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{I was sick. Down with fever that had become terrible. Three days I was bedridden. The fourth day I was doing better. I knew I would be up in another two days.~That was the time when I was sick. The first 3 days were quite bad, but on the fourth day I could move. The doctor had said that I would be fully well in another 2 days.~Last month, I was down with fever for a few days. The first three days were terrible. On the fourth day, I could move and the physician had said I would be completely well in two more days.}

{During my days of sickness my wife served me well. I was very happy to have her. But at that time, I didn’t know that I was going to become happier with her.~During my sickness, my wife served me well. She was a big help actually. I was grateful to her. But what I didn’t know was the various secrets she was hiding from me.~When I was ill, my wife looked after me well. I was very happy with her. It reinforced my feeling that she truly loved me very much.}

{The day I had begun to move, there was someone else in the house. My wife had called her mother Clara over. She popped into my room, spoke to me perfunctorily and then retreated. I went back to sleep. Around afternoon, I woke up. I needed water. I called out to the wife. No reply. I thought I would try and get it myself. Gingerly, I got up and moved toward the kitchen.~When I had started moving about, my wife invited her mother Clara to our house. Clara came into my room, spoke something and then went away to let me rest. I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes again, it was evening. I needed water. I called out to my wife. She didn’t reply. I was almost all right now. I thought I would go and fetch the water myself. I started in the kitchen’s direction.~On the day I was able to move, my wife had called her mother Clara over. I was in bed when Clara popped her head through the door, greeted me, wished me a speedy recovery and then let me be. I was drowsy then a! nd fell asleep right away. When I woke up, it was already sundown. I felt a sudden urge for water and beckoned my wife. There was no reply. So I thought I would foot it to the kitchen and take the water myself.}

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{On the way, I passed our bedroom. What I saw there held me spellbound. Clara was sprawled over my wife, completely naked, as was my wife, and both were licking each other’s clits in a 69 manner. I was agape. My mouth began drying up. But, at the same time, a wicked excitement began building up. Even at her age, Clara had a very pert body. Her skin was as creamy smooth as my wife’s.~I had to go past the bedroom to reach the kitchen. I was going along, slowly, but when I reached the bedroom door, I was aghast. I saw Clara, fully naked, on all fours over my wife, who was also fully naked. They were in reverse position, and were licking each other’s pussies. I didn’t know what to do. However, I did feel a twinge of excitement seeing those two naked women. There was no wear and tear showing on Clara’s body at all.~To reach the kitchen, I needed to cross the bedroom. I was walking by, when some noises in the bedroom grabbed my attention. I looked inside. Wha! t I saw there left me speechless! Clara, my wife’s mother, was sprawled all over my wife. Both were completely naked and they were nibbling at each other’s clits in the classic 69 fashion. I stood, dumbstruck. Then slowly I felt myself getting aroused. Clara’s body was quite taut too and my wife always bowled me over. Seeing the two women having a go at each other like that made me horny no end.}

{Suddenly she turned. She saw me. I thought she would flinch. Sprint and grab her clothes or something. But she did nothing of the sort. Instead, she looked at me seductively. My wife turned to look at me too. There was a mischievous glint in her eye.~It was Clara who first turned and saw me. She did not hide herself under the sheets upon seeing me as one would expect. Instead, she kept looking at me with a half-mischievous, half-seductive grin. My wife looked at me mischievously too.~Suddenly, Clara turned and saw me. I thought she would hide or something, but she did nothing of the sort. Instead, she kept looking longingly at me. My wife saw me then too. She gave me the impish smile that always disarmed me.}

{I was aroused. I removed my shirt and shorts at the door and entered their action scene, bare naked. Clara immediately took my dick in her hand and began sucking it. My wife went for the balls. Both of them started sucking at me like crazy.~I was, by now, fully excited. I unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my shorts and left them at the door. Completely naked as them, I entered the room. Clara grabbed my dick and immediately started sucking on it. My wife fondled my balls. Two women were working on my cock – I would have gone mad right there.~I don’t know what came over me then, but I wanted to be a part of the game. I forgot my illness, forgot the water… just removed my shorts and shirt and, completely naked, walked toward the two women. Clara immediately gripped my cock and my wife began chewing at my balls. It was a heavenly moment – two wonderfully sexy ladies were working at my cock.}

{I got them both to bend over and show their asses. Two round buxom asses with the pussies showing. Any man could have been in seventh heaven. I smacked their bottoms. Then I penetrated Clara and fingered my wife.~I then made both of them to bend over and checked out their asses. How creamily smooth they were! Their pussies showing from beneath their asses just made the whole scene so very exciting. I then entered Clara and masturbated my wife with my finger.~It was too much. I made the women bend over. I have a thing for ladies’ asses and now I had two to check out. I got harder looking at their pussies winking at me from between those asses. It was all so hot. I thrust my dick into Clara’s ass. I put my finger into my wife’s and had both women moaning and groaning in no time.}

{The funny part is that I became perfectly all right after that little session. Now, if I ever am sick, I know exactly who to call.~The best thing is that I became quite all right after this experience. We are a very close-knit family now, in more ways than one.~No medicine worked on me as well as that threesome did. Today we have come closer as a family, in ways that people don’t usually speak about.}

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