just 20 and she was 18. Alex and Sara were on their honeymoon. They were still reliving their wonderful wedding yesterday. And now it all seemed so distant. They were already rocking on this ship cruising them through the Florida Keys. Everyone was dancing on board to some Caribbean music, but the newlyweds preferred to sit away from them all, their hands and mouths all over each other.~The honeymoon couple was quite young and inexperienced. Alex was merely 20 and Sara was 18. It was a lovely wedding, but now on this cruise ship moving toward the Florida Keys, all that seemed so far away. People were dancing around them, there was some wild tropical music playing, but the honeymooners were only interested in each other.~Both were quite young. At 20 and 18, Alex and Sara were too young to be on a honeymoon already. On their cruise ship, they were reminiscing about the great wedding they had the day before; somehow all that seemed qu ite far into the past right now. They were staring ahead at the archipelago of the Florida Keys. People were dancing all around them, but they were sitting by themselves on a corner of the deck, hand in hand and continuously showering each other with kisses.}

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{It was understandable that they were so horny. Sara was already wet in her bikini panties. Alex had an erection which his shorts clearly showed. They hadn’t had their first sex yet. They were planning to do it this afternoon, in their room. They wanted to make it special.~It was evident why nothing seemed to interest them right now. They didn’t have their honeymoon sex yet. Alex’s shorts were already stretching to their limit trying to hold his erection. Sara’s panties were as wet as the sea around them. They were waiting, just because they wanted their sex to be special.~They were highly excited and aroused. This was their honeymoon and the sex hadn’t happened yet. They wanted to save the first time to make it special. Sara was wet, Alex was hard. They were waiting for the afternoon when they would go into their room and blow each other’s brains off with sex.}

{Just then, a woman, probably in her late thirties, came to them. “Just married?” she asked, looking at the rings on their fingers. Alex and Sara didn’t like the intrusion. “Oh, don’t mind me,” the woman went on. “I am not here to trouble you. In fact, I am a sex therapist. I could help you, you know”~A woman ambled along to where they were sitting. She was probably in her early forties. “Honeymoon?” she asked. The couple ignored her. She went on, “Don’t be flustered. I am trying to help you. I am a sex expert.”~When they were thinking all this, a woman came up to them. Without an invitation, she sat with them and asked, “Newly married?” The couple didn’t even look in her direction. “I can understand, you don’t want the disturbance,” she said, “But I can help you I am a professional sex therapist. I can show you how to make your sex better.”}

{Alex looked at her. She wasn’t bad. She was in a bikini as well and he could see she had a great bust. “What can you do?” he asked. “Well,” she said, “I could guide you in learning the pleasures, you know We could have fun right now.” Alex looked at Sara. His erection had become firmer now, thinking of two juicy pussies at once. Sara loved Alex too much to deny him the pleasure. She nodded.~At the mention of that, Alex looked at her. Now that he was observing her closely, she wasn’t looking bad at all. Her bikini revealed that she had great tits as well. She went on, “Yes, I can show you some pleasures you never imagined. I can teach you how to have sex the right way. Interested?” Alex knew his erection will rip his shorts off any moment now. He was very horny thinking about two cunts instead of just one. He looked at Sara. She would do anything out of her love for Alex right now. She nodded her consent.~It was Alex who first broke the liplo ck with Sara to look at this woman. She was wearing a bikini and Alex’s male eyes saw that she had a great chest. “What are you implying?” he asked. “Oh, nothing much,” she said with a slight giggle. “I can help you have a great time with each other… teach you a few things” She winked. Alex became harder. The very thought of having two pussies made him much hornier, if that were possible. He looked at Sara. She nodded. She’d do anything for Alex right now.}

{The threesome went into the honeymoon suite. She pulled the drapes. “Now, you two, get naked,” she said. Alex nodded to Sara and she removed her bikini. It was like a ton of bricks fell on Alex’s head. He removed his shorts as well. “You get naked too,” Sara said. “Oh, no problem,” she said and obliged willingly. Alex lost his breath.~The three people walked toward the honeymoon suite. The woman pulled the curtains. Then she said, “Both of you, get naked now.” Alex made a sign to Sara and Sara undressed. Alex saw her naked and almost lost his senses. Hurriedly, he removed his shorts. Sara then told the woman, “You should also be naked with us.” The woman obliged readily; she seemed to have no reservations at all.~The troika made their way to the honeymoon suite that was waiting for them. The woman pulled the curtains. Then she looked at the young couple. “Get naked,” she said, merrily giggling. Alex signaled Sara to go on, and she remov ed her bikini. Alex had seen her naked before, but this was too much for him. Very quickly, he did away with his shorts as well. Then Sara told the woman, “You also remove your clothes.” The woman giggled all the more and happily obliged. Alex was in heaven.}

{“Let me show you how to do it first,” the woman said and walked up to Alex. She placed his hand on her breast and parted her lips for a kiss. Alex put her tongue right in. The woman then signaled Sara to come over and suck Alex’s cock. Sara came and sat down.~“I’ll guide you now,” she said and came closer to Alex. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. Then she kissed him. Alex loved the feel. He dug deep inside her mouth with his tongue. The woman then grabbed Alex’s cock and pointed it at Sara. Sara came over. She sat down and started licking at his cock.~“Here, I will show you how to start,” the woman said as she came closer to Alex. She took his hand and put it on her boobs. Then she moved closer to kiss him on the mouth. Alex’s tongue went right in. She then beckoned Sara over with her forefinger and indicated that she suck Alex’s cock. Sara came over, and she sat down between their legs.}

{Then the woman did something bizarre. She took Sara’s hand and guided it in her pussy. “This is how your cock should go inside her.” She took her finger and put it deep in her pussy. Then she removed it and told Alex to taste it. She put the finger back into her pussy.~The woman then took Sara’s hand and put it on her own cunt. She then took one of her fingers and made it probe the inside of her pussy. Alex found that very, very hot. The woman then removed Sara’s finger from her pussy and told Alex to lick it. Then she put it back in her cunt.~After a while, the woman bent down and took Sara’s hand. Before Sara knew what was happening, she guided her hand into her cunt. She rocked her finger back and forth. Alex was wild. “Put your cock in her,” the woman said, “And move it this way. Taste this,” she told as she brought Sara’s wet finger to his lips. Then she guided her finger back into her cunt.}

{Alex felt he was ready. He took Sara on the bed and parted her legs. Slowly, he put his cock inside her. It was a warm, moist feeling. The couple enjoyed it immensely.~Alex couldn’t hold out now. He guided Sara to the bed and made her separate her legs. Very gradually, he put his erection into her. Both got an immense surge of excitement at the very first feel.~Alex could wait no more. He carried Sara over to the bed and separated her legs. He took his cock and put it inside her vagina. The feeling was great, somewhat warm, somewhat moist. Both were in a sort of wild frenzy.}

{The woman came over and let Alex suck at her boobs. Sara continued fingering her till she came. Alex had such a buildup of cum that he let go on both the women.~The woman came and sat on Sara’s face, allowing her to tongue her pussy. Alex reached out and grabbed those boobs. All three of them climaxed almost together. Alex squirted his man juice all over their breasts.~The woman then moved toward the couple and sat on Sara’s breasts so that Alex could suck her breasts. Sara continued fingering her pussy. She came. Alex was uncontrollable; he came in a truckload which he sprayed on both women.}

{Their honeymoon sex was complete. It was seven nights of more sex for this horny threesome.~It was a great session. Alex and Sara would never forget this honeymoon threesome at the cruise.~Their honeymoon sex over, they lay on the sheets for several minutes. This threesome would have seven more nights of lustful passion.}

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