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{Ever since we arrived here at our holiday home, John simply disappeared into his work, leaving me frustrated and horny like hell. Read something, relax, go for a run – this was what he suggested. I could hardly contain myself, so I decided to go for a run in an effort to try end get rid of the burning lust in my groin.~My dreams of long hours of sex in our house by the sea went up in smoke the moment my lame husband pulled some work from his briefcase. No matter how much I tried, he simply brushed me off, causing my arousal to grow by the minute. I needed to come and so I decided to go for a jog to distract my lusty needful mind.~I paced our beach house like a wild animal in search of sex, but my hubby wanted nothing to do with my lusty feelings. I knew myself and how I soon would come down on him like a ton of bricks, which would only spoil our holiday, so I decided to try and run away from my ‘problem’.}

{I removed my panties and slipped on a soft pair of shorts. I simply could not stand the idea of any friction on my half swollen clitoris at all. As I headed for the beach, I realised that there were a couple of dunes to my left. I decided to go and explore.~Even the fine tingling from my textured panties bothered me, so I decided to go nude under my sweats to prevent myself from being rubbed up by a simple piece of clothing. I tackled the three dunes to the left of the beach with vigour.~My g string tickled my clit too much, so I went nude under the soft jogging pants, to stop this before I had an orgasm for no reason. I ran towards and up the dunes that stretched out right there next to our house.}

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{As I reached the top of the first dune, I heard a couple having quite a verbal fight. She wanted sex, but he wanted to spend his time fishing. I smiled and pushed on. At least I was not the only one that needed relief from an unwilling boyfriend.~As I reached the first summit, I heard two people having a serious argument. She was shouting off at him about ignoring her needs and he shouted back about perfect time to fish. Seemed to me I was not the only frustrated one out here today.~Voices brought me to a standstill on the first dune top. The girl was trying to seduce her man, but he simply wanted to focus on the fishing pole he had brought to the beach. I could sense that she was as unhappy as I was, but went on running to try and get some of my own energy out of my system.}

{On my return run, I found the girl naked on her towel, lying flat on her back, her long nails playing with her clit. She gave me a warm smile as I stopped. This was a no brainer for me, so I simply slipped of my pants and climbed down onto her sweaty body.~On my back run, I nearly fell over the same women where she was stretched out naked in the sun. She was masturbating so wildly, she could only master a smile towards me. I simply joined in and threw myself onto her towel.~Running back, I found her on her towel – completely naked and playing with herself – boyfriend no where to be seen. My hand went down to my own groin immediately as she gently pulled me onto her warm body. I simply let go of reality and went for it.}

{We kissed wildly as our hands started their own journey towards our respective wetness. I felt like exploding when she stroked my hardened clitoris and gave a load groan. She smothered this sound with her lips and wide eye gestures.~Our first kiss sent electricity through my whole body. We explored each other’s bodies hungrily with trembling hands. As she slipped her finger into my wet pussy, I almost screamed out loud. She put her hand over my mouth and gestured towards the beach with big eyes.~Her kisses drove me wild with lust and as her hands explored my whole body, I felt like exploding right there and then. The very first stroke across my clitoris send a yelp from deep inside my body, but she silenced me with her hands and wild eye gestures.}

{I lifted my head slightly and saw her boyfriend sitting a couple of meters away from us, staring at the top end of his fishing pole. This drove me even wilder as I simply loved the idea of being caught.~I looked up from our dune grass nest and saw the unwilling boyfriend fishing a short distance from us. This new element gave me the final boost to really enjoy this adventure with some added fears of him catching us.~She lifted my head slightly and all I could see was the fishing pole standing up a few meters from where we were between the grasses. Her boyfriend whistled happily and the idea of him finding us fucking, drove me even wilder than I could ever expect.}

{The girl skilfully rolled me over and in the process she turned round herself – we ended in a classic 69 position. With the world forgotten and hidden from view by her thighs, I simply focused on my own pleasure and hers and gave myself freely to her every lick.~Our session went into a wild frenzy of masturbation, but soon that was replaced with a switch in body position. Her thighs closed off all sounds and views from my surroundings as she slipped into a sixty nine position. Soon the circle of pleasure flowed through both of us simultaneously.~On my way down again, I discovered that she turned round and so I sank my face into the classic 69 fun position without complaining at all. My face was buried between her sweet thighs and blocked out all reality. I could focus on giving her the same pleasure she was bestowing on me at that moment.}

{With our tongues, we took each other to that special brink no man would even understand. Fast, then slowly then fast again – we pleasured each other in a synced rhythm. I felt how we both clenched each other’s head as our orgasms flowed through our bodies.~With both of us on the brink of orgasm anyway, we managed to get there together – clenching each other and trying to stay as quiet as possible. I felt my body letting go of all of my frustrations in one go.~Working together we drove ourselves to the cusp of orgasm and back again a couple of times. When the walls finally broke, we shared an earth shattering orgasm that only another woman could have brought on.}

{As I slipped on my pants and sat up, her boyfriend stood up and returned. Meet my new friend she purred and he gave me a wry smile. My jog home was light and fun al the way. Back at home, I simply walked up to my boyfriend and gave him the blowjob of his life.~We barely had time to get dressed again before the boy friend popped his head over the hill. This is my new beach friend she introduced me politely. He simply nodded and I ran home. I walked into the house and found my husband sitting at the table. Like lightning I went under the table and unzipped him. Now I wanted the real thing~We were just dressed again when the tip of the fishing pole came walking up the hill again. She introduced me as a beach friend and he smiled shyly. I ran home with new energy and even more lust inside my body. My husband did not stand a chance as I had him naked in seconds and went straight to his favourite position – the old but lovely 69.}

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