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{We reached the elevator at the same time – the last two people to leave the office. I stood deliberately close to his back as we waited for that familiar ping sound, which came just as I decided to reach out and stroke his tight butt.~I did not know the guy that arrived at the elevator door with me, but I felt a real sexual vibe the moment he stood next to me from him. It was late and we were the last to go home from the office that night. He lightly pinched my thigh as he walked into the open doors.~I have only seen this handsome guy once on the pass by in the office, but that night we ended working late and leaving at the same time. At the elevator I eyed his tight butt, but he had other plans altogether as he slowly undressed me with his dreamy eyes.}

{As the doors slid open, he simply took my arm and pulled me into the lift, spun me against the glass wall and buried his face in my neck. The doors closed and I sensed that we were going up rather than down. I opened my eyes and saw he pushed the top floor button.~He dragged me into the lift and pushed me up against the thick glass. He must have pushed the up button cause we were going top floor. His moth was hot and his hands all over my body.~When the lift finally arrived, he gave me a slight push sending me onto the glass wall, but before I could get mad, he was all over me. His lips were warm and very inviting, so I gave myself to the moment as we sped upwards towards the sky.}

{Find Sex in the elevator if you can, it’s no more difficult than finding it anywhere else. The moment you are open to an unplanned encounter, they find you~If I can Find Sex in the elevator, you can, it’s no more different than finding it anywhere else, and it is everyone’s ultimate fantasy~Find Sex in the office, in the elevator, any where you want. It is easier than you may believe possible, and it is the ultimate fantasy}

{As we came within meters of the top of the building, he simply slammed the emergency switch and the lift stopped abruptly, leaving us suspended over the city lights. I turned my back to him and watched the traffic meters below.~Just before we reached the top floor, my new lover pushed the emergency button and our glass box ripped to a halt. He turned me towards the city and all of its millions of little lights. I stared at life way down there.~The penthouse floor came without warning, so did the flick of the emergency brake switch. We were momentarily stuck at the top of the world. He spun me round so that I could see the rest of the world way down there.}

{Skilfully he slipped my panties off with one hand whilst loosening his pants at the same time. He entered me with a single deep thrust that sent electricity right through my whole body as his thick cock stretched me to my maximum.~I heard his pants drop to the floor and lifted my ass up to him as he slipped my skirt up. My panty did not stay on long as he simply ripped it from my body. His fat cock slipped all the way into me in one single push.~We both were naked from the waist down within seconds. I parted my legs to let him take me from behind with a single deep thrust. His massive cock filled my every inch and I felt a jolt of electricity as he started rocking inside me.}

{We quickly picked up a rhythm where I would push back the moment he thrusted. This way he penetrated me as deep as he could and it felt like pure magic. He really fucked me hard and at the same fast rhythm right from the moment he entered me. I felt my pussy getting really wet and squeezed my muscles tight.~Moments later he started fucking me deep and hard with a set rhythm that felt just right. I pushed back a bit more to get all of him inside me. He did not falter on his rhythm once as he pounded me so hard my face was pushed right into the glass wall in front of me. I clenched my muscles in my pussy to offer him some resistance.~He fucked me like a machine – each thrust to the same depth inside me and at a constant speed – just the way I loved being fucked. This constant rhythm brought out the slut in me and I let him know what he was doing to me by gripping his rock hard cock with my pussy muscles.}

{This drove my anonymous lover to fuck me even harder and I let him know how much I loved it. He kept up this insane rhythm until I felt him tense up a little bit. I knew he was about to shoot his load, so I swiftly made a little side step.~He responded by picking up the pace and I made sure he saw and heard how I felt about this. This was the closest to heaven I ever felt. He kept this up for a few minutes and then warned me he was about to shoot.~My stranger – lover reacted by working himself deeper and harder into me. We feel into a comfortable rhythm as we fucked each other like animals. His breath told me he was close to exploding, so I waited for him to fill me up, but he did not.}

{Just in time as well as his cum splashed against the glass wall of the elevator, slowly running down in thin lines. At that moment the security voice asked us if we were all right in there. We pulled in dressed our clothes as fast as we could.~He pulled out of me just in time to send his spunk flying onto the glass window of the lift where it slowly made white lines towards the floor. At the same time the lift jilted back into motion, causing a dressing frenzy inside it.~He pulled out and sent his hot stream splashing onto the glass. For a moment I focused on the white streams flowing down the pane, but then the lift started a fast descent. Within seconds we pulled our clothing on, still gasping with after cum excitement.}

{The next moment we started our decent to the parking lot. Not a word was spoken during any moment of this impromptu fuck session. The doors slipped open and he simply walked to his car and I did the same. He did not look at me once as he got into his car and drove off.~He pulled out of me just in time to send his spunk flying onto the glass window of the lift where it slowly made white lines towards the floor. At the same time the lift jilted back into motion, causing a dressing frenzy inside it.~The doors opened up in the parking area and we made our separate ways. Not a single word was said nor any further eye contact. This was truly a once off event, but I loved the intimacy of nameless yet amazing sex that surprised me in that office elevator.}

{The next morning I noticed the streaks of cum on the elevator window was till there – un-cleaned. In the office my eye caught a couple of guys watching a security monitor and doing high fives. My secret lover was amongst them but did not make eye contact once.~As I took the lift the next morning, I saw a cleaner working on the cum stains all over the glass. As I walked into the open plan office we shared, I noticed a quick silence filling the room as the guys peeled away from a monitor they were watching a second ago. As I walked past my eye caught a glimpse of us fucking like rabbits on a bad quality security video.~On my way up to the office the next day, I saw the cum streaks still visible on the windows. My bubble burst as I walked in on a group of guys – my secret lover included – making howling sounds at the security monitor. I did not have to see it to know what they were on about.}

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