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{The correct way to measure your penis~How to measure penis Corectly~Find the corect size of your penis}

{To know if your penis is getting bigger you need to make sure you measure correctly. In fact the real truth is you need to only measure on a regular cycle not to often and not to irregularly you need a system.~Measuring your penis is one of the many things that can make or break a successful penis enlargement experience. One could almost compare it with a good show on TV. If it’s scheduled too often, it loses the precious rarity value, if it’s on once a month with no reruns people lose interest and move on to something new.~When you are thinking of undertaking or perhaps begun a penis development coarse you need to constantly measure your progress this is the same with any type of exercise. But the measuring needs to be done at regular intervals to properlu gage your improvement.}

{None of these approaches is desirable and the wise penis enlargement customer soon learns how to refrain from grabbing the ruler too often and also learns how to keep his own interest focused on the enlargement process without the need of frequent measuring.~The truth is once you have started a program you may be tempted to measure to often this is a sure way to fail, or at least be dissolutioned. Experienced people don’t grab the ruler to often but the do have a set measurement cycle.~The measurement of your progress is an absolute necessity to help you stay ontrak so as you an stick to your progress without wavering. People that have experience with enlargement or in fact success have a fixed measurement schedule and exercise almost religiously.}

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{The problem is frequent measuring can destroy the focus and will to keep going. The penis does need time to respond to any enlargement system and frequent measuring is never likely to show wanted gains. It will take a number of weeks to add inches to your penis, so measuring your penis on a weekly basis is not a recommended idea.~The biggest problem is that frequent measuring may destroy the focus and will to continue. The penis needs time to respond to the enlargement technique and frequent measuring is unlikely to show significant gains. It takes a number of weeks to add an inch to the penis, so weekly measuring is not a good idea.~The real problem is measuring your penis to often does not allow for growth time that your penis needs after exercise. If you measure weekly or daily you stand the chance of being to discouraged. It takes at least a couple of weeks to add to your penis so measuring weekly is definitely not recommended.}

{Incorrect measuring is a most un estimated problem. Measuring your penis is always a tricky and even a seasoned customer needs to know the different tricks in order to have a proper idea about the effect of the exercise on the penis.~Neither is incorrectly measuring a good idea. Penis measuring is always tricky and a seasoned customer needs to know how to get an accurate idea about the effect of the enlargement process on the penis itself.~Nor is incorrect measuring a good idea. Measuring the penis is always a bit tricky and a seasoned customer needs to know all the tricks in order to have an accurate idea about the effect of the enlargement effort on the penis itself.}

{The basic rule of correct measuring is consistency. You need to put one end of the ruler in the same spot over and over again in order to see the exact amount of length and girth gained by your penis. This is why the recommended measuring technique is the one known as “bone pressed flaccid/erect length”.~the main rule of measuring is to be consistent to measure correctly is to make sure the ruler is in the exact same place everytime. The most recommended method is the bone pressed flacid-erect method.~Correct measuring relies on consistency where the ruler is always put in the same spot with the same pressure. One of the best methods is the flaccid-erect length method that is bone pressed.}

{They call it the bone press method is because the ruler is laid along the penis and pressed into the pubic bone. This servers as a fixed spot to measure your penis correctly and provides the perfect spot to measure your gains.~The reason why it is called thus is because the ruler is laid along the side of the penis and pressed a little into the pubic bone. The bone serves to provide the very fixed spot we’ve been discussing, regardless of factors that may influence the size of the penis.~The bone pressed method is so called because the ruler is laid directly along the penis and pressed slightly into the pubic bone. This provides a fixed place to measure from that does not change and will provide a more exacting measurement.}

{You probably already know how the penis is constructed with soft tissue which has a lot of blood circulating. Hot expand and cold shrinks , if you wear tight pants you will shrink it if you exercise its likely to fill it. This is the real reason you should use a firm fixture to measure not the fat pad above it.~Because the penis shrinks with cold and grows with heat and is effected by tight jeans and exercise. Even when you exercise and the increase the blood flow and your penis suddenly explodes. There are many factors that will make your penis size changeable this is why you need a fixed position to measure it.~As you probably know already, the penis is a sensitive mass of tissue through which a lot of blood is circulated. It shrinks when cold and it expands a little in heat. Tight pants keep it shrunk, while the morning jog is likely to engorge it as it puts the entire cardiovascular system in motion. This is why you should measure your length from the bone and not from the fat pad that covers it.}

{Actually, you can use both measuring techniques and put both results in your logbook. This way you will know how long your penis really is and how much of it can be seen above the fat pad.~You can use different techniques as long as you record both in the log book. This is the only way that you can keep the exact growth rate making sure your hard work is paying off.~While both measuring techniques can be used you should always record your results in a log book. This is the one way you can get get an accurate measurement to track your progress.}

{Something that you should remember is that that we probably haven’t discussed in this article that should be mentioned is that fat cuts into penis size and that loosing weight will help to make your penis larger.~Keep in mind that layers of fat added to the pad cuts into the penis size and because of this it looks smaller. This will mean that losing weight will make the difference between successful penis enlargement program and failure.~Still, you should keep in mind that any layer of fat added to the pad will cut into the penis size and make it look smaller. This means that sometimes losing a bit of weight might make the difference between a successful penis enlargement program and an utter failure.}

{Using both techniques at the same time might help you find where the true problem lies. So as you can see it doesn’t really matter if you have added a quater of an inch in a month if your fat pad has expanded these gains will be lost.~Even if your penis added a quarter of an inch over the month, if the fat pad gained extra your gains will be lost. But using all measuring techniques you should be able to find if your exercises are actually working.~It doesn’t really matter if your penis added a quarter of an inch over the course of a month, if you’re fat pad got an extra half an inch. But using both measuring techniques at the same time might tip you to where the true problem lies.}

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